But there was something that did change.
Since we got home from the boardwalk, my sister and I kept our distance from each other just like a normal day. See, my sister and I never really hung out. I would do boy stuff, play sports and video games. She would be doing cheerleader and whatever other girly stuff she does. But there was something that did change.

Our mom called us to dinner, as I exit my room, my sister exit hers. She beat me to the stairs. As we started down them she turned and knocked me back onto the stairs. She then got on top of me and gave me a sweet french kiss.

“C’mon lover it’s dinner time” she said with a smile.
I just laid there speechless.
“Get down here” yelled mom.
As we entered the dining room.
“What was that bang?” asked mom.
“I fell on the stairs”.
“Yeah mom, you should’ve seen was hotlarious” said Crystal.
My eyes went wide and my heart started racing.
“You mean hilarious sweety” said mom.
“You’re right mom, my bad” smiled Crystal.
As we were eating, my sister sat across from me and put her foot between my legs. I jumped.
“You ok hun” asked mom.
“Yeah, just bit my tongue”
I looked at my sister, she just sat there with a big grin on her face.
“I think I awakened an animal” I thought to myself.

Her foot was giving me a hardon, then suddenly the front door opened up and walked in was my aunt and cousin. My sister stopped the footjob and wasn’t smiling anymore.

“There goes that plan” said to myself.

If my 9yr old cousin wasn’t following around my sister, she was around me.

“Hey sis, my husband got called out of town for a business’s quite a long drive so I’m gonna go with him. Can you babysit Natasha for a couple days” my aunt asked.
“Sure I can, go have fun”
“Ok thanks, I owe you one”

After dinner, my sister took her shower and then Natasha. They both came down in their pajamas. My sis was wearing a long t-shirt that came down to her knees. Natasha wore a tank top with short shorts. She kind of looks like that girl in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, India Eisley. Natasha is just a shorter and younger version of her. We all sat in the t.v. room and watched Ice Age 3. During the movie, my sister laid on one end of the couch with her legs across the couch and I sat indian style on the other end. While Natasha laid on the floor and mom on the lazy boy in the corner near my sister.

I was really into the movie until my sister rolled over on her back. I looked over at her, she just smiled and blew me a kiss. I blew one back then went back watching the movie. A couple minutes later I heard a soft moan. I looked at my sister, she had her legs bent up and spread open; her shirt at her waist. I received a very sweet surprise, she had no panties on and she was rubbing her pussy. My god was that hot, it was actually the first time I’ve seen her pink pussy. She had no hair, her clit was small with lips that barely came out. I looked up at her and she had this look in her eyes that made me want to dive right in there and taste her. I almost did till I heard mom cough. I looked to see and noticed she was asleep.

I scooted across the couch where I was arm reach from her. Traced up her leg with my fingers till I was at her pussy. She moved her hand away. I then placed her lips between my thumb and first two fingers and slid up and down them. I looked up, Crystal had her eyes closed and was biting her bottom lip. I continued to massage her pussy lips for a couple minutes. Then I took my two fingers and slid them slowly in her hot wet pussy. I moved my fingers around inside her, feeling every part I could touch. I then started to slide in and out slowly. After a few I picked up speed. She was panting pretty good now and her juices were flowing.

She was so wet and tight and hot. The feeling was great, especially the feeling of it sucking my fingers. She moved her hand back and started to rub her clit as I fingered her. I had to slow down a little because the wet sound was getting loud. After a few minutes, she shut her legs around my arm and started to tremble. She let out a long soft moan and squirted onto my palm. Her body went limp, god she was beautiful. I started to slide my fingers out. She sat up, grabbed my hand, placed my fingers in her mouth, sucked and licked her juice off my fingers and palm. She leaned forward and we kissed. The taste of her was so sweet. She placed her hand over my hardon.

“I loved those animals. First one was better though” said Natasha.
We jumped back.
“Time for my shower” I said.

I got up real quick hiding my hardon and ran to the bathroom. As I took a shower, I had to jerk off. I believe that was the best time I ever had while masturbating, my cum shot all over the shower wall. As I got out of the shower and dried myself off I exited the bathroom. I headed to my room. When I passed the stairs to downstairs, my sister pulled off the towel from behind. Natural instinct kicked in, I covered up my junk and ran to my room.

“Nice butt Jack” giggled Crystal.
I stuck my tongue at my sis as I closed the door. I laid down in bed and got under my bed sheet.

“Jack, it’s mom. Are you decent”
She opened the door.
“Make your sister and cousin breakfast tomorrow, I gotta go in to work at 5am ”
“Ok mom, no problem”
“I’ll be home by 3...goodnight hun”
“Goodnight mom”

After a few I drifted off to sleep. I’m not sure how long I was asleep for but this feeling around my dick woke me up. It took me a few seconds to realize someone was sucking on my dick.

“Crystal” I whispered.
“Mm Mm”

God her mouth felt amazing, especially her tongue swirling around my cock. As my eyes adjusted from being asleep, I could see between my legs the bed sheet move up and down. Out of nowheres, a flash of lightning lit up my room with a loud thunder. It startled us but she continued seconds after.

“Mmm Crystal, that feels so good”
“Taste good too Jack”

Suddenly, I heard a knock and my door came open.

“Jack, its me, Natasha. Can I sleep next to you? The thunder scares me and I don’t know where Crystal went to”
“Please Jack please” she pleaded.
Crystal bit my cock.
“Ok! I mean yes Natty you can”
She closed door, jumped up on the bed and laid down.
“Thank god the room is pitch black and my bed is a full size. Twin size would’ve been terrible” I thought to myself.

All along my sister has been sucking my cock. I was somewhat nervous and yet more turned on.

“Jack, are you shaking the bed” asked Natty.
“Oh, yeah...sorry”

I placed my hand on Crystal’s head to keep her from bobbing up and down. She kept my cock in her mouth and just swirled her tongue around it. Crystal poked my butthole and I jumped.

“HEY” I shouted.
“What Jack” jumped Natty.
“Oh, liked the movie” I asked.
“Yeah, was very funny...poor Scrat, never gets the nut”
My sister began massaging my nuts.
“Mmm yeah” I moaned.
“You ok Jack? You’re breathing heavy”
“Uh huh...I’m good”

The pressure began to build in my nuts. I gripped Crystal’s hair and guided her up and down my cock. I came so hard in her mouth I heard her choke a little.

“MMMMmmm” I moaned.
“Clearing my throat, sorry”

Crystal sucked and swallowed every last drop of my cum. She pushed my leg over so I turned towards Natty who was facing the other way and she slid up behind me. She put her arm around me and started to lightly kiss my neck. It was very nice having her naked body up against mine. Her breath and kisses on my neck was very sensual.

“Ow Jack” said Natty.
“Don’t play poked my butt” she giggled.
“Oh sorry” I said as I pinched Crystal’s leg.
She then bit my neck.
“Yeah Natty”
“You do have a nice butt” she giggled.
“You too” whispered Crystal in a deep voice.
I elbowed Crystal.
“You really think so” asked Natty.
“Thanks” she giggled.

My sister started sliding her hand up and down my chest and occasionally over my dick to give it a couple strokes. Suddenly, thunder hit and Natty scooted back towards me.

“Ow that was loud Jack”
“It’s ok...I’m here”

My mind was spinning. Crystal was spooning me and I was spooning Natty.

“Could things get any worse” I asked myself.

I then felt my hardon was poking against Natty’s butt cheek. Thunder hit again and Natty came into my chest more.

“I hate thunder” she said.
“It’s ok Natty”
“Jack that tickles” she giggled.

She moved a little, dislodging my cock from her butt cheek and it slid between her legs snugged up against her cloth covered pussy.

“I’m sorry”
“Its ok Jack..the tickling feels nice”

I was dumbfounded that she didn’t care that my cock was between her legs. My sister was going to get me in trouble.

“Stop” I whispered.
“No, don’t stop Jack” said Natty.
Crystal kept sliding her fingers up and down Natty’s arm and leg.
“Goose bumps” giggled Natty.

Every time she got goose bumps, she would wiggle which caused her to move on my cock.

“Mmm” moaned Natty.
“Oh my god” screamed my mind.
I heard Crystal let out a slight giggle.
“Is your sweet hard cock between her legs” whispered Crystal in my ear.
I nodded.
“Good” she whispered.
“Holy fuck” screamed my mind.

Crystal just kept tickling her but suddenly she nudged me forward which caused my cock to thrust between her legs.

“MMmm” moaned Natty.
“Sorry” I said.
“’s ok”

My cock was so hard. After a minute or two, Natty began to move her hips, sliding back and forth on my cock ever so slowly.

“MMmm” moaned Natty.
“You’re getting her off...thats hot” whispered Crystal.
I just nodded.
“I bet you wanna feel her hot wet pussy, don’t you”
I nodded again.
Suddenly, Natty sat up.
“You ok” I asked.
“Yeah gotta go pee, be right back”

As she left the room, Crystal sat up, I turned my head and we kissed. I then broke the kiss.

“We can’t be doing this” I said.
“She wants you Jack”
“She’s only nine”
“She told me you’re a hotty”
“You’re evil...get under the sheet before she comes back and sees you” I demanded.

Natty entered the room, closed the door then got into bed and pulled the sheet up. My mind was racing, not sure what may happen. She scooted over to me, and snuggled her butt firmly against me. I received the shock of my life, she had no shorts on nor panties. Her cold butt sent chills through me. My cock began to grow again, I felt it poke her leg. She lifted her one leg a little and my cock slid between her legs. Natty then grabbed my cock by the head and placed the shaft firmly against her pussy.

“Oh my god” my mind screamed.
She was so hot and wet.
“MMmm” Natty moaned.

She kept her fingers on the head while she slid her pussy back and forth on my cock.

“Move your hips” whispered Crystal.

I was like a deer in headlights, I froze. Crystal grabbed my hip and pushed me forward and back.

“MMmm Jack” moaned Natty.

I slowly started to give in, the demon in my ear broke me down or maybe it was the fact that my cock was sliding back and forth on Natty’s hot wet pussy. While I moved my hips, Crystal was kissing my neck and squeezing my butt cheek.

“Kiss her neck Jack” whispered Crystal.

I leaned my head down and placed a couple kisses on Natty’s neck and shoulder.

“MMmm Jack”

She scooted herself up a little and pushed my cock head to her pussy opening. The feeling of my head sliding between her lips was heavenly. When my cock was in place, she slowly pressed down on it. My head popped in. She was much tighter than my sister and if I didn’t already cum before I surely would’ve then.

“Ow Jack” moaned Natty.

I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“You ok” I asked.
“MMmm yeah Jack”

She continued pushing down on my cock and an inch more went in.

“MMmm” we both moaned.

As I moved my hips back and forth slowly, guiding my cock to the tip and back in again; Natty let out these sweet little moans. I felt my sister sit up, I turned my head and she kissed me ever so deeply. She then looked me in the eyes and slid her finger tips down the side of my face. The look in her eyes was so sensual and loving. She laid back down.

“I love you Jack” whispered Crystal.

I suddenly felt my cock hit a barrier.

“Ouch” said Natty.
“I’m sorry, you ok”
“Yeah...Jack can you” she paused.
“Can I what” I knew what was to come but I asked.
“Can you...I want take my....virginity” she softly said.
“Do it Jack” whispered Crystal.
“It’s gonna hurt Natty”
“It’s ok...I want do it”

I slid out to the tip. I felt her hold her breath then I thrust back in. My cock broke through and I froze as she started to cry. I put my arm around her and held her tightly.

“You’ll be ok” I said while kissing her neck.

She nodded and sniffled.

After a few minutes of laying there, my cock a little more than half in her and kissing her, Natty began to move her hips in circles so I took that as a sign to move mine. I slid out and back in very slowly.

“MMmm Jack...that feels so good”

My god, she was so tight and wet...and on fire. I continued sliding my cock in and out till I was fully in her. I kept my cock deep in her while I kissed her neck and shoulder.

“Your dick feels so good Jack”
“Your pussy is amazing Natty”
“MMmm” moaned Natty.

Crystal slid her finger tips down my side to my butt and squeezed my cheek then down to my nuts and started to massage them.

“MMmm” I moaned.

I started to pick up speed sliding in and out of Natty’s pussy.

“MMmm yesss Jack” moaned Natty.
“Fuck her good” whispered Crystal.

I slid to the tip then I thrust in her. She tightly hugged my arm and bit down on my hand. Crystal started to pant in my ear and grind her nipples on my back. I continued to thrust in and out of her pussy. Natty’s moaning became more with every thrust.

“Fuck me hard” she demanded.

I started to thrust even harder.

“Yes yes Jack MMmmmm”

Natty was pretty much squealing now with every thrust. With me being in this fuck sandwich was driving me crazy. Crystal behind me panting in my ear while getting herself off and me fucking Natty was too much.

“I’m soooo close to cumming” I said.
“MMmm cum in me Jack”
“Fill her up Jack” whispered Crystal.

I thrusted a few more times and then trusted hard one last time and stayed balls deep in her.

“I’m cummmmingggg” I moaned.

My cum shot into her, squirt after squirt.

“MMMMmmmm Jack your cum is so hot...I’m cummming” moaned Natty.

Her pussy pulsated all around my cock, milked every last drop out of my cock. Crystal bit down on my shoulder and let out a little moan.

“I love you Jack” whispered Crystal.

Natty eased up on my arm.

“MMmm Jack...that was wonderful” said Natty.
“Very” I said.

After a minute or two, my cock shrunk out of her.

“Goodnight Jack..I love you” said Natty.
“Love you too, goodnight”

I turned over on my back and took Crystal in my arms. We kissed deeply and continued to make out for a few minutes.

“Is she asleep” whispered Crystal.
No answer.
“Ok I’m going to my bed. Get your rest, your prolly need it for tomorrow” whispered Crystal.
“Crystal, I loved you too” I whispered.

She smiled and we kissed one last time. She then snuck out of my room.

“Ok I was wrong, I didn’t awaken an animal...more like a succubus” I said to myself.
I then drifted off to sleep.

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