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This story is completely true. Please be patient, this is my first story.
When I was a young girl at the age of 9, a new boy moved into my neighborhood and started going to my school. Lets say his name was Phillip. Phillip and I quickly became friends, because at the time I was a bit of a tomboy. We had class together a lot, so it was common for me to be seen at his house or visa versa doing homework. We both dated different people in middle school and I thought of him as a friend. I don't exactly remember when or why, but my feelings for him started to change. Before I get too far into my story, let me tell you what I was like back then. I was a freshman at age thirteen, and I was skinny- only weighing about 90 pounds soaking wet. I had B cup tits and curly brown hair which I sometimes wore straight. So I was thirteen, and Phillip was 15. I started to develop a bit of a crush for him. He was popular and even though I wasn't ugly, I wasn't exactly his type. He still thought about me as a friend. 
That all changed one day. 
I was having problems with my geometry homework, so I asked if I could hang out at his place so he could help me. We rode the bus home together, but we had to walk a few blocks to get to his house. Unfortunately, that day it was raining pretty hard, and we both got drenched. You could kind of see through my top, so when we got to his house, his older sister gave me a new one. His mom was in the shower and then her and Phillip's sister were heading out. Because of this, I had nowhere to change except for Phillip's room. I told him to turn around and quickly took my soaked top off. While I was changing, I noticed that he was watching me change in the mirror he had in his room. "Phillip!" I yelled my top still off. He turned around and started coming toward me. By this time the house was empty. I balked and backed up into a corner. Bad idea. He kept coming toward me. He was a teenage boy... What else did I expect? He hesitantly looked me over. "Did I ever tell you that you have a great body?" he said. I gave a little nervous laugh. I knew I was cornered. Both shirts were on the floor a couple of feet away, and Phillip was in good physical condition and could definitely take me. I sighed. Isn't this what I had wanted, even fantasized about? He looked at me. He had this conflicted look I had never seen before. "Can I touch them?" he said looking down at my chest. I pulled forward a little bit and pressed myself against him. "Okay" I managed to say. His hand came around and he hesitantly placed it on to me. He groped at by chest for a few minutes and then be reached down to kiss me. It was cool and sweet and something that I will remember forever. 
"Well," he mumbled "I guess it's my turn." He grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and off it came . As I said earlier, Phillip wasn't ripped, but he was in pretty good shape from sports. I slid off my skintight jeans slowly, teasing a bit. His eyes roamed over my breasts and my flat stomach and lingered on my lady bits that were still covered. Luckily, I had paid attention to all of the details. I was a curious high schooler, I had watched some porn, and I shaved everywhere, so my pussy was smooth and hairless. Phillip slid off his pants, and we both took a moment to look each other up and down. Then he scooped me up by waist and threw me over his shoulder, and took me over to his bed. 
I knew what to do. I gingerly climbed off of his shoulder and kneeled. 
"I've never done this before you know," I whispered. "Me neither," he replied. I slowly slid down his boxers. His cock stood straight up in the air. I reached for it, and when my hand came in contact with him, he shivered and let out a quiet gasp. I stroked up and down a few times until he said 
"I don't want you to get pregnant." 
"I'm on the pill," I replied. I kept up a steady rhythm until I leaned forward and licked his dick. 
He groaned loudly and told me not to stop. The taste was salty and masculine and it wasn't all that bad. That's when I worked up the courage to put it into my mouth. His hand came up and he placed it in my hair, not pushing me, but just holding me in that position. I took it as far as I could, but I couldn't get it all the way down my throat. We stayed like this until me put me up on his bed and removed my bra. He held and gently squeezed my tits. My nipples grew hard from all of the attention and he chuckled. Then he took his finger and slid it under the band of my lacy panties. He pulled them down, exposing my glistening naked pussy. He bent over, and before I could fully comprehend what he was doing he began to lick and suck on me. It felt amazing. I twined my fingers through his hair. I had never experienced anything like it before. He came back up and asked if I was ready. I was scared, because even though I had my period, I was afraid my pussy would be too tight and it would hurt or bleed. 
"Be gentle," I said. He nodded and promised he would. He positioned the tip of his dick at my opening and I gasped. He pushed in a bit farther and groaned because I was so tight. He worked his way into me and I cried out. It felt like I was being ripped in half. He stopped. 
"Are you alright?" he asked
"No," I moaned. "Let me adjust for a second." He leaned over carefully, not moving and kissed me passionately. As he did this he moved into me bit by bit until he was all of the way in. 
"You're my first,"he whispered into my ear. 
"You're my first too," I murmured. 
He started to pull out and push back in. I felt so full, so complete. He started to pump back and and forth. For his first, he had great control, but I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. I wanted to orgasm with him. He started to rub on my clit with one hand, his other hand on my waist. 
"I'm gonna cum," I moaned.
"Me too" 
I felt my climax rising and I contracted my muscles around him. 
He yelled, and suddenly I felt a torrent of liquid deep inside of me. 
He kept going for what felt like forever. I had also orgasmed with him. He pulled out, panting, his member slowly returning to flaccid. 
I looked at him through half lidded eyes. 
"That was...." I said. I couldn't even find the words that described that. 
 He nodded, his forehead sweaty. 
He looked at me with a coy smile. 
"What are you doing tomorrow night?" 
"Well, I have some more geometry homework you could 'help' me with. Just promise me no one hears a word of this."
"Don't worry," he replied. "This will be our dirty little secret."

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I think you did a very good job being your first story. I would love to hear more

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