she a big tease and much too young
This is my first story and i hope you like it. Please it is just a story and never happened real maybe.

When I saw her, I only smiled and thought to myself, “Kids these days.” Given how warm it was, it wasn't what she was wearing that was unusual, heck, it was down-right normal by today's standards.

A simple, small girlish orange tank-top with a blue pleated skirt and pink sandals.

Normal, what wasn't normal though, was her body language when she looked my way. Pulling the Popsicle she sucked on from her mouth, she gave me a smile. A smile that only a little girl like her could give, but part of that smile was something that was distinctly much older, as she moves her hand holding the Popsicle and dropping her shoulder in such a way to cause the strap of her tank-top to fall, exposing more of her prepubescent chest, teasing me with the barest hint of her left nipple, revealing just enough that I could see the difference in color of her milky white skin and pink nipple.

If that wasn't enough, the little girl gave another tease, spreading her right leg outward and lifting her skirt just enough to flash me her panties, an even orange matching her top.

It was an incredibly perverted display, in broad daylight no less. While her actions was quite adult of her, she still retained an innocent charm that I simply smiled at.

As I walked pass her, it was unmistakable to think her tease ws meant for anybody but me as our eyes met, also giving me a closer look at her now fully exposed pink nipple, which given my brief gaze, looked erect.

“Like what you see mister?” she asked me.

I chuckled lightly at her question as I continued to walk, replying with...

“You shouldn't do that.”

She gave me a cute pout, before abandoning her teasing pose she had taken and sticking her tongue out at me.

I consider myself a pretty smart guy, a little girl no older than maybe ten or eleven putting on such a display in broad daylight, nothing good would come from that. After all, I didn't come here on my summer vacation to pick up little girls, rather, older girls and woman of legal age, though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted by the little blonde nymph. Approaching her in the day was too big a risk.


The next day, after having time to settle into my hotel room I decided to visit the nearby beach, aiming to chat-up a few woman and if I'm lucky, I wouldn't spend my time at my hotel alone.

So, with towel in hand and wearing a light T-shirt and swimming trunks, I left the hotel and headed to the beach.

I spent about an hour enjoying the beach and swimming around, chatting up a few good looking woman, even snagging a few of their phone numbers for some fun later in the day.

Things got interesting when I decided to buy myself a snack from the nearby hot dog stand, upon leaving the small store and heading back to the sandy beach, my eye caught a small little girl standing on a wooden fence separating the concrete and the sand.

The little blonde was clearly here for the beach, wearing tiny little bikini that I was a little surprised to see her wearing, briefly wondering if her parents gave her the ok to wear it. Her entire back was completely exposed with the top of her bikini being tied back using spaghetti straps, I could only guess if her front was as equally exposed.

Bouncing on the worn wooden fence, she stuck her rear out quite far, it almost looked like she was trying to test the strength of the flexing wooden beam supporting her weight. Though because of the manner of her bouncing, sticking her rear out, caused her small bikini bottoms, with a large heart print, to cling to her little butt. Given that it was clear she had come from the water not long ago, the clinging material left hardly anything to the imagination.

Her bouncing had caused a VERY obvious wedgie, revealing the nice little shape of her butt, which visibly flexed as she bounced. I briefly wondered why she didn't pull the wedgie out, she must realize it.

She wasn't trying, but her little display was a little arousing, feeling my dick twitch as I watched her little butt bounce and flex.

Although, evidently I look too long, as the little blonde stops bouncing and turns her head left and right before looking behind herself and seeing me looking. It was when I saw her face that I recognized her as the girl from yesterday.

“You're that meanie from yesterday.” she states, with a little frown.

I giggle as I walk beside her, leaning on the wooden fence.

“I'm not a meanie.” I say, smiling.

“Yeah you are.” she retorts, turning her attention back to the fence and resuming her bouncing.

Now that I was next to her, I could see the front of her bikini and the top was shockingly as tiny as the back, essentially just two small ovals of material covering her underdeveloped chest. Her Bikini bottoms looked slightly smaller in the front that they were in the back, the front dipped down so low that if she were old enough for pubes, they would be in clear view.

“I ask you a question and you just say 'you shouldn't do that'.” adds the girl.

“Well I didn't mean to come off mean, I'm sorry.” I reply.

She stops her bouncing and looks at me again.

“Are you really sorry?”

“Yeah, I am, I'd hate it if your first impression of me is a meanie, I wasn't trying to be. I was just concerned.” I answer.

“Concerned? Why?” she asks.

“Well the way you were acting, you shouldn't do that out in public, If I wasn't such a nice guy, you could be in trouble.”

With the look of thought and following grin forming on the young girls face, I assumed she understood what I was getting at, though her reply caught me by surprise.

“Ohhh, I see, I guess nice guys just like to watch huh?” she comments, giving me that same smile from yesterday.

“Heh, what?” I ask, not quite sure where she's going.

“Don't play dumb mister.” she states, lifting a hand from the fence and biting at the nail of her index finger, her attempt to look sexy and innocent, which wasn't lost on me. “I felt someone watching me, did you like the little show?”

At this question, I was briefly shocked into silence, thinking back, the little blonde wasn't sticking her butt out so far when I first saw her, it was after a few moments that she extended her rear out much further than needed to simply bounce. She was actually purposely giving a tease! Was that the reason she didn't pull out the wedgie and the flexing of her butt?

I felt my dick twitch strongly a this thought.

In my shocked silence, I notice her eyes very briefly dart south before looking up at me again and her grin widening.

“You DID like it, huh?”

I couldn't believe this little girl was trying to seduce me! I said the only thing I could think of, attempting to steer the subject away from where she was going with it.

“Where's your parents?”

“Hehe, don't try to change the subject mister.” she comments, moving closer to me, still standing on the fence, close enough that she brushed her legs against my slowly growing erection. “You LIKE what you see, don't you?”

I was in quite a dilemma, if I were to back away from the girl, my erection would be in clear view to anyone, but if I didn't move, judging by her actions, my erection would only grow. So, I quickly thought, I'd go along with the girl, see how far she'd go, I figured she was only a tease.

“Ok, yeah, I do.” I answer, smiling.

“Ohhh, I know you do.” she replies.

I felt her leg move against my growing erection and I started to wonder how far she'd actually go.

“Yanno mister, today's my birthday.”

“Oh really?” I ask.

“Yep, I'm nine and I found my present, it's going to be you.”

“Really now? And what do you intend to do with your present?”

“A little of this...” she replies, balling her right hand into a loose fist and doing a subtle up and down motion that I assumed to be a hand-job. “And a bit of that...” she adds, sticking her index finger into her mouth and moving it in and out.

“Heh, really? Are you sure you know what your saying?” I ask.

“I sure do, I wanna suck that cock of yours.”

My dick twitched firmly against the blondes leg, who giggles as she felt it, and I realized, with the lustful look in the girls eyes that surprised me, she was serious. I started to back away, though she quickly pressed her leg back against my dick.

“Ah, ah, ah~, I don't think you want to do that mister. What would people think if you walked away from a nine year old with your cock so hard?”

I cursed in my head, she had me! I walked right into her trap! I could see the grin of victory on her face

“Here's how it's gonna go mister.” she states. “I'll wait and let you get soft, when it is, you're going to take me to your place and I'm going to be in all kinds of trouble with you mister, got it?”

I was reluctant to agree, but with my indecision she began to move her legs against my dick and gave me an ultimatum...

“That's gonna happen or I'm going to scream your trying to molest me.”


There was nothing I could do at that point and I had to agree. I lead the girl to my hotel room.

I couldn't help but smile as she runs into the room with a giggle and plopping herself down on the bed as I locked the door behind me.

“You got a pretty nice place mister.” she states, sitting up and looking at me.

“Well thanks.” I reply, walking towards her. “Listen...” I start, before she interuppts...

“No...” before she calmly and grinning, stands and placing her right index finger against my stomach, looking up at me. “You listen, your going to do what I say or your going to be in a lot more trouble than I would be.”

I start to wonder if this little girl has done this before, she was saying the right things to keep the control in her hands. Part of me enjoyed my lose of control to this little girl though.

“Now then...” she starts, walking away from me a few steps before turning around and extending out her arms. “I need to be dried off.”

“You want me to dry you off, right?” I ask, smiling.

“Yep! After watching me, I'm sure you'd like to touch me.”

She certainly wasn't wrong! I had tied the towel around my waist to help hide further erections while heading to my room and pulled it from my waist as I step towards the blonde nymph in front of me.

I first started with her arms, which were wiped dry in seconds, before I started on her chest, being careful not to rub too firmly and remove her top. I spent a few moments more than needed though in rubbing her chest, which she quickly commented on.

“You're liking this arn't you?”

“I'm sure you are too.” I reply, before moving the towel further down, as I also knelt down, eye-level with her crotch, which I could see, given the smallness of her bikini bottoms and the fact that they were wet, I could clearly see the impression of her prepubescent labia and I felt me dick quickly stiffening as I placed my hands, with the towel to her hips.

I run my hands down her legs, reaching to her inner legs and moving up, though I avoided her crotch. With a few up and down motions, avoid her crotch, she comments...

“I hope your not trying to delay, my legs are dry enough.”

My gaze breifly looks to her wet crotch, her labia still able to be made out,before I look up to her.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“I'm positive.” she answers.

Admittedly, I was a little wary the moment I touched her between the legs, she'd have all the ammo she'd need.

“Come on mister...” she urges, moving her hips, or should I say, her crotch towards me.

Figuring she would simply threaten to scream again, I give her what she wants and lift my toweled right hand up, cupping her crotch and rubbing the area dry. Moments into it, I look up and see her smiling, biting her lower lip, noticing her cheeks starting to redden.

“Like this?” I ask, continuing to rub the towel over her crotch.

“Yeah, just like that.” she answers, before giving a soft moan.

I spent a considerable amount of time rubbing, much longer than any other part of her body, she began to move her hips against the rubbing. Seeing her close her eyes, the thought of her letting me continue until she came had my dick rock hard and eager for her. She eventually pushes my hand away, panting a little and smiling down at me, I notice an oval of wetness at the crotch of her bikini bottoms and looking up, I also notice the protrusions of her erect nipple against her top.

“I bet your hard now, arn't you?” she asks.

“Maybe.” I tease.

She grins at me and her hands reach to my head and pulling my face to her crotch, though not touching her, but I could smell the unmistakable scent of her arousal.

“Well? How do I smell?” she asks.

I take a long, audible sniff of the blondes crotch, breathing in her scent, which made my dick twitch with further desire.

“You smell wonderful.” I tell her.

“You really think so?” she asks, grinning at me.

“Yes, I wouldn't lie about the way you smell, it's a great smell. It's making my dick want you even more.” I answer, which brought a giggle from her.

“Well that's good.” she replies, before one of her hands leaves from my head and goes to her crotch and strokes herself briefly, before spreading herself open through her bikini bottoms. “Take another long sniff and tell me how it smells.”

I do so and feels my dick twitch yet again at the musky scent of this little girls arousal.

“It smells even better when you play with yourself.” I answer, attempting to bring more color to her cheeks, which works as she gives me a bigger smile. My goal being to slowly shift the power.

“That's a very right answer mister.” she praises me. “Because you gave such a good answer, you get a reward, If you follow my directions, you'll get another reward, ok?”

“Ok.” I answers, genuinely wondering what the reward would be.

“I want you to take my top off.” she declares.

I obediently obey, lifting my hands up around her back and pulling free the tied straps, causing the top fall away and reveal her pink erect nipples.

“Good, now listen very carefully, I want you to lick my nipples, NOT suck, ONLY lick, got it?”

“Yea.” I answer, lifting myself up to reach the little nubs and giving the right on a quick lick, before moving to the other and giving it a quick lick as well, before I swirl my tongue around it.

“Ohhh~, good...” comments the little girl, before another moan leaves her as I move to her right nipple and flicking my tongue over it slowly, repeatedly. “Mmm, yeah, make sure both get attention mister.” she adds.

I spent the next minute or so alternating between each nipple, licking, flicking and swirling my tongue around the young, stiff nubs.

“Ohhh~, yes... that's wonderful mister. You're making my nipples tingle so good. I want you to start sucking them now.”

I was eagerly waiting for that particular request and quickly takes her right nipple into my mouth and began sucking, bringing an arousing gasp of pleasure from her.

Again, I alternate between her nipples, spending about thirty seconds on each. It was about six alternation later, sucking strongly on her right nipple, she gave another gasp and I feels her arms hugging my head against her chest.

“Ohhhh~, Mister! You're so wonderful at this, You're doing better than I thought. Heh, your gonna make me come if you keep going... Hehe, would you like that mister? Making a nine year old come?”

I gave an 'Mmhmm' in response as I continued to suck.

“Ok then, if you follow my next request as well as you've been doing, your reward will be your turn in feeling good and I'm sure you'd like that; So listen carefully... Mmm, I want you to use one of your hands and rub my pussy till I come. Don't try anything funny like sticking your finger in me, I just want you to rub, that's it, got it?”

“Mm-hmm.” I answer, before switching to her left breast and bringing another gasp from her before I lift my right hand up and now without a towel in-between I cup my hand over her hot, wet pussy through her saturated bikini bottoms. I felt her tremble at my touch and another gasp leave her as I began to slowly stroke her, which only seconds into, she began to thrust her hips against my hand, moaning out.

“Ohhhhh~ yes... mister, that's awesome! I'm going to come really soon!”

I eagerly continued, switching nipples again as I began a circular rubbing of her young pussy, which was evidently, all she could take as she declares...

“Mister! Ah! I'm coming mister! Your making this nine year old come!”

And come she certainly did, hugging my head tightly against her as her thighs close firmly around my hand, feeling her pussy quivering in the throws of pleasure against my hand, which felt much more wetness.

Her entire body quaked against me for the longest seconds I'd ever known, I couldn't help myself and resumed my actions, sucking intensely at her nipple and resuming the motion of my hand against her orgasming pussy, bringing another gasp from her.

“M-Mister!” she manages to get out, feeling fluid falling around my right hand rubbing her pussy.

When she was finally spent, I felt her slump against me, briefly supporting her up by her crotch before I wrap my free hand round her back.

“Heh, sounded like a pretty strong climax.” I comment.

“It was...” she pants, before I feel her hands on my shoulders and pushing herself up on shaky legs, smiling down at me.

I look down to my hand pressed against her crotch and see rivulets of liquid running down my arm before pulling my drenched hand away.

“Now then, for your reward.” she states.

I look to her and I can see she was still in the recovery period of her orgasm, the trembling a dead give-away.

“I'm sure you could use a little break, you don't need to-” I start, though she places a finger to my lips.

“Ah, ah, ah~, nice try mister, I'm not falling for that.”

I only smile, she must realize that taking a break would give me the opportunity to shift the power, this definitely isn't her first time at this. The fact that she allowed herself to come made her vulnerable.

Oh well, one opportunity missed, I just have to wait for another. The blonde nymph briefly looks around the room and her eyes soon spot the open door to the bathroom and she quickly walks to it and looks up to a pull-up bar I had set up in the door way.

“Ohh I got it!” she declares, before looking to me and pointing to the bar. “Can you move that down a little?”

“Sure, but why?” I ask, getting to my feet, clearly revealing my erection under my swim trunks, which she grins at.

“It's a surprise, you'll like it, I'm sure.” she answers.

“Ok then.” I reply, before lowering the bar to a level I think she could reach it.

With my hands raised and my attention briefly diverted from her, upon me setting the bar in place, I was surprised at the little girl grabbed the waist of my swim trunks and quickly pulls them down, freeing me erect dick, which flips up and hit her in the nose with a giggle from her.

“H-Hey!” I gasp, before she quickly grips my dick in her right hand and slowly pumping her hand, smiling up at me.

“You're a lot bigger without your swim trunks on.” she states.

“Well thanks.” I reply.

She gives me a few more strokes, before giving the tip of my eager dick a quick kiss. Afterwords, she stands and turns her back to me and jumps up to the bar, before lifting her legs up and over the bar. Once she she was secure with the bar under her knees, she let's go with her hands and letting her upper body swing upside-down with a giggle, before reaching out her hands towards me.

“Ok, gimme that cock of yours!” she declares happily.

How could I deny that request? I take a step towards her, allowing her to grab my hips and pull herself towards my dick and I briefly close my eyes in delight as I felt her soft lips and wet mouth envelope me, before her tongue licks around me.

After taking a moment to relish the pleasure of this nine year old blowing me upside down, I open my eyes and look down, finding with delight that while I could see her sucking me, much of my view was between her spread legs, giving me an unblocked view between her legs.

The crotch of her bikini bottom completely drenched from her previous orgasm and her puffy young pussy even more noticeable, the material having wedge itself between her lips, giving the most detailed view of her little pussy, short of removing the bikini bottoms, even the small bump of her clit and it's hood able to be clearly made out.

I gave a moan of encouragement, feeling her take more of my dick into her mouth as she began to pull back and advance, really starting to blow me.

As wonderful as her actions felt, I quickly realized she had left herself completely defenseless and I gently wrap my left arm around her back to hold her as I lift my right hand and cup her little pussy once again. She flinched noticeably and I smiled when she gasped on my dick, before once again as I started to stroke her.

“H-Hey!” she soon states, removing her mouth from me. “This is supposed to be your reward.”

“Your little pussy is so inviting though.” I respond, smiling. “You can't expect me to just look when it's all I can see.” I add, before gently pinching her clit, bringing another gasp from her.

“B-But...” she starts.

I quickly grin, the power was shifting towards me now.

“But nothing...” I say. Beginning to stroke her puffy lips again, bringing a groan from her. “I know you're enjoying this, start sucking me again and I'll make you come again.”

After a moment, I give her an encouraging pinch of her stiffened clit, bringing a trembling gasp from her, before she answers...

“F-Fine, but I don't want your fingers in my pussy, I-If you so much as slip your fingers in-between my pussy-lips, I'm going to scream.”

“Ok, ok.” I answer, smiling at the little girl trying to reaffirm her power, before my dick is a resident of her warm mouth once again.

Over the next few moments, I continued to tease the blondes little pussy, noticing fresh wetness as I rubbed. This girl must be very sensitive as just maybe a minute into my teasing, simply rubbing her pussy in a circular motion, I could feel her trembling and her effectiveness at blowing me was beginning to fade, so I stop, lifting my hand from her, seeing a sting of fluid connecting my fingers to her briefly.

As expected, she removes her mouth from me.

“Why'd you stop!!? I'm close!”

“I'm not though.” I answer. “This is my reward, right? If you want to come, don't start slacking off.”

I hear her groan, before I notice her move her hands towards her crotch and I quickly grab her hands.

“Ah, ah, ah~” I tease. “Finish what you were doing and I'll finish what I was doing.”

I grin as she groans again, kicking her legs in frustration, before she reluctantly submits, stating...

“Fine, meanie.”

Before she took my dick in her mouth once again and began sucking me off eagerly. I praised her efforts by placing my right hand back to her hot pussy, slowly stroking. After a few moments of this, her speed of sucking me began to drop off as she began to tremble again and I stopped my hand, though didn't pull back. She gave a frustrated groan and resumed her previous speed, even going a little faster.

“Good, good...” I praise, resuming my slow stroking of her trembling pussy.

After a few more moments, I could feel that tingle in my dick, giving her an encouraging moan from me as I stopped my stroking of her once again, which prompted her to blow me even quicker.

“Ohhh, very good, I'm really close.” I tell her, before I gently grip her rock hard clit between my thumb and index finger, and giving it a light squeeze, bringing the loudest groan from her yet around my throbbing dick as she began to tremble vigorously.

Just a few long seconds later, I erupt into her mouth with a groan, and I quickly, before my pleasure took hold of me completely, rewarded the blondes effort with a firm squeeze of her clit, rewarding me with the sweet sound of her muffled moaning around my dick as I coat her mouth in my cum as she trembled just as strongly, if not, stronger than her first orgasm.

I look down to her pussy and my earlier assumption is proven correct as I see a fresh, warm wetness spread from her climaxing pussy, even a few noticeable spurts through her bikini bottoms. This little girl was a squirter. I absolutely love squirters and the sight of this little girl drenching her bikini bottoms in her own girl-cum sent a surge through my dick as I felt even more of my cum fill her mouth.

Although towards the end of my orgasm, I felt the little girl go limp and I gasp as I fail to secure her in time as she falls the short distance to the floor. Though she manages to fall to her front rather than her head and she quickly coughs up a mouthful of my cum as she still trembles in the throws of pleasure.

Ignoring my cum still spurting from my dick, I was completely concerned that she may have hurt herself and quickly kneel down and lift her up.

“Hey, you ok!?”

She coughs up a bit more of my cum before her hands shoot down to her crotch with a loud moan from her which I quickly muffle with a hand. I didn't need to draw any attention to my room.

After a few long moments, she soon calms down, with a sigh from her before looking up at me.

“Wow...” she sighs, snuggling up against me, smiling. “That was the strongest I've EVER came! Heh, mister your the best birthday present ever!”

“Heh, well thanks.” I reply with a chuckle. “Are you ok though? Did you hurt yourself?”

“Heh, aside from choking of your cum, I'm just fine.”

“Well that's good.” I reply, with a sigh of relief, before I feel one of her hands grab my right and lower it to her very wet crotch.

“I don't want this to end yet. I'm having way to much fun.” she states.

“Heh, well I'm going to need a few minutes rest.” I tell her.

“That's ok, you can tease me till I come again.”

“Ok then...” I reply, before moving my hand from her pussy and picking her up in my arms and I reposition ourselves to the bed, laying her down as I lay behind her and returning my hand between her legs as I begin to stroke her again.

As she relaxed against me with a low moan, it was hard to ignore her saturated bikini bottoms and I ask...

“Your wet bikini bottoms can't be too comfortable, how about taking them off?”

“Heh, finally got around to asking me that huh?” she replies. “Ok.” she adds, as she moves her hands down and pulling her drenched bottoms down and tossing them to the floor near her discarded top.

My first touch to her naked, wet, prepubescent pussy brought a coo of pleasure from her, that continued as I began to rub the puffy lips in a circular motion, causing her to lightly squirm in my hold.

Just seconds into my slow tease, hearing her moans, I felt my dick begin to stiffen once again.

I began to spread her open a few times, letting the air tickle her inner flesh, before I began to dip a finger between the folds, which brought a quick gasp and flinch from her as her right hand shoots down to my hand.

“D-Don't!” she declares, with concern in her voice.

I start to wonder what she's concerned about, but I quickly assume the reason and find proof as I carefully, dip my finger into her.


I don't go too far before I feel it and I smile.

“Ahh, I see, so your a virgin after all.”

She's silent at this and I continue to smile, lifting my finger from her guarded hole and resuming my previous rubbing of her, once again bringing out her moans.

“How far do you plan to go?” I ask, reaching my left hand under her body and reaching around to her left nipple and pinching it, bringing another gasp from her.

“I don't know...” she timidly answers.

From her tone, I can easily sense the shift of power was now in my favor.

“Oh come on...” I tease, stroking her pussy in a vertical motion, causing her to begin to close her thighs. “You didn't honestly expect to pick up some random guy and tease me like you did and not expect the guy to want to fu*k you. You're very beautiful after all.”

Aside from her moans, she's silent for a long time after my comment, which just gave me time to urge her towards her third orgasm, which she was getting noticeably close to with her trembling starting again.

“I just...” she starts, groaning. “I heard... it hurts.”

“True...” I answer. “But I'd be very gentle and after the pain, you'd feel much better than any fingers could do.”

She gasps once again, closing her thighs around my moving hand, before asking...


“Of course, If I'm lying, you could always scream, remember? Although, I don't think you will.” I reply, giving up some of my new power to her for her to remain comfortable.

She gives a giggle in response, before she gasps again and I feel her hands grab at my right between her legs and my left pinching her nipple and she trembles vigorously as I feel her pussy quiver against my hand in her third orgasm, soon feeling a warmth drenching my hand, causing my dick to stiffen fully now.

Unfortunately, visibly, her orgasm didn't seem as strong as her previous one, but she didn't complain as it ran it's course through her small body and she relaxed against me.

Moments later, she asks...

“You promise to be gentle?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” I answer.

“Ok then.” she states, removing herself from against me and sitting up, which I also do.

“Hold on a second.” I state. “I'd like you to blow me a little, just to lube me up and make it easier on you.”

“Ok.” she answers, before leaning down, gripping the base of my dick and licking the lingering amount of cum that remained at the tip before taking it into her warm mouth again and lowering her mouth down, a few strokes in, I place my hand to her head in encouragement, though only a few strokes after, she removes her mouth and sits up.

“Ok that should be enough, I'll have to wait again if I make you come and I wanna get the pain over with.” she declares.

“Ok, ok...” I chuckle, standing up on my knees. “Turn around on your hands and knees.

She does so without question, presenting her little blemish-free butt to me and her pouty, wet pussy, which I expose more as I grip her left butt cheek and pulling it from her right, also revealing her brown little anus, before I grip me dick in my free hand and guide myself to her pussy, simply touching the head of my cock to her, which she flinches from.

I give her pussy lips and few playful taps of my cock-head, just to calm her and get her used to the touch of me. Upon seeing she no longer flinched at the touch of my cock to her waiting virgin pussy, even slightly wagging her rear for more. I continue to tease her as I lift my cock, rubbing it's head against her pussy, rubbing the hood of her clit and parting her lips before I guide my cock downward hitting her clit directly. She moaned the entire two strokes of my cock, which only continued as I repeated my action, slowly rubbing my cock-head up and down her eager pussy.

I continued teasing her for nearly a solid minute and I could feel her begin to shake once again, before...

“What are you waiting for!?” she asks impatiently and with growing desire. “You're supposed to be taking my virginity, not making me come again!”

“Heh, sorry, I just wanted to make sure your nice and warmed up for me. Your close to coming again so the pain should be dulled even more.” I reply, before stopping my dick at the blocked entrance to her pussy. “Here I go, you ready?”

“Yeah...” she answers, trembling.

I begin to lean in, my cock slowly advancing and I hear her groan, before giving a quick “Ow” and her tensing up.

“Try not to tense up.” I comment, attempting to calm her as I place both of my hands to her rear and messaging her cheeks as I continue to push.

She gives another, louder “OW!” briefly moving forward, away from my cock, only slightly though before stopping and I continue pushing.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!” she repeats, ending in a loud gasp as I see and feels the head of my cock slip fully into her once virgin pussy and I stroke her back. “It hurts!”

“It's ok.” I states calmly. “I'm in.”


“Yep, I'm going to stay still for a few moments to let you adjust.

“Thanks mister.”

“No problem.”

After a few moments, I release her rear and lean over her with my hands on the bed and after warning her that I was going to move again and her ok, I slowly push in and she gasps out.

“Ow... It still hurts.”

“I know, just endure it for a little longer, this is the first time your pussy has had anything inside.”

“O-Ok...” she answers, trembling.

Fortunately for her, I soon feel myself hit the end inside her and I notice her arms trembling, before I place a hand to her head.

“Very good, I reached all the way inside.”

“Is the pain over now?” she asks.

“Not quite, I need to pull back now, that's going to hurt too, but after that, it's going to hurt less when I push back in and it'll start feeling good.”


I lift myself upright, placing my hands to her butt again and began to pull back, quickly bringing a hard groaning from her as I see her virgin blood on my dick and I can't help but smile seeing it.

After successfully pulling myself out till just the head of my cock remained in her, I pushed back in, slowly, which immediately brought a loud, long gasp from her. Once I hit the end, I pulled back once again equally slow and yet another long gasp from her.

“How does it feel now?” I ask, as I push in for the third time and her gasp transforming into a moan.

“Ohhh~, it still hurts a little, but it feels SO much better the more you move!” she declares.

“Heh, see, told you it would feel better.” I reply.

After a few slow thrusts of my dick and her continued moaning, I feel her trembling returning, before she lowers her face to the bed.

“Ohhhh~, mister it feels to goooo~d! I'm gonna come again, I'mma come on your cock!”

“Well go ahead.” I urge her. “I've already come so i'll be lasting much longer.”

The little blonde came soon after, her tight pussy squeezing my cock firmly, though she got a shock when I didn't stop, even increasing my speed a bit. Though her moans quickly began to get too loud and I warned her to cover her mouth, which she does, at leas for a little while as I continued to thrust into her tiny climaxing pussy.

To my surprise though, as tight as her pussy had become in her orgasm and spasming around my cock, the tightness was beginning to overtake the face that I had come already and I could feel that faint tingle from my cock and I began to thrust into her faster and faster, her muffled moans getting louder and louder.

Moments later, I notice her pussy not squeezing so tight, signaling the end of her orgasm, but her moans continued as I fu*ked her tiny hole. Eventually moving my hands from her butt and grabbing her around her waist tightly as I began to thrust into her hard, as though she were a grown woman, absorbed in my own pleasure her pussy was giving me.

I could hear her cry out...

“Mister stop! Ahhhh~! N-Not so hard! Ahhhh~ Y-You're being too-Nnngh, r-rough! M-Mister p-please!”

Her pleas for mercy only spurred me on, each thrust harshly hitting the end inside her, trying to fill her completely with my dick.

“OW! Nnngh! Mister that hurts! Ahhh~ You're hurting me!”

Lost in my own pleasure, I continued on and on thrusting into her warm, deliciously tight pussy. She began to cry out again, a mix between a moan and cry.

“Ahhhhhh~ Nnngh... It's t-too much m-mister! It's too muuu~ch! Nnngh! Ahhhh~ I-I can't take it! Nnngh! I'm g-gonna c-c-come again! I'm g-gonna coooome!”

Her tight hole squeezes my cock once again and I moan as I feel a pleasurable surge from my dick as my climax came and I gave one final, hard thrust of my cock, burying as much of myself into her as I could as I erupt inside her with a moan from us both as I flood her with my cum, gripping her waist tightly in the pleasure of my climax.

I open an eye and I'm briefly concerned I may be hurting her with as tightly as I hold on to her and the angle I have back in from my hips pressed firmly against her. Though I can't will myself to release her as I continued to drown her pussy in my cum, impressing me with the amount I still have given that I had already come.

An amount that was soon proven to be too much as I see a spurt of excess cum shoot out over the girls back.

Immediately after this impressive sight, I felt my climax come to an abrupt end and I'm allowed to come to my senses as I pant for breath.

Though now that I had come to my senses, I realize the painful grip I have on the girl and her vigorous full-body trembling, before I quickly release her and pull my rapidly fading erection from her over-worked, newly opened hole with a wet squelch and pop as her pussy closes tightly before loads of my cum ooze from her in large globs as her hips limply fall to the bed and my cum pooling out of her.

“Hey, are you ok?” I ask, concerned as I roll her over to her back, noticing larger amounts of my cum oozing from her from the change in position, before seeing a weak smile on her face and a glazed look in her eyes.

“Too much...” she lowly comments. “Too good... too much...” she repeats in a clear daze.

“H-Hey, come on, snap out of it.” I nervously state, lightly slapping her cheeks.

“...too much... too good...”

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