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Hi this is my first sex story. Please contrustive criticism only. Thanks. Happy reading
Hi my name is Logan. I'm 18 years old and I am 6 ft tall and weigh close to 160. Oh and on more thing I have a 9 inch cock. Yes I know its big and no I'm not lying either. I don't have the bet grammar in the world so please excuse me on that. Now on with the story. And yes it's all true My aunt and uncle invited us to go to Key West flordia with them for a summer vacation. We agreed and in two weeks we were going to Key west. I was thrilled to be going but not only because of the beach but because of my two cousins. There names are Brandie and Rachel. Brandie is 25 with huge tits but is a little over weight. Rachel is t he hotter of the two being 21 with B cup tits I'm guessing and with a nice tan athletic body. I always have had a crush on her and my dick gets hard whenever I think of her. I was looking forward to seeing her in a bikini. The days went on in our vacation and we were having great time. We were staying in a nice beach house close to the beach itself. I had my own room and my two cousins had there own room. After seeing my cousin in a bikini all day long my cock demanded attention. Everyone else was gone to the beach when I came back to the house to wash up and watch a movie. While I was taking a shower I immadiately started jacking my 9 inches and though of my cousins amazing body. I cummed everywhere and cleaned up he mess quickly. After the shower I had a dirty idea. I ran into my cousins room and looked through her suit case and found what I was looking for. I held up my prize a pair of red satin panties and ran back to my room. I immadelty suck on them for a few minutes and then I wrapped them around my cock and started to jack off . It felt so good and I was close to cumming when I heard the door of our beach house open. I quickly stuffed my cock in my pants and put the panties in my pocket and walking out of my room. It turned out that It was my cousin Rachel at the door. I called out and hey and she said hey logan in return. I was trying hard to get my errction under control but it kept poking through my shorts ( one of the downsides to having a big cock). She said she came up to shower too and watch a movie with me . She left and went to the shower and while she was gone I put the panties back in her suit case and picked out a movie. She came out 10 min later wearing short spandex shorts that hugged her ass nicely and a shirt that showed her perky small tits. She sat close to me which helped nothing with my erection and we watched the movie together. Stupid me forgot I had picked a movie with a sex sence in it . When It came on I instantly sprang to life and I think she noticed it too. She giggled and whispered to me. "Logan are u still a virgin" ? The question took me off guard but I answers truth fully and told her I was . She laughed and told me that she lost her virginity at age 19. The conversation ended there and we watched the rest of the movie. Soon enough the rest of the family came back from the beach and we had a wonderful dinner and had a great evening. That night I kept thinking about how my cousin wasn't a virgin any more. . It also made me wonder If she liked telling my her sex secrets. Thinking of her brought me erection back to life. And I slowly stroked my cock until I came every where. I awoke with a start to find my cousin Rachel telling me breakfast was ready. I hurried out of bed and went down stairs for breakfast. Mom asked me if minded if they went out shopping and left me here. I said I Was cool with it . Supprisingly Rachel said she didnt feel like going out today and wanted to stay and tan. So once my parents and aunt and uncle and cousin brandie left it was just me and Rachel. I forgot to mentiont this but Rachel was wearing those red panties and a shirt . I was staring at her ass when I noticed she saw me . I looked away quickly but I could tell she saw me. Rachel took me off guard compleley when she said. U like looking at my sexy ass don't u . I was stunned and just laughed it off. She then said we should play truth or dare and I agrees because I likes were this was going. She asked me truth or dare and I said truth . The. She caught me off guard and asked me do u think I'm hot . I sat there most likely looking like a idiot and said that I thought she looked nice . Rachel said no way u that wasn't the question it was asking me If I would go out with her kinda hot . Fine I thought better be honnest. So I told her I would and that I did think she was hot . I planned to catch her off guard with my question. Truth or dare I asked. She gave me a devilish smile and said dare. I then dared her to take off all of her clothes. She stared at me for a while and said oh well a dare is a dare . I was shocked that she was going to actually strip for me. Next think I knew her shirt and panties were lying on the floor ....... Part 2 coming soon

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2012-09-16 22:38:47
Errhhhhh. Sry. Part 2 is better than part 1 not the other way around. Typing error

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2012-09-16 22:37:44
Hey guys it's me Nagol7 part 2 is up now !!!! Yes it does have sex in it I tried to fix paragraph problem but the site atomaticly switched it back to one big paragraph. But I still think part 1 is better. Thanks :)

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2012-09-12 07:28:15
(I am bioniclogist) thank you for the part two! I look forward to reading it when it gets up!

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2012-09-12 06:36:40
Ok well I'm writing a part two with paragrahs this time. You can't tab or enter On this site so u have to hand space a whole line or two. I've been busy with school latley as I just started college two weeks ago. Part 2 should be up this weekend. Thanks for the positive ratings!

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