A brother and sister take their sexual desires to the next level
Hey there, I got a few requests for a sequel to “Saturdays With My Sister” and decided to make a part 2, although that was not my original intention. I enjoyed writing the first one, and since I received mostly positive feedback so here we go. If you haven’t read part one feel free to check it out, but the most crucial elements to the story will be summarized after the disclaimer. Be sure to comment, rate, and maybe favorite :)

First off, this story does not immediately jump into sex. I like to build up a little storyline, and if you are impatient than I am sorry to disappoint. Second, this is a complete work of fiction. It details the sexual experiences of a 16 year old boy and his 11 year old sister, so if that isn’t really what you are into, then I would recommend searching another story. Last, the characters are in no way representations of anyone that I know from my personal life, and me writing it is only for entertainment purposes. Enjoy :)


My name is Ryan Brooks. If you had asked me about a month ago, I would have said I was the average teenager. Short brown hair, brown eyes, 5’7”, give or take an inch. Average. I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and playing basketball. Average. Oh and I have a cock hungry eleven year old for a sister.

Uh yeah, let me elaborate on that. My sister, Samantha Brooks, or Sam/Sammy (I have no clue why I call her a mix of both. I think it’s because my mom still calls her Sammy) revealed to me that she has been interested in her sexuality for a few months now, which I consider unusual, but needless to say it has provided a most interesting amount of weeks for myself and her. Sammy is much shorter than me, I’d say a foot or so. She has longer brown hair, and light brown eyes. Her body is developing nicely, although I’m not too sure of the rate a woman is supposed to blossom, but I can tell she will grow up to be a very attractive specimen.

Saturday nights are the nights me and her get to experiment with our sexual desires. My mom recently divorced my dad. At least it seems pretty recent, but about six months have actually passed. So she’s taken to going out to meet new men on Saturday nights, leaving me to watch my sister by myself. I do not know whether she is “loosening up” or if she is getting desperate, but I cannot help but notice how the cocktail dresses seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I can only assume she is successful, because on Sunday morning she is almost always exuberant. Can’t say I’m not either.

But away from that, and back to MY Saturday nights. I could hardly contain my composure as my mom did her normal routine before leaving. Apply make-up, check the hair and straighten that one strand for the thousandth time, adjust her bra so her boobs stick out more, and then slip on stilettos to complete the image.
“How do I look dear?” She asked me but smiled at her own reflection in the mirror.
“Awful. Did you even try?” I smirked, knowing full well my mom looked beautiful, and she smacked me playfully. “Yeah right mister. Last time I’m gonna ask YOUR opinion” she said this but I had no doubt she would ask again next week. I followed her as she got up and walked over to the living room where Samantha was watching TV. I do not know if Sam was just as excited as I was, but if she was, she hid it very well, staring at the television with an almost bored expression on her face.

“Alright well I’m off. You know the rules, so just make sure you both get to bed at a good hour. Call your Uncle George if there is an emergency, and see you guys tomorrow.”
Sammy offered out a “Bye mom, have fun” which my mom just smiled and said “you too.” If only she knew. With that, she departed, but I listened intently for the sound of her car starting and pulling away. Finally, me and Sam were alone.

Sammy knew it too. She picked up the remote and it became quiet as the TV screen went dark. She stood and strutted over to me, that mischievous look in her eyes.
“Well big brother, you’re in charge. What do we do now?” I grinned back, and played along. “I think it’s time we give you a bath you dirty girl.” With a quick wink and a smile she walked past me and was sure to brush her hand across my crotch through my gym shorts, which I made sure to wear every Saturday night now.
“Can you come help me? You know I have difficulty scrubbing my back” she called as she was walking up the stairs towards her bathroom. She didn’t have to ask, I was already following her up the stairs close behind. Once we reached the bathroom she turned on the water and began to strip. My cock was already growing and struggling inside my shorts for freedom. When she was stark naked she turned around one full circle showing off her bare ass and small breasts. I tried to embrace her out of lust, but she pushed me away.
“Not just yet” she smiled again and stepped inside the shower, leaving the door open so I could watch the water pour over her. She covered her breasts with her arms and turned again, so I could see the drops of water falling from every part of her body. My sister knew she was torturing me, and I slipped off my shorts and briefs, not willing to encase my growth anymore. She finally opened her eyes and let her eyes fall on me.

“Oh my, you’re dirty too. Well let’s not waste water. Come in” She moved back a little and without having to be told twice I removed my shirt and stepped into the steaming shower. She put her arms around me and kissed my neck softly. She had to stand on her tip toes to do so, but even so there was no awkwardness in this. My sister was becoming quite the tease.

“So big brother. Do you need help too?” She took my dick in her hand and began stroking back and forth. It was standing straight out poking her waist just above where her lightly fuzzed mound was. I simply nodded. As always, she had me in her control, and she was starting to learn how to use it to her advantage. Agonizingly slow, she put her tongue on my chest and trailed downward across my belly until she was eye level with my stiff shaft. She began to take her time licking up the bottom, then the side and focusing on the head, putting it just past her lips to flick her tongue around it, before popping it out with a sigh. All I could do was try to keep my breath steady as her wet lips worked me good. She looked up and our eyes met, and I knew she could see all the lust and desire I had in that moment. Her lips parted in her devious grin again, and then she took most of my member in her mouth, moaning on it so her warm breath blew across my dick wet with water and precum. I groaned past my gritted teeth and played with her hair as she began sliding it in and out of her mouth.

I felt one of her hands embark up my thigh and find its way to my balls, where she started rubbing and lightly squeezing. I was in heaven, pushed beyond ecstasy. I ran my heads through her wet hair and she only moved faster, trying to get the last inch in her mouth. The sensation caused me to lean back on the cold tile wall, where the feel of it on my hot skin sent shivers down my spine. It was only a matter of time.

Sam was getting better at oral sex, and before I knew it, had managed to push the last inch in her mouth and I could feel my dick pressed against the back of her throat. I braced myself against the wall and let out another groan of pleasure, and she tried to keep her lips wrapped tightly around the base of my dick. But finally with a loud gasp she released my member and took a few seconds to breathe. It wasn’t long before she took it back in her mouth, and I knew I wasn’t far from cumming.
“Sam.. I’m gonna cum..” She looked up at me but didn’t stop moving her head faster and I could feel her suckling wanting me to fill her mouth. I held it as long as I could, not wanting this to end, but eventually released my load in her eager mouth. The first burst she swallowed but then she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let the next spurt all over her chest and tits. I moaned and knew in that moment I would never see a sexier sight. My sister squatting down, covered in my cum and hornily putting my dick back in hoping to clean up what was left. The shower washed away my sperm too fast for my liking, but she stood up and like before, rubbed my dick, which had refused to go flaccid.

“Mmm Ryan? I want you to fuck me..” this wasn’t the first time she had asked me for this. I was sorely tempted to actually, but knew that it was a step further then I had ever expected to go.
“No Sammy, you don’t, trust me. You could get pregnant, even if that seems impossible. It’s better not to risk it.” I kissed her softly and she nodded her head, already having known my answer before she asked the question. She was still handling my dick tenderly, which was good since I was still sensitive from my first orgasm. Then she said something to which I had never considered, nor had I thought my sister even was aware of.
“Isn’t there.. one way you could… where I wouldn’t get pregnant?” And I knew what she wanted. I was still a little stunned at having heard it come from my sister. “Do you mean…”

Without a word she turned around and touched her toes, presenting her tight little ass to me. She wiggled it teasingly and although I couldn’t see it, I could only imagine the mischievous grin on her face. Slowly I reached my hands forward and grasped her cute little ass cheeks, opening them slightly to expose her tiny asshole. I was doubtful of her ability to take it, no matter how strongly I desired it.
“Is this what you want Sammy?” she nodded her head and replied with her soft voice “I want you to fuck me…” I bent down a little and licked her ass, covering it with some saliva. It honestly didn’t taste much like anything, just.. like Sam. Then I very gently put my head by her entrance and pushed forward slightly. She straightened up more placing her hands on the tile for support and I could hear her gasp in obvious shock and distress, so I stopped. “Are you ok?”

Her voice was fast as if she was out of breath. “Yes, yes please Ryan don’t stop.” I was still unsure but I pushed more in and she groaned again loud, her noises echoing off the shower walls. It was a tight fit, but I was impressed I was able to get more than half of my cock buried in my sister’s ass. I began moving, very slowly, but I could feel her ass muscles clamped down on my cockhead, as it dragged back and forth. Slowly, however, I could sense the change, her whimpers and cries turned from those of pain to those of pleasure. I eased myself in and out, and soon she was thrusting her ass back towards me. I placed my hands on her hips and couldn’t help but watch her ass repeatedly swallow my dick and then out as I pulled away from her.
As I moved faster, I could feel her breath go short, and her legs started shaking. I kept going, keeping the pace, and I could hardly believe when she gave a loud cry and her whole body shuddered. She reached down and rubbed her pussy hard and I could see when she brought her hand back up, it was glistening with juices from a fresh orgasm. I kept going and she was moaning uncontrollably, little glimpses of words but none making much sense. Finally I could feel myself building up to cum again.

“Sammy… gonna cum again…” I grunted between thrusts. I wasn’t willing to pull out, her tight ass felt much too good for me to pull out now. She just nodded and I could hear her struggling to catch her breath. I finally poured my seed in her anus, thrusting deep and she lifted her head up with a loud moan again and I felt her body rock with another orgasm. I kept my dick inside the warmth of her anus for a long time and I could feel my cum making its way slowly down her legs and mixing in with hers. Finally I pulled out and she let out a content sigh.
“Thank you brother…” She smiled sweetly at me and I smiled back. She kissed me long and happy, and then we began to clean each other off.

I could tell she was exhausted when we got out. Truth be told, my mind was racing, trying to permanently etch every detail of what we had just done so it would forever be there.
“I’m gonna go lay down in my room Ryan. Goodnight.”
“What about dinner?” I called as she walked into her room.
“You can bring it up to me later” and with a smile and a wink, she closed the door behind her.

Thanks for reading guys. As always I appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer, positive or negative, but please make it constructive :)


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