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The story of Kate and her life as a obediant slave to her daddy.
Kaitlin's swollen eyes barely opened as she regained consciousness. The first feeling that hit her was the dull throbbing burn across her cheeks, followed by the cold tight grasp of steel cuffs around her wrists bracing her to the brick wall behind her. Her dilated eyes darted across a black abyss and she realized her muscles were too weak to even move. Lifting her head as she awoke had caused her world to spin and her deep breaths to slow the movements only brought another, more severe sharp pain in her side. It startled her and gave her brain the jump start it needed. She began to remember everything that had happened. Each sensation in her body was being checked off in her mind through memory. Her face had received the strikes she asked for. Her chest was bracing the broken rib she deserved. Her muscles were weak because she was using every one of them to hold herself up and her wrists were chained tight as a reminder of her place. Kaitlin let her head hang back as she drew in a breath, this time welcoming the pressure on her ribs. She was home where she belonged. The only thing missing was...

Even with her eyes shut, the blinding glare from the naked light bulb swinging from the ceiling caused Kaitlin to wince. She slowly cracked her lids giving her a blurry view of the brick layer basement she called a home. Her heart began to race for she knew that when the light is on, company is soon to follow. A glow encased her as she stared up at the outlined door at the peak of the wooden staircase. A smile began to break across her busted, blood stained lip. She was going to have another visit from her everything in life. Daddy wasn't done with her.

All wishful thinking, of course. How could Kaitlin know for sure it wasn't just another of the many girls that were worthy to stay in the upper floor with master? She was just as useful as any of the others but her complaining earned her a step back down into the basement where she was raised. The fact that Kate couldn't remember what she was complaining about was proof enough that her punishment was working. It would all be for nothing since she hardly found any of this punishment. The only negative aspect she could see was that she was unable to give her daddy the attention he deserved. She was being locked away while the other girls got to have HER fun. She knew the only way to get back where she belonged was to show her owner how much she needed it.

In a stroke of luck, her prayers seemed to be answered. Her vision cleared just in time to see the door swing open unveiling a faucet of lights that illuminated nearly the entire basement. The dark silhouette in the doorway stood with a stern aura. Broad shoulders were set evenly above a fitly shaped chest and slimmer waist. Kaitlin knew this form anywhere. Her eyes could be taken and she would still feel him near her. It was her daddy and from that point on, he was all that mattered. Thought of how to please him immediately spilled into Kaitlin's mind. She quickly let her body go limp, hanging from her wrists, arms tightly pulled above her head. Her firm rounded ass just inches from the ground. She throws her feet apart, spreading her bare body the best she can offering her daddy a canvas to paint on. Not a word is spoken; she knows better. She simply waits to be needed as she eagerly watches the dark figure step down the stairs.

With light now shining from both sides, Kaitlin has a clear view of her daddy. She was so lost in his essence that she almost failed to notice that he had walked another pet down into the basement with him. He swiftly tugs at its leash as he stops under the hanging light and with a hand petting over its short blond hair, he announces his arrival.
"Kaitlin, Ive decided that you deserve a chance to prove that you are better than your sister here."
Kaitlin, still silent, let loose a giant grin and her eyes, still welted, widened with excitement.
"It seems this little one thinks that its OK to half-ass a blow job for daddy and still expect a reward."
He gives her leash another sharp yank and the pet lets out a yelp. Her outfit was something that Kaitlin instantly missed. A simple yet elegant pair of lace thigh high stockings, a matching pair of elbow gloves that, given her size, reached well up to her shoulders. The only part of this outfit that was something she never took off was her personalized collar. Thick leather complete with her own number stamped onto a tag dangling from her neck. Her makeup was still streaked down her face from the recent usage her owner had expected of her. Daddy turns his eyes to Kaitlin and asks:
"Do you think we can show #4 the correct way to please daddy?"
Kaitlin simply nods and lets her jaw drop beckoning her daddy to fill it. Her jaw is quickly shut by a swift slap from a strong hand.
"Like you want it, bitch! Don't tell me you've forgotten how you used to beg for daddy's cock."
Kaitlin pulls her legs up, her knees close to her chest as she starts to bounce herself up and down by her wrists with her tongue hanging out. She lets out mixed moans of pain and yearning as the cuffs cut into her hands.
Daddy turns to #4 and issues a stern
as he lets go of its leash and steps towards his chained up princess. He comes as close to let the tip of Kaitlin's nose touch his jeans and stands over her, watching her squirm and struggle to get her mouth around his zipper.
"Do I have to do everything for you, whore?"
He reaches down in a playful manner and starts to slowly drag his zipper down. His pants already bulging.
Kaitlin was in heaven. She knew that every word of degradation, every strike from his hand was just foreplay to both of them. He kept her happy with the slew of insults and in return, she kept them both happy by living with one purpose.That purpose was inches away from her lips and every bit of her shivering, begging body knew it.
Kaitlin pulls herself up just enough to meet her lips with the tip of her daddy's member just as he opens his pants. The kiss she delivers is short lived as daddy ends it with both strong hands grabbing the back of her head and forcing his rod past her lips into her mouth. With one fierce pump his cock had met her tonsils and was pressing against her throat demanding to be let in. Daddy steps forward pushing his body into her resistance and removes his hands from her head as it meets the brick wall behind it. The blow dazes Kaitlin a bit but she is too focused on the joy of having her daddy use her mouth to care. She is beside herself with the fact that her daddy is fucking her throat against a wall. Gagging her, making her tiny throat tense and grip around his shaft as it reaches the back of her mouth and travels down the bend behind her uvula.
"That is such a good slut." daddy grunts out. "Almost like you were born for this, huh baby?"
Kaitlin let out a long moan that was steadily stifled by the engorged cock pumping in and out of her throat. She would have laughed at that line if she could. Of course she was born for this. She knew her place in life, and daddy knew that she did. She starts a subtle nod in time with her daddy's thrusts which is quickly noticed and seems to entice a stronger force behind each one. Over and over her face is met with a brief brush of public hair across her nose and a gentle tap of a pair of balls on her chin already soaked with saliva. Each of her senses are being filled from the touching of so many instances to the smell of her own breath across her daddy's shaft as it slides out of her mouth and yet just as she starts to let herself slip into a state of euphoria, she is quickly brought back to earth by a sharp jolt from her daddy fucking her head into the wall.
"You've been good so far, little one. Keep at it"
Daddy unlatches her hands from the cuffs and they fall dead at her sides. She couldn't remember how long she had been hanging there. Two? Three days? Long enough for her muscles to give out. She could feel blood rushing back to them, but waited impatiently as she was eager to have her hands on her daddy again.
There was no counting the minutes for how long he abused her tiny throat. She wasn't concerned with the time it took, just as long as it didn't end. What WAS apparent were the jealous whimpers of #4 still kneeling in her place behind her daddy, watching the fun and wanting to join. Daddy let out a low chuckle behind a sigh and met Kaitlin's eyes with a wink. He quickly grabbed her head and pulled his cock out of her throat, letting her gasp for air. Strains of drool trailed from points all over his member back to Kaitlin's mouth inside and out. She simply sat still staring at daddy's spit covered dick admiring it.
"Now, #4. Let's show your sister Kaitlin how you think daddy should be serviced.", Daddy said. He spins around and quickly grabs onto the leash pulling her up and giving her no time to prepare for the messy pole breaking through her lips. She instantly starts to cough around his shaft, each pump into her throat causes her to pull back with a long dramatic gagging motion. Daddy only gives her three good thrusts before she slumps down on her knees ashamed at her failure.
Daddy turns to Kaitlin and waves her closer.
"What do you think her problem is, #1?"
Kaitlin crawls over on her bloody hands and knees more than happy to speak up.
"She isn't relaxing her throat, Daddy. Shes afraid of letting it go deeper and I think shes worried she may throw up too."

"And what can you teach the little cunt?"

"I can show her how take daddy deeper!" Kaitlin replies with a grin.

"Do it, slut." Daddy stands straight and brings his hands to his hips as he lets Kate take over.
Kaitlin comes up behind her little sister and softy uses both hands to guide her head to daddy's cock. She lets her lips meet, then slowly starts to push down, letting it sink deeper and deeper. #4's eyes flinch as she feels daddy's cock touch her tonsils and begins to pull back but is stopped by her older sister.
"Stop running from it, cunt!"
Kaitlin pushes down on her head with both hands cramming daddy's cock into her throat. Daddy simply stands strong pushing back with as much force he feels being delivered. #4 starts to choke and gag, bringing her hands up to her daddy's legs to push her body away. Her hands are quickly swatted away from her towering owner.
"You should let her up for air, whore. She can't stay down on me forever."

"I bet I could, daddy." Kaitlin teased.

"We'll have to see later. Let her up." Daddy lowered his voice towards Kaitlin.
Kaitlin, in a wild state of excitement, doesn't respond. Can she not hear him? Does she not want to hear him? Either way, ignoring daddy's commands is not like her at all.
"I said let her up you little fuck." Daddy growled and coupled with a sharp punch to the cheek.
Kaitlin took the punch and let her head fall to the side, but the strike only made her push down on her little sisters head that much harder. #4's arms are flailing wildly. Her eyes are rolling back, her struggles for breath are only pulling more and more saliva into her lungs.
"Fine." Daddy moans. "I'll finish in her but you know the consequences."
Daddy reaches down and slides his index and middle finger into Kate's mouth, fingering her throat as she violently bounces her little sisters head off of her daddy's massive dick. #4 is still gasping for air though her struggles are showing signs of slowing. She starts to gurgle as she tries to pull air into her lungs, finding only spit and precum.
"Daddy's about to explode, little whores. If she's lucky, you'll take my seed into your tummy instead of your windpipe." He shoves his fingers deeper into Kaitlin's throat pushing down on her tongue and gagging her the same as she is gagging her sibling.
Suddenly his other hand slams on the back of #4s head forcing his cock down deeper into her throat, farther than maybe even Kate has taken. His legs convulse and loud moans escape his mouth as his cock throbs and unleashes a stream of hot thick sperm into his expendable dumpster. There is no more thrusting, simply a harder push down on the tiny little whores head forcing daddy's cock deeper into her body. After a small session of twitching and writhing, her body goes limp and both Kaitlin and her daddy let the limp #4 fall to the side.
"Did we over do it, daddy?" Kaitlin whimpered.

"What do you mean 'WE'?"
He reaches down and puts two fingers on her neck.
"There's a weak pulse. Bitch just passed out. Shame, but she'll be fine. If not, then you're in charge of making a replacement. I can't have you keep over using these toys if you're not going to make more for me."

Kaitlin sat her bare ass down on the dirt covered floor and slumped forward. "I'm sorry daddy. I wanted to make you happy."

"You did, whore." Her daddy turns and walks back up the stairs. "Now take her clothes, put them on and leave her down here. I have a purpose for you upstairs."

Kaitlin let out a squeal and quickly started to strip the limp body of her would-be replacement. She hardly had the gloves on as she raced up the stairs through the basement door and into the living room where she found her other sisters all begging at daddy's feet to be used.

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