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wrote this for a friend of mine. I am a new writer, please rate and comment!
“I can’t believe I am finally here.” I sigh, pulling my suitcase into the hotel room. The trip had been planned for months, the timing had been difficult to arrange, but finally a business trip coincided with an opening in my schedule. The two days and nights that every other couple in the world take for granted would be cherished for every second we are alone, naked. “When do you have to be back at work?”

“Not until morning.” You growl in my ear and we embrace, kissing passionately, intensely as we always do. I thought things would move in slow motion, but you seem to have an agenda. I wonder if you have x-ray vision to see the contents of my bag. My dress is over my head in less than a minute, followed quickly by your pants hitting the floor. I moan as you drag your lips down my neck and pull my tits out of my bra. “God, I missed you.”

I am breathless, this is exactly what i wanted. Your hands press my shoulders and I am on my knees, in front of your beautiful, hard cock. My mouth moistens as I grab the base and pull you toward my mouth, I have to be careful, I have to make this last a long time. We have things to do. My tongue slides around your cock as I move my move my lips down, engulfing you. I hear you moan as I suck in pressing the head to the back of my throat. I gag, just a little and then you push my head further, I am swallowing your cock and losing my breath, gagging harder. I love the feeling of your cock in the back of my throat, but I need to stop this somehow. I pull up and look at you, eyes teary from the gagging. “I love you.” I run my tongue over the head of your cock and I can see you melt, you sit on the bed and pull me up to you. My panties are still on, but soaked through and as you pull me up to straddle your lap the silky, wet fabric covering my pussy rubs your cock. You start to pull my panties off and push you back. “Wait.” I breathe. “I want to change.”

“Change, what? I just got you naked, woman, come here.” You pull me back onto you, my tits pressing into you face as you try again to pull of my panties.

“We have all night.” I say it slowly and deliberately. I know you will break my resolve if you insist again. I have to get off this bed. I stand quickly, grab my bag, and run into the bathroom. I pull out my corset and crotchless panties, dress, turn to look at myself in the mirror. God, I am hot. I grab the pouch with my other equipment out of the bag and step back into the room. You are naked, laying on the bed. The sight of you makes my pussy ache. You are still hard, slowly stroking as you wait for me. I stand with a hand on my hip, accentuating the corseted curve even more.

“Well, I was going to just rip whatever you put on right off again, but I think you can wear that for a little bit.” I sigh and slink back to the bed, spread your legs and kneel between them. I lick my lips like a cat and run my lips and tongue up your inner thigh. My hands take yours and put them to your side. I look up and meet your eyes, I am taking charge, now. You shiver, visibly. I have you. I refocus my attention on your toned legs, my favorite legs. I nip slightly as I make my way to your crotch. Licking and sucking and nibbling my way up. I drag my tongue up your cock and then follow with my fingers. I wrap my hand around your cock and squeeze slightly as I work my way down your other leg and then back up. Then I scoot back towards the end of the bed and kneel again. Such a submissive position for the one in power, but I like the dichotomy. “Slide down and put your head on the pillow.” I make my eyes hard, as I ask. Its hard to not be meek around you, but it feels good to know I have control over one so powerful. I spread your legs again and pull them up. From my bag I grab my bottle of lube. You look curious. I slide back between your legs and on my belly facing your cock. I suck you a little and then make my way down, running my tongue over your cum filled balls, licking and sucking them gently. My hand grips your cocks again while my other hand slips below your balls, fingers press just underneath, rhythmically. I can hear you moan. I know I could make you cum now with a touch of my tongue, but not yet. We have a ways to go. My tongue slips further down until it touches your asshole. I expected some surprise from you, but you seemed to be expecting it. I explore you with my tongue, feel you squirm under me. I want you relaxed before I move on, so I take my time while I open the lube and drizzle it on a finger and then over your balls, letting it drip. I slowly start to replace my tongue with my finger, running in smooth circles over the outer ring, massaging you, getting you used to some pressure. My finger traces your ass for several seconds, and then I look up at your face. One lubed hand squeezes your cock and my slick finger slowly pushes into your ass, just the tip. I slide the head of your cock into your mouth as I let you get used to the sensation before I push some more. “Is that okay?” You seem too lost to hear me, but then breathe, “yeah, I’m good.” As my finger enters I turn it up and find your prostate. I hit the spot and your cock oozes precum. I lick it up and you start to moan. I start to push in a second finger. This changes the sensation and adds a feeling of fullness. With two fingers now stroking the spot, I take my hand off your cock. It bobs on your belly and continues to drip. I think you are ready, so I grab my bag and start sliding my fingers out. You look up at the interruption. “What? You didn’t need to stop..” I smile at the beg in your voice. “I need to show you something.” I pull the harness from my bag and then the dildo. “It was the smallest one they had” It was a little smaller than two finger widths and slightly rubbery. It was smooth from the tip, but slightly ridged. I had tried it in my ass last night, it felt good, not too big. The other end had a dong attached, for me, and a small nub that vibrated, when positioned properly it would hit my clit perfectly. “We are going to try it without the harness first, to make sure you like it. You need to communicate to me. I will stop if you are uncomfortable. Okay?” You swallow hard and seem fixated be my new unit. I grab the lube and generously drizzle it over the toy. I run the head around your ass, as I did with my finger, its slightly soft so it presses in a little. You moan, I hesitate, waiting to see if you are going to beg for it, but then you are quiet. Not yet, I think, but you will. I push it in. Starting slow, its tapered to a pretty small point, so the stretching and filling will come later. I hold the base of your cock with one hand and push in some more. “Do you like my cock?” I ask, staring in your eyes, watching you squirm. “Yes,” you hiss back. “Do you want me to fuck you?” “Please” Ahh.. the beg, I knew it would come. I squeeze your cock as I pull out and grab my harness. I have been practicing with angles and fitting and had become deft, I was fitted with my own cock in seconds. I thought about having you flip over onto your knees for a moment, but decided I wanted to watch you get fucked for the first time. So, I pulled your legs up and exposed your ass to me and crawled up to you. I left the vibrator off for now so I could concentrate on getting inside you. “Are you ready?” The lack of resistance in your voice is comforting. “I am ready, my love. I want this. I want you.” I look down at my strapped-on cock, pressing against your ass and start to push. As my cock enters you for the first time, the other end pushes deeper inside me, for the first time, I realize how well positioned it is. I push further and then out a little. I love watching my cock go into your ass. I look up at your face, you seem to be enjoying it too. I lean forward a bit, press my tits to you face. You suck my nipples as I push in again, a little farther this time. You moan against me. I lean back and turn on the vibrator. Your cock is rock hard and oozing again. I push in and out stroking a little faster, building up a steady rhythm. God, I love fucking your ass, watching my cock disappear inside you. I look up at you again, “You like it? You like having your ass fucked?” A moan in reply, “Yessss”. As I fuck you, the orgasm starts to build inside me. I want to cum with you and I reach for your cock. I start to stroke your cock slowly to the rhythm of my strokes. I can feel your cock swell and as I push inside in you one last time my pussy starts to twitch. I roll my hips, bucking slightly but not moving my cock from your ass. Your cock is exploding onto my corset, my tits, my face, covering me. As the final wave of orgasm leaves my body, I collapse onto your chest and then slowly pull my cock from your ass and turn off the vibrator. We are both covered in sweat, cum, and lube, but are too exhausted to move. After catching your breath you roll over and nuzzle my neck. We both whisper, “Thank you” at the same time.

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2016-02-21 22:08:43
Thank you, it's so hard to find pegging stories where romance is a factor, it's always humiliation, never love, thank YOU!

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2012-09-08 03:12:19
Wow love it my number one fantasy. Written so it flows and let's me 'feel' the situation

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