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Not my story, just reposting it

Jennifer Wilson walked home from school that day. The young freshman
enjoyed the crisp September afternoon as she strolled down the sidewalk on the
half-mile trip home.

It was Friday, and her friend, Heather Bradley, had invited her on
Thursday to come home with her on Friday. The two girls were planning to
change into their J.V. cheerleading uniforms at Heather's home, have dinner at
a local burger joint and then go to watch the first varsity football game of
the year.

But Heather had apparently come down with the flu and didn't come to
school that day. So, Jenny had to change her plans and go home until the game.

The house would be empty when she got home, she knew. Her mom wouldn't
be home from her job until after 6 P.M. Since her dad had left them six years
before, her mom had struggled to provide as much as possible for Jenny and her
senior sister, Susie. That often meant that she was working late hours and
sometimes on weekends.

Little Jenny knew she was very attractive. Most of the boys in school at
Lt. Luke's would turn their heads when she would walk by - even the seniors.

She carried the dufflebag containing her cheerleading uniform at her side
as she bounced down the sidewalk in her parochial school outfit.

Standing about five and a half feet tall, she was very thin. Her small
A-cup breasts were only slightly outlined by the whit short-sleeve blouse she

Because she was a little taller than her tiny waist size typically
suggested, her blue and white plaid pleated school skirt was somewhat shorter
than the skirts of the o r girls at school, hemming out at about seven inches
above her knees and displaying her thin thighs very nicely, she thought.

She wore white knee socks and black-and-white saddle shoes. Jenny thought
the white knee socks and shortness of her skirt really showed off the tan she
had gotten that summer. Her long straight blonde hair, held in a ponytail,
shined in the mid-afternoon sun, and her face was that of an innocent angel,
framed by her golden bangs, with dimples and bright blue eyes.

Jenny stopped at the corner by her home. Turning to her left, she saw a
man in a car, wanting to make a right-hand turn. She waited, expecting him to
turn in front of her, but he motioned her to cross ahead of him.

Not wanting to delay him, she ran across the street, her flimsy little
pleated school skirt swishing and dancing high on her little ass as she ran.
She did it intentionally, knowing that the man might have gotten a tiny glimpse
of her white cotton panties.

When she got across the street, she resumed walking but looked back over
her shoulder at the turning automobile. The car had turned, but she could see
his head pointed in her direction, his eyes clearly fastened on her tight
little ass.

She knew she had given him a thrill, and it excited her.


Jenny studied in her bedroom, still dressed in her school uniform. Her
mother wouldn't be home until late that night, she knew. She glanced at e
clock. It was 4:00 P.M., so she wouldn't have to change into her cheerleading
uniform for another hour and a half.

As she did her homework reading assignment, she heard a door open, and
realized it was her older sister, Susie, coming home from school a little late.
It didn't surprise her, though, because Susie was a varsity cheerleader, and
the varsity squad always met after school for a brief practice on game days,
just like Jenny did before J.V. games.

Jenny suddenly heard a boy's voice. It was Susie's boyfriend, Doug, a
wide receiver on the football team. Jenny knew that her mom forbid the girls
having boys in the house when she wasn't home.

Jenny also realized that Susie wouldn't be expecting her younger sister to be
at the house that afternoon, so she quickly and quietly closed her bedroom
door, leaving it open just a couple of inches, anticipating an opportunity to
catch her sister making out with her boyfriend.

Little Jenny hid in her closet as she heard the voices getting closer.
She could hear Susie and Doug walk into Susie's bedroom, across the hall.
After a couple of minutes, she came out of the closet and crept to the door.

Since Susie had left her bedroom door open, Jenny had an almost- complete
view of her sister's room. Susie and Doug were standing next to the bed,

Susie was dressed in her varsity cheerleading uniform. She was taller
than her younger sister by only a couple of inches, and had a more shapely
figure than Jenny. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was parted in the middle
with bangs and hung loosely, curled under slightly and framing her lovely face.
Like Jenny, Susie had bright blue eyes and a killer smile.

She wore a red long-sleeve sweater with a wide white band running around
the middle of the body and sleeves. On the front of the sweater, on the band
itself, were the letters "SLHS", for St. Luke's High School. The red lettering
stood out on her large, firm tits.

The cheerleading skirt was also red, with twelve inverted white pleats.
It was incredibly short, barely covering her crotch, and as Susie reached up to
wrap her arms around Doug's neck, the skirt pulled up to show a slice of ass
cheeks peeking from a pair of tight white cheerleading panties.

Red knee socks with three white stripes around the top and white tennis
shoes completed the uniform. She was a picture of sheer teen beauty.

Jenny watched with interest as the two teen lovers kissed each other

Doug's hands stroked the back side of Susie's shapely thighs repeatedly,
then slid up under the hem of the cheerleading skirt. The white pleats fanned
out as his hands pulled the skirt up, then grasped both ass cheeks through her
white cheer panties.

The young man pulled Susie tightly against him, rubbing his crotch
against hers as they French-kissed.

"Oh, Susie..." he moaned. "I've gotta fuck you now..."

Their breathing grew louder as each drew each other to a higher level of
sexual frenzy.

"You want me to suck your cock first?" Susie asked Doug.

"Yeah!" he groaned.

The two relaxed their embrace as Doug reached down for his belt buckle, a
bulge clearly standing out against his slacks.

Jenny stood, peeking through the cracked-open door, in shock. She had
never known her sister was like this, but she was curious, eager to watch her
suck and fuck Doug.

In moments, he had kicked his shoes off and ulled off his pants. He
threw the trousers aside, then peeled off his underwear. As he did so, his
nine-inch hard-on slapped up against him and fell to a straight-out position,
finally free of the fabric restraining it.

Jenny's eyes grew wide in amazement. She had never seen a guy's cock
before. The young girl watched with fascination as her older sister knelt down
before Doug.

Susie's red skirt flared out in white pleats as she dropped to her knees.
She grasped Doug's throbbing meat in her left hand and smiled as she briefly
admired it. Then she touched her tongue to the tip of his prick-head and
teasingly ran it up and down the underside of the shaft

"Do you lik this?" she asked, knowingly.

"Oh, God, yes..." came the reply.

Susie than clamped her lips around the head, stroking the tender
underside of it with soft, quick tongue movements as she pumped the shaft with
her left hand. She stuck her right hand under her little cheerleading skirt,
rubbing her clit through her panties.

Jenny watched intently. She also put her hand under her blue and white
plaid pleated school skirt and rubbed herself through her panties. It felt
even better than usual, because she was getting really turned-on by watching
Doug and her sister.

Susie was now sucking him hard. Her cheeks drew inwards as she pulled
his cock in and out with quick, short head movements. Doug groaned even louder
now, his balls almost ready to explode.

"Oh, Susie," Doug gasped. "You're gonna make me cum if you keep it up!"

She pulled her lips off, releasing the tight suction, but still continued
her hand stroke.

"Is that what you want?", Susie asked, eager to satisfy her boyfriend.

"No! Not now! I wanna fuck you!" he exclaimed.

Susie smiled, then released her grip on his swollen rod. To Jenny, it
seemed even larger than before.

Jenny's sister stood back up and sat down on the edge of the bed. Susie
leaned back on the bedspread, smiling, and raised her legs as Doug pulled her
skirt up and grabbed the legbands of her white cheerleading panties.

He tugged them as Susie lifted her ass off the bed so he could yank them
past her hips. Then, Susie lowered her hips onto the bed and lifted her feet
so Doug could get her panties all the way off.

Doug tossed them onto the floor as Susie squirmed into the middle of the
bed. She had her knees raised and spread apart, and Jenny could see her bright
pink, stimulated, r d-to-be-fucked open pussy as Doug quickly climbed onto the
bed and straddled her.

"Fuck me, Doug!" Susie begged. "Put it in me, now!"

Doug lowered himself on top of her, guiding his eager cock into her soft,
moist twat. Susie grunted as he entered her, then sighed as he began to slide
his spear in and out of her. Love your pussy," Doug sighed. "It's so tight..."

Jenny, still watching from behind the door, was now horny as ever. Her
bottom lip quivered with excitement as she fingered herself through the legband
of er panties. The cotton fabric was sopping wet with her juice as it oozed
from her sweet young pussy.

The young freshman could feel her nipples harden, and her knees began to
shake. She didn't know how much longer she could stand there and keep this up
while remaining quiet.

Meanwhile, Doug hammered away at Susie with quick fuckstrokes.

Susie look good as she lay there completely dressed in her cheerleading
uniform, her red-and-white pleats piled up over the sweater, while her red
kneesocks extended upward in mid-air with the laces of her tennis shoes swaying
in rhythm with the fuck.

"Oh, yeah, Doug! I'm gonna cum!" she yelled. "I'm almost there!"

She wrapped her kneesock-encased calves around Doug, hanging on tightly
as her boyfriend banged her, his loins slapping into the back of her thighs
with each stroke.

"Auggghhhh!" she yelped. "Aaahhhhh! Yes! I'm getting it!"

Doug kept up the pace. He wasn't about to stop because he could feel
himself getting close to his cum-shot.

"Oh, God! I'm gonna cum, too, baby!" he exclaimed.

"All right!" Susie answered. "Do it inside me!"

Doug took a few more strokes, then threw his head back as his cock
exploded inside Susie's young pussy.

"Ohhhh! Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!"

His balls emptied their thick load into Susie, filling her cunt with warm
stickiness. Susie could feel his piston pumping its load deep within her as he
continued to drive it deep into her love nest. After a few more seconds, he
slowed to a stop. Doug pulled his dripping prick out her and rolled over onto
the bed.

"That was great..." he sighed.

Susie smiled. "Yeah, it was..."

The two young lovers lied there on the bed for a minute or so before
Susie got up.

"I'm gonna go clean up a little and make us something to eat. We need to
leave for the game in about an hour."

Jenny, with her hand still diddling herself, moved away from the door as
Susie left the room. She could hear her older sister walk down the stairs, and
knew that she must be going to use the bathroom on the lower level.

Little Jenny quickly returned to the cracked-open door and continued her
spying on Doug. She gawked at the older boy lying there, his dick still hard,
with a funny white fluid oozing out of it. She didn't know quite what it was,
but she liked it.

Suddenly, she felt herself grow flush. She trembled, and not
understanding what was happening within her, felt the most amazing sensation of
her life. Jenny couldn't help but gasp with surprise as her first orgasm
coursed through her thin, young body.

Her breathing came in short, fleeting breaths, each one letting out an
uncontrollable gasp. She could see Doug turn and look to the door.

"Oh, no!" she thought, and quickly moved behind the door. "I think he
saw me!"

She heard footsteps, and suddenly the door opened. Standing there,
looking at her, was Doug. Dressed only in his parochial white dress shirt and
black socks, Doug looked at Jenny. She blushed, embarrassed at having been

"So, were you watching us?" Doug asked.

Jenny nodded, sheepishly.

"It's okay," he said. "Just don't go telling anybody, all right?"

She nodded once again.

His eyes flashed as he took in the sight of her. The young innocent
schoolgirl thrilled him, especially with her little plaid skirt that was so
much shorter than most of the other girls at school.

"Have you ever seen a guy naked before?" he asked.

"No, I haven't. What's that white stuff that comes out of your dick,
anyway?" Jenny boldly asked.

Doug laughed. "Well, you aren't very bashful, are you? Have you ever
had sex before?"

"No but I'd like to..." she answered, wondering what his response would

Doug paused, not really knowing what to do. On one hand, he knew he
would love to fuck this little plaything or have her suck him off. On the
other hand, he knew Susie wouldn't like it.

"You wouldn't want me to tell my mom about you and Susie, would you?" she

"Of course not. Why?"

If you don't let me see your dick squirt out more white stuff, I might,"
she offered slyly.

Doug couldn't believe this young girl. She was blackmailing him with
sex. Then, again, it was a great excuse to do it with her, wasn't it?

"Okay," he relented. "Just his once. First, let me see you in your new
school uniform."

He sat on Jenny's bed while Jenny stood before him, showing off how her
new uniform fit her slender figure.

"Turn around for me," Doug commanded.

She turned around slowly, giving him a full view.

Doug took in the show with wide eyes. He loved fucking Susie, but Jenny
was a delicious, tempting, innocent little girl. Her long blonde hair in the
ponytail with bangs combed down straight over her forehead, her bright blue
eyes, those dimples as she smiled at him...

He liked the small tits. They accentuated her youth. The ever-so-short
blue and white plaid pleated skirt and white knee socks highlighted her golden
thin thighs, and the black-and-white saddle shoes were very familiar.

As Jenny slowly turned for his eyes to devour, she noticed his prick
spring back to life. She wanted to be fucked in the worst way, to feel the
sensations of a guy's cock inside of her virgin cunt.

Doug stood up and took her into his arms. He reached under her skirt
like he had done to Susie, and pulled her underwear from her tight, young ass.
They fell to Jenny's ankles, and she kicked them off.

His hands cupped her ass, and he slid his fingers to her pussy, where he
discovered it was sopping wet.

"Were you finger-fucking yourself while you watched us?" he asked.

"Yeah", Jenny answered. "I couldn't help it."

"That's just fine, because you're all wet down there, and I can fuck you
right now. Do you still have your cherry?"

Jenny shook her head from side to side. "I lost it playing sports," she

"Okay, that's fine," he assured her.

After pushing aside some of the stuffed animals, Doug slowly lowered her
down to her bed.

"I'll be gentle," he told her. He pulled up her skirt and she eagerly
spread her long, thin thighs for him.

Jenny was an absolute doll, lying there between her stuffed animals.
Doug's dick was aching now to get inside that tender, tight snatch.

Suddenly, Susie was standing in the doorway.

"What the hell are you doing!?" she yelled.

"It's okay," Jenny said.

"No, it's not okay, Doug! First you fuck me, and then you want to fuck
my little sister?!" Susie screamed.

"I told him to do it!" Jenny snapped back. "If he doesn't, I'm gonna
tell mom about what you guys did!"

Susie was taken aback.

"You can't be serious!" she said, surprised.

"You shouldn't get to have all the fun, Susie," Jenny calmly said.

Susie was stunned. Her younger sister was going to tell on her if she
didn't let her boyfriend screw Jenny.

"Okay, but I don't want him o fuck you. You don't take birth control
pills like I do, and you'll end up getting pregnant," she told her young

"I am taking the pill, Susie," Jenny corrected.

Susie looked surprised.

"Where are you getting those from?" Susie inquired. "I know mom wouldn't
buy them for you. Not yet."

"My friend Angie gets them for me," Jenny confessed. Hell, I suppose I
could tell mom about that, couldn't I?" Susie retorted.

"Okay..." Jenny said. "But I know she'd get more pissed off hearing
about your little fun. After all, I've never fucked a guy."

"All right, Jenny. But no fucking with Doug. Just jerk him or suck him
off. Okay?" Susie asked.

Disappointed, Doug and Jenny looked at each other and both nodded in
approval of the new plan. They both stood up.

"Did you see Susie sucking me?" he asked the little girl.

"Yeah," Jenny answered. "I think I know how to do that, now."

Jenny smiled.

Like she had seen her sister do, young Jenny got down on her knees and
tentatively took his swollen meat in her hands. She stroked it softly with her
hands, then pursed her lips and put the head of his cock in her young, eager

Doug moaned softly.

"That's it, sweetie... Just suck on it and move your mouth back and forth
on it while u stroke it with your hand."

His meat tasted quite unusual, but it was good, Jenny thought.

"Use your tongue, too," Susie suggested. "Wiggle it across the underside
of the tip. It'll drive him crazy."

Jenny took her advice, and in a matter of minutes, had Doug in an
absolute frenzy. Her jaws ached with the size of his manhood, and she had to
take a brief break. She popped her lips off but kept jerking him with her

"How am I doing?" Jenny asked.

"Just fucking great, especially for first-timer," Doug answered.

"When does that white stuff come out?" she asked.

"It won't be long..." Doug said. "A little more sucking, and I'll be
there. Where do you want me to squirt it?"

Jenny hadn't thought about that.

"I think you ought do it in her mouth," Susie said to Doug.

The thought of emptying his load into the little girl's mouth was almost
too much fo him.

"Is that okay, Jenny?" Doug asked, hopefully.

"I guess so," she answered.

With a swee smile, Jenny puckered her lips around his cock again. The
tongue began fluttering against the bottom of his prick-tip, and her hand sped
up the pumping action.

"Oh, yes!" Doug exclaimed. His balls were now aching to release their
cargo into the back of young Jenny's throat.

"I'm gonna cum!" he gasped. "Here it comes!"

"Yeeeaaahhhhhhh!!!" he yelled as he came.

She could feel his prick swell even more in her mouth, and then it pulsed
in spasms.

Jenny felt a surge of warmth shoot into her mouth. The sticky liquid
came in bursts, and soon she was unable to swallow it fast enough. She pulled
it out of her mouth, and streams of sticky white jizz dribbled out from the
corners of her lips. She quickly swallowed.

Doug was pumping his cock with his own hand now, directing hot goops of
cum onto little Jenny's face and lips, splashing it against her cheeks.

She opened her mouth again, and Doug directed a few more squirts of his
juice into her eager mouth. Finally, it slowed to a trickle.

He squeezed his hand down the shaft, forcing the last drops out of his
piss-slit, and wiped the prick-head across the little girl's lips, smearing the
cum on her face.

Susie laughed.

"Hey, Jenny, you should see yourself!", she chortled. "You've got cu all
over your face!"

Jenny smiled and giggled herself. Her cheeks and lips were indeed almost
covered in Doug's cum-juice. It dripped from her chin and hand onto her plaid
pleated school skirt.

Having enjoyed the sweet taste of his cream, she scooped as much of it as
she could onto her fingers and licked hem clean.

Jenny smiled. She was going to enjoy guys and sex, she knew. She
couldn't wait for her first fuck...


The following Tuesday, St. Luke's was scheduled to play a home J.V.
football game, their season opener.

Jenny wore one of her cheerleading uniforms to school that day, as was
customary for game days. She walked to her last-period class for the day,
biology with Mr. Lewis, thinking about the fun that she was anticipating that
evening after the game with her cheerleader friend, Angie.

She wore a white long-sleeved oxford shirt with a red button-down vest
over the top of it. The vest fit tightly, with white snaps. On her left
breast was a small emblem showing a falcon, while the white letters "SLHS" ran
down from her right shoulder to her right breast.

Jenny's skirt was red-and-white plaid with knife pleats all the way
around. It was made of a flimsy, light fabric that flipped around easily when
she moved. As short as the squad's cheerleading skirts were, hers was
incredibly short due to her very thin waist.

Barely hidden under the skirt's hem, a pair of white cheerleading panties
gripped her lithe, precious ass. A pair of white cotton knee socks and white
tennies rounded out the uniform very nicely.

On this day, Jenny chose to wear her long blonde hair loose. With just
the slightest hint of wave to it, it shimmered in the hallway light and bounced
against the back of her vest as she walked. A simple white barrette helped
hold the hair back in place. She had golden bangs combed down straight across
her forehead.

She saw Mr. Lewis was standing outside the classroom, observing the
students as they entered the classroom that day. Jenny thought that he was a
very attractive man. He was in his mid-thirties, about six feet four with a
basketball player's physique, with thick brown hair and a well-trimmed
moustache. Even this was only the second week of classes, the young girl had
already fantasized about him several times in class.

Little Jenny could see that he was watching her as she came closer.
Knowing that he was watching her, she decided to give Mr. Lewis a little show.
A water fountain was almost directly opposite the classromm door where he
stood, and she suddenly decided to get a few sips of water.

She waltzed over to the water fountain, her lightweight, tiny pleated
cheerleading skirt bouncing high on her sweet ass. Jenny bent over to drink,
and as she did so, Mr. Lewis gawked as her cheerleading skirt pulled up even
higher to reveal a little bit of ass and those tight white panties.

Mr. Lewis felt an immediate bulge begin to grow in his slacks as he took
in the picture of the young girl before him: the tight-fitting red vest
outlining her tall but incredibly thin figure, the red-and-white plaid skirt
ending in rippling pleats only slightly above the crotch of her white panties,
long thin tanned thighs accentuated by those white knee socks...

She took a few sips of water, then pretended to drink more as she stayed
in that position for several more seconds, wanting desperately to get Mr. Lewis
to notice her. Then she straightened up again and turned around to walk into
the classroom.

Jenny could see that he was definitely noticing her, and she was
instantly proud of her little tease act. She smiled at him with her sweet
little-girl dimples and he quickly returned the smile.

She took her second-row seat, and the class started. As he lectured,
Jenny noticed that Mr. Lewis was definitely making eye contact with her and
looking over her whole body. She turned and looked at the other boys in the
room, and a lot of them were staring at her.

The young girl tried not to smile as she thought about the power that her
body had over men. She loved to wear a cheerleading uniform and other short
skirts, because she could feel the guys' eyes almost penetrate her, and it made
her feel good.

As Mr. Lewis continued his lecture, Jenny thought about the way that she
sat, with her legs together, just the way her mother taught her.

She decided that wasn't going to be too much fun for Mr. Lewis. She
already had a clue that her teacher might be hot for her. If she gave him a
show in class, she knew that he would enjoy it. But there were only five
minutes left before the bell to end the period and the school day.

Jenny slowly began to spread her knees as she sat in her chair. Soon
they were about eighteen inches apart, and she knew that she was giving him a
great view of her white panty crotch.

Mr. Lewis was now clearly distracted. He somehow fumbled through the
last few minutes of his lecture, and the bell mercifully rang.

"Jenny Wilson, I'd like to see you for a minute," he said, as the
students gathered their books and began to leave the room.

Young Jenny took her time getting her things together. Was she in
trouble? Or was Mr. Lewis wanting to get a few minutes alone with her?

After the last students left the room, Jenny stood up and approached Mr.

"Yes, Mr. Lewis?" she presented herself, somewhat nervously.

"Jenny, I need to talk to you for a few minutes," Mr. Lewis said as he
sat in his chair.

"Have a seat," he told her.

Jenny boldly sat on the corner of his desk. He didn't seem to object,
but looked a little surprised.

"Did you realize how you were sitting in class?" he asked.

"Yeah," she answered. "I thought you might like that."

"I did," Mr. Lewis confessed. "But it really distracts me from teaching.
Besides, you're much too young for me to be feeling this way about."

"Feeling what way?" Jenny asked.

Her teacher paused, not knowing how to say what he wanted to say.

"Let's just say that when you act that this, it makes me want to do
things that I shouldn't do."

"Like wanting to have sex with me?" she blurted.

"Yeah, you could say that," he said. "I don't have to tell you how much
trouble that could get me into."

"Who's going to tell?" asked Jenny.

She curled a leg out across the desk, pulling her skirt up tight and
showing her crotch again to Mr. Lewis.

"Oh, Jenny..." he murmured. "I want you really bad..."

"I want you too, Mr. Lewis," she answered, smiling and looking into his

"If you want to lock the classroom door, I won't say anything," he told
the girl.

Jenny quickly got up and walked to the door, locked it, and closed it
behind her, making sure that nobody was watching. Then she returned to Mr.
Lewis' desk.

Her handsome teacher stood up from his chair, and Jenny's sparkling blue
eyes immediately locked on an enormous hard-on protruding from his slacks.

"Yeah, Jenny, that's from you," he told her.

Jenny smiled with those little dimples.

"You're a little living doll, Jenny," he said as he took her into his
arms and kissed her passionately.

Jenny had never really been held or kissed like this before, and she just
wanted to melt.

Mr. Lewis put one hand around the little cheerleader's tiny waist, and
placed his other hand on the back of one of her thighs, just below the hem of
her little pleated skirt. He slowly ran it up under her skirt and grabbed her
tight teen ass.

"Hey, Jenny, has anyone ever eaten your pussy?" he asked.

"No, but you can be the first, Mr. Lewis" she responded.

He reached under her skirt with both hands, grabbing the waistband of her
cheerleading panties and pulling them off along with the underwear underneath.
They dropped to the floor, and Jenny stepped out of them.

Mr. Lewis lowered Jenny onto his desk. She put her feet up on the edge
of the desk and spread her legs far apart as he flipped her tiny skirt up and
over her waist.

The little cheerleader looked magnificent, lying there in her
cheerleading uniform with her teen snatch opened up for her teacher.

The little girl closed her eyes, then suddenly felt something warm and
moist caressing her tender clit. She sighed deeply as her teacher stroked his
tongue slowly across her pussy-trigger.

"Oh, Mr. Lewis...That feels wonderful..." she quietly moaned.

He licked her slowly for a few minutes, then sped up the action with more
direct pressure on her sensitive organ.

Jenny could feel that warm feeling building within her again, the same
warmth that she had felt a few days earlier when she had fingered herself to
her first orgasm.

"Oh, Mr. Lewis, that feels sooooo good!" she moaned.

This time it was more powerful. The little cheerleader grabbed her knees
and pulled them up tightly against her as she grimaced with the incredible
intensity of her nearing climax.

"Oh, Mr. Lewis! I'm gonna cum! Oh! Oh! I'm gonna cuuuummmmmmm!!"

Jenny groaned in ecstasy as she became overwhelmed by the sensation. Her
legs quivered slightly with the muscular release of tension. Pussy juice
spurted out onto her teacher's face and pooled on the desk.

"Thank you, Mr. Lewis," she said. "I never felt anything quite like that

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jenny."

"Would you like to fuck me, Mr. Lewis?" she asked.

"You bet!"

"I've never been fucked before, sir. I hope it's all right with you,"
she said.

"I'll be very gentle, Jenny."

Mr. Lewis quickly pulled off his slacks and briefs as he gawked at the
young cheerleader. Her red snap-down vest, the white long-sleeve oxford shirt
underneath, the flimsy red-and-white plaid pleated skirt now piled up over her
waist, the white cotton knee socks and tennies...there wasn't a man alive who
wouldn't have wanted to fuck this young lady, he thought.

His nine-inch spear was more than ready to give this girl a long-wanted
fuck. The teacher pulled Jenny toward him, positioning her ass at the edge of
the table so he could stand and fuck her as she lied there.

Jenny watched with excitement as he nestled the tip of his prick against
her hot, eager pussy and rubbed it across the opening several times to get it
nice and wet.

"Come on, Mr. Lewis. Fuck me!" she begged.

Suddenly, she felt him enter her virgin pussy. Slowly, he drove the head
into her. The young girl was incredibly tight, and he knew he was going to
enjoy this.

Mr. Lewis sawed it in and out of her slowly, pushing deeper with it each
time until she was able to take most of it up her cherry teenage snatch.

"Ooohhh... Mr. Lewis..." she moaned. Jenny felt wonderful. She tingled
with the sensation of her teacher's stiff prick filling her wet little

The horny teacher fucked the horny little cheerleader. With her feet on
his desk and her knees up, he grasped her thighs and used them for leverage as
he pumped his dick deep into her pretty little twat. Loud slushy sounds
emanated from the loins of the two lovers as he gave her her first fuck, a
tight wet fuck.

"We're fuckin' now, aren't we, Mr. Lewis?"

"Yeah, Jenny. I'm fuckin' your brains out."

The excitement level quickly built within him as he screwed the beautiful
young JV cheerleader. He knew he couldn't take it too much longer with the
incredibly tight pussy on this young girl.

"You like this, don't you, you little prick-teaser?" he asked.

" feels nice."

"You're such a good little girl. I've always liked fucking cheerleaders,
especially in their uniforms."

"You've fucked cheerleaders before?" Jenny asked.

"You bet!"

"From this school?"

"Oh, sure. But nobody as young, sweet and tight as you, my darling..."

Jenny smiled as she looked up at her teacher, hammering away at her with
steady thrusts.

"Oh, Jenny..." he moaned. "Your pussy is so tight, I can't take much
more of this. Can I come in your pussy?" he asked.

"You can squirt it wherever you want, Mr. Lewis. I'll even let you do it
in my mouth, if you want," she answered.

"I wanna do it in your pussy, you sweet little schoolgirl fucker," he
told her. "The next time, I'll fuck your hot little mouth."

He felt his cock-trigger reach the breaking point and threw his head back
as he shoved his big dick into her with one more powerful thrust.

"Aaaahhhh!!!" he groaned as he shot his first steamy wad of jizz into the
young girl.

Jenny could feel his cock pulsate within her as it filled her cunt with
loads of thick white love-juice. Her teacher continued sawing his meat in and
out of the young girl, and he quickly filled her moist, soft cunt with his

Unable to hold any more of Mr. Lewis' cum, streams of it overflowed her
young pussy and ran down over her tight teen ass, pooling on the teacher's

The pretty little cheerleader smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the
last few seconds of her first fuck and looking forward to her teacher's promise
to fill her eager mouth with his cream...


Jennie met her friend Angie Walker after school, and the two young
cheerleaders walked the short distance to Angie's home.

Angie was a sophomore, a year older than Jennie, and somewhat more
sexually experienced, as well. She was about 5'5", and every bit as attractive
as Jennie.

Angie's brunette hair was thick and wavy, and hung to the middle of her
back. Her smile was sweet and angelic, and her cheeks dimpled slightly.

She had a well-curved body that featured a pair of firm "C"-sized
breasts. They filled her white blouse and bright red cheerleading vest,
bouncing as she walked down the street.

Angie's ass was every man's dream, and sexily swished the pleats of her
short red-and-white plaid skirt back and forth. Her white knee socks and white
tennies only enhanced the beautiful image.

The two lovely cheerleaders arrived at Angie's home. Mr. Walker had just
arrived from work and smiled at the two young ladies as he stepped out of the

"Hi, girls," he said, centering his eye contact on his daughter's younger

Jennie could feel Mr. Walker's eyes rape her, travelling up and down her
lithe innocent figure. Though she had seen him a few times before, now she had
the overwhelming feeling that her friend's dad was hot for her.

"Hi, Mr. Walker..." she responded shyly, smiling and looking him straight
in the eyes.

Mrs. Walker came out through the front door of their home.

"Angie," she said, "could you run to the store with me for about thirty
minutes or so? I need you to help me pick out a birthday gift."

"But, Mom," Angie replied, "What about Jennie? You just want me to leave
her here?"

"I'll be okay," Jennie assured her friend. "It's all right. Go ahead."

"All right, Jennie. But I'll be right back," Angie answered. The young
brunette handed her schoolbooks to her dad and walked to the car with her mom.

As her friend pulled out of the driveway, Jennie realized that she was
all alone with Angie's dad. She was curious about him. Would he really want to
fuck her? The idea thrilled Jennie. Seducing her best friend's dad! What
would Angie say if she fou out?

"Would you like to come in, Jennie?" Mr. Walker asked, holding the door
for her.

She walked into the house in front of him as his eyes locked on her cute
littl pleated cheerleader skirt which barely covered her bright red panties.

Jennie walked into the living room. She looked at the clock on the wall.

"Thirty minutes..." she said softly.

"Pardon me?" Mr. Walker asked.

"They won't be home for about thirty minutes," Jennie stated

"That's right, Jennie."

Jenny wanted him to fuck her. Her adventure with the teacher earlier had
her so hot, she was dying for another guy's cock.

Knowing that time was short, Jennie summoned all her courage.

"Do you like me, Mr. Walker?" she asked.

"Why, yes. You're a fine young lady, Jennie," he answered.

"No, I mean 'would you want me'?"

She gulped, waiting for a reply.

"For what?" he asked, hoping for the answer he wanted.

"You know, Mr. Walker... Would you want to fuck me?"

She smiled at him, because she already knew the answer.

Mr. Walker began trembling. She was tempting him unfairly, he knew, and
he also knew he could not resist the charms of this delightful young

He stepped up to him and boldly put a hand on his crotch. She rubbed him
there for a few seconds, and he did not pull away.

"Yeah..." he admitted. He wrapped his arms around his daughter's young
friend and kissed her softly. His heart pounded as he pulled his lips away and
reached under her flimsy little red-and-white plaid pleated cheerleader skirt,
cupping an ass cheek through her tight red panties with his hand.

"We'd better hurry, then, sir," she reminded him. We don't have much

Mr. Walker walked quickly to the door and bolted it shut, then led Jenny
by the hand to the family room.

He lowered her to the carpet in front of the TV, shaking his head. He
couldn't believe this was happening.

"What's the matter, Mr. Walker?" Jenny asked, smiling.

"I just can't believe this," he admitted. "This is a dream I've had for
about a year now."

"You mean you've dreamed about making love o me, Mr. Walker?"

"Yes, Jenny..."

Young Jenny lay there on the carpet before him, looking so perfect. Her
long blonde hair splashed out on the carpet. Her red cheerleading vest, so
tight over her white blouse, heaved in the air as her breathing grew heavier in

Jenny's knees were high in the air, pulling the hem of her little
cheerleading skirt up high on her thighs. Her thin legs looked delicious in
the white knee socks.

Jenny spread her white tennies to the sides, then pulled her cute little
schoolgirl knees apart, showing him her panty-covered crotch. She reached a
hand down there and started rubbing her clit through her cheerleading panties
while she watched Mr. Walker pull his pants off.

Mr. Walker tossed his jeans aside and peeled his underwear off. His
now-swollen, thick, hard cock wobbled obscenely toward her.

"Let me take your panties off, sweetheart," he said.

Little Jenny raised her hips as he grabbed the waistband with both hands
and eagerly tugged the red panties off. He slid them over her thin, golden
thighs and tossed them aside.

Mr. Walker gaped at the sight of the young girl's snatch, already moist
from her rubbing. It was practically hairless, swollen and pink, glistening
with her juices.

"Do you want me to take anything else off?" Jenny asked.

"No, darling," he answered. "I love cheerleading uniforms, and I'd love
to fuck you in yours, if you don't mind."

"Whatever you'd like, sir," she told him.

Litle Jennie smiled as he kneeled before her. She watched his head dip
under her little skirt, felt his tongue and warm, moist breath on her teen

"Oh, Mr. Walker," she purred. "That feels so good..."

Angie's dad lapped gently at her clit, rubbing it from side to side. He
slipped a f er into her moist twat, sliding it in and out as he tongued her.

"Oh, God..." she murmured. She could feel her tight, young body
convulse, her thighs shaking, as he drove her to ecstasy with his tongue.


She screamed as she came. Her body shook uncontrollably.

Mr. Walker slowly stopped his licking. When Jenny saw his head poke out
from under her cheerleader skirt, she could see her pussy juice dripping from
his chin. He smiled.

"Fuck me, Mr. Walker," she begged. "I've got to have it now."

He straddled her and fisted his big prick to her clit. He rubbed the
cock-head in her juices, getting it nice and moist, then punched it into her
little cheerleader cunt.

It was incredibly tight, he thought. He pumped it in and out several
times until he was able to sink all eight inches into her. Soon, he was fucking
the young cheerleader good and hard, just like he had dreamed.

Jenny, this is so good," he told her. His balls slapped her tight little
ass as he punched her with quick, short strokes.

"I'm glad you like it, sir," she answered. "I like this, too!"

Jenny pulled her knees up high and wrapped her white knee socks around
the man's back as he rode her.

"Your pussy is so tight!" Mr. Walker complimented her.

Jenny laughed.

"You want to try another position?" he asked.

"Sure," she answered.

Mr. Walker pulled his dick out of her.

"Get on your hands and knees," he ordered.

Jenny giggled as she did so. The little cheerleader looked great in her
little uniform as she arched her back, pushing her ass high.

"You aren't gonna put it in my ass, are you?" she asked, worried.

"No, sweetheart, maybe some other time. I'm just gonna fuck you

Jenny laughed again as Angie's dad flipped her little pleated skirt up
over her ass.

Mr. Walker carefully nudged his cock into her pussy. In the nearby
full-length mirror, he watched himself fuck the darling young blonde
cheerleader in her uniform.

"Mmmm..." she groaned. "I think we better hurry, though, sir. I don't
wanna get caught."

"Yeah, you're right, Jenny. But I'm not gonna cum in your pussy and take
a chance of getting you pregnant."

"It's okay, Mr. Walker, I'm on the pill...unless you'd like to do
something else instead."

"Yeah, I would," he answered, still sweetly fucking the young

"I wanna fuck your mouth, Jenny?" he told her.

"Are you gonna cum in it?" he asked.

"Can I?"

Jenny smiled.

"Yes, Mr. Walker, you can cum in my mouth it you'd like."

He pulled his dick out again and stood up. Jennie turned around and
kneeled before him. She took his thick cock in one hand and wrapped her lips
around it.

Jenny sucked him like a pro. Her little teen cheeks dimpled as she
worked the man's prick in and out of her mouth. She knew he couldn't last
long. Little Jenny gazed into his eyes, enjoying the look of pure delight
etched on his face

"Oh, Jenny, I'm gonna cum!!" he yelled.

Jenny pulled him most of the way out of her mouth and opened it. She
stuck out her tongue, placing the tip on the underside of his prick-head and
wiggling it around. She held her mouth wide open, anticipating his cream.

Jenny's hand pumped furiously on him. She looked back and forth at his
face and at his prick-tip on the end of her tongue.

Mr. Walker was enjoying the moment immensely. The young cheerleader was
going to make him cum, and she was doing it like a pro. Suddenly, he came with
a loud groan. Jenny felt his cock spasm in her hand. A thick wad of jizz shot
down her tongue into her sweet mouth, followed by another and another.

Jenny imagined that it had been stored up for weeks, because there was so
much of it. She continued hand-jerking him, and he kept shooting his cum all
over her tongue and into her eager mouth.

Mr. Walker watched the little cheerleader take his load. It splashed
against her teeth, but she was careful to make sure that it all went into her

Finally, the flow of semen stopped. Jenny swallowed the sticky white
fluid, then milked the last bit out of him.

She press her thumb against the underside of his cock, at the base, then
pus d it forward to the tip. A few beads of jizz oozed from t piss-slit, and
Jenny licked it clean.

"You'd better get dressed, Mr. Walker," she reminded him. "Your wife and
daughter will be here in just a few minutes."

"Oh, Jenny, you're wonderful," he gasped.

She laughed and bounced to her feet. Reaching down, she grabbed her
bright red cheerleader panties and stepped into them, then pulled them up under
her little skirt, tugging them into place around her young, shapely ass.

"Listen, Jenny," Mr. Walker added. "I just got a camera and would like
to try it out. Do you think I could get a few pictures of you in your uniform
one of these days?"

"Sure," she agreed.

"Some friends of mine would pay you a lot of money to take pictures of
you, too, and maybe perform for them."

"Really?" She asked. "What do you mean perform'?"

Mr. Walker smiled.

"Whatever you'd like it to mean, Jenny."

Jenny smiled. More than one man at a time? She tingled at the idea.

"We'll have to do this again, Jenny," he added.

Jenny winked at Mr. Walker.

"You can count on it, sir."


It was a full week since Jenny Wilson's interlude with Mr. Walker. She
found it hard to keep it from her best friend, Angie Walker, but she knew she
must. She wondered what Angie would do if she found out.

The two young cheerleaders walked to the football field for Tuesday
afternoon's Saint John's J.V. game against nearby Franklin High. It was
getting colder as fall neared, and this was the first opportunity for the J.V.
girls to wear their new winter uniforms.

Jenny and Angie both looked like dolls. Jenny, with her long blonde
hair, parted in the middle and swept back over her shoulders with those golden
bangs, looked sweet and innocent with her cute dimples. She was an absolute
darling in her new cheerleading uniform. It fit her thin 5'6" frame like a
glove, and she couldn't wait to show it off.

Angie, a year older, was a bit more developed than Jenny. Almost as tall,
her figure was more shapely, and her long brunette hair was thick and wavy. Her
face was quite attractive, but not as sweet and innocent-looking as Jenny's.

The cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck variety, ending
just at her waist, so that when she would lift her arms, her flat tummy would
peek out. It was all white except for two thin red stripes running down the
sides and down the sleeves. The red letters "SJHS", about four inches high, ran
across her chest.

Her skirt was red, with twelve inverted white pleats. It was ever so
short, ending just below her crotch, and showing off her long, thin, tanned
legs. Her white cheerleading panties were snug on her shapely teen ass.

White knee socks with red-and-white saddle shoes completed the outfit.

It was about 4:15 P.M. when Jenny and Angie arrived at the field. The
stands were never very full for a J.V. game, but a number of supporters were
already there, about fifteen minutes before kickoff.

The girls began to do their stretching exercises, bending over, touching
their toes, sitting on the grass with their legs spread apart to stretch the
muscles, as they talked.

"Don't look now, Jenny," said Angie, "but there's about ten men watching
us right now."

"Really?" said Jenny, pretending not to notice.

"Oh, yeah. One guy even has a camera with a big lens," Angie added.

"Those guys want a show, huh?" asked Jenny.

"Sure. That's why they come out here. Most of them don't even have kids
in our school. They just want to get turned on by us."

"You think?" asked Jenny, laughing.

"You bet. Most of those guys don't care about this games. They just
want to imagine screwing us," stated Angie matter-of-factly.

Jenny laughed.

"You wanna give'em a show today?" Jenny asked.

"Sure," Angie answered, smiling.

The two naughty J.V. cheerleaders continued stretching, exaggerating
their movements, making them slowly.

Jenny stood up and bent over, stretching her hamstrings. Facing away
from the stands, she proudly displayed her magnificent young ass, clad in the
white cheerleading panties, to the fuck-hungry stares of the men.

"Hey, Jenny," said Angie softly. "That guy with the camera is taking
your picture."

Jenny grinned. It thrilled her to tease the guys like this.

Angie lay on her back, facing the stands. She raised her knees high in
the air, then spread her legs slowly and brought them together again,
displaying her cute little panty-covered crotch.

"I think that's enough for now," laughed Angie.

Jenny looked into the stands and saw Mr. Lewis, her teacher. He was
staring directly at her.

The band, seated in the stands, started playing one of their favorite
rock songs. Jenny, Angie and the other cheerleaders started their pompon
routine to the music.

Jenny and Angie went out of their way to ma the routine as sexy as
possible, shaking their little asses, the little red skirts flashing white from
the pleats as they swished, the white cheer panties flashing from beneath the
hem. They gyrated their little bodies, raising their arms and showing off the
belly-buttons on their flat tummies.

In the stands, the men were having a field day with these two young women
blatantly showing their bodies off for them. Mr. Lewis was so horny, he
couldn't take it any more. He walked down to the fence and motioned Jenny

"Yeah, Mr. Lewis?" Jenny asked.

"There's a janitor's closet just inside the back entrance, to the left.
Please meet me there at halftime," he begged.

"But Mr. Lewis, I'll only have ten minutes," she answered.

"Please, Jenny?"

"Okay, Mr. Lewis, but it will have to be quick."

"I understand."

With that, Mr. Lewis returned to his seat, only to leave a few minutes
before halftime.

At halftime, Angie asked Jenny to go to the concession stand with her.

"I can't," answered Jenny.

"Why not?" Angie asked.

"Mr. Lewis wants me to meet him in the school for a couple of minutes,"
Jenny explained.

"Why?" Angie inquired further.

Jenny blushed.

"Are you guys having sex?!" Angie asked, a bit loudly.

"Shhh!" Jenny reprimanded.

"Really? That's wild!" said Angie, very softly this time.

"We've only done it once," Jenny told her, "but this is between us,

"Sure, Jenny. I've had sex with a couple of teachers before. It's really
not a big deal, actually."

Jenny smiled at her friend.

"I have to go, Angie," she said, starting to walk off.

Angie smiled back at her.

"Have fun," said Angie. "Maybe I can have him next time."

Angie walked briskly toward the school's rear entrance, her little red
cheerleading skirt swishing from side to side, flashing its twelve white

When she got to the janitor's closet, she looked around to see if anyone
was looking, then knocked. Mr. Lewis opened the door, and she quickly stepped
inside, closing and locking it behind her.

"Thanks for coming, Jenny," said Mr. Lewis.

"I've only have a few minutes," she reminded him.

"I know. It's just that you put on such a show that I just had to have
you right now!"

He put his arms around her, pressed his lips tightly against hers, and
pulled her tightly against him. The twelve white pleats of her tiny red
cheerleading skirt fanned out as he reached underneath and squeezed her tight
little ass through her cheer panties.

"Put your hands on the sink," Mr. Lewis instructed.

She obliged, turning around, bending over and grasping the edge of the

"I'm gonna fuck you this way, this time, sweetheart," he said. He stood
behind her, undoing his trousers.

"I thought you were gonna do it in my mouth next time," Jenny reminded.

"Next time, I promise. But I've got to fuck your sweet little pussy
right now."

He winced as he pulled his rock-hard cock free from he imprisoning
underwear. As Jenny looked over her shoulder, he flipped her tiny skirt over
her waist.

"Spread your legs, my honey he ordered.

She did so, and Mr. Lewis grabbed the legband of her cheer panties. They
were so tight, but he managed to pull them aside, exposing her little muff.

"Aren't you going to take them off, sir?" Jenny asked.

"No, Jenny," he answered. "I'm gonna fuck you in your panties."

He fisted his pricktip to her pussy from behind. Nestling the head
between her twat lips, he wiggled it slightly to moisten it with her cunt
juice. She watched as he slowly drove it in.

"Oooffff!" she groaned, as he entered her.

Mr. Lewis grabbed her waist with both hands, moving her back and forth,
as his cock sawed her sweet pussy.

Jenny looke naughty. She was leaning over the sink in her cheerleading
uniform, her white sweater pulled up high, her red skirt with the white pleats
piled up over her waist, her white cheer panties stretched aside for his cock,
her white knee socks and red-and-white saddle shoes spread wide apart for
balance. fucked his little cheerleader hard. Her long blonde hair bounced as
her teacher banged her.

"Mr. Lewis, you're so nasty..." she told him.

"Fucking me in my panties like this..."

The young cheerleader could feel the friction stretched tight across her
clit, and it felt really good. It quickly drove her to orgasm.

"Oh, God! Mr. Lewis! I'm getting one!!"

Jenny bit her lip to keep from screaming. She was overcome with a warm
rush that swept through the luscious cheerleader.

Mr. Lewis groaned.

"I'm gonna cum, too!" he exclaimed.

He grimaced as his cock released its tension, filling the young
cheerleader with a hot load of cum. It spurted deep into her pussy, sending
shivers through her thin, sweet body.

Mr. Lewis slowed to a stop and pulled his dripping prick out of her.
Jenny's cheerleading panties snapped loudly back into place. Jenny stood up and
her skirt fell back into place.

"Oh, I have to get back now!" she gasped, almost forgetting the game.

"Thanks, Jenny," Mr. Lewis sighed.

"Sure, Mr. Lewis," she answered. "Just remember, I get to suck you off
next time."

She smiled, opened the door slowly, saw that nobody was around, and
quickly ran back to the game.

By the time she got back to er friend, she could feel the sopping crotch
of her tight cheer panties, soaking wet with Mr. Lewis' cum.

"How was it?" asked Angie, teasing her.

"Just fine," Jenny smiled.

"Did you blow him?"

"No, he fucked me again," Jenny answered, quietly.

Angie looked her over.

"Well, Jenny, you look just fine. Except for some of his cum on your
legs," Angie chortled.

Jenny could feel her teacher's cum as it slowly ran down her thighs onto
her white knee socks.

All through the second half, Jenny wondered how many people could notice
that her panties were wet. But that didn't stop her from giving the guys more
of a show. She kicked her legs high, twirled around and ground her hips to the
band's music.

After the game, Jenny and Angie were among the last to leave. It was 6:00
and starting to get dark. The guy with the camera, who had been taking their
pictures, approached them.

"Uh oh, here comes the camera guy," Jenny warned.

He smiled at the two cheerleader sweethearts.

"Hi, girls!" he said. "My name's Mike."

"Hi," they both answered politely.

"You girls are really great cheerleaders," he complimented.

"Thanks," they retorted, not knowing where the conversation was going.

"I'd love to take some more pictures of you at my studio," he said.
"I'll even pay you for your time."

The girls perked up.

"Really?" Jenny asked. "What would the pictures be for?"

"Just for myself," came the honest answer.

"I don't know..."

"I'll pay you each fifty bucks, okay?" Mike asked.

Jenny looked at Angie, who nodded in agreement.

"Okay, Mike. When?"

Mike shrugged.

"How about now?" he asked.

The girls were planning on going to a fast food joint for a couple of
hours, so they knew they wouldn't be missed.

"Sure," Angie answered, smiling.

"We can take my car," he told them.


Mike pulled the car into a garage at a home just a few miles from the

"Here we are," he announced.

The three stepped out of the car and walked inside.

"I thought you said you have a studio," Angie commented.

Mike smiled. "Well, you might say it's a portable studio."

"Where is it?" asked Jenny.

Mike led the two girls to a door and opened it. They saw a bed and
studio lights, with a tripod and camera supplies

"Oh, I get it," said Angie. She looked at Mike and smiled.

"Just what we thought. You want some nasty pictures, don't you?"

Jenny smiled at Mike. The thought of a guy taking nasty pictures of her
and jacking off to them was exciting.

"Why don't you girls sit on the bed?" Mike suggested.

Angie and Jenny sat on the bed, while Mike turned to load his camera and
turn the studio lights on.

"Hey, Jenny. I know we can get some big money here, so let me do the
talking, okay?" Angie whispered.

Jenny nodded.

Mike stepped toward the bed.

"Okay, sweethearts. What are your names?"

"I'm Angie and she's Jenny."

Mike smiled. "Well, now, let's take some really nice pictures."

He fired off a couple, the flashes from the lights filling the room like
close lightning bolts.

"Okay, girls, just put your knees about six inches apart."

"You want to see our panties?" Angie asked.

"Yeah," Mike admitted.

One hundred bucks, then," Angie demanded.

"Yeah, sure," he answered.

The two young cheerleaders spread their legs and smiled for the camera as
he fired off more photos. The girls spread their legs wide and pulled their
little red cheerleading skirts high on their thighs, clearly showing him their
white panty-covered crotches. Jenny was glad that her cheer panties had dried
by now.

"That's great," he said, firing off more pictures.

The girls were really enjoying themselves.

"Do you wanna see our asses?" asked Jenny.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Mike blurted. "Take your shoes off and climb on the bed."

Jenny and Angie untied their red-and-white saddle shoes and kicked them

The girls turned around on the bed, kneeling on the edge and getting down
on their elbows. They hiked their skirts up high on their panties. Their
tight asses looked marvelous in those white cheer panties, with their cunny
mounds bulging between their tight teen thighs.

Mike was going crazy. The two young girls were driving him mad with
lust. His cock ached against his jeans

"How about taking your panties off?" he offered.

"One hundred fifty apiece," Jenny demanded, before Angie had a chance to
say anything.

"Okay," he agreed.

Jenny reached high under her skirt and thumbed the waistband of her
panties, tugging them down around her thighs. Angie followed her lead. The
two girls resumed their position, bent over facing away from Mike with their
cheer panties stretched out on their thighs.

Their pussies looked marvelous. Jenny's almost-bare blonde cunny and
Angie's twat with a handful of brunette hair.

He shot some more photos.

"Okay, girls, now lean back on the bed and face me," he ordered. They

"Put your knees up and spread your legs and feet apart. Show off those
pussies of yours."

Jenny and Angie were eager to obey. They displaye magnificent cunts for
the photographer, smiling sweetly for the camera.

Jenny pulled the white pleats of her red cheerleading skirt up high and
put a hand on her clit. She used her fingers to spread her pink pussy lips

Angie followed Jenny's lead, surprised by the younger girl's brashness.

The two young cheerleaders began fingering their clits, masturbating for
the camera, smiling t whole time for him.

"My God..." Mike murmured. The sight was too much for him. The two
teenage cheerleaders on the bed with their tight white turtleneck sweaters,
their little red skirts with the white pleats, their panties off, the white
knee socks...

Mike was clicking off photo after photo, fumbling to reload the camera
after each roll was taken.

"How about taking the sweaters off??" he asked.

"Two hundred each, then," insisted Angie.

"Yeah, sure," he agreed.

The two girls quickly pulled the tight sweaters off and tossed them
aside, as well as their bras. They continued fingering themselves for him.

Mike flashed photo after photo. He couldn't believe this. Angie and
Jenny played with their clits, looking absolutely darling, wearing only their
red cheerleading skirts with the twelve white pleats and the white knee socks.

"I've gotta fuck somebody," he said.

"How about me?" offered Angie.

"No, me!" protested Jenny.

He looked the two girls over. While Angie was attractive, Jenny was
definitely younger, he thought. Her tiny tits with pointed nipples, her skinny
body, the dimples and long blonde hair, she was the one he really wanted.

"I'll tell you what. How about I eat your pussy and fuck you first,
Angie? Then I'll fuck your cute little friend."

He winked at Jenny, ho smiled.

Mike ripped off his clothes in seconds and climbed in bed with the
teenaged cheerleaders. Angie slid over onto her back and pulled up her little
skirt as the photographer dove mouth-first into her crotch.

Jenny couldn't believe the size of him. His dick was almost twelve
inches long. Jenny's eyes were wide in amazement.

Jenny watched as the man ate her friend's pussy, lapping hungrily at her

"Oooohhhh..." Angie moaned as he snacked on her snatch. She squeezed her
"B"-sized tits and closed her eyes.

Jenny reached over and grabbed Mike's massive cock with one hand. She
rubbed it softly, caressing it gently with her fingers, stroking it very
slowly. Then she rubbed his hairy balls gently, fondling his sack and rolling
them around with her fingers.

Mike groaned softly. Jenny watched in fascination as the man slowly
slipped a finger up to Angie's ass. He slowly inserted it.

"Oooffff!" Angie groaned. "Oh, God!"

Angie had never had a guy's finger up her ass before, and it quickly
excited her. She could feel the man slowly work it in and out of her ass, and
it made his pussy-licking seem much more intense.

"I'm gonna cum, mister!" she yelled. "You're doing it to me! Oh my
God... Yesssss!"

Angie's legs quivered as she climaxed.

"Fuck me, Mike! Do it now!" she hollered.

The man pulled his head out of her "Y". Angie pulled her knees up as he
crawl up to her.

Jenny watched intently as Mike plunged his cock into her cheerleader
friend. She watched his ass as it pounded relentlessly into Angie, fucking her
good and hard. She couldn't wait for her turn.

"Don't cum yet, mister," Jenny reminded. "You said you'd fuck me, too."

"Don't worry, sweetheart," he panted. "I'll get to you in a minute."

The man rode Angie hard for another full minute, with Angie groaning
under the assault of Mike's mammoth manhood. Then, he slowed to a stop,
leaving a slightly disappointed Angie as he pulled his throbbing monster prick
out of her.

The photographer slid over to Jenny, who had laid down next to Angie.
Her pussy was nice and wet from her masturbating and it glistened in the lights
as she pulled her knees up high and spread them. Mike flipped her cheerleader
skirt up over her waist. This time, Angie watched her friend as Jenny waited
for him to skewer her with his big prick.

"Are you gonna be able to take all of that?" Angie asked.

"I don't know, Angie. I'll try," came Jenny's answer.

The man nestled the prick tip into the opening of her snatch, rubbed it
around in the moistness, and slowly slid it into the thin, young cheerleader.

"Oh...oh...oh..." Jenny groaned, biting her lip.

Angie climbed off the bed and grabbed Mike's camera as he started to fuck
little Jenny.

He pushed his prick a little deeper into her with each stroke. Jenny was
so incredibly tight that he knew he wouldn't last long inside of her. He was
able to push about seven inches into her before he hit her cervix, so he held
up there, not wanting to hurt the darling cheerleader.

Angie began taking pictures of the man fucking Jenny. Jenny had hooked
her white knee socks around his back, and he was fucking her with a nice, slow

"You look good, you two," said Angie.

Jenny look adorable under the man, dressed only in the little
cheerleading skirt and white knee socks, her tiny tits rock-hard as the man
sucked on them, and her long blonde hair across the bed.

Angie shot off more pictures of the two lovers until she ran out of film.
photographer was in fuck-heaven over the young teenager. He rammed his prick
into her repeatedly until he was ready to explode.

"Okay, girls, who wants to get my load?" he panted.

"You can come in my mouth if you want," gasped Jenny.

"Or mine," added Angie.

"How about both?" he suggested.

The man pulled out of Jenny. Angie quickly crawled back into bed.

"Both of you girls put your faces next to each other," he ordered,
whacking away at his cock with one hand.

The girls did as she were told.

"Now put your mouths next to each other's," he added.

Jenny and Angie turned their faces to each other, their lips touching.

"Now I'm gonna cum in both of your sweet little mouths," he said.

The two cheerleaders opened their mouths wide, practically kissing each
other. Their tongues reached outward for him as he lowered his prick-tip to
their mouths. The hot breath of the two girls on his throbbing cock was too
much for him.

With a groan, he let loose a torrent of cum. It splattered into the
mouths of both girls. With their tongues fighting for position to get more,
his cock squirted more and more jizz at them.

Jenny and Angie hungrily gulped it down as it came. It ran down their
cheeks and into their hair, because they couldn't swallow it fast enough.

Mike's prick finally stopped pumping cum at them. The two girls, with
sticky white cock-cream all over their faces and on their lips, kissed each
other softly in a gooey kiss as they giggled proud of their accomplishment.


Jenny arrived home from school, dressed in her cute little school
uniform. Her long blonde hair was parted in the middle and pulled back in two
ponytails, with bangs to her eyebrows.

Her white long-sleeved blouse, the blue plaid pleated skirt which hung so
short from her thin waist, and white knee socks with blue-and-white saddle
shoes looked absolutely marvelous on the delightful young girl.

Jenny set her books down as the phone rang. She ran across the room to
get it before the answering machine kicked on. Her little school skirt danced
high on her thighs, flipping up to show brief glimpses of her white cotton


"Hi, is this Jenny?" came the reply.

"Yes, it is," she answered.

"Hi, sweetheart, it's Mr. Walker."

Jennie smiled.

"How are you, sir?" she asked.

"Just fine, Jenny. Listen, remember what I told you about meeting a
group of guys for some photos and stuff?" he reminded her.


"Well, how about Saturday night?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. How can I get it past my mom?" Jennie asked.

"It's easy, Jenny," Mr. Walker assured her.

"Just tell your mom you're spending the night over here."

Jenny shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess that would work," she said.

"Listen, these guys are willing to pay you $1,000 for spending the night
with them," he told her.

"Wow," replied Jenny. "How many guys are gonna be there?"

"Seven of us, Jenny. We want you to spend the whole night with us."

Seven guys! Jenny's mind reeled just thinking about it. She could
really use that money, she knew.

"Oh, and also," added Mr. Walker, "would you mind it if another girl was

"I guess not, sir."

"Good, Jenny. Be at the Excalibur hotel, Room 120, at 7:00. Be sure to
bring your cheer uniforms and pom pons."

"I'll bring several of my uniforms," Jenny volunteered.

"Great, Jenny. I'll see you Saturday night."

The phone call was cut short by the doorbell. Jenny answered it, and it
turned out to be her sister's boyfriend, Doug, and his friend, Mike.

"Hi, Doug," greeted Jenny, smiling.

"Hi, Jennie," Doug answered. He smiled back, fondly remembering his
interlude with the young girl a few weeks back.

"Is Susie home?" he asked.

"Nope, she went shopping with Kim, but she should be back in a little
while. Would you like to wait for her?"

Doug looked at Mike.

"A few minutes wouldn't hurt, I guess," came Mike's answer.

"Come on in, then," said Jenny, holding the door open for the two boys.

Jenny led them into the living room, where they sat down on the couch.

"Anybody want a Coke?" Jenny asked politely.

"Sure," they both answered.

Jenny spun away and walked into the kitchen. She knew that the two boys
were watching her. The refrigerator was within sight of the couch, and as she
opened the door, she bent over for the drinks, which were on the bottom of the
fridge door.

Mike's eyes bugged out, and Doug just smiled. The little schoolgirl,
dressed in her uniform, was giving them a nice panty-peek.

Her short blue plaid pleated skirt pulled up just high enough on her teen ass
to show off the crotch of her white cotton panties. She looked around and
caught them gaping at her panties.

"Yeah, I see you guys! Shame on you!" she jokingly chided them.

Mike and Doug both laughed as she came back with their drinks. She handed
the Cokes to them, then sat across the room in a lounge chair.

"So, what are you guys up to?" Jenny asked.

She slowly spread her knees apart. She knew that the boys could see her
panties, and she loved it.

"Ummm, we were just cruising around, and thought we'd stop by for a few
minutes," Doug replied.

"Yeah," added Mike, staring not-so-subtly under the young schoolgirl's

"I see," said Jenny.

The sweet young blonde pulled up one saddle shoe on the edge of the
chair, off to the side, pulling her little pleated skirt up high on her waist,
while she swung the other leg wide to the other side. It was a blatant show
for the two boys, and she was not ashamed in the least.

Jenny giggled when she saw both Doug and Mike in a hypnotic trance. She
had them at her command, she knew.

While the two boys watched in fascination, Jenny placed one hand on her
crotch and started massaging her cunny through her panties. Her other hand slid
slowly over one knee sock and caressed her thigh.

"Anybody want to do anything?" she asked teasingly.

"Yeah," answered Mike, dumbfounded.

Jenny looked absolutely darling. The long blonde hair in ponytails, the
cute little bangs, the dimples in her smile...

"You guys wanna fuck me, don't you?" she asked, brazenly.

"Yeah!" they both gasped in unison.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked.

Doug and Mike both jumped up and ran to Jennie. She laughed at their

Jenny reached for Mike's zipper and tugged it down. While she fumbled
around in his pants for his dick, Doug knelt down in front of her. Doug
reached up under her skirt and tugged Jenny's panties down. She raised her ass
off the chair so he could pull them all the way off.

Doug spread her knees wide apart while he buried his head in her tender,
moist twat. Her little pleated school skirt draped over his head while he gave
her sweet little cunt a good licking.

Jenny fished Mike's swollen cock out of his underwear and clamped her
precious young mouth around it. Her tongue softly stroked his cock as swirled
it around the head. She took him like a vacuum cleaner, sucking hard as she
slowly worked him in and out of her mouth.

They were quite a picture. Mike groaned as Jenny blew him. Jennie
groaned as Doug sucked her clit. The three lovers enjoyed the passion of the

Jenny scooted forward in the chair so Doug could suck her better. His
tongue and hot breath felt so good down there. Then she felt Doug poke a
finger into her pussy. He slid it around in her tight little teenage cunt as
he continued licking and sucking her clit.

Jenny popped her lips off Mike's prick, but kept working him with her

"Oh, Doug..." she moaned. "You're gonna make me cum..."

Doug lapped at her love hole with a frenzy. Up and down, side to side,
he rubbed her clit with his tongue. She enjoyed the friction of his tongue,
combined with his probing finger. Little Jenny felt herself grow flush, then
tremble uncontrollably.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! Oh, shit!" she gasped, almost out of

Mike had started taking his pants off. Jenny released her grip on his
cock while he took them off, and he did so quickly. He dropped to the carpet
and lay on his back.

"Get on top of me, Jenny," he ordered.

Jenny, still enjoying the afterglow of her climax, got out of the chair.
Still dressed in her school outfit, she pulled the skirt up around her waist
and lowered herself on Mike's cock. The head popped into her pussy, and Jenny
groaned slightly as she dropped on it slowly, plunging it deep into her sweet
love nest.

She started riding Mike's prick slowly, rocking forward and backward on
him, while Doug took his clothes off. Jenny was sitting up as she rode Mike.
His six-inch cock fit her tight twat quite nicely, she thought.

Doug came to Jenny and put his cock next to her mouth. She took it in
her hand and pushed it into her hungry mouth, then started sucking him like she
had done to Mike.

"Oh, Jenny..." Doug whispered.

Jenny was enjoying herself. One cock in her cunt, one in her mouth, she
had never had sex with two guys at once before. She could hardly imagine
Saturday night with seven of them!

"Just remember, Mike," said Doug. "I get to fuck her, too!"

"Yeah, sure," was the answer from Mike.

"Hey, Jenny, where do you want us to cum?" Doug asked, remembering the face
bath he had given the young girl the last time.

"Where do you want to?" she asked, keeping up the fuck-pace.

Doug laughed. "I wanna do it in your pussy this time!"

"You mean you've fucked Jenny before?" asked Mike. He cupped her ass
cheeks with his hands, helping her rhythm.

"No, she just gave me a blowjob," said Doug. "But I blew my load all
over her face!"

Mike laughed. "That sounds like fun! I think I'll try that!"

Jenny slowed to a stop, then pulled up from Mike's cock. She rolled over
on her back, lifting her knees high, as Doug climbed on top of her.

"My turn!" he announced.

Doug fisted his prick into his girlfriend's sister. Jenny wrapped her
knee socks around his back as he started pumping her, slowly at first, then

Mike watched his friend fuck the young girl while he sat next to them.
Jenny felt a little sorry for him, so she reached out and took his cock in her
hand, stroking it softly for him. She knew she didn't want to hand-pump him
too hard, because he'd blow his load before she wanted him to.

Doug fucked Jenny good and hard. His balls slapped her ass as he
hammered her with quick, short fuck-strokes.

"Fuck me hard, Doug..." she coached him, while rubbing one of her breasts
through her white school blouse.

"I'm gonna cum..." he told her. "...any moment now..."

He felt his cock spasm and release its first load of hot spunk into her
young snatch.

"Ohhhh!!!" he groaned.

Spurt after spurt of warm cum filled Jenny's pussy. Finally, Doug slowed
his pumping to a stop and pulled his wet, dripping cock out of the girl. Cum
dribbled out of her pussy onto the carpet under her.

"Okay, Jenny, are you ready for me?" Mike asked.

"Yep," was her answer. Lying on the carpet in her school uniform, her
knee-socked legs raised and spread, her skirt piled up on her tummy showing her
semen-soaked pussy, her long blonde hair spread out on the carpet...

Jenny smiled with those little dimples as Mike kneeled over her face.
He frigged his cock as fast as he could, holding the tip of it toward her face.

Jenny opened her mouth wide, giggling as she waited for her face-bath.

Mike knew he wouldn't take too long.

"Get ready!" he told her.

Suddenly his prick shot a stream of jizz at the young girl. It
splattered across her face. Another squirt hit her in the mouth, then another
and another on her angelic face.

Mike sprayed his load all over Jenny's sweet, smiling face. His
fuck-cream was thick and warm as it coated her face from forehead to chin, with
some of it even in her blonde hair.

When Mike was finished, he wiped the last of it on her lips. Jenny raised
her head to take it in her mouth and sucked one last time on it, trying to get
the last bit out.

Her efforts were rewarded with a tiny bit of salty cum. She savored the
taste as the two boys stood up and started putting their clothes back on.

Jenny pulled her panties back on as Doug and Mike finished buckling their

"Hey, Jenny, we'd better go," Doug said. He and Mike headed for the

"By the way, thanks!" the two boys said.

Jenny smiled, with a cum-smeared face.

"You're welcome," she answered.

The two boys left without seeing Susie or even opening their Cokes.


It was just before 7:00 PM that Saturday night when young Jenny arrived by
taxi at the Excalibur Hotel. Packing three of her cheerleading uniforms and
pom pons in two duffle bags, she walked briskly to Room 120.

Jenny knocked on the door. A man, who Jenny guessed to be in his forties,
opened it and peeked outside.

"Are you Jenny?" he asked.

"Yeah," she smiled.

The man returned the smile.

"Come on in," he invited her.

Jenny stepped in. It was a large and luxurious suite, with a king-size bed.
Jenny quickly counted nine men, all sitting and apparently waiting for her.

Mr. Walker jumped up.

"Hi, Jenny!" he shouted, walking up to her and giving her a big hug. Then
he turned to introduce her to the others.

"Guys, this is Jenny," he said, simply.

The men all smiled at the young girl in jeans and T-shirt.

"Just wait till you see this little J.V. cheerleader," he joked with the

Jenny giggled.

"Do you want me to change?" she asked.

"Yeah, how many uniforms did you bring?" Mr. Walker asked.

"Three of em," she answered.

"The bathroom is right over there," he told her. "But the other girl is
changing right now. By the way, here's some cash for you."

Mr. Walker pressed a wad of $100-dollar bills into her hand, and she quickly
put it into her purse.

The bathroom door was closed, so Jenny sat down to wait. The men were all
nodding approvingly at her. She counted six cameras and smiled as she imagined
all the attention that she would be getting.

After a minute or so, the bathroom door opened, and another girl in a
cheerleading uniform walked out. Little Jenny's jaw dropped to the floor.

It was her older sister, Susie.

"Jenny?!" was all that Susie could say.


It was an incredibly awkward moment, then both quickly came to realize why
they were each there.

Jenny stepped up to meet her sister. She put her hand on Susie's arm and
smiled to let her know it was all right.

"Let me change first," Jenny told Susie. "Then we can have some fun with
these guys."

Jenny took her bags into the bathroom and changed into one of her
cheerleading uniforms. She slipped into an ever-so-short white skirt with
eight red inverted pleats. Then she pulled on a simple red V-neck sweater with
white block letters "SJHS" across the front. The sweater was a little small
for her, and pulled tightly across her firm, small tits.

The young cheerleader pulled on a pair of white knee socks and laced up her
red-and-white saddle shoes. Then she stepped into her white cheerleading
panties and tugged them up under her little skirt. Somehow, she knew they
wouldn't stay on for very long.

Jenny picked up her pom pons, then admired herself in the mirror. She
fluffed her long blonde hair, turned sideways to check out the fit and noted
the shortness of the skirt. The young girl tugged up the waistband just a bit,
so that her white cheer panties were almost visible under the hem.

Little Jenny opened the door and stepped out. She saw Susie sitting on the
edge of the bed, with several older men groping her through her uniform. Jenny
smiled, watching her older sister charm the men.

Susie looked great, too, Jenny thought. Her cheer uniform looked a lot like
the USC Song Girls, with an all-white turtleneck sweater that was incredibly
tight on her. Susie's large tits made the red "SJHS" letters on the front of
the sweater bulge out for instant attention. Her skirt was white, lightweight
and flimsy for dance routines, with knife pleats all the way around and two red
stripes around the hem. She was wearing all-white knee socks, too, and white

As Jenny watched, one guy with gray hair was rubbing her big tits through
her sweater. Another guy was stroking her thighs and knee socks. A third guy
had a hand down between her legs, rubbing Susie's cunny though her tight white

"Okay guys, here are the rules," Mr. Walker announced. It was clear that he
was in charge here.

"First of all, nobody cums in their holes. None of us wants sloppy seconds!
Second, everybody fucks the girls in their uniforms. You can pull their
sweaters up if you want, but keep their clothes on. Remember, the theme here
is a cheerleader fuck. After everybody gets off at least once, we'll order out
for pizza. Then the girls will change into another uniform and we'll fuck and
suck some more.

Mr. Walker turned to the two cheerleading sisters.

"How many uniforms did you bring?" he asked.

"Three," they both answered.

"And then, I guess, they'll change again and we'll fuck until check-out
tomorrow," he told the guys.

"Anyway, nobody count on getting any sleep until after they get home!"

The men all laughed, eagerly anticipating a chance to ravage these beautiful
young ladies for the next sixteen hours.

"Right now," Mr. Walker added, "Let's watch the girls dance for us."

Mr. Walker turned on a portable CD player while Susie and Jenny stepped to
the front of the room with their pom pons and started dancing for the men.

The sisters smiled as they bumped and wiggled their asses for the room of
horny men. The room flashed as the guys took pictures of the two young ladies
putting on their sexiest moves. The pom pons shook and the skirts swirled,
Jenny's flashing red from the pleats and Susie's lightweight fabric flipping
about wildly.

Susie shook her tits as she danced, those "SJHS" letters bouncing about as
her tight sweater flopped up and down.

Jenny saw this, and realizing that her tits weren't going to get the same
attention, turned around and bent over. Her little white skirt pulled up and
the eight red pleats fanned out, showing the crotch of her panties. Her little
cunny mound, wrapped in white, puffed between her thin thighs.

The men were gasping and shooting pictures as fast as they could, wanting to
capture the magical moment for posterity. Jenny just smiled, knowing that
these guys would be beating themselves off to these pictures for years.

The song came to an end, and Mr. Walker ordered the two girls to lay down on
the floor in front of them. Jenny and Susie did so. As the men continued
taking pictures, Jenny spread her thin thighs, showing off her little panty
crotch. Susie followed her little sister. The girls let the men take more
pictures of them, then started rubbing their crotches.

Jenny reached under the legband of her panties and poked a finger into her
tender snatch, watching the men. A few of them had their zippers down by now,
pulling their cocks out and stroking them wildly.

Jenny couldn't take it any more. She reached down and thumbed her panties
off, wiggling them down her thighs and kicking them aside. With her little
cheerleading skirt pulled up against her tummy, she showed the men her sweet,
young pussy.

The men screamed for Susie to do the same, and she quickly did so. The two
sisters, sitting on the floor with their cheerleading skirts pulled up, their
panties off, were a sight to behold.

"Hey, girls," called Mr. Walker. "Rub each other's clit for us!"

Jenny and Susie looked at each other. Jenny tentatively reached between
Susie's legs and lightly touched her sister's cunt. Susie did the same to
Jenny, then pushed a finger into her little sister's pussy.

As the men watched in wonder, the two cheerleader sisters, fully dressed in
their uniforms minus the panties, finger-fucked each other and massaged each
other's clit.

Jenny felt wonderful as Susie fingered her. She moaned in delight as her
big sister softly stroked her love-trigger. Susie was enjoying this, too, with
her little sister rubbing her clit with her index and middle finger. Susie
bent toward Jenny and softly kissed her on the lips.

Jenny returned Susie's kiss, then both sisters eagerly thrust their tongues
into each other's mouths, kissing passionately.

This was a new experience for little Jenny, and wildly exciting. Susie's
fingers felt so good in her tight pussy, and she felt incredibly horny as she
kissed her older sister.

The men were snapping pictures again of the two young cheerleader sisters.
Jenny and Susie were totally oblivious to them, lost in their ecstasy.

Finally, two of the men could no longer take it. They jumped off the bed
and each grabbed themselves a cheerleader. One man had already taken his pants
off, and took Susie down to the floor. The other pulled little Jenny to him
and pressed his lips against hers.

"Yeah, fuck em!" the other men cheered as they stripped down in

"Just remember!" interrupted Mr. Walker. "Nobody cums in their pussies or

Mr. Walker put a pile of towels on the table nearby. It was sure to be a
messy evening.

Jenny's man, who was in his forties with graying hair, had taken the J.V.
cheerleader down to the floor as well. He flipped her little white skirt up
and pushed his mouth into her love hole, working her madly with his tongue.

Jenny looked over to check on her sister. Susie's guy had pulled her white
sweater up over her tits, unhooked her bra and was sucking one breast while
squeezing the other. Susie's hand had a firm grip on his cock, pumping

Another man dropped to his knees before little Jenny. She looked away from
her sister to see the guy's cock over her face, his hand a blur as it whacked
away above her.

"I can't wait," he explained to her. "I wanna jack off in your mouth right
now. I can fuck you later tonight!"

"Okay, sir," she answered. "Whatever you want."

Jenny could see flashbulbs shooting off occassionally, as more pictures were
being taken. She was so horny by now...

The young girl looked back at her sister. The guy was now fucking Susie,
and fucking her hard. Susie groaned as the guy relentlessly slammed his cock
into her wet snatch.

"I'm gonna cum!" Jenny heard the guy above her say.

She looked up at him.

"Open your sweet little mouth!" he groaned. "I'm gonna give you a drink!"

Jenny opened her mouth wide for him, just in time as he pushed his prickhead
down toward her. She saw a spurt of his cream and closed her eyes as it
splattered off her teeth. Then another and another. When the jizz shower
slowed to a stop, she opened her eyes again, just in time to watch him squeeze
the last of it into her mouth.

Mr. Walker handed her a towel to clean her face, while the guy eating her
pussy straddled her and fisted his cock into her cunt. It felt so wonderful in
there and fit so nicely, she thought.

While Jenny's man sawed her young twat, Jenny looked back at her sister,
just in time to see Susie's guy pull out and shoot his load all over her tits.
He rolled off Susie, and another guy stuck his swollen cock into Susie, picking
up where the first man had left off. Susie's cum-drenched tits wobbled about
as she got fucked hard again.

Jenny moaned softly to herself. She pulled her red V-neck sweater high over
her tits, and rubbed the tiny nipples between her fingertips as her man screwed
her. She wrapped her white kneesocks around him, pulling him into her with
each thrust.

Meanwhile, Susie's guy had pulled out and crawled up on her, straddling the
varsity cheerleader. He wiped her cum-covered tits with a towel, then placed
his throbbing cock between her mounds. Susie held her tits together while he
tit-fucked her. The man groaned in pleasure.

Mr. Walker put a pillow under each girl's head, as each lied on their back
with a guy on top of them.

Little Jenny looked at the other five men, sitting and patiently waiting
their turn for the young cheerleaders. Suddenly, she heard Susie's guy sream.
She looked over.

The guy threw his head back as he pushed his hips hard into Susie. Susie,
her head propped up by the pillow, opened her mouth wide as the guy erupted,
shooting his wad from between her tits. Susie caught most of it in her mouth,
the rest splattering on the top of her pushed-up sweater.

The sight of her sister eating the guy's load made little Jenny even
hornier. Thick strings of gooey cum hung from Susie's chin, dropping to her
turtleneck sweater. It was clear to Jenny that they would have to get their
uniforms dry-cleaned on the way home!

"I'm gonna cum!" hollered the guy on Jenny.

Jenny unhooked her legs from around him and he pulled out quickly, jacking
himself off the last few seconds from between her legs. Jenny watched as
geysers of cum shot high into the air, splattering on her little cheerleading
skirt, her flat tummy, her tiny tits.

Jenny wiped herself clean, then saw the next guy step up with a tube of

"You don't need that," she giggled. "I'm really wet right now."

The man just smiled.

"I might need it if I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass," he said.

Jenny smiled, not knowing what to think. She had never been fucked there
before, but the guy's cock wasn't very big, so she was willing to try it.

"You're not gonna let him do that, are you?" Susie asked her younger sister.

"Sure," Jenny smiled. "Just be gentle with me. I've never done that

The man smiled. "Of course, I will."

He ordered little Jenny on her hands and knees. She pulled her red sweater
back down into place, then assumed the position. The man flipped her little
white cheerleading skirt over her waist, the eight red inverted pleats fanned
out on her back.

The guy put a little bit of jelly on his fingers, then slowly rubbed it
around her asshole.

"Ooooohhh! It's cold!" gasped Jenny. It felt strangely wonderful to have a
man's fingers probing her asshole.

The man finished applying the jelly to the young cheerleader, then slowly
slipped a finger into her hole. Jenny groaned at first, but quickly came to
enjoy the sensation as he worked his finger into her. He finger-fucked her ass
for a few minutes, and soon she was ready.

A few feet away, Susie had lowered herself on top of another guy, and was
bouncing about, fucking him hard. Her sweater flopped about as she rode him.
Susie held up the front of her flimsy skirt with one hand while she watched

"I'm gonna fuck your sweet little ass, now," Jenny's guy told her.

"Okay, mister," she consented.

She felt his prick-head nestle against her asshole, wiggling around to
lubricate it properly. The man grasped her tight asscheeks, and soon Jenny
felt the head pop into her.

"Oooffff!" she groaned.

He was in, and ever-so-slowly pushed it a little deeper into her virgin

"Oh, God, it's so tight!" he exclaimed. He fucked it into her slowly for a
few minutes, then picked up the pace. Soon he was fucking her good, and little
Jenny was enjoying it. The pain was gone now, and she was free to experience
this new sensation.

He knew he wouldn't last long. Her ass was so tight, and the sight of the
girl in her uniform being so nasty was exhilarating.

Jenny could tell by the sound and pace of his breathing that he was about to
cum. After a few more fuck-strokes, he pulled out.

Jenny couldn't see it, but Susie watched as he showered the back of her
little white skirt and red sweater with his load. He paused for a minute,
caressing her tender, tight asscheeks and enjoying the sight before him. Then
he towelled her off.

Susie, meanwhile, was finishing off her guy as well. He gave her warning of
his impending orgasm. Susie quickly jumped off and dove mouth-first onto his
cock. Sealing her lips around it tightly, her hand was a blur as she beat him
off the last few seconds. He screamed as he came, filling her mouth with
sticky jizz. She choked on his load, and most of it spilled out of her mouth.
It dribbled down her hand, pooling at the base of his cock. Susie wiped it up
as her young sister teased her.

"What's the matter, sis?" asked Jenny. "Can't you take a load?"

Susie was defiant.

"Of course I can."

"Doesn't look like it," Jenny snapped back with a smile.

"I'll tell you what," challenged Susie. Let's race with two guys. Whoever
can suck them off first wins, but you have to swallow it all."

"Okay," Jenny agreed.

Mr. Walker and another guy volunteered for the contest.

"I've got Mr. Walker," said Jenny.

The two men dropped to the carpet, lying there while the cheerleaders
positioned themselves between their legs.

"Whenever you're ready," said Susie.

Jenny was first to go down on Mr. Walker. She clamped her lips around him
and sucked hard, working her hand up and down the shaft. Susie took her guy
into her mouth as well, and the two girls began their race.

The men cheered the girls on, placing bets on who would win. Jenny had Mr.
Walker on the edge quickly. She waggled her tongue across the underside of his
cock-head while she sucked, knowing how much he enjoyed it the first time.

The two cock-sucking cheerleader sisters were in a dead heat. Both men
sounded as if they'd explode any second. Suddenly, Mr. Walker reared his head
back and shot his load. Jenny felt it hit the back of her throat and almost
choked, but managed to swallow the first stream. Another squirt, then another
and another. As fast as Mr. Wilson could pump it out of his balls, little
Jenny was swallowing it with no problem.

Susie watched her sister, waiting to see some cum ooze out of her mouth, but
none came out. Knowing that she had lost, she pulled his cock out of her

"Do you want me to suck you the rest of the way, or what?" Susie asked him.

"Just sit down and open your mouth," he told Susie. "I'm gonna squirt it in
so I can see it."

Susie sat down and crossed her legs, her head up and mouth open. The man
stood in fron of her and frigged himself off, aiming the head at her eager

He came. His prick fired its thick white load into Susie's mouth, spurt
after spurt. He loved the sight of his cream squirting into the girl's mouth,
and the other men enjoyed it as well. After the flow stopped, Susie swallowed
the last of it, then kissed the head of his prick.


Soon, all the guys had gotten off. Mr. Walker had called in for a pizza
delivery, and the deliveryman soon arrived.

Mr. Walker opened the door and paid for the pizzas. The man could see that
there was a large group of men, and then his eyes lit up when he saw the two
girls in their cheerleading uniforms.

"We're having a cheerleader gang-bang," Mr. Walker explained.

"Would you like a turn?" he asked the deliveryman.

"Sure!" the man exclaimed.

He walked into the room, wearing his work uniform and cap. Mr. Walker
introduced him to Susie and Jenny, who both smiled at the young man.

"Which girl would you like?" Mr. Walker asked.

He looked them both over. Susie had a more womanly body with a full set of
curves, but Jenny looked young, sweet and innocent, with her thin body and cute
dimpled smile. He quickly decided that he wanted the sweet, young girl.

"I'll take Jenny," he answered.

Jenny moved to the floor and lied on her back, while the pizza guy pulled
off his pants.

"What would you like me to do, mister?" she asked.

"I wanna fuck you," he answered.

"Oh, by the way," Mr. Walker interrupted. "No cumming in her pussy, okay?"

The man nodded.

"You can cum in my mouth if you want," Jenny offered.

The guy's cock was big, almost twelve inches, and rock-hard ready. Jenny
gasped when she saw the size of it. He dropped onto the young girl and slowly
punched a few inches into Jenny's sweet teenaged cunt. He sawed it into her,
gradually pushing more and more of it into her. Finally, he hit Jenny's
cervix. Not wanting to hurt the poor girl, he backed off a little as he fucked
her on the floor.

The men all watched as the pizza guy screwed the pretty cheerleader. Jenny
grabbed the man's ass and helped pull him into her, enjoying the massive prick
which filled her.

His massive cock stretched her pussy lips to the max. She groaned with each
of his thrusts, but she was loving every second of it.

Then, the man quickly stopped and pulled out. He shimmied up to her neck
and held his cock out above her face, whacking away on it.

Jenny knew he was ready to cum, and she opened her mouth.

"Put it in my mouth, mister," she told him, giggling.

The pizza guy threw his head back and shot a huge stream of cum into Jenny's
mouth. Then another wad of cum splattered on her face, followed by another and
another. The guy was cumming all over the place.

The men watched in disbelief as what seemed like a quart of semen gushed out
all over poor Jenny's face. By the time he was finished, Jenny was laughing.
She had cum smeared all over her face, in her mouth, dripping to the carpet.

The pizza guy thanked her, got up and put his pants back on, then left.
Meanwhile, Jenny lied there for a few minutes with her facebath, while some of
the guys snapped photos of the angelic, young cum-covered cheerleader in her

Finally, she cleaned herself off, and everybody started in on the pizza.
Jenny knew it was going to be quite a night by the time it was over...


Jenny and Susie went back into the bathroom and peeled their cum-stained
uniforms off, tossing them to the floor. They washed themselves off, then
changed into their next set of cheerleading uniforms for the waiting men.

After putting on the little outfits, they checked their hair and makeup
before going back out for their next fuck-and-suck session.

"Are you okay?" Susie asked her young sister.

"Yeah, I think this is fun!" replied little Jenny. "We're gonna make a
lot of money tonight, too."

Susie smiled.

"You didn't mind getting fucked in the ass?" Susie asked.

"No, it wasn't too bad," Jenny answered.

"Well, then, let's show em some more," Susie said, picking up her pom
pons and opening the door.

The two cheerleaders stepped back into the living room in front of the
leering older men.

"Let's see some sexy cheer routines!" shouted one of the men.

"Yeah!" the other men joined in.

"Who first?" Susie asked.

"You, sweetheart," Mr. Walker said, smiling and winking at the senior

Susie took her pom pons and stepped to the middle of the room, holding
them at her sides.

Her uniform was darling. She was wearing a red crew-neck sweater with a
wide white band around the body and sleeves. The red letters "SJHS" were large
and filled the white band area. Two more thin white bands ran across the
sweater, one above and one below the large band.

Susie's cheerleading skirt was red, with eight inverted white pleats. It
hugged her shapely ass very nicely, the pleats spreading out slightly as she
turned slowly for the men's enjoyment.

She was wearing red knee socks, which had three white stripes, just like
her sweater - one wide stripe with a thin white stripe on either side. Her
white tennies completed her outfit, with the red-and-white pom pons. Susie
started a sexy version of several of her cheers.

"Push em back! Push em back! Way back!" she cheered, facing away from
the men and bending over as she jumped.

Her pom-poms swished loudly and her little skirt flipped up to display
her glove-tight red cheerleading panties, with a sweet slice of ass cheek
peeking from each elastic legband.

The men gasped in admiration, and Susie was inspired. Jenny smiled as
she sat nearby, watching the men taking pictures and stroking their dicks.

Susie's sweater bounced wildly with her large tits as she went into a
high-kick number, and the men cheered.

"I've gotta fuck you!" screamed one man, whom Jenny had sucked off

Susie smiled.

"Then come get me, big boy!" she coaxed.

The man sprang from the couch and took Susie down to the floor
immediately. He grabbed her little skirt and tugged it up, then reached to her
crotch and took one of the legbands of her bright red cheer panties.

He pulled the legband aside, fisted his prick to her twat, and pushed
himself in.

Susie screamed a bit and bit her lip. The man was fucking her in her
panties, and he was very rough. But she found it exciting, even though it

Susie looked up at the man over her and wrapped her kneesocks around him.

"Okay, mister. If you're gonna be this nasty, you better fuck me good,"
she told him.

The man slammed his cock into her even harder. Her thighs shook and
slapped against his as he hammered the cheerleader.

"Fuck her, mister," Jenny encouraged.

The man looked down at Susie, who groaned, half in pain and half in

"I'm fuckin' you good, now, aren't I?" he asked.

"Yeah..." was all Susie could say.

Susie's kneesock-encased legs locked hard around the man, her white
tennies criss-crossed. He fucked the cheerleader with an almost-violent frenzy
for a full five minutes.

"Okay, you little teenage whore, I'm gonna fuck your mouth now," he told

He pulled his dick out of her cunt, her elastic panty legband snapping
back in place. He shimmied up to her neck, then grabbed both sides of her
head. On his knees, he straddled the girl.

"Open your mouth, you little cock-sucker," he told her.

While Jenny watched in fascination, her sister opened her mouth and the
man pushed his throbbing prick into it. Holding both sides of her head up, her
fucked her mouth almost as hard as he sawed her cunt, ramming his cock deep
into Susie's throat.

Susie choked occassionally as the man raped her young mouth, his pubic
hair mashing against her nose with each powerful thrust. She struggled for
breath, but still kept her lips sealed around him.

"Okay, sweetheart, now I'm gonna cum right down your throat."

"Ummhmm," she groaned, giving her approval.

Several more fuck-strokes into the cheerleader's mouth was all he needed.
With a scream, he fired his cum down Susie's throat.

Susie felt his hot cream gush down her throat. She would have liked to
have tasted his cum, but his prick-tip was beyond her taste buds, shooting the
sticky fluid straight to her tummy.

The man's cock bloated and squirted, over and over. He pushed his cock
into her mouth hard, squirting more and more cum down her gullet, until it
finally stopped.

The men cheered as he pulled his cock out of her mouth, having force-fed
his load to the teenager.

Susie managed a smile, but she hoped the other men wouldn't be quite as
rough with her.

"Okay, Jenny, what can you do for us?" asked Mr. Walker.

Jenny didn't know how she could top what she had just seen, but she
stepped into the front of the room as Susie crawled to the side.

The men all gawked at the young girl in her cute little cheerleading
uniform. It was the same outfit she had done Mr. Walker in, a few weeks

A long-sleeved white blouse with a tight red snap-down vest hugged her
torso, the small white letters "SJHS" running down diagonally from the right

Jenny's skirt was red-and-white plaid with knife pleats all the way
around. It was very lightweight fabric, and it was extremely short on her. She
bent over just slightly, so the hem would pull up just a bit and give the men a
peek at her bright red cheer panties.

This time, Jenny wore red knee socks with the uniform, and her
red-and-white saddle shoes. She was a cutie, a charmer which no man could
resist, and she knew it.

Jenny looked over her shoulder at the men staring at her barely-visible
red panties, and smiled sweetly with her little dimples. She bent over all the
way, very slowly, her legs together, gradually showing more and more of those
tight cheerleading panties.

The men leered at the young girl's display. Her little cunt, wrapped
tightly in red, bulged between her thighs. Her little ass was so firm, so
tiny, it begged to have another cock.

Mr. Walker started playing more music on the CD player, and Jenny started
a lewd, sensuous dance. The men cheered her on as she squeezed her little tits
through the vest and reached under her flimsy plaid cheerleading skirt,
fingering her young twat through her panties.

Camera flashes filled the room. Jenny turned away from the men again,
reached up under her skirt, and slowly thumbed her panties down in a tight roll
across her thighs. She bent over again as she pulled the panties down, her
sweet little cunt now visible to all the men, as the panties dropped to her

One of the guys stepped up to Jenny from behind. He flipped her little
skirt up over her waist, and Jenny spread her legs for balance. She leaned
over, resting her palms on a coffee table, while the man pushed his cock-head
up against her sweet ass.

"Do it, mister," she said. "Put your cock in my ass."

The man gladly obliged, punching the head into her asshole. Jenny groaned
as he started fucking her ass from behind.

"Oooh, mister," she moaned. "Do you like fucking little girls in the

"I sure do," he answered, spreading both of her tight ass cheeks with his
fingers as he worked his cock deeper into her.

The man fucked and fucked sweet little Jenny's ass for what seemed like
an eternity. Jenny was surprised he was lasting as long as he was, and she was
getting a bit tired, hunched over the table like that.

Finally, when she was about to say something, he told her he was ready to

"I'm gonna cum, Jenny!" he shouted.

He pulled his cock out of her asshole and frigged himself off the last
two seconds. Thick strings of cum splattered off one ass cheek, running down
her thigh and dribbling onto her knee sock.

Jenny was a bit disappointed, thinking it was a waste of delicious cum,
but at the same time was a litle glad he hadn't put his cock in her mouth after
putting it up her ass. She wasn't sure she was ready for something like that.

She wiped her ass and leg clean with a towel, while a couple of men
laughed at the scene.

Mr. Walker walked over to Susie, who had recovered from her last fuck,
and helped her off the floor. He took her in his arms and kissed her
passionately, while he squeezed her ass cheek under her little red skirt. The
white pleats pushed up high as he massaged her ass, his tongue probing deep
into her eager mouth.

"I wanna fuck you, Susie," he told her.

Susie smiled. Mr. Walker dropped to the floor and lied down on his back,
and Susie dropped on top of him, pulling her cheerleading skirt out of the way.
She nestled his stiff prick against her hot pussy and punched it into her.

Jenny had two guys feeling her up and down, but couldn't help but feel a
little sad that Mr. Walker was fucking Susie instead of her again.

While Susie rode Mr. Walker gently, one of Jenny's guys pulled the young
girl down to the floor on top of him, also. He pulled Jenny's skirt up over
her waist while Jenny skewered herself on his massive cock.

The man grabbed Jenny's sides and pulled her down to him, kissing her
passionately while he fucked her sweet pussy. Another man knelt down behind
the cheerleader and nestled his cock to her asshole.

Jenny was surprised, and turned around to see the second man shove his
dick between her buns. She groaned and bit her lip, but in seconds she was
enjoying this new sensation. One prick up her pussy and another up her ass -
it felt so good to her.

Jenny looked over to see her older sister still riding Mr. Walker, except
that now another guy had his cock in her mouth, as well. Susie looked back at
Jenny, and the two girls smiled at each other.

Sounds of pure pleasure filled the room as the two young cheerleaders
worked the four men like pros. More camera flashes filled the room as the
other men enjoyed the scene.

Susie sucked the one guy off first. He shot off in her hungry mouth, and
Susie eagerly swallowed it, enjoying the man's salty-but-sweet taste.

The guy fucking Jenny's ass was next. He pulled out and quickly scurried
over to Susie. Susie turned to look at him, just as he shot his load all over
the girl's face. Susie laughed, still fucking Mr. Walker, as the man's cum
coated her face in squirt after squirt, dripping from her chin.

The guy under Jenny was the next to go.

"I'm gonna cum!" he hollered.

Jenny popped off him quickly and clamped her lips around his rod, briskly
jerking him off with her hand. She felt his cock pulsate in her mouth, just
before he geysered his thick load of jizz into the little cheerleader's hot,
sucking mouth.

Jenny pulled it out of her mouth so he could squirt it on her tongue,
anxious to taste every bit of it.

The man looked down to see his cum squirting into her young mouth,
groaning in ecstasy at the incredible sight.

Jenny sucked him dry, then rolled off and watched Susie finish off Mr.
Walker. The two of them had switched positions now, and Susie was flat on her
back, her knee socks and tennies high in the air, while Mr. Walker fucked down
hard into her.

Susie's tits jiggled under the red-and-white sweater as he pumped her.
The white pleats of her red skirt were scrunched up on her tummy, and her shoe
laces swung in rhythm with his fuck-stroke.

Suddenly, Mr. Walker groaned and pulled his dick out just in time. From
between her legs, he shot great glops of jizz all over her sweater. Susie
laughed as his cream splattered all over her sweater-covered tits.

Jenny tossed Susie a towel, and her sister mopped up the sticky cream as
best she could. No sooner had she finished wiping it up, when another guy
rolled her over on top of him.

Susie reached down and stuffed the guy's cock into her, while another guy
knelt and fucked his schlong into her asshole. Jenny laughed, watching what
had just been done to her.

While Susie fucked the two men, the last guy stepped up to Jenny.

"What would you like, mister?" Jenny asked.

"I wanna eat your pussy, Jenny," he answered.

Jenny smiled and spread her legs for the man, who buried his head under
her little plaid pleated skirt. Jenny sighed in pure delight, feeling the
man's tongue on her clit. She closed her eyes and softly squeezed her tiny
tits through her red vest as the man sucked her into a frenzy.

The man's tongue knew no mercy. Jenny was soon gasping for breath. She
had never been eaten like this before. The young girl screamed as she came,
and the man kept up his relentless licking and sucking.

"Oh my God..." Jenny whimpered.

"Mister, you're gonna make me cum again..." she moaned.

She felt her body shudder and tingle as she came a second time, and the
man finally pulled his head out from under her skirt, her love juice all over
his mouth and dripping from his chin.

He crawled up to her and she kissed him eagerly. Her love juices smeared
all over both of their faces, as the little cheerleader probed the man's mouth
with her wonderful tongue.

"Fuck me, mister," she begged.

He obeyed, gently sliding his cock into the tight twat of the young girl.
He fucked her slowly and gently, enjoying every moment.

"Oh, mister," Jenny said softly. "You feel so good in me..."

Meanwhile, the other two men were fucking Susie to an orgasm of her own.
Susie screamed in delight, drawing little Jenny's attention.

The two men plotted their orgasms.

"Where do we wanna cum?" asked one.

"Let's do it in her mouth at the same time," answered the other.

The two men rolled Susie onto her back and squatted on either side of her
face, whacking their pricks in a flurry. The senior cheerleader, in her
uniform with her mouth open for their cum, was too much for them.

"Gonna cum, now, are you ready?" asked one man.

"Yeah!" the other groaned.

Susie looked up at the two pricks pointed down at her face. The two men
came almost simultaneously, their pricks unloading their juice all over Susie's
face. Susie laughed as the men coated her face in sticky white, finally
stopping to squeeze the last of it into her mouth.

Jenny looked at the man over her.

"Where do you wanna cum?" she asked, sweetly.

"Wherever you'd like me to, my little darling," he answered.

Jenny smiled with those little dimples.

"I want you to cum in my hand," she told him.

The man pulled out of her, and Jenny took his cock with one hand. While
everyone watched, she briskly frigged him with that hand while she put her
other hand out to catch his cream.

He didn't last very long. He grimaced, then gasped as he pumped his jizz
into her palm. Squirt after squirt, it pooled in little Jenny's hand. Finally,
after she had milked the last of it from him, she released her grip on his

Sitting there on the floor in her cute little cheerleading uniform, her
legs spread wide without her panties, she made sure that all the guys were

The men watched in disbelief as young Jenny smiled with her cute dimples
with a hand full of cum. Then she lowered her face to her hand and stuck out
her tongue to lap it up.

Jenny scooped some of it up with her tongue. Thick strands of gooey
man-cream hung from her tongue as she pulled it into her mouth and swallowed,
then licked more off her palm.

The men cheered wildly as Jenny licked the last of it from her hand.
Jenny, still smiling, knew she was a little cheerleader slut, and she was
loving every minute of it.

***** T H E E N D ******

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