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Hi my name is Pooja 27 year’s old very fair complexion, 5”2 inch short height and slim body of 32-26-36, my best feature is my hips and my pouty lips, I just got married recently, my hubby works in a bank, he got his promotion immediately after our wedding. Our sex life was great, raj my hubby is a very sexy man and like to fuck me 4-5 times a day since the day we got married, sometime just before going to work he fuck me on our sofa, when he come back for lunch, when we wake up early morning every time whenever we get time or not he just like to fuck me everywhere in the home.

There is not any corner of the home left including toilet, kitchen even roof top, where he have not fucked me. He insisted me not to wear anything whole day even my panty or bra and remain nude, he also don’t wear anything when he is home, some time I just wrap a white cotton sheet around me if I feel cold, otherwise most of the time I remain nude showing my small but perky nipples and well shaved pink pussy,

It happen last month when suddenly my hubby got an opportunity to go to abroad for one week seminar for his international bank fare, he told me not to worry and masturbate is I feel for sex, and he will try his best to come back home soon. The day he left early morning, I was still in my bed just before his departure we had a very hot sex session for half an hour and then he left me alone for one week,

I was still on my bed totally nude, it was summer and I was feeling very lazy, I saw the clock it was 2pm afternoon, I make some tea for me had some toast and started watching a movie sitting on my sofa totally nude. As the movie was full of hot sex scene and lots of kisses,

I started feeling horny and slide my 2 fingers in my pussy and started masturbating, suddenly there was a knock happen on my door, I didn’t reply anything and got panic I ran to my another room and pickup my white t-shirt and put it on my body. Due to second time knock the door automatically open and I saw an old man must be in his late sixties entering in our drawing room,

I shouted and come in the room and ask him who gave him the permission to enter, he was really a poor man only wearing a dhoti and small white cotton kurta, he apologize and said “I’m sorry beti my name is hariom, I work for old age home and I came here to get some help from the people live in this colony to support our organization to feed the old and helpless people, I don’t mean to anything else and if you felt bad

I will go without accepting anything from your home. I really felt guilty to insult this old man and told him to come inside please, I told him to sit on sofa and close the door, I ask him if you want to drink some water, he replied it would be very nice, I was still in my white t-shirt which was covering my half of the breast and was until just below to my hips. I forgot that I was not wearing anything under my white t-shirt as it was very hot also,

I given a glass of chilled water to hariom and ask him if he want to eat something, he said he is very hungry and didn’t eat anything since morning but it would be nice eat some food if I can offer, I told him to go to bathroom and wash your hand meanwhile ill get something for him to eat, I forgot my bathroom was a mess and there was my bra and pany on the floor, I saw hariom he takeout his dhoti and kurta and started taking a shower,

I felt bad that without my permission he started his shower and he did not close the door, once he finished he ask me if he can get a towel, I gave him my pink towel from which I had just clean my pussy juice out of my finger, I watch him very carefully he was not having any effect of what he had seen, in bathroom or in my towel, I call him on table but he said that he used to eat on floor so I gave him a plate full of rice and daal which was left over from the last night dinner and I seated on sofa,

I started talking to him what he do and how he end up here. He said “I work to get the help from people and submit to my organization who take care of helpless old people 100 km far from this city.” I asked him where is he staying he said he is staying on railway station and will sleep overnight there on floor and in morning there is a train to go back to his village at 5 am.

I forgot that time while talking to this old man my leg was open and my pussy was clearly in front of this guy hardly 5 foot away, I suddenly noticed that he was having a big bulge in his dhoti, as he finish the food I went near to him to clear his plate, he stand up from there and start walking to the bathroom to clean his hand, my bathroom is opposite to my kitchen, I was washing his plate and just turned my face to see what this old guy was doing,

I was shocked to see him standing just behind me, my short t-shirt was up to my ass and showing clearly my wet pussy, I turned and ask him go and sit on sofa I will come to talk there, he was smiling and said ok he will wait there, I was in a kind of trauma,
I went to drawing room and asked him “so what I can do for you”
He said beti whatever you can help to this poor man will be appreciated,

I told him my hubby is not there in town and I don’t have enough money to give him maybe I can give you 100 rupees maximum, he said it’s ok for him as I had already help him with food, while talking to him I noticed he was continuously looking at my pussy and breast, as it was very hot in the room I was sweating and due to my sweat my nipple was clearly visible from thin t-shirt. I saw I big bulge in his dhoti and this time I noticed he was also not wearing anything under his dhoti as his under wear was wet and he put it to dry in veranda, his dick was coming out of his dhoti,

I saw it was very dark and cover with foreskin, it was very funny as there was no dick head I can see, He interrupted the view and ask me if I like what I saw, I was shocked as I was not expecting him to talk like this, I said, im sorry but I never saw an old man dick and maybe that’s why I’m a bit shocked, he stand up from his position and remove his dhoti in one shot, now this man was totally nude in front of me.

I cover my mouth in big surprise, as I saw his dick was at least 8 inch long and very thick the other thing was his mushroom type dick head was totally covered with a thick layer of foreskin, he ask me “if you want to touch it, it will be free of cost, as I was feeling very horny, I went near to him and started touching and playing with his dick like a kid play with his new toy,

I felt his cold wrinkled skin hand removing my cotton t-shirt now I also was totally nude in front of this old guy, he hold my breast and said, “this is the nicest beautiful breast he ever seen in his life, as all the women he fuck in his younger life they were all very big and dark he never fuck any younger women like me, I was still surprise if he could fuck me or if he will fuck me will he be able to hold for longer or will come quickly,

I told him let’s start I want to see your stamina, he started sucking my breast for 15 minute and bite me lots of time, it left lots of blue and red marks on my breast, it was very painful but I was enjoying it, then he inserted his 2 wrinkled finger in my hot wet pussy, he said “you looks like ready to be fuck”, I said yes come on show me your stamina,

He put me on my sofa open my legs apart and spit on my pussy, then he put his foreskin covered dick on my pussy and started doing massage from it after 3-4 minute of his dick massage I told him I cannot hold any more please fuck my now,

He then inserted all his 8 inch dick in one hard stroke deep inside my wet pussy I felt like something tear my pussy, I felt if I’m started bleeding, I saw a big strain on the face of hariom, he was seems to be very happy to claiming a newly wedded pussy, at his 68 years of old age fucking a 20 years young fresh pussy,

Slowly he pick up the pace and started stroking and knocking my pussy very hard, in next 10 minute I came very big, I felt shivering, he ask me how I feel, I said I’m in like heaven keep continue, he put his wrinkled lips on my pink pouty lips and started sucking them very hard, I was breathless, I again felt like having the another orgasm, His was still fucking and pushing his dick in and out of my pussy, suddenly my body again got tensed and I felt very close to another orgasm,

at the same time I felt like a big knot tying in my womb I saw hariom face he was squeezing my breast and his face was red, he shout “I’m coming beti, I cannot hold, can I come inside your hot pussy please, I told him please don’t cum inside as I’m not taking any pills or precaution and can get pregnant, he said, “I doubt if I can make you pregnant as I’m 68 year old fart, and don’t think if I have any fertile sperms left in me,

I trusted him and said, “Then its ok hariom please cum inside me make me feel your old thick cum”. As soon I said this hariom cum very big time in my pussy, I felt the pressure of his cum hitting my hot fertile womb, I also cum at the same time.

After this, both of us took shower together, he fuck me in the shower also, then I make a tea for him,

While making tea for him again he came in the kitchen, and we had the hot fucking session on my kitchen floor. Hariom stayed until 4 am next morning and said “I have to go to my village and maybe I will be back some time to see if you are pregnant from my old sperms or not, just before leaving the home he fuck me in my toilet, and left me alone.

My hubby came back after a week and again we started our hot fucking session 4-5 time a day, next week I suppose to have my period, but I didn’t got it, I buy a strip to check if I’m pregnant or not, yes I was when I saw 2 lines on the strip, I told this to my hubby, he kissed me and said he is very happy, After 9 months of pregnancy

I gave the birth to a healthy baby boy, but I was surprise to see he was not similar to my hubby or me in any feature, I noticed his hairs was brown and curly and nose was slightly going upwards, then I realize he was similar that 68 year old hariom who fuck me from his foreskin covered dick and made me pregnant from his very fertile old sperms.

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I'm sorry but this was soo bad. I gotta say its one of the worst that I've read soo far. I could hardly understand anything that was being said.


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