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a young boy's experience with his abusive alcoholic foster mom over the years.
When I was 4 year old I was taken away from my mom. She was a serious heroin attict, and she finally had an overdose as I was sitting on the living room floor watching. I don't remember this of course. In fact, I can't remember anything about being in that house.

My name is Chris and I am now older, but I will be reffering to myself as a younger boy and telling you all my story in the form of a 'story'. I am not the best writer and will probably make lots of mistakes. Sorry about that.

I was always a thicker boy. I wasn't that tall, but I had a slightly chubbiness about me as a little boy. I often did get picked on about my little gut or my butt. I had brown hair and brown eyes and a slight overbite. I loved playing catch or four sqaure with the other foster boy's in my group home. We would be out fussing and playing all day until we were told to come inside. The home was nice, but being made fun of at every meal wasn't. I guess me being a bit chubby, and eating like there was no tomorrow, made me the brunt of the joke to the other kids. The little girls would whisper about me, and I would just pretend I didn't see it and turn away. I often cried at night in my bed. The group home was so lonely at night.

When I was just 6-years-old I got news from one of the care takers of the home, Mr. Andrews. He was a tall brawny guy. He knelt down in front of me and told me that he wanted me to meet someone that was interested in taking me to her home. I was scared, but trying to be brave. I didn't really understand what was going on, but I just shook my little head. Mr. Andrews trimmed up my hair, and made me look presentable. He put on clean clothes and shoes and I was looking great.

Ms. Coyle was standing there talking to Mr. Andrews as I stood there and tried to listen. She would randomly look down at me and smile and then back up at him. She was an average lady. About 5'6. Blonde hair that was pulled up into a rubberband. She was average size. In between fat and skinny. 38 years old. She had lots of worry lines in her forehead and her perfume smell was strong. I wondered if Mr. Andrews noticed.

Turns out, she took me home that day. After showing me around the house and explaining to me the rules, she told me to get ready for bed. She made me dinner, and even gave me two cookies when I was finished! It was just the two of us, and I got alot of attention.

Over the past couple of weeks, the cookies stopped coming. She would tell me that if I was hungry I'd better make a damn sandwich. Having only a couple of toys to play with I often just sat in my room and thought. I hated being with Ms. Coyle, and I missed the home. She would often verbally abuse me, and order me around her cluttered house to clean things. Calling me 'fat boy' or 'chunky tale'.

I noticed she always had a glass in her hand that was half full with brown liquid. After she finished about 3 glasses of this, she would start yelling at me. I got in tune with her cycle and whenever she would drink this stuff I would lock myself in my room.

One day, I heard a loud bang at my door. I jumped up. My 6-year-old mind racing to what was going on, and what I had done. She was rattling the knob trying to open it, but it was locked. I un-locked it and opened it and she grabbed my small ear and yanked me into the hallway.

"Did I tell you to lock the door you fat piece of shit!" She shrieked at me.

I could smell the brown stuff on her breath as she huffed into my face.

"No!" I screamed out of pain.

"Please stop!"

She twisted my ear making it red with pain.

"Ahhhhhh!" at this point I was crying. Terrified.

"You know what...Wait right here. And don't you move." She pointed at me and marched off into her room.

I stood there waiting for her to return.

I thought about running into my room and locking the door, but I knew she would figure a way to get it open. I was trapped.

She came marching back after about 2 minutes with a belt.

"Get your pants down now." She said in a very serious tone.

"No. Please. I'll be good." I begged to her.

I backed up against the wall as tears streamed down my face. I didn't know what was about to happen, but I knew it wasn't good. I was very scared.

She moved closer and pointed the belt towards me.

"You'd better pull em' down now or I'll beat you for an hour, boy!" She screamed.

I didn't need to be told anymore. I swiftly pulled down my shorts. There I stood in my little tiny briefs. I covered my small buldge with both hands.

"Underwear too. Hurry up."

"Please..." I said silently as I cried to myself.

She quickly knelt down and ripped my little underwear right down to my ankles.

My tiny 1 inch penis and little rounded hairless nuts were in full few to her now. She just stared down at it for a second.

I tried to cover it up, and she slapped my hands away.

"I should have known it would be short and fat. Just like you. You little fat shit. Look at that tiny thing. It looks like a nub, not even a cock." She said this with her lips directly at my ear as if she were whispering it to me.

Being so used to being made fun of about my chubby body, I just kept quiet.

She grabbed my left arm and started wailing on my little butt like there was no tomorrow. It lasted for a lifetime it seemed.
It hurt bad, and I knew I would have to protect myself from there on out. This lady did not love me, and even being a little kid, I knew it.

One day I walked into the bathroom to take a pee, and Ms. Coyle was using it. I tried to leave, but she made me come in and close the door. I knew I'd be in trouble.

"You just walk in on whoever you want while they are using the bathroom huh?! Do you hear me, chunky?" She yelled.

"No! I mean, yes. I'm sorry. I just had to pee." I said in my little boy tone.

"Now, you will pay for what you did." She said as she slightly spread her thighs.

She opened her pussy lips and exposed the little pink stuff inside.

"Pull em' down. Now. And don't let me ask you twice." She said as she slowly began rubbing herself.

I stood there, unable to move.

"If I don't see that little dick in 2 seconds, your ass is mine!" she threatened.

I didn't as questions, I just lowered my pants and little underwear for her. As soon as my little penis and nuts were in clear view she started rubbing herself harder. At first slow, and then really fast. She never looked away from my little dick once as she fucked herself. I felt my dick feeling tingly and funny as she stared. I was getting a tiny boner, and she knew it. She just smiled and kept going.

"I'm about to cum." She said as she tugged and rubbed on later what I was to find out was her clit.

She violently started shaking and screaming as she bucked her hips forward while her hand was still tugging that clit.

She never looked away from my little penis as she came.

She breathed really hard and panting for a while. She made me sucked off the remaining juices from her fingers. It smelled yucky, but tasted like nothing. A bit salty.

She finally came back to earth after her orgasm...

I was scared and wondering what had just happened to her. Did I do it?

"What happens between us in this house is between us. You start 1st grade in a few weeks, and I don't want you telling any of those nosey teachers my buisiness. Do I make my clear, Christopher?"

I just shook my head with my head held down. I felt ashamed standing there with my first hard-on in front of Ms. Coyle. Although by that time it had began getting soft again.

"Pull your pants up and get ready for bed." She got up and strolled out of the bathroom.

I pulled them up, and ran to my room. I knew that this wouldn't be the last time that she made me do this. I lay that night in my bed missing the group home.


Should I continue? It's your call.

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