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This is part 4 to You have to love me.
If you don't like the idea of rape please do not read!

After a long day at the bar Todd can't wait to get home to Lily. He closes up the bar faster that ever after throwing together a dinner for lily and speeds home. When he gets there he goes straight up to the room and finds lily laying in bed watch one of his porns of all things rubbing her pussy as fast as she can. When she sees him she stops and blushes deep red. Todd smiles and shaking his head he sets down her dinner and says "Bad girl Lily! I can't believe you would touch yourself without me." She is so embarrassed she doesn't know what to do she whisper "I wwasnt!" He says "Lily come here." She slides off the bed and walks shyly over to todd. Without saying a word he grabs her hand and sucks on the fingers she was using. They taste so sweet he says a little upset "Why would you lie?" She shrugs. He pulls her with him as he sits down on the bed and pulls her across his knee. She yells "Don't you dare!!!!!" He holds her still and gives her a hard smack on the ass, then another, and another untill he gives her 10 hard smacks. As soon as he let's her go she scrambles away from him crying. He reaches out to hug her and comfort he but she is to mad and embarrassed to be near him. He says "Baby I brought you dinner." She just stands there crossing her arms infront of her and says "When can I go home?" He has had enough he wanted to come home to her and love on her and now she is lying and asking to leave. Todd says "Lily I love you and you wanna leave?!" She can see that he is hurt. She uncrosses her arms. He notices and goes on to says "Darling your all I have, your my whole world." She walks over and hugs him she says "Okay I'll stay." He kisses her then lifts her to the bed and says "Do you trust me?" Not wanting to hurt his feelings again she nodds. He says "Good tonight I'm going to take you here." he rubs her little tight pink ass hole. She gasps he rubs her back and says "We will work up to it baby just relax." She says "Todd I can't." He steps back and unzips his pants he says "Come here and suck me really good princess." She does as she is told forgetting all about the anal sex. She get on her knees and takes his cock into her mouth trying to get him to cum. When he feels himself getting close he pulls out and cums all over her face. She is not happy about this she wipes her eyes and gets up to leave even tho he would never let her go the thought pisses him off. He grabs her and gets her on the bed having to fight her and tie her hands back to the headboard. She yells and screams for him to stop. He rubs her pussy and whispers in her ear "Baby like always you are soaking wet for me." She yells "No!" He slams into her pussy getting her worked up then rubs the juices from her pussy to her ass. He makes she everything is nice and wet then he slides a finger into her ass and gets her use to it. He adds another and after that she pushes back on his fingers but still says stop. He finally removes his fingers and moves his cock to take the place of them. She stops pushing back and trying hard to get out of the ropes tied to her wrists. He ignores her and grabs hold of her hips. He says "Lily listen to me if you don't relax this will hurt now stop this mess!" She lays still but cries inot her pillow. He slowly pushes in making her scream out. He stops and rubs her cute little ass cheeks. She stops screaming and he pushes till its all in then he again stays still. She lifts her head from the pillow and he moves in and out over and over. He starts pounding her ass and she starts to enjoy it. She moans and yells "Oh todd that feels nice!" She cums and her ass clamps down on him. He slaps her ass and cums deep inside. He pulls out and moves off the bed. He grabs her. plate and sits beside her on the bed. He lifts the fork to her mouth and she says "Todd I'm not a baby I can feed myself." He shakes his head and holds up the fork again. She sighs and eats. After she is done he takes the plate downstairs to clean up and get Lily some water and a beer for himself. When he returns he offers her the water and drinks his beer. He goes to the bathroom and after taking a nice long shower and figuring out his plans for Lily and himself he returns with a warm rag and cleans her up. He pulls the covers up and kisses her forehead. She asks "Are you going to untie me?!" He storkes her hair and says "Shhh go to sleep you need some rest, and Lily I can't take them off this is your punishment for earlier." She sys "Todd you can't always just tie me up like this to take what you want its not right!" Todd smiles and says "When I'm finished showing you all the wonderful different ways I can get the pussy of yours wet you will never want to leave. Now go to sleep baby girl." She finds herself to worn out and sore to stay awake. The last thing she hears before passing out is Todd on the phone says "Yes hey hannah I have a few questions for you......"

Thank you for reading :)

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