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My adventures while travelling the world
My Story is true (the names are not), it's not finished as the journey continues.

Its the diary/ blog of a young Lesbian Asian American girl (me) who bored with conservative living in the USA breaks away to travel the world and find herself.

The story is long so I can't post it here, but here's the link to my blog, I hope you read it. It's free and not spam.

A snip from the last post/ page:

On return ing to Kunming we relaxed, messed around and did "normal person" things. One evening Gemstone gave us all a red envelope each, Lotus, Flower and Happy smile, obviously knowing it's content. I asked what it is, she replied a gift from the last weeks organizers. Inside was $10 k USD !!!
I was shocked and sat down with Cici and the maid to talk about this. I said if we take this money we are prostitutes, they laughed and told me why do you think women like us have sex with men ?
We talked about it the whole next day, then went to talk to G.stone about trying it. She agreed and said she knows just the place.

We travelled south from Kunming to a city near the border to Vietnam,Laos and Burma called Xishuangbanna.
Cici stayed behind in Kunming to continue her breeding, so it was just me, the maid, Gemstone, Hanoigrl, Flower and happy.
On our arrival we settled into the "hotel", showered and changed.

A pretty huge place with restaurants, KTV, 2 bars, a lounge, massage rooms , spas, theme rooms (BDSM,Hospital,School, etc) and rooms/apt's for over 200 girls plus other staff. On top of that the hotel for guests.
The girls work 4 days on, 1 on call and 2 days off and are split into 5 shifts (teams) we joined team B. Each team consists of around 30 girls.
The girls rent their room/apt and decorate it as they want and probably 95% of the girls live full time there, with just a few living "off campus".
The shifts are organised so that at peak times there 60 + girls working. Most of the girls I would say are in their teens/ early 20's but a few much older.G.Stone explained the rules and etiquette to us.
Luckily for me most of the girls had no problem being photographed, even videoed, they saw it as free advertising, lol.
We settled into the bar and got chatting with the other girls, a very friendly bunch, we soon became friends, with quite a few.
The girls were mostly minority Chinese (Yi, Hanni, Li & Miao), Vietnamese or Burmese, each shift had a handful of Laos, Thai, Han Chinese and Cambodian to, so a interesting mix. Around 60% of the girls are straight (although most bi-friendly when working) 40% of us real true Lez/ Bisexual.
Sanpiexiaojie 三陪小姐 (girls of the 3 accompaniments) are considered middle tier prostitutes in China, due to their social skills and cost. Prostitutes in China are generally referred to as "Chickens" as they sell their meat to be eaten and most of the girls here would service between 3 to 15 clients a day. STD testing is done weekly and only clean girls can work.
Condoms are encouraged, but many clients won't use them,sadly.

Probably 100% of the girls smoke and drink alcohol heavily and daily (even when not working), drugs (excluding hash) are forbidden and any one found in possession is kicked out immediately.
The clientele are mainly Top/ middle ranking government men, business men and tourists as a night with 1 girl can cost as much as 5000 ymb ($800), even a quickie ( 1 load shot) up to 1000 ymb ($160), most locals can't afford that and go to the other cheaper houses, parlous or the streets for their girls.
Reinforcing what I was told in the Philippines maybe 90% of clients are married men, 7% single men and 3% women.
Being as I had never done this before I admit to being somewhat scared and very nervous, Happy felt the same. The maid, Flower & Hanoigrl all who do this on and off said not to worry and gave us plenty of tips and advice on how to do it right. G.Stone instructed us on some techniques on how to finish them fast.

My first "John" was a Canadian guy, around 40 I'd say, maybe 6" 3" tall and 300 + lbs. He joined me at the bar, bought me drink, said I'm very pretty and how much for a suck,lick and fuck ? I replied in my best "Chinglish", he agreed and we left for my room. In the room we undressed and I went to be bathroom, inserted some lube and returned. He was naked on the bed waiting for me. I joined him took hold of his meat and wanked him hard, once hard I put a condom on it and started sucking it. He stopped me and removed the condom, to which I told him the extra cost, he agreed and i took the money. His cock hard was small, maybe 4 1/2 inches long and skinny, so that's good. He spread my legs fingered and licked me for a few minutes and then slid his cock into me and pounded away on me for a couple of minutes, maybe.He then wanted me on top, so I straddled him,inserted him and rode him for maybe 1- 2 minutes, I felt him cumming in me and as soon as his cock stopped it's pumping, I climbed off him, allowing his sperm to fall out as much as possible. Then off to the bathroom peed, and washed as I had been told and threw the condom (him) into the trash. Returning to the room, I started getting dressed and gestured to him to do the same.
After he left, I lite a smoke, opened a beer, my legs where shaking and I felt sick. I could not believe I had just let that fat ugly guy fuck me. Although I felt his cock in me I felt nothing as he rode me, just numb, wishing he'd finish fast. After another smoke and finishing my beer, I slipped my heels back on and went back to the bar.
Seeing Hanoigrl, Flower and G.Stone at one of the tables I joined them, no one said anything, it was as like I had been to the rest room, that's all. Shortly after Happy returned (smiling as usual) as we sat there chatting, occasionally one of us would be summered by a John, disappear for a while then return.

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