Ryan and Sam start to wonder how much longer their sex game can last
Chapter 3 of the “Saturday’s With My Sister” series.

First off, as always I will mention that this story contains descriptions of a 16 year old boy and his 11 year old sister. Please do not leave hateful mail or negative ratings if the only problem you have with my story is the content. And second, I do take your comments seriously and have added a few things people recommended I write about, and I may do so more often so long as it doesn’t interfere with the predestined storyline I have set for Ryan and Sammy. Once again, this story is pure fiction and the characters are not representations of anyone I know or have known in my personal life. Enjoy :)


I awoke with butterflies in my stomach. Another Saturday! What could be better? I knew for sure my mom was going out tonight, and that would leave me and my sister Sam to do whatever we wanted tonight. Lately I had become quite a fan of her cute little ass and I was already anticipating another fun night.

Let me rewind a little bit. My name is Ryan Brooks. Just in case you don’t know my story, it all began with my mom going back on the dating scene after her divorce with my dad. She decided that every Saturday night, she would leave me in charge of the house and my sister Samantha so she could go and meet new men. It started out innocent enough, but well, curiosity got the best of my sister (and I guess me) and now every Saturday night is the night me and her get to play around with each other if you know what I mean. And today was Saturday.

I sat up and opened up my curtains to let the morning light in. Today was going to be another great day. I hopped over to my door and went to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal and some toast. My mom was already sitting at the dining room table with her reading glasses on, balancing her check book I guess.
“Morning” I called out to her as I looked through the pantry for something to eat.
“Good morning Ryan. Glad to see you up earlier than noon for once” I laughed a little and decided on some pop tarts.
“Well I guess it just feels like today is too good a day to miss” I replied and sat down at the table with her.
“So Ryan, I need to ask you a favor for tonight” her words froze me while I was unwrapping my breakfast.
“Oh? What’s that?” I tried to keep my words even, though inside I was really hoping it was something simple and menial.
“Well, one of Sammy’s little friends, Kylie, wants to spend the night. Sammy has her heart set on her coming over tonight, and I was wondering would you mind keeping an eye on the both of them for tonight?”

What?? Really? I silently cursed under my breath. Under the table my hand balled into a fist. The one night we have and Sammy wants to have a sleepover? Then I took a breath and decided to be reasonable. Maybe Sammy wasn’t feeling good or maybe she was just getting tired of our little game. The latter of the thoughts made my chest hurt a little, but I brushed it off.
“Yeah sure mom. As long as the two of them don’t bother me too much I don’t see why not.” She smiled and put her hand on my shoulder. “Thanks Ryan. It really means a lot to Sammy and to me too. So guess what?” I looked at my mom and tilted my head to show I was listening. “Things are getting pretty serious between me and a man I met. This is our third date, and he tells me he can hardly wait a whole week to see me! Maybe if things keep going the way they are, you won’t have to watch your sister on the weekends anymore!”

My head was flooded with thoughts. No more Saturday nights? Then surely we have to make the most of every Saturday we have left! But Sammy has a friend coming over tonight. The more I thought about it, the more circles I kept making in my head. The same thoughts constantly repeating. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, I left my room, and walked up the stairs to Sam’s room.
I gave a quick tap tap tap and opened the door as soon as I heard the “come in!” from the other side.
“Hi Ryan. What can I do for you?” I ignored the word play and sat down on her bed.
“Mom says she met someone. She said that Saturday nights probably won’t happen anymore.” Sam sat up and leaned on my shoulder. “Oh wow.. I guess I didn’t really think it could end.”
“Neither did I Sammy…” she silently reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze. I looked at her and strangely enough I felt like crying. I had been in a few relationships, but somehow the one I had developed with my sister over the past weeks meant more to me than any other girl ever had. She looked back at me understanding, and before I knew it she kissed me and her lips seemed to be the cure to everything.
I was completely unaware of me standing up, pulling her to her feet, our lips still locked. Our bodies were close together but she had no difficulty unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down. I broke our kiss and leaned down to kiss her neck. Clothes seemed to be melting off our bodies until we stood there naked, still embraced, and the last thought I had before completely giving in to the lust was to close her bedroom door.

Instantly her hand was at my shaft, tugging it gently until it was fully hardened. I kissed her again and we collapsed on the bed, a couple pillows pushed to the floor and I let my hands roam her hips and thighs to their delight. Her body reacted to every little touch and I kissed her again dropping a hand to her mound and slowly rubbing across her pussy. She looked up at me with vulnerability and I could see she was just as turned on as I was.
She was sopping wet and I began to finger her, my finger easily sliding in and exploring her vaginal walls. She lifted her hips and let out a brief moan before biting her lip. I kept pushing forward looking into her eyes; I could see it in her eyes the way she responded to every place my fingers touched. She almost moaned again but this time kissed me hard and I kissed back feeling an insatiable craving for her.
Sammy managed to regain some control and rolled us over mid-kiss. She now sat on my stomach and I could feel her juices wetting my abs. She leaned down and kissed my chest right by my collar bone, and my hands automatically found her ass and gave it a good squeeze. Then I tried to get my hand to start fingering her again, but she lifted up and moved away. I was puzzled, but it only lasted a second because she turned around and it became clear what she wanted.

She mounted my face and her aroma was so strong I wasted no time in putting my mouth to work on her pussy. She gave a gasp and I heard her moan once before bending down and taking my cock in her mouth. The blowjob was even better than previous ones. I could not watch what she was doing at all, but her mouth worked up and down and my tongue was busy lapping at her cunt. As this progressed, she very lightly started bouncing up and down on my tongue, so I let it go inside her and she moaned on my dick which was more than halfway in her mouth.
Sammy, as always, was determined and I could hardly avoid making any noise when she finally managed to get my entire shaft into her mouth. She let it pop out briefly then rammed it back into her mouth. I had briefly lost focus but soon went back to eating my sister’s cunt. I put her clit between my lips and sucked ever so lightly. She almost choked on my dick from moaning and bobbed her head up and down faster.

I didn’t even bother to warn Sam this time, I knew what she’d prefer, and within a minute I came hard in her mouth. She swallowed, eager not to let a single drop of her prize escape past her lips. I groaned from the orgasm, but she rubbed her pussy in my face to remind me that I still had a tasty treat in front of me. This time I grabbed her hips so she wouldn’t pull away and I really started to devour her pussy with my tongue deep.
She moaned, and if my dick hadn’t been in her mouth it would have been loud. She busied herself on my cock as she moaned and bucked her hips, but with my hands holding tight she wasn’t going anywhere. Finally she moaned and rewarded me with her sweet juices. I tried my best not to waste any of my sisters cum, but being under her didn’t help. My chin was wet with Sammy’s orgasm and her body shook a little. I worked her cunt for a bit more before finally letting her hips go. She rolled off of me and lay on her back catching her breath.

I sat up and rested my hand on her belly. She smiled at me and said in a voice barely more than a whisper. “We don’t need Saturdays only brother. We can always make our own chances.” I smiled back at her. “Yeah, you’re right. I wish you hadn’t invited a friend over tonight though.”
At this she sat up and started getting dressed. I got the hint and myself started to put my clothes back on. “Oh Kylie?” she said nonchalantly. “Kylie’s a lot more fun than you might think.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. Giving me a quick kiss on the cheek she whispered “You might like her if you took the time to get to know her.”
I looked at her a little bewildered. I don’t think my mind was working correctly, as was the norm after every other sexual experience Sammy and I had been through.
“Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?” Sam just shrugged and the door was once again closed in my face.

The next few hours seemed to drag on endlessly. I busied myself by shooting hoops on the driveway, watching TV and even went for a walk just to try to pass the time. Yet, only a couple of hours had passed. It was unbelievable. At about four, the doorbell rang.
“Kylie’s here!” Sammy yelled from her room. I walked out to the hall but my mom had reached the door first.
“Hello there Kylie,” My mom gave a salutation to the stranger at the door. A small part of me was stunned. At my door stood a beautiful blonde girl, who looked to be at least two years older than I knew her to be. Kylie was a few inches taller than my sister, but her body was definitely fuller. Her breasts were big even for a girl close to my age, and she had very defined hips, which helped her ass to stick out more. She was wearing tight sweats with letters on the back which proclaimed “PRINCESS” in bold pink letters. A white no sleeve t-shirt was pressed too tight against her chest and her glossy pink lips parted to greet my mother.
“Hi Ms. Brooks. Thanks for letting me stay over,” her voice was very light, but not quiet, as if she was only breathing and words came out.
“Oh it’s no problem Kylie. Thank Ryan over there, he’s in charge tonight and agreed to watch you and Sammy.” For the first time she turned her attention to me, her blue eyes piercing into my brown. And my face flushed. I felt like I was being judged, sized up and down like cattle.
“Well that was very nice of you Ryan. I promise we won’t trouble you too much.” It took me a few seconds to collect myself and then I realized my mom was waiting for me to give a polite response.
“Err it’s no trouble at all. Is there anything in particular you would like for dinner? I can’t cook too much but I might be able to make something simple.” She flashed me a bright smile, and I could see her teeth were as perfect as I could imagine them to be.
“No it’s ok Ryan, I’m not a picky eater, I’ll swallow just about anything you give me” I shot a look at my mom but she seemed not to notice. “Anyway, I’m gonna go up to Sammy’s room. Later Ryan!” She bounced right by me to go up the stairs and as she passed the scent of floral lightly inhabited my breathing space. My mom smiled. “I don’t think they’ll be too much of a handful.” I recollected myself again, and for a brief moment I thought my mom was talking about Kylie’s tits. When did I become so dirty minded??
“Yeah, she seems to be umm nice I suppose” My mom closed the door and gave me a quick peck on the forehead.
“Well I gotta go get ready for tonight. Me and Jeremy are going to dinner and then the movies. So cliché right?” She laughed at her own joke and climbed the stairs towards the bathroom. I stood by the door like an idiot for another minute. I’m not exactly stupid, but I think when it comes to sex I can sometimes be clueless. I had finally just figured out what my sister had in store for tonight.

If the first few hours were a drag, the next two were an eternity. My room is right underneath Sammy’s, and I could only imagine what the two girls upstairs were talking about. Finally I left my room when I knew it was close to the time when mom normally leaves.
My mom was just putting the finishing touches on her make-up when I walked in. She glanced up at me. “Sheesh you can hardly wait to get rid of me eh?” She was smiling though so I knew she was joking.
“Nah, mom just wanted to wish you luck. I hope things work out with this new guy.”
“Aw thanks sweetie. You sure you’re gonna be ok watching the girls?”
“Well they’ve been in Sammy’s room the whole time. What’s the worst that could happen?”
She looked at me. “Ryan, let me just telling you thank you for doing this. I know I’ve placed a lot of responsibility on you over the last few weeks. I really do appreciate it, and if me and Jeremy really work out, then you won’t have to worry about it too much anymore.”
I looked down. I didn’t want my mom to know that in reality, that was probably the LAST thing I wanted. “Well I mean you two could still go out, and if I have to watch Sammy, then I have to watch her. Really mom it’s no big deal.” She finished up her make-up and then turned and gave me a hug.
“You’re too sweet. We’ll see what the future brings. But my future involves dinner with a great guy, and I can’t be late!” She picked up her purse, checked for a few things in her wallet, then strutted over to the door. “See you later hun, be good, tell Sammy I said bye and I’ll see you in the morning” and just as easily as that she was gone.

I wasn’t sure if I should go up to Sammy’s room or just wait for her to go to me, so I sat on the couch for a while and stared at the blank TV screen. I waited five minutes, and then my own impatience got the better of me. I climbed the stairs to Sam’s room and stood by her door for a few seconds. I could hear giggling from the other side. I decided to knock.
“Come iiiin” came the sing song voice from the other side.
I entered and Sammy and Kylie were both sitting on the bed. Kylie had made a slight wardrobe change and was now wearing a loose fitting shirt and some VERY short shorts which showed off her long legs and slender thighs. I could not help but wonder if they too announced “PRINCESS” on her ass.
“Oh hi Ryan, is there something we could help you with?” Sammy gave her mischievous grin that I had come to love.
“Uhh just wanted to check if you were ok.” The two girls exchanged quick glances. Then Kylie came up and moved slowly towards me.
“Actually Ryan, I’m honestly feeling a little hot. That’s why I had to change out of my sweats and that shirt was suffocating me! But I still feel like I’m burning up. What do you think?” She took hold of my hand and brought them under her shirt. True to her word, her stomach felt very warm and she took hold of my wrists slowly bringing them up towards her chest. I took a moment to glance at Sammy, but she was just sitting and wearing her grin.
“Yeah, umm, I could see why. I mean you are pretty hot” Kylie showed off her perfect teeth and pushed my hands back down.
“So you don’t mind if I just get rid of this shirt right?” I shook my head dumbly and she lifted off the shirt to reveal she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were big and about as perfect as I could get. In fact, when I truly thought about it, everything about Kylie seemed perfect. Her pretty pink nipples were erect and she grabbed my hands and put them on her chest. Believe it or not, although I have had sex in the past, no girl has ever really let me play with her breasts, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I squeezed them gently and ran my thumb over her tits and she smiled at me encouragingly.

It didn’t take long for my erection to become apparent through my shorts. Sam noticed it first.
“Oh brother! There’s something in your shorts that looks like it wants to play. I’ll help,” and she jumped off the bed and got on her knees in front of me. I could not choose which girl I wanted to keep my eyes on! The one who’s tits were in my hands or the one pulling down my shorts. Kylie leaned forward, kissing and sucking my neck and throat. Her lips were working wonders on me and the experience was only interrupted briefly when I felt Sam’s tongue slide up from under my shaft. Kylie maneuvered me to the bed and pushed me down so I lay on my back. I heard Sam stand up and looked at her in time to see her strip off her shorts and panties, and she hopped up on the bed next to me and took hold of my dick in her hand.
She slowly rubbed up and down and used her tongue on my head, swirling circle around it and dotting it with kisses. I couldn’t see what Kylie was doing but I soon found out. Sammy took my cock in her mouth and began slooowly moving her head up and down working her lips and tongue on my shaft, and I suddenly shivered when I felt an unusual sensation. It happened again, and then I realized Kylie was carefully and teasingly dragging her tongue across my balls. I heard her giggle as she did it because every time I would shiver slightly. Sammy paid no attention to Kylie as she was bent over taking care of my cock.

But I saw Sammy’s outstretched ass in the air and I put two fingers in my mouth and reached out to rub her pussy. Vibrations went up her spine and she moaned appreciatively, which felt amazing on my head.
Kylie was not to be outdone though, she licked a little faster and then she put her mouth right on them and began sucking and licking my balls. I had never had this happen before but it caused my legs to shake slightly, but she was in between them continuously sucking.
I tried to focus more on Sam more and pushed my fingers inside her pussy, which was lubricated by her own wetness. She moved her hips back and my fingers traveled easily inside her more, and she rocked slightly to help my fingers move back and forth.
The combination of both girls’ mouths on me was building up to my first orgasm and since I knew Sammy enjoyed her treat and liked the surprise, I bit my lip and tried to remain quiet as I felt it approaching. It wasn’t much longer before Sammy was rewarded however. I gave a grunt and then groaned loud as I released my seed into Sammy’s welcoming mouth. I felt her suckle in order to swallow my cum, treating my penis like a straw to milk out all my semen. When it was all gone she let my dick out with a pop and a sigh. Kylie too stopped what she had been doing and stood up next to my sister.
“You were right, he still has a stiffy,” Kylie said with a delighted grin and she began pulling down her shorts and panties. Before I could react Kylie mounted me, and slid her pussy slowly onto my dick. I sat up a little in alarm, but she put a finger to my lips and pushed me down. “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.” Sammy sat over in a chair where I could see her, and I saw lust in her eyes as she was staring at me and Kylie intertwined.

Kylie began riding me, moving her hips in perfect rhythm and I watched as her tits bounce up and down as she moved. She was in complete control rubbing her hands up under my shirt and feeling my chest. I glanced over at Sam and was in complete shock. She was still sitting in the chair, but now her legs were spread open. She was fingering her pussy hard, much faster than I had ever fingered her. She never removed her eyes from where my cock and Kylie’s pussy met.
Kylie began bouncing up and down and although she was tight, she seemed to be in complete pleasure. My dick was firmly inside her and every small movement she made rubbed my head, which was still sensitive from my first orgasm. I reached around to grab and handful of Kylie’s ass and she shined that beautiful smile down at me. She moved faster, but still with good rhythm. I heard my sister moaning and I looked over.

I could see her fingers were soaking wet and she had finally closed her eyes and tilted her head back. I watched her driving her fingers in and out of herself and she let out a loud cry and I could see she brought herself to cum. Just seeing that started building me up to cum again. Sammy opened her eyes and met mine. She brought her hand down and rubbed against her pussy again, then brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked her own juices. I knew she had done that for my enjoyment, and even though I had just come not too long ago, I was almost ready to blow again.

It seemed Kylie was close too, because she started riding me as fast as she could. I looked up and her face was bright red and her breath was coming out in short bursts. I grabbed her hips and did my best to move at her pace. I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick and she climaxed with me inside her. Her lips parted and she left off a long moan and as she did she kept her hips moving, her strong muscles in her pussy tugging my dick and I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. I came hard inside Kylies pussy and she smiled again as she could feel the warm semen enter her.
Sam got up and walked over to Kylie and gave her a big kiss. I was in awe of the sight. Kylie rolled off me and laid on her back. Sammy tugged my hand and didn’t give me time to recover my breath. She brought me to the chair where she had just came, and the smell of her sex was strong in the air.
“Sit down Ryan, I want you to see this,” she murmured coyly in my ear. I did as she told and I watched in disbelief as she kneeled on the floor in front of Kylie. “I don’t care if she fucked you. Your cum ALWAYS goes to me” and she lowered her head and pressed her lips against Kylies recently fucked pussy. I could only watch as my sister slid her tongue inside her friend and began drawing out a mixture of my own and Kylies juices and swallow. She was making noises of satisfaction, mostly for my pleasure I think, as she swallowed and went back for more.
Kylie was writhing on the bed, but Sam held her legs open and continued her assault on Kylie’s cunt. My sister, whom I never thought could do this, seemed to know what to do and Kylie was moaning and shaking as she closed her eyes and bucked her hips strong every once in a while. It didn’t take long for my dick to straighten up again as I watched the scene unfold before my eyes.
My eyes strayed to my sister’s ass, my sister’s lovely bottom. I couldn’t take it no more. I got up and walked over to the shelf, where my sister kept a bottle of an oil that we had taken so she could better handle our anal playtime. I wasted no time in spreading the oil along Sam’s anus, and she stopped briefly when she felt the warm liquid but then went right back to Kylie’s pussy attentively.

I put the head of my cock right by her well lubricated asshole and began pushing in. Sam let out a moan and she laid her head right on Kylie’s mound. Kylie looked up to see why her pleasure had been interrupted, and I saw her smile again before laying her head back down. My sister regained and put her mouth back on Kylie’s cunt, much to Kylie’s delight, who let out a gasp and a few moans.
I slowly pushed myself in Sam’s ass, and then pulled out a little, then further in, slowly working most of my cock into her tight anus. Sam was moaning and couldn’t focus her tongue on Kylie, so instead she slipped two fingers in and began fingerfucking her friend. As I felt my sister loosen up I started moving more and her moans became more frequent and in rhythm with my movements. I heard her quietly mumble my name a few times and she let me do all the work, as she moved back and forth with my body her fingers slid in and out of Kylie.
Slowly she began pushing her hips back to meet my every thrust and I began to move at a better speed. Kylie gave almost no warning when she was the first to cum. She came hard on my sisters fingers and there was no buildup, only a spontaneous burst and a loud cry as her whole body shook from her second orgasm.

I watched and it only turned me on more when my sister dipped her head and began lapping at Kylie’s cunt to swallow what little fluids left her pussy. I reached my hand around Sam’s thigh and rubbed her cunt, focusing in on her clit. She moaned and reached down taking over so I could grab her waist and drive my dick in more. I knew both my sister and I were close to cumming because I could feel her thighs shaking with every time my cock rocked her. Finally I felt her ass tighten more and she came hard, juices running down her legs and some onto the floor. The feeling of her ass wrapped firmly around my dick pushed me over and I spurted whatever I had left in my balls into her bowels.

The result was the three of us frozen where we were, panting for breath for the next minute. Then all at once we moved. I pulled out and stumbled back to the chair sitting down and looking at the two girls. Kylie had backed up and sat up on leaning against Sam’s wall. And my sister simply rolled over and leaned her back against her bed. Kylie spoke first.
“Mmm well Ryan it was definitely very nice to meet you.” I managed a smile at that, but couldn’t think of a reply except “you too.” Kylie stood up, legs shaking slightly, and proclaimed, “Well I gotta go take a shower. You two probably do too. Catch up with me if you want” and she left me and my sister alone in the room.

For a moment it was quiet, then I spoke. “You were right Sam.”
“What’s that?”
“I liked Kylie once I got to know her,” and she grinned back at me. Then she stood up and crossed the room to give me a long kiss and sat on my lap.
“Brother… watching you fuck her… It only made me want you more. Please Ryan, it’s only fair” and with her sitting on my lap, nuzzled against me, I knew I couldn’t always say no to her.
“I will Sam. Not tonight. But soon.” She brightened up and looked at me.
“Really Ryan?”
“I promise” she gave me a long kiss and stood up looking more joyful then before. She reached out her hand to me. “Come on we’re dirty too. Let’s go take that shower.” I smiled up at my sister and took her hand. Together we walked towards the bathroom, where Kylie already had the water running and was waiting for us.


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