Alex wonders what his little sister was sent in the mail
It really wasn’t my intention to snoop around my sister’s room. Really. I just wanted to see what she was hiding from my parents. Yesterday, she received a package in the mail and refused to open it in front of us. Mom and dad just shrugged their shoulders and gave her her privacy—I, on the other hand, wanted to know what she was hiding.

Tonight I knew she would be out late—told my parents she was going to some party with her friends. My parents trusted her, only because they figured she could do no more worse than I had when I was her age. Honestly, when I was eighteen, I never listened and went out whenever I want. Now I’m twenty and I pretty much still do whatever I want—now I just get my car taken away as punishment. I think they were just happy she asked for permission. Plus, she’s my father’s little girl.

My sister, Gina, was blessed with these big, blue eyes and supple lips. That way, she could get anything she wanted to with just the slightest pout. It annoyed me to no end.

Tonight was one of those nights where I was summoned to stay home after coming home drunk a few nights ago. So, this is how I’m spending my night: sneaking around Gina’s room looking for that damn package.

I frowned, looking around. Her bed was neatly made and everything in plain sight didn’t seem out of the ordinary. I bent down, looking under her bed. Jackpot! There was the box she had received! This was just too good to be true!

I lifted the box out, going through the packaging. However, I was disappointed to see that there was nothing inside—just a note from the sender.

‘Hope you enjoy this when I’m not there with you’

It wasn’t signed, but it got me thinking. Was this what I thought it could be? Did someone just send my younger sister a vibrator? Now fueled with curiosity—having never seen one before—I frantically pushed the box back under the bed and stood up to go on a hunt. Where would she keep it?

I lunged over to her drawers, pulling open the top drawer. Damn she owns a lot of thongs. I felt my cock starting to stir in my pants as I picked up a tiny blue thong. Gina’s ass really was perfect—round and always filling out her jeans flawlessly. I bet this really looked good on her.

Was I jealous of the person who gets to see her wear this? Did she even have a boyfriend? Wait…or was it a girlfriend? I reached down, absentmindedly rubbing my cock on top of my shorts—really starting to get aroused.

As I shoved the underwear back in the drawer, my hand hit something hard. My eyes widened as I pulled out a 6 inch long purple vibrator. “Holy shit!” I breathed out loud as I examined the smooth sex toy. I wonder if she used this last night?

Before I had time to realize, I heard voices in the hallway. My heart began to race as I stood holding her toy in the middle of her room. I glanced around, finding the closet the most sensible place to hide at this point.

I bolted to her closet, closing the door partially so that I could see what or who was coming up the stairs. “Fuck!” I whispered, suddenly spying the vibrator I had dropped on the floor before retreating to the closet. I really hope she doesn’t notice…

Gina pushed open her bedroom door, giggling. I then noticed she was not alone. I peered closer, trying to not make a sound. “I’m glad you decided to come back,” she said playfully, blocking my view of the other person.

Gina’s back was towards her closet—again not helping my still present erection. Her dress was short and tight, just barely covering her round ass. The other person’s hands wrapped around her waist, dropping one hand to her ass cheek, gently squeezing. I felt a twinge of jealousy suddenly.

“Yeah…well…just hope Alex isn’t awake,” the other male voice said softly. Hey, that voice sounds like…no…I shook my head hoping and praying that this guy touching my sister wasn’t in fact my best friend, Pete. “I don’t think he’d be too happy with me…”

His hand lifted up her dress, giving me the best view I could have ever dreamed of. “He won’t find out,” she hushed. “I’m obviously not going to tell.” My eyes wandered up her back, seeing now that they were kissing.

My blood began to boil as the two backed up towards her bed. As they shifted positions, I realized that it really was Pete. That fucking prick! He leaned his head to the side, taking the time to suck and kiss Gina’s neck. A soft moan escaped her lips as his hands pulled up her dress even more.

My fingers curled into a tight fist as Pete pushed Gina onto her bed, eagerly looking down at her. As he took a step forward, he glanced to the side, noticing the purple vibrator on the floor. “Well…what have we here?” he grinned, leaning over to pick it up. “I see you’re using my gift?”

“Yeah, well, you should have sent it when my family wasn’t here!” she laughed, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulders. “Alex literally looked like he was going to attack me to see what was inside.”

“I think he would have been quite disgusted to see what it was,” Pete chuckled, tossing the vibrator to the side. He then took this opportunity to climb over my sister’s body. Her legs separated, allowing him to slide between them. Pete cupped her cheek before kissing her lips softly.

I watched as Pete began to kiss down her cheek and to her neck again. Gina responded with an arch in her back, urging him further. I can’t believe this! They’re actually about to have sex, aren’t they!? My best friend and my fucking sister!

As he kissed further down, Pete began to push down Gina’s strapless dress. I gasped, not expecting to see her perky tits so fast. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. What a naughty girl!

My cock was now throbbing. I licked my lips, suddenly wanting to be in Pete’s position—kissing my sister’s hard nipples. Unable to take it, realizing I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I carefully pushed down my shorts and boxers. My eight-inch hard cock sprung out, aching for attention.

I moaned softly as I wrapped my fingers around the base, watching now as Pete flipped Gina on top of him. Her dress was now bunched up in the middle of her body—showing off her breasts and thong-covered ass. Pete’s hand reached down, back to her ass as he lightly smacked her firm ass cheek. She yelped out, giggling as she wiggled her ass, almost wanting more.

“Naughty girl,” Pete growled, slapping her again. Oh, this was too much. I felt pre-cum beginning to ooze out of my cock as I continued to stroke myself furiously.

“Wait…” Gina suddenly sat up, looking around her room. Pete did the same, confused. But as she looked, his hands crept up her front, grabbing a hold of her tits. “Thought I heard something,” she shook her head.

“It’s just you and me, babe,” he whispered, pinching one of her nipples. Gina moaned a little louder as I noticed her hips starting to rock against Pete’s crotch. I closed my eyes for a second, imagining I was underneath of her. I’d be able to feel her wet panties against my rock, hard cock. “You need to get out of this dress,” Pete breathed suddenly, pushing Gina off of him.

As if this were ritual, Gina jumped off of the bed and obediently pushed down her dress all the way. She even bent over slightly as she teasingly pushed down her pink thong. As she kicked away the underwear, I caught a glimpse of her bare pussy. Holy fuck she was completely shaved.

I couldn’t control the low moan escaping my lips as I leaned back slightly. All three of us heard the sound of the shoe box falling after I leaned against it. My eyes widened as both Gina and Pete looked towards the closet. My breathing increased as Gina suddenly took a few steps towards the closet—her bare pussy coming closer and closer.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop jerking off! I wanted her to catch me. I wanted her to see how her sexy body caused my cock to throb. “Alex? What the actual fuck are you doing?!” she cried out, trying to still not wake up our parents.

“Dude? Are you….oh, that’s nasty!” Pete commented as he looked around Gina’s naked body to see me on the floor of her closet. I stopped stroking myself so that I could push myself up to a standing position—my cock still pointing straight up.

I noticed Gina glance down for a second before blushing. “Well?” she asked again, stepping back as I took a step towards her.

“I should be asking you the same question—what the fuck are you doing with Pete?” I decided to turn this against her. Ignoring the fact that we were both naked, I angrily glanced over at Pete. He was clutching his shirt in his hands, almost looking as if he were about to abandon the room.

“It’s none of your business, why are you jerking off in my closet?” she shot back, hands on her hips.

“I think it is my business…or do you want me to tell mom and dad about you going off to fuck a guy three years older than you?” I retorted. Gina bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

“Uh, this is weird...Alex, I’m sorry…we’ll talk later?” Pete said uneasily as he started to slowly walk to the door. “Gina, I’ll…” I shot him a glare. “Bye.” Pete shook his head almost running for the door.

Now it was just the two of us.

“Listen, you little pervert, you better not tell mom and dad,” Gina challenged.

“Or what? I don’t think they’ll like your little toy either,” I pointed out, nodding my head to her vibrator. “Their little baby is so promiscuous, isn’t she?”

“Don’t taunt me,” she shook her head, now trying to cover her chest up with her arms. I reached forward, pulling her arms away. “What are you doing?” Gina gasped, eyes wide.

“I already saw them…no use covering them up,” I snickered, taking the best look at her small, pink nipples. “Besides…how about we make a deal?” She didn’t seem to like that idea. So, I pulled her closer to me. Gina grimaced, looking away as I felt my cock bump against her stomach. “How about we have a little fun…and we wont speak of this night ever again?”

“What? Absolutely not!” Gina shook her head. “I’m not going to do anything with you!”

Still holding onto her arm with one hand, I reached around, slapping her ass. She jumped in my arms, surprised. “Then, let me have fun with you,” I decided with a shrug, slapping her ass again. My cock continued to throb as my palm collided with her soft skin.

“Stop slapping me!” she seethed, glaring up at me. I let my palm caress her ass cheek softly as I shook my head down at her.

“You seemed to like it with Pete,” I reminded her, slapping her ass one more time. Gina yelped, lunging forward, pressing her tits against my chest. Without waiting for a reply, I dragged Gina’s body over to her bed, pushing her down face first. Gina tried to lift herself up, but I’m much stronger. As I held her arm behind her back, keeping her body down, something came over me.

With my free hand I pushed her legs open, slipping my fingers along her already wet slit. “Guess you were really excited to be with Pete,” I teased, already shoving a finger inside her moist cunt with ease.

Gina wiggled underneath, trying to push her legs together. “Alex—get the fuck off of me!” This all was too much for me—her pussy was just so tight. Despite her pleas for me to stop, Gina moaned loudly as I shoved another finger inside. I knew she’d come around for me.

“Now, do we have a deal yet?” I whispered, quickening my pace of my fingers fucking her. Gina didn’t respond as I let go of her arm behind her back. I wasn’t exactly surprised when she showed no more signs of struggle—laying flat against the bed as I finger-fucked her pussy. “Good girl.”

Unable to resist, I bent down behind her ass—pulling out my fingers so I could use both of my hands to spread apart my sister’s ass cheeks. Gina moaned softly as I got quite the look of her dripping cunt and tiny, puckered asshole. Leaning forward, I shoved my face right against her pussy, my tongue burying inside her. “Oh my god!” Gina panted, pushing back against my face.

Her moans only urged me to continue eating out her sweet pussy. I’ve never tasted one so desirable as hers. I reached a finger down to her clit, vigorously rubbing in circles as my tongue darted in and out of her tight hole. Gina was absolutely gushing at this point, her juices just dripping into my mouth and down my chin. “You’re really starting to enjoy this, aren’t you?” I breathed against her slit.

“Mmhmm,” she nodded.

“Tell me, what do you want me to do now?” I demanded, slapping her ass as I stopped touching her pussy.

“N-no, don’t stop,” Gina panted, turning her face to look back at me—trying to give me the same pout she gives my father. Sorry, won’t work on me right now! “Please…I want to cum!”

“Not before I do,” I snickered, shaking my head as I delivered another slap to her other ass cheek. Oh how I wanted to grab her little pink cheeks and slam my cock inside of her—but she had to work for it.

“I-I want you to fuck me then!” she said frantically, trying to wiggle her ass to remind me that she still wanted to be touched and played with.

“Get on your knees.”

Gina scrambled off of the bed, sliding down obediently to her knees. She glanced up at me with those big, blue eyes eagerly awaiting my next order. Not caring that she was my sister, I leaned down, kissing her soft lips suddenly. She was surprised, but worked her lips against mine—tasting her own juice off of my tongue.

I pulled away, jerking my cock slowly as I looked down at her. “You better get this wet enough to fuck you.” She didn’t need any more direction. Gina leaned forward, reaching for my cock with her petite hands. I exhaled sharply as she replaced my own hand with her own.

My head tilted back as I felt her tongue slide down the entire length of my shaft and to my balls before sliding back up. “Yes…fuck that feels good,” I whispered as Gina softly sucked the tip of my cock. She had to have had a lot of practice with this. It took every ounce of self-control to not blow my load on her face right this instant.

As she began to suck me off, I placed a hand on the back of her head—guiding her as my own hips started to buck forward. She gagged slightly as I felt my cock hit the back of her throat by accident, but it just felt so damn good! “God, I don’t want to cum yet,” I growled, shaking my head.

I pushed Gina’s head away from my cock, spying some saliva dripping from her mouth as she stared up at me. Reaching down, I grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the bed again face down. “On all fours,” I ordered. She abruptly positioned herself on her hands and knees, legs spread and eager for this cock.

I climbed up behind her, moaning loudly as I ran my cock along her wet pussy. Gina pushed back slightly, making it obvious that she wanted this just as badly as I did. “Tell me how bad you want my cock,” I breathed, sliding my hands to each ass-cheek, finally able to caress and squeeze them.

“Fuck, Alex…I’m so wet right now…I need you to fuck me,” she begged, grinding her own pussy now against my cock. Damn, it felt so nice—her juices making it easy to slide along my erection. As I positioned myself at her entrance, Gina took this opportunity to push herself even further back.

I groaned out as I felt my cock squeezing into her tight hole. My hold on her ass cheeks tightened as I slowly started to push myself inside of her. Gina’s pussy was so fucking tight! With a final moan, I slammed the rest of my cock inside of her pussy. Gina whimpered as I filled her up—her ass pressed against my crotch.

“God you feel so good,” I whispered, slowly sliding my cock back out before slamming inside of her much harder than before. “Fuck, Gina!” My hips moved faster and faster as I slammed into her cunt.

Gina was gripping her bed sheets tightly as she lowered her upper half to the mattress so that her ass was in the air for me. As I quickened my pace, my balls began to slap against her clit, a loud clapping noise filling the air. “F-fuck!” she gasped. “Don’t stop! Please…don’t stop!” Gina begged as my fingers grabbed her hips, slamming her against my cock.

I fucked her for a while like this until I pulled completely out of her pussy and laid on my back on the bed. Gina quickly turned around, surprising me by leaning down to lick off her own pussy juices from my cock. “Jesus,” I gasped, squeezing my eyes shut as she began to suck my cock furiously.

Gina eagerly popped my cock out of her mouth and straddled my waist. She grinned down at me, tucking her hair behind her ears before positioning my cock at her entrance. I bucked my hips forward, wanting to feel that tight, warm pussy around my cock again.

“Now look who’s begging,” she chuckled, lowering herself onto my dick. She held a hand on my chest, holding herself up as my entire length was swallowed up by her pussy. Playfully, I bucked my hips up again. “Ooh!” Gina giggled, her tits bouncing slightly.

My hands found their way to her chest, groping her c-cup breasts as Gina began to lift herself back up. Finally able to live out what Pete was doing previously—I pinched one of her nipples as Gina slid back down. She bit her lip as I refused to let go of her nipple. “Come on, Gina…fuck me!” I growled, needing her to move faster.

She nodded slightly, her mind probably a little warped as I let go of her nipple and slapped her tit rather hard. Gina yelped, but leaned forward slightly to lift her hips up and down a little faster. She moaned and panted as she continued to ride me like a fucking professional. I lifted myself up, eager to greet her tits with my mouth. My tongue rolled across her hard nipples, sucking harder as she moved her hips faster.

“Oh, Alex!” Gina moaned, her ass clapping against my legs. “I’m so close to cumming!” she breathed. Wanting to cum with her, I decided to take the reigns again—wrapping my arms around her waist to push her to the side and onto her back.

My cock never left her pussy as I climbed on top of her. She surprised me by grabbing my face and pulling my mouth to hers. As I continued to slam my cock into her pussy, our tongues danced together. I could feel her moaning against my mouth, which made my cock throb even more. I fucked her as fast as I could, feeling my balls starting to twitch—ready to release my warm load. Gina just made me so fucking horny!

“Can..can I cum inside you?” I panted against her lips.

“Please!” she responded, bucking her hips forward to meet mine. I wrapped my arms around her small body as I started to pump furiously inside her. Gina’s pussy began to tighten around my cock—sending me completely over the edge as she began to cum. Gina cried out as her orgasm ran through her body. Her fingernails began to dig into my back as she held onto me as tight as ever.

That was it. I groaned loudly, thrusting one last time. Gina’s legs instantly wrapped around my waist as I shot my load into her pussy. “F-fuck I’m cumming!” I moaned, breathing hard as Gina grinded her pussy around my cock…eager to be filled up with my sperm.

We laid like that, panting together in a sweaty mess. I felt Gina run her fingers along my arms as she tried to catch her breath. Finally, I lifted myself up. As I pulled my cock out of her used hole, I caught a glimpse of my cum running out of her slit and onto her sheets. I chuckled, looking down at my slut of a sister.

“So, we tell no one of this night?” I asked.

“Right,” Gina nodded, her voice was soft as she stared at me. I climbed off of her bed, picking up the vibrator that had started this whole mess. Shaking my head, I held onto it as I reached her bedroom door. “Wait—why are you taking that?”

“Because, if you need a cock…come get a real one,” I smirked, looking down at my own cock hanging between my legs. Gina blushed but never disputed. Seems like this is the beginning of a very fine relationship.

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does everyone have a 8 inch cock in this age,?????

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Very well written. This is hands down my favorite story I have ever read, it was perfectly detailed. I hope Pete got the dog shit whooped out of him and I hope there is a follow up. By the way, other commenter, saying you're 14 and asking people to exchange sexy pics is retarded. Simply by saying you are 14 is admitting that you shouldn't be on this site. Dumbass.

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Hey, I'm a 21 year old living at home, don't knock it til you've tried it.

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Absolutely well written. Slightly unrealistic, but all good stories must exaggerate for effect. In the end, I can't argue with its effects. Keep up the good work!

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wondering if he beat the shit out of his buddy Pete for trying to fuck his sister LOL

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