My sister is very pretty, she’s 13 years old, about 4.5 feet tall, 90lbs, with green eyes and long brown hair, her breast just starting to bud, firm little butt and sweet legs.
One earlier morning, my mother woke my sister and I up to tell us that we were going to go swimming. She mentioned we had to take a bus to get there because dad took the car, he had to go into work on his day off. I was surprised she was wanting to take a bus since shes not a thin woman and has trouble walking due to a bad knee.

We all got onto the school bus and it took 60mins to get there. We live in the sticks and the pool resort was 40 miles away. The ride wasn’t bad, my sister and I just texted our friends. When we got there we filed off the bus, I had to carry the cooler and my sister carried the towels and a portable t.v., mom loves her soaps. The resort was pretty crowded but there was three big pools so plenty of room. We found three beach chairs that were free, laid our stuff down. I heard my sister get all excited and asked mom if she go in.

“Sure hunny”.

My sister is very pretty, she’s 13 years old, about 4.5 feet tall, 90lbs, with green eyes and long brown hair, her breast just starting to bud, firm little butt and sweet legs. I’m 16 years old, 5’7, 160 lbs with green eyes and short brown hair. I’m in good shape. My sister and I jumped in while mom sunbathe on a chair. About an hour goes by, my sister and I hopped up on the side of the pool. We sat there for about 15mins, I looked down and noticed the velcro on my trunks was open so I closed it up. My sister saw me.

“You perv” and giggled.

“the velcro won’t stay shut”.

“Sure it won’t”.

I just ended up pushing her into the pool. When her head came up out of the water, she had a troubled look on her face.

“What’s wrong”?

“My bikini bottoms ripped”.

I laughed then she splashed water at me.

“Shuddup there’s a slit right between my legs”.

I responded with “don’t all women” and laughed.

“Ew you perv” and swam away.

After about two more hours of swimming, our mom told us to get out to dry off before the bus arrives.

The bus came roughly 20mins later, we grabbed our stuff and went to it. There was quite a few people in front of us getting on and we were last. When my mom stepped up into the bus, I heard her ask someone if she could sit there with that person.

“Thank you, hard to walk with a bad knee” she said.

The lady responded back “I know the feeling”.

As I stepped up in the bus, mom said “I saw a seat free in the back”.

So my sister and I made our way back there. Three of the last seats were filled up with peoples pool stuff.

I turned to my sister and asked “how you wanna do this cause frankly I don’t wanna hold this big cooler on my lap”.

“I don’t wanna hold this stuff either” she said.

I suggested to her that we could put the stuff on the seat near the window and then she could sit on my lap. I heard the driver say “please sit, we are going now” We put the stuff on the seat, I then sat down and she threw one leg over me and sat on my lap. “Hey, didn’t we agree for me to sit on your lap” I said with a giggle. She just gave me an elbow to the chest.

After a few minutes, I began to poke her ribs and she kept squirming. “You better stop tickling me” she said. “What if I don’t” I asked. She didn’t respond back so I poked her again. Then I felt this hot feeling in my shorts. It wasn’t wet so she wasn’t peeing then it hit me “ew you farted on me, sicko”. She just laughed. I was going to poke her again but I felt my cock twitch. Oh god not now...stay down stay down, I kept saying in my head. It was a losing battle, every time the bus hit a bump, she would come down on my cock.

Now it was poking her on her butt cheek. She had to feel it because she kept adjusting herself which made it worse. She asked me what it was.


“Oh my god”!

“I can’t help it...try to sit still and it may go down”.

She moved again and that made the head of my cock to slide between her butt cheeks.

“My god it’s at my butthole”!

“Can you move forward”? I asked.

“No, my knees are already up against the back of the seat”.

It was very uncomfortable especially because it was being bent.

“Stay calm and try to lift up so I can move it” I said.

She put her hands down on both of my legs and pushed up. This gave me just enough room to slide my hand down my shorts and to push my cock forward. She then sat back down on my lap.

“I can still feel it” she said.

“I’m sorry, that’s the best I can do”.

We seemed to be ok but the bumps in the road kept her bouncing on my cock. I tried not to be turned on but it was a losing battle. After a few minutes I began to feel a dampness on the middle of my shaft.

“Was she getting turned on?” I wondered.

The bus suddenly hit a huge pot hole. We flew up and came back down. Now I could feel the warmth of her skin and wetness on my shaft. My cock grew to its full 7 inches. She started to freak out.

“I can feel your dick on my pussy and I can see it poking my bikini bottoms out between my legs”!

“Calm down, don’t want anyone seeing us. The velcro didn’t stay shut, my penis must’ve came out of my trunks and it went through the slit in your bikini”.

“This is so wrong Johnny”!

“I have an idea...we need to lift you up so I can put my dick between us”.

“Ok ok, but hurry”.

She tried to lift herself up but couldn’t get high enough. I told her “I’ll help you”. I could only use one hand to help lift, the other was going to pull my cock back. “Ok so on three push up”. On three she and I lifted. I couldn’t quite get high enough. I tried to pull my cock back but it was caught it in her bikini. Every time I moved it back and forth, the head would slide between her lips.

“It’s caught in your swimsuit”

“Try harder” she moaned.

I couldn’t blame her it did feel nice. I kept moving my cock, she didn’t fight me so I continued. My cock was sliding between her lips and I could feel her pussy hole. She was so wet and kept letting out slight moans. She dug her nails in my legs.

“You ok sis?”


The unexpected happened, the bus hit a pothole. But the unexpected was that, she came right down on my cock and the head was in her.

“Johnny it hurts!” She cried.

“I’m sorry...want me to try and lift you up?” I asked.


I let go of my cock and placed it on her butt cheek to lift her up better. By the way, her pussy felt great around the head and her juices was running down my shaft. I just hoped I didn’t hurt her bad. As I started to lift, she stopped me.

“No no no it hurts! Lets wait for the pain to calm arms are getting tired though” she said.

“Let go, I got ya”.

She placed her arms up on top of the back of the seat in front of us and laid her head down. The bus took another bump and made her slide down more of my cock. Now my cock was two inches in her.

“Are you ok, do you want me to lift you up?” I asked.

She said “no”.

“Are you sure?”


She then started to rock on my cock. I couldn’t believe it, she was enjoying it. I know I was, her pussy was so hot, wet and unbelievably tight.

I eased off from holding her up to the point where I barely was.

“Are you ok?”


Another bump came and she slide two more inches down. She moaned again.

“How much more till you’re all the way in me?”

I was shocked, “a couple more inches”.


Suddenly the bus rode over a part in the road that was being worked on. It was so bumpy, it caused her to slide down the rest of my cock. She let out these tiny moans with each bump the entire way down, it was so hot.

The bus made it to the new road. I pulled her back to my chest, wrapped my arms around her.

“Are you ok”?

She moaned “uhhuh...your penis feels so good in me”.

“Your pussy feels real good too”.

My god did it, she was so hot and wet, and it kept pulsating around my cock. She started to move her hips in circles. We both moaned. I slid my hand down into her bikini and started to rub her clit.

She moaned “mmm yessss Johnny...fasterrrr”.

I continued to rub her clit in circles and began to kiss her neck. She kept moaning till she suddenly stopped and held her breath. Her pussy got tighter than ever and she started to shake.

“I’m cummmmmming”.

As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed a bit.

I whispered in her ear “that was hot”.

“Johnny...please fuck me”.

“Ok sis” I didn’t need to be told twice.

I had her to lean forward and put her hands up on the seat in front.

“When I lift, you help too”.

I started to lift her by her hips, she pulled herself up and used her legs to push off my thighs. She slid at least six inches up my cock then back down. She was so tight and wet. We picked up speed. I told her to keep quiet, she was starting moan louder. She bit the back of the seat.

“Does that feel good”? I asked.

She moaned “mmMMmm”!

I felt the pressure to start to build in my nuts.

“I’m gonna cum soon”.

She then picked up speed and after few strokes up and down, she slammed down on my cock and exploded with an orgasm.

“OOOoooh Johnny Boy”!

Her pussy was pulsating all around my cock, the feeling was more than I could stand. I came into my sister.

“I’m cumming sis”!

Squirt after squirt, her pussy kept milking my cock, didn’t think it would stop.

“Mmm Johnny, your cum is so hot”.

I pulled her to my chest, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck.

“That was awesome sis”!

“Wait till later big brother”.

My cock stayed in her the rest of the way home.

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