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Part 3 Gina Series
This is my first cuckold story. Part 3 of a small wife cheating series.

Gina was very happy knowing her lover and neighbor Jake had given her a baby 3 1/2 months ago and now she wants her husband Dan to step up and be a better provider for her and her baby.

Gina made a point of telling Dan repeatedly that he needs to promote. She was no longer the dependant wife lucky to have a place to live. She realized that she has the upper hand in the marriage now, no matter what happens Dan was going to take care of her and Jake's baby from now on. She decided Dan needs to start a Harvard Law savings account.

Dan works at a university, the Dean of the University, Phil Cantervale, is his boss. Phil was responsible for a large grant dealing with laser technology. Dan knows that Phil needs someone to run the project and if he could manage the appointment he would get a nice fat raise and access to more opportunities to get ahead. This was his shot.

Dan shared this information with Gina and they devised a promotion plan; learn all that is possible about the laser project, get Phil and his wife Betty to a private pool party. Dan will show Phil how much he is interested in the project; Gina will convince Betty to back them to hopefully land the promotion.
For one week Dan visited the lab and talked to the techs about the project, Gina called Phil's wife Betty to invite them to a pool party at their house. She told Betty there was going to be drinks, bites and a masseuse. Betty quickly agreed and Dan called Phil to ask him to bring the laser technical printouts and maybe blueprints, he has some ideas to bounce off him. Phil agreed.

Betty is 38 years old, dark blonde hair that is bobbed with highlights and dark tones. She is 5'10" and a slim 135 pounds. Blues eyes and pronounced cheek bones that make her look like a model from some recent years past. Her legs are toned as well as a nice round beautiful ass. Flat stomach but she considers her breast cup size her biggest flaw it’s 32B, her areolas are dark pink approximately two inches wide and have a thick textured feel. Betty wishes she had huge knockers. She occasionally catches herself staring at big boobs at the stores and events.

Gina calls her baby's father Jake and asks him if he will come to the party and give massages to her and her friend. She explains how important it is to get the promotion for their child. "I'm sure I can make a good impression on her, and you" Jake said. Gina giggled "those good impressions put a baby in me." Jake asks "Are you saying you want me to make your friend pregnant?" Gina replies "No! just make her happy, I'm sure she will be cumming just from a massage let alone the way you man-handle a girl. If you could make her cum hard like you do me then I'm sure she will get her husband to promote Dan. Jake, she..., she is a lot like me before we started, she is bored and ignored. She will be thrilled to have your strong hands and body interested in her. Just do your magic." "OK, I'll get a table and some oils. But no bullshit jealousy games and if she doesn't want to play you're getting fucked even if she isn't." Gina smiled, "OK, damn it."

Dan & Gina Gilbert's house is a pool home - basically a large square house with a courtyard pool in the middle. A medium sized in-ground pool with hot tub. A BBQ with wet bar for mixing drinks, table and chairs along with a border of grass.

Jake set up the table putting the supplies under the table and some white privacy blinds in the far corner away from the table and chairs.

Phil and Betty parked the Mercedes in front of the Gilberts home. Phil was dressed in brown dress slacks and a powder blue short sleeved shirt complete with a plastic pocket protector and pens. Betty wore red lipstick and a red mid thigh beach cover up underneath she wore a red Brazilian cut bikini (full back but small bottom) and red high heels. Phil had no intention of going in the water but his wife was ready to party.
Betty said "This could be fun so loosen up. Have some drinks and talk to that idiot Gilbert. Listen to me, I want a massage, some margaritas and a good time. Don't fuck it up!" Phil replied "of course I won’t. Gilbert could have some ideas that co..." Betty slammed the door to the car and walked to the front door of the Gilberts home.

Gina had located a bikini that fit after several days of research. It had black and white polka dots for the top 36E and she bought two bottoms one was a black thong and the other was a full back also in black. She was wearing the thong. She choose a thin white robe to use as a cover-up. Dan was wearing a tan t-shirt and shorts. Jake was wearing a white wife beater tank top, bush pocket shorts and a black Speedo under the shorts.

Dan answered the doorbell as Gina finished making a pitcher of margaritas. She had made a double booze batch and a virgin batch with no alcohol for her to sip.

Dan escorted Phil and Betty to the courtyard. Introductions were made and drinks offered. Phil said he wasn't thirsty as he took papers from his briefcase and sat at the table. Betty's eyes flashed anger and took a large glass of margaritas to him and said "here is your drink sweetheart. Drink up; there is another coming in a few minutes."

Betty then walked over to Jake and said "So have you been working as a masseuse long?" Jake told her has been rubbing girls into submission for many years. Betty's eyes lit up and she smiled but didn't say anything in reply.

Gina let her robe fall open as she asked Betty where she got her heels. Betty looked at Gina and saw the cleavage. She didn't know who to look at, Jake's arms or Gina's huge rack. Both Jake and Gina smiled greatly back at Betty. Betty had a couple drinks and then took off her cover-up. She put her shoulders back and thrust out her chest. She took a fresh pitcher to her husband, swaying her hips as she walked to the husbands.

Both Dan and Phil were looking at the papers while talking about amps, volts and conductivity. Dan looks up to see Betty strutting her way to their table. Her breasts were bouncing as she made her way to them.
Dan saw that Betty's Brazilian cut bikini wasn't lined very well, if at all. The top had two round dark spots showing through and the bottom had a fairly large dark spot on the front directly where her public hair should be. The bikini bottom was cut low in the front. So low that he could see a few dark pubic hairs curling up and out the top of the bottoms. Betty also had a line of soft blonde hairs trailing down from her navel.

Betty wasn't happy that they weren't drinking as fast as she was. She had Phil finish his first drink and refilled the glass, setting the pitcher on the table. "I'm going to get a massage, you guys have fun and finish this pitcher, I'll bring you some more after."

Dan was sucking up to Phil and telling him his techs' ideas on how to get the most out of what they have as if they were Dan's original thoughts. Dan's big secret was he overheard two techs talking, one said the numbers weren't right on the initiation phase and he was hoping he didn't get assigned to recheck them.
Betty bounced back to Gina and Jake. Jake pulled a digital camera from his pants pocket and told the girls to stand together. They smiled, Gina took off her cover-up and they posed for a couple photos.
Gina faced away from the camera, put her hands on top of her hips and twisted her shoulders so she could look back over her right shoulder smiling her bright white smile. Showing off her beautiful round butt and the side of her huge right breast. A very sexy picture. Gina was no longer a shy mouse of a woman. She was now a powerful confident beauty.

Jake told Betty to make a surprised expression. She opened her mouth in surprise and put her finger on Gina's bikini top over her hardened nipple. Another great picture.

Dan looked over between sets of information waves and questions to Phil. He saw his wife had take off her robe and immediately saw that she was wearing a string type bottom. Her large round ass cheeks were on total display. Dan hoped Phil didn't see her. He felt that Phil disapproved of any type sexuality and he would be uncomfortable seeing Gina dressed like that.

Dan looked again and saw Betty pointing at one of Gina's too large breasts while Jake took another picture. Then Gina took the camera from Jake and snapped some pictures of Betty standing next to him. Betty pulled the cups of her top towards her arm pits exposing part of her areolas to the camera. Jake saw that these two were competing against reach other.

When Dan glanced back again Betty was taking pictures of Jake and Gina. He heard Gina yell "one more" and saw her hug Jake very tight on his left side smiling at the camera. She turned slightly while hugging him and it looked like Jake had his left hand on Gina's right ass cheek. Not only was it on her cheek but it slid down to the bottom of her cheek and his fingers slid between her cheeks. Gina was smiling very wide. Dan blinked his eyes twice and looked again but they were pulling apart. Jake had the camera back.

He must have saw it wrong. She wouldn't just smile while he touched her between her butt cheeks. No way. Must have got that wrong. Those are strong drinks she made.

Betty stared at Gina's boobs and asked them if there was any music. Gina switched on the sound system and the sounds of the top 40 filled the air. Jake asked Betty if she wanted a massage. Betty filled her glass and said "yes please."

At the massage table Jake asked what massage she would like. Back & shoulders, legs & feet, lats, pecs, or a little of it all - the works. Betty thought for a minute and said "I want you to give me the works." Jake smiled and "Great, jump up on the table, face down."

Betty settled onto the table with her face on the donut hole. Jake laid a fluffy white towel over her ass and grabbed some oil from under the table. Jake did a scalp massage and then unhooked Betty's top. He pulled it off her shoulders and then out from under her. Betty started to feel that Jake was in control of her. He worked her shoulders and back. As he got to her under arms he pushed down and under stroking her breasts. Jake pinched each nipple, pulled and stretched them as he took his hands out from under her. Jake let her nipples pop out of his fingers and they sprang back into place. Betty moaned and thought about how it hurt but it made her very excited. She wouldn't mind if he continued doing that.

Jake worked his way down to her waist and after a few minutes ran his fingers back toward her breasts. Betty moved her elbows onto the table and arched her back to give access to her hard pink nipples. Jake latched on to both nipples and rolled each in his oily fingers. Betty said "oh that's nice. Feels good." Jake pulled them and let them spring back. He then grabbed the whole breast squeezing deep. Betty gasped and closed her eyes. Her pussy lubing quickly. Jake let them go then slapped them both as he moved to her feet.

Jake moved the towel as he moved to her feet grabbing them both. He spent a couple of minutes on her feet then worked his way up legs. Jake took hold of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down. Betty murmured "ok." and lifted her hips. Jake noticed some dark hair hiding her pussy.

As soon as Betty's bikini was on the grass she spread her knees and arched her ass upward presenting her asshole and hairy cunt. Jake took a disposable razor and shaving gel from under the table. Jake dry shaved a few stray hairs growing around Betty's anus and more closer to her cunt.

Jake oiled up his hands again attacked Betty's ass and upper inner thighs. Rubbing deep, pulling them apart. Jake pushed a finger inside her asshole. Making circles and stretching it back and forth. Betty was moaning and shifting her hips around while Jake finger fucked her asshole. Her husband was only 20 feet away. Only a thin sheet was between him and his horny wife.

Jake played with Betty's ass for several minutes then pulled out his fingers and spanked her ass for several more. Betty was breathing very hard and put her right hand down to hold her clitoris while her ass cheeks turned bright red. While Betty was building to orgasm Jake told her to turn over.

Betty turned over still feeling the joy of her pending release when she felt the cool gel on her pubic hair, followed by the razor. Jake shaved her from naval to anus. He took special care near her labia lips. Jake wiped the remnants of the shaving cream from Betty's bald pussy. Jake stroked her clit with his right hand and used his left on her swollen red tits. Betty begged "oh my god, you are making me cum! Squeeze and rub me like a real man, I love it!"

Jake alternated from one breast to another turning them bright red, but no bruises yet. Jake leaned to her ear and said "you are such a slut with your husband only a few feet away." Betty looked at the privacy sheet in the direction of her husband Phil and suddenly started to orgasm strongly. Jake let go of her red tits and put his left hand over her mouth while vigorously rubbing clit. He was able to muffle her yell as her body arched and throbbed, her cunt juice running down onto the table.

Betty slowly regained her senses and redressed in her bikini. Her bald pussy felt fantastic. She was feeling very happy and sexy. Alive again. She realized that the party wasn't over, it was just the beginning. She was going to need regular massages from Jake. Maybe one more tonight. After Gina had hers Betty would ask about one more.

Betty thanked Jake and walked out on wobbly knees to Gina. She saw Betty's bright red breasts under her matching red bikini. She knew Jake had just made her cum. Betty said "Your turn. I can't wait to see what these look like after his hands get to them." "Not as red as yours I think, we'll compare." Gina walked into the massage area taking off her bikini top as she walked.

Dan happened to see Gina walk to the privacy area and saw her remove her top. It must be because of the massage. Dan was sure Jake was professional and nothing would or could happen after all Gina is pregnant and can't have sex until after she gives birth. That was nature, he was sure he read it somewhere. Probably a big disappointment if Jake hoped to try anything, besides he wouldn't dare.

Betty was feeling great. She looked over to the two sad geeks at the table. She was glad her husband Phil had sat with his back to the pool and everything. That Gilbert was weak but his sexy wife sure knows how to throw a good party. She poured herself another drink from the pitcher on the bar. It only had half left.

She decided to take the pitcher to the geek squad. Dan saw her walking towards them again. Dan asked Phil to explain why the laser had shut down on the 25th. Phil started on his thoughts while Dan looked to Betty who was almost to them.

Dan noticed she wasn't walking with the same bouncy strut like before. Her chest was very red. They looked swollen. Must be from the massage. They probably didn't bounce as much because they are swollen. Dan saw the dark spots at the front of the bikini top like before but there wasn't any spot on the bottom. Dan did see a faint dark spot or wet spot at the bottom of the triangle cloth but not like before. No fine blond hairs either. Like it was shaved off. Dan reasoned that it was none of his business what Mrs. Cantervale does and if Jake's treatments included pubic hair removal it was not his business.

Betty sat the half pitcher down and said "how's it going guys? Phil you are such a hard working man! I'm sorry we haven't been getting on lately. This is a great party Gilbert. Thank you so much, thank you for asking us to come and thank you for putting up with me when I've been so cross."

Phil was startled and said "Thank you darling. Yes well this is a fun party." As he looked at her over a stack of papers with numbers and graphs. Betty said "we are all adults here. Gina and I are going European for the rest of the day. You don't care do you Mr. Cantervale? Mr. Perfect man?" "Certainly Betty. You are being so nice. My best friend Gilbert and I will have no objections." Betty removed her bikini top and handed it to Phil.

Phil folded the bikini top and asked "why are you red there?" Betty said it was the wonderful deep tissue massage she just got. Betty turned back toward the bar and walked away. Both husbands saw her red ass cheeks and unmistakable finger marks from a spanking. Phil wondered if he had any unexpired blue pills at home, Betty was in a good mood for a change, he might be sleeping in her room tonight. Phil shot a look at Dan and said "Gilbert this will be our secret."

Betty walked into the massage area and saw a nude Gina on her back getting the hell scrubbed out of her hairless pussy and clit. Her huge tits were red, swollen and appeared to have been mauled. Gina's clit was very big. Betty stood watching, topless with both hands inside her bikini bottom. Betty noticed Gina had her right hand on Jake's erect cock stick out of his shorts and thought it looked so very good. Some veins but not too many. About eight inches but pretty fat. A real girl pleaser. Gina was squeezing that cock and orgasming. Betty saw the juice shoot out of her pussy and wanted to do the same thing. Betty rubbed her finger tips lightly and fast across her clitoris and orgasmed again.

After a few minutes. Gina was able to sit up and pick up her thong. She slid it on then picked up her top when Betty told her to leave it off. Betty walked up to Jake and said "will you do me again?" Jake said "Sure but later, let's sit in the hot tub for a while. I need a drink."

Dan watched the two topless wives walk with Jake to the hot tub and get in. Jake took off his tank top and shorts down to a Speedo swim suit. Both the girls had red breasts and asses. Next Jake started taking pictures of the topless wives. They must be all drunk. Dan didn't think it would be prudent to have topless pictures of his wife out in the public. Dan decided that rather than confront Jake and possibly get him mad he would wait and get the camera from him once the booze has full effect. It would be for his own good, he didn't want to hurt him.

The girls were posing now. Betty was holding both of Gina's breasts and making a funny face. Then Betty took a picture of Jake with both his hands around Gina's left breast pulling it up to his open mouth. Gina stood on her toes and stared into Jake's eyes for the picture. Then the pictures got a little dirty. Both girls wanted a picture of their hand in Jake's Speedo. They must have had a cucumber in there because it didn't look normal.

They all sat down in the hot tub with their backs toward Dan. Gina turned on the jets. This made even more noise in addition to the repeating top 40 on the radio. They sat one wife on either side of Jake. They laughed a lot and mostly kept their hands under water.

Dan looked over to see Betty sitting on Jake's lap facing him. Just when Dan was thinking that something might be going on Betty looked at him and sat back to the side of Jake. Betty said something and then pointed at either Dan or Phil or both of them. Dan thought 'good, sense must be returning.' Gina said something to Jake and he handed her something black. Gina took the black thing and put it underwater. She leaned forward like she was reaching for her toes and then slowly pulled her hands along her legs. She even pulled her waist upwards a little with her hands at her hips then stood up out of the water. Dan wondered if Gina had removed her bikini bottom for some reason.

Gina stood up and pulled her bikini bottom up tight again. She made a pitcher of margaritas and walked over towards the husbands. Her large wet breasts rolled slightly as she walked. Gina said "Here you go boys. Dan honey, Betty wanted to know if we would back her if she got another massage. I told her yes 100% anything she wants. If we back her she'll back us. If you agree then you need to give her thumbs up." Phil having heard the conversation but too embarrassed to look at the topless Gina said "She must like what that masseuse can do." Dan raised his right hand and extended his thumb. Betty waved back and started kissing Jake.

Gina smiled and hurried back to the hot tub. Just before sitting down in the water Gina slipped her bikini bottoms off and threw them onto the bar. Dan hadn't ever noticed before but it didn't look like Gina had any pubic hair between her legs. Gina also kissed Jake on the lips.

Jake arched his back thrusting his pelvis out of the water. A very large erect penis also thrust out of the water. Jake took a picture of Betty sucking on the head of his penis and looking at the camera. Then Dan saw his wife holding the big penis. She moved her mouth into a "O" shape. She then slowly slid the penis inside her mouth. Unlike Betty Gina was able to slide the entire thing inside until her lips were around its base. Betty clapped and yelled "oh my god, I can't do that."

Dan thought 'Oh my god, Gina is sucking this guy's sex organ right in front of me.' Dan reasoned that he could easily knock Jake out but was that the right thing to do. Gina was just trying to get the backing of Betty to secure his promotion. Betty is setting the example. What a whore Phil married. Poor Phil.

Dan sprang the big "insightful" information, the calculations don't add up. Phil said he was sure he was wrong but he would spot check 20 or 30 of them now.

Dan looked over and saw Betty stand up in the hot tub and face away from Jake as he stood with a monstrous erection. Betty put one foot on the top of the hot tub bending forward and spreading herself for Jake. Betty looked at Dan and put her index finger to her lips as Jake got behind her. Gina put her left hand around the base of his big cock and guided it to Betty's vagina.

Dan couldn't believe his eyes. His wife was putting his neighbor's big cock into his boss's wife's pussy in front of him and directly behind the boss. If Phil were to look behind him right now, there would be no promotion, no job, no house, no car, no nothing. He had to keep him occupied until its over.

Dan thought 'its not my wife. Phil's wife is being the slut. Who am I to judge her.' Dan watched as Jake deep stroked Betty for all he was worth. He watched her roll her head back and open her mouth. Gina held her left hand over Betty's mouth and softly slapped Betty's breasts with her right. Betty twitched and jerked her body and finally slid her pussy off Jake's hard penis and sat back into the hot tub.

Dan thought it was over. But Jake now had Gina bend over. She was actually smiling as he started pushing it up his wife. Dan knew that she was only doing it because of that whore Betty. Gina's face changed and got a concerned look. She bent over further and Dan watched her hands move back towards the monster that must be ripping her poor vagina to pieces. Dan thought that she was thinking about her marriage vows, how much she loves him and of course their baby. Gina reached straight back on either side of the attacking penis. Then she grabbed a handful of soft ass cheek and spread them open obscenely. She was helping the penis pound her vagina. Her face now showed the extreme pleasure she was feeling. It was at this moment that Dan realized this was the happiest he had ever seen her. He looked away and as a tear rolled down his cheek, he knew now that he could never make her that happy. Dan also found there was a reaction happening in his pants. His little soldier was standing up.

Dan knew his penis would be average in Japan or China but none the less felt some amount of shame compared to Jake. Dan pressed his hand down on his peepee as he watched his black haired wife get slam fucked from behind her huge shiny breasts were flopping up and down. Dan closed his eyes and jerked his head around as he shot his little squirt into his shorts.

He opened his eyes and looked back over to see both women laughing and pointing at him. Gina looked at Betty and jerked her head about and making an ugly face. It continued until Jake restarted pumping his penis in and out of his wife's vagina again.

Gina finally orgasmed with Betty sucking on her huge tits. Gina stiffened and just like Betty slid back into the water after a hard cum.

Phil said "found one! You are right. I'll check these other ten...." Dan was excited to hear his quess was right and now he was in a perfect position to be placed in charge of the grant.

Jake hadn't cum yet. He grabbed Betty's arm and pulled her out of the hot tub. She was still interested but no where near as horny as she had been. Jake laid down on the grass and pulled Betty down on top of him. Betty fumbled around but when Jake forced his thick veiny cock up her tender hairless vagina again she understood her function. She felt he was using her like a fuck toy. He pulled her pussy roughly down onto his up thrusting cock.

After a couple of minutes Jake rolled her onto back. He bent her legs up towards her ears. Betty could barely breath. Her shaved pussy was exposed as well as her anus. Jake, Betty and Gina looked down and watched the hard throbbing cock entering her sore vagina. Jake wanted to shoot his cum inside her open cunt.

He pushed in deep and worked it hard up the middle. He pounded her cervix with his cock for several long minutes. Building fast to a hose down. Betty whispered "Please...Cum...please...cum please...cum..."
Jake knew he was going to shoot it any second. He looked at Gina standing in front of her husband cupping her labia and staring at his cock pounding Mrs. Cantervale's vagina.

He glanced at Dan who immediately looked down. Jake knew Dan was a complete cuckold now. He was going to have Dan take pictures of Gina getting fucked and cumming on his cock by next week. Right now he was going to fill Betty's tight cunt with his baby oil. The Gilbert's baby could have a brother or sister living with the Cantervales.

Jake started to shoot his cum. Gina walked around the coupling pair taking picture after picture. She even skipped over to shoot past the geeks doing math. Betty with her feet above her head getting horse fucked and impregnated by a 6 foot 4 inch Jake while her husband Phil sits at a table.

After Jake finished he slowly pulled out and stood up. His wet penis was hanging low and happy. Dan saw Gina and Betty look at it. Gina got to her knees just as Betty sucked the drippy head into her mouth. Betty circled the base of it with her left hand and tightened her fingers. She slowly slid her hand down the cock to milk any remaining semen out. She sucked a few drops then pulled her mouth off the penis and offered it to Gina. Dan watched his wife suckle the man's penis for any remaining jism she could taste.

Phil offered the promotion to Dan. Dan accepted.

Jake jumped into the pool to wash the oil, sweat, cum and pussy juice off. Gina jumped in too then asked Betty in. She was getting dressed and replied "No thanks, I want to keep it." Gina smiled and said "it works."

They all said their good nights. As Betty and Phil walked arm in arm to their car. Betty asked "you know what cunniligus is don't you?"

Jake had most of his stuff and was ready to leave. "Hey Gilbert come here!" Jake said. Dan walked fast to him. "Yes?" Dan asked. Jake said "Gina is going to my sleep at my house tonight. You need to clean that massage table and put it inside. It got a really sticky. Next week Gina and Betty are going to a party at my place. Sense she got you a raise just now I'll make you a deal. If you get Gina a new car, I'll let you hang out and watch. Get her a nice car and I might let you take some pictures for me. Want to go?" Dan looked at the floor and softly said "yeah."

Jake grabbed Gina's arm and pulled her to him. His left hand rubbed her ass cheeks top to bottom and slipped in between. Jake said to Dan "get Gina her purse, and slip that that tub of Vaseline you have hid under your desk in your office in it. We are going to need it later." Dan wondered how he knew about that as he put the tub in Gina's purse and brought it to her.

Jake was French kissing Gina deeply when he returned. Dan also noticed Jake had his index finger inside Gina's anus and was moving it in and out. Gina looked a him and said "We watched you jerk off with your friend Phil. You are a disgusting freak." They walked out the front door.

Dan walked after them and said " uh, Jake?" Jake stopped and said "you know what a nice car is; BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar something around 80k. You should trade in your car to get the new one, you can have her Prius. And when no one else is around I don't like you calling me Jake. Just call me Sir. That's simple. Ok Danny?"

"Yes sir."

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