Hope you like
A Not So Simple Life

Chapter 1
The Beginning:

I guess I should start at the beginning. I have an above average IQ and my family have all been
military so at age 9, I was placed in a military academy, at age 16, I graduated and attended West Point.
At age 20 I completed Army Special Forces training graduating top of my class.

My family of course couldn’t be prouder. I married my childhood sweetheart Anna. When I say childhood
sweetheart I mean it literarily. We had moved in next door to Anna and her family when I was 4 years old
Anna was 3. We were best friend really from that point on, there weren’t really any other kids our age in the
neighborhood so it was always just me and her.

We had the typical fairy tell wedding, dress, church, 9 brides maids and close to 500 people, she was not a
virgin on our wedding night but I was the one who had taken her virginity and she mine. Neither of us had
even kissed another person. Our daughters (Twins) Jamie and Jasmin were born 9 months later.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family weren’t just words it was the code we lived by.

My best friend was Joe, who I meet while attending military academy, then west point together.
Followed by Special Forces training, Our wives naturally became best friends as well. Looking back
on it now, My life was prefect. And like the saying goes once you reach perfection there is now where
to go but down.

The fall was slow at first, it started 3 months after my girls were born. Me and Joe got orders for Iraq so
we rented a cabin in the mountains to spend some quality time with our wives before we left.

That weekend was were it all began to change. Joe’s wife, Susan, was wild before their marriage. I heard
rumor before she meet Joe she had even worked at a strip club for awhile. Joe never mentioned it and I
didn’t ask about it. We arrived on Thursday evening late so me and Joe unloaded the truck while the girls
put things away.

Me and Joe had a few drinks to unwind from the trip, the women were talking and giggling in the kitchen.
They were real quiet though when I’d go in for a beer.

“What’s all the giggling about” I asked finally on my third trip.

“Oh, nothing honey, just girl talk”
Anna said and then they both giggle but her face also had a guilty look which concerned me.

It was late so after a few beers we all headed to bed. Me and Anna where pretty sexually active even after
the twin were born we still had a lot of passion left in us but that night Anna was very horny. When we got
to the room she closed the door and turned to me. She had on a summer dress and in one smooth
motion it was off and on the floor. She was still the most beautiful woman in the world to me as she stood
there naked.

I didn’t even register in my mind at the time that she wasn’t wearing any panties or bra under that dress.
I just admired her body as she began to undress me. Anna was 5’6” 110 lbs even after the twins. She
worked out with me every morning so her body was firm and tone. She had nice C-cup breasts before the
twins. Now that she was breast feeding they had really grown full.

I have to admit the milk was also an added bonus. The taste turned me on and it definitely made her even
hotter when I feed on her. She always keep her pussy shaved, which I loved. She always tasted so good
even after years of marriage. I was already rock hard by the time Anna had undressed me. She kissed me
hard and pushed me back on to the bed. She was definitely hot tonight because she spun around and
straddle my face as soon as I hit the bed. Her mouth was on my cock before I even knew what was

When I opened my eyes her sweet little pussy was just inches away from my mouth dripping. I guess it
took me too long to get to eating her pussy because she didn’t wait for me to lift me head. She pushed her
pussy down hard into my waiting mouth and started grinding against it.

Now normally Anna does suck my cock but because I’m large she rarely takes it all. Tonight however
I can feel her nose hitting my crouch each time. I hear her gag several times but she is relentless in her
effort tonight. Listening to her gag on my cock and the feeling of my cock inside her throat had me ready
to cum. When her second orgasm came and her cum covered my face the taste of her sweet nectar was all
I need to let loose in my own orgasm.

She must have sensed my body tighten up because I could feel her nose on my balls and her throat twitch
Around my cock as she fought her gag reflex forcing herself to keep my cock inside her throat. This was
A new feeling She had deep throated me before but never had she keep me there this long or allowed my
to cum down her throat.

My cock exploded inside her throat pumping rope after rope of hot cum down her throat to her belly.
I was loving the new sensation, it was more mental then physical admittedly. Her forcing her self to
remain with my cock in her throat as she gag from my cum pumping into her. It was the hardest I had
cum in years.

She couldn’t take any more and pulled back gasping for air as my last rope shoot into her mouth. She
caught her breathe and milked my cock for the last few drops of my cum. She spins exhausted and lays
on my chest and starts kissing me. Her pussy grinding on my cock waiting for me to get hard again.

It doesn’t take long when she starts whispering dirty things in my ear. Anna has always liked to call herself
my little slut when we’re alone. Before the girls were born she’d call me daddy, that seemed to really get
her hot and lead to many sleepless nights. Her whispering and kissing worked she reached back and
slipped my hard cock inside her and sat back to take it all in.

Even years later she felt nice and tight around my cock. Her pussy always seemed to feel like a warm wet
glove gently squeezing my cock. She began riding me nice and slow while she continuing to whisper in my
ear. We heard a few lustful screams coming from Joe and Susan’s room and that seemed to spark Anna’s
fire even more.

Anna was what I call a whisperer she was very vocal during sex but her moans and screams were always
controlled and keep very quiet. Thinking back now I know why, when we dated I would sneak in her room
thru her window and we would make love. I was 13 and Anna 12 at the time. Her mom and dads room was
across the hall and the first night she let out a loud moan, her mother was knocking at her door a minute
later. I hid under the bed and pissed myself literally as her mom sat on her bed talking to her.

Her mother of course could smell the sex in the room and Anna’s loud moan was a dead give away. Anna
was a quick thinker luckily and told her mom she had been masturbating to avoid her mother looking under
the bed. It worked because she left saying.

“Well that’s perfectly normal just keep it down and be careful and you don’t ruin your wedding night”
I knew what she meant but it was to late I had done taken that a few weeks before I thought smiling to
myself as I laid in my pee under Anna’s bed.

Anyhow Anna started riding me harder and talking louder now, not screaming but I’m sure if they were listening they could hear her clearly.

“That’s it daddy fuck your little sluts cunt”
“Stick that cock all the way in your baby girl”
“Fuck me hard Daddy”
When her orgasm came she started moaning and screaming louder then I had ever heard her.

Then she surprised me, she reached back and put my cock in her tight little ass. She was in obvious pain
from her facial expression but she pushed until my cock was fully inside her. I was glad she stopped and
just sat there as her ass spasmed trying to adjust to my cock. Had she started riding me it would have been over in two strokes I’m sure I thought to myself.

We had anal sex many times and Anna enjoyed it some but it was never her favorite thing and she had
never initiated it since the first time. As she sat on my cock I recall the first time we had anal sex. I had just
graduated from the academy and would be going away to West Point in a few weeks. I was only Sixteen and Anna 15 at the time.

I had tried many times but she always said no that it was nasty and would hurt. She was scared now that
when I left I would find someone else, I tried reassuring her she was all I ever wanted but after we had sex
my last night before I left she was crying again and looked into my eyes.

“I love you Anna, Please stop crying I told you I will be back for you and nobody will ever come between
us, I’ll love you as long as my heart beats”
I say doing my best to make her understand how much I loved her.

With tears in her eyes she kissed me and reach back and placed my cock head against her anus.
“I know you love me Mike, I sorry I’m just scared you’ll find someone better then me”
She pushes back slightly and my cock head slips into her ass.

“I gave you everything now, Mike that’s all I can offer you now its up to fate and you to come back to me”
She says as she pushes back crying in pain until my cock was buried inside her.

As her body quivered and tears followed from her eyes. I was going to wait until I left in the morning but I
could see in her eyes that she needed it now. I reached down and grabbed my pants from the floor and
retrieved it.
“Anna I Love you and I want you to marry me one day” I say holding a promise ring in front her eyes.
She held out her shaking hand as I put the ring on her.

I was snapped back from my thoughts as Anna starts ridding my cock hard and talking dirty.
“Fuck your baby girls tight ass daddy”
“Yes that’s it daddy drive it deep”
“Baby girls been bad you need to punish that ass daddy”
She was going crazy. I couldn’t control myself and I felt my cock erupt shooting rope after rope of hot cum
deep in to her bowels. Her body tensed and she moaned loudly as she came herself and collapsed on my

She laid on my chest for a while and we listened to Joe and Susan still going at it for a few minutes. After
Anna had recover she shocked me again, she slipped off me and went down and began to lick and suck my cock clean. Every time before tonight she had just avoided it out right said no it was nasty if I asked.

After she was done she laid her head on my chest and gently played in my hair.
“Mike” she says with a long pause.
“Do you ever think about other women, you know fantasize about having sex with them” she says in a

My brain says this is a trap if you lie and say no then she’ll know you lied but if you just say yes your really
in trouble. I think long and hard before I answer.
“Well baby I guess all guys do but to be honest you keep me pretty sexually drained and the only person
I’ve ever had sex with so it would be hard to imagine sex with out you there. Plus I work with all guys
who would I even have to fantasize about”
I tell her with a smile. My answer had said I was normal but I only thought of her and there was no other women. At least I hoped it had.

“Well what about Susan, she’s attractive and her an Joe are always around have you ever thought about her”
She quickly replies

Dam now how can I back out of this one, I had thought of Susan before even tonight a few times when I
heard her moaning but I couldn’t say that.
“Susan, well she’s Joe’s wife, She’s attractive and all but, Joe is more a brother to me then my own
brothers, you know that honey. It would be like having sex with a sister, I don’t think that would turn me
I wait not sure if my answer was good enough.

She just laid their quietly playing and kissing my chest. I decide to spin this around back on her before she can back me in a corner.
“Why honey do you ever think about having sex with another guy, What about Joe for example”
I say figuring this would get her off the subject.

“No Mike I love you and only you” she says, then takes a deep breathe and says
“I would never do anything like that unless you wanted me too.”

My heart skips a beat at this statement. not sure if this is a trap or invitation.
“I love you Anna, I would never ask you to do something like that just to make me happy.”
She kisses me softly then lays her head on my shoulder and goes to sleep.

The next morning I was woken to Anna sucking on my cock. I smiled and enjoyed it for a few minutes before pulling her ass to me an licking her sweet pussy to orgasm.

“Come on, lets go for a run”
She says jumping out of bed after we were done. Well she definitely has some spark in her. I figure it most
be the cabin and mountains and no babies around making her all horny.

After we get back I go for a shower then head down for a snack. Anna and Susan are in the kitchen
chatting all I caught was Susan say
“So did you talk to him, will he do it”
and Anna’s reply
“No. I can’t just ask him, its not that simple”
I round the corner and they see me, both girls had a nervous look on their face.

I decide not to push the issue so I tell Susan good morning and give Anna a nice deep hard kiss
while my hand slips under her sun dress to her bare pussy to tease her. No panties again this isn’t like
Anna but I like it, so I’m not going to complain. I break our kiss and go over to make a sandwich.

Joe’s sitting at the counter already eating
“Hey Joe what’s on the agenda for today” I say.
“Not much Mike what did you have in mind” he replies.
I think for a minute
“ How about we grill some steaks and relax tonight drink some wine maybe” I say.

Every one likes that idea and the girls say their going to head into town do some shopping at the mall and
pick up the food.

“Well we got some time to kill Joe how about we go for a hike in the mountains while the girls are gone”
I tell Joe.

Anna come over and gives me a long kiss good bye, I can’t resist the urge and tease her bare little pussy
some more. Susan kisses Joe, then whispers in his ear. Me and Joe get dressed and head out for our hike. We talk about the normal stuff our coming deployment to Iraq. We’re both a little nervous about that but excited as well. We talk about our wives and sex even nothing new me and Joe were like brothers. I tell him about Anna’s questioning last night, He seems nervous when I mention it.

“Well have you ever thought about Susan that way” Joe asks.
“She’s like a sister, and your wife Joe I don’t look at her that way” I say
“It would be like you fantasizing about Anna, and you don’t do that do you” I add.
“No. your right” he says sounding almost disappointed.

A few minutes later
“You go on ahead, I’m going to call Susan while I got a signal. Have her pick up some German beer for
tonight” he says looking at his phone.

I get the hint he wants some privacy so I go on up the trail. A few minutes later Joe catches up and we
finish our hike, he seems back to his normal self. That night at dinner we eat and drank, joking and laughing everything was great. I still felt there was an elephant in the room every once and awhile certain looks or whispers when I was out the room, but we we’re having a good night.

Anna was sitting in my lap and I was teasing her bare pussy every chance I got during the night. I could
smell her arousal and finally could take no more.

“Well we’re off to bed to make wild love, we’ll see you kids in the morning”
I say jokingly as I pull Anna towards the bed room.

Anna’s naked before I even have the bed room door closed. She rips my shirt of pulling me to the bed and
drops my pants. She pulls me straight down on top of her and guides my hard cock inside her dripping
“Fuck me hard Mike” she hisses with lust in her eyes.

I started pounding her, the harder in pounded the louder her moans got, until she let out a scream.
“Oh fuck yeah, I’m Cumming, Fuck me harder, Fuck your little slut”

As soon as she caught her breathe she jumps up and runs into the bathroom.
“Be right back I got a surprise for you” she says with a grin.

My mind goes back to the first time she said those words to me many years ago. I was the night we lost
our virginity. I was 13 and Anna 12 at the time and a new girl Tammy had moved in the week before. She
was 14 which Anna felt threatened by since I was the only boy in the neighborhood. When Anna found out
Tammy wasn’t a virgin she was determined to lose hers to me.

It Saturday and Anna’s parents were out for the evening, Her older brother George was babysitting her but
him and his girlfriend were fucking in his room as they always did. Anna an I were in her room lying on the
bed kissing and founding each other. Our usual Saturday night routine.

“Mike do you think Tammy is prettier then me” she asks.
“No, your much prettier and smell better and taste better I‘m sure” I say causing her to blush.
“You know she’s not a virgin and she knows a lot about sex” she says.

“Yes she told me she wasn‘t and umm kind of offered or hinted around that she could teach me all kinds of things, I refused though I want us to learn those things together one day”
I say and give her a little kiss. My mind was hoping that day came soon.

My answer must have triggered something in her because she jumped up from the bed and ran to her
bathroom. Stopping at the door she looked back at me.
“Be right back I got a surprise for you” she says with a grin.

She was back and naked this time, I had seen all her body parts before but never in the full light like
this. It was always under covers or she had clothes on and would open her shirt or raise her skirt. My
mouth was open and I just started at her. I had always loved her as far back as I could remember, she
was my best friend.

All the kissing and exploring sexually seemed part of that friendship but that night was the first time I
felt I was in love with her. As we both lost our virginity when I pushed thru her hymen we both cried.
It was a feeling I still can’t really describe but it was like part of me was drained from my heart and gone
forever replaced by part of her. I knew as I looked down and seen the blood around my cock and on her
pussy that we were a part of each other now and I would never be whole unless she was with me.

The sound of the bathroom door brought me back to the cabin

I lay there waiting my cock pulsing needing to cum. She comes back out the bathroom wearing a sexy
little teddy. She looked good enough to eat, I was little shocked when I notice that she has on a strawberry blonde wig. The same color as Susan’s hair.

My dicks hard and throbbing though so I just go with it. She slinks over to the bed and takes my cock
into her mouth and begins sucking. I reach to pull her ass around to get a taste of her sweet pussy,
but she looks up at me.

“No, you just lay back and watch your baby sister, take all that cock in her mouth”
she says with an evil grin.

Baby sister this was a new one but as badly as I needed to cum I wasn’t about to complain.

I watched her deep throat my nine inches, god that is a sexy sight especially when she gags and her eyes
tear up and the spit drools from her mouth. Its not long before I pumping hot cum down her throat.
She gets up on the bed and lays back spreading her legs wide for me.

“Ok now you can come eat your baby sisters little pussy”
She says while rubbing her clit. I choose to ignore all the sister comments and wig figuring I was reaping
the rewards from her little game.

Her pussy was dripping wet as I slide my tongue thru it and into her hole. She moaned loudly holding the
back of my head as I licked an sucked all her cum I could. When I started fingering her she tightened and
Her cum flowed from her pussy for me to lick up. I had two finger inside her when the dirty talk started
“Oh god yes, finger your sisters pussy”
“Baby Sister need three finger in her cunt” which I obliged her with.
“Yeah that it Baby Sister need to be fucked hard”
“Make Sister your little slut”
She finally screams as her second orgasm hits. I was exhausted and crawled up beside her and laid on
my back.

Joe and Susan must be up to the same thing because I can hear her thru the wall. I can’t make out everything
Their saying but I think I hear her say
“That’s it take your little sisters pussy”

Anna catches her breathe after her second orgasm and climbs on top of me. My cock already hard again
from listening to Joe and Susan. She slides it deep inside her and kisses me passionately as she slowly rides
my cock.

“Do you like my new look” she says seductively.
“Yes baby” I say.
“So you like fucking your little sister” she says with little grin.

She looks like Susan with the wig so I know what she’s getting at, but I don’t want her thinking I want to
fuck Susan so I say
“I always like fucking you, baby no matter who your pretending to be.”

She almost seems disappointed with that answer. She kisses me passionately and begins to ride me harder.

“Fuck your little sister. Make her cum”
“Take your sisters pussy” she screams as she rides me wildly.
Slamming her self down hard with each stroke until we both cum hard.

Later as we lay resting I think about the last few days and all the strange things. I wonder does she want
me to fuck Susan, is this her plan. Does she want to fuck Joe?

“Honey” she says softly
“Do you think I looked like Susan tonight”
“Did I turn you on” she says nervously.

“Well you and Susan have the same build so with the wig yes you looked a lot like her, sisters even. I
shouldn’t even have to answer whether you turned me on” I say to her.

I knew as the words left my mouth this wasn’t over.

“Did you fantasize it was her while you fucked me tonight, its alright if you did I wanted you to” she says in
a whisper.

Now I’m thinking what to say
“You know you’re my heart an soul baby, even if I wanted to think of another woman I couldn’t do it while
we made love, you’re the only thing on my mind.” I say hoping to end the conversation.

“If you wanted to honey I’d do it you, I’ll do anything for you” she says nervously.
I’m a little confused “Do what baby” I ask.
She lays quietly
“Do what baby” I ask again.

In a very low whisper, her voice cracking she says
“If you wanted to swap with Joe and Susan, for a night I’d do it for you”

I think quietly for a minute
“Sweetie your all I want, and if I did want to swap I wouldn’t let you do it just for me, It would have to be
something you wanted too.” I say praying this conversation ends soon.

“So if I wanted it, you would do it” she whispers.

Not sure how to reply I kiss her deeply
“Good night baby I love you” I say and pull her tight to me.
I eventually doze off my mind was lost in thought, I had been with Anna since I was 4 and she was 3.
She was all I knew or ever wanted in life. I didn‘t even know how to react to her questions. Was this
normal I thought do all married people swap. Would we be the same if we did. I knew one thing in my
heart as I feel asleep that night the other half of my heart was laying next to me.

In the morning I’m treated to another blow job and pussy pie for breakfast before our morning run.
After my shower I go down and Anna and Susan are whispering in the kitchen again. I try an hang
back to hear what their talking about but Joe comes in behind me giving me away.

We all go for a hike on the trails that day. Everybody chatting like normal until I ask Joe and Susan when
their going to have some kids. They all three gave me a strange look and things seem a little off the rest
of the hike. That night we had steamed seafood for dinner and wine.

Then we all cuddled up on the couch with blankets to watch a movie. I knew something was up then.
Anna suggested we put on pajamas to be comfortable. Me and Joe had pajama pants on, the girls came
down in long sleep shirts. The girls went to make drinks and Joe was putting the movie in so I got the
blankets and sat down.

Anna sat to my left and Susan to my right which seemed odd, We were all close but I struck me as odd.
I kissed and teased Anna during the movie, she was slowly stroking and rubbing me. I thought I felt two
hands rubbing my cock. I look under the blankets and Anna and Susan are rubbing me.

I look at Anna and she whispers
“Its ok” and smiles.
I look over to Joe and he give me a quick smile and turns back to the movie. I wasn’t sure if he knew
what Susan was up to or not.

It was a constant battle in my mind for the remainder of the movie. I had been touched by any women but
Anna so the feeling of Susan’s hand stoking my cock was exciting and new. But each time I looked at Anna
all I seen were images of Anna stroking Joe cock and my dick would go limp. Which would make Anna
give me a sad face.

I finally resigned to just imaging Anna and Susan together and leaving me and Joe out of it. The movie ends and we decide to go to bed. Thank god I thought to myself.

“Ok boys you clean the mess down here and we’ll go get ready for bed” Susan says with a smile.
Me and Joe clean up and head upstairs.

I open the door and Anna is in her little teddy again no wig thank god. She drops my pajama’s as she pushes back on the bed, My cock is rock hard from the teasing and she takes it in to her mouth. After a few minutes she stops.
“I got a surprise for you” she says and dims the lights real low then goes to the bath room.
“Close your eye till I tell you to open them” she says.

My heart is racing as I lay there with my eyes closed. My mind wandering what’s next every surprise so
Far as brought us closer to the end of us as we know it and I feared the end of us. I swear I here the bed
room door but then I feel Anna slide onto the bed. She start kissing me then I fell lips sliding around my

I break our kiss and look down to see Susan with about half my cock in her mouth. I start to say something
but Anna stops me

“Its ok baby, enjoy I want you to do this. Do it for me if not your self.”
She kisses me again and slips out the bed and walks to the door.
I realize Joe is in the room and he takes Anna’s hand and leads her out the door.

My mind was in shock as a tear rolled down my face watching Anna walk away. I felt as though someone
had cut me and my blood was slowly draining from my body as she got closer to the door I became weaker.
As she reached the door she looked back and smiled.
“I Love You” she said as she closed the door on my heart.

Susan was deep throating my cock my cock but all I could feel was the emptiness in my chest. I just laid
their my mind finally resting on the only thing I thought would see me thru the night. This is what Anna
wants as much as I don’t want this I can’t deny her what she wants if I do then I have already lost her.
So I’ll go with it I close me eyes and imagine Susan is Anna.

I pull Susan around to straddle my face, she is sweet and wet. Its not long before I’m ready to cum and
Susan knows it and quits before I do. She lies on her back and places some pillow under her as and pulls
me to her guiding my cock into her pussy.

I’m a little larger the Joe so she feels nice and tight as I slide inside her. I get about four stokes in before
I’m ready to cum. Susan raps her legs around me and pulls me all the way inside her as I pump her full of
cum. She says nothing when I call her Anna as I fill her with my cum.

My arousal is on high from my day dreaming back to when I took Anna’s virginity. In only a few minutes
I’m pumping away like a mad man her yelping each time it hit bottom. We suck and fuck all night but
always Cumming in her pussy.

I think I got off 6 times that night, the last just after sunrise. I know Susan made some noise but I never
heard Anna once that night. After my last load the bedroom door opened and Anna came slip into bed
with me laying her head on my chest. Susan kissed her and said
“Thank you” then slipped out the room.

Anna looked up at me I could tell she had been crying and kissed me. I look her in the eyes

“Never again baby, so don’t ask” I tell her with tears of my own trickling down my cheek.

Clearly she was upset and I knew I was, but all I really wanted was my heart back. To fill the void
last night had left inside me. I figured I’d make love to her, I rolled her on her back and started kissing her
passionately. Thank god my cock got hard again as I guided into her slowly as I pushed deeper she felt
different like she hadn’t been fucked since I was with her the night before.

I stopped and went down and tasted her definitely no semen. I go back up and smell her no sweat smell
no sex smell. I can her Susan and Joe going at it so.
“Ok what’s going on” I say
“What you mean baby” she says
“You know what I mean, you weren’t fucked last night” I say.
“Lets not talk about it ever Mike, Just make love to me” she says with a tears in her eyes.

I started to question it but decided it best to leave it alone. We missed our morning run and breakfast it was
nearly noon before we got out of bed. The rest of the weekend went back to normal none of us ever
mentioned that night again.

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