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THIS IS A ROMANCE STORY, NOT JUST HUMPING AND FUCKING ALL THE TIME. Constructive critism always welcomed. Negitive comments can be kept to yourself.
My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 9 – Tuscaloosa Trip, First Christmas with the Family

Characters Introduced

Sophia, 18 5'4, white Dirty Blond hazel eyes 36D breasts, long swan-like neck
Becca, 16 5'6, white Red Hair with Green eyes 36C breasts
Martha, 35 5'4, white Blond with Blue eyes 36D breasts
Victoria, 17 5'6, white Blond with Blue eyes 36C breasts
Candy, 14 5'4, white Blond with Blue eyes 34B breasts
Cynthia, 14 5'4, white Blond with Blue eyes 34B breasts
Alileen, 12 5'2, white Blond with Green eyes 32C breasts
Alexis, 12 5'2, white Blond with Green eyes 32C breasts
Calla, 10 5'0, white Blond with Green eyes 30A breasts
Cam, 10 5'0, white Blond with Green eyes 30A breasts

Fred, 21 6'7, Black Mover friend of Ben's, 13” cock with 4” width
Jerry, 24 6'4, Black Mover friend of Ben's, 12” cock with 3 ½” width
Omar, 25 6'6, Black Mover friend of Ben's, 14” cock with 4 ½ ” width
Abdul, 23 6'3, Black Mover friend of Ben's, 12” cock with 4 ½” width

Ben and Becky are heading down to Tuscaloosa while Tiffani and Janet prepare to take Renee to get surgery to repair her injuries suffered while held in captivity. Ben receives a call while on the road to meet his new college slaves. He has the listings of houses that Liz prepared for him. The phone call is from the head of the mercenaries saying that the first shipment will be arriving in two weeks for his approval. He tells Becky, “That was the mercenary that is taking care of Renee's captor in Mexico. He says we should see a shipment soon”. Becky asks “Shipment of what?”. “Proof of the suffering of the bastard that abused Renee. Apparently his women are not doing very well”.

They drive to Tuscaloosa and check in to the hotel. They call Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin and tell them what room they are in. Leslie is going to come over in a couple of hours after her last class, Kaitlin in the morning she doesn't have classes and Laura will come over the next day.

Leslie arrives at the room, she walks through the door and immediately undresses and tells her Master and Mistress that she misses them. Becky kisses her and then takes her over to her new master. “Master, I really missed you. It has been six weeks since I was last with you and am really really horny” Leslie says. Ben reaches between Leslie's legs and inserts a finger in her pussy, “You are dripping wet and your remembered to keep you pussy shaved.” Ben then puts Leslie on the bed and starts sucking her juices out of her pussy. Leslie reacts by bucking her hips and purring like a cat. “I love it when you suck my pussy Master! Mistress can I suck on your pussy, Please” Leslie says. Becky walks over and gets on the bed and straddles Leslie's face and Leslie starts to suck on her pussy. Becky looking at Ben with a smile as she is starting to really enjoy her slaves ministrations. After about ten minutes Becky starts cuming into Leslie's mouth when she is done coming Leslie says to her Mistress “Now I know why Master loves eating pussy, your cum is delicious Mistress”. Ben has a mouthful of Leslie's cum in his mouth and gets on top of her and kisses her deep with an open mouth. He pushes her cum into her mouth while they suck on each others tongues. He then starts down her body kissing her neck then sucking on her nipples. BIG FELLA is fully erect and Ben inserts him into her very moist pussy. “UGH God that is what I need, Master, Not to deep I don't want to hurt our baby Master”. He pumps her pussy tapping her cervix but not going through, he retreats a little and then continues to pump. “Master, will you cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum” Leslie asks.

Ben “My love, you can have whatever you want. I love you and you are mine”.

They fuck for over two hours until he exits her pussy and cums on her mouth almost over filling it. Becky then kisses Ben and then Leslie. The two share their Master's cum. “I love you too so much, Master when you are ready again, your slaves ass needs attention also”. The fuck the rest of the day. After they have Chinese food delivered and have finished eating it they lay down in the bed and discuss their future.

Ben “Leslie, tell me about your family. Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

Leslie “I have one sister, she is fifteen and will turn sixteen in February. Her name is Laurie. My mom and dad were high school sweethearts, their names are Bill and Vivian”.

Becky “Is your sister beautiful as you are”.

Leslie “Yes she has red hair like mine and my mother's. Her eyes are blue like my father's. She has nice breast like me 34C's my moms are 36D”

Ben “Does you father treat you and your sister right?”

Leslie “Oh, yes Master. He is really nice to us. He corrects us when we make mistakes but he never abuses us. He loves my mother, I sometimes hear them fucking when my sister is away at a friends house. My mother is very vocal when she has sex”.

Ben “Now I know where you get it”.

Becky “Is your sister a virgin?”.

Leslie “Yes, I believe so. She hasn't had any boyfriend's that I know of. We are very close, I miss her”.

Ben “What do you know of the other college girls?”.

Leslie “Marty and Mary are the only ones left that are still pregnant. I will call them and setup a time for you to meet them if you want. Master, are you going to make my sister one of your slaves also?”.

Ben answers with Becky smiling “Leslie, I will not force anybody to be my slave. I want to meet with Marty in three days and then Mary on the fourth day. I need to setup appointments with a local OB/GYN and get you girls check out. I will have them send the bills to me of course. Would you like me to make your sister my slave? I would bring her down here if I did. Your father would have to let her go”.

Leslie “Only if you and Laurie both want it. I will tell her how good of lover you are. Of course if you show her BIG FELLA she might either get scared or fall in love with him. I am in love with you Ben not your enormous cock. You make me feel special, warm and loved. All I want to do is to please you and my Mistress”.

Ben “You already do, Leslie, you already do!”. Leslie shows her Master and Mistress a picture of her family from her phone. Becky smiles and says “You have a beautiful family, Leslie”.

Leslie “Thank you Mistress, I have two very beautiful families now”.

Ben “I plan to have all my girls with me for Christmas, we should get a picture of our whole family together. Would your parents like to join us? I want to fly up and meet them when finals are over, where in Michigan are you from?”.

Leslie “Sault Sainte Marie it is on the border of Canada, very cold in the winter and very white. My parents are originally from Chicago. Neither of my parents, parents are alive. It is just the four of us, Master, Please”. She turns over and lifts her ass up and separates her ass checks. Becky goes and gets the anal cream. Ben presses BIG FELLA through her anal ring to a UGH response from Leslie. She pushes back and Ben smiles. With long deep strokes he starts pumping in and out of her sweet ass. Leslie grunts encouraging words to her Master and lover as he continues to plow her ass. After about forty five minutes he climaxes and Leslie says “Stay deep in my ass, I want to sleep with you too with you in my ass Master”.

They sleep good that night, three lovers snuggling together. Every couple of hours BIG FELLA would stir and get erect, Leslie would smile in her sleep and moan. The next morning she kissed Becky and Ben awake, told both of them that she loved them.

Leslie rubbing Becky's belly “How is Ben Jr. doing, Becky?”. “He is doing great, doc did a sonogram on my belly and you can definitely tell he is a boy and is a chip off the old block”.

Ben “Kaitlin is coming over this morning and Laura tomorrow. I have scheduled three appointments for Monday for the three of you with the OBGYN”.

Leslie “OK, Master. I am suppose to go back to Michigan in two weeks, will you come up and meet my family. I want to tell them I am pregnant and that I will be moving in with you in May after school lets out”.

Ben “We can arrange that, I will fly up there with Becky and tell your parents everything they need to know. I am going to be looking at houses this week for the three of you to live in while you are down here at college. Somewhere we can meet without going to an hotel. I am going to look this weekend if you want to go with us”.

Leslie “That would be great as long as we come back here and have sex later, I want as much time with you two as I can get”. Ben gets out of Leslie's ass with a pop, he kisses her and goes to the bathroom, when he comes back he watches Leslie and Becky make out. “I have never had lesbian thoughts before I meet you, it just feels right to love you Becky”. “It feels natural to me also Leslie, I love all my sister slaves as does our master”.

Ben comes back to bed and gets in between his girls, both pregnant one more obvious than the other. They start kissing Ben and then working their way down to BIG FELLA. The start licking and sucking on the shaft and then lick the head. Two tongues working their way around BIG FELLA, they look up and see that this pleases their master and continue. “I am thinking about having a tattoo put on the bottom of BIG FELLA that reads “Property of Becky” what do you think about that”. Leslie responds “As long as you share with the rest of us, it sounds wonderful to me. I know Master consults you and you to are partners. I am a willing servant to you, I love you two and trust you with all that I have or will have”.

Ben “We will never betray your trust, have you ever thought about being with another man other than me Leslie?”. Trying to feel where her desires are.

Leslie “I want and need only you Master, as long as you keep feeding me BIG FELLA, I will be one happy and satisfied woman. If you want me to be with another man, I will obey your orders. I know they will be clean and disease free”

Leslie takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts to deep throat him until she makes her Master cum down her throat. “Now that is what I call a great breakfast” Leslie tells her lovers. Becky says “I love the taste of cum in the morning, it taste like … VICTORY”.

Leslie looks at Ben “Apocalypse Now, that is a line sort of from that movie”. They laugh and they hear a knocking at the door. Becky gets her robe on and looks through the peep hole. She turns and smiles at the two lovers in bed and then opens the door and lets in Kaitlin.

Kaitlin walks through the door and when it closes she strips, she kisses Becky hello and then goes to her Master. “God, I love you and miss you. It has been to long Master”. Ben pulls her up to his face and licks her shaven pussy. “Damn you are wet with anticipation, my sweet little pussy is ready for me” Ben states. “Master, I am ready for you anytime you want me. I want BIG FELLA in my little pussy stretching it out” Kaitlin replies. She grabs an erect BIG FELLA and guides him into her pussy and she pushes down until he reaches her cervix. “AHHHHH, that feels so good MASTER!”.

Ben “You are going to have a Cesarian section. I do not want that vagina stretched out in child birth”. “Thank you master”. “Kaitlin, I love you! You gave yourself so completely to me in Hawaii. You gave me your gift, your virginity”. He turns his little lover over and makes love to her sweet and gentle. He pushes deep inside her pussy and she moans with every stroke as he pull BIG FELLA out you see her vagina gripping his cock. “OH, you are so sweet and tight, I love this pussy. Becky I wish you could feel it gripping me”, Ben states as he continues to stroke her pussy and builds up speed. He is careful not to penetrate her cervix, He lets out a moan and then a torrent of semen comes out. Kaitlin wraps her legs around her Master and tells him “Stay inside me my lover, I love it when you are inside of me” The three of them lay there talking about school and her aunt Beth.

Kaitlin “Aunt Beth is pretty blond with deep blue eyes and 34D breasts, Master. I hope she likes you. I want my family to be together, you and Becky are as much my family as Beth is. I love my aunt she took me in and cared for me, but I am in love with you Ben. I love you with all my heart. I want to be a good wife to you, just like Becky does. I love you too Becky”. Becky and Kaitlin kiss passionately. I wish I could stay like this for the rest of our lives Kaitlin says to Ben and Becky. She kisses Ben and then starts to squeeze BIG FELLA with her pussy muscles.

Ben “Are you trying to get BIG FELLA hard again, if so, try deep throating him”. Kaitlin takes BIG FELLA out of her pussy and then starts to suck on the head and then starts to push it down her throat. As she does that Becky starts to eat Kaitlin's pussy, after a short time Kaitlin climaxes into Becky's mouth. Becky then sticks her tongue as deep as she can inside Kaitlin's pussy. Kaitlin feels her tongue and she starts to clamp down on it and rock her hips. Kaitlin is working BIG FELLA in her throat and the head is bulging out her throat as it goes up and down she remembers to breathe through her nose. She works his cock for a good thirty minutes before he comes down her throat and into her stomach. She takes a limp BIG FELLA out of her throat and tells Ben “Master, that is what I call a good lunch”. Ben asks her how she is doing with the pregnancy and that he is going to take her, Leslie and Laura to the doctors on Monday. He has setup an appointment and an account that will be billed directly to him. He wants them to make regular appointments every month to see the doctor and make sure everything is OK.

Ben rubs her belly and tells her that giving him a child is the most precious gift that she could ever give him. “Master, when I am done with school I want to give you more babies. As many as you would like”. Ben tells Kaitlin that this weekend the five of them are going to look at houses in the region so that they can all live together and that when he comes down to visit them he has a place to stay without prying eyes.

“Master, can I sleep with you too tonight? I really want to be close to you for as long as I can before you go back home” He tells her yes and she curls up next to him with her body on his she whispers in his ear “I love you with all my heart, Ben” and she falls asleep. He lays there with her as Becky gets off the bed and goes to the bathroom and comes back and snuggles with her husband on his other side. “I really think she loves you deeply, Ben” Becky says. “You know it is really going to be hard to send her back to Tuscaloosa next fall after she has her baby. I love her so much it would not take to much to convince me on keeping her with me always”.

“Master, that sounds good to me. I was thinking about becoming a nurse. I could look at nursing schools in Birmingham that way I could be closer to the two of you. And yes I do love both of you and Ben Jr. also” Kaitlin says. They lay there in bed for a good four hours talking, Kaitlin show Ben a picture of Aunt Beth and they both say she is beautiful. “I would like her to be a slave also, to feel your love and compassion Master” Kaitlin states. “I will not force her. I would like to meet her at Christmas at the Mansion. I am planning on you, Leslie and her family, Laura & her mother to be there also. I want to spend the holidays with all of my family. You can meet Nikki my daughter, you will like her” Ben says.

“I did not know you had a daughter, where is she?” asks Kaitlin. “She is in boarding school for another two weeks and then she comes home for three weeks. She is going to be surprised by how the family has grown since she went to school in the summer”. Ben replies.

Becky “I met her the first couple of days I was with Ben, I like her. I called her and told her that I was marrying her father and she already knew from the moment she saw us together. I fell in love with Ben almost instantaneously”.

Ben “She gave herself completely to me. I love Becky more than life itself. I love you too but it is just a little different. I hope you understand and are not jealous of my relationship with Becky”.

“Master, I love you and will take whatever you give me. I love Mistress Becky, as a lover, a friend and a companion. We all love you and each other. Becky made that very clear to us all that we as slaves love each other and take care of each other. Speaking of that, I am a little hungry” Kaitlin says.

“What are you hungry for Kaitlin, I will order delivery and have it sent up!” Ben declares.

“What I am hungry for is right here”, she reaches over to Becky and spreads her legs and starts eating her pussy. “Master, will you fuck me in my ass while I tend to Becky?”.

Becky gets BIG FELLA hard and Ben gets the lube form the nightstand and puts it in Kaitlin's ass and inserts BIG FELLA with a plop. Kaitlin raises up “That is what I needed, a good asshole stretching”. She continues to suck on Becky's pussy making her climax three times before Ben cums deep in Kaitlin's ass. Ben lays next to his two girls.

“Do you girls want to go out or eat here?” Ben asks.

“I would love to take a dip in the pool, but I do not have a suit with me”. Kaitlin says.

“I have a couple with me and I brought Masters banana hammock with us” Becky says with a smile.

“I am glad I do not have to wear that thing at home. We all swim nude because we are always naked in our house. Hopefully we will be in the new mansion by September. I want my whole family under the same roof. Kaitlin you will have a room there. I hope to spend a lot of time in your bed with Becky”. They all get up and take a shower together. The girls was every inch of their master's body. It is so sensuous the three of them washing and caressing each other. They get out and dry off get their suits on. Becky's suit on Kaitlin is a little tight on the top, but otherwise it is fine.

The three of them go to the pool arm in arm. All the black men are smiling as they see Becky's tattoos and they know what the Queen of Spades means. The white women by the pool look at Ben as he takes off his shorts and is in just his white banana hammock. BIG FELLA is positioned to the right and is resting on his hip and their mouths are open and look astonished at his size. A couple of teenage girls come up to Kaitlin and Becky while they are swimming and ask them a couple of questions about Ben.

“Is he your lover, I see that you are pregnant?” one girl says.

“Yes he is our lover, and he is amazing”. Becky says

“I see his cock in his suit, it looks huge. How big is he?” another girls says.

“He is 16 inches long and 5 ½” wide and he knows how to use it” Kaitlin says.

Ben gets into the pool and swims over to his girls and asks them “What are you girls talking about? I think I know”. The one girls swims over to Ben and straddles him, “We were asking your girlfriends how big your are?” She then puts her hand down between her legs and feels BIG FELLA.

“I am here with my family, I am 16 and would love for you to take my virginity tonight”.

Ben looks at Becky and then shakes his head “My dear, I don't think I can do that right now. I have too many, way too many girls. By the way, this is my wife Becky and this is Kaitlin our lover”.

She tells him “My name is Becca, I am a senior in high school outside of Birmingham. I am here looking at the University with my mother. She is upstairs taking a nap. It is a toss up between Alabama and UAB. I will give your wife my number in case you change your mind”. She swims off with her friend as they exit the pool her friend asks her would she have slept with him. Becca tells her “I am going to sleep with him eventually, I want that cock inside of me”.

Becky hears this and comes over to Ben “Sweetheart, you don't even have to fuck them to make them want you”. Ben whispers in her ear “It is this fucking banana hammock you got me in”. I am getting out and going to the room. I am going to take Kaitlin up there and fuck her brains in before dinner. I am horny as hell now” Ben relies to his wife, he goes over and whispers in Kaitlin's ear and it almost looks like they are running out of the pool area. They get to the room and start making love. After they are done Kaitlin asks Ben “Lover, you really gave up having sex with that virgin for me and Becky?”. “Kaitlin, I love you and all my ladies. I really really do not need anymore girls to satisfy. Although Becky is really making it hard for me”.

Kaitlin kisses her lover and rests on his chest. She continues to fondle BIG FELLA as Becky enters the room. She is smiling at the two lovers and takes off her bathing suit. She goes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. “Ben, I love you and love sharing you with all of our girls, you are just so amazing that I think every girl should have a chance at the BIG FELLA experience”.

“My Darling Little Angel, I love you, BUT I need to focus on loving the women I have. Not acquiring more women. I want to satisfy you and Kaitlin and the other women also. I need to spend quality time with all of you. I want to express my love to all of you, not just fucking all the time”. Ben states as he picks his wife up and puts her on the bed next to Kaitlin. He starts to suck on her breasts, kiss her belly and the he sucks on her pussy making her climax hard. He then inserts a hard BIG FELLA pushing all the way up to her cervix and then back out. He does this about twenty times before flipping her over and putting her on her knees. He pushes BIG FELLA into her ass and makes her scream in joy. He fucks her for about twenty minutes before he takes it out and cums in both of his lovers mouths.

Ben “That was an appetizer before dinner, Let's get dressed and go out to eat. Where should we go eat Kaitlin?”.

“The Crimson Cafe on University Blvd is really good” Kaitlin says and they go shower.

The go eat and many people know Kaitlin from school, she introduces Ben and Becky as her lovers. They smile and nod as they leave they look at Kaitlin with a questioning look and she responds “I am eighteen and really do not care if they do not approve of who I love. I love both of you very much”.

They finish their meal and leave. In the car Kaitlin asks Ben “Master, can I change my last name to Barnes. I know you cannot marry me, but I would still like to have your last name, our children will have your last name”. Ben looks at Becky and they say sure. At a stop light she kisses her Master on the lips and tells him she loves him and then kisses Becky and tells her the same. They go back to the hotel and watch a movie on demand and snuggle in bed. The girls are massaging BIG FELLA, making him erupt after the movie on Ben's belly. The girls look at each other giggling as they start to lick the cum off of their Master. Ben shakes his head and then tells them to go to sleep. They sleep snuggled together as both girls kiss and love on their master. They kiss each other goodnight.

Then next morning they awake, “I have not slept that good in a long time” Kaitlin says. “Laura is coming over today right? Marty tomorrow and then Mary. We should all go out to “The Cypress Inn”. We need to make reservations today”.

Ben “OK, I will make the reservations today. Yes that is the order and Laura should be her by noon” “Good, I got time to take a ride or two on BIG FELLA” Kaitlin says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Becky goes get Ben's pills and gives them to him as Kaitlin starts to mount Ben and push BIG FELLA into her lubed ass. “UGH, UGH. God BIG FELLA feels sooooo good in my ass”. She rocks back and forth and kisses Ben. “UGH, UGH You make me feel so good, Master”.

When Ben finally cums Kaitlin collapses on her Master's chest ash she keeps BIG FELLA in her ass. Kaitlin tells her lover that was good. She gets up to go to the bathroom and BIG FELLA exits her ass with a loud plop sound. Becky gets a wash cloth and holds it on her asshole as she walks to the bathroom. “Master, you really put a load inside me this morning”. Kaitlin says as she gets into the shower, Ben gets up and heads to the shower and they wash each other before having sex and having to wash each other again. While they are doing that Laura has arrived and is naked in the bathroom and says “Master, Can I have some of BIG FELLA?” He gets out and dries off and takes his lover to bed. As they kiss he tells her that he missed her and that he loves her. He rubs her belly and tells her everything will be OK and that she will be taken care of. “Master, All I need is your love. I am going home and tell my mom Joyce that I am in love and am pregnant with my lovers baby”.

“I want to meet your mother and reassure her that I love you and will take care of you and our baby! This weekend we are going to look for houses for the three of you to live in. Hopefully Marty and Mary will join us. I have setup an appointment for the five of you with an OBGYN in the area” Ben tells Laura, “Can you make it to my house for Christmas in a couple of weeks? Kaitlin is coming with her aunt, I am going to Michigan to meet Leslie's family and hopefully they will come home for the holidays”.

“I will ask my mother, when I talk to her next. I will tell her in person that I am pregnant with my lovers baby. She might be shocked when she sees you and all our lovers at your mansion” Laura says as she starts to kiss him and rub his head “You need to shave, let us do it for you Master”. Laura says as she takes Ben to the bathroom with Becky and Kaitlin. They have his head, beard, chest and finally his groin. “Master, we love it when you are smooth and devoid of hair”. She takes him into the shower and rinses her Master off and then dries him off. She rubs her hands over his body and then rubs moisturizer on him, starting with his shoulders then chest and arms. Laura works on the front and Kaitlin works on his back. When done with his upper body they start to work on his legs. They put moisturizer on his legs starting and his feet and then working their way up. Kaitlin puts the cream on Ben's butt checks and then parts his ass and rims his asshole as Laura starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Laura looks up into her Master's eyes as she works BIG FELLA down her throat. Ben looks into her lovely deep blue eyes as she works his cock back and forth going deeper and deeper. Kaitlin sucks her Master's large testicles one at a time. After about thirty minutes, Kaitlin puts to fingers into Ben's ass and starts to rub his prostate and he erupts a torrent of cum down Laura's throat. Kaitlin continues to milk his prostate as Ben comes continues to cum and cum and cum. She makes him climax for a good ten minutes before his balls are drained. “Damn, Kaitlin you milked him dry!” Laura says after taking BIG FELLA out of her mouth. Becky gets Ben's supplements and gives him ten to refill his balls.

Kaitlin and Laura take him to the bed, they rub his muscles and kiss every inch of his smooth muscular body. They take BIG FELLA and start licking and sucking all sixteen inches of him the work BIG FELLA as Ben motions to Becky to come over and she straddles his face and is getting eaten while the other girls work BIG FELLA. Laura gets on top of BIG FELLA and pushes it deep into her wet pussy. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA making her pussy stretch and Kaitlin watches as Laura's pussy is gripping the large cock as it goes in and out of her pussy. She rides Ben for two hours before BIG FELLA swells and she gets off of him and Kaitlin takes BIG FELLA down her throat and sucks his load down.

“Lets call in for some pizza, I don't know about you guys but I am very hungry” Ben says as he orders what the girls want. They eat the pizza and sit around and talk about where they want their lives to go. Laura says she wants to be a teacher, Kaitlin tells Laura that she plans on becoming a nurse. They all takes showers and they get ready to go out, Ben wants to see the college town. They drive for a while and then decide to go to see a movie. They sit in the theater with stadium seating and lift the arm rests. Becky to Ben's right and Laura to his left. They sit in the back row. As the movie begins Ben feels Kaitlin who is in front of him on her knees unzip him and she releases BIG FELLA. Kaitlin gets BIG FELLA hard and then turns around and Ben inserts his cock into her ass, she winces as BIG FELLA is pushed past her anal ring and deep into her rectum. Kaitlin watches the movie while riding BIG FELLA, she climaxes and gets off and Laura gets on top of BIG FELLA and inserts him into her ass. Kaitlin puts her panties back on and kisses her Master. “I love you, Master”. Laura is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA she leans over and kisses her Mistress and gives her a french kiss. Laura then leans back on tells all three of her lovers that she is in love with them and can't wait to raise their children together.

They go back to the hotel and go to the room and strip. Ben then takes each one to bed and sucks on their breasts and nipples. He kisses each and they each take turns caressing each other they lay there in bed the rest of the night. Each knows that they are loved. They sleep holding each other, in the morning Ben wakes each one by sucking on their pussies until they climax he tells each one to cum into the pillow so that they will not wake up the other girls. After all three are awake they cleanup and head out to breakfast. When they head past the front desk, Becky asks for the room to be cleaned that morning.

“Those sheet really need to be cleaned, smells like sex, a whole lot of sex” Becky says as they get into the vehicle. The go to a local diner where they eat breakfast and they watch as a man and a woman get into an argument and he hits her across the face. They leave the restaurant as Ben and his girls get ready to leave. Ben notices in the parking lot that the man is beating the girl pretty hard. Ben looks at Becky and he goes over and stops the man from beating the girl.

Stranger “What the fuck do you want? Mind your own business Nigger”. The girl has bruises all over her. Ben starts to beat the man unconscious and then calls the police. The police arrive and Ben tells him what he saw and the girls back him up. The manager of the diner tells the officer that the guy was beating up the woman in the restaurant and then he left.

The ambulance comes and looks over the girl. She has just bruises and a few scraps. Becky asks her after the ambulance leaves “What is your name?”

“My name is Sophia, that asshole is my abusive father. My mother died a few years ago and it is just us. I wish I could get away from him and my life” she says.

Ben and Becky talk and then Ben asks “How old are you? Do you have any other family that you can go to?”.

Sophia “I am eighteen, and I have nobody else”.

Becky “Come with us, my husband and I will get you a hotel where we are staying. We live outside of Birmingham, near the Georgia border”. Having no other place to go she gets in and they go back to the hotel. Ben gets her a room next to his. They go to the room and Sophia takes a shower. As Ben, Laura and Kaitlin go to Ben's room. Becky talks to Sophia when she gets out and tells her that she can come back to their house and they will take care of her. Becky goes and gets her some clothes, they are tight on her. They go to Ben's room and Becky says they need to get Sophia some new clothes.

Laura asks “What size are you, Sophia?” Sophia tells her and Laura and Kaitlin go get her some clothes at Walmart and come back. Ben and Becky explain that the other two girls are their lovers and that Ben and Becky are married. They tell Sophia about there lifestyle and tell her she is welcome to join in if she wants or that she can just live with them. Becky asks “Have you been with men before?”. Sophia says she is a virgin and that she only done a couple of blowjobs for boyfriend's and her father. He takes off her pants and spreads her pussy so that they can see her hymen.

Ben tells her that she is very beautiful girl and that she should never let any man beat on her. That he cares and loves his women. Becky tells her that she loves her husband and that he is very kind and gentle. He is an excellent lover. Becky tells her if she is to come live with them that there are rules and one of them is no hair below the neckline.

Sophia “You want me to shave my bush, that is fine with me”.

Becky “There are no talking about what goes on in the family to outsiders, that Ben has sex with his women in their pussy, ass and their throats” Becky hears knock on the door and she sees it is Marty, she opens the door and lets her in. Marty immediately kisses Becky hello and then undresses and comes over and kisses her lover.

“Ben, I am scared” She says Marty sees Sophia and says hello. “Who is this Ben?”.

“Someone he saved from my abusive asshole father, my name is Sophia. Ben and Becky invited me to come live with them”.

Marty “Can I speak with you alone, Ben?. It is nice to meet you Sophia. Ben and Becky are really nice people”

Ben tells Becky to take Sophia to her room and that he will call them back in a minutes. “Yes, Master”.

Marty starts to talk to Ben, “Ben, I am really scared about having this child. I am still young and cannot afford to raise a child, my mother will kill me if she knew I got pregnant in Hawaii”.

Ben “Marty, I will take care of you. You can become my slave like Becky, Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin and I will take care of everything. You can let me adopt the baby and I will pay for the hospital bills. Did you enjoy are time together, Marty?”.

Marty “Yes, I enjoyed it immensely, I absolutely loved the sex. You are by far the best lover of my life”.

Ben “I want to make love with you and prove to you that I love you and will take care of you, I want you to become my lover and my slave”.

Marty gets on the bed and spreads her legs as Ben takes his pills and two little blue ones. BIG FELLA is erect and he pushes deep inside of her pussy, stretching and pushing against the walls of her pussy. Ben asks Marty “Tell me what you want? Tell me? Tell me what do you want, Marty?”

“I want you, Master, I want to love you and take care of you. I want you to love me and our child. I want to be your slave. My body is yours to do with as you choose, Master” Marty states as Kaitlin and Laura come into the room. They get out of their clothes and join Ben and Marty in bed.

Ben “Marty has just decided to join our family girls”.

Laura “Congratulations and welcome to the family are you pregnant also?”.

Marty “Yes, you too? Kaitlin you are pregnant also”.

“Yes we all are, Where is Becky Master?” Kaitlin says “She is next door with Sophia, I will call her to come back with Sophia”.

Becky and Sophia come back into the room. As Ben continues to hump on Marty he pulls out and Sophia gets her first look at BIG FELLA.

“OH MY GOD, That is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. How big is it anyway?” Sophia asks. “BIG FELLA is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide”. Sophia lunges for BIG FELLA and she takes it into her hands and starts to suck on the head. She starts to suck it down her long throat. She sucks and sucks on BIG FELLA until Ben erupts down her throat and into her stomach.

“Master, please take me as a slave. I want to learn how to love and be loved by you. Master teach me about sex. I want to be your slave and live with you and Mistress Becky” Sophia says. The girls put her on the bed and start to suck on her large 36D breast and suck on her nipples. Ben then gets in between Sophia's shapely legs and sees her recently shaved pussy, he licks her lips and then starts to suck on her pussy. He uses long strokes to lick her pussy lips from the clit to her anus. Ben then separates her pussy lips and starts to delve deep into her pussy with his long tongue. This is making her buck her hips and moan. He touches her hymen with his tongue and she lets out a soft scream, Becky then kisses her and whispers in her ear “Don't get to loud we don't want the manager to call”.

“Master, please do not stop doing that. I love what you are doing”, she has a towel in her mouth as her new Master makes her climax over and over again. After the third hard orgasm, Ben tells her that he will take her to the clinic tomorrow to get tested.

“Sophia, all my girls have gotten HIV/STD tested and have clean certificates. If and I say if I let one of my friends have sex with one of my girls they have to have a clean certificate before they can have sex with them. He then puts Marty on her hands and knees and pushes an erect BIG FELLA into her ass and pushes hard into her depths of her rectum. Marty turns and says to Sophia “Man this feels really really good, you are going to love it”.

When he finally cums deep inside Marty's ass Ben falls to the side of Marty still lodged inside of her ass and has Sophia come over and lays next to her new master, “Master, I can go get a test done tomorrow. Will you make love to me then, please?”.

“Sophia, you are apart of my family all of us love you and are going to take care of you. I will take you tomorrow to get your certificate, I have another college girl coming over Mary in the afternoon. I am hoping that she will join our family also” Ben says

Sophia “Is she pregnant also, Master?”. “I believe so, and I hope so. I want a very large family with lots of women and children” Ben replies to Sofia's question

“Marty, tell us about your family?” Ben asks.

“Well, My mother had me and my sisters with my father after my youngest twin sisters, Cam and Calla, were born my father passed away from a heart attack. My mother married my step-father two years later. I do not think there is much love there. I have three sets of twin sisters, one set is 14 years old, Cynthia and Candy. The next oldest set is 12, Alileen and Alexis. The youngest set is only 10. I have a 17 year old sister, the live outside Atlanta” Marty tells Ben.

“I want to meet your mother and sisters, I want them to know that I love you and am going to take care of you and our baby” Ben says.

“Master, I would like to have my mothers approval of our relationship, but it is not necessary. I have committed to you and will not give that up”. Marty says as the group takes a nap. They get up and Ben and Becky take a shower together as the three other girls fondle and grope each other. In the shower Becky asks Ben “When do you plan on introducing yourself to Marty's mother and sisters?”

Ben “After we get back from Paris, I was thinking of flying into Atlanta and then go over to see them then”. “Are you going to make them slaves?” Becky asks.

Ben “That is not my plan, but I will see. I will see how things develop in Atlanta when we arrive.

The next day they take Sophia to the clinic and get her checked out and take her to the police station and make her statement about her father. They go back to the hotel and Ben gives Sophia her clean HIV/STD certificate. She goes into her room and asks Ben “Master come with me”.

Ben and Becky enter the room and Sophia asks her master “Please make me a woman, I want BIG FELLA inside of me. I want you to make love to me”. Ben asks Becky to go to their room and wait on Mary she does with a smile and kisses both of them. “Welcome to the family, Sophia. I know you are going to enjoy BIG FELLA”. She leaves as they get undressed and goes next door to wait on Mary's arrival. She can hear Sophia moaning as Ben pounds her.

Ben gets undressed and goes lays on the bed, he tells Sophia “Come over here and suck BIG FELLA and get him hard”. She does and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth. She sucks on the head and then tells Ben “Master, this is the biggest cock I have every seen or heard about”. She then starts to suck it deeper, it gets to the back of her mouth and she starts to swallow and she pops it down her throat. She then takes it all the way down, when BIG FELLA is fully erect she takes it out and asks “Master, did I do that right?”. “Yes, Sophia you did it great. Now hop up her and put BIG FELLA into your pussy and pop your cherry. I want to suck on your tits while you ride BIG FELLA”

“Yes, Master” is her response as she mounts him and she glides onto BIG FELLA she grinds on top and breaks her own hymen. Then she pushes down until she takes BIG FELLA all the way to her cervix. Meanwhile Ben sucks on her nipples and squeezes her 36D breast. She is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. Sophia kisses Ben and tells him “I want all of BIG FELLA inside of me, can you pop my cervix and push it inside Please”. Ben flips them over and starts to pound on Sophia and pushes through her cervix. She is moaning and climaxes multiple times during her encounter with Ben. “Master, I am yours. I love you and want to take care of you. Please give me a child. I want you. I love you and want to be yours always”. Ben finally cums inside of her womb, he dumps a huge load inside of her. His first of the day so it is twice as large as a normal load.

Ben “When is your period, Sophia?”.

Sophia “It is in two weeks, if you keep making love to me like that I will be pregnant in no time”.

Ben “We are leaving for home next week, are you ready to leave Tuscaloosa behind?”.

Sophia “Yes Master, I want to be yours. I want to be trained to be you loyal devoted slave. I am yours to command, Lets get you cleaned up before Mary comes over. You don't want to be smelling like sex when you meet her”.

She takes her master into the bathroom and rubs her hands on his face and head. “Master you need a shave” she calls Becky next door to bring his shaving kit. “Let me shave you and take care of my lover. She kisses him and then strokes BIG FELLA. “Master do you shave your pubic hair also?”. “Yes I do, most girls like it when it is shaven clean. I shave my chest and underarms also”.

Sophia looks under his arms and notices a few hairs and shaves them. “Master, I want to be your Body Slave. I want to take care of your body”. She shaves his head and neck then sucks BIG FELLA. “Master, I love your cock. It is so beautiful” They get in the shower and she washes her master. Cleans his body and ass she makes sure his anus is clean and then pushes a finger inside. Then two. “Master, I want to get you clean inside and out” She washes his balls and BIG FELLA.

“Sophia, that was amazing, lover! You are going to sleep in my bed tonight with me and Becky. Have you ever been with a woman before?” Ben asks

“No, Master. But if it is family I will try it if you want. Do you want me to make love with Becky” Sophia asks.

“Sophia, Becky has sex with me and all my girls. She is the Mistress of the house. She enjoys sex with me and my girls. We all have sex together. Try it and see if you like it” Ben says.

“Yes Master, let's go next door and see if Mary is there” Sophia states. Mary arrives about an hour later. Sophia is going down on Becky when she arrives. Sophia looks up at Ben and tells him “You are right eating pussy is good. Becky is sweet, she tastes like cherries”. Ben and Becky giggle at that comment. “I am going to need to order a truckload of that stuff, Master” Becky tells Ben.

Becky takes Sophia into the bathroom and shows her the cherry flavored douche. “Master really loves that flavor, Becky?” Sophia asks. “Yes he does, he likes the other flavors also but this is his favorite”.

Mary knocks on the door and Ben answers it. Becky comes out of the bathroom and greets her.

Ben “Mary are you OK?”.

Mary “Yes, I am just a little scared. I am pregnant with your child. I broke up with my boyfriend in Hawaii. We got in a fight and I knew his little white cock was not going to do it for me”.

Ben “Do you want to keep the baby? Do you want to raise it yourself?”.

Mary “I talked to Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin and they said that you are taking care of them and their babies. They said that you are their Master and that they are your slaves. What is that all about?”.

Ben “I have accepted them into my family. All my women are my slaves, I am their Master and I take care of them and love them. I will take care of you and our baby whether or not you want to be my slave”.

Mary “I don't know if I want to be a slave, but I want you to fuck me whenever you want. I want BIG FELLA inside me. I don't want any other cock inside me, and yes I want to take care of my baby.”.

Mary gets undressed and pulls BIG FELLA out of Ben's shorts and starts to suck on him. She then gets on the bed and tells Ben “Put it in any hole you want?”.

Ben “I want you to be my slave, I want you to willingly give yourself to me. I am going to take care of you”.

Mary gets up and kneels before Ben and Becky “Ben, take me and make me your slave. I want to be yours. I want to have sex with only you. BIG FELLA is the only cock for me. I do not want anybody else. I am your slave I do this of my own free will. Please make love to me”.

Ben then picks her up puts her on her hands and knees and then inserts BIG FELLA into her ass. He pounds her ass and tells her “Mary, you are mine. Your ass is mine, you belong to me. I am your Master and you are my slave”. Mary responds with grunts and groans. He pounds her ass for a couple of hours as Becky and Sophia watch. Mary does not even know she is being watched. Ben cums in her ass and Sophia comes over and sucks it out of her ass.

Ben “Mary, I would like you to meet another new slave of mine, Sophia”

They says hello to each other.

Ben “Mary, I am buying a house in town for you girls. I plan on looking at a few houses that are in the market this weekend with the other girls. There is a room for you. Tell me about your family, Mary”.

Mary “Master, it is just me my mom and my two younger sisters. My mom looks like me she is skinny and does not date. She hasn't had a man since my dad died 5 years ago. My sisters are 16 and 14 both virgins. They live in Birmingham”

Ben “I want to meet them and want you to tell your mother that you are pregnant when I am there. I am going to tell her that I am going to take care of you and my baby”.

Mary “I planned on going home next week. We can arrive together. Maybe you can fuck my mother. She really needs it. BIG FELLA will stretch her out”.

Ben “I don't know, I want her to accept that I love you and will take care of you”.

Mary “I know, you are very nice and I think I can learn to love you. I already am in love with BIG FELLA, but love is more than just fucking all the time”.

Becky “So true, We will meet your mother and sisters on the way home. We will invite them for Christmas at our house”.
The girls go out and look at about a dozen houses over the weekend. They pick one that is a little further away from school in a quite neighborhood. It has eight bedrooms and a large kitchen and living and dinning rooms. Ben calls Liz and tells her to buy the house.

On Monday, Ben and Becky take the girls to the OBGYN appointment and the doctor asks to see Ben.

Doctor “Mr. Barnes, I am a friend of your Doctor. I understand that you are paying for the bills for these five girls”.

Ben “That is true”.

Doctor “Your doctor tells me that you fathered all these women, and have more at home”.

Ben “Yes, why do you ask? These women love me and I love them. I take care of them”.

Doctor “I am a single mother and looking for a man. I have a clean HIV/STD certificate and want you to have sex with me”.

Ben “I need to call my wife in here”.

Becky comes into the room and Ben asks the Doctor to tell her what she just asked.

Doctor “Mrs. Barnes, I am Nadia Turner. I have decided to be Ben's OBGYN for his college girls. I also want him to have sex with me”

Becky “You showed her BIG FELLA didn't you?

Ben “No I did not, this just came out of the blue sweetheart”.

Doctor “BIG FELLA what is BIG FELLA?”.

Becky looking at Ben “Show her!”. Ben gets up and unzips his fly and produces BIG FELLA.

Doctor “Damn, that is abnormally large penis”. She licks her lips “I want it in my throat”.

She proceeds to suck on BIG FELLA and pushes Ben back into his seat and pushes hard on an erect BIG FELLA until it pops down her throat. She sucks him off and takes his last two shots in her mouth. She swallows and then looks at Ben and then Becky “That was good. I want that inside of me tonight if at all possible. I will bring my daughter over to watch, she is twelve and she should know what a big cock looks like”.

Ben “We are staying in town till Wednesday”. He gives her his room number at the hotel and they agree to meet tonight at 8.
Nadia brings her daughter with her, Nadine with her and they knock on his door. Becky answers it and Nadia comes over and kisses Ben on the lips and introduces him to her daughter.

“Nadine, this is my lover Ben and his wife Becky. They are going to be a part of our family now”.

Nadia strips and takes Ben's clothes off. “Nadine look here, this is a nice cock. Give it a kiss while mommy gets ready to have sex with Ben” Nadine comes over and sucks on the head of BIG FELLA. She licks the shaft and licks all around the head.

Ben then lays on the bed and Nadia mounts him and starts to ride BIG FELLA. Ben says to Nadine “Get undressed and come over here and straddle my face. I want you facing your mother”. Ben then starts to suck on her virgin pussy. He makes Nadine cum twice before stroking her hymen and making her cum really hard. Ben sucks all of her pussy juices down. As Nadia bounces up and down on Ben. Ben then tells Nadine to get off because he is about to pound her mother. Ben puts Nadine in the doggie position and starts to pound her deep and hard. “Tell me what you want, Nadia. Tell me!”

Nadia “I want you to make me your slave, I want this for me and my daughter. I want to be yours. I want BIG FELLA inside of me. I will be your personal OBGYN for your family. GOD I LOVE THAT COCK”.

Ben “I want you to have my children, Nadine needs some siblings”. As he continues to pound her hard.

“Master, I will do anything you want. Just keep fucking me” Nadia states.

Ben “Nadine, do you want to be my slave like your mother. I will not make you do anything you do not want?”.

“I want you to continue to do what you just did. What is it called when you lick my pussy?” Nadine asks.

“Eating your pussy or going down on you” her mother responds between grunts as Ben continues his assault on her pussy. Ben then puts her legs over his shoulder and starts to pound her cervix.

“I am going to push through your cervix and deposit my load in your womb, my new slave doctor” Ben states. “Oh, MASTER, I am your do with me as you like. Fill me up give me a baby if you want” Nadia states.

“I am going to take Nadine with me back to my house, she is mine now” Ben says.

“Master, she still has two weeks left at school. We can be at your house for Christmas. She can transfer to the school up there then” Nadia states. “OK, but I am going to take her anal cherry before we leave” Ben replies. “Yes Master, Nadine you need to get your ass lubed up”.
Nadine “That will hurt wont it”.

Nadia “It will at the beginning but your anal cavity will stretch to accommodate BIG FELLA”.

Ben pushes through Nadia's cervix and dumps a huge load into her fertile womb, he pumps for a good ten minutes before he is done. He then collapses on Nadia and asks her why does she want me to take her daughter and make her his slave to have sex with.

“Master, I know you will love her and not abuse her. You will take care of her. I needed a cock inside of me and I was talking to Doctor Reynolds and he told me about you and how you love and respect women. I know you have a lot of women back home. A whole lot of women. You must be doing something right to satisfy all those women. As a mother I want my daughter to have the best of everything and Master,” holding BIG FELLA in her hand,” This is the best of cocks. I know you will not pop her cherry before she is ready”.

Nadine has her ass lubed by Becky and is ready for BIG FELLA. “Nadine, do you want me to take your anal cherry?”.

“Master Ben, I don't know. I don't want it to hurt. I saw how you made mommy feel just now. Maybe it will only hurt a little like mommy said”.

Ben tells Nadine to get on top of her mother and spread her legs around her hips. Look into her eyes and tell her if it hurts and want me to stop. She does as she is told and Nadia spreads her ass cheeks with her hands and Nadia tells her Master “Take my daughters anal cherry and make her yours”. Ben presses BIG FELLA into her little ass pushing deep. He sees her ass open up to accept his large cock head. She is trying not to scream, but tears are coming down her cheeks, Nadine turns around and tells Ben “Master, it hurts. Go slow so I can adjust” Ben then pushes about five inches into her in one stroke and rests on top of his new slaves.

Talking to both girls “I will accept you two as my slaves, you will need to learn how to make love to each other and with other women. No inhibitions, all my slaves love each other and I love them all” He watches as mother and daughter kiss and start to make out, Nadia starts to suck on Nadine's pussy and makes her climax and then asks Ben “Master, what did you do to make Nadine to really get off while you eat her pussy?”. “I licked her hymen with my tongue” is Ben's response and Nadia does what he did and her daughter loves it. “OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD!”. Nadine is bucking her hips and thrusting into her mothers mouth. When she is done climaxing he tells Nadine to suck on BIG FELLA. “Nadine, suck on BIG FELLA take it down your throat and get it hard, Nadia help her”. Nadine opens her mouth and takes her Masters large cock-head into her mouth. Nadia then puts her hand on the back of her daughters head and tells her to swallow and to breathe through her nose. She begins to push her daughters head down on BIG FELLA. Nadine starts to gag and her mother tells her to swallow as she starts to push harder and then BIG FELLA pops down her throat and is getting erect.

Nadia whispers in her daughters ear “Baby you did good job, soon you will be able to do that without any help. Milk Masters cock”. Ben face fucks her for about ten minutes and then takes BIG FELLA out of her throat. Nadine asks her Master after she catches her breath “Master, Did I do OK?”.

“Yes my beautiful little flower, you did perfect. I am now going to pop you mothers anal cherry” Ben states.

Nadia smiles and turns over with her ass in the air “Master, I always wanted to try anal!”. “Now is your chance” Becky tells her as she applies lube to her ass and she spreads her ass cheeks. Ben with an erect BIG FELLA with his cock ring on pushes inside of Nadia's ass. Becky smiles at Ben once she sees the cock ring. “Nadia you in for a long ass fucking, BIG FELLA has got his cock ring on” Becky tells her. Ben pushes deep inside his new personal OBGYN doctor. He bottoms out and starts pumping her really hard. Nadia has a pillow she is screaming into as Ben shows no mercy on her ass, pumping her like a piston in an engine.

Sophia “Has Master ever fucked your ass like that, Mistress”.

Becky “Yes, when he is rested and we have time to ourselves. I love it when he fucks my ass hard, fast and deep”. “Nadia how are you liking your first anal sex?”.

Nadia “I love it” she says as she is panting. Ben pounds her ass for three hours before he repositions BIG FELLA to go through her pelvic bone. He then slides all sixteen inches into her colon and pounds away inside her spasming colon. Nadia is going nuts moaning and groaning as her new Master is continuing his assault. Becky gives the lovers water and Ben a couple more of his supplements and ask “Aren't you ready to cum yet Master?”. He tells her he is going to fuck ass for another three hours before dumping a huge load in her womb. Nadia looks back and encourages her new master “Master, my ass is yours to pound”.

Ben fucks her ass till the wee hours in the morning, Becky is there with them, Sophia went back to her room with Nadine. She eat Nadine out when they got to there room. Sophia telling her that she is loved and that she loves her. Nadine cries and says “I have never felt so loved before, it has always been just me an Mom. I think I am going to enjoy living with Master and Mistress.

Meanwhile back in the other suite Ben pulls out of Nadia colon and rectum and pushes deep in her pussy. Pressing against her cervix he pounds her cervix for about twenty minutes before it gives way and pumps a long stream of semen inside her womb. He pumps her womb full for about thirty minutes and then exits her womb and rests with BIG FELLA still in her pussy and they sleep that way until morning. Nadia adjusts herself so that a leg is over her masters and she is resting to his side. Becky is on the other side. Before they fall asleep Nadia says to her new Master and Mistress “I love you, that was terrific. Best fucking sex I have ever had”. She kisses her Master and Mistress and passes out on his chest. In the morning she calls her office and tells them she is going to be in around noon. She tells her master “I want another shot at BIG FELLA, can we have sex again”. “Yes” Ben says as Becky gets his pills and a little blue pill. The eat breakfast and Becky tells Nadine to suck BIG FELLA until he is hard. She does and is starting to get the hang of it. When he is hard he insets BIG FELLA into Nadia's pussy and pounds her for three hours before pumping a load into her womb. He tells Nadia he is going to keep Nadine for the rest of the day and bring her back to her tomorrow morning. “I want to suck on that pussy and fuck that ass of her's some more” Ben tells Nadia as they get up and take a shower together. Her response in the shower is “Yes, Master. I was telling the truth when I said I loved you last night. The sex is amazing. Are you planning on making trips down here to see your college girls when school resumes in January?”.

Ben “Yes at least once a month”.

Nadia “Can you put me on the schedule? I want as much of BIG FELLA as you are willing to give me”.

Ben “You will have there address, I bought a house for my girls down here. I will make love to your there if you want”.

Nadia “Yes, Master”. She turns around and starts to suck BIG FELLA and makes Ben cum hard down her throat.

Nadia leaves kissing her daughter goodbye and telling her to behave and listen to her Master and Mistress. After she leaves Ben takes Nadine to bed and starts to kiss her. “Nadine, my little flower, I love you and cherish you. You are my little slave now. He parts her legs and starts to suck on her pussy. He makes her cum hard by just licking the outside of her pussy and her clit and then rimming her ass. He then starts to lick and part her pussy and starts to stroke her pussy deep and strokes her hymen. He makes her buck her hips and moan and scream in ecstasy. Then he really starts to press on her hymen and stroke it really hard and fast. Nadine cums really hard and it lasts a long time as her Master keeps licking and stroking. Ben makes her cum hard three times stroking her hymen with his tongue. He drinks all her girl cum each time. He eventually raises his head and tells Becky and Sophia “Man, do I really enjoy virgin pussy”. His face is wet with her juices.

Becky takes Nadine into the bathroom and gives her a bath. “Nadine, I love you. You are so sweet. My husband really loves you also. I cannot wait until you are living with us”. Becky kisses her and then washes her little body. When they are finished washing the go back out to the bedroom and watch Ben and Sophia go at it.

They next day Ben, Becky, Sophia and Mary head back to Ben's house with a short stop over at Mary's house to meet Mary's family.

**************************** Mary's Family ****************************************************
They arrive at Mary's house. Ben goes in and tells Becky and Sophia to wait in the car until Mary comes back out. He does not know what to expect.

Ben and Mary go inside and Mary calls out to her mother “Mom, I want you to meet my new boyfriend”. Her mom walks out and Ben is star struck by how beautiful she is. She looks just like her daughter. Mary “Ben this is my mom, Isabella”.

Ben “Nice to meet you ma’am, I can see where Mary gets her beauty from”.

Isabella to Mary “Ben is your boyfriend? How old is he? You are only eighteen. He is so much bigger than you”.

Mary “Yes mom, Ben is my boyfriend. He is also my lover and I am in love with him. He is 30 and he is 6'5. Oh, by the way, I am pregnant with his baby and I am going to have his baby. I am going to have as many as he wants me to have”.

Isabella is speechless at that.

Mary “Mom, I love Ben. He loves me. He is going to take care of me and love me for the rest of my life. I am his and he is mine. You are going to be a grandmother”.

Ben “Ma'am, I love your daughter. I met her while she was in Hawaii. I am going to take care of her and our baby. I am going to take care of her college tuition and after she graduates she is going to come live with me in my mansion”.

Isabella “You met him in Hawaii, You are his. Your what, your mansion”.

Ben “Yes, I have a small mansion right now, I am building a new one on a thousand acres I own behind it. It will have over a hundred bedrooms most with their own private bathroom”.

Mary “Mom, Ben is my lover and my Master. I am his slave and lover. I do this of my own free will”.

Isabella “You are his slave and he is your Master. What the fuck. Why don't you marry my daughter and make an honest woman out of her?”.

Ben “Go get Becky and Sophia from the car while I talk with your mother. Isabella, I love your daughter and she is mine. Mary and our children will want for nothing. I have more than enough money to take care of them for generations to come”.

Becky and Sophia come in and Ben introduces themselves

Ben “Isabella, this is my wife Becky, and this is a slave of mine from Tuscaloosa. She is moving up and staying with us”.

Becky “Nice to meet you, Mary I see where you get your beauty from”.

Sophia “Ma'am, Master is the most wonderful man I have ever know. He saved me from my abusive father. My father made me give blowjobs to his friends for money. He was a drunk and an asshole. I love my Master and he loves me. I am not pregnant yet, but am willing to give Master children if he wants. My body is his to do with as he chooses”.

Ben “Sophia take off your clothes, Please”. Without blinking an eye she strips into her birthday suit.

Becky “I think you should show Isabella BIG FELLA”.

Ben “I would rather not, you know what happens when I show him off!”.

Becky drops to her knees and unzips Ben's fly and unleashes BIG FELLA so that Isabella can see it. Becky then starts to suck it so that it gets hard.

Isabella “Mary you had that huge penis inside of you”.

Mary “Yes, Mom, and I loved every inch of BIG FELLA” right then Mary's sisters come into the house from school. “Emma, Ava I want you too meet my boyfriend Ben”.

Emma and Ava come into the living room and say hello and then notice the huge cock that their mother is staring at. Isabella doesn't say anything. She is horny and very wet. Isabella drops to her knees and looks into Ben's eyes and starts to worship is cock. Isabella has the cock in her mouth and starts to push it down her throat as her daughters watch her. Emma asks Mary “This is your boyfriend, and who are the other girls?”

Mary introduces Becky as Ben's wife and Sophia as his slave.

Ava “Sophia is your boyfriend's slave?”.

Mary “So am I and Becky is our Mistress. We have sex with Ben and each other. I am also pregnant with my Master's baby. Mom are you enjoying BIG FELLA?”. Isabella nods and then gets off of BIG FELLA. She strips and jumps into Ben's arms “I need BIG FELLA inside of me right now. You want my daughter you are going to have to fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. Don't worry I haven't had sex in over seven years I am clean. I need that cock inside me stretching me out”

Ben looks over at Becky “Go ahead lover, she needs it” Becky tells Ben. “You know this happens whenever I show BIG FELLA to women”.
Ben then inserts BIG FELLA into Isabella's pussy. He pushes a couple of inches in and yells “OH GOD DAMN, SHE IS REALLY FUCKING TIGHT”. He pushes and pushes until he finally reaches her cervix. Ben falls down next to her on the couch. Ben is really tired and Isabella tells him, “Let me ride BIG FELLA for a while”. They flip over and she is now in the reverse cowgirl position, she is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA and then puts her feet on Ben's thighs and really tries to take it all in.

Isabella “Mary, now I see why you love Ben. He is a FUCKING GOD. Ben if you want to pop Ava and Emma's cherry you can if they want to. Girls this man has a terrific cock” Ben catches his breath and has his second wind and the flips her onto her hands an knees and starts to drill her from behind.

Ben “Isabella, I am going to push through your cervix and cum in your womb”.

Isabella “Master, you can fuck me any way, and any time you want. This pussy is yours”.

Ava “Damn Mom, that is Mary's boyfriend!”.

Isabella “She obviously shares him with other women and I need some cock. Ben, make me your slave I want your cock. Make me your lover you stud. Girls strip you are going to be his slaves also”.

Ava strips and is a little shy, Ben tells her “Ava, you have nothing to be shy about, you are a very beautiful and desirable woman, take your hands away from your breast and vagina”. Emma strips and is a little less shy. Ben notices that their pussy have hair on them and then looks at Mary.

Mary “Ava, Emma we need to go upstairs and shave your pussies. One of Mistresses rules are there is to be no hair below the neckline”. They go upstairs and get their pussies shaved and by the time they come back Ben is starting to fill their mother's womb up with his cum. He exits her pussy and Becky goes gets his pills and his cock ring.

Ben asks Mary's sisters “Are you girls virgins? Have you ever had sex before? Oral, anal or vaginal”

Ava “No, Ben ah Master”.

Emma “I gave my former boyfriend a handjob, but he wanted me to go further with him and I did not. He was really small compared to you Master”.

Mary “All men are small compared to your new Master, He is far superior to all men”.

Ben tells Ava and Emma to get on the bed and spread their legs. Sophia tells them they are going to love this “Master is going to go down on you”.

Ava “He is going to go down on me?”.
Right then Ben starts to suck on her pussy. Ava “Ahhhh, that feels sooooo good, Ben”.

Mary “He is your master now, address him accordingly”.

Ben starts to suck on her harder and faster he sticks his tongue into her love canal and licks the walls and touches her hymen. “MASTER, GOD Master, KEEP doing THAT. OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEE”.

Mary “You are having your first orgasm”.

Ben sucks her to three orgasms before he switches to Emma and does the same to her. He tells Emma to suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard. She takes the head into her mouth and sucks BIG FELLA hard after five minutes. He then puts her on the dinning room table and puts her legs around his waist and inserts BIG FELLA.

Emma “You are now my slave, I am going to take care of you. Your pussy ass and throat belong to me. I am going to make love to you often. I am going to train you, Mistress will tell you the requirements of the training”. He then pushes BIG FELLA past her hymen, breaking it, and pushing until he reaches her cervix. He rests telling her to relax and adjust to his size.

Emma looking at Ava “Master is filling my pussy up, he is stretching me out. It feels amazing. Master you can start to fuck me now”.

Ben then starts to push in and out. Starting slowly at first then faster and faster. He pounds her cervix with every thrust. He is not fucking her really hard and she cums hard every ten to fifteen minutes after about two hours he pulls out and pushes deep inside of Ava breaking her hymen and finally resting against her cervix.

“Ava, I am going to push through your cervix and pump your womb full of my sperm. Are you on birth control?” Ben asks. Ava is panting and moaning so hard all she can do is shake her head no. Ben the asks Emma the same question and she tells him no.

Ben “Good, I am going to get both of you pregnant. You are going to have my baby just like your sister”. Emma says “Master as long as you keep fucking me you can do whatever you want. I love that cock of yours”.

Ben pounds on young Ava for three hours before he finally breaks through her cervix and pumps her womb fully of sperm. He cums for over thirty minutes. When he is done Isabella and Emma come over and rub her stomach.

Ben sits in a chair and tells his new slaves, “You need to pack up your stuff, only take what you really need. I am going to try out your beds tonight, starting with Isabella's first then Emma's then Ava's. You are going to move to my town and I am going to train you as my slaves. You will be part of my family. I plan on getting Emma and Ava pregnant. You are family and I love you”.
Becky “I don't know about you guys but I am hungry. Is there a good pizza delivery place around?”

Emma gets her the number and goes upstairs and gets her room picked up and ready for her new master. She comes back downstairs and whispers in Ava's ear. Ava is still recovering from the pounding she just took. She walks slowly up the stairs and picks up her room. After dinner, Ben calls back home and tells Tiffani to tell the other that they are going to be a couple days late. He then calls his mover friends and tells them to get their certificates redone and be come to Birmingham in two days. He gives them the address. He takes Isabella to her room and they fuck as her girls watch. He tells them after he cums in her womb to go to their bedrooms and get ready.

Ben “Isabella, I am going to have my movers here in two days. They are going to load their truck up with your stuff. Leave this mattress here we will get you a new one at home. Have you ever been spit-roasted?”.

Isabella “What is spit-roast?

Ben “It is where one guy fucks you in your ass or pussy while the other guys fucks your face”.

Isabella “No, I have never done that, you want me to do that with the movers?”.

Ben “Yes, they are friends of mine and they are going to my doctor tomorrow to get a clean HIV/STD certificate. I will never let anyone touch my women without one”.

Isabella “Master, I am not on birth control and do not want to have there baby. If you want to give me a baby then I welcome it. Will you make them wear rubbers please?”.

Ben “When is your period?”.

Isabella “Next week”.

Ben “OK, When I go get boxes tomorrow I will get a couple of boxes of Magnum Xtra large condoms”.

Isabella “How big are they?”

Ben “Two guys are about eleven inches long and about 4” wide the other two are between twelve and thirteen inches long with similar width, maybe a little thicker”.

Isabella “You are not going to let them fuck my girls are you?”.

Ben “No, I only let them fuck women that are over 18 and not my breeders”.

Isabella “Am I going to be a breeder?”.

Ben “No, I am going to get you pregnant a couple of times, you are going to be my fuck toy”.

Isabella “Yes, Master. As long as you fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours, I will be a happy woman”.

Ben “Suck on BIG FELLA get him hard, I am going to fuck you in your ass now, Are you an anal virgin?”.

Isabella “Yes Master, Thank you Master”. She starts to suck on BIG FELLA and Ben calls to Becky she comes to the door and he tells her he need the lube and his pills “Yes, Master. Can we watch you pound her ass?”. “Of course, my lover, my wife and my darling little angel”.

She comes back with Mary, Sophia and the stuff she give him his pills and she lubes Isabella's ass. Sophia tells her she is going to love BIG FELLA in her ass, eventually. Ben is erect and positions Isabella on her stomach he separates her legs and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her ass. Isabella yells into her mattress. He steady pumps her ass hard and fast. Ben then puts her on her hands and knees on the bed. He is going to town and she is starting to really enjoy it now. She tells her master “FUCK MY ASS, FUCK YOUR WILLING SLAVES ASS, MASTER. POUND ME. GIVE ME ALL OF BIG FELLA”. She yells that two or three times before her girls come in and see their new Master pounding the crap out of their mother.

“Mom, do you like BIG FELLA in your ass?” Ava asks.

“Oh, GOD YES, Master is a FUCKING GOD. GOD I LOVE YOU MASTER!”. Isabella says.

He fucks her ass for two hours before he cums in her womb. Ben “Ava, you are next. Becky get her lubed up”.

Ben takes his pills and puts the cock ring on and then takes two little blue pills. He has Mary suck him hard and then puts Ava on her hands and knees in her bed. Becky sees the cock ring and giggles. Ben pushes BIG FELLA past Ava's anal ring and then pulls it out with a pop. He does this about twenty times before he pushes deep into her rectum bottoming out at about ten inches. He starts to pump her really hard and after crying for about twenty minutes she starts to enjoy it. “You see sweetheart your ass is getting use to BIG FELLA” Ben tells Ava. He fucks her for three hours before he repositions BIG FELLA to penetrate her pelvic bone and then thrusts all sixteen inches into her colon. She start going nuts, cuming every five to ten minutes and tells Ben “I think she likes it”. After about another three hours he finally cums in her ass and lays down next to her. They sleep for about five hours before Emma wakes him up and tells him it is her turn.

Emma leans over and kisses her master and as BIG FELLA plops out of Ava's ass Emma starts to suck it until it gets hard. She then climbs on top and puts an erect BIG FELLA into her pussy and grinds on Ben. She pushes him deep and then leans over on Ben and tells him “I am going to love being your slave”. She kisses him and rocks back and forth on his cock. When he is about to cum Ben rolls over with BIG FELLA still lodged deep inside her love canal he starts to press hard against her cervix and starts to fuck her hard like a piston he finally brakes through and starts to pump her full. He then gets up and out the the bed and puts the sheet over the two girls as they sleep peacefully. He goes takes a shower and Mary comes in and joins him in the shower. She washes his back and buttocks and then his torso. She washes BIG FELLA and then kneels down and sucks on BIG FELLA taking it all the way down her throat, milking his cock. She bobs up and down on BIG FELLA for about fifteen minutes before he erupts and cums down her throat. She gets up and thanks her Master for accepting her mother and sisters into their family. “I love you Master, I really do. I cannot wait till I see our baby. You have made me really happy. My mother really likes you”.

Ben dries off and gets dressed he tells Becky he is going to get boxes at the local storage place, do they need anything in the kitchen. She makes a list and tells him to hurry back. He goes to the storage place and gets 40 boxes and tape, he goes to the drug store and gets four boxes of condoms for his movers. He gets what Becky wanted at the grocery store and then he goes gets a couple of bottles of wine. He goes back to the house and unloads the supplies. He gives the girls the groceries and puts the wine in the refrigerator, he takes the boxes in and tapes them up and puts them in the rooms for the girls to pack their stuff. He goes back downstairs and Becky asks “What the condoms are for? You don't use condoms!”.

Ben “They are for Isabella, she is going to get spit-roasted by the movers after they get everything packed up and put in the truck”. Becky asks “What is spit-roasted mean?”. “It is something I never plan on you doing, it is where one girl gets fucked in her pussy or ass and sucks another guys cock at the same time”.

Becky “She agreed to that, it does sound interesting. Do you know these movers? Are they big?”.

Ben “Of course, I know them, they are getting their HIV/STD certificates today from Doctor Reynolds. They are between eleven and thirteen inches. I am only going to let them fuck Isabella”.

Everybody helps the girls pack. Isabella packs the kitchen as Ben comes in to get a drink he looks at the dishes and other things and says “Isabella, you do not need to pack everything. Only what is meaningful like china or crystal. Pictures or family heirlooms”. “Master, I need packing paper and bubble wrap, I need to also change my address and take the girls out of school” We can do that later he tells her “I will get the packing paper and bubble wrap anything else”

Isabella “I would like to go with you when you go to the packing store”. She knell down in front of Ben and unzips him and sucks on BIG FELLA. “Apparently you need something else” Ben says. Isabella sucks him so hard and good that it makes his knees buckle. She gets up after she takes his load into her stomach and gets ready to go to get the supplies. They tell the other girls that they will be right back.
Isabella tells Ben after they get into the truck “Master, how many women do you have at home?”.

Ben “Why you are just as special as any of my other women. I love you just as much, and that will only grow”.

Isabella “I just want to know the competition I will have for your attention”.

Ben “First there is no competition, I have about seventy slaves, some are going back to college at Alabama, some are out of state. Some live on their own. Are you having second thoughts about becoming my slave and lover?”

Isabella “No Master” she says as she rubs BIG FELLA. They arrive at the storage place and they get all the supplies they need. They head back to the house and Isabella leans over and tells her Master “I love you, I need you, You are an amazing lover. I have never had a man fuck me as good as you. I will share you with anybody you choose, even my daughters”.

Ben “Have you ever thought about having sex with other women?”.

Isabella “I am not a lesbian if that is what you are asking, but I have thought about it”.

Ben “Mary likes to have sex with my other slaves. As does all my slaves. It is about pleasuring yourself and your fellow slaves. They will all love you and take care of you. That is part of being one of my slaves, that you take care of each other”.

They finish packing and eat dinner late. They are all exhausted, but not to exhausted for some sex play. Ben takes Ava, Emma and Isabella into her king size bed. “You girls are going to have get use to being together in a sexual situation. I will most times have sex with you three at the same time. Know this I love you and care for each one of you. Each of my slaves will take care of you and love you. We all love each other and accept each other. There is no jealousy in our family. When you are indoors you will wear no clothes. You will keep the curtains shut at all times. Tomorrow after the movers get the trucks loaded we all are going to watch Isabella get spit-roasted by the movers”. He starts kissing and fondling each one they are all sucking on each other. Ben tells Ava to suck on BIG FELLA and for Isabella to get on his face so he can eat her out while she eats Emma out. Ava gets BIG FELLA hard and rides him. She ask her mother “What is spit-roasted mean?”. “It means on man will fuck me in my ass or pussy while another one fucks my face, honey” Isabella responds. “That sounds like fun” Emma says.

They fuck all night long. In the morning they take a shower and pack up the bathrooms. They are ready when the movers get there. They knock on the door and Ben answers and they greet each other.

Ben “Guys, this is my wife Becky. She is carrying Ben Jr. and is due in February. These are my slaves Sophia, Mary, Isabella, Emma and Ava”. “Girls this is Jerry, Abdul, Omar, Fred”. They get to work and pack and tape up the cabinets and entertainment center. The get the dressers down stairs and Ben tells them to leave the mattresses. They get done in eight hours and Ben takes everybody out to eat and then they come back and he tells the movers that Isabella has a treat for them. Isabella gets undressed.

Isabella “Would you guys like to have sex with me, spit-roast me? If so, you need to wear rubbers. I am fertile and only want Ben to impregnate me”. They all agree and each has two boxes of condoms and Ben gives them two more each. Each box contains five condoms, so each guy has 20 condoms each. Isabella quickly does the math and looks at Ben he tells her “You might be sore when they get done”. “I guess so after getting fucked 80 times” They start by sucking on her pussy and getting her wet. Everybody sits around watching her get spit-roasted, Ava and Emma play fluffers for the two guys that are not fucking their mother.

Ben tells the guys that the other girls are off limits just Isabella is there for their sexual pleasure. Each guy fucks her in her ass and pussy ten times each. By the time the session is over her ass has been fucked forty times and her pussy fifty times. Ben took ten turns pushing her cervix open each time. Ben goes out in the morning and gets more condoms while the guys continue to pound on Isabella. Ben comes back with four more boxes of condoms, he tells the guys he wants to see some double penetration action. They fuck her ass and pussy at the same time for the rest of the day. That night Isabella is double stuffed in her pussy till the next morning. While this whole thing is going on he fucks Ava, Emma and Mary as they watch there mother get pounded. After the guys are done they shower and get in the trucks and head back home. Ben takes Isabella to the shower and gets her cleaned up and dressed.

Becky “How did you like the movers Isabella?”.

Isabella “They had huge cocks and they knew how to use them. Not as big as BIG FELLA but they fucked my brains in. I enjoyed it a lot. I have never came that many times before. I liked it but would rather not do that much of it again. A couple of times is fine but not for 36 hours straight. Master, thank you for the experience. I am sore I am going to go to the truck and go to sleep. Mary can drive my car”.

They leave their house to never see it again. When Isabella wakes up she is in Ben's bed and is sleeping with Ben. She smiles and sucks on BIG FELLA and gets him hard and then rides him. Ben just smiles as she does all the work. The next morning Ben introduces her to everybody, he tells Isabella that he will get her a house next to Crystal's, the mansion is running out of rooms.

He takes Isabella to pick out a new car, Isabella says “Master, I don't need a new car. My car is fine, all I need is you lover”. “This is not for you it is for me, I cannot have my loved ones in a vehicle that”. They go to the Ford Dealership and she picks out a Ford Edge in blue an Ben gets it fully loaded. They drive off the lot with her new car and go to where Crystal lives.

Ben “I have two houses that are not occupied in the neighborhood next to Crystal pick one”. He explains the features of each and she picks the one with four bedrooms. Ben calls the movers and tells them to move Isabella's stuff to that house and set it up. They then go to the mattress store to pick out new mattresses. He sees a California king for her room and two queen beds for the girls. She tells him their frames will not fit the beds and they pick out bed to go with the mattresses. Ben pays for it and tells them to deliver them and they say they can have them there tomorrow. They leave and Ben tells her “Isabella I am horny as hell, I am going to go home and get Ava and Emma and take them to their new house. Meet me there will you?”. “Yes, Master”.

He goes to the mansion and gets the girls and takes them to their new house. “Girls this is only temporary until the new mansion is built and ready to move into”. They go into their house and the girls pick out there room and the movers show up and they tell them where to put things. When the movers are done the girls ask Ben “Can we give the guys a blowjob to thank them?”.

Ben “Sure just a blowjob” He tells the movers to come back in and tell them Ava and Emma want to give them a blowjob, “Only a blowjob”. They thank Ben and unzip there pants and the girls smile and start sucking and deep throats their cocks. Each girl suck each guy off. They pull their pants up and thank the girls, telling them that was the best tip they every got. The movers leave and the girls go wash their mouths. “Master, after sucking all those cock I am really, really horny. I need BIG FELLA inside of me, pounding my pussy PLEASE” Emma says. “Me too, Master” says Ava. Isabella nods and he knows he is going to be there a while. He calls Becky and tells her he is going to be at Isabella's for a while, probably all night. He lays a blanket down on the floor and puts pillows around. He takes his clothes off and the girls do the same. He takes Emma first and spreads her legs and eats her pussy, she is really wet from the blowjobs and he sucks the juices form her pussy. He puts her legs over his shoulders and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. “Ah, Yes Master, pound your slaves pussy” Emma says. He strokes her hard and fast and pushes hard against her cervix. “Master, I love you. I want your baby, give me your baby. I am yours”. He fucks her for an hour before he pushes through her cervix and dumps he load in her womb. He hears a knock on the door and Isabella looks out the window and sees it is Tiffani and Becky. She opens the door and they come in. “Master, I thought you could use your pills tonight”. They kiss Isabella and the girls. “Isabella, do you have any food or anything to eat in the kitchen? Tiffani asks. “No, have not had a chance to go get supplies”. “Come with me, we will go and get your kitchen filled up while Ben fills Ava's womb and probably Emma's again”. “OK”. They leave and go to the store and pick up supplies and they talk on the way over about the family.

Tiffani “I love Ben, he is a great son-in-law. A wonderful lover and great friend. I look forward to giving him many children, and seeing my grandchildren. You know we share everything in our family. As one of Ben's slaves, we love each other, each slave takes care of the others it is one of our most sacred rules. Love one another. Another one is that we do not discuss what we do behind close doors to strangers”.

Isabella “I had my reservations when I first met Ben and then Becky. How could a man love my Mary and be married to another woman? When I am with Ben I do feel his love, I know each of my girls feel his love. He is caring and tender. I love him and enjoy his company. I would really love to make love to the two of you when we get back”.

Becky “Isabella, I love you, just like my mother Tiffani loves you. I have made love to my mother an number of times, we make love to Ben together. We share all our lives with each other. I would love to make love with you and Tiffani when we get back to your house”.

They get back to the house and Ben is erupting in Ava's womb. “Master, fill me up. God I love it when you pour your cum in my womb” Ava yells, “I'm next” Emma says as Ben pulls out of Ava and BIG FELLA flops limp on his thigh. Emma picks up BIG FELLA and starts to lick it and suck on the shaft and head. “MMM, Ava you taste good” Emma states. Emma starts to deep throat BIG FELLA to get him hard. Becky, Tiffani and Isabella come into the living room with groceries and say hello to everybody. “That sounded good Ava, Emma looks like she is working BIG FELLA pretty good” Becky says. “Master, Please fuck me and cum in my womb again”. She gets on all fours and puts her ass up in the air. Ben moves around behind her and pushes deep inside of her wet pussy. “Ahh, that is what I need, fuck me Master. Stretch your will slaves pussy” She looks up and smiles at her mother. “I am in love Mom, I have never been happier, get naked I want to suck on your pussy Mom while Master fills me up”. She strips and spread eagles in front of her daughter and Emma goes down on her. “OH, GOD you are GETTING GOOOOOD at that Emma”. Becky and Tiffani go get the rest of the groceries and put them away and come back into the living room.

Becky “Looks like Isabella and her girls are enjoying being part of our family”. Ben smiles as he pounds 16 year old Emma pussy while he plays with her breast. Little 14 year old Ava is sucking on her Masters balls and licking his ass crack, while Emma makes Isabella cum for the second time.

Becky and Tiffani watch the sucking and fucking for an hour and then start to suck on each others pussies. Isabella looks over and says “You really do love to suck on each others pussies”.

Tiffani looking up “It's all in the pleasure we give each other. I love Becky with all my heart”. Right then she cums all over Becky's face as Tiffani goes back down on her making her cum hard in about 30 minutes.

Becky “Master, are you going to stay here with Isabella, Emma and Ava?”. “Yes, have Crystal send over Faith, Jill, Cloe and Peggy. I want these girls to eat Little Peggy's pussy so they can experience virgin pussy for themselves” Ben says in reply.

“Yes Master”. Becky says as she leaves his pill on the table.

She walks over to Crystal's after getting dressed and tells her to send the girls over to Isabella's for Master.

They go home the next day Ben takes Emma and Ava out. “Emma, you have your drivers license right?” Ben asks “Yes Master, but I don't get to drive a lot because my mom usually has the car”. Ben “You don't have to worry about that anymore, what kind of car would you like?”.

Emma “I love those Kia Soul commercials with the gerbils, could I have one of those, Master?”.
Ben “As long as you take Ava where she wants to go. I want you to always use your seat belt and never ever text and drive”.

Emma “Yes, Master and lover. I felt so good this morning after you had sex with me all night. You make me feel so good. Do you feel the same way Ava?”.

Ava “Yes I do, I love you Ben. I really do!”.

Ben “I love you girls too”. The arrive at the kia dealer and Emma picks one out in Titanium. Ben goes to the dealer and asks for one that is fully loaded and they produce the paperwork. Ben gets an extra discount for buying two cars this month. He does his usual routine and then tells Emma to follow him. He goes and meets with his teacher slaves at their condos.

Ben tells them to all gather together at Alex's condo.

Ben goes into Alex's condo and introduces the teacher slaves to his two newest slaves Emma and Ava.

Ben “Ava and Emma, this is Alex, Alana, Roxanne, Rosanna, Carolyn, Carrie and Suzy they are all teachers down at the local school. Ladies this is Ava and Emma. They like you are going to get pregnant”.

His teacher slaves are screaming with joy, each one comes up to him and kisses him and thanks him. “When are you ladies fertile? Do you all have the same cycle?”

Alex “Master, because we spend so much time together our cycles correspond with each other. We are all fertile now. So if you are up to it, you can pound some pussy and get us all pregnant at the same time, I think the others would agree that we would love to be pregnant together”. They all shake their heads yes. Ben calls Becky and tells her to bring his pills to Alex's he is going to impregnate the teachers today. The teachers can hear her laughing and Ben puts her on speaker phone. “Mistress Becky, we all want to get pregnant and we are fertile. Can we have Master for the night?” Alana says.

Becky “Yes but he has to be home in the morning we are going to take the jet up to Michigan to meet Leslie's family”.

Ben “Thanks my angel for reminding me. Call Isabella and tell her that Emma and Ava are with me and that they are OK”.

Ava has BIG FELLA out and Ben tells Alex to get on all fours, Emma go suck her pussy and get her wet for me lover. “Yes Master” they say in unison. He pounds each teacher three times before the next morning cuming in their wombs every time. Their bellies look full with all the cum that is in their wombs. Master reminds them of Christmas at the mansion. He then tells the girls to go home and check in with Isabella. He tells them he will see them in a couple of days.
They leave and go to Michigan. You can read about this in Chapter 8

We pick up the story two weeks later right before Christmas.

***********************CHRISTMAS AT HOME with the whole family **************************

Ben assembles everybody for Christmas at the mansion. He invites all his slaves, all fifty-two to dinner. Bill is there with Vivian and Laurie. Leslie is there also. Ben's daughter arrives from boarding school, and Ben greets her as does Becky. “Welcome home Nikki, how was school” Ben says as he gives her a kiss as does Becky

“School was great, got all A's. Congratulations on getting married you two and getting pregnant Becky” Nikki says.

“Thanks, I love your Dad more than live itself” Becky says. “I see Dad has been busy getting more slaves for his collection” Becky introduces everybody to Nikki and she says hello to the slaves that been around longest. “I see my father has gotten a lot of you pregnant”.

Ben “I have 13 slaves that are pregnant, 12 are here and one is in Atlanta with her family, ladies raise your hands if you are pregnant”. The teachers raise their hands and Ben says “Are you sure?” looking at the teacher slaves. Alana “We all took home pregnancy test and they came back positive, we are going to see Dr. Reynolds next week”.

Paula “I am trying to get pregnant and I believe so is Sally”. Sally shakes her head affirmative. Isabella says “I am trying to get pregnant along with Emma and Ava”

“Damn, Dad you have 25 women that want to get pregnant and give birth next year, you always wanted a large family and now you are getting your wish” Nikki says.

“Most want multiple children and I want to give them multiple children. I have a hundred bedroom mansion being built out back. I am thinking about starting an addition on it already, to put another 100 rooms on it” Ben says.

Antonio comes in and tells everybody dinner is ready and he starts to bring out the food. Ben introduces Antonio to his daughter Nikki.

Antonio “Nikki, it is so nice to meet you, have you met my daughter Elfie” Elfie comes around and gives her a kiss and then goes back to her seat. “Elfie is one of my dad's slaves” Nikki asks.

Ben “Yes dear, all the ladies here are my slaves, except for you!”.

Bill “Nikki you are mighty young”.

Nikki “I am 16, my dad fathered me with my mother when he was 13”.

Bill “Your mother must really be beautiful, where is she now?”.

Becky shoots Bill a dirty look as Nikki says “She died when I was one, she looked almost identical to Becky”. Ben has tears in his eyes. Becky takes Ben to the den.

Bill says “Sorry Ben, did not mean to dreadge up bad memories!”.

Vivian “YOU IDIOT!”.

Nikki “That is alright Bill, you did not know. Dad does not like to talk about mom, makes him sad”

Tiffani “Becky knows about your mother?”.

Nikki “Dad called and told me he was marrying your daughter and I told him I knew that from the moment I saw them together. Becky knows everything about my father. She is to inherit everything. I love Becky like a sister. If you guys have not figured out by now. My father has never had to work in his life. All he did was take care of me, and look after his loved ones. By you being here He loves you all. It is his purpose in life..”.

Ben comes back in “Not another word Nikki, Bill, I loved Nikki's mother with all my soul. I found her again with Becky. Becky is my other half, If you haven't noticed I never make a decision without her approval or consent. She is my first love. I love all you ladies, but Becky is first and foremost in my heart. I cannot and will not take another breath without her being in my life. Everything else is second. She knows all my secrets, I hold nothing back from Becky. Tiffani know a little, because Becky told her. Know this, I love you girls. I will always honor and trust and take care of each one of you. I might as well tell you this now. The slaves that have been with me prior to Becky already know this. Once you become my slave I put a trust in your name for ten million dollars. When you have my baby each child will have a trust setup for him or her for five million dollars they can get when they are twenty-one. Becky knew this already”.

Ben then whisper in Becky's ear “My portfolio has tripled in the last six months since we have been together, with interest I have another 75 billion dollars”.

Becky tells the group “With all these children being born to us, Master and I have decided that we need to build a school also on the premises, we want our children home schooled. We were going to ask our teacher slaves if they would quit there jobs when the kids get to be school aged and teach them here”.

Alex talks it over with the other teachers and they all shake their heads in agreement, “Master, Mistress we accept and would be honored to teach all of our children at home” Alex says.

Ben “Very good, I will talk to the architect next week and see how the plans for the school are coming along, lets eat. Antonio bring the meal out and join us, you Jenny and Jess are family. Jenny and Jess hear that and come running up to Ben and wish him and Becky Merry Christmas. The girls whisper in their ears “I Love you”. When Ben is about to say the blessing he hears a knock on the door and the maid answers it.

In come, Kiki, Kali and Mami from Hawaii. Ben “Wholly Shit, Kiki how did you girls get here? When did you get in town? Why did you come to town from Hawaii?”.

Kiki “We just arrived, we sold everything in Hawaii, we came here to be your slaves. We all loved how you fucked our brains in back home and decided we wanted to be with you. I hope you are not mad”.

Bill smiling “Damn Ben, you really have them coming from all over the world!”.

Ben talks to Becky whispering back and forth. Kiki “Please mistress Becky, let us become Master's slaves”.

Becky “Lets eat while it is still hot”.

Ben gets up and raises his wine glass “To family, friends and loved one. May we always be together, and love each other to the death”. The clink glasses and drink.

Nikki asks her father “I am surprised to see everybody clothed”. Becky answers “Nikki this is Christmas dinner, we have to be dressed for that. I am not saying that after our dessert we won't be naked”.

They eat and share small talk, Ben and Becky discuss the new arrivals and they decide to fuck with them a little. After dinner they get up.

Ben “Kiki, Kali, and Mami. Becky and I have decided that we cannot accept you three into the family. We are going to get you a motel in town and then you are on your own”.

Mami starts to cry “Master, I love you. We were thinking about setting up a massage parlor in town to help you out. People in this town must need a massage from time to time”.

Kali “Are there any massage parlors in town, Master? We can work there and save money so that we can buy our own parlor. We all want to love you Master and Mistress”.

Becky smiling “We are just messing with you, of course we will accept you into the family. And no I do not believe there is a massage parlor in town, of course you need to get a clean HIV/STD certificate before you have sex with Ben again”.

Kiki “We have not been with anyone since Master, Once you have BIG FELLA inside of you it is hard to imagine any other cock doing it for you, we will get a certificate next week”.

Becky “I told you Master, Once you fuck a woman she is yours for life”.

Jessica “I agree, I wasn't looking to be Ben's slave but once he fucked me I knew I was his”.

Ben “I have to stop showing women BIG FELLA”.

Nikki asks “What is BIG FELLA?”

Ben “That is what Becky nicknamed my cock, Nikki. She even had it tattooed to the top of my shaft”.

Nikki laughing “Becky you really have a control on my father”.

Becky grabbing his crotch, “No, we are partners. I love him and he did that for me. It is appropriate would you not all agree” Everybody there answers “YES”. “I might as well give you my gift that I had made for you Ben”. She goes into the den and takes out a package. “Her you go Master”. Ben opens it and sees it and says “You have got to be fucking kidding me!”.

Becky “Put it on, Master”.

Ben puts the Titanium chain around his neck that has the words BIG FELLA on the bottom that rests on his chest that is encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Tiffani “I think he should wear that always”.

Everybody laughs and agrees. Ben says “You might as well parade me around in one of those banana hammocks that you made me wear in Hawaii”.

Nikki “You got him in a banana hammock, Becky?”.

Becky “Yes, he looked wonderful in it. So did BIG FELLA, you should model it for Nikki Master”.

Ben “No, she has seen BIG FELLA plenty she does not need to see me in that thing”.

Becky “We need to get a family picture before we get naked”

The all get in front of the fireplace Ben and Becky locked arms and he takes Laurie, Leslie's sister in his other arm. The are in three rows as Antonio takes the picture, he takes two to make for sure. Bill replaces him and gets two more with Antonio and his daughter Elfie in the picture.

Before they get undressed and exchange gifts Ben tells everybody “I have a gift for everybody here, to my whole family. I have purchased 75 tickets to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and everyone is going. I have booked penthouse suites for Thursday through Tuesday in town”. Bill, Antonio and Ken are really happy. They are big football fans, Bill of course is a Lions fan. Antonio, Ken and Ben are all Falcons fans. He tells the teachers he is inviting Teddy and Leroy from School.

They all exchange gifts after they all strip. Ben gives each of his slaves a Black Widow Wireless Egg. He keeps the remotes. He tells them all to put their eggs in there pussies. They all do. And he starts the remotes at setting one and gradually works his way up to the maximum setting ten. The guys watch as the women start to go crazy all are in various states of orgasmic bliss, some are starting to climax, others are in the middle of climaxing hard, others are coming down from a strong orgasm. This went on for a while as Ken went over to Reanna and she sucked his huge cock as the egg worked its wonder in her pussy. Antonio went over to sweet little Peggy who did not have an egg because she was still a virgin and he ate her pussy while his daughter Elfie sucked his cock. Ben went over to Laurie and had BIG FELLA sucked by her. After everybody was done and Ben turned off the remotes, some girls went to the pool after taking their eggs out. Ben kisses all of his slaves and sucks on their tits as they go to the pool.

Vivian notices how big Ken's cock is and asks Ben “Master, Can you and Ken spit-roast me, please?” Ben looks at Ken and Carol. Carol nods her head as does Becky. Vivian is a sexual dynamo know that Ben has pounded her numerous times. She sucks BIG FELLA and Ken's 14” cock until they get erect. She says “I want BIG FELLA in my pussy first, while I suck Ken's huge cock. Ben pounds Vivian's pussy with a vengeance as they spit-roast her for about an hour before Ben pops in her ass and reams her hard. Vivian makes Ken cum hard and then she says to Bill, “Get that cock over here and put it down my throat”. He does as her Master continues to pound her ass. Ben finally cums and goes over to Becky and she washes him off.

Kaitlin comes over and she kisses her Master, “I love my jewelry and clothes Master. You are too generous”. She strokes BIG FELLA as Becky goes up and gets his pills and gives them to him. She starts to suck on BIG FELLA and gets off after he is hard. She then puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts to ride him. Ben says “That feels great Kaitlin, I need some virgin pussy to suck on while my lover here rides BIG FELLA”. Peggy, Nadine,Jenny and the waitress Jess come over to him and without looking he picks which one he wants to suck first. He taps Jess and she straddles his face. He sucks on Jess's pussy making her cum hard without even sticking his tongue in her pussy yet, just licking her clit and her outer lips. When he starts stroking her hymen she starts to scream and buck on Ben's face. She climaxes for a good five minutes before gradually comes down from on high. She gets off and kisses Ben and tells him “I want to be your slave, Master. I want you to take my virginity it is the only gift I can give you. Please take me and make me your slave. I do not want to be a virgin anymore. I only want you, I do not want to be spit-roasted or double penetrated. I want BIG FELLA in my pussy down my throat and in my ass. I love you Ben”. Ben then looks over at Becky and she tells him “Go ahead, pop her cherries, make her yours. She already is”. Kaitlin is still riding BIG FELLA hard and fast, going deep inside her pussy all the way to her cervix but no further. When she has an orgasm she gets off and smiles at Jess and tells her BIG FELLA is all hers. Jess sucks Kaitlin's juices off of BIG FELLA, kisses Kaitlin and tells her thanks as her new Master eats Peggy's little pussy. Jess then positions BIG FELLA next to her love tunnel and starts to push BIG FELLA in. She then bounces on BIG FELLA and breaks her own hymen, she cries and then pushes deep until BIG FELLA reaches her cervix. BIG FELLA is about 10 inches in her pussy. “Master, I want you to train me like you did your other slaves. I love how you fill me up. I feel so stuffed”. Jess then begins to bounce up and down as Peggy starts to climax for the second time and floods her Master's mouth with her pussy juices. “One less virgin pussy to compete with!” Peggy says.

Jess “Peggy this feels amazing, I can't wait to get BIG FELLA in my ass”. Peggy gets off Ben's face and Ben rolls over with Jess still on BIG FELLA and he starts to pound her pussy like a piston, “OH GOD MASTER, You are stretching me out, OH MY GOD you are hitting my cervix, I AM CUMMING”. Everybody is looking at them now.

Vivian “Pound that pussy, penetrate her cervix and cum in her womb, Master”.

Faith “Yes, cum in that virgins womb, Master, make her yours”.

Jess “I am his, have been for a while. God I love you Ben, you are amazing AHHHHH OW, that hurts Master”. Ben just pushed her cervix open. He pops in and out of her cervix and then starts to cum inside of her.

Ben “Jess are you on the pill?”.

Jess “No, my period is in two weeks usually”.

Ben “Damn, I could get you pregnant”.

Jess “Master, I don't care, my body is yours, if you want to get me pregnant I would be more than willing to bare you children”. Ben pulls out BIG FELLA out of her pussy and he sees no cum leaking, “Master, please take my anal cherry next”. Jess says as she goes down on BIG FELLA taking the limp cock deep into her throat and sucking him back to life. She bobs up and down on BIG FELLA. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and then positions BIG FELLA on her anus and then pushes down, she screams as the big bulbous head of BIG FELLA pops slowly into her 15 year old ass. “OH, My GOD that hurt”. She rests there and Ben starts to push her down on BIG FELLA, “If you are going to ride BIG FELLA, the you are going take all you can in your rectum, Jess” Ben says. “Yes Master”.

When he cums deep in her ass Tiffani and Janet pick her up and take her over to a towel so she can leak on it. Cum is pouring out of her once virgin ass. Nadia comes over to her Master “Master, can you fuck me while you suck on Nadine's virgin pussy, Please?”.

Ben “Your wish is my command”. Nadia sucks on BIG FELLA as Becky goes gets his pills and returns and gives them to him. Ben then starts to suck on sweet twelve year old virgin Nadine, little does everyone else know that she is going to stay with them when Nadia goes back to Tuscaloosa to work. Nadine starts to moan and buck her hips as her Master's masterful tongue does a number on her slit, clit and little anus. Nadia has gotten BIG FELLA hard by sucking on the head and mounts BIG FELLA pushing it all the way in. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA for a good half and hour while Ben makes Nadine come three times. He gets off and rests next to a couch, exhausted from climaxing so many times. Ben puts Nadia on her hands and knees and starts to jackhammer her. After about 45 minutes Ben pushes through her cervix and pumps a big load into her womb. Ben then gets up and takes Laurie's hand and takes her to his bedroom. He picks her up and puts her in his California king bed, he tells her he loves her and that she is really special to him.

“Master, You know I love you. You saved me from being gang raped back home, You are sweet and compassionate” Laurie says. “Laurie I want you to come back in February to witness the birth of Ben Jr.”. “OK” was Laurie's response as she starts to kiss Ben and strokes BIG FELLA until he is hard. She separates her legs and tells him to come and get inside of her. Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her, he strokes her with long deep strokes. His large seven inch helmet stretching her out as he pounds away. He fucks her hard in the missionary position for a good hour before he puts her in the doggie position. He fucks her hard like a piston in an engine for a good two hours before she collapses on the bed. “Laurie, Are you OK my love” Ben asks her, “Yes Master, I just passed out I guess from an intense orgasm. You have your cock ring on don't you?”.

Ben “Yes, I am going to fuck you the rest of the night”.

Laurie “I don't want to go home, I want to stay with you”. Ben doesn't say anything he just smiles as he continues to pound her cervix open. Ben then picks Laurie up and takes her over to the wall and as her legs dangle over his hips, he thrusts all 16 inches into her fast and furious. “Laurie you are mine. Let me work on a few things. We will talk about you staying in February when you come back to witness Ben Jr. being born. I am not going to share you with my friends, Your pussy belongs to me” Ben tells her as he continues to fuck her he pounds her on the wall for a good three hours before she passes out again. Becky comes in and looks at the lovers, “You are really giving her some special treatment”. Ben takes a limp Laurie over to the bed and puts her down with her legs hanging off the edge. “I am going to let her rest for a minute and then pound that lovely ass. She asked me to stay with us. I was thinking about making her my number two, right behind you. I want her to be my body slave, she will keep track and give me my pills, assist in training and pounding my other slaves. I will shower with her and I want her to sleep with us”.

Becky “You really do love her, is she that special to you, Ben?”.

Ben “Yes, I felt a connection with her, more than just fucking. When I rescued her from those idiots in Michigan I kind of fell for her. Then she gave herself so willingly to me that night and we fucked for so long. I love you the most, you are my soul mate, Becky, you know that. I just want her closer to me”. Laurie starts to stir, Becky starts to suck on BIG FELLA, tasting Laurie and getting him fully erect. “She tastes good” Becky says as she licks Laurie's ass and then sticks her finger in her ass. She then spreads her ass cheeks and Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her ass and starts to stroke her ass. “AHHHHHH, that is a great way to wake up from passing out, Master. Pound you willing slaves ass” Laurie says, “Becky, I want to stay with you too. I love you and don't want to go back to Michigan”. “UGH UGH UGH UGH” Laurie moans as Ben pounds her sweet little ass. Ben “God, I love you Laurie, I really do. You know me and Becky are going to Paris next week for two weeks. We the go see Marty's family and then it is to the Super Bowl. It will be February before you know it. We will discuss this then. Know this I love you will all my heart”.

Ben then takes BIG FELLA out of her ass and tells her to open her mouth. He then places BIG FELLA's head on her lips and starts shooting in her mouth. “Suck it all down my lover”. Laurie smiles as Ben pours his cum into her mouth. Laurie swallows then takes the head into her mouth and starts to suck. She does something about fifteen minutes into Ben's torrent of cum, she puts the tip of her tongue into his slit. Laurie smiles as the semen builds up in his cock. She then pushes the whole cock down her throat as he continues to cum hard. “Master, you are really filling my daughter up with your cum”. Ben looks over and sees Vivian standing at the door. “You have been fucking Laurie for hours. The rest of us are beginning to wonder if everything is OK”.

Ben “Yes we are fine, I am just enjoying some alone time with Laurie”.

Vivian “You really love her don't you?”.

Ben “Yes I do, I feel a special bond with her”.

Vivian “I see you are pumping a huge load into Laurie's stomach. I hope you save some of that cream for the rest of us. I want a least to loads before we have to leave”.

Ben “I have plenty for everyone”. Ben finishes cumming down Laurie's throat and she picks her up and puts her on the bed. “Lover lets go to sleep and rest awhile” Ben tells Laurie and then moves beside her. She falls asleep holding her Master. Ben has a tears in his eyes as Becky and Vivian get into bed with him.

“Ben, why are you crying” Becky asks. “It is really going to be hard for me to let her go back to Michigan, I love her so much. My heart is going to break”.

Vivian “You really love her, Master”.

Ben “Yes, I do. I want her with me always. I want her to travel with me everywhere, never leaving my side”.

“Master, if you want her you can have her. Just like me, I am yours. I love Bill and love when you two fuck me together. You have my permission to keep her if you want. I know when you are not with her she will be wishing she was.”

They sleep for a couple of hours and then Vivian, Becky and Ben wake up. “Master, I need to have a load inside of me please” Vivian says. Ben then has Vivian suck BIG FELLA until he is hard. Becky gets his pills and then he takes Vivian to another room so they would not disturb a sleeping Laurie, He puts Vivian on her hands and knees and drills her from behind pushing through her cervix after about two hours. He finally dumps a load inside of her.

Ben “You aren't on Birth Control are you, Vivian”.

Vivian “No, Bill got a vasectomy about ten years ago”.

Ben “I could get you pregnant, lover”.

Vivian “That is fine with me, I will take my chances as long as I get to keep getting BIG FELLA”.

Ben then has a second surge and pulls out and pushes deep into her ass as Bill comes into the room.

Bill “I was wondering where you got off to Viv. I see Ben is giving you a healthy dose of BIG FELLA in your ass. Fill her up Ben, pound that ass”.

Ben “I am doing just that BILL.

Vivian “Get that cock over here and put it in my mouth”. Bill did not have to be asked twice he put the head of his 9” cock in her mouth and she starts to suck him, she puts him on the floor underneath of her as Ben continues to pound her ass. She deep throats her husband as she is getting rocked back and forth by Ben's pounding.

“GOD, Ben this is amazing. You fucked her pussy yet?” Bill asks.

“Just got finished pumping a huge load into her womb” Ben replies.

“Damn, Maybe she will get pregnant, I wouldn't mind having a little boy to play with and help raise. It would definitely be yours”. Bill says.

Bill cums in her throat as Ben continues to pump her ass. Vivian does not let go of Bill's cock, she gets him hard again and makes him cum two more times before he passes out. Ben fucks her for three hours before popping out of her well used ass and pushing deep into her pussy and cuming into her womb. “Damn, that was some good fucking” Vivian says. “Can, I do you and Ken later? I want you in my pussy and Ken in my ass.”

“Sure rest a while and then come downstairs and we will pound you till you pass out like Bill” Ben reassures her. Ben leaves Vivian there on the floor as she snuggles next to her husband. He goes back and checks on his lover, Laurie. “I need to get the tattoo artist over here and get her tattooed. I need to make her as mine” Ben says to Becky. “I love you Ben”. Ben kisses his wife and her belly. “I love you too my little angel”. We now have a big loving family”.

“Ben if you are having the tattoo artist over we need to get your other slaves marked also, Isabella and her girls, Nadia and Nadine, Vivian also. I think Vivian wants to get pregnant” Becky says.
Ben “Probably, Bill seems to be resigned to the idea”.

They go downstairs and Ben calls the movers and asks them to come over.

Ben “Isabella would you like to spend some time with the movers?”.

Isabella “Sure but not for two days”.

Reanna “Who are these movers”.

Isabella “They are four friends of Ben's that have big cocks, well not as BIG FELLA, but over 11” and they like to spit-roasting women”.

Reanna “What is spit-roasting mean?”

Isabella “It is when one guy fucks you in the pussy or ass while another one fucks your face. I think they will like to double penetrate me also”

Reanna “Can I try that Master?”

Ben “Sure, anybody else want to try it?” Emma, Ava hands raise.

Emma “We saw mom getting it and it looked fun”.

The movers arrive and they see all the girls and Ben tells them that they can spit-roast Isabella and her two daughter's along with Reanna.

Omar “Thanks, Ben would be our pleasure. As long as it is not for three days. We had to ice our junk when we got back to our apartments”.

Ben “I want you guys to have fun with our newest members of the family. Kiki, Kali and Mami this is Omar, Jerry, Fred and Abdul. Why don't you guys start with them”. Kiki and Kali come over and start sucking on Omar and Abdul as Reanna sucks on Fred and Emma on Omar. Once they are erect Omar and Abdul take Kiki while Fred and Jerry fuck the shit out of Kali. These little girls from Hawaii are getting more than they bargained for when they moved to Alabama.

Kiki takes Abdul out of her mouth and tells everyone “This is fucking amazing, Thank you master. Pound that ass Omar, make me cum”. Everyone is laughing as Abdul pushes deep down her throat. Everybody is amazed to see this little 4'8 Asian girl take a 14” deep in her ass as a twelve inch cock face fucks her. Omar gets out of her ass and asks if she is on birth control. Kiki not able to speak because of a 12” cock being in her throat she gives the thumbs up motion and he pushes deep inside of her pussy pounding her like a piston. Abdul finally cums down her throat and as he pulls out he shoots more in her mouth. Kiki smiles and tells Abdul “Mmm, that was good Abdul, Thanks Master, Omar is pounding the crap out of my ass. Will you fuck my pussy while he does my ass Please?' Ben comes over and she sucks BIG FELLA until he is hard. Then he pushes Kiki back onto Omar's torso and spreads her little legs and goes to town on her pussy. “OH FUCK YEAH. MASTER FUCK YOUR SLAVES WILLING PUSSSY, GOD DAMN THIS FEELS AMAZING” Kiki says. Ben then after a good 45 minutes pushes into her cervix. “IMPREGNATE ME, PUT THAT BEAUTIFUL BLACK SEED IN MY WOMB MASTER”. They all laugh except for Kali who is getting pounded hard in her ass and mouth. She has made Jerry cum twice as Fred pounds her ass. When all four guys are done. The four movers get their cocks cleaned off my Emma and Ava. They then go for a swim in the pool to cool down and recover.

Kiki “Mmm, that was some awesome fucking. Master, I love you and can't wait for you to start my training”. Kali echos that as cum is leaking out of both girls asses. Faith and Hope come over and start sucking the cum out of there asses and then take them to the shower.

The movers come back after an hour break and look at Ava and Emma. “Your turn, are you guys ready?”. “Yes” Is there answer and they come over and start sucking on their cocks.

Omar “I want to fuck Ava's ass first then Emma”

Ava “I think you all should get to fuck my ass and Emma's also, don't you agree Emma?”.

Emma “Oh, Yeah. Would that be alright with you Master”.

Ben “No fucking their pussies without a rubber, I am the only one that is going to cum in there”

The movers nod in agreement. Omar is hard and starts fucking Ava, He picks her up and pushes his cock into her ass and then puts her on the floor pushing deep inside her ass. “AHHHH, GOD that feels great keep pounding my ass” Ava says as Abdul puts his cock into her mouth. “Damn Ben, How old is this little minx? She is super sweet, excellent cocksucker” Abdul asks “She just turned 14”. Isabella told him. Omar is jack-hammering her as is Fred on Emma. They stay that way for 45 minutes and then Fred and Omar switch. Abdul having cum twice in Ava's stomach switches with Jerry. Jerry came three times in Emma's stomach. They come once while Omar pounds deeper into Emma's ass and Fred pounds a looser Ava's ass. When Omar and Fred finally cum they all rest in the pool after Reanna and Isabella suck the cum out of their ass.

Abdul says “Me and Jerry are next in those asses”.

They rest for a half hour and then pound the crap out of them for two more hours. Emma and Ava are really sore and sleep holding each other. Before they sleep they tell their lovers “Thanks that was enjoyable”.

The movers get something to eat and drink and they look at Reanna and Isabella. Reanna tells them “You are all going to fuck me in the ass, Master I want to DP them also. All of them”.

Ben “Guys you have to watch out for Reanna, She will fuck your brains in”. Everybody laughs at that. “No I am serious, she will drain your balls and make you cum blanks if you do not watch her”.

Reanna “Master, I am a sweet little 14 year old girl. How could this 5'2 girl drain these big balls?” she is holding Omar and Abdul's balls she sucks on Omar getting him hard and then before she takes Abdul deep into her throat. She tells Omar “Take it easy on my little 14 year old ass big boy”. Omar then proceeds to pound her ass. “Oh, you can do better than that, give me that black cock” She then deep throats Abdul and in ten minutes she has made him cum. She continues this until Omar is done 90 minutes later. “Fuck, Ben she just made me cum ten times. That little cocksucker”. “Baby, I took it easy on your cock, Abdul”.

“Damn” is the response of the crowd watching. Renee kisses Ben and tells him “Reanna is really a little nymph isn't she?” “Yes she is, I love her for that”. Renee “I love you Master, we haven't had sex yet, but you are my Master. You treat my girls and myself so well”.

Abdul “This is your daughter and I see she has a twin?”.

Renee “Yes that is my daughter and her sister is Rachel, she is not as adventurous sexually is Reanna. Sarah and Sam are my daughters too, we are all Ben's willing slaves”.

Abdul “Ben you are truly gifted. I am glad to be your friend”.

Renee smiling “You do not want to be his enemy”.

Abdul, Omar, Fred and Jerry look at her and then Ben. Most of the rest know what she means.

Rachel comes over and sucks on Fred's cock as Omar cums deep in her sisters ass. Sam comes over and sucks the cum out of her ass and then Fred takes over pounding her sweet little ass. As Jerry has his cock sucked by Reanna. “OH SHIT, she mad me cum already” Jerry says he just gotten down her throat about five minutes. Fred fucks her ass for two hours and Reanna sucks all the cum out of Jerry's balls and he starts shooting blanks. Reanna has her hands on his balls and he knows he is not going anywhere until Fred is done “Come God Damn it Fred, this little thing is making me cum blanks. Fuck that hurts like hell” Reanna makes him shoot blanks until Fred is done. He shot 3 blanks into her. Jerry gets off and then goes two feet and then drops to his knees and holds his cock. “Damn, that little girls just drained my balls. I am done that is it for me”.

**********************TRIP TO PARIS with Becky**********************************************
The next day after the movers left and Ken and Carol have gone home. Ben and Becky take Bill, Vivian and Laurie back to Michigan. Ben tells Laurie “I love you baby” and kisses her deeply and they make love in the bedroom on his plane on the way to Michigan. The stay for a while fucking and sucking and Ben and Becky head back to Alabama to prepare for their trip. They take a day to pack their bags and get things in order. They leave saying goodbye to the family. They arrive in Paris and go to their hotel. It is the finest in Paris. Ben has booked a private tour of the Palace of Versailles, Moulin Rouge Show, and a Guided tour of the famous Louvre Museum.

Ben also has reservations at some of the finest restaurants in Paris: Le Meurice, L'Astrance, Macéo, Spring, Thoumieux, Ze Kitchen Galerie, and Yam'Tcha. But on the first night they decide to take a walk to the Eiffel Tower and walk around the city for a while and then head back to their hotel. The make passionate love and fall asleep in each others arms alone for the first time in a long time. Then next morning Becky wakes up to just her and Ben and smiles. She sees Ben is still asleep and goes to the bathroom to freshen up and then gets back to bed and starts sucking and deep throating BIG FELLA. Ben wakes and smiles and finally cums down his beautiful pregnant wife's throat. “I just love waking up like that!”. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and moves up in the bed and rests on Ben's chest. “Ben, this is nice having your bed and you to myself with no other slaves. I love our family but a little alone time with you is well overdue”.

Ben “My love, even when I am not with you I am with you in spirit and soul. It is nice though to just being the two of us”. They see all the sites, do all the activities, eat at the restaurants even go shopping for gifts for everyone. Every night they make passionate love and talk about the family and where life is taking them. Ben tells Becky of his desires for Laurie and she tells him to go there and take her, to bring her home and make her his second wife.

Becky “We should do this when you go to pick her up when I am getting ready to give birth, maybe after you could take her somewhere special”.

Ben “Like the Cayman Islands, I have business interest there. I think she would love that”.

Becky “I know she will, she loves you with all her heart”.

The leave Paris after two fun filled weeks enjoying each others company and time alone.

********************************** Confronting Marty's Family ********************************

Ben and Becky fly in from Paris and have booked a two bedroom suite at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead for a week. They arrive and are really tired from their plane trip and head to the room. They call Marty and tell them they are staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead and that they will send a car for her and her mother and sisters tomorrow at 3. Marty asks “Can I come over and see you too tonight Please?”. “He says sure call a cab and tell him you are going here, I will meet you downstairs call me when you get close. You need to dress nice” Ben tells Marty. About an hour later Ben gets the call and he heads downstairs and he goes outside and greets her and pays for the cab. They go back upstairs and she kisses him in the elevator, “I missed you Master”.

They go into the room and Marty says it is pretty elegant room. “Marty, I want to get your mother and sisters over here and meet them upstairs. Do you think you can convince them to come over here without your step-father?” Ben asks.

Marty “I believe so, Joe does not get home till 6 or 7 most nights. I will call her and tell her that you will have a car waiting for them at 4 in front of the house to bring them to meet you”.

Ben “Tell them it will be a limousine and that we will be going out to dinner at “Restaurant Eugene” after we meet”.

Marty calls her mother and tells her that she is with her boyfriend and that he wants to meet her and her sisters at the Ritz-Carlton tomorrow at 5 and that he will have a limousine at her house by 4. That they are going out to dinner after at the “Restaurant Eugene” in Buckhead. Marty's mother says they will be dressed and ready to go.

Marty then tells Ben and he makes reservations for 11 at the restaurant at seven. Ben then tells Marty that they are pretty tired from the plane ride and planned to order room service later and hang around in the hotel. Maybe go swimming later, Marty brought her bikini, They get naked and get into bed and the three of them make love. Ben asks Marty did she have any problems with her mother regarding her pregnancy. “No Master, I told her that I loved the man that fathered my child and that I plan on moving in with him. I also told her that you planned on taking care of all the bills”. “Marty, I love you as does Becky” Ben says, “I do love you, Marty I want all my sister slaves to be with me when Ben Jr. arrives in February”.

Ben gets the room service menu and places an order. He orders a bottle of wine and some dessert.
After they eat he asks Marty if her mother would move down to Tuscaloosa with her so that she could watch out for the baby while you are in school?

Ben “Marty, if everything goes alright tomorrow I plan on offering to bring your mother and sisters into my family. I have my plane waiting to fly us home. I have a two suites booked for your family”.

Marty “Master, my mother has really had a tough life, when my father died she married Joe not out of love but to have somebody to help her with us kids, he had a house. I do not think she will have a problem with me loving you and Becky. Do you plan on making my sisters your slaves also? I have four sisters that are pretty young 12 and 10 years old”.

Ben “Do you want me to make them my slaves? I will not force them. I do love to eat virgin pussy and I am pretty sure the twelve and ten year old girls have never had sex before”.
Marty “I want my family to accept my decision and I want to take care of them, I know you will be gentle with them. I have talked to the younger girls and they have not had sex. Victoria she is 17 and has only given blowjobs so far. The fourteen year old twins have not done anything yet, but are very curious about sex. You might get them to let you eat their pussies. I need to get some shaving cream and maybe some clippers to shave those pussies”.

The eat their meals and lay in bed and watch their favorite show Hawaii Five-O and Becky and Ben giggle as they see that it is their episode that they have cameos in. Marty recognizes Ben, Becky and a couple of the other girls. “Master, you look so good in your banana hammock”. They go to sleep in each others arms. They next day they go shopping, Ben wants to get a couple of suits and get the girls some dresses. He then goes to the jewelry store and gets Marty a wedding band and an engagement ring. He then takes the girls back to the hotel and when they get to their room he gets on one knee and tells Marty “I love you, and want you to be my slave wife, I will honor, cherish, and love you for the rest of our lives”. He puts the engagement ring on her finger and then her wedding band.

“Master, I love my ring. You did not need to do this” Marty says. “Marty, I love you and I know you know that. This is just a symbol of my love and commitment to you. This will show your mother how committed I am to you” Ben tells her.

They go upstairs and get ready for the night. They shower together and Marty sucks BIG FELLA and then takes him for a ride before she washes him. “Master, if you just show BIG FELLA to my mother she will probably rape you. I know Joe doesn't pack anything close to BIG FELLA”.

It is five and the front desk calls and tells Ben that he has eight women asking for Marty. He tells the front desk to send them up to his room. They arrive at the door and Ben opens it and asks them to come in.

Ben “Mrs. Stewart, I am Ben Barnes it is nice to finally meet you”.

Marty introduces each of her sisters to Ben, and tells her family that Ben is her lover and father of her child. She introduces Becky as Ben's wife and her lover also.

Martha “Ben, my daughter tells me that she loves you and that you plan on taking care of her and her baby. Is this true?”.

Ben “Mrs. Stewart, I plan on loving Marty for as long as she will let me. I love her and care for her and yes I plan on taking care of my child along with Marty”.

Martha “Please call my Martha, Ben I see your wife is pregnant also”.

Ben “Martha, I have several lovers that are pregnant, four friends of Marty's are my lovers and I take care of them. I have a house in Tuscaloosa for all five of them to live in while they are at University. I am building a 100 bedroom mansion on a thousand acres I own in Alabama. Two of the girls have their mother and aunt their taking care of them. They also are my lovers. I love all my women as does my wife Becky. We love taking care of them, and the sex is pretty damn good. Marty has something she wants to ask you”.

Marty “I want you to move down with me to Tuscaloosa with me and go to school with me, I think you would enjoy the college live”.

Martha “What about your sisters, Marty”.

Marty “My lovers will take care of them” she shows her mother her rings. He engagement ring is the biggest she has ever seen.

Martha “That thing must of cost a fortune”. Marty “Ben loves me and I love him. It is getting late we better get downstairs and get into the limousine and go to dinner, we can talk more there”.

Ben walks downstairs with Becky on one arm and Marty on the other. Marty rubs BIG FELLA when they are in the elevator and Martha looks at her daughter with a questioning stare.

Marty whispers into her mothers ear “Mom, Ben is huge. He is a fantastic lover. When we get back from dinner I will have him show it to you”.

Marty tells her mother and sisters when they are in the car that Ben has rented two suites for them and that he plans on taking everybody shopping tomorrow. The group arrives at Restaurant Eugene and head inside, he tells everybody to order whatever they like do not worry about prices. He asks Martha what she likes to drink. He then orders two bottles of champagne and has the waiter bring glasses for everyone. He then proposes a toast “To family and friends, may we always be together”. The girls love the champagne they have never had it before. They order dinner and eat. Martha says she has heard of this place but had never been there. Her husband is cheap and money has always been very tight. Ben asks the girls if they would like to go swimming tomorrow with him and her sister. They say the would love to but do not have swimsuits. He says they will stop by a Walmart and pick up bikini's for everyone. After dessert they go to get their swimsuits and head back to the hotel.

Ben “I have 2 two bedroom suites reserved for you he has the keys and goes into one room and asks the ten, twelve and fourteen year old twins if they want to stay in this one. They say sure it is beautiful. He takes Martha and Victoria to the next room and give them the key”. Becky is in their room and Marty is with Ben. She whispers in Ben's ear “I promised my mom that you would show her BIG FELLA”, Ben tells her “As long as you pull it out”.

Marty has her mother and sister come into the living room and she tells them that she has a treat for them. She then unzips and pull down Ben's suit pants, and then his boxers and unleashes BIG FELLA. “Mom, I would like to introduce you and Victoria to BIG FELLA”.

Martha and Victoria both have their mouths open and to Marty's surprise Victoria lunges for it and tells Marty “I want to suck on BIG FELLA”. Martha “OH MY GOD, Victoria stop that, how big is that thing. It is huge”. Victoria ignores her mother and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Victoria manages to get the head into her mouth and Marty leans over and tells her to swallow when the head reaches the back of her mouth and to breathe through your nose. She then pushes her sisters head down on BIG FELLA. “Mom, BIG FELLA is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide, and I have taken him all the way in my pussy and my throat. I love having sex with Ben, he is my master and I am his willing slave. I love him and trust him with my life. I want you to be his slave also, you will like having sex with BIG FELLA, it might hurt at first but it will be pleasurable once you get use to his size”.

Victoria taking BIG FELLA out of her mouth, she leads Ben to the bedroom and to the bed. “I am going to get Ben to pop my cherry, He can be my Master Mom”. Victoria gets on top of Ben and straddles him and inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy and then in one stroke she pushes down on to BIG FELLA and pushes him past her hymen all the way to her cervix. Martha and Marty are looking on and see a little blood trickle down Victoria's legs. She starts to moan and groan as Ben then turns her over and starts to drill her hard. He fucks her for a good couple of hours and then pushes into her womb and deposit a huge load inside of her.

“Marty go get my pills from Becky please, Martha will you make love to me?”.

Martha nods and says why not. Ben gets his pills and has Marty shave her sister and mother's pussies, Marty tells them it is a requirement. Martha comes back into the room and gets into bed with Ben. Ben fucks Martha a good long time before pounding through her cervix. Martha like Victoria has had multiple orgasm. Martha is quite satisfied when Ben is done with her pussy.

Martha “That was the best sex I have ever had. Marty, I know why you love this man” she has a hold of BIG FELLA, “Marty, you are going to have to share Ben with me, I am divorcing your step-father and going to be Master's slave/fuck toy or whatever he wants, what about you Victoria?”.

Victoria “Master Ben can have sex with me anytime he wants”.

Marty “He has sex with his women in the pussies, asses and down their throats, you must comply with this. He will also train you, training consists of having sex with Master ten times without interruption in your pussy and then your ass. You must also make BIG FELLA cum down your throat twenty times in a row without interruption. Do you agree to this and are willing to become his slaves”.

Both Martha and Victoria drop to their knees and ask Ben to take them as slaves and make them his. Martha asks about the twins and Ben says “I will make them slaves if they want to, the younger ones twelve and ten, in particular the two that are ten, are to young to be penetrated vaginally. He will make the ten year old suck his cock and he will eat their pussies. They will love that”. He tells them that in a couple of days they need to go home and pack what they want to take back to his house, family momentous and the such, only pack the nicer clothes. He will buy them what they need at home in Alabama. He plans on flying home in three days.
“Martha, I will have my lawyer draw up divorce papers for you. Did your husband ever adopt your children”. Ben asks, “No he never did, I don't know why I stayed with him. He is a good provider I guess. Terrible lover, I have not had sex with him in over two years. He is always tired and I never got off with him inside of me”. Ben calls Becky over to the room and she comes in and she already knows by the looks on their faces that she has new lovers and Ben has new slaves.

Becky “Welcome to the family, in the family we all love each other. We take care of each other and we all respect each other”. She kisses Victoria on the lips and Martha also. Marty tells them “Becky is the Mistress of the house, she is in charge”

Both Victoria and Martha say “Yes Mistress, Becky”.

Becky “I love both of you just like I do my sweet Marty”. Becky then goes over and starts to have sex with Marty. Ben tells the two to get into bed with him. “I will love you and cherish both of your” The former mother and daughter share a kiss with their new Master and each other.

Martha “I have never been with another woman before”. Becky getting up from between Marty's legs “We all love having sex with Ben and each other. You will find that we all have sex together”.

Ben sleeps with the two all night in the morning Martha calls the twins into the room and tells them “Kids, I am divorcing your step-father and we are going to move to Alabama to be closer to Marty. We are going to live with Marty's lovers, well they are our lovers also. I have fallen for Ben and Becky and we are going to be part of their family. Victoria tells her sisters that Ben is amazing and is very caring. The fourteen year old twins, Candy and Cynthia, are a little curious about Ben. He tells them to go to the other bedroom and get undressed. He takes the 12 year old twins, Alileen and Alexia, and the ten year old twins, Calla and Cam to their suite with Martha and Becky.

Ben “Ladies, I have taken your mother and your older sisters into my family. I love them and am going to take care of them, as I am going to take care of you four. I will be honest with you young ladies. I am going to be having sexual intercourse with Marty, Victoria and your mother. I plan to have sex with Candy and Cynthia if they want too. Ladies, I will not make you do anything you do not want to. Your mother wants you to go with us back to my home in Alabama, I wish that also. You will be papered and have everything you need. You need to make a choice. Do you want to stay here with your step-father or do you want to come with me?”.

Becky “Girls, you will be loved and taken care of, Marty is part of my family, I love her and care for her. Asks her about my family”.

The girls talk amongst themselves and Alexia speaks up “Mom, we want to go with you, of course, we do not understand why you want to go with Ben and Becky. Do you not love Joe anymore?”.

Martha “Honey, I never loved him, I loved your father with all my heart. I feel loved for who I am and really want to be a part of Marty's family”.
Marty asks Ben “Show them BIG FELLA, they are going to see him eventually”.

Ben unzips his pants and takes his shorts off and then his boxers. BIG FELLA flops between his legs and the girls look at it with their mouths open.

Alileen asks “Marty are all men that big?”

Marty “NO, Ben is huge. That is why his penis is tattooed with the name BIG FELLA on the top”.
Marty takes BIG FELLA into her hands and leads Ben over to the girls. Marty leans down and kisses the head and sucks on it a little. She tells her sisters to try it, that they might like it. Each one takes her turn kissing and sucking on the head and then licking the shaft. BIG FELLA is hard by the time the last girls licks and sucks on the head. Marty then shows them how to deep throat BIG FELLA and proceeds to do that until Ben is about to cum. “Girls, open your mouths. You are about to have a treat” Marty tells her youngest sisters. She stokes BIG FELLA until it start to swell and then places the head in Alileen's mouth first and she gets a mouthful, then Alexia, Cam and Calla is last to have their mouths filled with cum. “Swallow his load girls” Martha says and the girls do. “How did it taste, did you like Ben's cum?”.

The girls agree it was OK, a little salty and sweet. They asks if they can try to make Ben cum. Ben tells them later. Lets get some food in your stomachs to go along my my cum. They look at the menu and they all order room service to be delivered to Ben's suite. He then gets dressed and goes to where Candy and Cynthia are waiting for him.

Ben “Ladies, you know I have sex with your older sisters and your mother. I plan on having sex with you too if you want to. I will never force you to do anything you do not want to do. Marty tells me that you are a little curious about sex. I would be honored if you gave me your gift of your virginity. Lets eat breakfast and then you can decide if you want to do it today?”.

They order there breakfast and eat together in that room. When finished Ben asks them if he can have some dessert. They say for breakfast. He tells them to go into the bedroom and lay on the bed with their legs apart. He calls Becky and Marty to come into the suite, they do and they go into the bedroom. Ben tells Candy and Cynthia that he wants to eat their pussies.

Marty “Cyn, Candy You will absolutely love being eaten by my Master. He loves eating pussy”.

Becky “Especially virgin pussy!”.

Ben gets in between Cynthia's legs puts them over his shoulders and then starts to lick her freshly shaven pussy. He licks her slit and then works on her clit, he sucks on her little pussy and then starts to part her pussy lips and licks her inner lips. Cynthia is moaning and panting. She starts to buck her hips and starts to climax into Ben's mouth. He sucks it all down. “I think she likes being eating, Becky” Marty says. When Cynthia comes down from on high, “Master can do that to me any time he wants!”. Ben then starts to suck her pussy with more gusto, he inserts his long tongue into her pussy and starts to stroke her hymen. Becky knows she is about to scream like Ben's other virgin pussies and goes over and kisses her and tells her not to scream to loud. Marty goes gets a towel from the bathroom and gives it to Becky. “Scream into this sweetheart”.

Ben strokes her pussy and her hymen and makes her cum again really hard and long. She starts to pour out her juice into his awaiting mouth. He makes her cum three times like that and then gets up and asks Candy “Do you want me to go down on you too sweetheart?”. “Oh, GOD Yes. Master, I want to experience what Cyn just had. If you are our Master then that makes us your slaves right?”.

Becky “Only if you want to be his slave, and accept him as your Master!”.

Cynthia and Candy both say “Ben, please be our Master and make us your slaves”.

Ben “OK, I want you to breeder slaves like you older sisters and mother”.

Candy “What does that mean, Master?”.

Ben “That means I want you to start having my children, I am going to pop your cherries and then get you pregnant, Do you want to have my children?”.

Cynthia “I am only fourteen, Master, I am a little young”.

Becky “Cynthia I am thirteen, My husband got me pregnant last June before we got married. I love him and am going to bare him many children. When you get to our house you will see that Marty and I are not the only ones that are pregnant”.

Cynthia “I thought you were Marty's age, you look mature for your age”.

Ben starts to suck on Candy's pussy just like he did on Cynthia. She climaxes five times for Ben.

“Let's get our Bikini's on and go swimming”. Becky tells them and calls the others and tells them they are going to the pool and for them to join them. They all wear their Ritz-Carlton robes down to the pool area and then jump in. Ben bought himself a more conservative suit at Walmart. He does not want to be kicked out wearing the banana hammock. They swim for hours playing in the pool. Ben kisses Marty, Martha and Victoria and tells them “Welcome to the family”. “Tomorrow go pack up your family things, a few clothes and whatever you want from the house. Leave Joe a note saying that you are divorcing him and taking the kids with you. In two days we leave for your new home. Martha says “Yes, Master” in his ear. Marty swims over to her Master and lover and tells him “Thank you for accepting my family into our family. I think they will be very good breeder slaves”.

Ben then gets out and takes Candy and Cynthia with him upstairs when he is in the elevator alone he tells them, “It is time I pop your cherries my lovers”. “Yes, Master” they say in unison and hold him close. They go back to Ben's suite, they go to the shower and take off their bathing suits. Ben washes his new lovers their backs their legs, asses and then he starts on their fronts starting at their necks and then to their breasts and finally working his way down to their pussies. He then pushes a finger into each girls pussy and looks up into their eyes, “Are you ready to become women?”. “Yes Master, Please make love to us” Candy tells her new Master with lust in her eyes. They dry off and go to bed, Ben tells Candy to straddle his face while Cynthia sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. He tells Cynthia to take his cock down her throat, swallow when the head reaches the back of your mouth and breathe through your nose. Cynthia tries to work BIG FELLA down her throat as Candy cums twice while Ben sucks on her virgin pussy. Ben gets up and put Candy on the other bed on her back. BIG FELLA is hard and Ben puts Cynthia on her back with the head off the side of the bed. This aligns her throat for easier penetration. Ben then tells Cynthia to open her mouth and start sucking on BIG FELLA. She does and Ben starts to push all sixteen inches down her throat. He smiles as he sees her beautiful throat bulge out by his large bulbous head. He strokes her throat for about ten minutes and then exits and tells her she did very good. He then puts BIG FELLA into Candy's pussy pushing a couple of inches in until he reaches her hymen. Cynthia is lying next to them watching the action.

Ben “Candy baby, are you ready? This is going to hurt when I push through and break your hymen. It will only hurt for a minutes before you start feeling pleasure”.

Candy “Yes Master, I am ready. Please be gentle with me”.

Ben pushes through her hymen breaking it in one deep stroke. He notices blood tricking down her legs to the towel he placed under her. He then pushes deep inside of her extremely tight virgin pussy. He pushes is thick long cock deep inside until it reaches her cervix. He rests there and tells Candy to breathe and adjust to his length. “How much do I have inside me, Master?”, “About eight or nine inches my love, time to get stretched out. When I cum I am going to do it in your womb, the first time I push through your cervix it will probably hurt. You will get use to this because this is how I am going to cum inside of you from now on. You will get pregnant eventually” Ben tells her as he starts to thrust inside her pussy slowly stretching her out. He is amazed at how this young fourteen year old is adjusting to his cock, she is squeezing and milking him with every stroke. He starts to pound her cervix trying to get it open after about 45 minutes of jack-hammering her pussy. It takes him about ten minutes to penetrate her cervix and he dumps his load deep into her womb. He looks over and sees Marty and Becky watching him as he pumps stream after stream into her womb. “Fill me up Master, That was fantastic. Cynthia you are going to love being fucked by Master”. Ben then exits her womb trapping his semen inside of her. He then pumps her pussy a few more times and collapse next to her he tells her, “I am going to pop your anal cherry after I get finished fucking your twin”.

Candy “Yes Master, my body is yours”. She leans over and whispers in his ear. “Master, I loved that. And I want you to love me. I love you”. He kisses her and tells her “I do love you, you gave me the greatest gift of all. You will make a great breeder and mother”. They make out for a couple of minutes and then bring Cynthia in and the three kiss each other. “I love all my women, Candy Cynthia. Cynthia are you ready to have your cherry popped?”. “Yes, Master”. Becky gets his pills and gives them to him. “Tonight I am going to sleep with these two lovely ladies and Victoria. Tomorrow I am going to pop Alileen and Alexis's cherries while you Martha and her other girls get your stuff packed?

Ben starts to suck on Cynthia pussy and strokes her hymen with his tongue. She bucks her hips and cums hard. BIG FELLA is hard, Becky sucked him while he eat Cynthia's pussy. Ben then mounts Cynthia putting her legs over his shoulders and pushes BIG FELLA through her pussy lips and to her hymen. He pulls back and then goes deep breaking her hymen and ushering her into womanhood. He pushes deep pressing against her cervix as she lets out a small cry, Candy tells her it will get better.

“I feel so full, Candy, I feel Master stretching my pussy. It feels good. Master you can start stroking your slaves pussy now” Cynthia says as Ben starts to push and pull out his cock. He pumps her little pussy. Cynthia starts to moan and groan, “Yes Master, stretch my pussy. It hurts so good. UGH UGH UGH, GOD YOU ARE HUGE”. He pumps her hard and fast and she matches his thrusts and he punchers her cervix and Cynthia arches her back and climaxes hard. “Fuck me Master FILL UP MY WOMB WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL SEED”. They fuck for two hours before Ben finally blows his load inside her womb. He pulls out of her womb and then lays next to her.

Ben “Girls I need to take a nap, I want you to stay with me” Cynthia says “I have no plans on leaving you. You are a god. I love you and adore you”. Cynthia snuggles to one side with Candy to the other. Becky sucks on Cynthia's pussy as Marty sucks on her sister Candy's pussy. Victoria comes in and starts to suck on BIG FELLA getting him hard and then pushes him inside her pussy. “Master, I want to take a nap with you inside me”. She lays her head on his chest and they take a nap until dinner time.

Ben “Girls, I don't have a real desire to go out to dinner. Do you mind room service tonight?”.

“Master, it gives us more time to have sex, then I am all for room service” Candy says, “Master, fuck me in my ass while we wait for Dinner, Please”.

Becky orders as he pounds Candy's ass. She screams into her pillow until she is loosened up and then turns to her Master, “GOD MASTER, THAT FUCKING HURT. It feels better now. My ass is on fire. I need you to cum inside so that it will put the fire out”. Ben cums just as dinner is served into the outside room, Becky signs for it and tips the waiter. She comes into the room and tells the two lovers that dinner is served. They get up and Ben helps Candy to the living room. She has a towel on and is a little wobbly.

Marty “You will get use to BIG FELLA being in your ass. I love it when he fucks me in my ass”.

Becky “Me too, That is part of the training, by the time he is done training your ass you will be use to it”.

Candy “I am a little sore, but Master is more than welcome to have sex in that hole with me again. I want to deep throat BIG FELLA tonight and taste his cum”.

Ben “After dinner you can have some special cream for dessert if you want”. “Yes, Master that will be fun. I need to work on getting BIG FELLA down my throat. Cynthia had trouble we both need to practice before training starts”.

Ben “I am in favor of you girls practicing all you want”. He goes to the bathroom and calls Liz in Alabama to tell her to get him another house by the Crystals, Want a 5 or 6 bedroom house. He goes back in and tells Becky. She shakes her head. “Another house for you to spend a lot of time in”.

Ben “I need to break these girls in before training starts. You girls are not going to go back to school until the fall. That will give us plenty of time for training and getting you all pregnant”.

The girls were thrilled about not going back to school for six months. “Master, you plan on getting all of us pregnant? Even Calla and Cam” Victoria asked. “No not Calla and Cam they are going to remain virgins at least in their pussies until they are much older. The rest of you girls will be getting pregnant and giving me babies, by the time my new mansion is ready for us all to move into you will be giving birth or at least ready to be. I love you all and always wanted a large family. When we get home I will take you girls around to meet your new family”

Ben “Candy, it is time for you to get your dessert”. He undoes his robe and unleashes BIG FELLA. He is limp and Candy takes BIG FELLA into her hand and starts to suck on the head. He is quickly erect and Ben starts pushing it down her fourteen year old throat. He pumps her throat back and forth and the other girls look on as they see the bulge of the head of BIG FELLA. Ben then picks Candy up and takes her to bed with his cock still lodged in her throat. He turns her so that she is on her back and her head is off the bed and begins to throat fuck her, pumping her hard and fast. When he is just about to climax he pulls out of her throat and then cums in her mouth. He tells Cynthia and Victoria to come over and get a couple of mouthfuls. They each have their mouths filled with his cum. The swallow and lick their lips. “Yummy” was the consensus as all three smiled and Candy started to suck BIG FELLA hard again. “It is time for you to take my anal cherry, Master” Becky gets the anal lube and puts it on her anus and pushes two fingers in and then pours some lubricate inside her asshole. BIG FELLA is erect and Ben puts Candy on her hands and knees. He pushes BIG FELLA past her anal ring, Candy starts to cry as Ben pushes deeper and deeper. “Baby, relax your muscles it will get better, relax and breathe”. Candy does as she is told and Ben feels her relax her muscles and he starts to stroke her ass with long deep strokes, faster and faster. He then starts to work on her anus, making that stretch and pop as he takes the head all the way out and then immediately reinserts it. He does that for about ten minutes before he takes his large seven inch bulbous head halfway out and rests it there. She is moaning and panting the whole time. Ben is smiling “Man do I love a nice tight virgin ass, Candy by the time I am done with your training you will be use to taking BIG FELLA up your ass. You will enjoy it like my other slaves”. Not waiting for an answer, he starts fucking pounding her ass harder and faster until he is about ready to cum. He then pulls out and pushes it deep into her beautiful pussy, popping her cervix and dumping a huge load into her womb. “Now that is what I call a nice piece of ass” Ben states as he exit her womb and leaves BIG FELLA inside of her pussy.

“Cynthia, when I am recovered I am going to pound your ass” Ben states. “Thank you Master”
“Becky can you get me my pills and my cock ring”. Ben asks. Becky goes back to her room and gets his pills and two little blue pill and the cock ring. She then goes back into the other suite and gives the pills to Ben. She then puts the cock ring on him and starts to suck him hard. Ben tells Cynthia and Victoria to get on the bed ass up. He asks Martha to go get Calla and Cam. Becky puts the anal lube on both girls and Ben pushes BIG FELLA past Cynthia's anal ring making her cry out into the towel that is in her mouth. Ben pounds on her ass loosing it up. It is seven when he starts fucking the girls asses. Martha brings Cam and Calla in and they get undressed and go into the room with the sounds. Ben looks up and tells his new slaves to come over and lay down on the bed like their sisters. They comply and Becky puts lube on the asses and inside. He continues to pound hard into Cynthia for about an hour. He then switches to Victoria and pounds her for a good two hours. After that he starts on Cam tell her “I am going to leave your pussy alone. I am not going to take you cherry in that hole, but you are going to be trained to take my cock in your ass and down your throat. Do you understand and agree to this my love?”.

“Yes Master, Please do not hurt me” Cam says. “I am not going to lie Cam it will hurt at first but you WILL get use to it. It will become pleasurable for you. I will go as gently as I can” her Master tells her. He starts pushing it in her anal ring and she buries her head into a pillow to let out a series of screams. He is going to town on this little ass working it hard and deep as he can go. Eventually it gets loose for Ben and then he pulls out with a loud audible pop. He then reinserts BIG FELLA inside her ass, then exits and repeats this for about twenty to thirty times. Little Cam is sweating and moaning the last time he pulls the head of BIG FELLA halfway out of her anus and then rests their just like he did the other two girls. He can feel little Cam's heartbeat as her anus tries to adjust to being stretched out to seven inches wide. Cam says “Master, either fuck me or take it out. This is torture Master”. Ben starts to really fuck her hard now. “OH GOD, MASTER. I am CUMMMING” Cam climaxes three times while her master fucks her ass. When he finally pulls out for good she rolls over and grabs Ben and reaches up and kisses him “Master, that hurt at first but I began to love it”. She says and then whispers in his ear, “Master, I love you my body is yours. Please when you are done with Calla will you please go down on me while I suck on BIG FELLA?”. “Yes my love”.

BIG FELLA is still erect and he is ready for Calla who just got lubed up and Becky is pulling her ass cheeks apart. Calla “Master, I am ready for you to take my anal cherry”. He inserts BIG FELLA into her anus and she lets out a scream into the bed. He starts stroking her long and hard. He is really going at it. He rears up and tells Becky, I am going to cum in her ass. He fucks her for a good two hours before he repositions BIG FELLA to go through her pelvis. He plunges twelve inches into her bowels and then erupts. Ben cums for a good twenty minutes before he is finished. Calla looks over at Becky “Does he always cum that much?”. “No, he had a lot built up with that cock ring on” Becky tells her.

Ben lays down on the other bed and his new slaves, Cam, Victoria, Alileen and Alexia come over and lay with him. It is past two in the morning. Cam takes BIG FELLA into her mouth as she straddles Ben's face. She sucks on BIG FELLA's head and then starts to take it down her throat. Becky helps by pushing down on her head as Ben starts to suck on her virgin pussy. Cam climaxes three times over the next hour. They sleep that way till morning, when they are awaken by Martha and Becky at eight.

Martha “Good Morning, Master”.

Ben “Good Morning, Martha”

Martha “Did you sleep well last night?”.

Ben “I love sleeping like this, with all this pussy surrounding me”. Ben wakes the group by sucking on Cam's pussy and licking her hymen to orgasm. “Time to take showers and get ready to go to your old house to pack your stuff. Say goodbye to your old life because tomorrow you will be going to your new home, Victoria you are going to need to pack Alileen and Alexis's things they are going to spend the day with me”.

Victoria “Yes, Master”.

Ben gets his robe on and goes to his room and showers and gets dressed. He orders breakfast from room service and tells Martha to do the same with her crowd before they head back to her former house.

After breakfast he goes into the suite that Alileen and Alexis are staying in and tells them to get into bed, he is going to have sex with them today. He lays down with Alileen first and sucks on her pussy till she cums and then licks and sucks on her hymen one last time before he pops her cherry.

Ben “Girls, I am going to pop your cherries today. Both your anal and pussy cherries. It will hurt a little when I pop your cherry in your pussy, and it will hurt a lot when I pop your anal cherry. The pain will go away and you will only feel pleasure afterward”. He has Alexis suck on BIG FELLA and gets it hard. Ben separates Alileen's legs and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy, deep until it pushes against her hymen. He pulls out leaving just the head in. He then put her legs above his shoulders and tells her “Baby this is going to hurt a little and then it will get a lot better”. He then pushes ten inches into her virgin pussy in one stroke, he breaks her hymen and then rest pressed against her cervix. He can feel the blood trickle down her legs from her pussy and her heartbeat. “Relax and adjust to my size sweetheart, I love you and you are now mine”. Ben thinks to himself “I just love this tight virgin twelve year old pussy. It is as tight as my little Kaitlin”. Ben pumps her sweet pussy for a good three hours before he pushes through her cervix and cums in her womb. Alileen you are going to be a breeder slave, I am going to get you pregnant and keep you pregnant. You and your sisters and mother are going to provide me with a lot of children”.

Alileen “Yes Master”. Ben “Alexis it is your turn, Alileen get BIG FELLA hard for your sister”.

Alileen sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. She taste his cum and her pussy juices and she likes them, once BIG FELLA is hard Ben takes Alexis legs and puts them over his head and in one push he breaks her hymen and pushes deep inside her pussy resting against her cervix. Again he tells his new lover to relax and get adjusted to his size. Once she does he pounds her viciously for two hours before pumping a huge load into her womb. Both girls climax a dozen times in their time with their new master that day. After pumping a load into Alexis womb he rests and tells Alexis her anal cherry is next. He calls Becky in the next suite and has her bring the anal lube.

Becky “You guys need to eat lunch and drink something. Let me order lunch and I will get you your pills Master”..

They eat lunch and Ben takes his pills. He is erect and has lubed up Alexis anus and pumped some in her ass. He then presses BIG FELLA into her ass eliciting a loud scream that is muffled by a pillow. He pumps her hard for about an hour, using long deep strokes stretching her young ass out before he repositions BIG FELLA to pass through her pelvic bone. He fucks her for another hour before finally cuming deep inside her ass. He gets out of her ass and tells her to suck him clean. Alexis is a little hesitant but does it licks the shaft and head and then deep throats BIG FELLA. Ben tells her to work on BIG FELLA until he is hard. Alileen it is your turn to get your anal cherry popped. Alileen gets on her hands and knees and Becky puts anal lube on her, Alileen looks back and smiles at Ben. He is hard and Becky spreads her ass cheeks as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her 12 year old ass. “Damn that is tight Master, It hurts” Alileen says as Alexis smiles and puts a pillow in front of her to scream into. “It is going to hurt for a while sis before it starts to feel really good” Alexis says. He fucks her ass for three hours then readjusts and pushes into her colon. When Ben is ready to cum he gets out of her ass and tells Alexis to clean him off. He then pushes deep in her pussy stretching her cervix and pushing into her womb. He comes for twenty minutes then exits. They rest there until they hear a knock on the door. Becky gets up and puts a robe on and sees it is the girls. She opens the door, and Martha comes in. They have suitcases filled and she tells Ben that the other stuff will be shipped to Alabama.

Ben “Any trouble with your future ex-husband?”.

Martha “No he wasn't even there, I left him a note on the kitchen counter telling him I am leaving him and taking my children with me, I am now yours Master lover”. She strips and comes over and lays on the bed next to Ben. “Make love to me Ben, I need you inside me”. Martha says as she picks BIG FELLA up and starts stroking him. Victoria strips and comes over and starts to suck on BIG FELLA's large head “Victoria, that is mine first”. She takes the head out of her mouth and looks at her mother and says as she licks the shaft “Mom, I am just getting him ready for you”. When he is hard Victoria goes over and gets in between her mothers legs and spreads her out and looks up and smiles before she starts to suck on her pussy, “I guess you are getting me ready for Master!”. Ben leans over and starts sucking on her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Ben tells Victoria to move away as he pulls her mothers legs towards her chest. He tells Victoria to hold them their. Ben then lines BIG FELLA up and pushes straight-forward into her warm beautiful pussy. He strokes her deep and fast pushing 12 inches into her, “Master, I love you” Martha says as she is getting pounded. “AH, AHH, AHHHH. I have never been fucked like this before you, Master. I am yours”. They lay there having sex as all Martha's daughter's watch. “Master, you really like fucking our Mom, don't you” Candy says.

Ben humping away on Martha “I love you mother as I love all my slaves, by the way this is love making, it is more tender and gentler than fucking. When I start your training on Monday you are going to be fucked and fucked hard”. Ben continues to pound Martha and when he is about to climax he pushes through her cervix and pours his cum inside her womb as he always does. “Master, I love the feel of your hot cum inside my womb” Martha says.

Ben gets up kisses Martha and then each of her girls, his new slaves and goes takes a shower. Alileen and Alexis get up and go into the bathroom, “Master, can we wash you and take a shower with you”. Ben pulls back the shower curtain and tells them “Sure my sweet little lovers, we probably need wash each other”. The shower and wash each other the girls make sure that BIG FELLA is clean. Ben kisses each girl and tells them he loves them and that they are his and he is theirs” When the finish showering they get out and dry off. “Master can you make love to us, Please” Alileen says seductively. “You guys can't get enough can you?” Ben replies. Holding BIG FELLA “You are the only man I have ever been with, so I do not have anything to compare you to but I am pretty sure he is unique” Alexis says as she leads her Master to bed by his cock.

Ben “Cam, Calla come over to the bed. I need some virgin pussy to eat for supper”. They say “Coming, Master”, Becky “Not yet but very soon”. The girls come into the bedroom as Ben gets on his back. “Alexis, then Alileen are going to ride BIG FELLA while I eat you too out if that is OK with you guys?”. All four girls say “Yes Master” He has Cam first he tells her to face her sister as she straddles his face. Ben immediately starts to tongue her slit and anus. Alexis starts to ride BIG FELLA taking him deeper and deeper into her twelve-year old pussy.

Becky “Cam kiss Alexis”, the do as Becky comes over and starts to suck on their nipples and squeeze their little tits. “Becky, do you think we will have big breast. I want breasts so my lover can suck on them” Alexis says. “Your Martha has large breasts as do your older sisters. You should develop large breast also. I love you guys whether you have large breast or not, I know Master will love you guys no matter what”. Alexis keeps riding BIG FELLA, she grunts and groans “Man, BIG FELLA is really tight in my pussy. He is stretching me out”. She looks over at her mom, “I think we are going to like our new family, Mom. I really love having BIG FELLA in me”. She grinds on him as Cam has multiple orgasms and pours her juices into her Master's welcoming mouth. Ben starts to stick his long thick tongue deep into her pussy. She moans loudly into Alexis's mouth as her master starts to lick her hymen and play with her clit. “God Master, I love it when you do that lover, keep doing that” Cam says almost breathless. When he gets her off again he taps her and she gets off of his face. He then smiles at Alexis and flips her over and starts to pound her stretching her cervix and pushing through. “AHHHHHH, I am cuming hard lover” Ben tells her.

Alexis “Oh, that feels so good. Master you are going to get me pregnant if you keep cuming in me like that”. “That is the idea, lover, I want all you girls to give me babies” Ben says as he has Becky get him his pills and his cell phone. “Becky, I need to call Liz to get another house for Martha”.

While recovering Ben tells his new family members, “Ladies, I have to buy you a house to stay in while my mansion is being built. I will have enough rooms for everybody. With a very large nursery for all of our babies. Know this, I love you all with all my heart. You are my family and I take care of my family. We are going to live the good life. You will want for nothing, be loved and love. All my other slaves are going to love you as does your Mistress Becky. When we get home and get you setup in your house we will start your training. I will start with your pussies and then move to your asses. I hope to have each of you trained in each hole in one day. I doubt that is possible. I need to get you trained before we all go to New Orleans for the Super Bowl in February. When we get home I will get you all tattooed on your back stating that you are mine”. Ben shows them on Becky's back the tattoo that reads “Property of Master Ben Barnes”. He shows them all the tattoos and piercings. “What does the Queen of Spades mean, Master?” Cam says.

Becky “It means you prefer black cock over white cocks. I have never been with a white man, but we have a slave that has kept her husband around and he is about ten inches long and about three inches wide. Master is all the man I need or want, BIG FELLA feels amazing. He stretches and hits all the right places. Cam, Calla you are going to get two identical hoop earrings in your left ear. We are going to start you off with just anal and that is what that signifies”.

“Mistress, Master fucked us in the ass once and it hurt pretty bad. It will get better right?” Calla says. “Baby, We are going to practice right now. Your ass will loosen up and you will be able to take BIG FELLA better after we get done with training” Ben tells her as she gets on her hands and knees and Becky lubes her up, she tells Cam, Alileen and Alexis to join her and lubes them all up. Marty comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA after she put his cock ring on. When he is hard he goes over to Cam and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her little ten year old ass.

Marty “Sis you have to breath and try to relax. It will loosen up and you will start to enjoy it”. Her eyes are closed and she is wincing breathing hard as her Master strokes her ass and then starts to really pound her. He fucks her ass for 45 minutes before he exits her and goes to Calla and presses deep inside of her eliciting a “UGH, UGH, fuck that hurt”. He pounds her for a good 60 minutes and then exits and goes over to Alexis and pushes deep inside of her. Alexis “Fuck my ass Master, I love it when you fuck me”. He pounds her twelve-year old ass for a good two hours repositions to enter her colon after about 90 minutes. Alexis “Oh My GOD Master you are in my colon. God that feels so good”. When he is done with Alexis he goes over to Alileen and pushes deep inside of her. “OOOOO Master” she says as Ben starts to stroke her little twelve-year old ass. He tells Cynthia and Candy to get on the bed and spread their ass cheeks for Becky. You are next. He fucks the six girls all night long. The next morning their asses are sore and red. They take a nap between poundings. In the morning Ben rests for a couple of hours and then gets Martha, Victoria, Becky and Marty up and they go take the luggage to his plane. They have to make two trips with all the luggage. They then go back up to the room to check on the six girls they are still asleep. Ben kisses Cam and Calla and wakes them up and takes them into the shower and bathes them. “You girls did really good last night, I am really proud of you. I love you and we are going to have so much fun together”. He gets them out and dries them off. He then gets Alexis and Alileen and washes them and sucks on their still developing breasts. Ben tells them “I love you and can't wait to start our training together” He sees their bellies are swollen and he rubs them and they tell them they are filled with his sperm waiting for an egg to fertilize. Each tell him the love him and enjoyed the anal sex.

He then gets Candy and Cynthia and showers with them, they each suck BIG FELLA off and the tell him they love him. When everyone is dressed and ready to go home with him he tells them that his real estate agent found them a six bedroom house close to his other houses that his other slaves occupy. He says they can move in three weeks. He is going to have them live with Crystal's family in the meantime. Training will go on there starting Monday. They all pile into the limousine and head to the airfield. The girls get out and look at the plane and go inside Cynthia asks Becky “Is this your plane, Becky?”.

This is Ben's private plane, when we are in public please refer to him by his first name. The crew knows what is going on with our Master and us girls but they don't say anything. The take a short flight to Ben's hometown. They get out and there is Ben's personal limousine waiting for them. The girls smile and look at their mother, “Ben, I think we could get use to this lifestyle”. Becky “It took me a long time to get use to it”.

Ben “We need to get Marty, Victoria and you are cars tomorrow, tonight you are going to meet the rest of the family, we might even have a little sex”, Ben says looking at Martha. “We also need to talk to my lawyer about filing for a divorce from your husband”.

They get to the mansion and the get out and head into the house. Once inside Becky informs the new slaves of the house rules. No clothes and no hair below the neckline. They all strip and the go to the living room to meet the family. Ben “Tiffani, can you call the whole family and get them over here to meet the new family members”.

Tiffani “Yes, Master, how was Paris?”. She says as she kisses her Master and then kisses Becky.

Ben “It was beautiful, very romantic. I think we should all go there, don't you agree sweetheart?”.

Becky “It was very romantic, beautiful sites. Nice museums, food and in room entertainment, Martha girls I would like to introduce Tiffani, she is my mother and obviously his slave and pregnant with his child. You will see that there are a lot of pregnant women here”.

The all introduce themselves and Tiffani gives each one a kiss on the lips and welcomes them to the family, Tiffani introduces everyone that is at the house currently. She then calls the other slaves to come over and meet the new slaves and have dinner. Tiffani comes back in and sees Ben kissing his slaves as they go to the pool area.

“Master, you have an indoor pool?” Cam says. “No my pretty little lover, we have an indoor pool”. They all get in and Cam comes over and Ben takes her into his arms, “I love you my little princess” and kisses her passionately, the other girls come over and kiss him. Renee talks to Martha “These are all your girls? The two other set of twins are mine. Well they are Ben's now, he is adopting them. I love Ben. He saved me from something very awful, I am still recovering. He loves my girls just like he does my niece and Mistress. Becky is my niece and Tiffani is my sister”

Martha “I see you do not have any tattoos on your body?”.

Renee “I have not had sex with Ben yet. He is still my Master and I obey him and love him dearly. He is the most compassionate man I have ever know?”.

Becky comes by and tells them “The tattoo artist will be by tomorrow to give you girls your first tattoo “Property of Master Ben Barnes” on your backs. They all smile, and Renee asks “Master, Will you let me get the tattoo also, Please, I am yours and you know it, my body belongs to you as does my heart and soul”.

“Yes my love” Ben says as he gets out of the pool and kisses Renee “I LOVE YOU”. Renee kisses BIG FELLA and looks at Ben “I want this very soon, Master, but I think you have a lot of training ahead of you”.

Ben then jumps back into the deep end of the pool and the girls swim over and try to dunk him. He then swims to the shallow end and takes each one and puts them on the edge of the pool and spreads each of there legs one at a time and goes down on them. He looks each one in the eye and then starts to suck on their pussies. He makes each one cum hard into his mouth. After he has made them cum he picks them up and kisses them and tells each one that he loves her and is very special to him. When he is done sucking on about 10 different pussies his teacher slaves arrive and they come into the pool to greet their Master. The say they love him and tell him that they are all pregnant and Dr. Reynolds has confirmed it. “GOOD NEWS, We have 7 more babies on the way” Ben says. Ben introduces his new breeder slaves and their twin sisters that will remain virgins until they are thirteen. “Master, you are going to get them pregnant when you train them?” Roxanne says. “That is the plan, right ladies” Ben says. “Our bodies are his to command and do with as he pleases. As you know he is a mighty lover. I would follow him anywhere as will all my daughters” Martha says. All of Martha's girls agree with a smile and a nod, Marty rubs her belly “He already is my master”.

Ben “Cam, Calla come with me”. Ben takes his two ten year old virgins to bed. He tells Cam to get BIG FELLA hard. She does and he puts her on a pillow to raise her ass in the air and separates her legs and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her ass and starts fucking her really hard. “OH GOD MASTER, FUCK MY ASS. FUCK YOUR WILLING LITTLE SLAVES ASS!”. He fucks her for about an hour and then takes Calla the same way and finally when he is ready to cum he tells them to get on their knees with their mouths open and swallow his cum. They do as they are told and swallow his huge load between the two of them.

Chapter 10 – Marty's family training, Super Bowl trip, Laurie's homecoming and Ben Jr.'s Birth

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