A brother and sister experiment their sexual desires
The following story is a work of pure fiction. It details a sexual experience between a brother and sister. There is no correlation to anyone and the names used are not a reference to anyone in my life. Constructive feedback would be appreciated enjoy :)


My sister was born when I was five years old, so I don't remember too much of the first year or two growing up. Sam, short for Samantha, was always that type of annoying "copy the older sibling" sisters. If I was playing with a toy, she wanted it, and she would not quit until I gave it up. Of course, it was discarded a few minutes later when I moved on to something else. 

I actually did not mind my sister too much until I was about 13 years old and I started having friends over at my house. Then her constant disruptions did get me embarrassed and yes, a couple times angry. But all the same we get along on the weekends, where saturday mornings were filled with cartoons and she enjoyed sitting next to me on the couch. I always acted like the idea revolted me but secretly I did like having her there.

As I got older, my mom began trusting me more, and after her and my dad got a divorce, decided she needed he saturday nights to go meet new men. "back on the market" she called it. Yeah thats what I wanted to here from my mom right?

"Ryan, you have to understand that it does not mean I am going to forget about you, or treat you any different, but I want to find somone to love me just like your father used to" (he was always dad, when did he become "father"?) "so from now on can you watch your sister saturday nights and get to bed on time?"

Talking to a 16 year old with my harmones raging all the time, I had begun imagining parties, girls, whatever else it is popular kids were supposed to do. I was never one of them but I so wanted to be. But that was crushed when I realized my sister would still be there, and she would definately A. Embarrass me in front of my friends and B. tell mom everything that happened. Still, I wanted my mom to be happy.

"yeah mom, it's cool. I don't do much on saturday nights anyways"
She smiled that reluctant smile and I could tell she knew I was not completely happy with the arrangement.
"Thanks sweetie. You're doing me a huge favor. And I'll find a way to make it up to you" 
I put on my best fake smile, the one you use when your grandparents get you a sweater for christmas as a kid. "Nah its fine really. Me and Sam will just hang out, watch TV or something." And thus the arrangemet was finalized.

The first two Saturday nights were pretty boring and routine: "make sure your sister takes a bath, dinner is in the oven, she sleeps at 10 and not a minute later, all the emergency numbers are on the fridge, and are you sure it's ok for me to leave?" (like I'm really gonna say no as she's walking out the door)
The third night, however, was way more interesting.

Same routine: "bath, dinner, sleep, just in case, I hope you're okay with me leaving! Bye Ryan! Bye Sammy!" and I settled on the couch for an evening of TV and answering Sammy's questions about whatever movie I was watching.

It was an comedy movie, not too old, maybe about two years out of theatres. But at one point an actor said "suck my dick and go to hell" I glanced over at Sam to see if she was actually paying attention. She was looking back at me.
"you know not to say that word right?" trying to be the authoritive good role model older brother.
"I have heard it before" glancing nervously at me.
"well you still can't say it" I turned my attention back to the movie, but I couldn't help but notice that she still looked nervous, like she wanted to ask or say something. Finally, she blurted out "I know what a 'dick' is"
She had my attention once again. I half smiled. This was not the first time she claimed to know an unusual word, at least to an eleven year old. In fact, my sister seemed to know everything. I decided to call her on her bluff.
"Fine what is it then?" she looked away from me not wanting to meet my eyes.
"its what boys have that girls don't" 
I could not but laugh a little. She seemed not to know why I was laughing and just looked at me confused. 
"I guess you could say that" I offered her. She seemed a little confirmed, but just as nervous.
"It's uhh.. It's this right?" and before I could react she reached out and squeezed my dick right through my gym shorts. A little shocked I didnt react at first, but eventually I regained myself and pushed her hand away.
"Stop you shouldn't touch that" I said trying to be forceful. My blood was rushing pretty fast and my harmones racing.
"But I was right wasn't I?"
"Yes... Yes that's where my... Dick is" I said trying to adjust my sitting positions since an obvious bulge was beginning to appear in my shorts. She stared with obvious curiosity but I tried to ignore this. Unfortunately, she was not willing to drop the subject"
"Your dick is growing.." she said, only with curiosity in her voice, which somehow turned me on more.
"yes sammy, thats what happens when a guy gets... Excited. His THING grows. Its normal" i emphasized the word "thing" the last thing I wanted was for Sammy to go around saying "dick" with mom around.
"so you got excited?" 
Is that what I said?? I decided being honest was probably the better policy. "well yeah. When a girl touches it, I get excited. It feels good"

She seemed to be growing bolder as I kept answering her questions. "Can I touch it again?" my stomach did flips as I debated my answer. This was sick. This was my sister! And yet it felt good. 

Before I could answer she reached through and grabbed my shaft through my shorts again. "It got really hard" she said in awe almost. I just nodded, almost at complete will to my sister and she didn't even know it! Sam got on her knees to experiment with it some more. The sight of my sister on her knees holding my dick, wow! I was disgusted but at the same time completely turned on! She looked up at me.
"Ryan can I see it?" once again I debated my answer, but this time she waited for an answer. 
"Sure.. Just for a little" I stood up and she slid down my shorts and then my boxers. I think I have an average penis, six inches in length with a comfortable head. It sprang out immediately after being released from my boxers, and my sister took it in her hand gently. Her awkward hands gingerly explored my penis and then my balls, and I stood taking in the shaft. Finally she asked "Ryan, how do I make you feel good?" 

I was getting into this way farther than I wanted to. But I was hard and I had a girl touching my cock, so I just gave her a little instruction. "lick ur hand and then rub slowly up and down" she did what I told her and looked up at me. I closed my eyes and let the sensation take over. She seemed to get more confident and more eagerly began stroking my dick. I muttered little words here and there, mostly "keep going" or "that feels good". After a few minutes I could feel I was gonna cum, Then I realized she had no idea what was going to happen.
"sam... Sam you're going to make me cum.." 
"what's that?"
"you are going to make me feel so good that white stuff is going to come out of my dick" she had stopped stroking and I looked down at her my dick so close to cumming still held in her hand.
"so what do I do?"
"well.. I don't know. Some girls swallow it, some just.." but that was all I said. She put the tip of my dick in her lips and began stroking like before. I stroked her hair tangling it and I bit my lip as my breath got short and I gave my sister her first ever load of cum. I looked down and I could tell she was shocked by the amount that had suddenly filled her mouth but she struggled and amazingly swallowed most of it. Then she sat down and looked up at me.
"that tasted... Odd.. But I like it!" she smiled at me proudly. I Smiled back but then the realization that I had just let me sister give me a handjob sank in. 
"Sammy, no matter what we cannot tell mom.. Understand?" she nodded her head understanding.
"I already knew that.. Ryan can I tell you something?" I looked back at her  and waited for her to tell. "Well.. Sometimes I touch myself.. And it feels good... Does it feel like that for you?" such a straight forward question.
"I would think so. I mean I guess." she looked up at me and stood up. "I want you to touch me... Please? I made you feel good.. Can you make me?" once again I was speechless.

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled down her pajama bottoms and then her panties came down. I found myself completely hypnotized by my sisters bald pussy and her cute ass, underdeveloped but still sexy all the same. She walked forward slowly until she was right in front of me.

"please?.." i didnt reply I just sat down and I was about eye level with her tummy. I reached forward and began rubbing Sams pussy in circles, my eyes completely locked onto her. She began giving small moans and noises of pleasure. I kept rubbing and it was not long before I could feel her getting wet. I slid a finger inside her and her eyes opened wide and looked at me with only shock and pleasure. I began fingerfucking my sister. Just one finger, she was still very tight and I didn't want to hurt her. I could feel her moving rhythmically with my finger and I enjoyed the noises she was making.

After a while of this, the smell of her pussy juices was getting to me. Without telling her, I got on my knees and parted her legs, grabbing her ass to make sure she did not fall, and I began to eat my little sisters cunt. I had never tasted such a sweet thing. I flicked my tongue up and down and I could feel her moan changed. She began running her hands through my hair and I could not get my tongue deep enough.

I layed her on the couch and pushed open her thighs. She moaned "Ryan" a few times but I barely heard her. I was enjoying too much my sisters sweet untouched pussy. I knew she was getting close to cumming because she suddenly grabbed my head and pushed it down further into her. I could barely breathe but I kept going, her smell intoxicating me and driving me crazy. She began bucking her hips upward brushing my tongue and nose all over her, and she finally had her first orgasm, shaking and shuddering as I began lapping at her sweet nectar. She moaned more and I didnt stop attacking her cunt with my tongue until I had swallowed all my juices.
I stood up and sat down on the couch catching my breath. She looked over at me, her face looking flushed and exhausted. "Ryan did I make you feel that good?" I nodded still out of breath. 

"mmm good..." I wasn't sure what to say, but a random though hit me. we need to give you a bath.." she smiled mischeviously, got up and pulled off her top and bra. "yes big brother" i couldn't help but stare as she walked off, her cute ass bouncing ever so lightly. It took me only 60 seconds to decide what to do. I got up, and followed my little sister to see what else would happen in the shower.


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