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When I found out that my mom was whoring around, it changed my life.
It was a nice early fall day. Dad was with his golfing buddies. They had gone to a course out of town that they had always wanted to play and would be gone till late evening. I was at my friend’s house playing video games. We had gotten bored with the game we were playing and decided we wanted to play a game that I had back at my house. It was only a few blocks away so I said I would ride my bike home and get it. It only took a few minutes to get there.

I entered the house and headed for my room to get the game. As I passed Mom and Dad's room I could hear that she was in the room. I started to knock to say hi but what I saw thru the partly open door made me stop. I pushed the door open a little more and looked in. Mom was on her back on the bed. She was naked with her hands and feet tied to the corners of the bed and a blindfold covering her eyes. There were two naked guys on the bed with her. They did not look much older than me. One was between her legs, pounding his cock into her pussy and the other was up next to her head with his cock in her mouth.

My first thought was that she was getting raped but I soon could tell that that was not what was happening. She was bouncing her hips up to match the thrusts of the guy in her cunt and sliding her mouth up and down the shaft of the guy in her mouth. I could also hear her moaning. After a minute or so, they both pulled out and switched places. While they were swapping places I heard Mom say. "Oh Fuck. Get those hard cocks back in me. Give me your wonderful pricks." Then her holes were filled again.

I stood there in shock and watched for several more minutes. The guys swapped places twice more while I watched. Mom was really into this as they both were giving her some hard and deep fucking. Noticing that I had gotten a raging hard-on watching my mother getting fucked by two young guys that I did not know, I walked into the room. One of the guys saw me, and his looking at me made the other one look also. I put my finger to my lips the way you say to be quiet and I motioned with my hands that they should keep doing what they were doing. They did. I don't think that Mom even noticed the pause. I stripped out of my clothes and started jerking my seven inches as I watched.

When they got ready to switch again, I motioned to the one who was going to change from her mouth to her pussy to step aside. I promptly got between my mothers legs and sank balls deep and started forcefully slamming into her snatch. Mom moaned happily. I fucked her hard and deep and fast for a couple minutes. I could tell that I wasn't going to last very long. I reached down and pulled off her blindfold. When she saw me above her, she looked shocked and pulled off the prick in her mouth. " Paul !!! Oh my God no." Then she had one of the strongest orgasms that I had ever seen a woman have, wither in person or on film. That pushed my over the edge and I flooded her womb with my seed. I had never cum that much in my life. She was grabbing the sheets and rolling her head back and forth while letting out a long scream. "Aghhhhhhhhh fuuuuck."

I was finally done and we all got off the bed, leaving Mom there, sobbing. The two guys that were with her when I got there pulled on their clothes and left. I went around and untied her. She sat up and pulled the sheet up over her chest. "Paul, I can't have sex with you. You're my son and you're only 18." I looked at her, "You can and you have and you will. It's obvious that you like cocks in you other than Dad's. Who were those guys?" Mom told me that she only knew their first names. She had met them a couple weeks ago and this was the second time she had gotten together with them. I asked her if she was fucking anyone else and she lowered her head and quietly said yes.

We sat there and she told me that Dad had pretty much lost interest in sex but it seemed that the older she got the more she needed it and that she finally started getting it from other men. She looked at me and told me how good I had done her, "I bet you are not a virgin." I told her that I had been able to get three girls to let me have sex with them. I also told her that it was the first time I had ever done it without a condom and that I liked it better that way. I asked her if she was too old to have babies anymore and she said that she was not but that she was on the pill. Mom sat there for a couple minutes without saying anything. Then she shifted around and laid her head in my lap. "Well Paul, you sorta chased the guys away before they were finished and I still need more. Are you up for more of your old mom?" Without waiting for a reply she took my cock in her mouth and starting sucking it. I had never gotten a blowjob before and it felt great. The thought that it was my mom made it even more exciting.

While she was bobbing up and down on my prick I told her that from when I first learned what my cock was for, I had thought about how I would like to make love to her. She looked at me and told me that all the time she was watching me grow up, she had thought about what it would be like to have her baby boy back in the hole that he came out of, but that she never expected to have it happen. "Now that it has, I'm glad that it did. It was wonderful. Why don't you come up here and fuck your mommy and make her feel good." I did not waste a second. I got back between her legs and pushed into her. She made me think, "That is where I came out of." She was tighter than I expected. She was almost as tight as the girls I had been with. I started with long but slow strokes. Soon she was telling me to do it harder and faster. By the time we were both finished and fully satisfied, my balls were bouncing off her ass cheeks and the bed's headboard was hitting the wall with loud thumps. When we had finished, I cuddled up next to her and suckled on one of her tits as we relaxed.

I guess it is time to tell you a little bit about us. My name is Paul. I'm eighteen, five foot ten and weigh 155 pounds. I'm in pretty good shape. I play on my high school baseball team. I have a cock that has grown to almost seven inches and it seems like it is hard most of the time. Mom's name is Victoria. She's forty, five foot eight. She is slim except for her big tits. They are D-cups. I know because I looked at them in the laundry. She is a MILF. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Several of my friends have said it also and I have seen many men checking her out. We have a comfortable amount of money and live in an upper middle class neighborhood outside of Dallas. Dad is about five years older than her and he is a workaholic. He is nice but I don't see much of him between work and golf.

My friend Tim who was also 18 had come to find me because I had been gone so long. He knew that if our door was not locked, it was all right for him to come in so he came in and headed for my room to see what the delay was. When he passed my parents open door he saw the two of us naked together on her bed. "Wow, sorry." He started to leave but I told him to stop. "Come in here. You've gotta promise not to tell anyone about this. Promise?" "Sure man, I won't say a word." Mom looked at him, "Come over here and I'll make it worth your while to keep our little secrete." Tim slowly walked over next to the bed. Mom reached out, took his hand and put it on her breast. While he was groping her tit, she reached out and unbuckled, unzipped and pulled down his pants and shorts. His five-inch erection popped out and was quickly engulfed by my mom's mouth. I watched her as she gave his a blowjob till he came in her mouth. She never spilled a drop. Tim almost fell to the floor. "That's to make sure that you won't tell anybody. You won't, will you?" "No Mam."

After Mom had finished blowing Tim, I got the game that I had come home for and we went back to Tim's house. Tim was full of questions and I had to explain to him that this was the first time it had happened and no, I had not been fucking my mother and not telling him about it, etc. etc. Well, sex with Mom became a pretty normal thing and she often suggested that I invite Tim. She liked it with more than one guy at a time. She also did not hide it from me that she was still seeing other guys too. But she was happy.

One day when we were having lunch, she told me about what had happened the day before, when I was not home. The doorbell rang and it was Tim, but with him were his father, Frank and his twelve-year-old brother. His father pushed the door open and they came in. Tim's father was almost dragging the kids. "I hear that you are fucking young boys, including Tim." Tim spoke up, "I didn't tell him on purpose, honest. He heard somebody say something and then he made me tell him. I'm sorry." Tim's father again spoke, "If you don't want to end up in prison for molesting children, you'll include us in your games." Mom said, "What do you mean?" "I like spending time with a hot fuck slut and my younger son, Don needs someone to teach him about what to do with a female. Why don't you start by showing Don what it is like to have a woman suck his cock while I film it for the future." Mom said that she argued with him but he kept threatening her about telling the cops till she finally agreed.

Frank told Don to drop his pants. Don looked scared to death but he did what his father said. "OK slut, get down there and suck his dick till you make him cum. Mom said that she dropped to her knees and did as she was told. Like he said he was going to do, Frank filmed it. Next he gave the camera to Tim. "Take us to your bedroom, slut." When they got there he ordered mom to strip and he did at the same time. "Film Tim and don't stop till I fuckin tell you to." Tim looked scared and lifted the camera. "Get on the bed on your hands and knees, bitch. I'm gonna fuck that pretty ass of yours till I fill it full of my spunk. Then you’re gonna suck my shit covered cock clean." Mom told me that she complained because she had never done anal sex and didn't want to. She offered anything else by Frank would not be dissuaded. He got on the bed behind her, spat on the crack of her ass and in his hand. Then he rubbed it on his hard six-inch cock. He put it to her little puckered rosebud and holding her hips, pushed the head into her ass. Mom yelled out in pain but he did not stop. Soon, he was fully in her butt and he started fucking her as she cried. After a couple minutes the pain lessened and she just stayed there quietly till he shot his load up her poop shoot.

"OK Tim, it's all yours now. Get up there and fuck her whore ass. The father took the camera and kept making the recording as Tim fucked her ass while telling her that he was sorry. In just a couple minutes, Tim added his cum to his father's. It was starting to run out of my mom's ass and down her leg. "Get on you back. It's time for Don to fuck his first cunt and you better make sure he likes it." She helped guide him to the right place and squeezed as tight as she could while Don pumped his small dick into her. When he came, he squeezed in delight. Then she was made to suck it clean. "That was great, Dad. I really liked that." Frank was satisfied for the time being but told Mom that he would be back often and if she didn't want to go to jail, she had better welcome him and anyone he brought with him. Then they left.

For the next six months things went on like this. Mom and me still enjoyed sex and she still had some other fuck buddies that she enjoyed being with, but also, Frank came over or told her to be somewhere at least once a week. He usually invited one or more of his friends to be there and they forced her to do things that she did not want to do. They loved to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. They loved to put her in the shower and piss on her, even making her drink it. They loved to make her lick their assholes even if then had not cleaned them for days. They hit her and pulled her hair. They laughed every time she gagged on one of their cocks. They used nipple clamps on her and even put them on her clit. Some of them sometimes brought their young sons with them to be serviced by her. One guy even brought his eleven-year-old daughter and made Mom eat her out till she had her first orgasm. Mom was not bi.

I told her that I wanted to do something to put a stop to this but she strongly told me not to get involved, she could take it and she did not want there a chance for me to get hurt or for him to carry out his threats and go to the police. He had several films of her having sex with young children, even if she was being forced to do it, it did not look that way on the recordings.

Dad never found out that Mom was cheating on him, or at least he never let on that he did. One day he came home and said that he was getting a promotion and that we would have to relocate to a new city. Mom was delighted to get away from Frank and his crew. The company already had a house for us in the new city. It would be about three weeks before Dad could wrap things up and go but the company moved our furniture and Mom and I moved ahead of him. Until Dad got there I slept in Mom's bed every night. We had sex at least once a day and sometimes more. She even started asking me to fuck her in the ass once in a while but it was her choice. She wasn’t being forced to do anything. I made a couple of new friends about my age that we decided to invite to join us because, like I said, Mom enjoys having more than one guy at a time to pleasure her and to pleasure. I love my mother.



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not bad but you have written much better keep doing what you do sir love e you naenae

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2014-12-26 16:59:57
I found out that my mom is a sleep around slut. Now I have to figure out how to get in on the action.

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2013-12-27 05:23:32
i fucking HATE guys like Frank

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2013-07-25 08:51:11
I Ann. You know who this is. I wanted to let you and everyone else know that my daughter Jenny and I spent all day yesterday in bed fucking with your husband while you were out shopping with your friends. He's a pretty goof fuck for his age.

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2012-11-22 04:11:01
Ann: I'm just guessing, but Hollywood isn't imumne from the recession. In fact, it's pretty impressive that Angie(a woman!) not only got paid $20M for SALT when most A-list stars have had to reduce their fees, she actually got (fm. what I remember reading) a share of the back end profits. This used to be common with the biggest A-listers when the economy was flush & they could bring in the cash. But now economic times are hard, comic book movies with unknowns are cheap and lots of people say the Age of the Star is over.But I digress. Angie is the STAR and she's KNOWN overseas; Liev & Chewitel are not. Maybe if the economy was better & Sony/Columbia had more money to throw around for promotion, it would have paid for the travel/hotel/food etc. for the co-stars to also appear in Europe. Leona Lewis & other celebrities did walk the RC, just not other SALT actors.Also, Lief & Chiwetel might have other commitments, e.g. already working on other films/projects, that prevented them

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