It was a beautiful summer weekend, hot during the day, chilly at night though. It happened on the second night.
Hi, my name is Natasha. I'm 13 yrs old, 4ft tall with long dark brown hair, blue eyes, and weigh 100 lbs. A week ago I went camping with just my dad in the Poconos. It was a beautiful summer weekend, hot during the day, chilly at night though. It happened on the second night. I was sleeping in my own tent like always (my dad snores and kicks in his sleep...I don’t know how my mom can stand it lol). Anyway, I woke up and had to go pee real bad. So I went out of my tent, the full moon was very bright, I walked past my dads tent...he snored and kicked the tent it made me jump. I giggled and shook my head.

I had to walk 40 or so yards barefoot in a t-top blue shirt, no bra and a red thong til I found an open area about 20ft around, (I don’t like peeing near a bush, boogeyman may pull me in hehe). So anyway, I went to the middle of the area and pulled down my thong and started to pee. God it was chilly that night, my nipples were so hard, they stand out about ¼ of an inch...kinda embarrassing when it happens around people. As I finished peeing, I wiped myself with a piece of toilet paper I brought with me.

So I stood up to pull my thong up, I heard a twig break. I looked behind me and no more than 15ft away stood a black bear! He was big...bigger than me. I froze! I made eye contact which is not a good idea. I read if you do they will charge at you then I remembered reading to get down in a tight ball. So I got down real quick, put my chest to my knees, arms and hands covering my head. I could hear it moving closer to me. I was so scared, I wanted to yell for help but knew if I did the bear would hurt me. It was right on the left side of me now, sniffing me. Oh my god, I'm in my own piss...great move idiot!

The bear then licked my hand and that made me jump. It growled lightly. It ran its claws down the back of my shirt. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt but I did feel my shirt strap fall down. Wow sharp claws! It grabbed the strap by its teeth and began to pull it up towards my head. This caused my shirt to come up over my head as it kept on pulling it, I had to release my hands and arms before it started to drag me. Now I'm fully naked, very cold and scared. It came back to my left side and took my pony tale by his mouth. It then pulled my hair straight up, I had no choice but to raise my head. It continue pulling while moving behind me so now I’m sitting straight up on my knees. When I thought it let go, I tried to go back down, but it still had my hair and pulled real hard and growled. I obeyed this time.

It came around in front of me and sniffed me. It licked my right nipple which sent chills up my spine. Its tongue was hot especially against my cold nipple. It did the same with my left nipple and then my tummy. It moved around to the back of me. Then shoved me so hard with its head that it knocked the wind out of me, forcing my legs to spread apart and I went face first into the ground. I was stunned a bit. So there I was fully naked with my ass in the air, face to the ground and dazed.

The next thing that happened sent a warm feeling thru my whole body. The bear licked my bare vagina straight up to my asshole. I never felt anything like that and boys even masturbation has never entered my mind, just little girl stuff, I mean friends do talk but what do we know lol. I haven’t even got the birds and the bees talk from my parents yet. I never seen a penis before, not even my dads.

So the bear continued to lick me between my legs. It felt really good, my breathing got more rapid, kinda like a dog panting. I didn’t know what was happening to me but I knew I didn’t want it to stop. The next thing the bear did made me moan loud. He (he’s a boy bear, duh hehe)...He stuck his tongue straight in my vagina, It hurt a bit and I nearly lost my breath but oh my god did it feel soooo good. His hot wet tongue was swirling inside me, going real deep, his drool was running down to my tummy.

The only thing that was ever in me was an ER doctor’s tool. I fell on a bike’s center bar, blood on my panties, that hurt and the doctor had to check me down there.

The bear’s tongue touched every single spot in me. I was panting and moaning a lot now, this intense feeling began to build up inside me and before I knew it, it exploded into a massive earth shattering orgasm (googled it, did so I could type this story hehe). I passed out. A deep growl awoken me, I slowly opened my eyes and saw a paw to the right of me. I twisted my head to look above me and saw just black fur, he was standing over top of me...his fur felt nice on my butt. I felt something poke the lower part of my butt cheek, I had no clue what it was but then it hit my clitoris, which sent jolts up my spine. That’s when I knew it was his penis and he wanted to mate with me.

Then wham, he rammed his penis right into my vagina. My god that hurt, I screamed, tears ran down my face but he wasn’t moving, he just stood with his penis deep inside me. Our juices began running down my tummy. After a few minutes of pain it started to feel a lot better, his penis was long, thick and hot. It must’ve been roughly 8” long and 2” the dimensions of a comcast remote, (the bottom end fits, but when it reaches the top end, not so much *wink*).

I began to sway my hips left and right, this made his penis slide in and out a little. I got up on my elbows and started to rock back and forth...a little at first. After a few rocks i began to rock further forward which slid his penis out more. MMMMyyyyy god that felt like heaven!!! I picked up my speed and rocked back harder onto his massive penis. I was grunting like an animal, our juices flowing down my tummy, forming a little puddle on the ground and each time I rocked, my breast and nipples would slide in it. God my body was on fire, I didn’t care about anything, just this bear’s cock fucking me like there is no tomorrow.

I started to yell “fuck me bear...fuck me with your cock”! I don’t know how but he sure did understand me because he started to thrust into me like a piston. I wasn’t human anymore, I was an animal and I was grunting, moaning, digging my nails into the ground. He was even grunting. I don’t know how my body took this pounding but it did, his cock felt like it was in my tummy.

We were fucking each other so hard. Suddenly I felt him give one last hard thrust, he began to dump his cum into me. I too explode into an orgasm, even stronger than before. I was limp, could not move. It felt like he was dumping a gallon of his cum into me, it was accumulating up inside me..a lot was streaming down to my tummy. He then started to slide his cock out of my sore pussy. As his cock came out there was a pop sound and all his and my juices ran down my tummy and legs. I sat up on my knees and he was gone.

I stood up, barely though. I started to wobble back to my tent and noticed the sun was coming up. I looked down, my body was bloody, sticky and dirty. Oh shit my dad will be up soon so I ran in pain to the lake just 30 yards from our tents, washed myself off. I ran to my tent, jumped in and laid there thinking of the bear that I will always remember.
I heard my dad get up, “good morning dad”, “good morning sweetheart”. I went on my day like nothing had happened. But I will have my dad bring me to this spot again! ;)


2015-10-01 14:19:06
Pretty good story but kinda strange

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2015-02-17 15:29:30
You really need to get facts better.

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2014-07-19 23:24:40
Mil zar

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2014-01-02 08:30:22
30 yards is 90 feet and your campsite has to be 100 feet from a lake or river dumbass

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