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Ok guys this is a modified scene from a book called hart of the mirage, you don?t need to have read the book I have modified it so it?s not necessary, however I felt I should mention that where the idea came from or less I?d get some flak for pretending that it was all mine.
I grabbed the ewer as I ran out of the house with the shouts of my master behind me. Parvana had forgotten to get the water this morning and I was paying the price as I was the closest slave to my mater when he wanted a drink. I was running to the well my masters rants still loud in my ears and the dust from the road drying up my mouth, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I cannoned into a legionary. I immediately realized my mistake but before I could flee hi hand shot out and grabbed my arm so tightly I dropped the ewer and yelped in pain. "Well well well what have we here?" he said "a willing slave wench willing to throw herself into my arms?"

he loosened his grip slightly and I took the chance and pulled away but was immediately seized from behind "no into mine it seems Xasus" there was laughter amongst the small grown of legionnaires that seemed to surround me as this new man pulled me to him. His intrusive hands fondling my breasts. I stood ridged with shock unsure what to do.

Two more legionaries steeped forward out of the small crowd "what about us Evander" one of them asked the man holding me "I could do with a poke and she's not bad... for a slave skank"

"Why not" said the one called Evander "Let's find a place, I saw some grain sacks in an ally back there, that would be perfect"

hardly able to believe this was happening to me in the middle of a crowded street I started to wriggle and squirm shouting at them to let me go or they would be sorry they laughed in my face but when I mentioned my masters anger they stopped and some backed off my mater was the general in charge of the garrison and I informed them how fond he was of me trying to forget the shouting as I left not minutes ago. it was however true that he was keen on me, almost every night I was called to his chambers to, service, him. I did it without complaint I found if I let myself I could almost enjoy the experience, he was far from an undesirable man and I knew I couldn't resist him and he was respectful enough and never hurt me. This was different though these men did even see a slave I was not even human to them and they just wanted my body, they would hurt me I was sure, there was no way to enjoy this. Upon hearing of the general the legionaries backed off a little except for Evander who did not release me. "Maybe we should let her go" Xasus suggested "I don’t want any shit with the general"

"Since when has a slave told a legionnaire what to do, you really think that the general gives a shit about this little shit"

"You had better believe it, he is very fond of me" I snapped trying to act as if I wielded some real power. a small crowd had gathered not most of it including civilians and slaves most of whom were looking at me with me with pity all sorry for me I met eyes with one man in particular whose face radiated concern, I held his gaze imploringly for a second, for the fat lot of good it did me, no one stepped forward to help me.

Xsaus raised his hands in defeat "I'm off" he said pushing his way back through the crowd

However Evander was not going to give up his prize so easily and one of the others was prepared to follow his lead. The crowd had thinned as people left not wanting anything to do with what was about to happen. I saw a chance and took it I sagged in Evander’s arms pulling him off balance I stumbled forward out of his grasp and lashed backwards with my food I felt my heel connect solidly with his groin and heard his grunt of pain and that was it before I was off pushing through the crowd who parted before me before closing behind me and being far less co-operative with the legionaries behind me.

I heard shouts and curses before my arm was grabbed and I was pulled into and ally by the man whose face I had seen in the crowds. His hand clamped over my mouth to stop the scream that was already building. "Follow" he hissed and darted off down the alley. The legionaries were not far behind but the man knew what he was doing, we hurdled a low wall, dashed across a deserted courtyard and skidded into another crowded square, he dropped the pace to make our passage seem less obvious. I risked a glance behind and saw legionnaires spilling out from the courtyard clearly those unwilling to rape me weren't happy to allow me assault on of their own without reprimand. My guide changed direction grabbing my hand and pulling me through another archway into a narrow lane hemmed in by adobe walls. The ally itself was a dead end but several wooden doors set into the walls allowed us and exit.

Without hesitation the stranger pulled open a door and pulled me into the courtyard beyond, it had once been a spacious garden but now was a tangled mass of weeds surrounded by tenements. A number of hens scratched diligently at the dirt. There was washing hanging out to dry from almost every balcony bordering the court. I was pulled across the open space into some shrubs against the back wall, I was about to protest that they were not thick enough even to hide one of us when he slipped sideways and disappeared. I followed and found myself squashing into a narrow cleft in the wall into a rectangular space. It purpose I could not guess but there was barely room for the two of us. I was jammed up against him, my head squashed down to fit under his chin, my hips hard against his, my breast flattened against his firm chest. The only place he could put his arms was around me. He smelt faintly of spice and sweat, it was far from unpleasant. "Huh" he said it wasn't nearly so small when I was a kid hiding from my sister in here.

"You live here?" I asked

"This was once my father’s house, now all I own is a room on the top floor can’t say I’ve been in the cubby hole in a few years though, I’m afraid we're stuck here for a while, the legionaries may have seen us disappear in here. They will have every house searched, we're here until they have finished." I heard voices outside, legionaries shouting to each other. "pull the place apart if you have you, if there's so much as a mouse hiding in this rat hole I want it found, bring everyone you find down here, you stay here you can identify the bitch if she they turn her up"

The stranger whispered into my eye "not a sound" we stood still as statues barley breathing as the legionnaires searched for me. The noise continued for what seemed like an age running footsteps children crying, voices raised in protest.

it was uncomfortable squashed as we were my back was pressed against the rough wall my arms were pinioned by his I twisted my head to look out of the crevice, all I could see through the bushed was movement. The voice again now alarmingly close "you check these bushes" we held our breath jammed still tighter together the rustle of the leaves sounded like an explosion to my ears someone was using their sword to poke through the branches. Sweat mixed with the dust as it trickled down my neck. my bronze slave collar seemed unbearably tight I couldn’t watch and turned my head and found myself almost face to face with this stranger my mouth brushed along his stubbled chin, his smell was pleasant and his firm muscularity tempting. He stirred against me in turn. At first I thought it was merely discomfort at our cramped position. Then I felt the real reason for his unease pressing into my hip. I jerked my head sideways so I could focus on his face. He was looking at some point above my head, the light was dim but I thought I saw a flush of colour in his cheeks. Indignation swelled inside of me, how dare he!

Before I could do anything to indicate my displeasure I felt him quivering. It took a moment for me to identify the cause, laughter. I had no way of expressing my anger I couldn’t move and certainly couldn’t say anything. We remained still and silent while the cause of his amusement remained digging into my hip. Then reluctantly my lips twitched .the situation was funny. Despite his laughter he was embarrassed but there was nothing either of us could do about it. I sucked in my cheeks holding in the chuckles that threatened to erupt.

His head dipped slightly and his lips brushed against mine gently tentatively. I wanted my anger to return but it didn’t. His mouth closed over mine and still I did nothing to stop him, his tongue then probing gently then demanding. I responded. Outside the legionnaires continues the search, neither one of us moved to break the kiss neither of us wanted it to end. I could no longer distinguish between the tension from desire and the tension from fear of discovery. When the noise finally faded and disappeared I was hardly aware they were gone. Wave after wave of desire rippled through me touching mind and body. Pleasurable tightness travelled across the surface of my skin. An unfamiliar sensation matching the more recognizable pressure building from my loins. Desire invaded every inch of me subordinating mind to physical senses. Tissues swelled and warmed and throbbed. I’d never experienced anything so pervasive and though I would disintegrate if there was no release. He broke away "they've gone “he said easing himself out of our prison, wordlessly I followed. No sooner had I extracted myself from the bushes than he grabbed my hand pulling my upstairs behind him. I did not protest I did not want to protest. My whole body was throbbing with lust for him.

I noticed nothing about the room we entered. I had already forgotten the legionaries, all I knew was that I wanted my savior as I had never wanted anyone before in my whole life that I had to have him or die with wanting. later I had no recollection of how I became naked I was and so was he, I lay down onto to pallet and he climbed between my legs his broad frame towered over me as he positioned himself before finally sliding into me over and over again his body humped on top of me and I responded in kind with contractions of my pussy and thrusts back up onto his manhood driving him ever deeper into my core. The tension which I had already felt unbearable grew inside me until it was all I wanted was to scream and keep on screaming. His mouth touched my erect nipple gently biting it as he thrust his shaft into me. I exploded the world around me splintering around me slivered into light and colour and sound and beauty and love and velvet touch and I wanted to die with the joy of it.

I floated in magic, in music in perfume in soft silk in golden radiant light in an overload of sensation. reluctant to descend to reality I let out a long low moan as I drifted back to the pallet with him on top of me could just feel the last spurt of his cum as he finished into my core filling me with his seed. He rolled off me and lay next to me gazing straight into my eyes. But I wasn’t done, I wanted more. I rose to his side and wrapped my hand round his cock that was now returning to its flaccid state. I slowly started to rub and massage it coxing the blood back into it to make it as firm as it was before. As soon as it was hard enough I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. once again the feeling of him entering me was breathtaking, I had never know sex to be this good, but then I had never had it on my own terms before, I had never taken charge, it felt good. I just sat on his cock for a while allowing it to fill my pussy, still slick from our previous bout. I bent down to kiss him; I mashed my lips to his once again taking control. I wanted to kiss him and did, this freedom felt wonderful.

I started to grind my hips making his cock rub the inside of my pussy. I loved this and threw my head back in pleasure I kept going staring at the ceiling while I grinded his cock into my pussy, when I looked back down at my lovers face I saw him just smiling up at me, seeing how much of a kick I was getting from being in control. Soon though the slow build of the grinding wasn’t enough for me I wanted this man’s cock pounding me so I started bucking my hips sliding his cock in and out of me, he started thrusting back adjusting to my rhythm. I sped up wanting more and more. My breasts were jumping up and down in his face. I put my hand behind his head and lifted it up prompting him to take one of my nipples in his mouth; he caressed the other breast with one of his hands. I felt the pleasure ripple through me like heat from a fire.

I still needed this man, I could not explain the animalistic lust that coursed through me, in truth I was as much a slave to myself and my base desires as I had ever been to my master. He started to nibble my nipple which felt amazing it caused me to shiver and clench with pleasure my reaction prompted him to keep going while gently squeezing the other nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Within seconds of this new stimulus I could feel my orgasm building. I kept riding him harder and harder until I finally slammed down hard on his cock and stayed there as my body convulsed and my pussy danced over his cock. This orgasm was less sensual that my first but more raw, more intense its waves crashing over me making me buckle with their force each time. As the orgasm slowly slipped away I sank into my new lover’s arms kissing him, his lips his neck his ears, all of him I could get to without moving any of my exhausted muscles. Yet still I had not satisfied my lust. As I nibbled on his ear lobe I whispered into his ear "more" I was quiet and seductive but it was certainly a command not a request.

"My pleasure my lady" he said I could hear the amusement in his voice at how insatiable I was. He rolled me over and once again placed himself between my legs. "no. up against the wall" I demanded he smiled again as he thrust into me, I thought he was ignoring my wish but then I felt his hands beneath me, one on my ass and the other on my back, he effortlessly hoisted me up as he stood up and pressed my back against the wall whilst not removing his penis from me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and he moved both his hands to my ass where they helped support me and stimulated me with some gentle fingering. However the main stimulus was of course his cock which he was thrusting into me hard and fast. Each thrust pushing my hard into the rough wall I could feel on my back. My breasts were crushed against his chest my nipples rubbing on him with every movement he made. I buried my head into his neck breathing in his sweaty spicy scent. One of his fingers slipped up into my ass resulting in a little moan from me as he slid it in further and further, it turned out I loved double penetration. I felt myself sliding over the edge once more I flung my head up and he lent into kiss me. I was past the point of no return my orgasm was bubbling its way to the surface, I felt him sag as he finally released his load into me and I let out a long protracted moan of pleasure as my orgasm finally exploded inside of me and my pussy milked his cock for the last of its cum.

We fell back onto the pallet both breathing heavily, panting for air. I was finally sated and we lay together the moment was perfect and I was scared to say anything to ruin it. In the end it was he who spoke first, he was laying beside me, his glistening naked body brown and muscular and perfect to my still besotted eyes. He propped himself up on one arm and allowed his glances to roam over the curves of my nakedness. Then he touched a finger to the brown of my nipple sending a spark shooting through my maybe I wasnt compleatly sated. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen"

"Really?" I asked, I had never been called beautiful but then all my previous sexual encounters had essentially been rape.

"There is only one imperfection." he paused for a second, allowing my self-consciousness take over picking over every detail wondering which he would mention but then he stopped me by continuing "That collar round your neck, we shall have to remove that"

I was immediately happy but then scared, "No you can’t, I can’t escape, they will kill me"

"My dear they will kill you anyway now, you assaulted a legionnaire, no matter how keen the general is on you he will not stand for that"

"But how will I get away they will be looking for me"

"I will help you, we will escape together and then we can be together" he said it with such confidence and conviction I believed him, I believed we could do it....

To be continued...

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