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I must admit I love to jerk off. I’d usually do it in my room with the door locked sometimes sitting up on my bed my hand wrapped around my throbbing shaft stroking it or occasionally laying on the
I must admit I love to jerk off. I’d usually do it in my room with the door locked sometimes sitting up on my bed my hand wrapped around my throbbing shaft stroking it or occasionally laying on the bed and just rubbing myself against the bed until I felt my hot cum escape my shaft.
One particular day I was home alone or so I thought I was. My door was closed and I had stripped down to nothing. Looking at myself in the mirror I couldn’t resist touching myself and soon I found my self sitting on the bed watching myself as I stroked my shaft feeling my heart racing in my chest.
I closed my eyes and licked my lips as my breathing got louder and louder as my climax approached in a deafening rush and I was rewarded with sticky cum on my hands.
I exhaled and opened my eyes and there she stood.
My sister was a year younger than I at sixteen. She had entered the room I figure in the heat of the moment and I didn’t hear here but that didn’t matter there she was. She was leaning in the doorway a sly smile on her face and her hands on her hips.
“Well what have we here John,” I didn’t know you jacked off.
I didn’t know what to say.
“It’s okay I’m not going to say anything…”
She was wearing a white tee shirt no bra I could see her nipples hard under it. She was probably aroused from watching me. Her shorts were tight accentuating her figure. Her pure white skin seemed to glow. Suddenly I wanted her.
“Okay.” I said. I started to reach for something to wipe the cum off my hand and leg but before I could reach she came towards me.
“Let me help you with that.” She kneeled between my legs and before I could react started to lick it from my hand and inside of my thighs.
“You taste sweet you know.”
She smiled as she looked up at me licking. Some of the cum clung to the side of her mouth. I bent and kissed her licking it off the corner of her lips.
She stood shedding her tee shirt.
I pulled her pants down.
I’d never seen her pussy before. I caught a glimpse of her ass before but not her pussy. It was shaven something I kind of expected but what I didn’t expect were how large and full her lips were.
I moistened my lips again with my tongue.
“Suck me,” she said.
I obeyed parting her lips and exploring her depths with my tongue savoring her saltiness and the warmth of her pussy as she slowly moved against my tongue and my lips.
She held my hand her hands in my hair. She moaned. I knew she was cumming. She moaned louder but that only encouraged me to suck harder and with more ferocity until finally she gasped and shivered slightly staggering back against the wall.
She touched herself.
“Fuck me.”
It wasn’t a matter of if she would ask or not even after I’d already cum my shaft was hard again.
Off the bed I was up and with her body pressed against the wall I guided my shaft into her. Raising her hands above her head I held them with one of mine will with the other I squeezed her breast as I pushed into her feeling her body soft and wet around me with an occasionally tightening of her pussy.
She moaned and whispered into my ear her breath hot and moist.
“More… more…” she whispered between moans that I now became part of. It became a chorus we both sung until our bodies climaxed.
I pulled away from her. A dribble of my cum oozed down her leg. She stopped it running her hand inside her thigh then licking her finger clean.
As she left the room she said, “Bro anytime. I’m going to have a shower…"

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2012-08-03 21:49:02
way to short, basicly not worth the space it takes up.

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2009-04-14 13:27:55

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2008-11-23 01:59:58
Short and sweet! 7/10


2008-02-15 20:15:26
it has nothing to do with race you just hate people


2008-01-12 22:40:10
I found it very sexy ... But a real story would be better

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