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Robert has fun and learns from Mary
Turning point ch. 4.

Robert has reached another turning in his life. He has had sex with a woman and one that he least expected but is very happy with the turn of events. He now looks forward to broadening his sexual horizons.

I was up very early Friday morning. I rushed through my chores and was back in the house making me a morning snack to take to the lake with me when Mom and Dad walked in the kitchen. Mom was in her old house coat and looked like shit. Dad was about ready for work and Mom was starting breakfast. Dad ask, where the fuck you going this early in the morning. I told him I was on my way to the lake. He wanted to know if I had finished all my morning work. I told him I had everything done including the repair on the barn door and replacing the corner post in the pasture. He give me a hard look and said smart ass. Mom told Dad let him go that’s just less shit I’ll have to fix for breakfast. I was out and on my way to lake in a flash.

As I passed Mary’s house I looked but didn’t see any sign of her. I was hoping that I was not getting started too early. When I got to the lake I set every thing up and had hooks in the water in no time. I didn’t have to wait long. The fish were not biting as fast as I had seen them at times but the ones I was catching were really nice small mouth bass. I thought about dressing the fish as I caught them but decided it would be better to wait until I had all I needed. I had all the fish I needed and had them cleaned and ready to go by the middle of the morning. I was worried that it might be too early for me to go the Mary’s. I couldn’t wait any longer so I gathered everything together and headed out.. I took a good look around before I started up her walk and around to the basement door. I set everything except the fish just inside the door and headed up the steps. I turned the handle and pushed the kitchen door open slow and easy. I heard Mary laughing and said damn Robert are you trying to slip up on me. I pushed the door on open and stepped inside. Mary was setting at the kitchen table drink a cup of coffee but the best part was she was totally naked. I walked over to the table with a big smile on my face, set the bucket of the fish down and started taking my cloths off. I could feel my cock getting hard before I could get my pants off. Mary got up and walked around the table giving me a good look at the big tits and full bush around her pussy. We wrapped our arms around each other and we kissed, easy at first then Mary licked her tongue out and across my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked her tongue in, moving my mouth back and forth like it was a small cock. She pushed me away smiling and said I see my hot lover is ready to go. I told her I had not even played with myself while I was at the lake. She said not to worry we would make up for that but first we needed to take care of the fish to cover our ass for the next few days. I agreed and helped her get the fish ready to go in the freezer then put ice on the ones in the bucked and took the back to the basement.
When I return to the kitchen Marry was waiting and we walked hand and hand to the bathroom. She already had the rubber bags and tubes laid out and she told me to get her bag ready and she would go first. She had a towel on the floor and she got down on her knees, crossed her arms on the floor in front of her and lay her head on her arms. She had her knees wide apart and her ass was totally exposed to me. I filled the bag, covered the tube and tip with the lube then coated her asshole with the lube then slipped my middle finger in her asshole to the knuckle. Mary let out a soft moan so I slipped my finger in as far as it would go. She pushed back against my hand and let another moan. I worked my finger in and out three or four times then pulled it out. I quickly replaced my finger with the tube. I slipped it about eight to ten inches up her ass then released the clip to let the water flow in. Mary give out with a long AAAHhhhhh, that feels so good. I stopped the flow when the bag was about half empty. I waited a short while for the liquid to settle in just a little then released the clip and allowed the remaining fluid to flow up her ass and into her gut. She grunted a little and said she felt so full. I waited just a couple of seconds then pulled the tube out. Mary stayed in that position for about two or three minutes. Then she got up and set on the commode and let the liquid gush out. Funny what turns a person on, my cock twitched and oozed a little pre cum as the fluid gushed out of her ass.. Mary noticed and pulled me over to her and licked the fluid off the end of my cock. I bent down as she kept her tongue out, I took it in my mouth and sucked it clean. She used tissue to dry her ass the went about getting my bag already. I assumed the position and Mary got behind me and I felt the lubed finger pressing on my asshole. She slipped it in just a little then removed it. Mary said just for my sweetie, then pushed two fingers in my ass as far as she could get them. I knew if she wiggled her fingers I was going to be cumming all over ever where. She just pulled them out and started sliding the tube up my ass. I could feel the warm liquid as it filled me up. She stopped for a couple of seconds then finished of the bag. I could feel it as it worked it’s was up my ass into my gut and felt almost like it was almost to my stomach. Marry said okay baby, that is long enough, empty it out and lets get on to my pussy. I done as I was told then dried my ass. Mary said lets do her pussy in the bathtub this time. She had everything ready and was setting on the end of the tub with her legs spread wide apart. I stepped over in the tub and I slid the tub into her pussy and just before I released the clip I slipped two fingers in her pussy and found that special spot and started rubbing it just as I released the clip and the fluid started flowing into her pussy thrn gushing back out. I was moving my finger in and out rubbing her littler spot hard. She had the same reaction she had the first night. She put her hands on my shoulder to help balance herself and was thrusting her hips back and forth riding the hell out of my fingers and the tube. She held her head back and gowned out, OOOOHHHhhhhh FFFUUUUccccckkkkk OH SHIT I CUMMING…OH FUCK MY CUNT YOU PISS DRINKING ASS FUCKER. All the fluid from the bag and already run out of her when I felt her hot cum coating my hand. I quickly pulled the tube out and dropped to my knees and started licking at her hot wet pussy. She was slamming her pussy into my mouth and I was finger fucking her as hard and fast as I could. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her pussy and said AGAIN, AGAIN. She flooded my mouth again and I licked and swallowed as fast as I could. I loved it and felt like I could stay right there for ever. Mary started coming down a little and she relaxed a little, letting of my head. I removed my fingers and eased up a little with my mouth just gently licking up and down the length of her pussy. Mary laughed and pushed my head back telling me, enough of that. We need to shower and move on to the another room, we have other things to do.

We walked down the hall and entered a bedroom. I knew it was not the master bedroom and I understood. That was her and Harold’s bedroom and she wanted to keep it private. We walked over to the bed and Mary told me to set down that she wanted to talk to me a little before we got stated again. She said it would be okay to play with her tits and we may kiss a little but we had plenty of time and she was going to try to talk to me, that it was still tough but she wanted to try. I knew exactly what she was wanting to talk about and I understood her feelings. I turned and give her a gentle kiss in the lips and told her I understood. We lay back on our side facing each other and she started talking. Robert you remember the first and only time you met Harold? I nodded and said yes, that day on the porch when I was on my way to the lake. Mary told me she saw me through the window but was busy getting things in order in the house. That night Harold talked to me about you. He ask if I had seen you and I told him yea and I thought you were a nice looking young man. Harold told me that he thought I should get to know you better that he was fairly sure that you were on our side of the line. Mary looked at me and she could see the confused look on my face. She laughed a little and told me that is how they defined people like us. Harold told me no matter what that I should make a point of checking you out. She said she thought Harold knew that it was about over for him and he wanted me to know what he wanted where you were concerned. I’ll try to explain what we are referring to when I talk about our side of the line because I truly believe you are there. Harold and I plus lots of other people, some are family and friends, who believe as we do. It is all about how you look at sex. It’s like most of the people in the world are on one side of a line, then people like us who are on the other side. Mary explained about open marriages, swingers, monogamous relationships, gay and several other types of people and some may think they are on our side of the line but they are not. You see Robert, sex is a part of our lives and we have very few limits. We are not bi sexual, gay or any of the other labels that people often use. We are always honest and never, never lie or cheat other people on our side of the line. In all the years Harold and I were married we never cheated on each other because we always knew who the other one was with and what we were doing. We have been with swingers and other people who describe themselves and one type or another but we are really different. This is hard to explain, it is more of a feeling and outlook on life and very hard to put into words. I know I have probably confused you more than anything but I wanted to try to make you understand that I didn’t just find someone to jump in bed with just after Harold died. I first set up my little trick to get together with you because it was what he wanted but I have to tell you I think he was right about you and I’m really enjoying teaching and sharing these sexual adventures with you.

I could see tears in Mary’s eyes and I felt it was time for me to speak up. Mary, I think I know what you are talking about being on the other side of the line and I agree, I think I’m on the same side as you and Harold. I never thought I was something you just grabbed up. I have never doubted your love and devotion to Harold. I have often wondered about myself. Some of the thing I was doing and thinking. First time I saw you standing on the porch I wanted to fuck you, I would like to fuck my sister, my aunt. I’m open and excited about trying anything you would like to try and I would never lie to you about anything because I don’t have to. You see there is something about you Mary that makes me totally trust you. I understand what we do and say in private stays that way. Here you are my fucking, bitch, piss drinking cum sucking , slut, whore and my sweet, darling Mary, In public you are and will always be Mrs. Boggs or Ma’am. Now is that close to correct. Mary had a big smile on her face and tears rolling down her cheeks. She moved over and give me a very soft, tender kiss on the lips then said I don’t know how Harold knew but I do think he was so right about you. I told Mary I agreed and I felt I had finally found my place in life.

Mary reached down and wrapped her hand around my still hard cock. She said baby here is my plan and let me know if you disagree. I thought we would start with a little 69 including some ass play and maybe a little piss swapping. After you cum we will take a little time out. Then we are going to get you fucked good. I also have a little something in mind during our 69 session I think you will enjoy. She said let me tell you about the bed. It’s going to be our play bed. It has a good mattress with a rubber sheet over it and toped off with a couple of good cotton sheets. Therefore we can cum, piss, spit or do anything we want then get it cleaned up and ready to go again in no time.

Mary turned around on the bed stroked my cock a couple more times then she spit on the head and I think were both a little surprised when my cock twitched and brought a moan from my mouth. Mary laughed and said so, you like sitters. I laughed and said yew, I guess I do. She said not a problem, we can share plenty of that also. She then licked the head of my cock then went down the shaft to my balls. She pulled me over on top of her and continued licking my shaft and balls. I raised up on my knees and Mary proceeded to move her mouth and hot tongue around to my asshole. Now Mary don’t mess around, she put the tip of her tongue on my little hole and pushed, her tongue went in my asshole so deep I could feel her lips pressing against my little rosebud. She was pumping my cock at the same time. I could feel the cum building and knew I couldn’t last long like this. I give out a loud deep moan and Mary suddenly pulled her tongue from my ass and stop pumping my cock. She said OH no you don’t, you better not cum now. I looked at her in surprise and she told me, get your ass off the bed, go to the kitchen, look on the counter and you will find a bunch of bananas. Pick out three of the most firm ones and bring them to me. I did as I was told and when I return to the bedroom she told me to get the small bottle with the blue label out of the bedside table. I looked and found the bottle. She told me to open it and put a little on my index finger then rub it together with my thumb. I did this then she told me to taste it. I looked at her as if to say, do what. She said just lick it and see how it taste. I did and found it was very slick but it had a very pleasant peachy taste to it. I looked at the bottle then the bananas and then back at Mary who had a big smile on her face. She told me she had planned to wait until we had been together a couple more times and see how I reacted to the things we were doing but after our talk this morning Robert I agree, you are on this side of the line and I think you are ready for what ever comes along. I held up the bottle and the bananas and said I could not agree more

Mary said I could do her first, that she would instruct me as to what to do and how to do it. She told me we would start with her ass. She got up on her knees and lay her head on the bed. She told me to put lotion of three off my fingers and then work it around her ass real good. I was happy to do as I was told so I moved up close behind her and applied the lotion to my fingers. When I had her ass nice and slick she told me it has been a while since I had anything in my ass so I need you to start with just one finger then add the others one at a time. I eased my middle finger in her ass and keep pushing slow and easy until it was all the way in. I fucked her ass a little then pulled my finger almost all the way out and added my index finger. When I started back in Mary raised her hips off the bed a little and moaned. She said Oh I do so love to have my ass fucked, we are going to have a grand time today. Just a stroke or two and my fingers were back out and I added the ring finger and started easing it back in. Mary was moving her hips in a circular motion pushing her ass into my fingers. She said Oh darling you are quite the ass fucker but you do need to pull out so we can move on. Once my fingers were out of her ass she told me to peel the banana and use the lotion to cover all of it but about two inches on one end. When this was completed Marry spread her legs as far apart as she could and used her hands to pulled then back toward her stomach. This raised her ass up of the bed a little and her ass was totally exposed to me. She told me to start very easy and push the tip of the banana in her ass. She told me to take note the she was taking deep breaths and relaxing. She said even a firm banana is still a little soft and would break easy if you didn’t start it easy. I got in close to her ass cheeks, rubbed my finger over her entrance a time or two then placed the tip of the banana at her hole and give a gentle push. I could see her asshole opening a little and the banana started to sliding in. I put my hand down about the middle of the fruit and tried to push but the lotion had it so slick my hand just slipped down and bumped against her ass cheeks. She laughed and said that’s why I told you not to put lotion on the very end. I said that is some really slick shit. She laughed again and said you’re going to learn to love it but for now just push, I’m so fucking horny for this I can’t hardly wait. I lean forward and spit on the banana and her ass then started back pushing. I stopped when the last couple of inches was all that was sticking out. I told Mary it was all in her ass. She said Oh no honey, we still have a couple more inches to go. She told me to put more lotion on the end and use my thumb on the end to push it all the way in her ass. I did as she told me and watched as the banana disappeared into her asshole. Mary sighed, aaahhhh that does feel so good, now for the pussy. I reapplied lotion to my fingers and started with two then three fingers in her pussy. I didn’t feel the kind of resistance here that I felt in her ass. I could feel the banana in her ass through the thin tissue inside her pussy. I started fucking her with my fingers when she reached down and placed my thumb on the little spot at the top of her pussy. She told me to add my little finger and keep rubbing my thumb over her clitoris. I didn’t know that’s what it was called but I did know when I rubbed it hard and fast it would cause Mary to react in a very positive way. I was rubbing my little finger over the banana in her ass and rubbing her clitoris and the other little spot up in side her pussy. Mary was thrusting her hips up to meet my busy hand. Then she grabbed my wrist and told me we had to stop as much as she hated to. I coated the banana as I did the other one and as she reached down and pulled her nice meaty pussy lips apart. I eased the fruit in her pussy until it was time to cover the last couple inches. I added more lotion spit in her pussy then I eased the remaining couple inches on into her pussy until it was totally out of sight. She started rotating her hips around and smiled, telling me she could feel the two banana’s rubbing together. She told me to give her the last banana and lotion then turn my ass around to her. I did as she instructed and got on my knees and lay my head on the bed between. I could feel her covering my ass with the lotion then felt not one but two fingers pushing against my asshole. She was easy but pushed steady until she had her fingers as far as they could go in my ass. She fucked my ass just a couple of strokes then pulled most of the way out and I was waiting for the third finger but that was not the case. Mary placed four fingers at my hole and pushed. Even as slick as the lotion was I felt like she was splitting my asshole wide open. She pushed in just a little then ask, are you okay sweetie. I told her that there was some pain but I wanted it and wanted her to push in as far as it would go. Mary laughed and told me I was just a pure whore. I laughed and told her I agreed. She fucked my ass for a couple of minutes. Just as the pain was letting up and I was really starting to enjoy it Mary pulled her fingers out and told me it was time for the next step. In just a second I felt the banana pushing softly against my asshole. I started taking deep breaths, reached back and pulled my ass cheeks as far apart as I could get them. Mary continued pushing the fruit up my ass a little at the time. Every time she move it my cock would twitch and it felt like it was getting bigger with every move. Mary told me she was getting ready to push the last of it in my hole. I had never had anything this far up my ass before and it felt absolutely fabulous. I could feel my ass close over the fruit as Mary pushed up inside. I thought what now, what if I can’t get it out. This thought didn’t frighten me but seemed rather humorous. I laughed and told Mary what I was thinking. She laughed and said fear not my darling we will have all three of them out and eaten before this day is over. Just the thought of that was enough that I had to struggle to keep from cumming.

Mary lay back on the bed and told me to get back on top in a 69 position again. She pulled a pillow up under her head to make it a little easer to get to my cock and ass. She told me she was going to start feeding me with her pussy first. And I should listen and do as she said. She told me she was going to suck and play with my cock and play around the outside of my ass and I could do the same with her. She said to start by just playing around the lips of her pussy and rimming her ass. I was not sure what rimming was but I felt like I could figure it out. She started licking my already hard cock. I heard the sound and felt the big glob of spit as it hit the head and shaft of my cock. I felt the blood pulse through my cock and felt my whole body shiver with excitement. Mary laughed and said Oh, another little secret turn on. You like the spitting. I told her I guess I did but I never realized it until just then. She said GOOD because I love doing it and have it done to me. My mouth, pussy, ass, most any place but in my face. I told her I would remember that then let go with a big was of spit at the top of her pussy then watched as it slowly run down her lips and onto he ass. She moaned and said lick it off baby, make it feel good. I started at the top of her pussy lips and slowly licked down spreading the spit as I went. When I was over the middle of her pussy she told me to hold my mouth right there and do as I was told. Mary told me to put one hand over her ass so when she started pushing down the banana in her ass would not come out. As soon as I had done this she started pushing down and I could see the tip of the banana easing out of her pussy. I let go with another big glob of spit causing Mary to moan and jump a little. This cause a couple more inches if the fruit to come out. Mary told me not to bite the banana but take in my mouth like it was a cock. I told her I didn’t know how good I would be at this but I was sure willing to try. She said just do to it what I do to your cock. I open my mouth and let the fruit slide in just a little. She told me to keep going, to go all the way until my mouth touched her pussy. The banana was about half way out of her pussy so I continued going down on it.
Then it touched the back of my throat and I started gagging and I pulled back. Mary said okay baby time for a little lesson in sucking cock. I ask why would want to know how to do that. Mary told me that sooner or latter the real thing will happen. You love cum too much not to go right to the source when you get the chance. Remember you telling me about you rolling up in a ball so you could get you cock over your mouth when you cum. I smiled, nodded and said what next teacher. She said first of all how about another big mouth full if your hot spit, for some reason that really turns me on. Then I want you to go back down on it like it was a real cock. When it first hit’s the back of your throat before you start to gag stop and breath through your nose and open your mouth a little wider. Relax until you get used to the touch. Then push a little more, slow and easy. Each time you get close to gagging try to stop just before and don’t pull back. I followed in instructions and finally got down until my mouth was touching he pubic hair. All the time I was working on this she was licking and spitting all over my cock and balls. She told me to bob my head up and down and keep breathing through my nose but start closing my lips until they were firm abound the banana. I still had quite a problem with the gagging but I was getting better with each stroke. Then Mary pushed again and I went down far enough that I really gagged big time. Mary said okay baby get that all in and you can start eating the banana and pussy. We both laughed and I spit on the fruit and her pussy and she moaned and reached down and started rubbing the top of her pussy as I started working back down on the fruit. Once again it took a while but I over come my gagging to where I could go all the way to touch her hair then out to the end and back again. She told me it was okay to start eating now and she hoped I would share my prize with her. I took a good size bit of the fruit chewed it a little, swallowed part of it then turned around long enough to put my mouth over hers, mixed a lot of saliva with the well chewed fruit and slipped it into Mary’s mouth. She sucked it in and swallowing then give me a big smile She said My sweet Robert you are such a pervert. I looked back at her and said Yep, and I’ve just started learning. I turn back to her pussy and took the remaining banana in my mouth sucked it out of her pussy, chewed it up then spit it back in my hand and smeared it all over her pussy and down to her ass. This must have been a real turn on for her. She started thrusting her hips and talking all kinds of shit. She said, rub your nasty shit on me you fucking pervert. Just use me any way you want you mother fucker. While she was still thrashing around she laughed and said sorry about the Robert, you aren’t a mother fucker, you don’t even like her that much but you are a want to be sister fucker you sick fucking pervert. You need to eat my pussy and finger fuck me the way I taught you and make me cum. You are not going to get your other fruit until you do, do you understand? I smiled and just said yes my dear Mary. She took both her hands and pulled her pussy lips apart. I could look up into her pussy. She used one of her fingers and pointed to her clitoris and told me we will call that the clit for short. Then she pointed her finger toward the inside of her pussy and said the spot that I like for you to massage inside is called the G-spot. I said thank you Mary, as you know I don’t know these things and I appreciated you teaching my. She laughed and said believe me Robert it is my pleasure. Now get busy sucking my clit and fingering my pussy. I licked my tongue across Mary’s clit and she inhaled and said Oh shit this isn’t going to take long. While she was still holding her lips open I spit up inside then slid three fingers up until I felt the G-spot. I was licking, sucking and finger fucking this hot pussy until I felt her fluid filling my mouth. Then I felt a little squirt and thought she was pissing but when I swallowed the first shot I knew it was that hot pussy squirting that wonderful woman cum. I moved my face back up a little and looked into her pussy just as she let go with another little squirt and I licked out my tongue and drew it into my mouth. That it was like the dam broke. Mary was shooting a hard steady stream and I was licking and sucking trying to get it all in my mouth. Mary was thrusting her hips so hard I was having trouble keeping my mouth on her pussy. She was moving her head from side to side and just kept saying, Fuck yes, fuck yes. She give out one last moan then fell back to the bed, placed her hands on my forehead and pushed my back and told me Please baby, got to take a little break, you’re going to kill this old woman. We both laughed and I moved around and lay down between her legs, softly licked her pussy lips. I could smell her great musky pussy odor and my cock was already hard and very sensitive as I had not cum yet. Mary finally spoke, Robert you know we still have the bananas in our ass. I told her yes and it felt good, that I had never had anything that deep in me before. She said I need to tell you that everything we have done so far has made me hot and I have loved it all but what we are about to do is one of my most favorite things and sometimes I may get a little crazy and talk very ugly to you. I wanted to tell you before you turn back around and we get started. I told her Mary, I love everything you have toughed me and shared with me. Sexually you can not say or do any thing that will upset me. Please let your self go and we will go where ever it takes us. She said OKAY, here we go, turn that cock and ass around here and lets get something in my mouth. I turned around and straddled Mary’s head. She looked up at me and said I want you to fuck my mouth hard and deep. Let me have it all the way. I looked at the smile on her face and the gleam in her eyes and knew she wanted this as much as I did. I placed the head of my cock to her parted lips then pulled back and pressed my hand on her chin and pushed down. She responded by opening her mouth wide. I bent down and spit a big glob into her mouth. I smiled, raised up, placed my cock back to her lips and shoved it to the back of her throat. Mary never gagged at all, she just started running her tongue up and down the underside of my cock. I went back to her pussy and started at her clit and kept licking until I had the tip of my tongue pushing against her asshole. I’m not sure what she was doing with her mouth but it felt like her throat was sucking on the head of my cock. I told her, sweetie I not going to last long with you doing that. She just grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me deeper into her throat and eased a finger around and started rubbing my asshole. It felt like my whole body was on fire. She was holding me so tight I couldn’t move in and out so I just started moving a little from side to side. I felt the first shot of cum as it shot down her throat. I got very light headed and thought I might pass out. Then Mary pulled my cock back a little as I continued shooting shot after shot of hot cum in her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down now and I could hear her moaning, MMMmmmmmm, MMMMmmmmm. I was so hot and I started telling Marry, suck my hot cock you fucking cock sucker, eat my cum you fucking slut. Don’t miss a drop you great sucking bitch. She lighten the grip on my ass a little more and I started fucking her mouth as had as I could. I could tell my cock was starting to soften a little and I didn’t want it to. I was fucking her mouth, shoving my cock in until my balls was slapping her forehead. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep my cock hard. Mary drained every drop of cum out then just held my soft cock in her mouth. Then she pushed me to one side, turn around and lay down beside me. I could tell she was holding some cum in her mouth and she leaned toward and I thought she was going to kiss me. Instead she placed her hand on my chin and pushed down. I knew what was coming then and was getting excited about it. Mary leaned down close to my mouth but I could still see the mouth and saw her pucker up and spit the mouth full of cum into my mouth. I couldn’t help but swallow part of it but was able to keep most of it in my mouth. Mary released my chin and brought her lips to mine slipping her tongue in my mouth moving the cum around as I met her tongue with mine. She broke the kiss and told me not to swallow any more of the cum. She turn around and told me to get back on top. I did and she bent her knees and put her feet flat on the bed. She told me to slip the pillow under her hips. I did as she said and she told me to put my arms around her legs and pull them back toward me. As I did this I could see that it was totally exposing her pussy but especially her ass. She had her head back up on the pillow and she reached up taking hold of my ass cheeks pulling down on them and spreading my cheeks apart. I could tell that my ass was now totally exposed to her. She was breathing heavy and I could tell she was really turned on. She told me to lick her ass with my cum soaked tongue. I parted my lips and let a little cum slip out and it landed directly on her asshole and stared running down her ass.. I reached out with my tongue and lick the cum then took the tip and pushed against her asshole. She moaned and pushed her ass up more to me. She said push your tongue in my ass then get ready and you do to me what I’m doing to you. I pushed my tongue a little deeper and I felt her pushing down. It was not long before I could feel the end of the banana with my tongue. Mary was breathing very hard now and pushing down forcing the fruit out of her ass. All of a sudden I felt a hard slap on my ass and Mary growled, feed me you fucking pervert, shit that fucking thing into my mouth. I started pushing down like I was trying to shit and I could feel the banana easing out. Mary and I were both licking the tips of the fruit as it slipped out of our ass. She told me, don’t bite that fucking thing yet. I’m going to shit it out an you are going to suck my ass cock and I’m going to suck yours. As the fruit slid out of our ass we were both sucking it like a cock. She shouted. Shit the mother fucker out you fucking ass licker. I pushed harder and the fruit slid about half way out and she had pushed the one out of her about the same. I was able to get it all in my mouth until my lips was pushing against her ass cheeks. I pulled back a little and gathered up any cum that was still in my mouth and mixed it with all the spit I could get and used my fingers to part her pussy lips and spit it all up into her pussy. When I did that Marry latterly squalled in delight. I shoved four fingers hard up into her pussy causing her to draw her breath in quickly. She moaned and said you wonderful finger fucking ass licker, fuck me hard and suck ass cock. As I put my mouth back on the banana she pushed down again. This time when I tried to take it all in it prove to be a little too much and I pulled back a little. Mary pushed her ass back to me and told me to take it all in my mouth even if it did make me gag. I started pushing back down and as I got close to the gag point Mary said. Swallow that fucking ass cock you fucking pussy or I’ll shove it down your throat. I was a little surprised at Mary talking to me like that but then I remembered what she had told me about how she got excited. I told her, Okay bitch I’ll push it down my throat and if I gag so hard I throw up I’m going to puke all over your fucking ass you damn slut. I heard her giggle like a little girl and I laugher and said fuck you bitch. She said Oh yes you’re going to shortly darling. I started pushing the fruit back down my throat and when I got to the point I wanted to gag I just kept going. I was gagging my ass off but held it there. Mary told me, relax, breath deep through your nose. I was doing as she had told me and I finally overcome the gagging. I had to hold still because if I moved I would start gagging again. Mary told me, good job baby, shit yours on out for me and you can do what ever you like with the onr in my ass. I pushed down hard and felt the banana as it slipped out of my ass. Then I moved my mouth back and bit off about half of the fruit then told Mary to push the rest out. She reached down and pulled her ass cheeks apart and I took to first half out of my mouth then put my mouth over the other half and Mary shit it out into my mouth. I chewed that half until it was like liquid then I spit it on here pussy and started rubbing it in and around her pussy and ass. She was moaning and saying Yes, rub it all over me. As I was rubbing that part around I put the other in my mouth and started chewing it up. I looked around at Mary and she was doing the same with her banana. She was smiling and told me I was about to fuck for the first time and it looks like it is going to be a nice fruit fuck. I watched as she spit the banana into her hand and started rubbing it on my cock, balls and ass. She was really getting into it so I didn’t try to get up them , I just raised up and spit the other half of the fruit in my hand and reached down and spread it on her tits; I was using one hand to rub over her pussy and ass and the other I was moving from one tit to the other pinching and pulling on the nipples. After just a couple minutes of this she said okay, enough of this, lets get on to some serious fucking, you have waited long enough.

We will stop here for mow. I’ll cover Robert’s first fuck and several new thins in the next chapter.


2012-09-09 04:04:39
The story line is good and could develop very well.
I look forward to the next chapter.
I would prefer if you were to break the text with paragraphs a little more.

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