Sadie's final encounter
I was nervous as I walked down the corridor from the confessional to my husband’s office. It seemed like miles away when in truth it was only a few feet down the hall. I wondered what he would say; what he would think of me. Every thing I had done that day had been so out of character for me. I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised in a Christian home with a Catholic upbringing. People who did the things I did were frowned upon and castigated as evil and of the devil. Today I guess I joined that group.
Amanda had come along with me to the church. Like I said, she and my husband worked together at the church. After our little rendezvous, we decided we’d surprise our husbands with an early dinner. It was the least we could do for them seeing as how we had spent the entire afternoon cheating on them. I figured we’d go to Patterson’s Steakhouse. Robert loved that place. I only hoped he’d forgive me.
I reached the door of my husband’s office. I began to shake all over. Part of me wanted to run back to the car and go home. I could pretend it never happen; just keep it a secret. But I had confessed to Father McDonald. And all of the men were extremely faithful to my husband. For certain he would rat me out if I didn’t do as he suggested. Before turning the doorknob, I whispered a little prayer asking for mercy. God, please don’t let him be too mad with me.
I opened the door of my husband’s office and received the shock of my life. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was nearly floored when I saw my husband, the Bishop, bent over his desk getting fucked up the ass by his First Assistant, Walter; who just so happened to be Amanda’s husband.
“Sadie, I can explain,” Robert said as his trousers were on the floor around his ankles and his Bishop’s robe pulled tightly around his waist. Walter’s glistening, thick long cock appeared to be halfway up my husband’s ass. I guess it all made since. For months, my husband had barely touched me. I wondered if it was me. Suddenly he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. And now I knew why. He had other interests. Never in a million years did I ever think my husband, Robert, would desire to be fucked up the ass. He didn’t seem the type. Then again, I guess no one would ever believe I’d let a complete stranger fuck me the way I had this morning. Oh the hidden secrets that lies within our hearts.
Snapping out of my trance, I closed the door behind me. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. Would I snap and go off on him? Would I sit down on the couch and force myself to cry. No, there was no need for tears or no need to be angry. I did the only thing that I felt appropriate to do. I assumed my wifely duties. I placed my purse and coat down on the couch then walked over to the desk where my husband was getting fucked.
“Baby, I’m sorry,” Robert offered. But his words fell onto deaf ears. I got down on my knees grabbed a hold of his 9 inch rock solid cock and did what any wife would have done in that moment. I began to suck my husband’s dick. God, how I had longed to do that for him. Since the day we met, I wanted to suck his cock and lick his balls. But he wasn’t into that kind of things. All that we had ever done was have straight sex. I lie down in the bed. He’d lube up and then penetrate me until he had spilled his load inside of me. There was never any foreplay; never any fun. But now it looked like the fun was just beginning.
“Oh baby!” Robert sighed as I worked his cock over and Walter resumed fucking his ass. Robert grabbed the back of my head and pressed me into him forcing me to take more and more of his cock into my mouth. I could feel the head of it hitting the back of my throat. I choked on his mass of steel as pre-cum and saliva ran out of the corner of my mouth. With my legs spread wide, I sucked my husband’s bone with no hands as I undressed myself beneath him.
“God, this is a dream come true,” Robert moaned as Walter and I worked him over. I continued to suck my husband’s cock until he burst a load of sweet cum into my mouth.
“Ungh!” Robert released as his cum shot to the back of my throat. I coughed as I tried to keep up with all that he was giving me; careful not to spill one drop.
“Oh my God!” Amanda shouted as she walked into my husband’s office. She had ridden along with me to the church but had gone across the street to pick up a few things from the drug store. Like me she was shocked and utterly intrigued.
After draining my husband’s cock dry, I stood from the floor and walked over to the door where Amanda stood watching us.
“Come on, baby. Let’s show these guys how to have fun,” I urged as I closed the door, took Amanda’s hand and guided her to the desk. “Go ahead, lie down,” I instructed.
“But Walter,” Amanda shyly spoke.
“It’s okay, baby. Do as she says,” Walter confirmed as she continued to fuck my husband’s ass.
Reluctantly, Amanda stood by the desk as I lifted her dress around her waist then lay her down on the desk in front of my husband. I opened her legs to reveal her still wet pussy to my husband.
“Eat it!” I commanded.
My husband lowered his head into Amanda’s snatch and began to eat her like a lobster dinner. I fingered myself as I watched him eat her the way I knew he’d be eating me from now on. He had skills; skills I didn’t know about. I then turned my attention to Walter. I didn’t want him to feel left out. Now completely naked save the thigh high nylons and heels I had on, I knelt down and began tongue fucking Walter’s ass.
“Shit!” Walter cried out. Obviously he was no stranger to ass action seeing as how he was fucking the shit out of my husband’s ass. “That’s it, baby! Do that shit!” Walter demanded as I opened up his ass with my tongue and fingers; an ass that my husband would surely fuck soon.
“Oh God, that feels so good!” Amanda groaned as my husband ate her tight little twat. It was almost as if we were playing musical chairs because now it was time to switch positions.
I moved away from Walter’s ass and returned to my husband and Amanda. I removed his head from her twat then licked her pussy juice from his lips.
“Fuck her!” I commanded. Somehow I had slipped into the domineering role in this game and I was enjoying every moment of it. My husband pushed his rod into Amanda’s awaiting pussy and proceeded to pound her the way she wanted and needed it. She screamed in writhing pain and pleasure as her perfect tits bounced in the air I climbed on top of the desk and lowered my neglected pussy onto her face. Amanda ate me the way my husband had just eaten her all while my husband fucked her cunt and tongued wrestled with me. It was awesome. This was better than any sexual fantasy I had ever had. It was better because it was a reality. Walter slipped on another condom then made his way behind me. Yes, you guessed it. Walter fucked me up the ass as his wife ate my swelling cunt.
“Fuck!” I cried out as I looked into my darling Robert’s eyes.
“Oh baby, I’m watching him fuck you good,” Robert spewed as he fucked Amanda’s cunt. “Do you like it? Do you like what he’s doing to your ass, baby?” Robert asked.
“Yes, baby! Oh fuck! I love it! I love it! Don’t ever stop! Please!” I screamed barely able to catch my breath due to the pounding that was taking place behind me.
Lucky for us the building was practically empty save Father McDonald. I wondered where he was. I wondered what he was doing. I wondered if he knew. Obviously he knew. That’s why he sent me to see my husband. He knew the kind of freaky shit my husband was into and wanted me to know that I wasn’t alone I suppose. I don’t know. Whatever the reason he sent me to see my husband, I was grateful.
Amanda’s sighs and my moans grew louder and louder as our husband’s pounded out our pussy and ass.
“I’m going to cum!” Amanda shouted.
“Me too! I’m fucking cumming,” I shouted as we both released our pools of juice from our fucked holes.
Walter pulled his cock out of my ass and began licking me while Amanda cleaned my pussy. Robert licked Amanda’s cunt drinking up every drop of her cum. It took every bit of strength in me not to pass out from all of the pleasure that was coursing through my body. I had just be fucked…well!
Amanda and I managed enough strength to get up from the desk. We had all had a blast and I thought the fun was over. But I was wrong. Walter lay is naked body down on the desk, lifted his legs in the air as my husband slipped on a condom then slid his dick inside of Walter’s ass.
“Ohhhh!” Walter groaned as my husband began to fuck Walter asshole.
Amanda and I retired to the couch lying intertwined in each others arms watching the show our husband’s were giving us. I kissed her as I played with her still hard nipples. I had never seen two men fuck but I’ll have to admit it was hot as hell even if one of the men was my very own husband.
Needless to say, things changed in our household after that fateful day. Walter, Amanda, myself and Robert had some fun times at the church and at home. Agnes would often join the fun bringing along her brawly fireman husband, Rich. God, could that man work the hose between his legs. Now I saw why Agnes walked funny on certain days. He had a 12 inch monster cock and knew how to use it. Incredible!
As far as my confession to Father McDonald, it was all but non-existent. Though I had told him my deepest, darkest secret, he was bound to secrecy by the church and therefore couldn’t say a word even if he wanted too. I was surprised by him; the amount of restraint he had. I couldn’t listen to someone tell me a story like this without wanting to fuck immediately after. But he seemed unfazed by my exploits. Or maybe he was jerking off while I was telling him. Quite possibly. I always had the sneaky suspicion that he was somewhere watching us. I mean, think about it. How else could he have known to send me to my husband’s office at the very time he was getting fucked up the ass by Walter. Perhaps he had been spying on them or perhaps he was a former participant? Hmmm…
Nevertheless, life is great. On Sunday’s I am the perfect well-mannered trophy wife; volunteering my time to help the poor and the down-trodden in the community or wherever I’m needed. Yet Monday through Saturday, I’m a nasty little whore fucking and sucking any and all comers. Yes, it’s a great life being the Bishop’s wife.▪

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