Daddy takes his daughter shopping
I woke up early Saturday morning too excited to sleep any longer. Today Daddy was going to take me shopping for my new wardrobe. I raced into Daddy’s room and jumped onto him while he was sleeping.
“Wake up Daddy, Lets go, lets go lets go.” I said as I jumped up and down on my knees to wake him up.
“Princess, the shops don’t open for another 2 hours, go watch cartoons, or get under the covers and sleep some more with Daddy.”
So I got under the covers as Daddy tried to sleep. I reached under his waste band and pulled out his floppy dick and started to play with it. His eyes were still shut but he had a little grin on his face as his hands began to rub over my body. Pretty soon Daddy rolled over on top of me and started making out with me as I spread my legs around his body and pulled his boxer shorts down. His large hands were rubbing all over my body. From my legs, to my but over my clit up my sides, playing with my nipples then back down again. I didn’t even notice but he reached to his bedside table and squirted some lube on his hand and began to rub it all over his cock and whispered into my ear, “remove your little panties Tatum, Daddy’s little slut is going to get it.”
‘yes Daddy, fuck your little girl hard” I whispered back as I took off my panties. His cock waited at the entrance to my boy pussy, and smiled as he teased me. He looked down at my little cock pointing straight up and spate on it. I used his spit as lube to rub my 4 inch clit furiously begging dad to fuck me, “hurry up daddy put it in me, fill up your little 12 year old daughter.” With that he rammed deep into my, as I screamed, “OHH GOODD YESSS!” I let go of my clit as it immediately started spurting cum onto my stomach, onto dads chest and even over my face. Daddy was fucking me furiously like a rabbit and every time he pushed deep into my ass I spurted cum over my face, I stopped shooting like a geyser and the cum on my face started to roll into my mouth as I was being pounded hard. I was licking my lips and swallowing my cum as Daddy fucked me hard up my ass. After about 5 minutes he pulled out and crawled upto my head, I took his dick into my mouth 2 or 3 times and then he pulled back out of my mouth and shot about 8 spurts of cum all over my face and hair. I waited until he was done then I started eating all the cum off my face. Scooping it from my hair, chin and rest of my face into my mouth, eating it all up. As I was doing this dad got his camera phone out and started taking photos, “smile for the camera Tatum’ Daddy said as he was snapping picks of his transsexual son/daughter eating his and hers cum of her face.

The first thing we needed were bras and panties. I grabbed all the pink, floral and Disney underwear off the rack and went to the change rooms. Daddy came into the change rooms with me and was filming me getting changed into and out of the little girls panties and bras. I was loving the attention of the camera and kept smiling and giggling at it and showing my bum. The last bra and panties daddy picked out for me. It was a Dora the Explorer set which looked like they were for a 5 year old. The panties were extremely small and tight, it was riding up my bum, like Ashley’s underwear which don’t cover her ass, I think she called them Thongs. The bra was soo tiny it didn’t even cover my nipples. I did a few poses for Daddy and the camera and then he pulled out his rock hard cock. I went straight to my knees and started sucking like a good girl. I was really enjoying it, seeing how deep it could go, seeing how wet I could make it, looking up at Daddy and the camera and giggling at his faces he made and the noises he made. We didn’t notice at first but during dads excitement he accidently opened the curtain. Pretty soon we had an audience of people, watching me, a 12 year boy dressed as a girl, in dora explorer panties and bra, sucking on my Daddys cock as he filmed me on his phone. He wasn’t the only one, as there must have been 4 more camera phones filming. When daddy noticed all the on lookers he was too close to cumming to stop me or even to shut the blinds. He filled his daughter’s mouth up with cum, screaming and moaning. It was at that point I noticed all the people watching and I choked and gagged on the cock cumming in my mouth, it all started to spurt out and dribble over my chin and chest. Half the crowed applauded and whistled the other half gasped in disapproving shock. We fixed ourselves up and raced to the checkouts to get out of the store.

The next stop was school uniforms. Daddy picked out the shortest plad skirts and the smallest white tops. When I tried them on the bottom of my bum could be seen and my midrift was showing and I couldn’t do the top 2 bottoms up over my bra. “Perfect” dad said, ‘you might as well keep them on to get use to them. We got one more stop to complete your transformation.”

We arrived at the local GPs office. It was a weekend so nobody but the doctor was there. Dr Nelson lead me to his office and spoke with my dad outside the door. He was a big African man who stood well above my dad. My Dad pulled out a stack of money and offered to him, I couldn’t hear what they were saying but Dr Nelson refused the money and they came in and sat beside me.

“Hi Ashley. My name is Dr Nelson. I am just going to give you a general check up to make sure you are healthy and everything is ok. Then I will give you some vitamins that will let you become an even pretty girl. Your daddy is going to record everything on his camera phone so we have something look back on to view your progress in becoming a woman.”

He began taking my temperature and heart rate, feeling my glands etc. He then continued running his large hands all over my body, saying he was just checking for any abnormalities.

“Tatum I need you to take off your top for me please. Can you do that for the Doctor?’

I took off my white top, and was standing in front of him in just my dora bra and my plad skirt with dad videoing everything. The top of my nipples were showing from my bra. I went to pull my bra up over them but Dr Nelson held my hands in place then proceeded to undo my bra. With my bra off he rubbed my nipples till they got hard. My Clit also began to grow and had popped out the side of my panties and was raising the front of my skirt. His huge hand began rubbed my breasts whilst his other hand began to drop my skirt and panties. He wrapped his hand around my 4 inch hard clit. It was so big it made my clit feel like a cocktail wiener in a hotdog bun.

“ok Tatum I need you to hop up on the bed on your hands and knees.” I did so without saying a word. His large hands began rubbing my cheeks together and apart in a circular motion.. He then put some cream on his finger tip and pushed it inside my pussy. As he did this a little droplet of precum dropped from my clit onto the bed. He got my dad to get a close up on video of this before he licked it up. He began pressing his finger hard inside me and rubbing in a circular motion. As he did this I started to leak a lot of precum onto the bench, which is started licking and drinking up making lots of noise, as I began to breathe heavily.

“Turn around Tatum and open up real wide now Tatum time to check your mouth.” I did this with a little sigh as I was really enjoying his examination.

I wasn’t disappointed though when I turned around. He had his big black cock out of his pants. It was about 10nch long and 4 inches thick. I had never seen anything so big. It was bigger then Daddy and bigger then Ashleys pretend dick. I immediately reached out for it with a big grin on my face. I began rubbing it back and forth then Dr Nelson pulled my head towards it and I opened up real big. It was soo big it barely fit in my mouth. My lips were straining to fit it in. I had the knob head in my mouth and pulled it out making a popping noise. I began to take more in slowly. I was drooling saliva, it wasn’t letting my swallow my spit. It took a while but I got it all the way into my mouth. I was at the base with a big drip of drool hanging from my chin to the bench. I was coughing and spluttering thinking I was going to vomit. Dad was supporting me behind the camera. Instructing me to breath.

Dr Nelson pulled out and in one strong movement flipped and spun me around, I was at the edge of the bed with my knees and feet in the air. I knew his gigantic hard dick was going to hurt but I was too horny to say anything. I closed my eyes but daddy got a good view with the camera of this huge anaconda disappearing into my pussy. I started screaming loud and uncontrollably as the pressure was excruciating. I was being stretched to breaking point. It was like being impaled by a baseball bat. I eventually loosened up and he got faster and faster. I began to enjoy it and stopped screaming and crying and began breathing and moaning loudly. I was getting lots of encouragement from the doctor and from daddy I was feeling very proud of taking this huge rod. I was precuming like a geyser. Daddy began licking and sucking it all up. He then pulled his dick out and got me sucking that up while daddy also filmed me getting fucked. This was all the doctor could take and he started cumming in my pussy. I could feel all the spurts but was disappointed it wasn’t in my mouth. After the Doc pulled out I began cumming and he started sucking my clit eating it all up. Then daddy came in my mouth.

After we got dressed the doc gave my daddy some pills to take home. He also gave me an injection in my arm and one in each of my breasts. They immediately began to swell and became quite firm.

“They will hurt for a day but will eventually soften and go back to normal. In the meantime rub ice over the nipples and also have people give them long slippery kisses. Rubbing cum over them will also help. I will need to see you every month to see how you are progessing and also give you more vitamins.”

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2012-11-01 15:44:17
i would love to have a daddy like that


2012-10-09 05:00:36
You are a master of the erotic literature arts, I absolutely loved it great job. Please more when you can.

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2012-09-06 11:37:28
Different. Well written. Gave me a nice boner.

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