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By Tim I. Done [My grandfather gave me the nick name Timid One which I now have changed to Tim I. Done] I am actually a girl who had a sexual relationship with an older and later a younger brother but for this story I have taken on the persona of a boy, Timothy Ivan Done, who has relations with his older sister and then his mother. This is a work of fiction. If you are not old enough or cannot handle this kind of story, don?t read it.
In the fall when I turned 15, Liz, no longer in school, began dating on a regular basis but she still found time to come to my room, sometimes after coming home from a date. I continually wanted to do more than just get each other off. But even when I begged to stick my dick in her pussy she would say no.

Dad found work that winter but he had to go out of town. The night before he had to leave our parents fought again. Shortly after they started, sis was in my room. This time she said she had something new for us to do. She had me strip and lay on my back scooted down on my bed. Since we could hear the folks in their room sis said we would leave the light on. She got on top of me, lowering her pussy to my mouth as she took my dick in her mouth. In this position I could watch her juices as they oozed out of her slit. They ran right into my mouth. In addition, the distraction of having something to do caused me to last longer before I erupted into Liz’s mouth. We both enjoyed this very much and agreed we would do it again.

Neither of us realized how things would change with dad out of town, only coming home for one week-end a month. Sis and I had more chores to do. Mom was always after us and Jerry, the hired hand, to do this and do that. She was so busy telling us what to do that she did not seem to do any of the chores herself. Also, mom often stayed up until well after sis and I fell asleep so sis did not come to my room as often.

However, one night after I had been asleep for a while, sis woke me. “Pull on your pants and come with me,” she said. I sleepily did what she said. She led me through the dark house to the front door. Before opening it and leading me to the side of the house she said, “I think mom has gone out to Jerry’s room.” Jerry had a room that was attached to the back of the garage.

“What for?” I asked as I realized I should have slipped on some shoes.

“That’s what we are going to find out,” sis said as she led me in the dark, warm summer night out to the far side of the garage. As we approached the open widow of Jerry’s room we heard mom’s voice. When we got to the window I heard mom say, “Oh yes, hell yes, god damn it that’s good baby.”

The blind was pulled down to within a fraction of an inch of the window sill but sis and I were still able to peer in through that space. We saw mom laid back on Jerry’s bed with her skirt pulled up to her waste. Her legs were spread apart and if it was not for Jerry’s head being in the way, we would have had a clear view of our mom’s pussy. I was amazed by how far apart mom’s legs were spread.

Before I could see anything else, sis pulled me away, leading me back to my room. Once back in my room sis said, “I thought something was going on but we did not need to see that.”

“Why did you pull me away? I wanted to watch more,” I said.

“You wanted to watch a boy young enough to be her son, lick your mom’s pussy?”

“Yeah,” I insisted.

“That’s sick,” she said.


“God, Timothy Ivan, you are a pervert.”

“What’s a pervert?” I asked.

“Someone who wants to watch his mother have sex.”

“They weren’t having sex,” I said.

“Yes they were,” sis insisted.

“I thought sex was when a guy put his dick in a gal’s pussy,” I said, expressing my definition of sex.

“No, even playing with someone else’s privates is sex,” she said.

“Nah uh, that would mean we been having sex.”

“We have.”

“Nah uh, we just been playing around,” I said.

“The playing is a part of sex.”

“Yeah, it’s a part. A kind of preparation but it ain’t really sex.”

“Say what you may,” she said, “we have been having sex just like mom and Jerry are having right now on Jerry’s bed.”

“Well if we’ve had sex, why can’t I stick my dick in your pussy?” I asked.

“’Cause that is how babies are made.”

“Only if I come in you,” I reasoned.

“That’s why you want to stick it in, isn’t it?”

“I just want to stick it in to see how it feels. I’d just stick it in long enough to feel how it feels and then I’d pull it out.” I had rehearsed this ahead of time and I was not going to let up.

“No, I don’t even let my dates do that,” sis insisted.

Distracting me from my purpose a question crossed my mind. “Do you suck off your boyfriends?”

“Sure, that way they don’t ask to stick it in me.”

“Do they lick your pussy?”

“If they don’t they don’t get another date.”

I had a lot to think about but at that moment I wanted my dick, if not in her pussy, in her mouth so I said we should get undress and get on my bed.

“Not tonight,” Liz said adding, “I’m too upset about mom.” She turned and left my room.

I undressed and lay on my bed. I turned out the light and began masturbating. Thinking about Jerry licking mom’s pussy and about her sucking his cock helped me come quickly. Then I thought about Liz getting her pussy licked by her dates and her sucking their cocks made me hard again. I beat off a second time. Then I imagined Liz and Jerry. Suddenly in my mind I was licking my mom and she was saying the same things I had heard her say earlier. My dick grew hard again and as I beat off for a third time I imagined my mom’s lips wrapped around my dick. I imagined pushing it deep into her mouth and down her throat. I came a third time. Shortly thereafter I fell asleep.

In the morning before I woke I dreamed about sticking my dick in mom’s pussy after she begged me to do it. I woke wet and sticky from coming all over myself.

In the shower I again thought of the many combinations that I had used to beat off the night before. Again I beat off another three times. I thought to myself that I should have been drained but each time I seemed to come even more than the time before.

Another change that took place after this was that sis and mom did not get along. It seemed that sis refused to follow mom’s orders and I thought that it was because mom was messing around with Jerry.

In the daytime I never saw any indication that mom and Jerry were doing anything. Mom still treated him like a hire hand but one night when I could not sleep I thought I heard mom go out the back door. I slipped into my pants and shoes. Then I went through the dark house to the front door and just like when sis had led the way I went to the far side of the garage to the window. Looking through the space under the blind I watched as my mom took Jerry’s dick in her mouth. His dick looked larger than mine. I could not resist taking mine out and beating off. About the time I shot my load against the wall, mom took her mouth off Jerry’s dick and took his load in the face. Then she did something I thought was strange. She made Jerry lick his come off her face.

Then mom pulled up her skirt and lay back on the bed. As she spread her legs out wide I saw her pussy. It was surrounded by a lot of blond hair which so distracted me that I did not actually see her slit before Jerry’s head blocked my view. I continued to watch as mom called out, “Come on baby, lick it hard, stick all your fingers in. Make me scream. Yes, yes, that’s it. Oh god, yes, stretch me out, make me hurt. Ah yes, god yes baby.” I was hard again and beat off a second time as I watched mom force Jerry’s face into her pussy by pulling on his hair while screaming unintelligible sounds. When mom arched her back and screamed for mercy I shot another load against the wall.

Mom pushed Jerry away and said that was enough. Jerry cowered back waiting to be commanded to do more. I stared at mom’s pussy as it lay open to my view. It seemed excessively red and much larger than Liz’s which was the only other pussy I had ever seen. Soon mom sat up and covered herself with her skirt.

“That’ll be all for tonight, baby,” she said as she stood, appearing to be unsteady on her feet. I realized I wanted to be in my room before she got to the house so without closing my fly I ran to the front door, into the house, and to my room. I listened at my door when I heard mom quietly come in the back door and walk through the house to her room.

I breathed a sigh of relief, stripped, and lay on my bed in the dark. Thinking of mom with Jerry’s dick in her mouth I beat off again after which I fell asleep. In the morning I dreamed of sticking my cock in mom’s wide open pussy. I woke again wet and sticky. I wondered if mom noticed how often I was stripping the sheets off my bed and tossing them in the laundry. I showered and was off to school without seeing either sis or mom.

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2013-10-23 10:54:19
MxuPdX I loved your blog post.Much thanks again.

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2012-09-09 16:01:35
This has been a really cute story. My brother an I have enjoyed having sex with one another for over 25 yrs. now. It's all been good. We started when I was almost 12 yrs old. And I let him really fuck me when I turn 18. Now we live together and fuck so fucking much that I've lost count as to how many times he's had his dick in my pussy or butt or mouth. I simply love the tast of is his cum. I love the feel of his dick in my mouth. It's so smooth. I suck his dick every night while we watch TV. I never get tired of doin' that for him. He eats my pussy a lot too. But it easier for me to suck his dick while watchin' TV than it is for him to eat my pussy, while we are doin' that. We have a rule in our little home. NO CLOTHING on, once we walk thru the front door. He always has full access to anything he wants. Only thing we don't do is ass to mouth. He has to go wash that dick before I'll do that. He's eatin' me right now as I type this note. Hmmm damn, that feels so fuckin' good.

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2012-09-04 12:55:43
hmm reminds me of me an my sis she wud dry hump me and cum then leave but wud let me finger he as we watched t.v but wud never touch my cock LOL

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