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Chapter Four

A light dusting of pristine white snow was falling lazily from the low hanging clouds outside the window of my cabin in the mountains. The scene just outside my front door was almost magical and I couldn’t help but look out on the snow-capped trees as I waited for my thirteen year old niece Evelyn to appear around the bend in the road that led to the highway. The winters in Colorado weren’t as great as they had been in Central Canada but it was still pretty impressive. I did like that it wasn’t quite as cold as I was used to and even on a fairly cold day I could stand outside in a t-shirt.

It was three months after I had almost died in a CSIS underground facility pretending to be a spy. The through and through wound I sustained had healed nicely considering the only medical care I could be given was from a computer hacker. For the first few weeks after getting back onto my feet I found I was horribly out of shape but over time I had managed to get myself back to where I had been when I was a corporal in the military. In fact I had kept working out hard even when I didn’t have to anymore and the results were nice. I was a bit stronger and faster than I had been before.

The small cabin nestled in the snowy woods I now lived at was a safe house Michelle and her accomplice Renee used when they were being hunted by government intelligence agencies but now worked as a cosy little home for Evee, Gillian, and me. With new ID’s, passports, and access to enough cash to start a small war the three of us had lived fairly happily for the last three months. It was hard adjusting to a totally new life but we did our best to manage. Evee took to it like a duck to water but she was always highly adaptable and nothing ever seemed to dampen her outlook on life.

Gillian and I had entered a new phase of our ‘relationship’ and things on that front were going pretty well. I don’t know how I never realized her feelings for me before but I was sad that it took me almost dying to find that I shared those same feelings. Our bond had never been stronger than it was now and I was extremely happy that she was in my life. Sure it was a little odd with the whole thirteen year old girl running around the house but together we managed to raise her just as we always had. I believe Evee was really coming to see Gillian as a mother figure and not just a friend anymore, which was good because she needed a strong female role model in her life.

‘You know I think she can manage the three minute walk from the road to the cabin on her own,’ Gillian said behind me so suddenly I jumped a foot off the ground. I had been standing on the front porch in a thin t-shirt and sweat pants and hadn’t even heard the door open. ‘Did I scare you?’ she giggled.

‘Not at all,’ I answered.

‘You’re horrible at lying you know that?’

‘Maybe that’s why I couldn’t cut it as a spy,’ I said with a small grin but quickly regretted it. Gillian’s face dropped a little and she looked away from me and out into the snowy woods that surrounded us. Even months after what happened, Gillian was still upset about what I had allowed myself to get caught up in. We very rarely talked about it.

We stood there in silence for a few minutes as the snow began to pick up, thicker flakes flowing down from the heavens and dancing in the slight breeze. Looking at my watch I saw that Evee should have gotten back home ten minutes ago but I tried not to worry about it too much. There were a few friends she had made that took the same bus as she did and got off at the same stop so she was probably just saying her goodbyes for the holidays.

‘Come back inside,’ Gillian said after a bit, ‘I’m freezing out here and I want to cuddle by the fire.’

‘Well if you’re going to twist my arm,’ I smirked and Gillian giggled. She reached out and laced her fingers between mine and started to gently pull me towards the door.

We had taken no more than two steps when a girlish yell back towards the road ripped through the cool air. Both Gillian and I turned to see Evelyn running through the thigh deep snow towards us dressed in her pink winter jacket and baby blue toque. She had her black school bag slung over her shoulder and with each stride she made it swayed and jumped. Following a few feet behind her was another woman who was struggling to get through the snow and keep up with the youngster who was running all out.

I immediately recognized the other woman as Renee with her long natural red hair and trim figure. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans that were caked in snow up to her knees and a light wind breaker that didn’t seem to be doing anything in this cold. Her cheeks and nose were a bright red and even from this distance I could see she was shivering from being outside. She had a large duffel bag slung over one shoulder and judging by the way she kept leaning to that side I guessed it was pretty heavy, probably full of shoes or something. I hadn’t really known Renee that long and she rarely came to the cabin anymore but I did know she was the girly type of woman who could go from delicate flower to ticking time bomb when she saw a sale on shoes.

Evee reached us a few moments later and jumped into my arms, hugging me as tightly as she could. Even though she had just seen me that morning this was her usual greeting after a day of school. While she was handling everything remarkably well it seemed like she still couldn’t get over the fact that she had almost lost me months before. The two of us were the only family either of us had left and the thought of losing the other was horrible.

‘Where did you pick up Renee?’ Gillian asked her after Evee released me and gave her a tight hug.

‘She was at my school when the last bell rang,’ the blonde girl explained, ‘said she was in town and wanted to make sure I got home alright so I managed to convince the bus driver to let her on.’ Evee looked towards me and fixed me with her dazzling blue eyes as her eyebrows narrowed, ‘Aren’t you going to go help her?’ she demanded.

Sighing inwardly I stepped out into the semi-deep snow and trudged towards Renee. We met about half way to the cabin and she flashed me a happy smile before almost slipping on a patch of hidden ice. I quickly grabbed her by the arm and steadied her but the duffle bag she was carrying fell of her shoulder and slammed into the snow.

‘Let me get that for you,’ I offered.

‘Careful it’s heavy as hell.’

I picked up the bag and found that she hadn’t been joking. Even with all the strength I had built up I could feel the weight of the bag on my shoulder and it made walking through the snow treacherous. I wondered what the hell she could be carrying, maybe a bundle of bricks or gold bars because that would be the only thing to explain the weight.

‘So what brings you out to our neck of the woods?’ I asked as we slowly made our way to the cabin where Gillian and Evee had already gone inside.

‘Can we get inside first?’ she asked eyeing the cabin with desire, ‘I’m fucking freezing out here.’ For effect the moment the words were out of her mouth her whole body shuddered and we picked up the pace.

A fire had been roaring in the fireplace all day and as soon as we stepped through the front door and closed it behind us, the snow that was sticking to our clothes quickly liquefied. I tossed the duffle bag down by the shoe rack and kicked off my sneakers and socks which were soaked through. Gillian quickly met us at the door and handed Renee a steaming cup of fresh hot coffee, which she gratefully took and sipped on immediately.

We made our way into the small living room that had been furnished with a long couch and tiny love seat positioned around the mouth of a large fireplace. Evee was already nestled into the arm of the couch going through her school bag and dragging random items out. Gillian and I sat down next to her while Renee took a seat on the loveseat and held the cup of hot coffee close to her chest and face.

‘So you were going to explain why you were here?’ I prodded trying not to sound ungrateful. Truth was I did like her showing up every once in a while because she was our best link to the outside world. The small town a few miles down the road was sleepy even by today’s standards and you never really heard about what was going on outside it. That’s why the safe house had been set up here.

‘I thought I would spend the holidays with you guys,’ she smiled and Evee quickly squealed. Evelyn had befriended Renee when she and Michelle had been stuck here a few weeks after we escaped from CSIS custody. They had actually become quite good friends despite the age difference.

‘Michelle coming too?’ I asked but Renee quickly shook her head.

‘She wanted to but she’s honouring Gillian’s request,’ she explained.

‘Wait?’ I said turning towards the petite girl next to me, ‘What request?’

Gillian looked away from me, her cheeks flushing slightly and didn’t seem to want to answer the question. I turned my gaze back to Renee who suddenly looked like she had invaded our privacy and was trying to busy herself by blowing on her coffee. No words were exchanged but by sheer willpower alone (and a lot of staring angrily) I managed to get her to suddenly remember what I had just asked and answer.

‘Umm… well Gill asked her not to come around you anymore,’ she answered sheepishly.

‘Oh,’ was all I could think to say. You see Michelle was my ex-girlfriend from high school and Gillian never really liked her. I didn’t know it at the time but Gillian had been secretly in love with me when I was dating Michelle and when she broke my heart she had come to hate her even more. Even after that breakup though I carried a torch for my old high school sweetheart and that love for her is what nearly got me killed three months ago. So it didn’t exactly surprise me that Gillian asked her not to come around anymore.

‘Baby,’ I said after a few minutes of awkward silence, ‘You know I love you right?’

‘Yes,’ she said but still didn’t look at me.

‘Good because you’re the only one I want,’ I smiled and Gillian finally turned to look at me. Evee who had been trying desperately to find her eraser in her mess of a bag made a sound half way between an ‘aww’ and a gag.

‘Yeah, well anyways,’ Renee interrupted the moment, ‘I hope you guys don’t mind me being here. I can’t exactly go stay with my parents for Christmas because we think they might be under surveillance and I really have nowhere else to go.’

‘It’s fine with me,’ Gillian smiled still looking up at me.

‘Where is she going to sleep?’ I asked remembering this cabin only had two rooms.

‘She can sleep in my room,’ Evee offered, ‘and I can sleep on the couch. As long as the fire is burning all night I will be nice and toasty warm.’

‘Thanks sweetie but I will be fine on the couch,’ Renee answered with a sweet smile which was returned by the teenager.

I desperately wanted to ask Renee about what was going on with the ‘little’ mission Michelle was running trying to uncover a corrupt section of an international spy ring but I knew it was not the type of conversation to have with Evee around. Gillian was fine with talking about it as long as I wasn’t involved and on certain occasions she even had a few thoughts that could help them out.

All I wanted to know right now is if they had gotten their hands on another cipher yet to decode the evidence Michelle had stolen from the MI6 databanks in London. As nice as it was to not be on the run and actually be able to leave the cabin whenever I wanted because of the new lives we had here, I missed the military. I had been in it for eight years and it was hard to get my mentality right. I still woke up early in the morning even when I didn’t need to, and I still did personal PT every day. It was just engrained in my mind and there was no getting around it. Besides, I missed my friends on base and if this whole situation could get sorted out I hoped to return to active duty. I just didn’t tell Gillian that; she would probably kill me with her bare hands.

Renee was quietly looking around the front room and as her eyes glanced back and forth she began to scowl like what she was seeing didn’t please her at all. Renee was a bit of a perfectionist and if things weren’t just the way she liked them she would make sure you knew about it. She had been the one to set up the safe house though so I couldn’t quite figure out what her problem was because since we had been living there we hadn’t touched or moved a single thing.

‘What?’ I asked without really wanting to know what was bothering her.

‘Where are the decorations?’

‘Ty never decorates for the holidays,’ Gillian answered before I could even open my mouth, ‘because he spent Christmas day in a hospital in Afghanistan fighting for his life. Not once since he got back home has he ever decorated.’

‘It’s kind of depressing,’ Evee remarked and I reached over and swatted her knee gently. ‘Well it is!’

‘No this won’t do at all,’ Renee said and I could see a light burn bright behind her eyes as she started to mentally take note of what she wanted the cabin to look like. I tried to argue that I really wanted to keep things low key but quickly found myself overruled by three women who were now all coming up with ideas to make this place a little more festive. After half an hour of trying to get this madness to stop Renee finally cut me off at the knees, ‘This is your first Christmas as a couple and it is going to be perfect!’

Now I very well couldn’t well argue with that because to do so would mean Gillian would be mad at me, and I really didn’t feel like sleeping in the living room with Renee that night. So I shut my mouth and kept as quiet as I possibly could as they went about their plans and arrangements. It wasn’t exactly easy as their ideas grew more and more absurd but I managed it when they finally decided to go into town the next day and buy decorations. Sadly it got only worse as I had been elected to go and find a suitable tree for the living room, a task I had always hated growing up. Sure it was nice to have the smell of fresh pine in the house and it looked pretty when it was all spruced up, but the mess the damn thing left was horrible and if you got lazy the thing would die and make it even worse.

We spent the rest of the day chatting in the living room while Evee told us about how her last day of school had gone. Some of her friends had invited her out for a Christmas Eve party just down the road but thankfully the teenager had the sense to decline knowing that we couldn’t put ourselves out there too much. Sure we had covers and everything but if just one person started to get a little curious it could end in disaster. I knew she was a little bummed about not being able to spend time with her new friends and I would have to find a way to make it up to her.

We had a light dinner of canned stew as no one really had the energy or motivation to make anything better. There was no television in the cabin which left us a lot of free time we had to fill somehow. Evee buried her head in a book she had been working on for a few days and Gillian went about getting some things ready for the couch so Renee wouldn’t be sleeping on it bare. I just sat on the couch listening to music from the MP3 player I had in the dock, drinking a beer and making small talk with Renee.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting for Evee to get bored and tired enough to head off to bed she finally yawned loudly and slowly made her way out of the living room, giving everyone a hug goodnight. As soon as the sound of her door closing was heard I turned towards Renee I could see she was already expecting what I had to ask. She looked me deep in the eyes and gave her head a small shake then looking towards Gillian who was cleaning up after Evee. I needed to know though.

‘So what’s happening?’ I asked and Gillian stopped picking up school books and stood up straight.

Renee heaved a sigh and did her best to look away but I kept pressing the point until she had no other option but to give in and answer my question. ‘Honestly not a whole lot,’ she said softly just in case Evee could hear her, ‘Even in the spy world things get a little slow around the holidays.’

‘Is this really the time to be talking about this stuff?’ Gillian asked and Renee quickly nodded in agreement.

‘I really shouldn’t say anything, Michelle would kill me. Oh on that note I almost forgot something,’ Renee got up and walked towards the front door and grabbed the large duffle bag up off the ground, dragging it back into the living room and tossing it at my feet. ‘I need you guys to hide this in your room for a while.’

‘What’s in it?’ Gillian said slowly and started to shuffle away from the bag like it was about to explode.

‘Oh don’t worry it’s nothing dangerous,’ Renee laughed and her eyes lit up, ‘it’s Christmas presents from me and Michelle. It’s best to put it somewhere Evelyn won’t get into it.’

Gillian grabbed the bag off the ground and weighed it in her arms, the muscles in her neck straining at the effort. ‘You trying to pass off bricks as presents?’ she asked with a small laugh that sounded like a tinkling of bells, ‘I’ll make sure this is put somewhere that Evee or Ty can’t find it.’

I guess I had been eyeing the bag pretty good because when I looked up both girls were laughing at me and I felt like a bit of an idiot. I’ll be the first to admit though that when it comes to surprises I can’t handle myself very well. Whether it was presents, surprise parties, or even just general things being kept from me I would do whatever it took to get to the bottom of things.

Gillian left the room dragging the bag behind her as it scrapped across the hardwood floor and disappeared down the hall and into our room. I was pretty certain I could get into that bag by the end of the next day considering the girls were going into town to do some shopping, I just had to make sure there was some tape around to fix the wrapping up after I was done plundering it. You learn a few tricks over the years when you were a sneak.

After about ten more minutes I could tell Renee was getting pretty tired so I quickly said goodnight and excused myself from the room. I grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen just in case I woke up during the night and retreated to the room I shared with Gillian at the very end of a small hallway. When I opened the door and walked in I found Gillian was already in bed facing away from me, bundled up underneath a large red feather duvet and only the lamp on my side of the bed on. Figuring she was probably a little miffed with me about trying to ask Renee what was going on she had already gone to sleep so I pulled off my clothes quietly and got under the covers next to her.

I didn’t trust my luck to try and snuggle up to her back so I lay on my side facing away from her and turned off the light, the darkness swallowing up the room. No sooner had I rested my head on the cold pillow I felt the bed shift as Gillian moved and felt her warm hand snake over my ribs and chest, her soft naked body pressing into my back. Even three months of sleeping the same bed with Gillian (who I had learned preferred to sleep in the nude) I still had trouble keeping my mind off sex. Everything about her seemed to turn me on; her smell, her soft skin, the way she would look at me sometimes, her naked breasts touching me, but mostly when she threw her slender leg over my waist and hugged me as close as she could.

‘Took you long enough to get into bed,’ she whispered seductively, directly into my ear.

‘I thought I would give you ample time trying to hide the presents,’ I teased and she nudged my shoulder with hers.

‘Oh don’t worry about that, you’ll never find it. Trust me.’

‘Challenge accepted!’

‘I don’t think so!’ she squealed and gripped me tighter, ‘I forbid you from searching for those presents!’

‘Forbid me? You don’t know me that well do you? Once a challenge has been accepted I am honour bound to see it through!’

‘Then I guess I’ll just have to give you another challenge won’t I?’ she mused silently, ‘How about your new challenge is to prove to me how much you truly love me.’

Even though I couldn’t see her face because it was resting on the back of my shoulder I could almost picture in my head that Gillian was smiling slightly with a flush of pink touching her cheeks and a cocked eyebrow. Almost as if she was taunting me.

‘Are you trying to use sex to make me more complaint?’ I chuckled but Gillian quickly rolled me onto my back and climbed onto of me.

‘Just shut up and kiss me pretty boy!’

She brought her head down and our lips met in a passionate kiss that enveloped everything that we were. Gillian’s hands ran over my sides and she grabbed hold of my wrists, pulling my arms until my hands were gripping her hips tightly just like she loved. Her slender waist was warm to the touch and I couldn’t help but squeeze a little tighter as her hands roamed my body once more. Her lips quickly parted and I felt her tongue probing at my mouth looking for a way in, which I gladly allowed.

Out of the three other women I had ever been with Gillian was easily the most sensual of them and the first time we had been together it surprised me a little. In the entire time I had known her I had never known she could be so frisky, but I definitely wasn’t complaining. She was such an open and generous lover that I considered myself one of the luckiest men on the planet.

Tonight though she seemed to be in no mood for extended foreplay and her nimble fingers quickly found the waist of my boxers and slid under. She lifted her weight from my pelvis and in one swift movement pulled my underwear down to my knees, freeing my rock hard cock which bobbed up. Before it even had a chance to hit my hips she gripped it tightly in her small hands and positioned it right under her.

Now I’m not the biggest in that area but I like to think I’m a little above average, but regardless of that Gillian was such a petite woman with an incredibly tight pussy that it took us a few minutes to get my full length into her. As she began to lower herself on my cock I let out a soft groan caught somewhere between pain and pleasure. It was like being squeezed in a very tight, wet, and hot vice grip that didn’t really loosen up around me.

The moment the head of my cock popped into her body Gillian broke the kiss and planted both her hands on my chest, pushing herself into an upright position. Her head tilted toward the ceiling, she let out a long groan from the bottom of her soul as I slowly started to slip further and further into her depths. Even through the darkness I could make out my lovers graceful body and follow the slightly curved line of her hips, over her sides, and a little bulge at her breasts. I let my hands follow this line before coming to rest right over her breasts, her hard nipples poking through the gaps between my fingers.

Gillian had the most sensitive nipples you could imagine and sometimes I would try to get her off by just playing with them; tweaking the little nubs, licking them, sucking on them, and nibbling on them. Sadly, well I guess not that sadly, her little moans of pleasure made me lose my resolve and I had to feel her impaled on the end of my cock.

The second my fingers started to grip her nipples Gillian arched her back and let out a long soft moan. The pleasure must have taken her by surprise because suddenly her entire weight fell onto my cock and it sunk deep into her body in less than a second. Both of us grunted under the new pressure and she fell forward onto me, her head landing right next to mine. I took the open chance at her neck and latched on, kissing and licking as much of it as I could reach as her rough breathing began to lower back to normal. Well normal-ish in this situation.

I was having trouble keeping myself from thrusting my hips into her but it turned out she didn’t really care if she was ready yet either because she started to lift herself up and then gently back down, the length of my shaft delving a little bit deeper into her. Each time our hips met she let out a low grunt. My hands were gripping her hips so tightly now I was sure she would have bruises when we woke up, but in that moment neither of us cared because it felt so god damned good.

‘Is this enough proof that I love you?’ I asked between gasps and she smiled down at me, her breasts bouncing up and down through her movements.

‘Not even close cowboy…’ she groaned and picked up the pace.

The tight grip her pussy had on my hard cock was driving me crazy and I began to thrust up into her. Sensing I couldn’t hold back much longer Gillian raised her hips off me and shifted all her weight onto her knees, allowing me full access to controlling the pace. I didn’t think about it twice and began to drive myself deep into her body as hard and fast as I could. Sweat was starting to pop up all over our bodies and the synchronized grunting was so precise it could have been an Olympic sport.

Close to three months of having sex under the same roof with a teenager just down the hall, Gillian and I had gotten used to keeping quiet but tonight we were finding it difficult. The sound of our pleasure rebounded off the wooden walls and only spurred me on as I continued to pound away at her swelling pussy. Gillian had one of her hands gripping her breasts and tweaking her nipples while the other slid over her trim belly and found her clit, rubbing the little button as furiously as she could.

In a matter of seconds Gillian was crying out in sheer ecstasy as her whole body tensed up and she shook on top of me. The taut muscles in her pussy pulsed over my cock and sent shivers up my spine as I felt my balls ready to unleash a torrent of hot sticky cum right into her womb. I hadn’t been that close until that moment and her sudden outburst started to push me over the edge. With multiple grunts and short, powerful jabs into her soft folds I released all of my pent up energy.

As Gillian began to come down from her high her body landed hard on top of me, pushing the breath right out of my lungs as she still shivered slightly. Before the last rope of cum shot out of my cock and deep into her I could already feel and hear her breathing change as she passed into sleep or unconsciousness (sometimes it was hard to tell with her) and her entire body went limp. With my muscles screaming from lack of oxygen I gently rolled her off me and the cold night air swarmed in, cooling the sweat on my body to an uncomfortable temperature. I quickly rolled into her chest, wrapped my arms around her slim body and then closed my own eyes to let sleep capture me.

So the holidays didn’t go as bad as I thought they would. The girls did an amazing job sprucing up the tiny cabin with festive décor that twinkled silver, green, red, and white in the firelight. I managed to find a decent enough tree out in the woods and even got it into the cabin with little to no needle loss, and I was mildly surprised at how well Evee and Gillian trimmed it. They must have spent a small fortune on all the decorations but it was worth it. There was so much holiday cheer that it was almost sickening. Almost.

Christmas Eve we sat by a crackling fire telling stories about our best Christmas memories while sipping on spiked eggnog (or hot chocolate in Evee’s case) and then said our goodnights. No one was more excited waking up the next morning than Evee was and I realized with a sudden guilty feeling that Evee hadn’t had a proper Christmas since her parents had been killed in a traffic accident. So it was pretty precious when she walked out in the living room that morning and found a beautiful tree standing guard over a mountain of presents.

As hard as Gillian and I tried to get her to wait a little bit for everyone to finish waking up and get a pot of coffee going Evee tore into those presents with zest to the enjoyment of Renee who kept urging her on. Colourful and flashy wrapping paper flew in every direction as Evee got into the biggest presents firsts, but was a little put out when she realized that the biggest boxes were mostly clothes. With the kind of technology available for purchase now a days the most expensive and best items were fairly small compared to what they used to be like; large unwieldy pieces of equipment that either didn’t work like they were supposed to or did but didn’t last long.

It turned out that Michelle had bought everyone an assortment of gifts and Renee, who seemed to know what would be in them, started playing Santa Claus and handing them out one at a time. Evee got a new tablet (which she really didn’t need in my opinion), a new MP3 player (which was worth more than the tablet), a set of designer makeup (which I was against), and a one hundred dollar gift card for an online bookstore. I pretty much got the same, substituting the makeup with a gaming console and a few games to go with it.

Gillian seemed pretty surprised to see that Michelle had gotten her anything, let alone a brand new top of the line laptop and a few other very expensive things. Gillian and Michelle had never been close but in recent months they seemed to be warming up to each other, probably cause Michelle stepped aside and let me be with Gillian.

After about an hour of going through the presents Michelle had sent with Renee we got into the small little gifts we had all bought one another last minute in town. There wasn’t really anything to write home about, mostly stuff we needed around the cabin or something Evee could use at school. Just as I was coming back into the living room with a large garbage bag to throw away all the shredded wrapping paper Renee was just pulling one last gift out from under the tree that had been hidden near the back.

‘What’s this?’ she asked and flashed me an evil grin that told me she knew exactly what it was. The present was wrapped in smooth deep red wrapping and was no bigger than some ones fist. There was a small festive tag attached to it and Renee quickly read it with an impish grin. ‘It’s to you Gillian, from Ty.’

With a curious look on her face Gillian took the gift from Renee and held it in her hands, reading the card carefully. She looked towards me a moment later and smiled a little before tearing the wrapping paper off slowly. Inside was a small black velvet box and when Gillian opened it she gasped loudly and covered her mouth with her hand.

‘Ty…?’ she whispered and looked back at me, her eyes wide and shimmering with tears threatening to spill over at the very edge. More than a little perplexed because I had no memory of getting her a gift that came in that small of a jewellery box I looked at what she held in her hands and saw a small elegant ring made from silver or platinum. I had seen a ring similar to this one before and I recognized it as an expensive promise ring, like the one I had tried to give to Michelle over eight years ago.

‘Isn’t that so sweet Evee?’ Renee asked and the youngster got closer to Gillian to see it up close.

‘When did you get this?’ Evelyn asked me and all I could think to do was shrug my shoulders. I knew for sure I hadn’t bought that.

‘That’s a good question,’ I grumbled. Gillian took no notice of my change in mood as she got up off the floor and rushed to me, throwing her arms around my neck and pulling me down as she planted a big wet kiss on my lips.

A million different things were running through my mind in that moment. I had a feeling Michelle was behind this and I didn’t exactly know how to take it. I guess mostly I was just a little upset that I hadn’t thought about doing that in the first place and it took my ex to get my ass in gear. I mean I loved Gillian with my whole heart but it kind of felt like I was being blindsided here. I couldn’t very well say that out loud though because it would hurt Gillian’s feelings, and I never wanted to do that.

So I returned the kiss with as much vigour as I was being shown and wrapped my arms around her waist snuggly. Thankfully Gillian was too excited to sit in one place and she quickly released me and rushed over to the fireplace to see the ring under better light while Evee peered over her shoulder with a sappy grin snaking across her lips. I quickly turned on Renee and motioned for her to follow me, trying not to look too angry.

‘Can you help me get breakfast started?’ I asked her and she nodded her head quickly and followed me into the kitchen with her head down. Once we were out of earshot of Gillian and Evee I turned back to her while she was pulling the pancake griddle out of the cupboard over the sink. ‘What the hell was that? Michelle told you to do that didn’t she?’ I asked quietly.

‘Actually no,’ Renee answered and plugged the griddle into the socket. She reached into the fridge and pulled out a gallon of milk and then grabbed a large mixing bowl and some chocolate chips. ‘It was all my idea. Come on Ty, you guys are perfect for each other. Besides look how happy she is.’

‘Well next time run it by me first,’ I grumbled but she shot me a sly smile.

‘Then it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?’

I reached into the pantry and pulled out a box of pancake mix and tossed it towards her. While Renee went about making large fluffy pancakes for everyone I finished off the coffee and watched. I could hear Evelyn in the living room chattering away about how much she loved her new tablet but it didn’t seem like Gillian was listening. She was probably staring at the new ring on her finger.

The rest of the day went smoothly and we spent most of it out in the snow sliding down the hill on wooden toboggans and having snow ball fights and snowman building contests. Once we got back into the warm cabin we all chipped in and made one hell of a Christmas dinner like I was used to from my childhood, a large turkey with stuffing and all the fixings. We would probably have leftovers until Valentine’s Day because the meal was so massive. Everything was great and I had never been happier in my entire life.

Sadly like all great things in life it inevitably had to end. After a rambunctious New Year’s Eve party in the cozy cabin that saw Evelyn taking her first sip of alcohol (champagne) and a pretty heated kiss that made the others cringe things came crashing down around us.

It was January second and the winter had taken a turn for the worst as the days began to get filled with continual blizzards and frigid temperatures. Before the sun had even fully risen there was a loud knock on the bedroom door and Renee rushed in, her hair all over the place and a scared look on her face. It had been one of the first days I had actually managed to sleep in a bit and now that it had been ruined by Renee I sat bolt upright in bed and gave her an angry glare.

‘Did you seriously just barge in here?’ I demanded but she ignored me and rushed over to the closet. She fished out a few suitcases and tossed them onto the foot of the bed and then moved around to the other side where Gillian was still sleeping and began to wake her up with rough shakes.

‘Mhmm… wha-’ Gillian asked as she stirred, her eyes barely open.

‘Go wake up Evelyn and help her pack some clothes!’ Renee said quickly. The tone in the woman’s voice forced Gillian out of her stupor and she quickly sat upright in bed, the duvet falling over her naked breasts but she didn’t seem to care at this point.

‘What’s going on? Has something happened?’

‘The cabin is no longer safe! Go get Evelyn ready to go now!’

Without another word Gillian jumped out of bed and threw on a housecoat then rushed out of the room and loudly banged on Evee’s door. Renee was in the middle of tossing a bunch of random clothes into a suitcase when I pulled myself out of the bed and grabbed her by the arm roughly. I forced her to look me in the face and I could see tears rolling down her cheeks.

‘Tell me what’s happening Renee,’ I asked gently, feeling like an asshole for being so rough with her a second ago.

‘It’s not safe,’ she repeated and I gently nodded my head.

‘Why isn’t it safe anymore?’

‘I… I’m so sorry Ty…’ she stammered, ‘I should have told you how bad things were! I should have let you know! We have to run now!’

Renee was crying her eyes out now and her whole body shook with her sobs, but her hands still busied themselves with tossing clothes into the suitcase. I gently grabbed her by the arms and got her to sit down on the edge of the bed, telling her to take deep breaths and explain to me just how bad it was. I’m sure I didn’t want to know what was going on but I really needed to know. If we were in danger I had to know how and by whom so I could do whatever it took to protect my loved ones.

‘Just calm down and tell me what’s happened.’

‘Michelle was at a safe house in Berlin when they found her! She managed to send out a distress call and escape but she was… she was wounded pretty badly! We have to get out of here before they find us!’

‘Before who finds us?’ I asked, ‘CSIS? The CIA?”

‘It’s a lot more complicated than that! In Michelle’s message she said the ones who found her were Mossad Agents. Highly trained assassins with no regard for human life. If it was just the CIA we could stand up and fight but we stand no chance against these agents!’

I had heard tales about the Mossad during my time with the military and for the most part I was convinced they were just urban legends. They were also spoken about in hushed whispers behind closed doors and the supposed acts they committed were just too unreal to be true. According to the stories, if they were to be believed, Mossad agents received specialized training that no other country could replicate, transforming their agents into assassins with no moral compass. After the thousands of years the Jewish people had been persecuted they were finally standing up and fighting back and The Mossad were the tip of their sword that cut through the night.

‘What do we do then?’ I asked and started to help toss clothes into the suitcases. I wasn’t sure I believed the Mossad were as terrible as the stories were but I did know that Renee was scared out of her mind right now and that could only mean bad things.

‘We… we get you guys the hell out of here. Just like Michelle taught you. Pack up the car and you drive without stopping to the next safe house. You don’t stay for more than a few nights and then you move to another one. Just keep moving and never stop until you know it’s safe!’

Two minutes passed and Gillian was pulling the getaway car from around the back of the cabin so we could load it up. The car was only used in case of emergency so we could guarantee it had a full tank of gas. Evee, Gillian, and I loaded up the back of the car with whatever we had managed to pack away and then they got into the vehicle, Gillian behind the wheel as I rushed back into the cabin to see what was taking Renee so damn long.

I found her sitting on the couch with a laptop open on the table typing away furiously pounding on the keys as the screen flickered through a dozen different windows. ‘What the hell are you doing? Come on we’re ready to go!’ I yelled.

Her fingers danced across the keyboard a few more times and then she finally closed the computer and stood up. ‘Take this computer,’ she said handing it to me, ‘it has access to half a dozen accounts you can use in case I have to go somewhere.’

With the laptop in hand and Renee following a few feet behind me we rushed towards the open door and out in the snow drifts that had built up around the cabin. As I stepped out into the snow my foot fell right through and I fell forward as I was set off balance. I heard a sickening crack and for a moment I thought I might have broken something but when there was a loud thud of something large and heavy hitting the wooden porch and the screams of Gillian and Evee from the car I knew it wasn’t me who had been hurt.

A split second later a loud snap rang through the cold still air and my mind ran through the possible weapons it could have come from. In a panic as I looked back and saw Renee’s lifeless body sprawled on the porch I knew it was a high powered sniper rifle with long range. The shot had been for me but because I had fallen into the snow at the last second Renee had been struck instead.

Fear gripped my chest and I rushed over to the car, tossing the laptop in through the open passenger window. ‘Get out of here now!’ I yelled without getting into the car.

Gillian threw me a terrified look and opened her mouth to say something but another shot rang out through the air and smashed through the back windshield, missing Evee who was hiding by only a few feet. ‘GO!’ I yelled and this time she didn’t hesitate. She threw the car into drive and slammed her foot down on the gas, jumping down the snow covered drive and around the bend in a matter of seconds.

I had been hiding my body behind the car but now I found myself in the open, not really sure what I was actually up to. I had to get out of the open fast though and I jumped into action, running towards the open door of the cabin. Renee’s body was lying a pool of crimson red blood and I jumped over her and through the doorway, the cabin keeping me hidden from the sniper hidden somewhere out in the woods.

I knew I didn’t want to see what had happened to Renee but my eyes looked regardless and I felt my stomach churn in disgust at the gaping bullet wound in the very center of her forehead. With the sight of the gore and the smell starting to rise in the air I grabbed her body under the arms and pulled her the rest of the way into the cabin before closing the door. Knowing she would probably be carrying a pistol for protection I started to pat her down, thoroughly disgusted with myself but knowing it had to be done. I needed a weapon if I was going to get out of here alive.

I found a small low range pistol tucked into the back of her jeans and I sadly pulled it free, putting it down on the floor. I moved over to the couch and grabbed a blanket of it then put it over her body, whispering a quiet goodbye before picking up the gun again. Renee deserved more than this. She deserved to be buried with friends and family present, not left to rot in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere! I was going to make sure who ever had killed her paid for what they had done! Mossad or not I would not let them get away.

The window in the living room shattered as the sniper tried to flush me out of hiding. I kept my head down though as my military training kicked in and slowly made my way to the kitchen with a plan forming in my mind. I didn’t want to do this but it might be the only way I survived through the day. I reached behind the gas oven and pulled the hose out of it as the hiss of gas mixing with the air flooded the room. Under the kitchen sink I found an emergency kit and pulled out a roadside flare. Still crawling I moved over to the coffee pot and removed it from the heat plate. I popped the cap off the flare and put the tip right on the hot plate then hit the button to turn the coffee maker on.

I had no idea how much time I had until the whole thing went off or even if it would work so I quickly moved towards the back hall and ran into Evelyn’s messy room and opened the window, making sure to keep my head and body out of the way. The window the sniper had shot through in the living room faced the opposite direction from the one in Evee’s room but I didn’t know if he had already displaced and moved somewhere else. I had to take the risk though because if my plan worked I would be killed in the explosion I was hoping would cause a distraction.

With one last thought about what I was doing to Renee’s body I hauled myself through the open window and landed in a snow pile just below it. No sooner had I hit the fluffy cold snow then a massive fireball ripped through the cabin’s roof and exploded outwards, sending pieces of metal shrapnel and massive wooden splinters flying in every direction. I didn’t even take a moment to look back behind me at the destruction that had been just caused and instead ran full out towards the line of trees just ahead of me. I hoped there was a big enough cloud of black smoke to hide me from the snipers scope and once I made it safely into the trees I finally managed to look back.

The house I had been living in for the last three months lay in a smoldering heap, thick tendrils of choking black and grey smoke reaching towards the sky. The once pristine snow that had surrounded it had either melted away from the heat to show a hideous layer of yellow grass underneath or had been stained black and littered with tiny bits of the building. The explosion had been ten times bigger than I thought it would be and I realized now that Renee would never be buried by her family. There was probably nothing left of her.

I couldn’t let myself dwell on that though. Renee had known the risks when she had joined up with Michelle on her little conquest. Deep down she would have known it could end that way for her and if she hadn’t been ready to accept death she wouldn’t had been very good at her job.

I knew the general direction of where the shooter had been when his first couple of shots were made so under the cover of the thick woods I slowly made my way towards that direction. I had dealt with snipers in the military and a few of my friends who I had been in Afghanistan with had even taught me a few little tricks to figuring out where a sniper was most likely to be. They would often tend to find the high ground with a clear line of sight on their target and the area surrounding it, like a hill or tall building. I knew there was a rather large hill that led up a mountain side near the cabin, Evee and I had gone hiking on it a few times so I would start there.

The going was rough and I probably should have gotten a little more prepared for being out in the cold. My jacket had been in the car when Gillian took off with Evee and all I was wearing for footwear was an old pair of sneakers I used for running. Not exactly the best gear but I had to make do with it. The snow became slick under my tread-less shoes and the cold was biting at my bones as I crawled through the forest. I was getting bogged down in massive snow piles that had drifted in from the mountain but I pressed on knowing that if the shooter was still out there he would be looking for me. If I stayed in one place too long I was a sitting duck.

I had no sense of time anymore. I could have been trudging through the snow for five minutes or five hours. It didn’t matter though because eventually I came to the bottom of the hill overlooking the destroyed cabin and crouched behind a tree, trying to be as still and quiet as humanly possible. Peering out from my hiding spot I couldn’t see anyone at the top but that didn’t mean there couldn’t be someone there. They could have been laying prone and just back from the edge. Or they could have moved to a better position and were waiting to spring a trap knowing I would be headed here first.

For a few seconds I couldn’t make myself move. Whether it was from the cold seeping into my entire body as the snow fell around me in blankets, or the fact that I was scared shitless in that moment. Snipers always gave me nightmares. As a foot solider I knew at any minute some little asshole with a high powered rifle hiding safely in some building could take me and a dozen of my buddies before anyone could find the bastard.

I had to do it though. I had to stick my neck out and take a chance or I would die from hypothermia hiding behind the tree.

So I gulped in a large breath that stung my lungs and with all the speed I possessed in my body I rushed out from behind the tree and started to climb up the steep hill. The snow crunched under my feet and the wind howled menacingly through the trees on every side but finally after a few minutes I made it to the top, my muscles screaming for oxygen and a thick sheen of sweat on my forehead.

The moment I reached the top of the hill I pulled my gun out from my pants and quickly did I search of the surrounding area but there was no one there. As I had suspected there was a large body print in the snow towards the edge of the hill as someone had been lying there for some time waiting for the perfect shot. The shooter was obviously a professional because they had policed their own casings and left no sign there had even been a gun there. One thing they seemed to have forgotten though was a small black cellphone right on top of the snow out in the open.

I slowly picked the phone up from the snow and looked it over once, finding no personal data on it that would tell me who it belonged to. There was something really strange about this whole situation and it wasn’t sitting right with me. If the shooter had been smart enough to pick up his shell casings then how could he miss something as big as a cellphone? He couldn’t have left it there by accident. These people never did anything by accident.

I made a rookie mistake when I took a step backwards away from where the phone had been sitting and a sharp click broke the silence as my foot sunk into the snow a few inches. I immediately froze. I had heard a sound similar to that before and I instantly knew what it was; an anti-personnel mine.

‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!’ I hissed under my breath and tried my best not to shift my weight. I had come across one of these in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan and I knew very well what they could do. One of the soldiers in my battalion had stepped on one without even realizing it and once his foot moved off the pressure plate the entire area around his feet exploded, killing him and two others close by instantly. Mines were not something to mess around with.

I had taken a course on how to disarm them (if they were indeed pressure plate devices) with only a field knife but that knowledge did me no good now; I didn’t have a knife on me. I tried to calm my breathing, which was getting out of control, and figure out a way to disarm this thing without blowing up in my face when suddenly the cellphone clutched tightly in my hand started ringing. The sound was so loud and sudden I almost jumped off the mine in shock, but thankfully my body was too cold to make any sudden movements and I managed to stay in place.

I don’t know why but I decided to answer the phone as I stood there on a live mine. Maybe it was because I’m just an idiot and everything I did seemed to prove it, or the fact that I just wanted to find out who was doing this to me and my family. Any information I could gather I could use later, that is if I survived the next few hours. I couldn’t stand there forever in the cold after all.

‘Am I speaking with Corporal Anders?’ a silky Middle Eastern voice asked from the other line and I felt a chill roll down my spine.

‘Who the fuck are you?’ I demanded. Probably not the best decision of the day considering everything but when you’re standing on an explosive device you just don’t give a fuck anymore.

‘That’s not important,’ the voice said gently, ‘I’m more interested in you Corporal. You’re quite the magician, coming back from the dead like you have three times already. The agent I sent to kill you was sure you had just died in the explosion that tore your hideout apart but I knew better than that. I knew nothing short of putting a bullet through your skull close range would stop you. I’m very impressed.’

‘You want to see something impressive?’ I growled through the mouthpiece and I heard a soft chuckle from the other side. ‘I’m going to find you and I’m going to kill you!’

‘If I’m not mistaken you are currently standing in the middle of a little minefield and if you weren’t careful you have probably already armed one of them. Do you have a plan for getting out of there?’

‘Do you think a couple of mines could stop me? If you did you wouldn’t have made this call would you?’

There was a moment of silence on the phone and I was about ready to toss the piece of shit off the side of the hill in anger when the silky voice spoke again, the tone mildly amused at the predicament like he was enjoying what was going on. ‘How about I make you a deal Corporal,’ he offered, ‘If you can get out of there alive I won’t kill your niece of girlfriend.’

‘YOU SON OF A BITCH! You’re lying!’ I raged.

‘I am many things son, but right now I am not lying to you. We picked them up as soon as they appeared on the highway and they are currently on route to a secure location. If you would just calm down for a second I would like to tell you the second part of my offer.’


‘Corporal if you don’t take a second and calm down I will be forced to kill one of them. It would be such a shame because I am told they are both very beautiful, but I need to get your attention somehow.’

I wanted to scream again and toss the phone into the snow and fill it with hot lead from the gun but I knew that would only get them killed. I had to take control of my emotions, something that had always come difficult to me. I was known for making rash decisions and getting a little heated when times called for diplomacy. I had only known the military way though so it was pretty difficult.

‘What do you want?’ I seethed and was rewarded with another chuckle.

‘Very good soldier, very good. You’re coming along as a spy. Now like I said if you make it out of the minefield alive your loved ones will also live. There’s no reason for me to keep them if you are dead, I’m sure you can understand that. But now that we have established that they live if you live let’s get to the real meaty part shall we? I know your little friend, Michelle Franklin, broke into a high security compound controlled by Mossad and took some very sensitive files that we would like back.’

‘I don’t see what this has to do with me.’

‘Well I was given to understand that you and Ms. Franklin shared a bed in the past and that you were responsible for her escaping from CSIS control. If this isn’t true then I don’t see any need to keep your niece of girlfriend hostage anymore. You would be of no use to me.’

‘Don’t you fucking dare!’

‘So then you do still have a connection with Ms. Franklin?’ he asked and paused a moment to let me answer. I ignored him though knowing he already knew more than he was letting on and really didn’t feel like getting into a war of words with his egotistical bastard. ‘I’ll take your silence as a yes. Back on topic though. I would very much like my data back and if you could bring it to me in person I would be deeply indebted to you. I would probably be honour bound to return the ones you love to you, alive and healthy.’

‘You’re extorting me you son of a bitch?’ I growled. The leg standing right on top of the mine was already starting to shake and I knew I didn’t have much time left before a muscle spasm ripped this whole clearing from the face the planet.

‘No no, that’s such a vulgar way of looking at it. Think of it like two people who desperately want to see their missing objects returned to them. The thing is though, how desperate are you to see your niece again? I mean I can arrange a meeting for this evening if you want, but I doubt you would be happy with the condition she would show up in.’

‘I get it you psychopath! I don’t do you what you want you will hurt them!’

‘Very good then. I’m glad to see that you’re not as stupid as most North Americans are. Under any other circumstance I could probably have used you in my program, but alas that is no longer possible. Anyways where was I? Oh right, get the data taken from me and bring it to me in person and your family will be let go. Fail me or try to double cross me and you will still receive them, but in a dozen different garbage bags. Am I understood?’

‘Yes…’ I clenched my teeth to stop the real answer I wanted to shout out at him from coming out.

‘I’m glad to have you on the right side of the fence this time Corporal. I do regret the way my brethren on the Canadian side of the Intelligence community treated you but that’s all in the past now. Now all you have to do is get out of that minefield you are stuck in alive and you are a quarter of the way there. Good luck soldier.’

The line went dead and I immediately threw the phone into the snow beside me, hoping at the last minute that it didn’t hit a mine (which was pretty ridiculous because the phones weight wasn’t enough to set it off anyways). I thought dealing with Thompson and Agent Smith was a nightmare but I had just stumbled into something far worse it seemed. These people had no qualms with killing me and they let that be known right from the start. If I didn’t do what they said I had no doubt that the man on the phone would follow through with his threat and that thought scared the shit out of me.

I couldn’t afford to lose focus now though, my life was hanging in the balance and my leg was starting to give out. I had to figure out a way to get off this mine without it exploding on me. If it had been electronic in nature I could have blasted it with some liquid nitrogen to slow down the electrical impulse, but I doubted it was electrical and I didn’t exactly have a canister of liquid nitrogen in my pocket. I had been stupid when I boasted to the man on the phone that I could get out of there alive and now I was really starting to realize just how screwed I was. I couldn’t let myself die though because that was a death sentence for Gillian and Evee. I had to live so I could save them.

I wasn’t that far from the edge of the large hill and the thought of just jumping off the mine and sliding to safety crossed my mind, but it was more of a pipe dream than a real viable idea. The millisecond the pressure was lifted off the mine it would explode and I wouldn’t have enough time to jump out of the way. Besides the man said there were more than just a single mine in the area so knowing my luck I would probably end up jumping onto another one anyways.

I really could use Michelle’s help right now but if Renee had been telling the truth then she was probably hiding in some dank little hole bleeding to death. I was utterly alone in that moment and I could feel the weight of everything start to push me down as the situation became increasingly more dangerous. My leg, and for that matter my whole body was shaking from both strain and the cold air. My brain hurt from trying to think so hard and my breathing was starting to get out of control again. Even though I was so damn cold my body was covered in a cold sticky sweat and I knew if didn’t die from the mine I was standing on I would certainly die from hypothermia. Either way would be a brutal way to go.

I had to act fast.

I could feel that the time for desperation was already upon me and I really only had one choice. I knew what I was doing was extremely dangerous and would probably end up with my insides splattered twenty feet in every direction, but there was nothing else left. I screwed up whatever courage I had left and tapped into the deepest wells of strength I had in me, and then with one last breath and a prayer to whatever or whoever was out there watching over me I leapt towards the ledge.

Everything was a blur around me as the earth beneath my flailing body erupted in an agonizing explosion that nearly shattered my eardrums. That pain wasn’t what struck me the hardest though. Something struck me in the left calf as I was sailing through the air and I could feel it tear through my tender skin like a razor blade. The pain was so intense that I blacked out before I even hit the ground, my last thought being that I wouldn’t wake up this time. I had been lucky once before but I didn’t think I could count on that happening again.

But it did.

Somehow I had escaped dying on that godforsaken hill in the middle of the snowy woods and opened my eyes to find myself lying on a bare cold bed in some one room cabin. There was a single dim light in the corner of the room near the tiny window that had been closed off by a curtain. There was a small wooden table near the bed covered in bloody bandages, all manners of medical gear covered in blood, and a small glass of cold water that had been frosting over at the top.

I tried to roll out of the bed and stand up but found that not only was my left leg straining to move but also causing me tremendous pain every time I flexed my muscles. It was sheer agony and I couldn’t help but let out a groan of pain as I tried to grit my teeth and let my military training take over. No matter how much pain I was in I had to move. I had to get up. I had to keep moving. Too much was at stake and I had to think about my loved ones. If I ever wanted to see them again I needed to get up!

‘Whoa there buddy,’ a gravelly voice called through the dim and an older looking man with stark white hair, milky blue eyes and a deep scar running from his eye to his cheek walked closer to the bed. In my confusion of waking up and the odd surroundings I hadn’t seen the man there but now it made sense. Someone had to bring me to this cabin and by looks of the blood on his hands he had tried to patch me up.

‘Who are you?’ I demanded but my voice was nothing more than a hoarse whisper and I suddenly realized how dry my throat had gotten.

‘Easy now,’ the strange man said softly and passed me the glass of water on the table, ‘Take a drink of this and lay down. You’re in no condition to stand right now I’m afraid.’

Even with this man’s odd appearance I didn’t sense any deceit or ulterior motive behind his words so I took the glass from his gnarled outstretched hand and took a long drink, letting the cold water wash over my sore throat. He took the glass from my hand when I had finished with it and placed it back on the table before helping me swing my legs back into the bed and lay back down.

‘Now I’m sure you have a billion questions for me rattling around in your noggin and I will answer them all to the best of my ability. As long as you stay in that bed until I say otherwise.’

‘Who are you?’ I asked. The man chuckled softly to himself and then pulled up a chair to the side of the bed and sat down in it roughly, the wobbly legs groaning under the sudden pressure.

‘That is a good question,’ he mused and rubbed his hand over the build-up of rough looking stubble on his cheek. ‘Let’s just say I am a friend who had been looking over you for a long while. I’d tell you my name but then I’m afraid you’d know more than anyone else on this rock.’

I instantly realized this man was or had been at one time a spook. The way he spoke, the small cabin probably deep in the woods, and his refusal to give me his name screamed that little fact. ‘Michelle sent you to watch over us, didn’t she?’ I asked through my sore throat.

‘It was the least I could do after she saved my life in Turin.’

‘When will I be healthy enough to walk?’

The mans disfigured face cracked into a wide grin and his milky eyes beamed at my statement. He reached over to the table and picked up a long jagged chunk of metal covered in blood and held it out to me. ‘I pulled this out of your leg but thankfully it didn’t cause too much damage. You were damned lucky to walk away with only this as a wound after those mines went off, but from what I hear you have a couple of horseshoes shoved up your ass. As for how long until you can get up, well that depends on you. You just need the right motivation.’

I pondered that for a minute. The same thing had been told to me when I had been wounded in combat in Afghanistan and at that time I did have the proper motivation. I had Evee waiting for me. My new house guest and someone who would become the one bright spot in my life. I didn’t have that luxury this time. She had been taken from me by those pricks and I would make them pay for what they had done. If so much as one hair was out of place on either Gillian or Evee’s head I would bring their whole house down on their heads.

‘Oh I have the right motivation,’ I growled through clenched teeth.

Note: Sorry for the long wait for an update. Life got pretty hectic for me there but I never forgot about posting for all of you. I am currently working on an updated chapter for Defiance. I had hoped to have it out the same time I released this chapter but it just wasn't a reality in the end. Stay tuned though because it is close to being done... I think haha

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