part 2 hope you enjoy it. Once again this is my friends story.
Episode 2

Jenna sighed softly the sound of the popping fire echoing into her head, her eyes drifted to the form of Ciel, the woman she had just met, the woman she was told to hunt down, and bring back dead or alive, the woman she was now helping. It was funny how things could always force a change in your intended direction, shifting your attitude from someone from enemy to an almost protector role. She cleared her throat, letting the woman know she was about to speak, as she pushed against her knee, helping herself up into a standing position, "Ciel, you should get some food in you I think..." She shifted, "Ill go forage, Keep the fire going, and the horse safe..." she requested, slowly moving to the horse, grabbing her whip from its side, "I'll try to get some meat, berries and what have you..." She shifted to look at the woman, "If you know any spells to let me know you’re in trouble, use them as soon as dangers about ok?" she asked.

Ciel nodded as she listened to Jenna speak. She hated this feeling of being weak, which led to others having to take care of her. As Jenna left Ciel sighed and stared after her for a few moments before getting to her feet albeit rather unsteadily. Slowly she wanders over to the horse in an attempt to strengthen her legs. "Come on legs stay strong..."

The warrior glanced back once just to check to see if some mysterious force would immediately attack once she left, but nothing happened, instead Jenna pushed through the forest, whip in hand, It wouldn't be hard to find food, she had forged for food before, it was a simple task, berries would be the easiest, finding the life energy of meat would be the tricky part, she hadn't come equipped for hunting, something she would have to purchase next chance, her eyes glanced about, unsteadily around the unknown terrain as she moved deeper into the forest...

Ciel's legs barely manage to carry her to the horse before giving out and causing her to fall to the ground. "Ouch... why am I still so weak? its been four days now..." she whimpers as she gets into a sitting position underneath the horse. sighing heavily she lifts her head only see the horse's semi erect reproductive organ. "Wha- What the hell?!" she backs away quickly, but a mere moment later she slowly moves closer while reach out with her hand to touch the large member. "Wow... that's really big..."

The horse let out a loud neigh, feeling the hand touch its hard tool, it moved slightly, as if accepting the woman’s attention, its hips moving slightly into the hand, as the horse turned to look at the girl that now sat by its hind quarters, slightly moving itself so the girl was closer to being underneath him, his member responding quickly, slowly emerging from its shaft more, hardening slightly as the horse let out a soft snort of pleasure...

Jenna slowly kneeled down collecting a few berries from a patch of the juicy things, the easy things to find, her eyes closed softly, as she let out a sigh, "No for the meat..." she muttered to herself, placing the berries into a satchel, her eyes wandered the forest, a unique feeling biting at her, something she had learned to trust, she felt that she wasn't alone, her hand clenched her whip, as she moved away from a tree, turning slightly, "Whose there" she announced immediately, in all honesty, if she was wrong, she wouldn't have to worry about anyone thinking she was crazy...

Ciel was amazed by the horse's size and girth; surely such a wonderful tool would pleasure any female horse. With her curiosity growing ever stronger she leans forward and gives the tips a quick lick. Taking a deep breath she breathes in the scent of this big cock and sighs. "Wow... the taste isn't bad... and this scent is strong and kind of nice..." she whispers softly before licking the cock head again.

A deep chuckle erupts from the brush as five Orc warriors appear from the darkness. Each of the five carries a brutish weapon that would cripple even the strongest of beasts. The leader of the group carries two war axes; his war paint covers most of his naked muscled chest. "Well you have good instincts, however they will do little good to help you." he states with a cruel smirk.

The horse’s response to the lick was almost immediate, it thick cock hardening in her hands as a bit of pre-cum leaked from the tip, eager to fill the attention it was getting, the horse moving slightly more, positioning himself above the female, its hard cock pressed against her tongue, feeling it rubbing its tip, the horse neighed again, slightly pushing against the tongue and against Ciel's lips.

Jenna smiled, preparing her whip, though she was uneasy, five orcs would be difficult, she knew that much, she bit her bottom lip in hopes that they hadn't found Ciel, her whip cracked to her side, "Come at me then, idiot orcs..." she muttered, immediately trying to crack the whip at the throat of one of the orcs, she wasn't going to be kind, she had to kill them as quickly as she could... "Out of my way" she muttered

Ciel closed her eyes and took a breath before opening her mouth and taking the horse’s cock head into her mouth. She licked around the head and sucked gently, the taste of the pre-cum aroused her greatly and she found herself wanting to taste more of its semen. Both her hands now held the hard horse cock and started to stroke the firm yet smooth shaft. ‘What’s wrong with me? Why am I doing such a lewd and indecent thing like this…?’ she asked herself.

Four of the five charged her, each attacking one after then other. Their plan was obvious, if they were to win without harming this fine female beauty they would have to drain her of her stamina. As the four Orcs continued their switch attacks the leader watched Jenna, studying her movements while searching for any opening or blind spots. Even if his men were to come to harm it would not faze them nor would it make them back down. These Orcs are proud warriors who live only to fight and die in glorious battle.

The horse let out a mighty neigh, feeling the soft mouth wrap its lips around its hard member, the tip oozed its pre-cum slightly more from sheer pleasure as she pleasured it, feeling the firm tongue lick around it the horse moved a bit more against the woman, as if try to force the whole organ into her, it's hard cock warmed to her hands, feeling it stroke its massive shaft the liquid of her saliva only making it harder and more pleasurably desperate.

Jenna blinked, withdrawing slightly as she saw them start to attack, one after another, as if they had planned the attack, giving each other breaks from the onslaught, she sent her whip at one, only to have to avoid another attack from a Orc, forcing her to back up, each time she tried to do something offensive she found herself on the defensive, they didn't seem to care if she was attacking them, she had even found a order, but that helped little as they simply continued, the four orcs, she shifted, feeling her room giving way she hesitated, trying to think of how to gain the upper hand, she blinked grasping her dagger from her belt, she quickly leaped at one of the orcs, desperate to take down at least one of them, then she might have them fearing her, her blade swinging at a orcs face as it moved to take its turn, this was both a move to gain the upper hand, and could result in her loosing control of the fight completely, she hoped it wasn't the later.

Ciel moaned as she tasted more of the horse’s pre-cum. In her mind she knew this was wrong, immoral and in some cases even criminal but that just drove her to continue. Her tongue circled the cock head over and over, and then she dared to try something rather bold. With only slight hesitation her tongue licked the horse’s piss slit, scooping up more pre-cum. “Mmm…. Wammerwul… more… pweese more…”

As Jenna went for the face of one of the Orcs her target smiled then grabbed her arms before she was able to inflict more then a scratch to his face. With her arms now held tightly the other three moved in to help restrain her. First they bound her arms behind her back with leather strips and vines from the forest plants. Next they bound her ankles to her thighs and tied her to a strong tree branch from where she could hang some few feet off the ground. Once the orcs were finished they stepped back and let their leader stand in front of Jenna. “I must say human you look even more beautiful and helpless now. Be good and this will be over shortly, be bad and this experience will last for several days.” He said while stripping off his hide kilt and moving between Jenna’s spread legs. With her leggings being the only thing protecting her maidenhood the lead Orc takes a knife from one of his followers and carefully cuts a long slit from the public bone all the way back to Jenna’s tailbone. “Are you ready my beautiful warrior?”

The horse neighed slightly, its cock throbbing in Ciel’s hands as the horse softly pushed into her wet mouth, trying to force her to take more of the meaty object, the horse neighing pleasurably as she licked into his cock rather deeply, in a way he wouldn't feel from a mare, feeling that sensitive skin, almost immediately rewarding her with another glob of pre-cum, the hands rubbing against the rough exterior of his hardened cock, his body slightly pushing into the woman, seeking more attention, gaining only a increase from her stroking, his hard head flaring slightly in her mouth almost to fill it...

Jenna's actions went horribly, she felt his hands, the forced release of her blade as she felt more orcs grapple her, she struggled hard, but they had strength where she had speed, she however was not able to use that speed grappled by the one Orc... she felt her arms bound behind her, forcing her chest out heavily, a gasp escaping her lips as she struggled, only feeling her legs bound back hogtieing her legs wide open and presented, she felt the ground become a memory as she felt the ropes take on her weight, lifting her into the air, like some sort of caught hog. The lead Orc spoke..."Fuck you" she spat in response to his words, there was no way she was hanging around here for any longer then she had too... She struggled roughly, "I'll fucking kill you..." she muttered, seeing him remove his kilt, caused her to swallow... she had heard stories... when he moved behind her she struggled more, only to start swaying from the ropes, "FCUK OFF" she yelled aloud, feeling the could air touch her now revealed cunt, her hips swayed trying to almost cover herself again as she felt him tare her clothes, "NO DON'T YOU DARE, FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN! YOU PERVERTED!" she yelled struggling more desperately.

Ciel’s head started to bob faster as she sucked this wonderful horse cock. She found herself needing to taste his cum and drink it down like it was water to a dehydrated traveler. She begged in her head for it to cum and fill her mouth with its hot sticky seed. Her one hand stroked the shaft faster while the other reached out and teased his large balls. “Cumm… pweese cum… will my mouph…” she pleaded like a whore.

Seeing this young warrior woman struggle so much while knowing that what was to come would be inevitable made the Orc chuckle. “Oh but I will dare, and I plan to fight you like a man. I will fight that tight cunt of yours with my hard cock!” he stated as he took hold of her hips and pressed the head of his large dick against her tight hole. “First I’ll claim your cunt, then your ass and finally your mouth. Once I’m sated my kin will have their way with you.” He stated before ramming his cock into her tight pussy. Mercilessly he thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her body, fucking her hard and wild.

The horse snorted stomping its hoof as it felt the girl moving faster along its hard cock, its head flared against her lips as she sucked and moved across it, milking him like a whore, her lips pressed against his cock, his cock licked heavily by her firm tongue pleasuring him, as her hands jerked against his cock, added by the thrusts of his own body, trying to get more of himself into her warm mouth, it wasn't long before the first thick surge of hot wet sticky cum filled her mouth, the horse bucking hard into her mouth now, pulling back only to thrust forward, forcing more cum to fill her mouth, its thick white seed spilling into her, not caring if it would drown her with the seed alone, another shot of cum surged from the hard cock, and another, intent on filling this woman up, making her mouth taste his seed, its spewing unforgiving into her.

Jenna shook slightly struggling as he spoke talking about her cunt like that, she growled, feeling the tip against her cunt she struggled more, "DON'T PLEASE!" she half begged half demanded, when he started talking about what he would do to her, she felt herself swallow hard, only to feel that hard cock plunge into her hot cunt, her eyes opening wide letting out a loud gasp of shock, Feeling it plunge into her dry pussy, her eyes closed, "OWW FUCKER STOPP!" she gasped, feeling him thrusting into her her body moving with the ropes with each thrust, her cunt moistening quickly in response, wrapping itself around the invader warmly, letting him feel her walls.

Ciel was shocked an amazed at the sheer volume of the horse’s cum filling her mouth. She tried her best to swallow the load only to have the horse shoot more and more hot wet cum into her mouth. Try as she might she could not keep up with the amount of his cum, it spilled out of her mouth and onto her body covering her chest in sticky white semen. Finally she could take no more and removed her mouth only to get a load of cum shot onto her face. Now covered in horse semen she gasped for breath while still stroking the large cock to get every last drop out. “Amazing….”

“Shut up and enjoy your first fuck with an Orc warrior you bitch!” he yelled before smacking her ass and fucking her cunt harder. He reached out to her chest and squeezed her tits testing their size and firmness. “Just you wait; soon I’ll have you begging for more of my cock. I’ll fuck you until you go mad and then make it my personal mission to make you bare my child!” he said while laughing. As he said this one of the other Orcs made his way over to them and stripped off his hide armour. As he moved around to the front of Jenna he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head down. “But before that practice your oral skills on my friend here.” No sooner did his words end then the second Orc thrust his cock into Jenna’s mouth.

The horses cock let out another load of cum onto the waiting girls face as she stroked it hard, the thick cum quickly coating her face covering her with its juices, the smell of its semen caressing the air as the horse neighed with approval, its thick cock still hard as she stroked it, its head flared as ever, as cum continued to drool from the small hole, as each thrust came, just a little bit more oozed out, like a tap that was barely on,, white semen poured onto the girl below her...

Jenna gasped hard, feeling the thrusts into her cunt increase, before feeling the slap of her ass, She let out a yelp, "FUCK," she gasped, her body surging with pain and pleasure, her eyes closing tightly as she felt her body's urge of pleasure increase, her body bouncing, the firm grasp of her breasts, she gasped again, only to feel a cock fill her mouth, her tongue almost immediately pressing against the intruder, pushing against it, as if trying to get it out, "MPPHH" she gasped onto the cock, she was shocked, her mind quickly thinking, as she bit down slightly, in a last bit of resistance.

Covered in a layer of think horse cum Ciel crawls out from under the horse with a dazed look upon her face. Slowly she strips out of the clothes she borrowed from Jenna. Naked she makes her way toward the small stream running several yards away.

“Hah the bitch knows how to use your teeth!” the Orc bellows as he starts to thrust his hips fucking Jenna’s mouth. The leader chuckled as he slowed his thrusts to tease this warrior’s cunt. “Tell me bitch is this your first time getting fucked? Moan twice if yes.” He said as he suddenly thrust his cock as deep as he could.

Jenna gasped onto the cock in her mouth, feeling it thrusting into her more now, feeling its sickening skin against her lips she grunted softly, her cunt getting a moment of reprieve, her juice now leaking down her leg as she swayed back and forth between the cock in her mouth and her cunt, his order made her sick, she could feel his cock inside her, thrusting it still hurt, though pleasure was quickly overpowering it, she gasped softly, a light one as she couldn't speak, she refused to moan, the a small one escaped her throat, followed by another with each thrust, she could feel the pleasure starting to bite at her, "MmmMM~" she gasped.

Ciel only made back to her place by the fire before her body gave out and she passed out.

“Oh so it is then, well I’ll be sure to make this a very memorable experience.” He stated with a deep chuckle. It was then that he started to pound her cunt in a relentless and cruel way. “I’ll make pain become your pleasure, for the rest of your life the only pleasure you will enjoy is being brutally fucked or struck!”

Jenna shook her head, feeling the cock rubbing against her cheeks, her lips sucking on the cock slightly, her eyes closing as she gasped softly, she could feel the pleasure biting at the pain, her gasps short with each powerful thrust, feeling each thrust push the cock into her mouth a bit more, her cunt dripping her love juices as she moaned softly, how the pain mixed with the pleasure, it was intoxicating, and she had to try to fight it, as difficult as it was, she barely noticed her tongue pressing against the underside of the cock in her mouth, rubbing it firmly as she let out another moan.

Grunting the Orc fucking Jenna’s mouth starts to thrust faster. “Ugh… I hope you’re ready for your first taste of Orc cum you little bitch!” Despite his best efforts to hold back his climax, he shot his hot cum down Jenna’s throat. “Swallow it all!” When he finished he backed away and sat down letting the next of his companions have their turn.
The next Orc took his place at Jenna’s head, his cock was thicker then the last Orc’s. “Now lets see if you can pleasure this cock with that tiny mouth of yours.” He chuckled before grabbing her chin and forcing his rock hard dick into her mouth.

Jenna felt her body bouncing into the cock in her mouth, feeling its thickness seem to swarm, the words he spoke put all the shame on her, as she felt the hot cum flood into her mouth, she felt it coat her tongue, felt it fill her mouth, and it didn't stop, some even leaked around the cock, dripping down her lips as she was forced to swallow the hot sticky mess, feeling its warm down her throat, she gasped as he pulled off her, head falling in disgust and shame, coughing slightly as cum leaked from her mouth, her body bouncing only making it cover her mouth slightly more, this only made it easier for the next Orc to step forward, her cunt being rammed hard, she could feel it, her cunt clenching around it as it rubbed her inner most walls, feeling it roughly, she could feel her hips slightly moving up and down, simply to move the cock into newer areas, "Ahhh MMmmm" she gasped.

Her mouth hung open, white cum coating her mouth as the second cock got shoved in, her eyes closed as she gasped onto it why did this feel so good now? how could she resist, her tongue pressed against the cock rubbing the underside of the cock roughly, enjoying the smell and taste of the cum, she was ashamed of it, but it was fantastic, and she wanted more, she wanted it, her cunt was flooding with pleasure, her climax flooding around the cock inside her, Gasping as he juices spilled from her, "MMmmmMMMM" she gasped onto the cock.

“Well now seems our little bitch just had her first orgasm. Now its time we get serious.” The Leader said as pulled out of her pussy and repositioned his cock to enter her rear hole. “I’ll take this hole’s virginity now! Get ready for a great deal of pain my little bitch!” True to his word he pushed forward and forced his large cock into her tight anal orifice. “Damn your fucking tight back here!” without mercy he begins to roughly fuck her tight ass.

The other Orc smiles and groans with delight as he feels Jenna’s tongue go to work on his big cock. “That’s it bitch taste my cock and love it!” he chuckles as he reaches under her to roughly maul her tits, pinching and pulling her erect nipples.
Then without warning the final member of the group begins to lick and suck at Jenna’s abused pussy, forcing his tongue into her defiled hole and fucking her with it.

Jenna's eyes closed feeling the cock move from her cunt, feeling her empty cunt drool in ecstasy her juices, her eyes closing as she moaned wildly onto the cock in her mouth, she felt no remorse, in fact enjoying the cock she turned her head, her lips wrapped firmly around it as she licked it in a lust filled rage, she needed the cum inside it, her eyes closed tightly, feeling the cock touch her ass, she gasped, "MMmMM~~" she groaned into the cock, "Mmmpphh somp gooph..." she moaned before feeling the sharp pain of the wet cock driving into her ass,

This caused a gasp as her tight ass clamped onto the cock with much more force, feeling and almost pulling him inside as she gasped wildly, her tongue flicking across the cock enthusiastically, her cunt swarming with pleasure, this was only powerfully reminded as she felt the tongue lick her so intimately, "AHH MMMMMPHH" she bucked her hips, feeling the cock in her ass moving, despite all the pain, it was still pleasurable, her nerves on fire, her hard nipples sending waves of pleasure through her, "MMMMM”

The tongue at her pussy is suddenly replaced by two thick fingers. As the thrust in and out of her used hole the owner’s mouth goes to her clit, nibbling and sucking the little nub in frenzy. Although he yearns to fuck this woman senseless he knows better and eagerly awaits his turn to fuck one of her holes.
“Remember brothers I will be the only one to bathe this bitch’s cunt in cum, you four may have your mouth and ass until your desire is sated. But her cunt is mine alone! However do as you want to the next female we come across.” The Leader said as he pulled out of Jenna’s ass and shoved his cock back into her pussy. His climax was now approaching and he wanted every last drop of his thick seed to fill Jenna’s womb.

“Then I shall have the first fuck of the next cunt we find!” the one fucking Jenna’s mouth proclaims with a grunt as he pulls back slightly only to ram his cock back down her throat and fill it with hot sticky cum.

Jenna gasped her fingers tensed in the tied up hold, her mouth filled with the cock as she sucked on it now, feeling it with her tongue, how dirty this felt, but how good the cum tasted, how pleasure laddered her body was behind the pain, she moaned softly, her tongue licking roughly now as the cock moved from her ass, she gasped onto the cock, the immediate empty feeling surging through her body pleasure rocking each nerve as she felt the cock ram back into her cunt, a loud gasp, her juices spilled out of her cunt as if they had waited so eagerly for the cock, how much pleasure swarmed her in that instance, her sensitive cunt welcoming the cock as she gasped, her hips shacking with pleasure as she felt the hard item inside her, she wiggled, restrained in pleasure, when the cum flooded her mouth, she now eagerly swallowed, letting more of it leak out of her mouth as she licked the cum, sucking on the head trying to coax it all into her body.

As the Orc pulls out of her mouth the one below her quickly gets to his feet ready to take his place and fuck her mouth. However, the leader suddenly pulls Jenna up so her back rests against his chest. “I think her mouth needs a rest my brother, come and fuck her ass while I pound her cunt.” He says while pulling out just enough to move around to the front of Jenna’s body. “Now then my little bitch, are you ready for the final round of your fuck session?” he asks with a cruel chuckle.

The last Orc smirks as he gets behind Jenna and mercilessly rams his hard and long cock up her ass. “Damn… even though you just loosened up this hole she still tight.” He states with a grin.
As one cock slides into one of her holes the other slide out, fucking her in a way that teases yet should satisfy her desire to be fucked. The leader takes a fistful of her hair and pulls her head up so he can look at her pleasured face. With a chuckle he kisses her roughly, forcing his large tongue into her small mouth.

Jenna let out a loud gasp, feeling the man move her around forcefully, not that she had control over how she was moved, she gasped loudly, her body aching in pleasure as she moaned softly, almost out of control, her cunts juices dripping down her legs as she let out a loud gasp, feeling his cock shove into her wet cunt, followed by a thick one in her ass, it caused her to gasp loudly, how could she contain this pleasure, her eyes closed as she let her mouth open panting loudly moaning crazily as she felt the two work together, her body quacking with pleasure with each thrust, feeling her breasts bounce as she moaned. Her eyes opened suddenly.

Feeling his lips against her, feeling his tongue push into her mouth, feeling it wrap around her tongue, it was gross, bet welcomed, as she moaned into the kiss, her tongue rubbing firmly against his, lost in the pleasure of the violent fucking. It was too much; she groaned loudly, her body’s nerves on fire from every touch ever grind of the Orc…

The Orc fucking her tight ass began to grunt and thrust his hips faster then before, he was going to cum and he would fill her rear with hot sperm until it poured out around his cock. He gripped her tightly and slammed her down on his cock as he thrust as hard and deep as he could into her ass. A loud satisfied groan of pleasure escaped him as he shot his hot thick seed deep into her bowels. Jet after jet of hot cum poured into her like a hose, it seemed endless as he continued to fill her rear hole with gallons of sperm. Finally after several minutes his hips jerked and he stopped cumming, but he didn’t pull out just yet.

The leader smiled as Jenna accepted his tongue and kissed him back, he became rough with her tits mauling them like an animal. His thrusts never slowed never lost pace even when his blood brother reached his peak and filled her ass. Chuckling into the rough kiss her pulled his head back ending the kiss only to roughly nibble on Jenna’s tender neck. “Cum when I fill your womb with my seed you little whore, cum and enjoy the feeling of my hot sperm filling your womb.” He muttered as he thrust hard and deep into her cunt again and again. “Get ready you little slut I’ll be sure to get you pregnant.” He laughed cruelly. Suddenly he pulled nearly all the way out leaving only the head of his cock inside her only to roughly thrust it deep into her cunt and entering her womb. He gave a pleasured grunt as he shot his hot thick cum into her womb. He shot more cum into her then his blood kin had filled into her ass. He smiled knowing that her womb would easily be filled and be forced to expand to contain his massive amounts of cum. After nearly ten minutes his climax finally came to and end.

Jenna's lips parted allowing the thick tongue of the Orc free from her mouth as she let out a gasp feeling the cum spill into her ass, she moaned, leaning forward, her breasts firm against the leaders chest as she moaned pleasantly, feeling its head deep inside her, feeling her ass get filled with the thick white cum, as she moaned panting as her nerves twitched with pleasure, her orgasm threatening to hit once more, her eyes rolling back as she felt his cock drill into her... She moaned softly, feeling his mouth against her neck, his nibbles only driving more lust into her as she felt the cock in her ass stop its wave of cum, his words in her ear almost got no response... save for a "mmmYe...yes... Ahh..... Plee..please..." she moaned, her hips pushing into his cock, feeling the cum in her ass built up, it was maddening...

When his cock left her cunt she gasped, feeling his thick head wrapped around by her pussy, her juices spilling from her cunt trickling onto the forest floor blow When his cock thrusted back into her she let out a loud, exasperated moan, feeling all her nerves light up in sheer pleasure, her eyes closing as she gasped loudly, her orgasm rocking through her body as she felt his thick cum push into her womb, filling it, she gasped loudly, her back arching displaying herself pleasurably to him, gasping with each thick pound of cum that shot into her... She hadn't expected this much, her orgasm followed by another orgasm, as she felt the thick cum push into her waist, her womb filled, but his thick cock blocked the only exit, forcing her to gasp loudly, arching her back more as her stomach slowly started to bulge, more and more cum filling her, it was pleasure filled, she could feel her stomach, she could feel it push out, feeling her womb expand with each globule of cum, "AHHH MMM SOOO MUCHHHHH" she gasped aloud in pleasure, orgasming a third time from the simple action, her stomach expanding bulging obviously as his cum poured into her enthusiastically…

Slowly the cock in her ass became limp and was removed from her well used hole. The Orc smiled and chuckled as he went to pick up his kilt and weapons. “Well that was pleasant. Should we keep the bitch and make her our little fuck toy?” he asked the leader.

Sated the leader cut Jenna down and carefully set her down on the ground, as he cock slid out of her pussy he groaned now that the head of his dick was sensitive to touch. “While that would be a good idea brother this young woman appears to be a knight for them human lords, taking her would be more of a burden then pleasure. We’ll leave her here and continue down to the southern countries.” He said while stretching his arms, then dressing and grabbing his axes. “Thanks for the pleasant fuck lass, perhaps we will meet again some day.” With that said the five Orcs made their way southward.

Jenna could feel her ass and cunt twitch with pleasure, she could feel her stomach slowly shifting, as they moved her, feeling each pound of cum move inside her, she could already feel the thick globs of cum moving back down her walls, a gasp escaping her lips as they spoke above her, cum pooling from her cunt and ass as she laid their, lost in ecstasy, she moaned softly with each glob of thick cum that spilled from her, feeling her stomach slowly deflate, her eyes watching the orcs start their way away, her hand touching her distended stomach, pushing against it, gasping softly, as she felt the cum move more out of her cunt...

It felt pleasant, she could feel her mind refocusing, realising how dirty this all was... she panted laying their, trying to regain her composure, cum pooled around her she couldn't help but touch her cunt, feeling its sensitivity, she parted her lips, making sure as much of the cum drained from her... She couldn't go back to the mage like this... she started to get up, wobbly at first she collected her whip, starting her way back to the stream, she would wash up first, them move back to camp, her body soar.

When Ciel woke up several hours had passed by. Still weak she didn’t have the energy to clean the horse cum from her face and tits. Looking around she found herself alone, obviously Jenna was still out hunting and gathering berries and whatnot. Rolling onto her back she saw the horse not five feet away and remembered what she had done with it. The memory bad her blush but also aroused her so that her juices were flowing freely from her pussy. “I’m a terrible person…” she whispered softly and laid her arm over her eyes. “But it was rather exciting…” she added before biting her bottom lip and debating whether she had time to do it once more before Jenna returned.

The horse shook its head slightly, standing in the same spot before, this time eating some grass, their was not telling when Jenna would arrive, thought it could only be assumed soon, the horse however paid little attention to Ciel. Its ears twitched at each sound of the forest, making sure that it was always aware of its surroundings and it stood their patiently.

Shaking her head Ciel cleared the thought from her mind, it would rather well disturbing should Jenna return and catch Ciel in the act of sucking off her stallion. With a wave of her hand and some chanting she becomes clothed in dark blue robes with cute little shoes. Unknown to Ciel lurked a trio of small terrible and perverted creatures. This new threat has Ciel in their sights and will stop at nothing until they have her. As the move closer the bushes rustle and shake announcing their approach.

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