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Jackie, Kym, and a new friend go back to Jackies home town in Nevada
Home to Nevada with Kym

Shortly after our Halloween encounter, my wife died. I started to cross-dress fully on a daily basis and returned to drinking.

Kym on the other hand moved to Billings Montana and attended nursing school. She often came home and spent her vacations with me. During those visits she worked with me and I became very passable in public and I was a woman in all manner except I still had my 8 inch cock needing attention.

When her graduation from nursing school arrived, she invited me to attend. She told me that If I wanted to attend as her Mom she wouldn't mind. I drove from Denver to Billings in June to see my Kym's graduation. I wore a nice button front sundress and sheer pantyhose with a nice pair of tennis shoes for comfort. Light makeup and my hair in a pony tail I looked just like a woman on vacation. As I drove I found that my Cock was getting hard and I was getting so horny thinking about seeing my girl again. I spent the first four hours as I drove down I-80 with my dress bottom unbuttoned and my nylon clad cock being rubbed as I masturbated and drove. I didn't care who saw me. I must have given many truckers a show, and I just kept cumming over and over again until I had no more to give.

By the time I got into Billings, I was exhausted. I checked into my motel and went to sleep.

.The next morning Kym called me on my Cell phone and told me how to get to her Graduation ceremony. I put on a nice knee length dress and a pair of 3 inch pumps and headed out the door to the school. When I arrived, I found a seat near the front and was pleased to see that the students were in traditional white uniforms for the cap ceremony and graduation. When Kym came out she was in a White dress uniform with a nice flair in the skirt. It came to just about three inches above her knee. She had on white tights and traditional white shoes. When she saw me she came over and gave me a hug and then sat down in front of me facing me. I saw her quickly spread her legs giving me a quick view up her skirt. Her tights were crotchless. She then stood up and went to her staging area to graduate.

As we left the School, We got in the car. I was driving back to the motel when she reached over and grabbed my hand and placed it on her dripping cunt under her skirt. I inserted my finger and finger fucked her as we drove down the road. As I pulled into the motel parking lot, I removed my hand and licked her juices off my fingers. Now I was hot and bothered and I wanted to fuck my daughter again.

As soon as we entered the room I picked her up and placed her on the bed. I forced her legs apart and put my mouth on her hot, very wet, and very bald shaved snatch. I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her cunt. My nose rubber her clit and my tongue licked her juices. I was in heaven. Suddenly her legs tightened around my head and she grunted in ecstasy as she had her first orgasm with me in over three years. I sat up and she pushed me back into my chair and returned the favor, placing her head under my dress and taking my Cock into her mouth. She sucked me and I came quickly as I was so worked up.

She changed and we went out for some dinner and walked around catching up. I asked her what she wanted to do. Her reply, “Dad, show me where you grew up. Take me to Nevada”. “You got it” was my reply.

The next morning, we checked out of the motel, got her stuff from her dorm room, and headed off to Vegas.
I was back in my sun-dress and pantyhose. Kym was in a pleated skirt and blouse with her pantyhose. I finger fucked her as she lifted her skirt showing off to all who looked. When she came she would then reach over and give me a hand job lifting my skirt. At one point as we were going down I-15 She looked out the window as she was masturbating my shaft and said look dad. I looked over and there was a School bus full of kids watching my daughter giving her cross-dressed dad a handjob. I lost it right there and came so hard Cum landed on the windshield of the car.

She took over the driving when I started to get tired. I fell asleep and when I woke up, We were in a rest area. Kym was out sitting in the dark on a bench near the dog walk area. I got out of the car and joined her. As we were sitting there, a stray dog came over. It was a large male Shepperd and was on the prowl. Kym called it over and she started to pet him. Before I knew it she spread her legs and guided the dog to her pussy. The dog started to lick her and before I knew it she was squirming. Then she said, “dad, bend over”. The thought of what she was wanting me to do excited me and scared be at the same time. “do it dad” she demanded. I turned and keeled on the ground with me elbows on the bench. Kym lifted by dress and tore my pantyhose exposing my ass to the dog. Before I knew it the dog was on top of me and Kym guided his cock into my ass. God it felt good. Then all of a sudden it hurt like hell. The Knot went in my ass and I was tied to the dog. I could feel the dogs Cum filling my bowels and Kym had positioned herself above my head so the dog licked her as he filled me. After what seemed like hours to me the dog pulled out and Kym let it go on its way. Here I was , in the middle of a roadside stop on my knees, with Dog cum oozing out of my ass and my Daughter grabbing my head so I could eat her out. I was in Heaven.

We went back to the car, and both fell asleep.

The next morning, we refreshed our selves and got back on the road. The only thing is, we had picked up a guest. A young female hitchhiker wanted a ride to Vegas and we let her join us. Kym and her both sat in the back for the first leg. They talked and giggled some. I could not hear all they were saying as Kym kept whispering to her. I looked in the mirror and I did not see Kym. Janet (the young girls name) was sitting sideways in her seat against the door. I moved the mirror and saw that Kym was eating Janet's pussy. Janet had taken off her shorts and had only her t-shirt and shoes. Kym was eating and fingering herself through her pantyhose. Damn. I was getting horny again. I didn't want to give away my secret of being a man so I tried to control myself and keep my cock in my hose and my skirt down. Damn it was hard to do. A few moments later I looked back and Kym had torn her hose and Janet was returning the favor. Here was my Daughter and a young teenage girl having sex in the back of my car as I was entering Vegas. When they both had cum, they got dressed again and sat back up to notice we were about to enter the strip. I asked Janet where she needed to go. She asked if she could join us for the night as she had not made plans. I told her that would work and we checked into our motel for the night.

As soon as we got to the room, Kym and Janet went out to get some booze to drink. They came back with a large box of cheep wine, two bottles of vodka, and a gallon of O.J. We started to drink and I started to get very drunk. Janet looked at me and said, Jackie, can I eat your pussy? I told her sure if you can find it. I laughed and she came over and lifted my skirt to see my cock. “OH WOW” she exclaimed. She pulled my pantyhose down and grabbed my cock with both hands. Then she placed the tip into her mouth and ran her tongue around the head. Kym came over and started to rub my balls and I laid back and put my legs on Janet's shoulders as she licked my shaft. Kym licked her fingers and put one into my ass, then two and before I knew it she had her whole hand in my bowels and her fist was massaging my prostate. Damn, I had an anal orgasm like I never had before. As Kym was fucking my ass with her hand, Janet moved and was now sitting on my face in a 69. She was so sweet tasting. I see why Kym enjoyed the road trip so much. When Janet was soaking wet she moved again and lowered herself on my cock. Kym moved up to my face and the Girls kissed as I ate my Daughter and a teenage nymph was riding my cock. I came inside Janet as she orgasmed. When she collapsed Kym went down on her and licked my cum out of her cunt and then gave it to me in the deepest French Kiss I had had in years.. My cum mixed with Janet's sweet juice was so tasty wanted more, lots more. I went back to my screwdrivers and the Girls hit the wine until we were totally wasted.

Once we were beyond bombed, We decided to go out for a walk and have some fun. We all changed into slutty skirts, slutty makeup, and Nylons with no panties. I could hardly walk in my heals, (actually none of us could). We walked out the motel and noticed a park next door. We decided to take a walk around and found ourselves in the middle of the park. We had no idea where we were or how to get back to the motel. We looked and acted like three sluts who were totally lost. Then we heard the voice. “ Can we help you ladies” behind us were six of the largest men I could have imagined. “No, were fine” Kym somehow managed to say through the booze in her system. “Yes you are” was the reply. Oh Crap this does not look good I thought. Before I knew it, three of the men had grabbed each of us and held us. The other three then moved in front of us as we were pushed to our knees. Cocks came out and our mouths were held open. Us three sluts were being raped . after the guy came in my mouth,I was pushed to the ground and my shoulders pinned to the ground. The other guy lifted my skirt and saw my cock flapping in the breeze. “This Fuckers a Dude” Oh crap. I thought for sure they would kill me now. Instead they took their turns raping my ass. They held the girls and made them watch as they abused me over and over. When they were done with me, they fist raped the girls and then they each pissed on me laughing and saying take that you fag.... then they kissed the girls and walked away leaving us sitting in the middle of the walk path. We got up and found our way out of the park and back to the motel. The girls cried and I found myself slightly aroused as I actually enjoyed the experience. I lifted my skirt and started beating my self in front of the girls. Eventually they got over the shock of the rape and started to talk about it. Kym admitted she enjoyed seeing me get fucked by a man almost as much as the dog. Janet asked “the dog”? Oh yea, now I was horny once more.

The next morning when the girls finally woke up, they started talking about things they would like to see me do. I was about to become a slave to My Daughter and her new Girlfriend..............

The Girl sluts return to colorado...Cumming to a computer near you soon.


2016-10-22 16:46:53
good not great, but better than most, still erotic and sexual

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2012-09-05 14:15:29
Not as good as your first story, but not bad. This one lacked the details that made the first one so good. Seemed to be forced to get the thoughts on paper.

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