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The second part of the ECW: First Cum Match.

By the amount of positive ratings on the last one, I have decided to upload the second part of the ECW: First Cum Match. Remember, there will be more chapters to this story so give it a chance.
I hope you will enjoy it, here's the second part.


"GET OFF ME KELLY! QUIT IT! STOP YOU FUCKING SLUT! GET OFF ME! GET YOUR TONGUE OUT MY ASS!" Layla screams, crawling across the ring mat like a solider crawling under barbed wire while the crowd all roar stunned that Kelly is tonging Layla's big ass.

Kelly ignores Layla, placing both hands on her ass, squeezing her fleshy cheeks with Layla trying to crawl to the edge of the ring. Desperately, Layla pulls herself under the bottom rope forcing Kelly off her as she falls to the arena floor. Layla is flustered and angry, she gets up, yanking her bikini back up to cover her ass, pissed off at being so easily stripped. Kelly kneels close to the bottom rope, licking her lips in a tasty treat way to annoy Layla more.

"Fuck you, you dirty little whore!" Layla screams, pacing around ringside totally lost and out of control with confusion at Kelly being dirtier than anyone ever dreamed she could be.

Referee Brooke wanders around to a fuming Layla telling her to get back in the ring but this just pisses Layla off more.

"Fuck you too! You're just as bad and as slutty as her, you rubbed your big naked ass in my face!" Layla roars as Brooke backs away a little telling Layla she is sorry.

Brooke knows that maybe a future job with WWE is on the line if she doesn't call this match right and fair so she begs Layla for forgiveness after giving her the stinkface but her apology is drowned out by Layla screaming about the illegal moves Kelly is using.

"Layla, it's a first cum match, Kelly is more than allowed to shove her tongue into your ass if it stimulates you enough to orgasm." Brooke says, looking worried as Layla is flipping out.

"Stimulate me? Stimulate me?! Your such a dirty bitch! Who could get turned on with some slut's tongue in her ass?!" Layla screams, her face starting to glow red in rage.

As the argument intensifies on the outside, Kelly takes her chance waving to the crowd before sliding out of the ring on the other side of Layla and the ref. She sneaks up on a yelling Layla, rushing at her, slamming Layla hard in the back knocking her forward right into Brooke. Both girls fall to the ground, Layla on top of a bumped Brooke and before either knows about the suggestive position they have fallen into, Kelly jumps onto Layla. Kelly pretends to be a cowgirl riding a bikini clad Layla like a bucking bronco making the cocks of every guy around her stiffen instantly. Kelly rides on top long enough for the fans to get some sexy snaps of all three former Extreme Expose members on top of each other before she gets off, dragging Layla with her. Kelly has Layla by her long dark hair, pushing her shoulder first into the metal ring post. A grunt of pain comes from Layla, sinking to her knees, rubbing her shoulder before Kelly has her up by the hair again. The sexy blonde is in complete control of this First Cum match, whipping a hurt Layla right into the announce table. Layla moans in pain again as her barely dressed body crashes into the wooden table. Kelly scoops Layla up once more this time rolling Layla on top of the announce table. The crowd is buzzing wondering what Kelly has in mind with a bikini clad Layla lying on the table. Kelly crawls on top of Layla making it look like a softcore porn scene taking place on top of the announce table.

"MMMMMM baby I'm gonna make you cum." Kelly groans, showing off her own youthful sexual energy more than anyone has ever seen before from the girl next door looking blonde.

Layla groans, opening her eyes as Kelly's hand slides down her belly and onto her bikini covered pussy. Kelly's hand wraps around Layla's crotch again, squeezing hard and for what seems like the 10th time tonight Layla's moan is combined frustration and shock at Kelly acting this slutty with her. Kelly's palm pushes down fast rubbing across Layla's pussy with the ex-dancer trapped underneath her as Layla wriggles around moaning attempting to push Kelly off her.

"Don't fight it you little slut," Kelly grins, pressing her hand harder into Layla's crotch, "Always knew you were a big assed sub bitch Layla."

Screaming at Kelly's mocking words and the skill of her pussy rubbing hand, Layla lifts her head up. Her forehead catches Kelly right on her chin, head-butting her away. Kelly falls off the announce table landing hard right onto the floor and is now moaning in pain rubbing her bare back. Layla quickly tries to gain the advantage by spinning round on the table booting Kelly hard in the head. The side of Layla's leather boot catches Kelly's head sending the pink bikini wearing Diva rolling across the arena floor holding her head in agony as her skull was nearly snap kicked right off her shoulders. Brooke is just getting up rubbing her hip having fallen hard on the floor but she sees Kelly down so walks over to see if she is alright. Layla jumps off the table, smarting herself out then walks towards Kelly but the blonde has recovered ready for Layla. Kelly leans back lifting her legs up planting them into Brooke's chest as the sexy referee leans over her to check on her condition. Her bare feet push Brooke hard in the chest sending the ref flying backwards running right into Layla's path. Brooke screams as she is violently shoved towards Layla who ducks in time making Brooke's sore hip bounce hard off the announce table. Brooke hits the floor moaning and rubbing her sore hip though her tiny kid sized shorts eyes closed in pain as she hit the side of the table really hard.

Kelly uses the distraction of Layla avoiding Brooke to get back up, charging forward and spear tackling Layla right back up onto the announce table, Kelly again tries to gain the dominating position as Layla struggles beneath her fighting to break loose. She gets a hand up, raking Kelly's eyes blinding the blonde allowing Layla to grab a handful of Kelly's hair pulling it down. Kelly's skull smashes into the hard wooden table knocking her loopy so Layla can easily push Kelly off her and the table. Now its Kelly's turn to land right on top of Brooke who is still lying in distress next to the table. Both former Expose members grunt in pain as Kelly splashes right on top of Brooke, crushing the slightly hurt referee. Standing up on the table, Layla gets the loud cheers from the crowd but it's only until Layla looks round seeing her bikini has been pulled up her crack leaving half her butt cheeks hanging out does she understand why the fans are cheering her. She fixes her bikini back into place, scowling at the dirty perverted fans while Kelly and Brooke are slowly helping each other up but Brooke suddenly shoves Kelly away.

"What the hell Kelly?!" Brooke says with anger, "You tried to push me into Layla! I'm the referee of this match, you can't do that to me."

"Oh please, your just the guest here Brooke, you have no power." Kelly says stunned by her former friend's harsh words.

"Really? Just a guest? I'd still be here if some bitch Diva didn't sell me out to management! Hell, I think it was you!" Brooke snips back the two attractive ex models, now standing nose to nose.

"Oh yeah? Why would I rat you out? It's not like you're a threat to me!" Kelly says, with a forced anger laugh.

"Good, I don't wanna be in your league. I don't fancy being second place to you in the league of sluts!" Brooke snaps back getting a loud ooh from the nearby fans who can hear the bitchy insults these two hot Divas are throwing at each other.

"I'm a slut? Really Brooke? Who tried to get into John Cena's pants first time you met him?" Kelly asks glaring at Brooke whose tanned cheeks flush slightly.

"At least I went to the top Kelly while you slept with every fucking loser on ECW," Brooke snaps back, "I mean Punk I understand but Balls? Hell bet you did Sandman and all those other old broken down freaks!"

"At least I knew their fucking names when I joined the company," Kelly yells getting visible angry at the guest referee, "And I didn't sleep with all the losers on ECW cause I never slept with you!"

Brooke growls, lifting her arm back in anger when suddenly from out of nowhere Layla jumps off the announce table clotheslining Kelly hard. Brooke softly moans in anger as she knows she got involved in the match yet again, now both Divas have got issues with her. She decides to back away and let the match carry on, hoping that she will not be needed again. Layla gets up quickly, yanking a dazed Kelly off the thinly padded floor and pushes her hard into the guard rail. Kelly's bikini clad body hits the rail hard so she moans in pain with Layla suddenly feeling in control for the first time in the match. Brooke the ref is no longer on her back and she is no longer underestimating the wrestling or the lesbian slut ability of Kelly Kelly. Picking her up, Layla has a smile on her face lifting Kelly's skinny body in the air then drops her ribs first onto the top of the barricade. Another loud grunt of pain comes from Kelly as she slides off the barrier holding her stomach in pain.

She drops to the ground cradling her mid-section but Layla doesn't waste a second so she scoops Kelly back up, this time slamming her back first into the guard rail once again. Kelly groans leaning back into the guard rail as she was just bodily thrown by the much stronger Layla right into the metal padded guard rail once more. Layla examines Kelly's leaning body before she hits a hard knife edge chop making the crowd woo as Kelly screams. Layla chops hit Kelly's C cup tits again making them shake inside Kelly's string bikini top, stinging pain shooting though the blonde's body. Another chop to the chest then Layla changes direction with a hard punch to the already weakened stomach of Kelly. As the blonde doubles over in pain, Layla hits another chop then a hard slap to the face. Kelly is dazed, confused and in real trouble as Layla has her backed against the guard rail teeing off on her defenceless body. Layla throws different mixes of combos at Kelly's propped up body, mixing hard chops to the chest with punches to the ribs. She even throws in a few knee lifts into Kelly's ribs too, battering the poor blonde back into the security wall as the fans boo Layla for beating on sweet and sexy Kelly.

"Take that you filthy fucking slut!" Layla spits her posh British accent, giving another hard slap to Kelly's cheek followed with another belly punch.

Layla slaps Kelly once more then follows up with another hard chop making Kelly's knees give out only the guard rail keeping her up. Another couple of belly punches with a double face slap, both hands to both cheeks bringing a cry from Kelly as the loud double slap echoes around the arena making her cheeks sting. Kelly Kelly is being battered and she doesn't seem to have any answer to Layla's onslaught. She tries to put her hands up to protect her face but all that seems to do is help expose other parts of her body for Layla's assault. Layla moves forward, driving her knee right up in between Kelly's legs into the young Diva's pussy making Kelly cry out in pain. She drops off the barricade to her knees with her hands covering her bikini covered pussy for protection. Rubbing the pained area, Kelly looks up at Layla who jumps up slamming a hard forearm right into Kelly's forehead. Kelly is now flat out on the arena floor and the fans boo Layla who has taken control of this First Cum match.

She looks over at Brooke, waving cockily at the sexily dressed referee who is politely asking Layla to move the match back in the ring. Layla laughs at seeing Brooke scared trying to use manners she doesn't have as the big assed former bikini model seems to have worked out if she pisses all the Divas off she won't get her job back. Leaning down, Layla gets a big handful of Kelly's blonde hair pulling her to her feet making her scream from the pain in her scalp. She wraps Kelly's head around her arm then lifts the blonde up for a quick snap suplex. Kelly screams out as her back splats down hard against the thinly padded floor from a perfect snapping suplex motion. The poor bikini clad girl is groaning in pain as Layla kicks her in the face forcing her to roll onto her back. Layla then presses her thick leather boot down right on the back of Kelly's head. More screaming comes from Kelly as Layla is trying to crush her head into the floor and Brooke is far too scared of Layla to step forward and restore order. Layla drops down slamming all her weight onto Kelly's bare back pushing hard with her leather clad boot trying to imprint Kelly's face into the mat.

Layla gets off Kelly, standing directly over her grinning, "If you like my ass so much babe then maybe I should give it to you." She says, dropping down with all her weight, big ass slamming down onto Kelly's back.

This brings a great grunt from Kelly as Layla is sitting on her tanned body, crushing her back under the weight of Layla. Leaning forward, Layla grabs one of Kelly's legs, bending it back almost like she is trying for a submission. Once Kelly's bendy leg is pulled backwards right up to Layla, the evil Diva rests her hand on the sole of Kelly's foot. Fans are shocked as Layla starts to tickle Kelly's foot but are even more surprised when the blonde screams loudly. From their days in Extreme Expose, Layla knows how ticklish Kelly is with her feet, being the most sensitive area. She is now using that information to her advantage as she traces her fingers across the bare sole of Kelly's foot. The blonde is screaming and twisting underneath Layla, her face glowing red as she gasps for breath. Her sounds of pained laughter fills the arena as Layla is tickling her foot hard, pulling Kelly's leg back like a half Boston crab. She is still sitting on Kelly's back, pinning her down as she plays and tickles Kelly's exposed vulnerable foot. Tears leak from her eyes and the ex-model's perfect make up is being ruined as she yells like a banshee at having her delicate feet tickled.

Layla presses her fingers down harder really scratching the surface of Kelly's cute foot and getting louder yells from the trapped blonde. Screaming like crazy, Kelly starts tapping her hand on the floor yelling the words I quit as loud as her high pitched wailing tones can manage as Layla tickle attacks her foot. Brooke is deeply confused sliding out of the ring moving towards Layla telling her to stop. Hearing the tapping and the vocal submissions, Layla glares at the sexily dressed official almost demanding that she counts it. Shaking her head no, Brooke reminds Layla that it's a First Cum match and only an orgasm will end the contest. Pissed off, Layla drops Kelly's leg letting the blonde stop her forced giggling and hard breathing trying to stop her lungs from bursting. Layla stands up, grabbing the front of Brooke's tiny top pushing her backwards making Brooke stumble to the ground. Not even turning round to see if Brooke would retaliate, Layla turns her attention back to the pretty Diva in the cute pink bikini. Kelly is curled up in a ball holding her sensitive foot in one hand but a big kick by Layla to her exposed mid-section rolls Kelly back onto her front. Lifting her boot again Layla cruelly brings it down right onto Kelly's pussy from behind, bringing the loudest groan of pain of the night from Kelly. Squirming around on the arena floor, Kelly cups her most private area, barely protected by the fabric of her bikini now stinging with the feeling of Layla's boot sole.

Layla can't help but laugh watching Kelly grunt in pain, her face a mask of pure agony as Layla stomps down hard on her pussy once again. She kicks Kelly over to her back one more time stomping that thick leather boot down across Kelly's crotch hopefully crushing the blonde's young sweet pussy. Layla has seen Kelly's pussy far too many times for her own liking as the blonde was always dancing around their locker room naked. The impact is sick and Kelly's screams match any cry of pain heard in ECW as Layla's boot digs onto her soft pussy. Layla watches as Kelly again curls into a ball like a frightened animal trying to protect herself. Grabbing Kelly's legs, Layla pulls the hurt Diva over onto her back, spreading her legs one more time. Kelly tries to keep her hands over her pussy to protect it but Layla kicks her hands away then presses the sole of her boot down onto Kelly's pussy. It is pain Kelly has never felt before as Layla grinds her boot into her pussy like she is stamping out a cigarette. Kelly can do little but yell out in pain as Layla grinds harder really pressing the sole of her leather boot down onto Kelly's barely covered pussy. She is torturing her most private area then out of nowhere Brooke is back wrapping her arms around Layla's mid-section pulling her away from Kelly.

"What the fuck are you doing you dumb slut?!" Layla screams, clenching her fist looking wild and enraged.

"I'm the official referee in this match Layla, get Kelly back in the ring or I will cancel the match awarding the win to Kelly," Brooke says dominatingly, "And if you even think of striking me I will go to the GM and make sure you are suspended."

Layla growls under her breath at the referee, a former friend of hers now dressed like stripper, is ordering her around. Brooke is happy, she finally thought of a way to control Layla, taking all thoughts of physical vengeance out of her mind. Layla puts her hands down, keeping eye contact on Brooke while walking back over to a hurting Kelly. Brooke rolls back into the ring happy she regained her authority on this match up showing Layla who is boss. Layla grabs Kelly's long blonde hair pulling her back to her unsteady feet with the blonde still bent over, holding her sore pussy only for Layla to push her forward sending Kelly crashing head first into the floor. Layla yanks Kelly up again this time rolling the hurt blonde back into the ring glaring at Brooke who has been yelling at her to do this for some time. Layla follows into the ring after Kelly then starts kicking away the blonde rolling her across the ring mat. Kelly grunts in pain as her weakened body is kicked across the canvas sending her rolling towards the corner. Sitting up resting against the bottom turnbuckle, Kelly tries to catch her breath but Layla is quick to take advantage of this. She leans forward pushing her boot forward getting the sole right under Kelly's chin into her throat. Layla leans forward with all her weight pressing Kelly into the corner, her boot cutting off Kelly's air supply. Kelly is being choked, fighting for breath as Layla's boot chokes her. Her bare feet slap against the mat as she struggles from side to side trying to save herself but once again Brooke is too her rescue pulling Layla away from her.

"WHAT NOW?!" Layla yells, frustrated with an official that has already rubbed her near bare ass into her face.

"No choking. In fact your boots are illegal weapons, take them off." Brooke orders.

"You want me to strip?" Layla questions looking stunned at this bossy guest ref.

"No. Keep your bikini on, just your boots. They are weapons, you are clearly bending the rules to your advantage so I want them off." Brooke says again firmly.

Layla shakes her head, "I thought this was no DQ match." she complains wanting to hit Brooke but not wanting to lose this chance to defeat Kelly by having the match thrown out as Brooke threatened.

"It is but you abused the rules using boots as weapons so it stops now, I'm only sticking to the laws." Brooke says.

Layla drops down, sitting on the mat unzipping her boots muttering unspeakable swear words under her breath wanting now to do nothing more after this match then punch Brooke right in her smug tanned face.

She tugs each boot off passing them to Brooke with an angry frown on her face, "Just so you know bitch, the second I win this match I'm kicking your ass!" Layla threatens.

Brooke ignores the threat, taking the supposedly dangerous boots to a far corner but has to drop them suddenly and rush back. Over in the far corner, Kelly has pulled herself back up using the corner of the ring but Layla has charged forward catching a standing Kelly with a shoulder to the gut. Dropping the boots, Brooke moves back over as Layla starts slamming hard shoulder thrusts into Kelly's gut pressing her against the corner. Kelly groans in pain at each hard slam of Layla's strong shoulder hitting her bare skinny abs, pressing her back into the turnbuckle. Layla drives forward slamming her shoulder into Kelly's skinny waist making the little blonde squeak in pain. Kelly is bent over with pain rubbing her now hurting abs as Layla grabs her by her hair. Pulling her out of the corner. Layla openly laughs right into Kelly's writhing-in-agony face before she slaps her hard. Her palm stings Kelly's cheek making her drop out of Layla's grip, holding her face in pain. Kelly's ribs are really hurting as she was battered in the corner, now Layla just mocked her by slapping the cute little blonde.

This was part 2 of the ECW: First Cum Match, I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a rating and a comment about what I can improve, I am always looking for new ways to improve my stories.
The next chapter will be uploaded if this one gets enough positive feedback. Message me for more information.

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2014-07-14 09:00:16
Come on people let Kelly win damn layla I sent making this match sexy she is just street brawling Kelly would make it interesting maybe have Kelly use a strap on that is hidden under the ring on layla then win the match the she fuck Brooke with it to.

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2014-02-20 17:47:07
i think Tiffany needs to be in the story as well

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I agree Layla should dominate Kelly and Layla should black mail Brooke into helping her get her job back so its a two on one, Kelly needs to get FUCKED!!! lol

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layla needs to dominate and destroy kelly, wud be awesome :D

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layla needs to dominate and destroy kelly, wud be awesome :D

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