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does it even matter
I wake by the sound of the chime my phone makes when a text message is coming through. I reach sleepy over, the time says 7am and the message instructs to take a shower and make myself some breakfast. I wipe the sleep from my eyes, and get out of bed. The door to the room where I am kept is unlocked. This means he was here early this morning; it was locked when I fell asleep last night after I heard the front door creak close.

After I have finished my morning routine, put on a clean sleep shirt, and I’m done in about an hour. I’m downstairs and there is some light cleaning needed to be done from the gathering he had here last night. Sometimes he allows me to join, sometimes he keeps my locked upstairs. Last night I was kept locked in my room. There are moments after he has sent everyone else home he will come up and spend time playing with me, other times I am left alone listening as the door creaks shut. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern for when he allows me to come down, it depends on his mood and wants at the time.

Checking messages I am online, surfing the internet when he comes in. I have washed the blankets that I’ve laid on the floor and I’m kneeling on it. Master comes over to me and pets me as he takes a seat on the couch. We make small talk for a while, discussing politics, religion whatever is on his mind at the time. These are the moments when I am also a companion to him.

He begins to rub his cock, I am waiting. He pulls me by my hair close to him. It’s already hard, and ready. As my mouth covered the tip and slipped slowly down the shaft he tells me he is going to piss. I am going to drink it. I swallowed as he pushed and my throat filled with his cock, warmed by the fountain of piss that he was releasing into me. I choked, and my eyes watered, I made gagging noises. He moaned, groaned and held my head steadily until he was done. I sucked him clean and licked his balls, and kissed his cock before I pulled away. He petted me as he handed me a bottle of water to drink. I thanked him.

We continued the conversation we had started and when he had enough he stood, motioned for me to stay and walked into the other room. I could hear him getting something out of the drawers. He came back with a hood. He motioned for me to stand. I stand and he pulled the hood over my head. It left me blind and it reduced the noises I can hear. My mouth is left uncovered. I feel the tight leather training collar being secured around my neck.

It is disorienting. I am just there, not being able to see him or hear him. Not knowing what he is doing. I feel the sting of a flogger on my legs and thighs. He begins slowly, repeatedly hitting the same spot over and over again. I am moaning, beginning to cry. Tears falling down my face, but he can’t see them. I feel the callus on his hands as he rubs the welts he has left. The roughness of his skin with the softness of his touch makes this moment feel somewhat like a metaphor for our relationship.

He pushes me down to my knees. I am expecting his cock in front of my mouth any moment. My tongue slowly reaching to feel for it, but nothing comes. Instead he is pulling my shirt off leaving my body completely exposed. I am sniffing in the air, trying to catch his scent and find him. I know better than to move or reach for him. I only catch the smell of vanilla.

The searing heat from the wax dripping over my shoulder and down my breasts takes my thoughts. The vanilla is coming from the candle he is burning and dripping on me. The wax is falling on my chest. He picks up one of my breasts and begins to pour the wax directly onto my nipple. I cry and scream, moving back trying to get away. I find that he has a chain of some sort attached to the collar to keep me from moving too much.

He waits a little while, letting the wax cool and harden on my breasts. It feels like forever, before I feel him begin to peal the wax from me. He is removing it slowly and rubbing me as he does so. I am breathing slowly, just enjoying the moment. Master loves to keep my body in varying stages of bruising. He begins to wrap my breasts with a nylon rope, the kind most people would use as a clothes line. It’s rough, but not too cutting. He beings to wrap my breast at the base and pulls it tights as he comes around it moving toward the nipple. They are turning numb from the tightness of the rope. I imagine the deep red or purple color the skin is showing as well. When he has wrapped to within an inch of my nipple he ties the rope off of each breast to the d ring on front of my collar.

He then begins to pull at my nipple with his fingers, moving from one to another. I am breathing deeply, fighting to be still. He then takes one into his mouth and sucks on the nipple, pulling it tight with his teeth. I let loose a scream as he puts the clover clamp on it. Then he moves to the other. Repeating the same thing with that nipple, I scream again as he clamps it was well.

I imagine the sadistic smile he must have on his face. I am certain he would have slapped me for screaming but the hood will soften the blow, so he is contemplating other ideas to punish me. Watching me flinch in the anticipation more so than the pain, he reminds me often that most of the discomfort and pain is in my mind and not in what he does to me. I am sure that he is getting an erection hearing the chain go tight with each movement I make along with listening to the charms on my anklet sing with the slightest movement I make.
He reaches for my arm and pulls me up to my feet. He begins to walk and I follow him. He sits me on the bench. This bench has a rack of sorts attached to the back of it. He securely ties my hands and legs to the bench. Pushes a vibrator into me, then takes a crop to my pussy. He does this because he knows it confuses me. The pleasure of the vibrator and the pain the crop all at once will push my mind into a subspace that I can not define. My body is shaking from the orgasm I am about to have. I can feel it pulsing through me as though it will shatter me into a thousand pieces.

I do not remember him releasing me or removing the hood, but he must have because now I am on the floor, kneeling in front of the bench and he is telling me to lick her pussy. I am not sure who she is, or where she came from but I do not hesitate. My face is buried deep within her pussy. My mouth pulling at her clit as my tongue runs over it again and again. The coolness of the air as I breathe against her. It does not take long before her legs are shaking and she is moaning. I want to look for him, I like to watch him as he watches me. I slow down and my ass is warmed by the paddle.

I keep going, licking and sucking on her, making her moan, her hands in my hair pulling my face closer, deeper into her. I suck her, deeply. Push my tongue up into her. Listen as she screams and moans. I only stop when he pulls me back. He comes in and begins to fuck her while I lick his ass without instruction. He gasps when he feels my tongue pushing into his ass while he goes deep into her. I suck his asshole as if it was her clit. My tongue running over it, back and forth across it. Just as I hear that sound he makes before he comes, I push my tongue into him and she is rewarded with his warm cum.

As he turns from her, I take his cock into my mouth. Cleaning him up, tasting the fluids of both of them together on him. She asks if she is next. I lick and suck on him while he decides. Slowly, softly circling the tip of his cock and then brushing my tongue lightly over his balls and thighs to get every last drop of it. He pushes my head into her to clean her as well.

I start on her thighs and move slowly toward her pussy. I want to tease her, so I am going painstaking slowly. I know she wants her clit licked, so I will save it for last. I circle over her pussy moving slowly to the center. Making sure to spend a little more attention on her ass before I move to her clit. I hear Master moaning behind us. I know he is watching so I want to make sure he gets a good show. As she is moaning and groaning, telling me I am a “good girl” I am again pulled back.

Master is pushing a ball gag into my mouth. He secures it my head and then I go back to rubbing it against her, her hands guiding me back to her pussy. Master wants to limit her pleasure, but he still wants to see us play. The ball gag keeps her aroused but it doesn’t allow for the satisfaction she wants. She is starting to beg Master, she wants to orgasm. He says no. I just keep going while she continues to pout and beg and he enjoys the moment.

He taps me with his foot and tells me to go to my room. I leave, the gag still in place. I can hear them moving around downstairs. I just wait. Soon he comes up. He takes the gag and wants me to suck him off one more time. I do. He tells me I pleased him. I wonder who was flogging me, pouring wax on me but I know better than to question him. Was it him or her? Master gets up, locks my door as he leaves without another word.

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2012-10-01 07:19:04
my buddy and his friend use me over and over, i had to drink their piss and cum.

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2012-09-08 10:51:36
Umm..while I am flattered at the comment you have left...leaving an anonymous message makes it difficult to respond..

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2012-09-08 05:07:37
I am in Houston. I love this story. It is super nasty and erotic and hot. If you are the submissive type I am your master. I am 5'10 195 pounds of muscle and have a black 10 inch dick that needs to be deep in your throat. Hit me back if u wanna play.

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