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I'm still not sure about becoming part of a menage a quatre
This is a sequel to “Menage a quatre” “Menage a quatre 2” and “Menage a quatre 3”. I can't insist that you read them first, but I think that this episode will only make sense if you do.

“I don't get it.” my mum said as we sat around the lunch table on Saturday, finishing the last of our wine.

“What don't you get, Cynthia?”

“Well, you've invited my son to become a member of your menage a quatre. In my opinion, after what I've seen of him with you three last night and today, he'd be mad if he didn't accept. The four of you seem great together. But doesn't 'menage a quatre' imply some sort of exclusivity? I've been having the best sex of my life with the four of you. Last night I had my first DP ever, with Ron in my cunt and Reg in my arse. Then I watched while Sandra and then Maria got the same treatment. I'm thrilled that you did, but how come you included me in your love making?”

“As far as I know,” Reg replied, “there are no established rules about how a menage a quatre should be conducted ...”

“ and even if there are such rules, we don't have to abide by them.”, Sandra chipped in, “We'll make our own rules.”

“So what are your rules?”, mum wanted to know.

“That's an interesting question, one that we haven’t discussed so far, We know that Ron has been fucking you at home. We don't want to make a rule that would try to stop that.”

“And,” Maria added, “Ron and Sandra have been fucking during the day, at work. There's no point in a rule that opposes that.”

“So,” Reg summed up, “I think that the only rule that would make sense for us would be 'No secret sex' i.e. 'No going behind the others' backs'. Since its no secret, you Cynthia and Ron can continue fucking, you Cynthia will be welcome here often, to fuck, Ron and Sandra can continue their lunch time fucks, and if Maria or I want to fuck someone else we just have to tell the others.”

Sandra added, “No! Not just tell us. I think that we should require you, Reg, or Maria, or any of us, to bring a new fuck buddy home to meet the family. Basically we're a menage a quatre because the four of us live together and fuck each other regularly but we can be an open menage a quatre. Do you all agree?”

“Yes,” Maria replied, “when anyone brings a new fuck buddy home to meet us they'll be expected to fuck, not just shake hands and say 'How do you do?'”

“So, Ron,” Sandra asked, “you haven't said much. Do you like our proposed new rule? Will you move in with us under that new rule?”

“Yes, I like that rule. I don't want to give up fucking my mum, or Sandra at work. I think I'm ready to move in with the three of you. I'll just sleep at home with mum occasionally – maybe once a week. Is that acceptable?”

In response Maria and Sandra both kissed me. The twinkle in their eyes gave me my answer. Reg reached across the table and shook my hand.

“Welcome to our family, Ron.”

“I have another question. Is that alright?”

“Of course, Cynthia. What is your question?'

“Well, do you two young women plan to have children? If you do, who will be the father or fathers?”

“Oh! Yes!”, Maria said, “I'd really love to have at least two children. We haven't talked about it yet, probably because we can't afford it yet.”

“Yes!”, Sandra said, “I'd like to try again, too. I was pregnant when Reg and I got married but I lost it. The doctors told me to wait before getting pregnant again, but I think that I've waited long enough. What do you two think, Reg, Ron?”

“I think”, Ron said, “that I'd love to be a father to a few kids. What about you Reg?”

“As much as I'd love to have kids running around us, I'm afraid that this discussion is premature. After all, Ron has agreed to move in with us, but he hasn't actually moved in yet. Also, I'm not sure how Ron's joining us affects our finances, but I suspect that we still can't afford to start a family yet. Maybe if one or two of us get promotions we can start to think about kids.”

“Oh! Dear! Please accept my apologies. Of course it's too soon to be starting a family, but I hope that it's not too soon to be talking about it. I'm being selfish, of course, because I really want grandchildren before I'm too old to enjoy them. Since I want them so much I'm prepared to help make it affordable; if Sandra and Maria have to take time off work to look after new babies, I'll contribute enough to make up their pay for as long as they are off work, and after they go back to work I'd like to mind their kids until they are ready to go to school, and again after school in the afternoons.”

“Wow!”, Sandra said, “That's very generous, Cynthia. But that means that you would have to give up work to be our baby sitter. Can you afford to do that and make up our pay too?”

“It's not really so very generous because I really want grandkids. I'll consider any kids born to the four of you as my grandkids. And yes I can afford it; I've saved quite a nest egg over the years, and I'v invested it well.”

“As generous as your offer is, Cynthia,” Reg replied, “there's another problem. This apartment is too small. We need at least three bedrooms before we can start breeding.”

“So do you rent this place?”

“Yes, and Maria's official address next door, but we cannot afford somewhere more spacious.”

“Well, that can be fixed too, if you'll accept my help. As long as you four stay together as a family, you can take over my house. I'll move in here and take over the rent, and you can let next door go. What do you say?”

“Wow!”, Sandra said, “you really do want those grandkids, don't you?'

“Well, yes, but I it's not just that. I would like to see Ron happily settled too.”

“And you think that he will be happy with us?”

“Everything that I've seen of the four of you together gives me hope that he will be very happy with you. I think he's been dithering because he finds it so unconventional, but I'm pretty sure that it's what he wants.”

“Hell! Sandra? If we all move into Cynthia's house together, how can we explain that to our parents?”

“We'll just tell them that you are 'living in sin' with Ron, and that Reg and I are just sharing the house with you two. They may not like it, but I don't think they'll disown us, especially when we both start producing grandkids. I'm pretty sure that that will convince them not to disown us. After all, when Reg got me pregnant before we were married, they stood by me.”

“OK. But you still haven't answered one of my questions. Who will be the father or fathers?”

“I think,” Ron answered, “that any child born to us will have two mothers and two fathers. Reg and I will be their fathers, and Sandra and Maria their mothers.”

“But on a birth certificate there is only room for one father?”

“Of course,” Sandra answered, “for any child that I bear, my husband will be the official father, for the birth certificate, for what we tell Maria's and my parents, and for any other official purpose ...”

“... and,” Maria cut in, “for any child that I bear, my 'lover', Ron, will be the official father ...”

“...but,” Sandra continued, “I don't care whose sperm entered and fertilised my egg. All I want to know is that it could only be Reg's or Ron's ...”

“... and that's all that I care about, too.”

“Reg, Ron, can you two live with that?”, my mum wanted to know.

“Yes. I think that that is a logical consequence of our proposed life style. I'll love the children of both my wives, without worrying if it was my sperm or Ron's that fertilised their eggs.”

“I feel the same way.”

“Well. I think that that is settled.”

“Cynthia? How many bedrooms does your house have?”, Reg wanted to know.

“Three. Why?”

“And is there any possibility that we could add more bedrooms?”

“Yes. There's room out the back, or we could build up. What are you thinking?”

“I'm thinking that we should let these two places go. We need one bedroom for Sandra and me, for appearances' sake, one for Ron and Maria, and one for you. I think you should stay in your house. We can give you all the fucking that you need, or you can still entertain your boyfriends. When the babies come along we'll need more space, but if we're not paying rent on these two places we'll have a bit of spare cash, and if that's not enough, I bet that we can squeeze my parents and Sandra and Maria's parents for money to pay for extra rooms for their grandkids. I think that we should all live together. What does everyone else think?”

“Oh! Reg! How nice of you! I'd love to be a live-in grandmum. I hope that the others like the idea, because I love it. I promise that I wont be an interfering old busybody. I'll give the four of you as much privacy as you need, but I'll be there if you need me.”

“I must say that I like the idea that I wont be abandoning my mum after all. She and I get on really well.”

“Will that make us a menage a cinq?”, Maria asked.

“No. I don't think so. I'll just be a live-in mother-in-law, with occasional benefits. But when the grandkids come along I'll really be useful to you. At least I hope so.”

“Let's all go and look at Cynthia's house, to see if it's going to work for us all.” Reg suggested.

“OK guys. Welcome to my house. I assume that, if you accept my offer to move in, then you would want your nudity rules to apply here, so let's all strip off. I think that you'll like the pool out the back because it's high privacy fence makes it ideal for nude swimming and sun baking.”

“This is wonderful, Cynthia. But how are we going to explain it to Sandra and Maria's parents?”

“Well. I think that maybe you should involve them more in your lives. I suggest that you all move in here tomorrow, then we invite them for a barbecue next Saturday. We wont tell them that we have a pool and I bet that we can get them skinny dipping because they didn't know to bring swimming costumes. Especially if the weather is hot.”

“Mum! You're so devious. I love you for it.”

“What if they don't agree to skinny dipping? They're pretty square.” Maria worried.

“Let's just try our best, OK? Even if they don't skinny dip with us, at least we'll be telling them how we're living together. They may not be as square as you think.”, mum suggested.

For Mr and Mrs Brown's visit we suspended our nudity rule, although there was still a great deal of bare flesh on display; Sandra and Maria wore little sun dresses which left their arms and backs bare and their dresses were so short that their legs were almost completely bare too. It was obvious that they wore no bras. Mum, Reg and I happened to know that they also wore no panties, but we weren't planning to tell their parents that. Mum wore tight, short shorts which showed the shape of her arse beautifully and a short sleeveless T-shirt which left a couple of inches of her midriff bare. Reg and I just wore board shorts.

It happened that Mr Brown's brother was visiting them that weekend, and so he came with them.

“Mrs Smith, thank you for inviting us. We are fascinated that you have taken our daughters and our son-in-law in. We are anxious to see how they will be living here.”

“Mr and Mrs Brown, thank you for coming. Please call me Cynthia. I'm excited to have my son's friends living with us. They all seem to get on so well together. I'm hoping that your two daughters will soon be giving us grandkids to spoil.”

“I'm not sure that I understand.”

“Well, my son, Ron, and your daughter, Maria, are now lovers, and Ron and Maria seem very close to Reg and Sandra, so I expect that they will share any family that the girls produce, and I want to be a grandmum to that shared family, as indeed you two will also be grandparents. Wont that be exciting?”

“But, Ron and Maria aren't even married. Should they be thinking about a little family yet?'

“Oh! Mum! You're so old fashioned. Ron and I love each other. Is marriage more important than that? Besides, Ron and I get on so well with Reg and Sandra, that it is almost as if we were one big happy family.”

“Oh! Dear me! I'm glad that my parents aren't here to hear you say things like that. What is the world coming to?”

As Sandra and Maria's dad, Len, listened to this I noticed a tiny grin on his face. Could he have guessed and if so could he be OK with our new life style? We needed an ally.

“Mr Brown, may I call you Len?'

“Yes, Ron. Of course.”

“I'm guessing that you would love to watch Maria and Sandra suckling your first two grandchildren. Am I right?'

“Well, yes. That would be wonderful.”

“That's how my mum feels too. She's been encouraging Sandra and Maria to think about starting families soon. She wants to be a grandmum, and she'll make serious financial sacrifices to make it possible.”

“OK. I don't want to be a wet blanket. I just hope that you wont regret it later.”

“OK, everyone, dinner is served.” my mum said.

After dinner we were sitting outside near the pool enjoying the warm evening and finishing our wine..

“Cynthia,”, Len said, “I wish that I had known about your pool. I'd have brought my swimming costume.”

“I'm sorry , Len, but it would not have done you any good if you had.”

“Oh! Why not?”

“Because our pool rules specify that everyone must be naked in the pool. Why don't we all strip off and enjoy a dip?”

“Sue, do you remember the first time you and I went skinny dipping together?”

Len had a huge grin on his face.

“You mean the only time? That was the night that you got me pregnant with Maria, which is why we got married.”

“Mum! You never told us about that. You got pregnant before you got married?”

“Yes. You have to remember that there was no pill in those days. Contraception was a condom, or withdrawal. We didn't have a condom and your father didn't pull out in time. I've never regretted that I had to marry your father, … except that I've never been with any other man.”

“Well,” mum said, “I think that we should go skinny dipping again. If we do, then you, Sue, could get lucky with one of these men. I'll keep your husband distracted while you do.”

“What do you mean?”

“Len can fuck me while someone else is fucking you. That way no one can complain, afterwards.”

I looked at Maria and Sandra. They both looked shocked. They didn't think that their mum would accept such a preposterous proposal. Then I looked at Len and was surprised to see that he was grinning quite openly. Maybe he liked the idea? Finally I looked at Sue. She did not look horrified but she was looking at Len. Was she perhaps wondering if he would object to my mum's suggestion? I decided to try to get things rolling. I stood up, slipped my shorts off and walked to the pool.

“Come on in, everyone.”, I called, “The water feels great.”

Maria slipped her sun dress off, revealing to her mum, dad, and uncle that she was naked under her dress, and jumped in, in front of me, with a huge splash. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around me and pressed her naked body against mine.

I heard Sue talking to the others. “They look so happy together. I wish that I could behave like that.”

My mum replied. “Sue, why don't you let yourself go and enjoy yourself tonight. These kids are far less inhibited than our generation and I'm convinced that they are much happier as a consequence.”

“Oh, dear! What do you think Len? Will you think ill of me if I join in?”

“No honey, provided that you are OK with me having fun too. Let's do it. OK?”

Everyone stripped off and jumped into the pool, except mum who first went into the house and came back with a pile of towels before getting into the pool with the rest of us. Everyone was playing around, rubbing themselves against members of the opposite sex. Mum came to me and pushed me towards Sue, who was only a couple of feet away with Len.

I took the hint and rubbed myself against Sue. She seemed to enjoy that so I got bolder and cupped her breast and squeezed. When she responded by grabbing my dick, I decided to feel her pussy. Meanwhile I saw that my mum was very close to Len. I couldn't see what they were doing to each other, but they certainly seemed to be enjoying each other's company.

Sue, too, seemed to be enjoying my attentions to her nipple and clit, and my dick was now fully erect, so I moved my hands to her hips and lifted her easily, thanks to her floating in the water, and lowered her onto my hard dick.

“Oh! Ron! I've never been with anyone other than Len. I feel so naughty.”

“Just relax and enjoy the feelings. Your cunt feels so good around my cock. Tell me that you like being fucked in the pool by somebody new, with your family all around you. Isn't that something?”

“Oh! Yes! Fuck my cunt in front of my daughters and my husband. Make me cum on your beautiful cock. I've never felt so liberated. Fuck me.”

Sandra and Maria told me later how shocked they were to hear their mother talking so dirty; they didn't think she even knew words such 'fuck', 'cunt', 'cock'. They were even more amazed that I had fucked Sue and Len had fucked mum.

When everyone had finished fucking we were all relaxing in the shallow end of the pool, my mum expressed what I was thinking:

“Well, that was fun. From what Maria and Sandra told us about you two, Sue and Len, I didn't expect that you would be into fucking with us. I do hope that you are comfortable with what just happened; I know that all the rest of us are delighted. How do you feel, Sue? Len?”

“I've never had so much fun...but I'm worried about what Len thinks. I hope that we haven't damaged our marriage. Are you OK with what we did, Len?”

“Hell! Yes! More than OK. That was the best sex that I've had in ages. I don't think you should worry about our marriage. I can't wait to get you home and fuck your brains out.”

“How can we fuck with your brother staying with us? He'll hear us and know what we are doing.”

“Honey. You were fucked just now, by Ron, who you've only just met, in front of my brother, your daughters and me. And by the way, Ted was fucking one of your daughters while that was going on. Maybe Ted and I will both fuck you. Would you like that?”

“Mum. I don't think you should worry. Neither of you went behind the other's back. And besides, you gave each other permission before we started.”, Sandra said.

“Now tell me, Cynthia, how did you know that everyone else would be happy about all the swaps just now?”, Len wanted to know.

Oops! That's when we had to tell Len and Sue all about our menage a quatre, well maybe not everything but enough that they understood that we were comfortable swapping between the four of us.

“But,” said Sue, “that does not explain how Cynthia knew that you would be happy to fuck other people outside your menage a quatre.”

So then we had to tell them the one rule that we had made: 'No secret sex' i.e. 'No going behind the others' backs'.

Maria and Sandra had been watching their parents closely as we explained how we planned to live together, hoping that they would not be too shocked or even angry. Pretty early on it looked to me as if Len was not going to make any objections. I was not so sure that Sue was comfortable with the life that their daughters were embarking on.

“Does that mean,”, Sue finally asked, “that we can come here sometimes and do that all over again?”

Why had we been worrying?

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To be continued in “Menage a quatre 5”

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