Josh knew exactly what he'd do if he ever saw Susie again. He was wrong.
I was 15 years old in 1997, and it was a lonely summer. I had friends, we played basketball and skateboarded and went to the lake, and I even had a girlfriend who let me go “all the way” with her... but summers reminded me of my two best friends.

Then one afternoon at the lake, as I was gazing across the water at the section of the shoreline hardly anybody ever used, I saw her: Susie, in a red bikini. Had she looked this hot the last time I saw her? Hard to say, since I was 11 the last time I saw her. And she was barely older than I was now.

At 20, back from her second year at college I guessed, making her bikini work to contain her, she had the attention of all the teenage boys, and of many of the fathers who should have been keeping their eyes on their kids. Hard to believe hers were the first naked tits I'd ever seen.

The lake wasn't really a college hang-out during the day, and Susie was the only girl her age there, surrounded by people both younger and older.

I'd been thinking for the past two or three years what I'd like to say to Susie if I ever saw her again; so I walked over to her, past other teenage boys, most of them older than me, who wished they'd had the nerve.

She noticed me when I was about ten feet away, and looked up at me, intrigued. She had no idea who I was, and why would she? She hadn't seen me in four years, and I'd gone through quite a growth spurt: I was already almost six feet tall, and two years of playing all-county hockey had left me with a lean, muscular build which, I admit, meant I was rarely without a girlfriend. Most people meeting me for the first time assumed I was at least 18.

I stood over her and said “Hi, Susie.”

“Susan,” she corrected automatically, still trying to place me. She studied my face, but I also noticed her glancing at my cock, which was making a bit of a bulge in my swimsuit. She was probably wondering whether I realized, and why I was being so brazen about letting her see me like this if I did – but of course, we had a history.

I glanced down at her bikini bottoms, and I decided she must shave her pussy now, because the last time I saw her she had way too much hair for such a small panty. I was 11 at the time and could be misremembering, but I was pretty sure she'd had a pretty hairy bush.

She saw where I looking and blushed slightly, but didn't object. “You don't recognize me,” I said.

“No. We know each other?”

I stepped to the side, and reached my hand down to help her up. “Let's take a walk,” I said.


Walking along the perimeter of the lake, I could see how much shorter she was: she barely came up to my shoulders. Quite a change from four years ago. I could look down at her mostly-exposed cleavage, and I did.

She smiled again when she saw me looking. Well, you don't wear something like that if you don't want to be looked at, do you?

“Do I really know you?” she asked, “or is that just a pick-up line?”

“If it is, how's it working?” I asked.

She gestured at the path we were walking along, heading away from most of the afternoon crowd. “Pretty fucking well, I'd say.”

I put my finger to her lips. “Such language,” as if I were shocked. She opened her mouth just enough to give my fingertip a quick suck.

I think my cock grew three sizes.

She took my hand we continued to walk. As we approached the far end of the lake, the path was somewhat overgrown, much more than it had been four years earlier, and we had to separate and walk single-file. Twice, a stray branch caught on her little red fanny pack (this was 1997, remember: fanny packs weren't completely uncool yet) and almost pulled it off her body, and once a twig caught her bikini top and almost moved it enough to expose a breast. She laughed, fixed herself, then gave the twig a little slap and said “Naughty!”

We reached a small clearing directly across the lake from where we'd started, surrounded on all sides by enough greenery to make it a fairly private spot. “I always liked this spot,” she said. “Have you ever been here before?”

“Yes,” I said. “Listen, Susie...”


“Susan. I'm sorry, I'm just used to 'Susie'.”

“Then call me Susie. I haven't been 'Susie' since I went off to college. You know how that is, we all reinvent ourselves a little. But my old friends still call me that.”

“I should tell you who I--”

She put a finger to my mouth, the way I'd put one to hers earlier. “No, I like the mystery. Just tell me you're not some cousin I've forgotten about, okay?”

I put my hand around her wrist to keep her finger in place and nibbled on it gently. “Oh god, please tell me you're not my cousin.”

“I'm not your cousin.”

She put her hands on the sides of my face, pulled my face to hers, and kissed me.

This was not going at all the way I'd planned it...

Back at the beach area, when she asked me what the fuck I was doing standing over her, I was going to say I'm Josh. It would take her a moment to realize that the man she was looking up at, who seemed to be about her age, was the little kid she'd bullied four years earlier. Forced to strip naked, along with his cousin, just to entertain her. Come with me, I'd tell her. And when she said no, I'd remind her that I was 11 years old at the time, and Missy was 10, and it's not too late to have her arrested for child molestation.

I didn't actually know that this is true: but she'd lied to us, and as far as I was concerned she was nothing more than a mean bitch who was responsible for everything that happened afterward. I had no interest in considering that she might have been just an impulsive kid who did one dumb thing, and that a bunch of other dumb kids and some bad luck might have been equally responsible.

I make her come to this clearing, and I tell her that after she made Missy and me get naked, and she made Missy jerk me off, we started looking at one another differently. And the next day, the two of us and Missy's friend Joanne got naked, right in this spot, and I ended up playing with Joanne's pussy and fucking my cousin Missy.

Two days later, it was raining, so the three of us were all in Joanne's house. Both of her parents worked, so we were alone. Missy and I had gone over there right after breakfast, but Joanne was still eating, still in her nightgown. Missy and I had some cereal too, to keep her company.

Finally when Joanne was done, she told us to wait down here a few minutes so she could get dressed.

“Why?” I asked.

“Why what?”

“We were all naked the other day at the lake,” I reminded her. “so why can't we watch you get dressed?”

“I don't know,” Joanne said. “You just shouldn't.”

“Josh is right,” Missy said.

“Fine. Whatever,” Joanne said, and we followed her upstairs.

A bit hesitantly, probably still hoping we'd leave the room, Joanne lifted the nightshirt over her head. I'd seen her naked of course, but I'd never see her wearing just a pair of panties. They had little flowers on them, I still remember that.

“Stop staring,” she snapped at me. But I couldn't help it: she looked really pretty like that, in her panties and her breasts just starting to grow. My penis was already hard.

Joanne walked over to the dresser, and pulled out shorts and a t-shirt. “Don't forget to put on fresh panties,” Missy said.

“I hate you,” Joanne said, and Missy stuck out her tongue at her.

Joanne pulled off her panties, leaving her naked, and took a pair of powder blue panties out of a drawer. Then she turned to us and said “If you're seeing me naked again, I should get to see you too.”

Missy and I exchanged glances, and I said “Sure, okay.” Mostly I wanted to see Missy naked again.

We took off our clothing, and I realized both girls were staring at my penis, which was sticking straight out.

Joanne put down her clothing and walked over to the bed. “Come over here,” she said. “Lie down on the bed. I want to try something.”

“Try what?”

“Don't be a baby. It's something I heard my brothers talking about. You'll like it, I promise.”

Most of what the three of us knew about sex came from things Joanne heard her older brothers talking about.

I lay down on the bed, and Joanne licked the tip of my penis.

“Ewww!” Missy said.

“It's supposed to feel really good,” Joanne said.

“It does,” I agreed.

She licked it again, then opened her mouth and took my penis inside. Then she started sucking on it. It was the most amazing thing I every felt.

Until suddenly it wasn't: her teeth scraped against the head of my penis, and when I yelled out in pain, she tried to shift position and just made it worse, raking her teeth along my shaft. I pushed her away. She started to cry. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry,” she said. “I thought I knew how to do it.”

“It's okay,” I said. “Don't cry. You can try again some other time. It really did feel good at the beginning.” Actually, I had no intention of every letting her dangerous mouth near my penis again.

While I was trying to comfort Joanne, Missy started lightly stroking my penis. In just a few seconds, I'd forgotten all about the pain. In fact, I'd pretty much forgotten about Joanne. “Can we do that again?” Missy asked.

“Do what?”

“What we did the other day a the lake.”


I knew what she meant. Of course I knew what she meant. I was teasing her, because I knew she couldn't bring herself to say “fuck,” a word her parents would send her to her room for an hour for saying.

“Fu.. fu...”

But there was a limit to how long I was going to tease her because, you know... I wanted to fuck her.”

“Fuck?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She climbed onto the bed next to Joanne, and I got on top of her. Joanne has explained to us the other day that since Missy didn't have breasts or public hair yet, she couldn't get pregnant.

I almost shivered as I eased my penis into her. This was some of the most exciting sex of my life, even now: new enough to be thrilling, but I'd done it before so I had some idea what I was doing.

This time I made Missy cum, her first-ever orgasm. She started to cry, but quickly assured it it was because she was so happy.

It didn't take me long, being 11, to cum inside of her; and when I pulled out, I was still hard.

“Do me next,” Joanne said, staring at my erection.

“We can't,” I said. “You'd get pregnant.”

“Not if you pull out before you cum. My brothers do that with girls all the time. Come on, just a little. I want to feel it.” She took one of my hands and rubbed it over one of her budding breasts, which made me even more excited.

I moved over between her legs. “Just remember to pull out, okay?” she reminded me, suddenly a bit nervous.

“I promise,” I said, and I kept my promise. I slipped my cock, slick already slick with cum, deep into her...

And of course that's when she got pregnant.

Missy, I'm not so sure about: The three of us got together for sex all through the rest of the summer. Joanne shoplifted a 12-pack of condoms, so we got to fuck a lot more. Missy still hadn't shown outward signs of puberty, so I continued fucking her without protection thinking she couldn't get pregnant Of course we were wrong.

Let's not even discuss how violently the shit hit the fan in late September when the pediatrician announced that both girls were pregnant.

Joanne's family moved to the next town. She gave her baby to her cousin, who'd been having problems conceiving.

Joanne miscarried in her fourth month, with some scary complications that kept her hospitalized for two weeks. She's fine now, still able to have children someday, but now there's a permanent rift between her side of the family and my side of the family. I haven't seen her since the day she told her parents who the father was.

I was going to tell Susie all that, and remind her that all of it was her fault, for pushing us into a sexual situation we weren't ready for.

She'd beg me not to have her arrested, crying the way Missy and I had cried four years earlier, and I'd tell her it was my turn to see [i]her[i] naked now. She looked around, to make sure nobody else could see us, but I wouldn't have cared if they could: this was my revenge fantasy, remember, and humiliating her in public would have been just fine.

Her fingers tremble as she tries to untie her bikini top, and finally I just rip it off of her. Her breasts are a lot bigger than my girlfriend's, and I play with them roughly.

“Your bottoms,” I say. She hesitates, knowing what's going to happen next. “Or else I go to the police, and you know I will.”

She's standing before me naked now. In my fantasy, she still has the hairy bush I remembered seeing four years earlier.

“On the ground,” I tell her, and I lower my own bathing suit, freeing my hard cock.

“Please,” she says, “we can't.”

“We will,” I say, kneeling down between her legs.

“Josh, I'm not on the Pill. And this time of the month... I'll get pregnant. You'll get me pregnant.”

“That's perfect,” I saw, my fantasy completely fulfilled. I thrust my cock hard into wet pussy...

“Hey,” Real-World Susie said, breaking our kiss. “I think you spaced out on me for a moment.”

“Um... you put me under your spell?”

“You are so full of shit. You're lucky I find that attractive in a man. Let's try that again, and this time keep your mind on Susan.”

“Susie,” I corrected her.

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever,” she said, and we kissed again. I couldn't have thought about anything else if I'd tried.

When we were done, we lay down in the grass and she ran her finger softly down my chest. “You, sir, are an enigma. I must have met you before I went off to college, since you insist on calling me Susie...”

I brought my own finger to her upper chest, and softly traced the top seam of her bikini top. “That feels nice,” she said, letting me know I could continue.

Continuing to touch her skin just above the bikini top meant following the seam to where it dipped into her cleavage. A lot of the inside swell of her breasts was exposed for my touch.

She smiled and, emboldened, I slipped my finger under the seam so I could touch another half inch or so of breast.

Suddenly, the bikini top fell away from her body dangling loosely only from the string around her neck. “Will this make is easier for you?” Susie asked with a mischievous smile. She'd untied it in the back.

“Oh yeah,” I said, pulling the top over her head and tossing it onto the ground.

“You know,” she said, “I don't usually show my boobs to guys whose name I don't even know.”

“Do you usually let them do [i]this[i],” I asked, putting my face to her left breast and sucking on it, teasing her nipple with my tongue.

“God, no,” she gasped. “Maybe I should, though.”

With her right hand she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to her, forcing more of her breast into my mouth. With her right, she reached down and stroked my cock through my swimsuit.

I slipped a hand as far as I could inside the back of her bikini bottoms.

She took her hand off my cock and pressed the lower half of her body against mine, her pussy squirming against my hard cock. I used my hand on her ass to pull her closer. We ground into one another for a while, then she pushed me onto my back and straddled me. My hand came off her ass, of course, but now I put both of them on her breasts as we dry-humped in earnest, both of us making grunting noises.

After about a minute, though, I had to stop her. “What's wrong?” she asked.

“I'm too close to cumming,” I admitted.

She climbed off me, opened her fanny pack, and pulled out a condom. “You have to wear this, okay?”

[i]Okay?[i] Hell, yeah.

I pulled down her bikini bottoms. She was completely shaven.

She pulled down my suit. My hard cock was already slick with pre-cum.

I wanted to fuck her, of course, but first I pushed her gently down to the ground and brought my face to her pussy. It's rare for a high school girl to shave herself, of course, so the only other time I'd eaten out a hairless pussy... had been Missy's. And thinking about that made me remember everything that had happened years earlier. It was crazy to blame Susie: sure, what she'd done was wrong, but Missy, Joanne and I had certainly shared the blame, and then some. Susie had been older, true; but she was about as old as I am now, and an hour ago I was thinking about doing something infinitely stupider.

I pushed the past behind, and moved my tongue in and around Susie's pussy. I may not have been the greatest pussy eater on the planet, but most guys, especially teenagers, won't do it at all. Susie seemed to like it. A lot.

I have to confess that this was not altruism: I needed to give my cock a few minutes without stimulation, or my first time fucking Susie (and I hoped it would be the first of many) would last about five seconds.

That being said, I loved hearing her cum.

And then I moved up on her body, slipped the condom over my ready cock, and slid it into one of the wettest pussies I'd ever felt. My cock is pretty big, especially for my age (but no, not freakishly large like you read in porn all the time, and no, I never actually measured it; and ironically, Susie was the first person to ever comment on its size), and it filled her very well. I was quickly balls deep in her pussy, and we were both getting pretty noisy. I knew nobody could see us, but I hoped sounds didn't carry very well over the lake.

I was pounding as hard as I could into Susie, which is how she seemed to like it. Her back and ass were going to be some mess of dirt and grass stains by the time we were done.

I hate to cum before the girl does, but this time I couldn't help it. Hearing her groan, watching her grown-up tits shake as I fucked her, with all the dry-humping we'd done earlier... I lost all control, shooting load after load of cum into the top of the condom. Just as I was finishing, Susie shouted “Shit!” and shook a little. She'd cum – not as much as when I was eating her, but it still counts.

I pulled out of her, holding the base of the condom very carefully, since it felt like I'd filled it with enough cum to start up my own sperm bank. I pulled it off, tossed it deep into the brush, and returned to Susie. She'd already pulled on her bikini bottoms, but was still topless.

“Next time,” she said, lightly brushing her hand across my cock when I got close enough, “I want to suck that thing.”

“We're going to have a next time?” I asked her.

Her face fell. “You don't want to?”

“Oh. Hell, yeah. Absolutely.” I kept forgetting that she thought I was a guy her own age, not a kid she used to babysit. “I'd even like to hang out with you sometimes with our clothes on.”

She laughed. “Yeah, we did go about this ass-backwards, didn't we? And I still don't even know who you are. You probably think I'm some kind of slut by now.”

I stroked the side of her face with the back of my hand. “Not at all.” She grabbed my hand, brought it to her mouth, and kissed it.

But my name... I didn't want to lie to her, I really didn't, but she'd probably never see me again if she knew I was “little” Josh. “J,” I said, offering my initial.


I nodded. I'd managed to convince myself this wasn't [i]quite[i] a lie.

She took a pen and a slip of paper out of her fanny pack. “I just got a cell phone, so you can call me and only I'll answer.”

“I will,” I promised. She started writing down her number, then noticed I didn't have any pockets, so she took my left hand and wrote her number on my palm. Then we walked back to the beach area, her left hand in my right.

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