A continuing fantasy, younger girls....but love-making brings costs as well as many bene....fits
A JOURNEY INTO YOUTH – Chapter 3: Hien, Ngoc, Hong & Love
Continuing the findings of youth by an older man - who had long thought Life had passed him by…..but Life is a complex matter….and Women know best how to cope….Complicating….

Part 1

My alarm, albeit in the bedroom, woke me from sleep on the sofa; naked, sticky, mouth pasty, body unwashed; I staggered up and went to my bathroom, fleeting thoughts of yesterday coming into my awakening brain.

A café helped, and I was slightly more alive as I left for a new week of work a little later, picking up my bread and egg sandwich from the lady at the corner, hopping on my motorcycle taxi, and settling at my desk with another café to go with my sandwich.

One of my co-workers, a single mother, came in, holding a young girl by the hand as she steered a path around desks to the one next to mine, which was vacant these days. I assumed her daughter, though she was a leggy, statuesque voluptuously beautiful youngster, not much like her mother at this point in her development.

Mum’s name was Lien, and she introduced her daughter, Hanh, a 13y.o. with the day off school, and no-one to mind her today at, or near, home. “So, here she is; this is Anh Steve, em, and if he has a few moments during the day, perhaps he can check your English work, and help out – but only if he is not busy, ok? Mum will be at her desk, you know where that is.”

Lien left, and Hanh looked at me shyly, a cute smile when she saw my own smile. “Good morning, em Hanh, welcome to our office.” She giggled and said “Good morning, Teacher” and I smiled again. “Do you have some schoolwork to do, em, or something to do anyway? If not, here, this is a book I am using to teach some English to young girls, one younger than you, one a little older; you might find it fun, and when I have time we can talk about it, ok?”

She nodded and took the book from me, while I looked at her with interest, and with lust.
Yes, she was in the middle of Hong and Ngoc, in terms of age, but she was so tall, long, long legs, the normal straight, long black hair, and a gorgeous face with green eyes she mostly hid by keeping her head down. Her tank top only just contained breasts at least as large as Hong’s, and short shorts drew my eyes up those legs to the tight crotch of her groin’s ‘V’. She was stunning; perhaps she knew it – she must surely – but so far she hadn’t flirted with me with the cunning knowledge that she could already twist a man around her pointy little finger, so perhaps she hadn’t yet learned to be manipulative, and I hoped she wouldn’t.

But she could twist me around quite easily, if only she knew it; she glanced again at me from under long lashes, flashed her eyes, and smiled wider, a perfectly white even set of teeth only adding to her glamour.

I began my major task of the day, editing a lengthy article for one of the Company’s magazines; it was an interesting task, and as always ‘interesting’ equates to easy concentration and work.

It was perhaps 2 hours before I even glanced up, started with surprise at seeing legs and a crotch within centimetres of my face, and upwards, over a slim waist, tight shirt, up over breasts which caused an involuntary licking of my lips and a gulp in my throat, and then to the smiling face of Hanh standing beside my desk, beside my arm.

“I have been standing here for 10 minutes, but didn’t want to interrupt you, Teacher Steve; you look like you enjoy your work more than anybody.”
‘I also enjoy looking at you, em’ I thought to myself, but didn’t say that; “Sorry em, yes, it was – it is – an interesting job, for me at least. Can I help you with something?”
“Yes, you can please; I can’t see Mum, and I have a small problem….”

“Oh, well sure, if I can help; what is it?”
“Well, Teacher Steve, I have a body suit on under my clothes, because later I am going to dance lessons. But now…well, I need to go to the toilet…” She hesitated, shyly, and then blurted out “… and I think my bra is hooked in my body suit, and I can’t get it down!”
She was close to tears, and I looked around, rather desperately, for her mother, or at least another woman/mother – more suited to this than me: the father of 2 grownup sons in Australia, but no experience of a growing girl!

There was no-one; I said “Ok, Hanh, don’t be upset, I will help you.”
I stood up and steered her towards the Ladies bathroom; “Hanh, I can’t go in there; can I just unhook you here?”
“It’s stuck, it is really stuck, Teacher!” Tears began forming yet again, “Can we go to the Men’s room? You just help me, I will be very quiet, no-one will know; please, please, I need to go really badly….”

I ushered her into the Men’s, sheepishly checking: it was empty – everyone must be out or on a break, I thought!’
Into a cubicle, locking the door; “Ok, what do I do now?” I asked her; “Can I just reach behind you and unhook it?”
She blushed, barely I noted, as she replied “Ah, it is a front hook bra, Teacher. I tried to get it off, but I couldn’t - not out there in the office; please help me!”

A front hook bra: what could be worse for an inexperienced ‘mother’ figure for the moment?
“You will have to take off my t-shirt; it’s tight – I keep telling Mum it is too small now, see….” And she thrust her breasts out towards me, to show me the taut outlines of them within the too-small size t-shirt, and her nipples were heading towards my face – either because they were growing as I watched, or because I was leaning towards them.

I did as I would do for myself: took the hem and told her to stretch her arms up; and then I pulled her shirt up, as she wriggled to get it free and over her head. This action caused her breasts to jiggle in front of my face, and I almost fainted at the erotic thoughts which flooded my brain, and the resultant burst of energy which sent my cock into ‘hard, now’ mode!

“Teacher, pull it up please” and I returned to reality and realized I had left the t-shirt hanging over her head while I fantasized. I pulled it free, and her flushed face appeared, a sigh escaping her want-to-be-kissed lips, and she smiled; “Now, the body suit, Teacher please – unless you want to put your hand down inside and find the problems….”

I couldn’t decide if she was goading me, or truly was in trouble so she needed an adult’s help to deal with the problem; “Ok, let’s take off the suit, and maybe I will find the problem easily, ok?” Hanh nodded, and I pulled the shoulder straps down a little, but not enough; a little more and mounds of breasts came into view. This had to be a very low-cut bra, I thought, trembling fingers pulling a little more, and eyes fixated on her breasts as they were exposed little by little, until finally there was a lacy bra – and it truly was hooked into the centre of her body suit.

Her breasts were magnificently displayed behind a see-through lace bra, her aureoles a deep purple, and her nipples thrusting their lighter shade of purple out – straight at me.
I had now to reach inside, to find the clip, and when I had carefully unhooked it from her body suit, not wanting to damage it, the suit pulled down easily, and the front clasp allowed her breasts almost full exposure.
“Oh, thank you, Teacher, so much; I was embarrassed before, but not now, not with you; you are a nice man, and the only man who has ever been close to my breasts to not try and grab them or eat them…you just look at them, and I know you like them; but you are too nice to do more than look.”

I rolled my eyes; “I am also a truthful man, em, and the truth is: I also would love to touch and kiss your breasts, hungrily, but then I would want to make love to them, and to you: you are so beautiful, for one so very young, you will need be careful about men, do you understand.”
“Oh, don’t cry em Hanh; I promise, I am not going to hurt you – I just helped you, and now I am just offering advice; that’s all, I promise.”

She was lightly sobbing, but now smiling as I reached into my pocket for a clean tissue, daubing her eyes, and then helping her clear her nose, and then I hugged her to comfort her, suddenly noting – how could I not, with 2 pointy nipples and breasts moulding themselves into my chest - she hadn’t covered her breasts since we had unhooked her…how odd, I thought. ‘What a stupid man I am’ is what I should have thought!

Between sobs, sniffles and using my tissues, she said “I am only crying because you are a strange man; no man is as nice as you, no man would just help me like you have, and not expect ‘something’ in return. I am sorry, Teacher Steve: my mother was right about you: you are a Good Man. Thank you.”
“Now I have to go to the toilet” she said, handing me her t-shirt to hold, as she had to pull the body suit all the way down; in fact she took it all the way off – along with her shorts and panties, leaving me to hold the body suit as well, before she now slipped her feet inside her panties and shorts, but left them draped around her ankles, and squatted on the toilet seat.

There was very little left for me to imagine about her gorgeous young body: it was revealed to me, her breasts with her bra unclasped, the cups falling to the sides of perfectly formed, developing mounds which would feel wonderful, I was sure, swallowed by my mouth.
Her skin was flawlessly smooth as my eyes travelled down her front, as she squirted urine into the bowl, and let out a sigh of relief. She looked up to me and smiled, not a trace of embarrassment now.
“I am sorry, em, I should have turned around, but I seem stuck right here.”
“It is ok, Teacher; you can look as much as you want, at whatever you want” and she sat up straight, but then slowly clasped the 2 sides of her bra to re-hook it in the middle; the clip broke in her fingers!

“Oh, all that trouble, and it’s broken!” Hanh laughed, and even I smiled at the turn of events. So now she just removed the bra entirely, and handed that to me to hold also!

She finished, used some paper, and stood up, wiggling her bottom and legs as she pulled her bikini pants, and then shorts, up over a mound and slit lightly covered with a golden thatch of curly pubic hair; I almost fainted, and my cock almost burst at the sudden surge of blood coursing through it, increasing its size to the extent it was painfully confined within my pants; I moaned, as she stood straight, her hands reaching out to me, and the perfection of her was a painting worthy of a Master’s brush strokes.

“I should put my t-shirt on, Teacher” Hanh said quietly, and I nodded; she waited until I came to my senses and realized I was holding that t-shirt! I sheepishly held it out to her, and she pulled it over her head – but only a little, as it was definitely too tight, and her muffled plea came “Help me please, Teacher”.

I had her bra clasped in one hand, and so I folded it and put it inside my pants pocket, almost blowing my cock’s load as I pushed her bra against the lining of my pocket, against my cock.
I threw her body suit over my shoulder and took hold of the hem of her t-shirt, and did my best to get it down smoothly. My hands had hold so they pulled it straight down her front, and I brushed over her mounded breasts, and hard, big nipples sliding past my knuckles. When her smiling, laughing face appeared, I let go and almost jumped back, the thoughts and the lust overwhelming me.

She smoothed the shirt down her front, reached inside at the back of the neck and pulled her long, lustrous hair out and flicked it down her back, her breasts arching, nipples exaggeratedly stretching the small shirt even more.
She buttoned her shorts, flushed the toilet, and looked conspiratorially at me; “Now to sneak out again; thank you Teacher Steve – I will ask only you next time I have a problem!”
She leaned in to me, stretched up and kissed me, lingering on my lips, her hands lightly stroking my face as her body pressed in to mine, and that mindless cock tried to break free of my pants and impale her; she felt it and leaned in harder, a grind of her hips making my cock try and swing in a circle following her movements.
“And, if you ever need my help, just call me and ask, Steve.”

In a daze, I unlocked the door, checked the room was empty, and sneaked out, pushing her to slip around the partition wall to the Ladies’ bathroom, as I checked for watching eyes. She touched my arm, and I jumped, but she only reached and slid the body suit off my shoulder and walked confidently into the Ladies’.

I made my way back to my desk, noting some people had returned, while others, Hanh’s mother included, must still be having a break. Hanh returned 5 minutes later, her body seemingly more voluptuous in her clothes than when she was naked in front of me.

Women are so powerful, clothed or unclothed; puny Man never has a chance against them, once a Woman has her target lined up.

I found myself staring at the same page 30 minutes later, and I shook my head, and went for a café. “Everything ok, Teacher Steve” Hanh asked me gently, and I gave her a wan smile in return, numbed by her beauty and my desire for her. She looked at me as if she knew, and she lightly touched my hand as I passed between our desks.

At lunch time, Lien came for Hanh, to take her for a light lunch, and then drop Hanh for her dance classes, after which a friend would see her home.
“Did you two talk much, in English?” she asked, and Hanh replied quickly, “Oh yes, mum, Teacher Steve was a big help with the problem I was having; maybe I could go to have lessons with him sometimes, I know he would help me again. Please mum.”
“Yes, good idea; Anh Steve and I can talk about it later, and see if he agrees.”
Hanh smiled, “Oh, I know he will; I am sure: a good Teacher never refuses a good student.”
She and her mother left me, even more bewildered than before.

Part 2

I didn’t go out to lunch; I found my Manager, pleaded a fever and headache (not really untruthful at all) and said I would take work home; she agreed, waving away the need to do any work, just ‘get well Anh’.

At home, I began to recover with the aid of a beer, as I stripped off work clothes, looked at my still oozing cock, and put on my home shorts.
As I put my clothes for washing in the basket, I checked the pockets, and found Hanh’s bra; I could hardly throw this in with my own clothes for my housekeeper to wash! For now, I put it inside my empty suitcase in my bedroom, away from prying eyes.

Later, I finished the work I had set for myself today without a further break, and thus my conscience was clear.

So now I drank more beer, and relived the morning, surprised to find every detail of Hanh etched clearly in my mind – even to the broken finger nail on her right little finger, which I had felt as she stroked my face while kissing me.

This was quite an amazing realization, and I could never recall feeling anything like it about another, ah, Woman – certainly not a 13y.o. one. Yet Hanh, after one eventful morning, was in me like no other had ever been, except perhaps little Ngoc, 12y.o. I thought as she flashed into my mind, almost as a twin lustful thought, and then there were 3, triplets, as Hong, 14y.o. came into my head and joined the others.
I groaned; I am a paedophile, surely, and this must be a bad thing – yet, I was filled with my own version of Love for each of them: Hanh most recently, so I thought of her first, then Ngoc from yesterday, and then Hong as my first on this Journey where I have been discovering that Youth can give me new purpose and new meaning, and new Life itself.

I had sex with Hong and Ngoc’s mother, as she knew my secret with Hong; and I had the interlude with the hermaphrodite Dien as a favour to Hong, but Bich, the 18y.o. held no real attraction, other women, other older girls – they were no longer what I desired, not as I desired the triplets of Youth now.

Part 3

I had an hour’s nap, a café, shave, shower, washed my hair, and had even taken Hanh’s bra into the shower with me and washed that by hand, hanging it over the railing, knowing it would be dry and I would put it away before my housekeeper came tomorrow.
So then, much earlier than usual, I went to my restaurant with only my newspaper.
The girls were surprised at my early appearance, as had been my motorcycle taxi, when I phoned him not to pick me up at work, but at home. I smiled at them: a change in routine by me became a topic of gossip all by itself!

I even changed tables, deciding to be really different for a while this evening. My longest acquaintance here, the senior girl, came over with my standard items: beer, glass, ice, ashtray, and an extra plate on which I sat my beer bottle - so as to keep their tablecloth dry.
She whispered “Are you all right, Anh Steve, you seem different today.”
I chuckled “I am fine, em Nim, it is just a wonderful day! Hard to explain, but today I feel as if my Life has begun again, and I know where I am heading, though I don’t know where I am going.” That was too deep for Nim to understand, so she just said “As long as you are ok, and you do seem happy, so that’s good, Anh Steve. Ah, the others want to know: did you meet someone maybe? ”

“Yes em, I did; I met myself today, and I know who I am now.” She looked carefully at me, but couldn’t fathom such thoughts, so she gave a tentative smile; to placate her a little, I added “Yes, I also met a girl today, em.”
She laughed and skipped away to tell the huddle of other girls and I smiled across to them; they were happy now, given something they could easily understand, and I had told no lies.

On my second beer, page 6 of my paper, I glanced up as I lit a new cigarette; I couldn’t have been more surprised: Lien and Hanh were at the top of the stairs, smiling at me, heading towards me.
I stumbled to my feet, as they reached my table, and they asked to join me; I motioned them into chairs opposite, as Nim came, bearing 2 more sets of everything, and asking what they would like to drink. Lien ordered for them, as Hanh smiled across, opposite me, raised herself up straighter, so I could more closely inspect the clothes she was wearing – which had been the cause of my stumbling, bumbling greeting to them.

Lien was still in her work clothes, but Hanh had clearly showered and changed, perhaps after dance classes naturally. She had appeared around the balustrade of the stairs into my eyes, her legs seemingly longer than this morning, supple and strong, bare up her thighs until a sheer black mini-length dress just barely covered her bottom and her pussy – that golden haired pubic area I had seen and remembered. She must have shorts underneath….

But her dress hid the mystery of her, perhaps designed or bought with just that idea in mind: a watcher would ask him/herself: ‘Does she have shorts under their?’
She had swayed to my table, 2 minutes ago, and my cock was already swaying to her rhythm, her unspoken command to my body: “Wake Up, Now.”
Now she lifted her shoulders and showed me the light material of the upper part of the dress, tied at the back of her neck I gathered, covering her breasts, but rather loose at the sides, and her arms were bare and sleek, bronze against the black.

Lien interrupted my drooling, my staring, my fascination with her daughter, and asked “I hope you don’t mind us dropping in, Anh; our house is only 10 minutes away, and we were going past your address when Hanh asked to drop in and see you, before we go on to a family dinner. At your house, a nice young girl, Hong, was at your door, and she said her Teacher was probably here…so we have just stopped for a few minutes.”
“Now, are you feeling better, Anh Steve, I hope so.”

It was difficult to concentrate, but I had caught enough wisps of conversation: “….our house is only 10 minutes…Hanh asked…family dinner….Hong… was at your door…”
“Yes, I am fine now - and even finished my day’s work at home, em, thank you; it must have been a passing headache and fever, but I do feel a little hot again now.” I glanced up when I felt, rather than saw, Hanh smile brightly: she knew exactly what caused my fever and heat.

I shook my head, “Where are my manners!” As Nim brought their soft drinks; “What did you order to eat, em, the food is really good here, trust me, and I will buy for new friends tonight!”
“Oh, Anh, that is very nice of you, but perhaps another night – we are late as it is: Hanh took so long to get ready, she couldn’t decide what to wear at all – though I think what she made me go and buy is a little old for her! So, we are late, and we will just have this drink, and leave you in peace, but I hope you go home soon and get a good night’s sleep; and then you will feel better in the morning.” She smiled at me, like a mother, even if she was some20+ years younger than me.

I noticed Hanh nudge her mother. Lien looked irritated with her daughter, but said “Anh, Hanh would like to be your English student, perhaps 2 sessions a week – whenever it might suit you, is that ok with you?”
“Please Teacher Steve; I am sure you could help me be better!” Hanh pleaded, and, at the same time, her bare feet on those very long legs reached under the table and glided up mine, up my thighs, and placed themselves in my groin – on top of the raging hard cock I am sure she knew she would find.

“Well….” I coughed at the exquisite pain her toes were giving my cock; “Hanh’s English is very good….” I had to cough again - this wasn’t what she wanted to hear - and I had to suck in air as she applied pressure again with one foot: her other foot lifted one of my own legs and dragged it into her lap, where I found the answer to my earlier question: she had no shorts under her dress; but nor did she have any panties, and she placed my toes in a sopping cunt.
“But, of course, some lessons might always help grammar and spelling and reading particularly, so that will be fine, em Lien.”

Hanh pulled her feet back, satisfied for now, but I moved my chair away a short distance; “In fact, Hong, you met today, and her younger sister, Ngoc, both come for lessons Saturday, and usually Sunday mornings, for about 2 hours; perhaps Hanh could join them, and then we can see what level they are all at in a group. If that isn’t suitable, we will find a time for Hanh and I to meet when convenient.”

I was looking at Lien, who was smiling, but I could feel a glare from Hanh – clearly she wanted individual teaching, but her mother agreed with me, said they should be going, good night’s sleep, see you Saturday….and she stood, motioning Hanh to do the same.
“Thank you, Teacher; you won’t regret taking me – as a student.” She was power, with a Capital ‘P’, and I didn’t know how I could possibly resist her, deny her anything, from this moment on.

I stood, as Lien said goodbye, and Hanh looked straight at my bulging crotch, smiling coquettishly, as she said so only I could hear “You have spilled some beer, Teacher; your shorts seem wet; can I help you now?” She pursed her lips and blew a gentle kiss to me, spun and joined her mother to go downstairs.
But then she turned back and whispered again “You have my bra, Steve; you can keep it for me.”
I smiled, able to answer her “I actually washed it very gently with my hands this afternoon, em; it is drying, waiting for you in my house.” “I will be there, Steve”; it seemed Hanh needed to have the last word, as she turned away again.
‘I hope she has some panties and shorts to put on before her dinner’, a stupid thought came.

Lien called her daughter again, and they left.
Nim came over to clear away their used glasses, and unused plates; she said “Is that the woman you met, Anh?”
“Oh no em, she works in my office.”
“No, anh – I mean the girl; the way she looks at you, talks with you…she is stunning, but be careful Anh Steve. How old is she – 17, 18?”
“I am not sure em, but she….really, you think she likes me?”
Nim patted my arm; “Oh anh, you are such a nice man, you can’t even see when a girl wants you!”
I blushed, and waved Nim away, taking a long mouthful of my beer.

I sat and thought for a while; gosh, what a day: a morning and an evening, and Hanh filled my mind. I finished my beer, paid the bill, tipped Nim more than I normally did, and got a motorcycle home, too overwhelmed to pay attention to anything.

Ngoc was waiting at my door, with a tray of food. “The lady who came before said you don’t feel well, Anh Steve, so Hong and Mum made you some dinner.”
“That is very kind of you all, em, thank you, your Mum, and em Hong.”
“Hong is not coming over; she is angry because of that girl who was here with her mother.”
“Why, Ngoc, why is Hong angry? I work with her mother, and Hanh, her daughter, just wanted to ask me to help with her English; she is just older than you, and just younger than Hong.”
“Hong said she is very beautiful, and she doesn’t like her; anyway, I have to go home for my shower now, Teacher Steve; I will come and get the tray later, ok.”

“Ok, Ngoc, thank you to you and your family.” She turned away, and then turned back “What is your favourite number, Anh Steve?”
Surprised, I answered “Actually, I have 2 em; mostly, the number ‘3’, but otherwise ‘18’; why?”
“Mine is ‘69’, bye Teacher.” She ran off, giggling, with the reference to last night buzzing in my head, and my cock also remembering the happenings.

Oh my, I thought, as I took the food inside; Hong is jealous! Oh dear, the 3 girls I had earlier today thought of as ‘triplets’, might have been more appropriately considered, amongst themselves, as rivals. I toyed with dinner, but drank as my antidote to all the thoughts within.

An hour later, I still hadn’t eaten dinner, but I had at least changed and showered; thankfully, it was still quite early, but I quickly scraped off the plate into the rubbish bag, washed the dishes and tray, and put them on the table, sure Ngoc would be back to collect it as she had said.
I opened yet another beer, and stared again at my newspaper, shaking my head as there was nothing I could do about matters tonight. I managed to read one more article, and then a knock, and a smiling Ngoc, was at the screen door.

She had on another nightie, a blue one this evening, just as small and short as last night’s, and I could only guess there were no panties on again, just her bare, youthful skin – again.

But tonight, I was sure beyond any doubt: her baby breasts were no longer that; they had indeed become more rounded mounds since her first climaxes barely 2 days ago, and her nipples were, already, almost 2cms long and poking out.

I quickly said “Hi Ngoc, I was just thinking of going to bed….” “Me too!” she interrupted, but I continued “…. so here is your tray and thank you again for my dinner.” I stood up at the table, and I was already betrayed, my cock caught under the edge and then sprang up in my shorts as I stepped back.
Ngoc was already waiting to see my reaction to her appearance, and now she smiled, her knowledge level had increased many-fold in only a short time: she knew what a cock meant when it jumped up and out at her.

“I am going to clean my teeth, you should go home, em, before your mum comes chasing you.” I turned away towards the bathroom, but faltered when Ngoc said “Oh, she has gone out, and Hong went to bed early, and was asleep when I came over….to get the tray.”
I continued to the bathroom, noisily went to the toilet, washed my hands and cleaned my teeth, and came out –truly- expecting Ngoc to have gone home. Well, the door was closed, so I breathed a sigh and went into my bedroom, intending to read my book for a few minutes and fall asleep, I hoped.

Ngoc was in bed, feigning –surely- sleep, and I breathed a different kind of sigh. I caved in the face of yet another female manipulator, and crawled into bed, easily lifting her to the other side, so I could have my preferred position near the bedside reading lamp.

But she was naked now, so the act of lifting her, of feeling her naked, smooth skin had thrown my brain off balance, and I fell down, partially on top of her, as I put her back on the bed. She squeaked, and her lolling arms went around my neck for safety, and she –surely not asleep- tightened and pulled me tightly to her body, to her breasts.

I was too weak to resist, and my mouth went to her breast, and now the size was such I could barely – but could just – swallow it whole, and with enough room for my tongue to go for her nipple. She arched her back, and her hands caressed mine, running down my spine like feathers, and my cock wanted out of my shorts!

I wanted it out also, so I left her for a few seconds, and reached down to drag my shorts off and throw them beside the bed; Ngoc smiled as I looked down at her face, and then she threw the duvet back and pulled my head back to her other breast: a Woman far beyond her tender 12 years.
She snuggled closer, angling her body, her legs, and reaching with one hand for my waving cock; she put it between her thighs, rubbing it along her cunt lips, and I could imagine them engorged and red, and my cock reared as it thought the same.

My mouth concentrated on her breast and nipple, amazed at the growth, sure it wasn’t just my imagination that they truly had grown, and they were like the Bulbs of the Tree of Life within my mouth, as I sucked for the milk she would one day use for another new life.

I eased off and moved my mouth up her throat, nipping here and there just to hear her squeaks and feel her aroused body react; her ears were tiny, soft and eminently suckable, and I probed my tongue inside, pleased to still get a childish giggle from her. I replaced my mouth at her breast with hands, both hands on a breast, and fingers on each nipple, and she bucked, waiting.

Her mouth was parted and waiting, knowing my own was approaching, and I found her tongue out – inviting mine in, even as she wanted hers within me. I swallowed her tongue, on my way down, and she swirled herself around within my mouth, digging deep, trying to get hers into my throat (as she had tried with my cock only one day before), but tonight she was also wanting more, and as she engaged me in this playful battle of tongues and mouths, she had been squirreling her body under mine.

Now she had me fully on top, and she splayed her legs wide until my body was between them, and my cock was sliding up and down her slit and her abdomen, wetting all it touched with copious pre-cum. I was dizzy with want, and Ngoc knew it, as sure as any Woman, but I was reluctant still: her age, her virginity….

….but her hands were free, and she grabbed my cock, and plunged me straight into her cunt, the full length of her in one thrust!
She screamed once, her back tensed, and then she opened her eyes to look at me, “Now, you have really taught me, really made me, a Woman, my lover/teacher Steve.” She didn’t need her hands below any more – my cock took over – and she reached up to my neck and pulled my mouth to hers with a fierce crush of lips, biting me as my cock grew swollen and larger within her now non-virgin cunt.

I could have raped her by the intensity I felt, but I was still concerned enough to tell Ngoc to slow down her pulling of my body inside her; instead, I rolled her over on top of me, immediately easing my weight from her little body.
“Now you can control how you want to have your first love-making, em Ngoc”, and I slid her up slightly so my cock was straight up her canal, and she only had to rise and fall to feel it all.

She didn’t hesitate, she had her feet squarely planted beside my body, and she raised her buttocks and cunt up my length, and dropped herself down! I didn’t understand how she could take me all at this stage of her body’s development, but she did – twice more, and then I understood a little better as she climaxed hard on a downward thrust, and her juices came for the first real climax of tonight.

Ngoc didn’t tire, didn’t stop; she wanted orgasms, and she gave them to herself on my cock easily it appeared, no sign of discomfort from losing her virginity at all, and so we were constantly well lubricated for her youthful body to go on experiencing this for the first time.

I could perhaps have fallen asleep – her rhythm was so smooth, and soothing, and even my cock seemed to sigh in appreciation, but at that idea, my cock turned her over, so I was back on top, and then I fucked my 12 year old lover until I filled her with my own semen, and she screamed into my shoulder, bit my shoulder, and writhed and shuddered under me, and I thought this was perhaps the greatest orgasm she had had, and I certainly had, tonight.

I collapsed on top of her, my hands again on her breasts, as I sucked in lungs full of air, and breathed heavily out on her nipples, kissing them when I had the energy. She was still under me and, after some minutes – even though I could feel her heart beating and her lungs rising under my mouth and body, I was concerned; “Ngoc, are you ok?”
“Now I will be the one at home walking around with silly grins and starry eyes” and she seemed immensely pleased at finally discovering exactly why her sister and mother had looked like this some days/weeks ago.
“I am a Woman” she said simply, and fell asleep, my cock inside her, my body heavily atop her, and my mouth continuing to make love to her newly-woman-like breasts; I also fell asleep, my last conscious thought of the beautiful nipple, suckled within my mouth.

Part 4

Ngoc was gone when my alarm woke me; my bladder also waking me at the same time, needing to be emptied very fast!
I wanted to go back to bed and back to sleep, this morning really feeling a headache and a cold on my chest beginning with a cough I knew well.
I closed my eyes, back on the bed, and must have slept; but the patio door was knocked upon, waking me with a start, and I jumped up to see Yen, Ngoc’s mother, outside. The curtains were open, I was naked, and she was smiling.
I jumped out of sight, found a towel, wrapped it around my body, and opened the door.
“Sorry” I mumbled, and coughed and held my throbbing head. Yen took me by the shoulders, steered me to the bed, and pushed me down, taking the towel off at the same time, but at least then covering me with the duvet.
“You have a fever, Anh Steve; I will be back in a few minutes with medicine, and I will telephone your Boss to tell them you shouldn’t come to work today, and your housekeeper to come tomorrow instead. Lie there and sleep; I will take care of you today, at least this morning, as I am free.”

I didn’t know how long I slept, but I woke when a cool towel was applied to my head, my neck, and then to my chest; Yen was there, sponging me down; I felt my face flush – not with fever but rather embarrassment, and I croaked “Em, I am ok; you don’t have to do this.”
She smiled, and continued her wiping of my hot body – but in fact, her wiping was so sensuous she was making me feel even hotter, not cooler. She made me sit up enough to swallow 3 pills, something she had bought from the local pharmacy, and the glass of water disappeared in a few large gulps.

“When I came home last night, Ngoc wasn’t in her bed, and this morning she was very tired, but she came ‘flitting’ through the house, a big grin on her face, until I pushed her out to go to school; unlike Ngoc, Hong was in a black mood. Oh kids; did you happen to see Ngoc last night, Anh” she asked unexpectedly, and pushed the damp towel down my front, almost to the hairs growing up from my groin.

“If she was a 12y.o. girl last week, today she appears to be a 12y.o. Woman. A little like Hong recently – a girl to a woman just like that: overnight.”

“Well, I guess that means you owe me another fuck – two times for 2 daughters – and I have all morning to make you strong enough.” This time, the towel went past my hairs and to my cock, my woken cock, my newly forever wanting cock, the cock which has forgotten the dormancy of the past few years, and will take any young cunt which comes near: Yen was young enough, certainly to my non-discriminating cock she was, and it almost seemed to bite at her hand when it came close enough to feel the boiling eruption building within it.

Yen gasped, stood and ripped off her shirt and bra, her jeans and panties, and she was in bed with me, grabbing for my cock.
“I told you I will take care of you, Anh; lie back, you must be tired.”

Yen did the fucking, controlling me, whether she chose to be on top facing me, or when she turned around so her back was to me – changing position when she had an orgasm - and I could watch her buttocks and rosebud as she bounced up and down on my willing, stay-hard cock; I stroked my hands up and down her back and sides, arms long enough for fingers to reach her nipples and pinch them, and hands to roughly push her mounds around.

And it was Yen who rolled us over, after another orgasm, when she felt I was strong enough, and she told me:”fuck me into the mattress”. I did my best; sweat dripping off me on to her body, her juice soaking the already soaked sheets and, thanks to her youngest daughter, my cock retained its rigidity through her climaxes, until she begged for “no more, please, it’s too much, Anh”.

Surprisingly, her cunt was no longer than Ngoc’s and I was surprised again at how 12y.o. Ngoc had managed to take my entire length inside last night; her mother’s womb was hit on every full thrust, and now I just stayed there, against that birthplace, for a minute, until her breathing eased as I eased back and out of her.

I rolled off and went back to sleep, barely noticing Yen kiss my lips after a while, softly say” Thank you, Anh”, or ease my hand off her breast, as she slipped out of bed some time later.

When I woke, my bedside clock showed 3.00p.m. I was wet from the bed, but the headache had cleared, and a shower later enlivened me.

My first task had been to remove Hien’s bra from the railing before I showered; I put it in my suitcase – after I had been able to bend the clips back into shape, and it clipped together without problem. Second job was to pull the sheets and duvet off, noting the blood from my shoulder where Ngoc had bitten me, but only a few spots where she had busted me through her hymen; what an amazing child/woman. I hung the under sheet outside to air and dry in the afternoon sun, reasoning Chi T., my housekeeper would probably wash everything tomorrow, and then make my bed with fresh linen.

Café, with a bread sandwich I found packaged on the table, along with tablets and a simple note from Yen to “Take after eat”. I smiled, ate, took, drank my café, and relaxed.

The relaxation lasted until another knock at the door, the front door, which was open to allow air to enter and help the fan to keep the interior comfortable.
I lifted my head from reading my paper, and stared at the long legs first; the feet were well apart and, in one of those cinematic moments, the softer afternoon sunlight was shining through the inverted ‘V’ formed by 2 legs and a shimmering crotch as the point.

“Hi Teacher Steve, may I come in?” Hien came in anyway, perhaps seeing I was speechless, and sure of my positive invitation. “I wanted to check how you are – how are you, Anh?”
I forced my frozen face to smile and my frozen brain to respond – once I had ascertained she did indeed have shorts on today. “I am feeling much better, em, thanks for coming to ask; I have slept almost all day, and now think the fever has, almost, gone, as has the headache; just a cold I am sure.”

Indeed, the fever had returned, but this was not an ill-health heat: this was the heat Hien generated in my body and my emotions at the mere sight of her. I felt Hien knew this for herself in fact, as she gave me that knowing smile again.

Above her shorts, hipster style, a line of her midriff was bare, a cute belly button in view, before her white t-shirt began the covering part; it was the same t-shirt she had had on the previous day, size too small, tight and unable to truly contain her breasts, or hide her nipples.

“I thought I would drop in for my bra, Teacher; as you might have noticed, I should put one on, shouldn’t I?” My rising cock said ‘hell, no’ but my brain caused my mouth to say “Well, em, perhaps your mother might think so – you are rather large for your age, and not many girls walk around without bras, do they?”
“But: should I put one on, Anh; should I put on my white one, here; what do you think, as my Teacher and as a Man? I remember you told me you always tell the truth….”

She was goading me into an answer, and a true answer would be loaded with sexual impropriety, perverse thoughts, and lust!
“Well, your bra is in a suitcase in my bedroom; if you want, I will help you take off your t-shirt, and then you choose if you want your bra and your t-shirt on, or choose one of my bigger t-shirts to wear, and just take your bra home.”
“That isn’t really an answer is it, but let’s start with the bedroom and taking this t-shirt off.”

My mouth couldn’t swallow her breast: she was indeed bigger than Hong, and her nipples grew so long as to seem heading for the back of my throat, as I tried to expand my lips and jaws enough to have her mound. Her skin was as smooth as polished ebony, and my tongue couldn’t get enough of the contrasting, rippled nipples.
I had no shirt on, and my house shorts were getting soaked by my leaking cock; she ran her hand up and down the bulge of me, her fingers reveled in the pre-cum on my shorts, but she didn’t try to put her hand inside or take them off, and I didn’t force anything on her, including no action to remove them myself.

I was satisfied today to have beheld again, to have held and to have tasted, her mammary glands; anything else was a future prospect designed to give me dreams day and night.

“I am sorry I don’t have more time today, Teacher Steve, but I need to get home, my mum will be expecting me there when she gets home. I am glad you are feeling better; did I help at all?” She smoothed down the front of one of my black t-shirts, no writing on the front, but of a size and colour to at least hide her breasts and nipples better than her own. Her bra was in a plastic bag I gave her to carry.
I smiled “Your visit was just the tonic to make the headache go away, em Hien, but I am afraid you make the fever worse each time I have seen you.”
“When I come for my lesson on Saturday, I will bring you some cool drinks to help while I am here” she chuckled, reaching for my mouth with her own and moulding her body against mine, before smiling a ‘bye and heading out my front door.

Part 5

I didn’t get ready to go out until later, finally deciding I wanted a meal for dinner tonight. But as I was about to put my ‘going out shorts and shirt’ on, Hong arrived with a tray. She and her mother had prepared dinner for me, including more tablets to swallow after eating.
Hong was clearly showered and dressed for bed, but her copy of Ngoc’s nightdress was made of even lighter material, and was short, very short, up her thighs; her flat abdomen accentuating the jiggling, braless breasts and unfettered nipples above.

Hong sat at the table – oh dear, she was dressed for me to eat, her, not the food, and she seemed to be staying here - declining to share my ample food – more than I could eat – but she surprisingly accepted a glass of beer when I jokingly offered to share a bottle with her. “Are you sure, em; I doubt your Mum would agree.”
“Oh she drinks beer too, and sometimes she lets me have a glass, but only one – she says 2 glasses made me drunk and silly, like one time she let me!”

I ate some food under her scrutiny, drank some beer, but when I began to rise to get myself a new bottle, Hong motioned me down, and she went to the fridge, opened the bottle, got some ice and refilled my glass, adding some to her own. My eyes were inexorably drawn to her body, and my appetite for food left me, replaced with another craving.

It was fortunate I hadn’t stood up; my own body would have betrayed where my appetite had turned.
I looked quizzically at her; “It is still the same glass” she said with a laugh, either knowing or making up her own joke, one well-used around the world, and now she filled hers to the brim, spilling some on the table as she tried to drink the froth before it overflowed.
She sat, took a long swallow, belched, laughed, and looked with somewhat unfocused eyes at me; “You haven’t eaten much Anh; you need to, your bones hurt me a little last time we were together” She chuckled at her joke and then sighed “That seems so long ago….”

“I have eaten enough food, em; I never eat very much, sorry, as delicious as it is.”
“Well then, Mum said I was to make sure you took these tablets after you finished eating; I will get some water.” She lurched up from her chair, poured some water from a bottle in the fridge into a new glass, and came back to stand beside me, opening the sachets of tablets and putting 4 into my hand.

(For those who might not know: in Asia, people often go to their Pharmacy, detail the symptoms, and receive assorted tablets or tonics, generally a multitude of different ones, all for a very much cheaper price than the cheap [to me] cost of going to the Doctor/Hospital, and buying as prescribed; it is traditional self-help.)

“What are they for, em, I am much better.”
“Mum said: ‘One for your cold, one for fever, one for headache, and one for energy – extra, special energy.”
“Ok, I don’t need the headache one – it has gone; so I would rather not take it, as I generally don’t like taking medicines.”
“Oh, Anh, I don’t know which is which; please just take them.” With that said she picked up one tablet, put it between my lips, and gave me a sip of water. She repeated this quickly, all 4 of them downed and swallowed, by which time she was beginning to sway a little beside me, before finally putting the glass down and sitting on my lap, on my groin, on my cock.

“Oh my, I think I can tell mum you already have ‘extra, special energy’ and don’t need any help from those tablets!”
“Why do you have such energy here, Anh, when you have been sick: just from eating dinner and taking medicine?” She swiveled her bottom on my hard cock, and it grew under her, causing a giggle as she lay back against my chest and splayed her legs either side of my own. Her nightdress rode up her thighs, almost to the point of displaying her pussy, and I groaned.
“What is it, Anh Steve – are you feeling unwell again, what can I do?”

My response was to reach my hands to her nipples; no difficulty locating them, standing up as they were within her nightie. My fingers tweaked both of them, and now she groaned; my hands then held her mounds, and I rubbed them around and around; and now she moaned, and now squealed as I pulled them taut and out from her body, grasped wholly within my hands and busy fingers. Then I yanked her nightie up under her chin, so my hands and fingers could be on bare skin and breasts and nipples.
Her hands, unused until now, reached down to the bulge lying within her thighs; she wanted it out, and she scrabbled and pulled under us, getting my shorts off when I tensed my thigh muscles and raised off the chair.
Hong clearly was in need, and she kept her own legs wide outside mine, but stood up a little, holding my cock until she sat heavily down, straight on top of it, driving it right up her cunt in that one action. Clearly, losing her virginity so recently had not instilled any fear of sex within her!

I fucked her in that chair, sometimes holding her hips and bouncing her cunt up and down on my cock; sometimes, I held her up until she squealed and then I let her slide back down my pole; sometimes, I held her down and let her feel the pulse of my cock, perhaps the pulse of my heart.
Sometimes, Hong brushed my hands away and she fucked me; lifting herself, or pushing her hands behind her and using my bony hips as support, but whatever we did: we fucked each other in that chair for quite a while.

I was less surprised that I didn’t have a need to cum, even though I hadn’t cum with her mother that very morning, than by my surprising amount of energy: my aged body, cigarette-filled lungs, beer-filled liver, combined with a cold, fever and headache earlier – they all should have, this day of action as it had been, become overwhelmed and shut down; instead, I felt I was performing most satisfactorily for Hong,

Her mother thought so too – when she strolled in the open doorway; “I came for the tray and dishes” she simply said; “But now you owe me another fuck, Anh; and I know now just the medicine to give you!” She smiled, even before Hong and I had any time to bluster an excuse!

I had Hong’s nightdress pulled all the way up, so my hands had free access to her breasts and nipples; my cock was buried in her cunt, and her oldest daughter was riding me like a cow-girl: and all her mother said was she came for the dishes, and about medicine, and another fuck for her!

I was astonished, but Hong seemed to understand exactly, and she rode herself to another creamy, noisy climax as her mother turned and left the room; perhaps she could almost have heard the juices of her daughter falling to the kitchen floor, as that daughter slumped back against me now.

She even laughed, between gasps and moans and deep breathing of great gulps of air. “Oh my, if only my mother could see me now!” Hong stuttered, and I wondered if I had dreamt her mother just being there!
I looked: the tray and plates were gone, so Hong must be dreaming her mother had not been there!

I buried myself up into Hong, excited beyond reason at the innocent voyeuristic manner of Yen, Hong’s mother! The woman who had wiped my sweaty brow this morning, and then stripped and fucked me in my bed; who could now look at her daughter, 14 (nearly 15) fucking and getting fucked in equal measure the same man who had been buried in her own cunt such a short half day ago – what a Woman!

But her daughter was her sexual legacy, and she was here and now, and I plunged my rod up, and further up it seemed, and I could have implanted Hong at that time, as I was banging on her walls of her womb – if my semen had any sperm; but I didn’t, so I didn’t even cum, but Hong screamed yet again – not very quietly, so I slowed down, and calmed down both her and myself, until I slipped out and she just lay there.

My phone rang, but I ignored it; Hong couldn’t, she immediately pulled off me and ran into the bathroom, yelling “I bet it is that other girl!”
‘What’s going on now’ I asked myself, as the phone kept ringing; finally, I answered: it was Ngoc actually, so technically it was an ‘other girl’, but I wasn’t going to tell Hong that!
Quietly, her voice said “When Hong is finished, I will come over, ok Anh – I can’t wait any longer!” She didn’t wait for an answer, she clicked off.

Hong came out 5 minutes later; I had washed up my cock, my pubic area, my hands, and was sitting with a beer, as she repeated similarly “It was that girl who came before, wasn’t it, Anh?
Calmly, I said “No, it wasn’t Hong; it was someone else about something else; why is my phone a problem em?”
“It doesn’t matter;” she paused, “Well, it does matter; I am in love with you, Anh, so I guess it is jealousy when I see another girl my age making moves on you; there, I said it, it is up to you. Good night, my lover, Teacher, Anh Steve” and she hurriedly left, leaving me in a multitude of thoughts, worry about Hong’s feelings, and still with a cock yet to release, as now I faced a 12y.o. returning for….what?

Part 6

I went for a shower, and sat in front of BBC News with a beer; waiting.
Ngoc came to my bedroom balcony door, but I heard and went in there to open it; she was in her nightdress naturally; I asked her to come in and sit in the TV room, but she demurred.

“Can we just sit here, Anh please, just with the bedside lamp; it makes it romantic – and that is how I feel.”
I smiled, “Yes we can just sit here em; what’s up?”
Ngoc frowned “Don’t treat me like a baby, Anh, that is important, and it matters, because I am in love with you. No, it isn’t because you made me a Woman, or that I learned ‘69’- it is because you are the most wonderful man I have ever met! That’s why I am in love with you, so there.”

I remained quiet for a while, as she moved and crept inside my arms, there, sitting on the bed; but she had finished talking for now and her head came up from my chest and her mouth reached for mine, and she gave me the gentlest, sweetest kiss – without tongue – of a woman: truly, her days as a child were gone.
She applied pressure with her hands to my chest, pushing me back to lay down, and she squirmed on top of me, her legs spread either side of me, and her nightdress up and exposing her new womanhood: with my bulging cock in my shorts gaping at her in the middle.

A fleeting thought: her mother had said about knowing ‘just the medicine to give’ – surely, my stamina and libido weren’t drug-induced? If they were, it surely did work!

“This is about love, Anh, not just about sex”, and she rolled me over.

My phone rang, out in the front room; Ngoc held me, but it didn’t stop ringing, and I whispered “Sorry em” and scooted out to get it.
This time, it was Hien calling; “Are you busy Teacher, I have a problem, can you help me?”
I had to make a difficult, instant choice between: saying ‘not now’ to Hien, thus upsetting her, or to say “its fine, what’s up’ thus interrupting Ngoc’s proclamation of love plans for me.

“Hien, I have a small problem of my own just now; can I call you back soon please?”
“Ok” she said, so I delayed that one – not up to the instant decision-making.
I turned, putting the phone down, and found Ngoc right there; “A small problem?” she asked.

I looked at her worried face, and I couldn’t do it: I couldn’t turn her away, if only because of the lust she instilled in me just with her presence..
I smiled, and picked her up in my arms, and pulled the chair out from the table, the same chair I had sat in with Hong, the same chair we had fucked in, and in which their mother had seen us fucking in; and now I held Ngoc with one hand under her bare buttocks, wiggled my hips as I pushed my shorts down with the other.
I sat down, Ngoc facing me and held her with both hands under her spread legs, my fingers become slick with the wetness of her; “Well, you are small, em Ngoc” and I gently planted her cunt on the stalk of my upright cock, and sat her down on me.

“But my Love for you makes me big, Anh Steve” and she raised herself and came down with force much different to the gentleness I had shown her: she just rammed herself on me, and again I was amazed at how her cunt, her body could take me, when both her sister and mother had me hitting their womb walls with gasps, while Ngoc smiled down at me, and did it again.

I took her nightdress up over her arms, and threw it behind her on to the table; and my hands then held her growing-up breasts in my hands, while she fucked me at her leisure, as she pleased; my cock was maintaining its strength, and yet I still did not reach the point of bursting, and fleeting thoughts of ‘drug-induced’, ‘never able to cum again’, crossed my mind!
So I concentrated on those grown nipples and mounds; gosh she was beautiful to hold: 12 years old, a sex apprentice goddess here in my lap, bestowing her extraordinary womanhood on me, a mere commoner with a prick: a prick which had no better place to be than where it was, buried, shallow and deep, within the magic kingdom of youth.

The Magic was her Youth, but in Ngoc’s case her Youth had become matured in a remarkably short time, and a very few love-making experiences – not even a few, 2 in fact, plus an introduction to ‘69’ and cock-sucking, and being sucked.

But her emotions were in danger, even if her body wasn’t, of being hurt by me; just as her sister, though (almost) 3 years older, she had at least, I guessed, some infatuated episodes behind her to counter the pain of suspected ‘love’, even as she professed it to me now.
But Ngoc was 12, how many ‘puppy loves’ could have prepared her for this feeling of ‘love’ for me?

I brought Ngoc to climax, deliberately quickly, though my cock was as strong as it had been all day. I feigned tiredness after some minutes of gentle caresses, the same response when Ngoc asked “why haven’t you filled me tonight, as you did last night?”
I kissed her, still without responding to her earlier declaration of love, and ushered her out my bedroom door soon after, collapsing on the bed, only to hear my phone ring….

It was, predictably, Hien, wanting to know how long ‘soon’ might be before I called her back. I had a moment’s flash of coming words such as “I love you, Anh; I can’t help it, you just make me feel this so fast!”
But Hien said none of that; she said “My problem, Anh, which you can help with, is a very bad itch in my groin – not an ‘itch’, but my cunt wants your cock: can I come over now, please?”

(End of Chapter 3….trust me, reader, Hien’s cunt is filled….)

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