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2 stories I wrote.. enjoy(:
Parties were never really my thing but my friend Adreen talked me into going to this one. I'm Kaitlynn. I hate it. So call me Katie. I've been crushing on this guy, Jason for like... ever! Him and I have been in every class together since first grade. Anyway! He's going to this party and I'm scared shitless! What if he sees me? What'll he do? Looks like fate itself will decide.

_One hour Later_

The party is HUGE! Everyone is here and Adreen is already sucking some guy's face! This is gonna be a blast!

Music is pumping and I'm dancing with some friends, a strong pair of hand start to wrap around my waist and alcohol hits my nose. I turn to have a pair of lips crash into mine, a hand of his finds my hair and gently pulls the bottom hairline. As a cue to follow, I wrap my arms around his neck and jump up, he catches me and takes us to an empty room. I've had sex before but never like this. He's lies me on the bed and starts un-doing my shorts but continues to kiss me. I reach for the bottom of his shirt and he reaches for mine. We remove our shirts and my jeans, so I'm left in my black lace bra and black thong. He's still in his jeans. I start to unbuckle his belt and he helps and gets his jeans off right away. He trails kisses down to my breasts and sucks on my left one. A hickey begins to form and he pulls away, he undoes my bra and pulls it away. While he massages my left nipple he places kisses on my right breast. His teeth braise my nipple and I moan softly. His hands trail down my body to the soft fabric separating my tender paradise from his touch. He removes my thong and kisses my clit gently trying to excite me. I notice he's no longer wearing boxers and He brings his face back to mine and kisses me roughly and his excruciatingly large hard cock enters me with rather slick ease. I feel a slight pain at first because he is so large but then pleasure as he picks up speed with his quick pace. I moan louder and louder with his thrusts and just as he's about to unload his sticky liquid inside my thirsty pussy, he pulls out and spurts all over my slick sweaty body. He kisses me once more and says "Hey, I'm Jason." with a smile. I simply reply, "Katie." and smile back seductively.

Story 2:
All around the world you hear stories about fantasies and romance. Well then there's the other side, terror, horror, and sex, mixed into one giant bowl. It's obnoxious. I've always fantasized about the secret sex scene in an alley. Well this is about the time I got a partial of what I wished for..

Walking alone never scared me for some reason, it always somewhat turned me on. I never really knew why. I was sexually intellectual at a very young age and ever since I would try my best to make out or do something to be "naughty". Life flew by me and before I knew it I was working at a strip club trying to get cash and indulge myself in my own secret pleasures. It was one night walking home from work that I got what I had always wanted.

Danger was never a risk I meant to take but I seemed to wander past every alley I saw tonight and that wasn't like me. A tall handsome man in a suit stepped out from a doorway and took my hand. I looked up at him and smiled. "Name?" "Charles." "Nice, I'm Amelia" I gave him a fake name but who cares? I never give out my real name.

We came to an empty alley and he ducked behind a dumpster, pulling me with him. I giggled then he kissed me. Our tongues intertwined and he shoved his to the back of my mouth. I heard his pants drop and he shoved me to my knees. I instantly took his large hard cock in my mouth and begin my expert blowjob with ease. I licked and kissed his entire length before taking just the bulbous head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around as I salivated on his beautiful dick. I rubbed his balls with my fingers as I begin deep throating his enormous length. My hand worked in furious quick motions trying to get the liquid of my desire. I felt his balls begin to tense up in my hands as I pumped and sucked away. He shoved me to the floor then and removed my lacy underwear. He plunged his entire length into me with one solid motion. I screamed out because of the great pleasure I found myself in. I had never been treated like this and I was so horny from it I couldn't think. He fucked me and fucked me until I came several times then he pulled out and shoved his amazing weapon into my mouth. I sucked away until his creamy cum dripped out of my mouth and down my throat. I swallow four mouthfuls and licked my lips. He wasn't finished though. He flipped me over and began to fucked me so hard I was screaming. He was beating my ass with something long thin and plastic. I was in such ecstasy I didnt care though. I was screaming out in pain and in pleasure and I could barely think. he pulled out just before I I came and then forced his entire still rock-hard cock into my asshole with one solid blow. I screamed and orgasmed once again and he hit me hard in the face.
"You don't shriek like that unless I tell you to, bitch!"
I nodded and moaned in pain. He grabbed my breast hard and I gasped. It felt good to be treated like this. He pulled out and flipped me over once more and shoved his cock back into my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat hard and I gagged hard each time. He pulled out as I vomited and then plunged back in once more. He fucked my pussy a few more times them came all over my beaten body. After he was finished he threw a few bills at me and ran. I picked up the bills to find 700 dollars.
I had never known fear, but I liked the feeling now.


2012-11-24 22:46:51
i love the first story so much


2012-11-24 22:46:44
i love the first story so much

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2012-11-03 19:25:59
One of the Best storys i have ever read great job

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2012-10-14 20:02:34
Hey that was a pretty good story!!
Thanks for a good time :)

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2012-10-03 05:32:17
If ifnromation were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

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