This story is very long and not just sex .
A Not So Simple Life
Chapter 10

I sat in a lounge chair pulling Rachel down to sit between my legs, her back to me.
I laid back wrapping my arms around her, nibbling on her ears. “So what are you
And Samantha really up to” I whisper in her ear. Rachel turns her head looking into
my eyes “what do you mean Mike” she says innocently.

“Don’t play coy with me, your pushing me to sleep with Lisa and Samantha is pushing
Tina. Not that I have a problem sleeping with them but I want all the cards on the table”
I say as I gently rub her little mound.

Rachel looks at me for several minutes like she’s looking for answers to questions she
hasn’t asked yet. Finally after what seemed like forever “I love you Mike, Its just after
being with Samantha it opened up a different side of me I’m curious to explore. I just felt
like if I did, it would be cheating on you” she says nervously.

I kiss her softly “Well I have no problem with it, in the future just talk to me openly. We will
be married soon with that comes unconditional love. I would never deny you anything or ask
anything of you that you were unwilling to do. All I ask is that you do the same and always be
open and honest” I say.

“I love you baby” she says then kisses me passionately. “I love you too Rachel, now go and see
what happens” I say with a smile, pushing her up off the chair. Samantha’s turn now so I head
back inside the house. I catch Samantha as she’s coming out the bathroom. “Where you headed,
beautiful” I say pushing her back into the back room. I pick her up and set her back on the counter.

“Oh, daddy you’re a bad boy tonight” she says giggling as I remove her suit bottom. I drop my shorts
and she takes my cock pulling me to her as she guides me inside her wet little pussy. I kiss her hard
then break our kiss as I take long slow deep thrusts into her.

Looking into her glassy eyes “Ok baby girl out with it, what’s up with Tina” I say. Samantha knows
after many years living with me that when I ask a direct question I expect a direct answer. “Well, she
has a crush on you, she told me so and I thought maybe you would like that” she says moaning softly.
“Really and did you consider her mom may object to me fucking her” I say driving my cock deep
into her to make my point.

“Of course Daddy, Tina and her mom have been lovers forever. She’s never had a man though
and her mom likes you so I’m sure she would agree even join maybe” she grunts out, Cumming as she
talks. “So do you want to be with Tina” I ask. She looks at me and smiles “Well that is the other half
of the reason why” she says blushing.

I start thrusting hard into her and kiss her, pumping her pussy full of cum. “Next time just be open
about what you want baby girl” I say as she comes down from her orgasm. As I pull my cock from
her dripping pussy she starts to do as before and clean the cum from her pussy but I stop her. “leave
it, maybe if you get lucky Tina will clean it for you” I say smiling. She just gives me a little evil smile
and hops off the counter.

I went back out to the pool Rachel and Lisa where getting chummy and drinking. Both were unsure
of what to do besides innocent touching. Samantha and Tina were more aggressive. I seen Samantha
let Tina suck on her finger, a few minutes later when I seen Samantha stick her finger in her suit bottoms
I knew why. She was feeding Tina my cum and from the way Tina was staring my way I guessed
she wanted some from the source.

I could I’m sure at this point just take them all and fuck them but I rather enjoy this game. Plus having
done filled Samantha’s cunt twice tonight I could wait. I walk over to Rachel and Lisa “Lisa
are you staying here tonight” I ask. She looks at me “If that’s ok I would love to” she replies.
“Well if that the case then why don’t we head inside and watch a movie in the theatre” I

Everyone likes that idea “Ok you girls go get a shower and put on some comfortable clothes
and I’ll get the movie set up and popcorn” I say. Samantha and Tina run off to the bedroom
Samantha has for appearances and Rachel takes Lisa to our room. I head up to my room and Lisa
is in the shower already so I grab Rachel and kiss her.

Pushing her back to the bed she drops her suit bottoms along the way. Removing my shorts
then her top, I wasn’t overly horny but I figured one more time wouldn’t hurt. Then I could
enjoy the show later and maybe even some of the movie as well. Rachel pulls me down on
top of her wrapping her legs around me. Pulling me into her, my cock found its mark on its
own and she moaned as I slide inside her.

I started pumping her hard and fast, Rachel was breathing heavy and loud moaning each time
I hit bottom. I heard the shower cut off and a moment later the door creek. I just smiled and
pounded into Rachel even harder causing her to yelp as I hit bottom. I looked in the mirror
and could clearly see Lisa watching thru the crack in the door.

I smile thinking she will be more aggressive with Rachel now for sure. Rachel is moaning and
fucking me back wildly as she cums. Her pussy squeezing my cock tightly I begin cumming
filling her with cum. I lean down and kiss her then remove my cock and start to pull away.
Rachel sits up grabbing my cock and takes it into her mouth sucking our juices from it.

“Ok now you can go” she says smiling and smacking my butt. I kiss her again “I love you”
I say and walk over and put on some PJ bottoms and head out. I go down an make popcorn
even though I doubt much will be eaten. I turn the temp down to 60 in the theatre and lay out
a few blankets.

The theatre has 5 love seat recliners on one side and 10 recliners on the other. The recliners are
large so I figure Samantha and Tina can share one next to me and Rachel and Lisa on a love seat
to the other side. I could easily reach either of them if I wanted. I made drinks and put them in
their cup holders along with a bag of popcorn for each couple.

Rachel had selected the movie so I put it in and sat down waiting on the girls. It wasn’t long before
Samantha and Tina came in both wearing just a t-shirt and panties. Samantha’s had a wet spot already
I noticed as she crawled over me to her chair. I had my chair reclined back but she could have easily
went around the little tease.

Tina Smiled and followed her lead crawling over me. Making sure she placed her hand on my cock.
Little slut even squeezed it, then she paused for the longest time with her little panty covered pussy
only inches from my face. Little slut was horny she had a wet spot and had a heavy sweet musky smell.
I swear I could feel the heat on my face from her cunt.

Rachel and Lisa walked in and both giggled when they saw Tina with her little ass in my
face. That made my cock twitch, until then I wasn’t sure how Lisa would react if I fucked Tina,
even if she was having sex with her. Rachel and Lisa both had on long t-shirts and I thought panties.
Lisa sat next to me in the love seat and Rachel stopped and bent over giving me a long kiss.

Longer then normal even for her but then I seen why her ass was in Lisa’s face giving her a nice
close view and I’m sure smell of her pussy. That’s when I figured out she didn’t have any panties
on. Rachel takes her seat next to Lisa on the love seat. I started the movie and turned the lights out.
The theatre is pitch black except the light from the movie. The room is already cold so the girls
cover up and snuggle in.

Lisa and Rachel are still a little reserved I notice, Tina and Samantha on the other hand are
acting like little horny sluts. About 45 minutes into the movie Samantha and Tina had to pee.
I turned the lights up and paused the movie and they went to the bathroom, Rachel went as

I could see Lisa was nervous and I knew she was horny “Are you enjoying yourself Lisa” I ask.
She hesitates for a second “Yes, why do you ask” she says. “I just noticed you seem a little
nervous, its ok if you and Rachel enjoy yourselves” I say opening the door. She smiles “Its
not Rachel that makes me nervous” she says. “Me” I ask, she blushes then says “NO”.

I Knew what it was now “If your worried about Samantha and Tina don’t, I know you have sex
with Tina and Samantha was feeding her my cum from her pussy earlier so you can relax your
secret is safe here.” Lisa had a look of shock and relief on her face as she exhaled loudly. “How”
she started to say then smiled and said “never mind”.

When the girls returned I was refilling our drinks at the bar, Lisa whispered something to Tina
which put a devilish smile on her face as she looked at me. I knew from her look I was in for
trouble. I smiled at the thought, I took my seat and turn the lights out and started the movie.
Lisa was being very aggressive now towards Rachel. Rachel was loving it, her eyes were closed
and she was moaning. I’m sure Lisa had her finger in her pussy.

My little sluts on the other side were beyond teasing Samantha was laid back and Tina was under
the covers. Her head between Samantha’s legs, I’m sure based on the moving round lump
under the blanket. Between the soft moans on either side of me and my mind fantasying about
what was going on under the blanket, my cock was rock hard.

I lifted the blanket and reached over and pinched Samantha’s nipple. She looked over seeing my
hard cock and smiled. She threw the blanket over her head and pulled Tina up to her. I head them
giggling. Then a hand came out from under the covers holding two t-shirts followed by some
more giggling.

The next hand that came out had two girls panties in it. Little sluts was teasing me, because next
they laid the recliner all the way back it was almost flat and got in a 69 under the blanket. Two can
play this game I thought and removed my PJ’s reached under their blanket to the ass that was up and
rubbed my hand over the ass down to the wet pussy and stuck a finger inside her. Teasing a little
then pulled it out.

It was Tina’s pussy I could tell the ass was much flatter then Samantha’s and there was some peach
fuzz, Samantha was bald. Samantha pulls the blanket back and smiles, Tina’s cum covering her
face she mouths “I love you.”

I look over to the other side and Rachel an Lisa have shed their t-shirts and Rachel is sucking
on Lisa’s breasts and I’m sure fingering her and from the panting sound coming from Lisa I’m sure
she’s about to cum.

I was watched as Lisa came, I felt them slip under my blanket at my feet and crawl up between
my legs. They were both at my cock giggling and whispering. Taking turns sucking on me, I just
laid back and enjoyed. I had already came three times tonight so it would be awhile I thought.
After a minute they moved around and spread my legs wide one over each arm of the recliner.
I was almost laying flat and one of them straddled my chest and slid her ass up until her little
pussy mound was at my mouth.

I knew it was Tina I could feel her peach fuzz as her pussy slid up my chest. I reached down and
spread her checks and started licking her pussy. She was sweet and her cum was dripping
out from all Samantha’s licking. Tina took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me.
I was building up to Cumming but I could hold off for awhile I thought.

Then I felt Samantha’s start sucking and licking on my balls. Dropping down and licking my
ass and teasing it with her finger. Their wasn’t much hope now, when Tina came on my face
I came in her mouth. Samantha took over when Tina’s mouth was full, milking the remaining
cum from my cock and licking up the little that spilled.

Tina slid down and I looked under the covers and her and Samantha were kissing swapping
my cum back and fourth. Tina smiled at me then opened her mouth showing me her mouth
was full of my cum, then she swallowed. “Little Sluts” I said with a smile, they both just

I looked over and Lisa and Rachel were in a 69 on the love seat. Rachel’s ass facing me. I
reached over and stuck two fingers into her pussy. Samantha started sucking on my cock again.
Once my fingers were well lubed I removed them and used her cum to lube her anus. I rubbed
my fingers in a circles around her anus pushing a little harder until both finger slipped inside her

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled then went back to eating Lisa’s pussy. My cock
was hard again and my legs were moved together and I felt little legs straddle my body. A small
hand grabbed my cock and started rubbing it between her wet pussy lips. I couldn’t tell if it was
Tina or Samantha until she pushed back. Tina let out a little scream as she sat up and the blanket
fell away.

She had me about 3 inches inside her, she raised up and then used her body weight and drove my
cock inside her. She screamed loud this time and Lisa and Rachel looked over. Tina had a smile
of pure ecstasy on her face as she had my entire cock inside her. I looked and Lisa was smiling
like she was proud of her daughter.

Lisa reach over and Tina took her hand and held it as she began to ride my cock. Samantha crawled
up on my side and kissed me then laid her head on my chest and watched Tina ride my cock. Tina
shook wildly and screamed as she orgasmed. When she felt my cock begin to pump my hot cum
inside her she buried my cock deep inside her.

She raised up off my cock and Samantha took it into her mouth before Tina had a chance and sucked
our juices of it. I didn’t think I could get hard a gain but Tina laid on the floor between my chair and
The love seat, her legs spread wide with my cum dripping out. Lisa got up and knelt between her
daughters legs and licked and sucked my cum from her.

Samantha took full advantage of my hard cock and had it inside her pussy and riding me hard. She
covered my cock in cum in minutes and Rachel came over and replaced her quickly and rode me
until she had an orgasm of her own. I look back at Lisa, her ass in the air eating her daughters pussy.
I got up and behind her.

It was the last unfucked pussy I thought and slide my cock between her lips into her hole. She moaned
and pushed back taking my cock inside her. She was tight, a lot tighter then I expected. Tina liked
It hard so I grabbed Lisa’s hips and drove my cock into her in one hard thrust. Lisa let out a scream
but I heard her say harder so I didn’t wait for her pussy to adjust. I started thrusting into her hard and
fast. She came twice before I filled her cunt with cum.

Tina screamed in orgasm as well, she was spent and just laid limp on the floor breathing hard. Rachel
laid Lisa on the love seat and licked her pussy clean. I sat back in the recliner and Samantha licked
me clean.
I picked Tina up and carried her to Samantha’s room and laid her in the bed and gave her a kiss.
Lisa crawled in bed with her kissing me as well. I returned to my room and Samantha and
Rachel were cuddled up already asleep. I kissed them both on the lips.

I snuggled in behind Samantha and she wiggled her ass until my cock was wedged in her crack
and moaned. “Good Night daddy I love you” she whispers in her sleep. In the morning I wake
at 5am for my run. My cock was hard and still wedged between Samantha’s cheeks. I wasn’t horny
at the moment but I couldn’t resist teasing her. I made my cock jump, Samantha moans softly
“Enough daddy I can’t take no more” she says in her sleep.

I laugh and smack her and Rachel on the butts. They both moan but neither moves, I dress and
head out for my run. When I returned the girls were all in the kitchen eating at the counter. Since
we moved and owned the property I would only run in shorts no shirt. I was covered in sweat since
the girls hadn’t come today I pushed myself.

When I walked in they all smiled and stared while I got me some orange juice. I felt like they
Were all eyeing me up as their next meal. I just ignored their stares “Samantha, how many friends
you got coming over tomorrow and what you want to eat” I ask. “Well just 7 daddy” Samantha

I laugh “that’s more then a few” I say. “But, one is Tina so she doesn’t count as a guest anymore so
Its really only 6 and Rose and Lilly are twins so they only count as one, so 5 and Cindy can only come
if her sister Mary does so she shouldn’t count against me. So that makes 4 and 4 is a few” she says
smiling. You have to love her logic I think to myself. “Ok you win baby girl, I just hope them twins
only plan on eating for one” I say laughing. Samantha rolls her eyes at me “Oh daddy.”

Lisa had a look on her face like she wanted to come so “Lisa your welcome to come as well, I’m sure we could us the help” I say laughing. She smiles “Thank you Mike I‘d love to” she replies. “Well we just
had Steak and shrimp so what you had in mind for lunch dinner” I ask. Samantha and Tina look
at each other trying to decide “I don’t know daddy, you decide I’m sure it will be good” she says.

“Well I better get a shower” I say finishing my juice. I kiss Rachel then Samantha, Tina perks up
So I kiss her and Lisa as well on my way out. After I shower the house is empty and I head into
work. I was checking the latest Intel reports when Nicole came in, she came sit by me.

“Mike, I know what you said was right now ,I’m sorry if I was a bitch the other day” she says. “it’s
fine Nicole no harm done, so did you check out any sites” I ask. From the way she blushed and
looked down I knew she had. “A few” she said pausing “I got your card, I’ll let you know when
I think I’m ready” she says turning a brighter red.

She gets up and heads over to her desk. I’m sure she’ll be back soon I think to myself. I focus
back on my Intel reports. One catches my attention and I pull some more files. I got my next
target and go in Johns office. “John, I’d like to run an Op on him next” I say handing him
A file. He opens it and reads.

The file is on a Russian business man, He runs the groups film distribution to eastern Europe.
He’s outside the groups inner circle so he’ll be an easy target and it will impact the group hard
financially. He’s married with 6 kids (4 boys and 2 girls) according to the file. “Its your Op
Mike, just let me know what you need” John says. “Well put a surveillance team on the entire
family and I’ll have a plan for you Monday” I say and leave.

I head to the store and pick up the food for Saturday then head home. Its early so I’m home alone
sitting in my office thinking about My life and how things have turned out. Samantha and Rachel
being a good thing. Tina and Lisa I’m not sure yet I really don’t much about them.

Now for your normal person its not a big deal, but for me and my job it was, and the fact that they had
access to my home and the girls and Tina was underage. I log onto the secure net and order a back ground investigation on Lisa. Tired of looking at a computer I head down to the gun range to relax. Samantha and Rachel came down to meet me. I had just finished firing a 200 round belt of ammo with the M-60.

“Well it wasn’t hard to find you” Rachel says laughing as they walked up. “Can I try daddy” Samantha
ask. Samantha has always been around my guns but never fired one. “Sure baby girl, come sit on my
lap and I’ll show you” I say loading another belt up. Samantha pulled the trigger and smiled as she
mowed down the targets.

Her back was to my chest and my arm around her waste. I knew she was enjoying it by her smile but I was
surprise by how much. I felt a wet spot on my thigh and noticed she was humping my leg as she fired. Can
I try that one next Daddy” she said pointing to the AK-47. I felt her stomach tighten and her breathing
became heavy as she fired an M-16.

When the beta magazine was empty she moaned and leaned back into my chest. Her hand went between her
legs and in seconds my thigh was covered with her hot cum. Rachel was standing behind us and I turned
back to look at her when I heard a soft moan. She had her hand under her skirt and her panties down
to her mid thigh. She was rubbing herself and sliding two finger inside her pussy.

Shooting practice was over my cock was throbbing. I stood up and remove my clothes and the girls
followed my lead. I cleared the guns from the shooting table and moved the bench back. Rachel sat on the
Table and leaned back propping herself on her elbows. Samantha kneeled on the bench and bent over and began eating her pussy. I was standing there watching and slowly stroking my cock. Samantha spread her
legs wider and started wiggling her butt at me.

She pulled away from Rachel’s pussy and turned to look at me. She mad a sound like she was clearing
her throat then using her eyes and head pointed to her butt wiggling in the air. I walked behind her
she had cum dripping down both thigh already from her orgasm when she was shooting. I know she
wanted my cock inside her but my mouth was watering. I knelt behind her and licked up her fresh

I stood up and ran my cock between her wet lips several times. Each time I passed over her hole she
pushed back trying to get my cock inside her. She succeed finally and let out a moan. I gabbed her
little hips and slowly pushed inside her. Enjoying the soft wet feeling of her pussy as it squeezed
my cock tightly.

My self control only lasted a little while and soon I was pounding her pussy as hard as I could.
“Harder Daddy” Samantha would say followed by a loud grunt when I hit bottom. After her
Second hard orgasm she sensed I was ready to cum as well. “Wait Daddy” Samantha says as
she pulls my cock out of her and stands up.

My cock was throbbing and ready but I realized what they were up to, I had forgot about our
conversation a few days before. Rachel laid long ways on the shooting table her ass on the edge
She lifted her legs and put one on each corner. It was a clear what she wanted “Rachel is in her
cycle window Daddy, so you need to keep her full” Samantha says standing beside Rachel
rubbing her clit.

My cock was ready to burst and I didn’t want to just get three strokes in Rachel before it happened
so I knelt and began eating her to allow my cock time to relax. “Daddy if you was a girl, you would
be a lesbian for sure as much as you like eating our pussies” Samantha says and both girls giggle.

Satisfied I’m ready to give Rachel a good hard fuck I stand and rub my cock on her clit causing her to
moan. Then slide my cock about three inches inside her which receives a louder moan. “Fuck me hard
baby” Rachel says in a whisper. I pull back and drive my cock into her in one stroke. Her body jumps
and she lets out a muffled scream followed by a moan. Samantha climbs on the table and straddles
Rachel’s head facing me. I get a nice long kiss before she lowers her head to Rachel’s clit.

It was several hours before we headed back up to the house. Rachel got every load inside her and
Samantha licked up any that came out saying “No use wasting any Daddy” After dinner we all three
were exhausted and cuddled up on one love seat in the theatre and watched the movie from last night
for the first time. When the movie ended both my girls were sleeping in my arms. It felt too good
holding them to wake them up so I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

We woke the next morning and went for our usual run. “Mike me and Samantha decided on the 10th
of June for our wedding, unless you have an objection” Rachel says. “No the 10th sounds good, how
did you decide on that day” I ask curiously. “Well Samantha gets out of school on June 2 and I get
out on the 4th so that will give us a week to get ready” she says. “Yes I’ve seen how slow you too
get dressed so a week may not be enough” I say laughing. The girls giggle and I get a punch in
both arms.

After we shower “Mike, Me and Samantha are going to pick up run to the store” Rachel says. “Ok, I’ll
Get dressed and go with you” I reply. “We can handle it alone, unless you really want to go
Bikini shopping with us” she says. “Well I love seeing you two in one but I’ll pass on the shopping”
I say with a laugh.

I dress and head down to my office to do a little work while their gone. I log on and start shopping
for a boat well actually 2. I had a boat house and wharf but not a boat. I wanted a ski boat and
party barge. I found a few I liked and print of the flyers for the girls to look at later.

My phone rings “Daddy, Lisa’s car won’t start do you mind going pick her and Tina up, Please”
Samantha says begging. “No problem, baby girl text me the address” I reply. “thank you daddy,
I love you” she says hanging up.

My phone beeps as I start my truck. I punch the address into my GPS and take off. Pull onto Lisa’s
street I become aware its not a very good neighborhood. This struck me as odd Tina went to
Samantha’s private school and it cost a lot I knew so I assumed Lisa lived in a middle class area.
I pulled up to the building and parked.

On the way inside I notice several gang bangers hanging out at the building across the street.
I head up to the 3rd floor and knock. “Come in Mike, we will be ready in a minute” Tina says
leading me over to the couch. I sit down and Tina heads back into the bedroom. The Apartment
Is clean and well kept but my master bedroom is bigger then this whole place. There’s only
one bedroom also I notice.

Tina and Lisa emerge from the bed room each carrying a small overnight bag. “Ok where ready” Lisa
says with a smile as they walk over to me. I stand and Lisa hands me her bag and gives me a quick kiss
Tina follows her moms lead but adds a little tongue with her kiss. As we walk out the door I see the four
punks from across the street leaning against my truck.

Lisa gets a nervous look on her face and takes my hand. I could feel her hand sweating and shake a little.
Tina held onto my arm with the bags. I consider my options as we walk, my normal response would be
Just beat the crap out of the punks. I knew if I did that Lisa and Tina would pay for later when I wasn’t here.
I decided to just load them up quickly and leave ignoring the punks unless they gave me no choice.

I’m a big guy so when I reached the passengers side of the truck the punk by the door got nervous and
moved as I opened it and Lisa got in. The second guy backed off as I opened the back door and put Tina
and their bags in. I hit the auto lock just in case and quickly made my way around the back of the truck
to my door.

The punks must have took my quick movement as me being scared or nervous because when I reached
my door the punk didn’t move. “This is my street and you have to pay to park here” He says. I notice
the other two punks coming up behind me. “I’ll say this once move and you and your friends can
leave unharmed” I tell him in a clear calm voice. My tone and statement surprises the punk. He wasn’t
expecting that and starts to back off.

It was to late though the two punks behind me stepped forward and I seen the knife. They never stood
a chance with my training. All four were on the ground bleeding in less then 2 minutes. Crying like
the little pussies most of them are, I hear the police sirens coming up the road. I look across to the
building where the punks came from and a fifth one was standing there staring me down.

Its amazing how fast they got here I think as the cop cars pull up. Recall the news story from just last
of a young woman raped repeatedly in the street in this neighborhood. It took them 45 minutes to
respond. I take out my wallet and hold my ID out for the officers. it’s a blank ID only my picture and
the company seal on it and a phone number.

The officer takes the card and looks at me then walks over to his sergeant and hands it to him.
The sergeant takes out his cell phone and dials the number as he walks towards me. “What’s your
name” he asks after a minutes on the phone. It’s a security question I know so I answer “X-ray, Delta,
Four, Two , Niner, Niner, Lima.” He looks at me confused but repeats my answer into his cell phone.

I could tell by the look on his face they were giving him the standard speech. Do not question, detain,
or search me additionally there is to be no mention of me in any reports. He hands my card back and
steps to the side allowing me access to my truck. I unlock the doors and get in, as I drive slowly away
I notice the fifth punk talking to an officer.

It seemed off for some reason, they were both staring at my truck talking. The look on the officer’s
face told me clearly why the cops had responded so quickly . Which means this problem just went
from bad to worse, gang bangers are easy to scare or dispose of, nobody misses them. A corrupt cop
is totally different.

One thing I did want was to start a war with the local police department. I stopped the truck and got
out. Walking back over to the Sergeant, “Sergeant Jones can have a word” I say. He struck me as
being an honest cop and his reaction to the phone call had been that of a honest cop. He steps over
to me “I think you have a problem there Sergeant.” I say pointing out the officer with the punk.

He looks and shakes his head “Yes he’s already under IA investigation, That punk is his cousin
and the neighborhood drug dealer. I’ll see if I can push IA to finish and get him out of uniform”
he says. “Ok if you need some help or buttons pushed give me a call” I say and hand him my card.

I get back in my truck and drive away. Tina and Lisa are both still in shock to say anything. “Lisa
I think it may be best you and Tina spend a few days at my house” I say taking her still shaky hand.
“I’m sorry about this whole mess Mike, Its all my fault I should have just taken a bus instead of
asking you to pick me up” she stutters out.

I laugh trying to lighten the mood up “I haven’t seen any buses stopping at my house Lisa” I say.
They both smile and giggle a little. “We can’t change what happened, so its best you not go back
For a few days until the Sergeant has time to fix the problem” I say. Lisa had a look on her face,
that I got a million questions look and I’m not sure which to ask first.

She didn’t have to ask any because Tina jumped up and her mouth opened first. “Mike, where’d
You learn to fight like that, what did you hand that cop, why did they let you go, why didn’t they
even take your name, why weren’t we asked what happened, where you scared, what are all the
Scares on your body I seen the other night, are they bullet wounds, have you ever killed any one”
She blurted out only stopping to take a breathe when she had to.

Her list of questions grew until she finally could think of no more. I though for several minutes,
“Well I can answer most your question Tina with a single card” I say and let go off Lisa’s hand
and retrieve the ID I had given the officer and hand it to her.

I see her eyes grow big as she reads the company seal. “That should explain a lot especially
why I can’t answer anymore of your questions” I say as she hands the card to Lisa. She is not
nearly as shocked but they both relax. “I am curious as to why you live here” I ask.

Lisa looks at me then puts her head down an quietly says “Well I’m a single mom and after Tina’s
tuition for school there’s not much left for anything else. I quit school when I got pregnant so I’m
lucky I got the job I have as a clerk for the water department” she says as a tear rolls down her
face. “I know it looks bad but I really am trying to do my best for Tina so she has opportunities
I never had, that’s why she goes to private school” she continues taking a deep breathe.

I could tell it really bothered her how it looked and the place she lived and also her desire to make
sure Tina had a better life. Tina and Samantha had been friends for as longer then I was in Samantha’s
life. I believe they meet when she moved here after Joe died.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of Lisa” I say squeezing her hand. “I didn’t always have money, I
Live in worse conditions then you during my life. And you’re the fact that you sacrifice for Tina’s
future says a lot about your character” I says as I reach up and lift her chin to look me in the eyes.

I pick up my cell and call Rachel and have her meet me at the mall entrance. I park and we head to the
food court. Samantha and Rachel are there waiting at a table so I give Tina some money. “Take your
Mom and get something to eat, I’ll be with the girls. I need a few minutes to explain what happened”
I say handing her the money.

I go sit and explain the whole thing to the girls. Then my concern for where and how Tina and Lisa
lived. Samantha and Rachel were both a little shocked, Samantha didn’t know. “Well I guess that’s
why she never invited me to her house” Samantha says. “Daddy why can’t we just let them live with
us we got plenty of room” Samantha says with her puppy dog eyes.

“I considered that but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not, lets just see how things are after a week.
I still have our old house they could live in also as an option” I say. Tina and Lisa came sat at the
table. “See Tina, I told you my Daddy wasn’t scared of anything” Samantha says with a smile.
They all giggle and smile at me.

“Well I’m glad to see smiles on your faces, why don’t you two stay here with the girls and shop for
clothes. My treat so don’t be shy I’m sure Rachel and Samantha can show you how to spend money”
I say. Lisa starts to object but I cut her off “I insist” I say and give them each a kiss and start to

“Daddy my friends will be getting there shortly can you go home and entertain them we might be
awhile” she says waving her credit card with a smile. “Yes baby girl as long as their not like you
And Tina. I think I can handle 6 girls” I say and we all laugh. “You might be in trouble
then Daddy” she says with and evil grin.

I head back to the house thinking I hope Samantha was joking, I sure couldn’t handle that many
horny girls. I turn down my road and a mini van turns behind me. When I reach the house Cindy
jumps out “Hi, Mister Mike. this is my sister Mary Samantha said it was alright if she came as well
and I’m sure you remember my mom Kathy from the party” she says.

I had seen Cindy around a few times with Samantha. Her mom Kathy I remembered vaguely
from the party. She struck me as the rich stuck up type so I didn’t talk to her long. “Well
Samantha and Tina are at the mall getting new suits, they’ll be back shortly so you can put
your things in her room” I say and they run inside with their bags.

Kathy smiles and waves then drives off. I return her gesture and head inside. “Your welcome to swim
or use the game area or theatre until the girls get back and feel free to raid the kitchen if your hungry”
I say and smile and head into my office. I put the security system to monitor so it basically will display
any camera with movement on the screen.

I log into the secure net and Lisa’s back ground is back but It doesn’t contain anything I don’t already
know. Mary is Samantha’s age 11 and 5’1” around 100lbs and I’m guessing she just started wearing
a training bra because she never had one the other times she was over. She has short brown hair and
a nice round bubble butt. Her sister Mary I’m curious about.

When Samantha said she had to bring her sister I assumed it would be her little sitter but Mary was
much older than Cindy. 15 to 17 I figure since her body is close to fully developed. She has short black
hair and glasses, but a nice slim athletic body and c cup breasts I’m sure. Asses must run in their family
because hers is very nice as well. She has a nerdy girl look but in her bathing suit she was hot.

The door bell rings and it’s the twins and Bob their father. He thanks me for taking them then says
“Good luck” before hurrying back to his car. Odd I thought but directed them upstairs. I return to my
Office and watch the girls by the pool on the monitor. Another door bell and 2 more girls arrive.
I recognize Courtney but her sister I don’t and she‘s hot.

“Hi, Mister Mike, this is my sister April, she came to drop me off” she says “And if its ok she’s going to
swim with us a while” she asks. “Sure Courtney, you know where Samantha’s room is and the other girls
are by the pool” I say. “Oh, and nice to meet you April” I say extending my hand. “Thanks, I hope its
not a bother I’m friends with Mary and she said she was going to be here” she says. “She’s by the pool”
I say and smile before heading back to my office.

April is at least 17 I assume since she drove here alone. She’s blond , blue eyed and 36 24 32 I’m guessing
and D cup for sure. She was definitely fully developed the way her hips swayed as she walked up the
stairs to Samantha’s room. Sitting in my desk watching the monitor, all the other girls had worn their
suits under their clothes but April. She stripped naked to put her’s on, I started to turn it off but I’m only

I turn the audio on and full screened the video. “Dam this place is nice Courtney, how much money
does Samantha’s father have” she asks her sister. “A lot you should have seen her birthday party, he
had Hanna Montana there and he gave this house to Samantha” Courtney says. April just smiles “And
He’s handsome and single too” she says. “Don’t get any ideas April he’s too old for you” Courtney says
as she walks out.

She was definitely a gold digger from the way she acted but dam nice body I think as she puts her bikini
on. Nice shaved pussy is always a plus. I switch the monitor back and turn the audio off. I better quit
before I get in trouble.

“Daddy we’re home” Samantha says walking into the office. “Thank god” I say laughing, she closes the
door and comes sit in my lap and kisses me. “Did you miss me, Daddy” she says with a little frown.
“Always baby girl” I say sliding my hand up her skirt. “I see my baby girl is being a little slut today”
I say as I slide two fingers into her exposed pussy.

“Not yet Daddy but I can be if you want” she says with a smile. “Nope you got guest” I say and smack
her on the side off the butt and give her a kiss. She hops up and heads out to the pool. Lisa comes in as
she is leaving. “I hope I’m not intruding Mike, I just wanted to thank you for today” Lisa says and gives
me a kiss. Tina steps from behind her and kisses me as well “Me too. Thanks Mike” she says with a big

“No thanks are necessary I do ask that you not mention anything about that card to anyone”
I say. They both agree and leave. I follow and head up to my room. Rachel is in the shower
so I strip and go meet her. “I missed you beautiful” I say as I kiss her. “I love you” she says
and hugs me.

We bathe each other and kiss until the hot water finally runs out. “we look like prune’s” I say
and we both laugh and we dry each other. Rachel has a look on her face and a tear rolls down
her cheek. “What’s wrong Baby” I ask. “Nothing, every thing is perfect, well almost it will
be perfect once we are married” she says. “And your pregnant I add” jokingly. She just smiles
“I think you took care of that last night.”

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