Duquan lives with his two older sisters and neglectful mother. Unknown to her, his sisters use Duquan to satisfy themselves sexually. Duquan makes the best of the situation. You may want to read chapter 1 before continuing. If you like the story, please rate and leave feedback. My stories tend to be bittersweet and aren?t for everyone but I appreciate the comments below. Thank you.
Chapter 2

Duquan stepped into the shower and threw his towel over the shower rod being careful to pinch the ripped curtain between the towel and the rod. The curtain rings had mostly ripped out of their little holes and if didn’t do this the curtain would redirect all the water onto the floor. The water sputtered out of the head and ran cold from time to time. His sister was probably cooking dinner or washing dishes downstairs. He proceeded to wash her lipstick and juice off his penis. He took great care to do this since it had been in her ass, using what was left of the sliver of a soap-bar left in the rusting wire hanger, hanging from the shower head.

He reflected on his mixed emotions about what had just happened. He aught to feel like a million bucks. He was the only eleven year old he knew who was getting sex on a regular basis. He might be the only one at his school who had even lost his virginity. More than that, he had just fucked an amazing looking girl in the ass. Everyone in the neighborhood would have to agree that Quianta was about the finest girl anywhere.

The fact that she was his sister bothered him. He couldn’t figure out everything. He just knew he felt kinda wrong and small. His sister was so beautiful. Her big old tits and big grabbable ass. Fine ass lips. She had such big, dark, authoritative eyes. Like she could see inside you. The whole thing made his stomach flutter and sink at the same time.

“I just need to man up.” He said out load. “Yeah”. Maybe his problem was that he let her direct everything. He didn’t take any kind of control in the situation, just went with the flow and let whatever was gonna happen, happen.

He got out of the shower, dried off and wiped the fog off the cracked mirror. He looked at his lip which was starting to swell from where he had bitten it.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed, throwing his towel around him and bolting out of the bathroom. He had forgotten to take his Xbox back up to his room. It was still plugged into the TV. He didn’t want his mom to see it.

At the bottom of the stairs he stopped, realizing suddenly he was standing near the front window, a near naked boy in nothing but a towel which was slipping off his narrow hips. He looked through the bars, his other sister, Shaquila was just coming up the front steps and getting ready to open the door. He ran back up the stairs.

“Dookie!” Yelled Quianta, stepping out of the kitchen “I see your skinny ass” Quianta was wearing a different top now but still had on the tight denim dukes. “Finish cooking this dinner, I need to take a shower.”

Duquan was trapped halfway up the stairs when his oldest sister came in through the door, pushing the flap of wrinkled carpet out of the way. “Quee, you gonna talk to that man, Tyrell? I think he took something from our room the other night when he was over. I cain’t find my buspass. I had to walk home!” Shaquila glanced up the stairs and saw the frozen Duquan. “Damn, boy, you need to put some clothes on! Walkin around the house all nekid and shit!”

“I was just gonna have him fix dinner. I need to take a shower. Tyrell didn’t take your motherfuckin buspass, that shit is sitting on the back of the toilet tank. I saw it this morning. Dookie! Get over here before this burn! Damn, need to do what I tell you.”

Duquan hitched his towel up before it slid off his thin frame and went to the kitchen, cringing away from Quianta as he passed through the doorframe. With both his sisters in the house he was extra careful. He was walking on eggshells. The Xbox would have to wait. Looking at the cast iron frying pan he saw that his sister was making fried ramen. She handed him the spatula and he flipped the browning cake of noodles over in the oil. It already smelled amazing.

“Damn, Quee.” Shaquila said “Thanks though. I was walking, all mad, the whole time thinking Tyrell took it. Fucking up my night too.” She looked at Duquan standing near the kitchen door, tending the stove. “You know that boy, Curtis, I was telling you about? He was making me horny all DAY! I was looking forward to gettin a little ‘til that bus pass came up missing. I still might get me some!” Duquan grasped his towel as it tried to slide off his hips.

“Well, you know he already came, tonight.” Quianta said with a crooked grin, following her sisters look toward Duquan. He might have some more in him though.” She turned and walked upstairs.

“Whatchu think about that, Dookie?” Shaquila asked as she came in to stand close behind him and wrap her arms around his shoulders. Shaquila was the tallest and eight years older than Duquan. Her hands rubbed over his chest and stopped to tease his small nipples. It made him shudder and she pressed her hips against his back.

“I gotta cook this.” he said. He lifted the fried ramen out of the pan and put in on a plate next to the previous one his sister had cooked. He took the already opened packet of flavoring and sprinkled the remainder over the top of the crispy brown loaf.

“That’s okay, you can keep cooking”, she said, leaning down to nibble on his neck. Duquan opened another ramen and dropped the noodle brick into the oil. It sizzled and he stepped back to avoid grease hitting his naked chest. Shaquila removed the towel and began caressing his thigh next to his partially erect penis. He could feel her big breasts pressing against the back of his neck. His penis was fully hard in a matter of moments.

“Don’t spatter no grease on me.” Shaquila said as she got down on her knees. She looked up at him as she sat down completely on the floor and licked the underside of his dick. “You just keep doing what your doing. I’m’a make you feel real good.” Before long she had placed a leg on either side of his feet and was sucking him with gusto. Her hands on his ass pulled him into her mouth. He had to place both hands on the range to keep himself upright it felt so good. Shaquila was an amazing cocksucker. While she had her full lips on his dick, he couldn’t think of anything else, his focus narrowed to a point and he began panting.

He barely had the presence of mind to flip the ramen and he was shaking and unsteady as she sucked on his small hairless balls. “Don’t cum, Dook. I need something else from you.” she said as she rubbed the head of his penis over her cheeks. She looked so sexy like that, worshipping his cock, that he was already on the verge of cumming. She clamped her hand down on his shaft and held his gaze as the feeling slowly passed.

Duquan suddenly remembered the ramen which was quickly becoming a very dark shade of brown. He moved it from the pan to the plate quickly and opened a second seasoning packet. His sister slowly jerked his member and felt up his ass as he did so. Shaquila stood up and pressed him against her, pushing her boobs against his face as he haphazardly shook the seasoning out. This piece was going to be too burnt and too salty but he did his best given the distraction. He turned off the range top.

Suddenly his sister picked him up entirely in her arms like he was a bride and carried him up stairs. “Come on Dookie, Your sister needs some lovin.”

Once upstairs she tossed him on the futon in her and their sister’s room. It was on the floor with no frame and partially covered in a pile of clean laundry that hadn’t been put away. Dookie pulled a bra out from under his behind as his sister assaulted his dick.

Shaquila stopped to pull her tight top over her head. Her bra came seconds later and her beautiful, full breasts bounced free. She had big nipples and large brown aureolas. Duquan was captivated by them as they hung, pendulously from her chest like ripe brown fruit. Shaquila let her hair grow curly and her huge bobbing bangs shaded her sultry eyes. She made a kissing gesture as she pulled her skirt up to her waist and removed her panties. She stalked him like a tigress and kissed him on the mouth. In the bathroom the shower stopped and Duquan knew Quianta would be out soon.

Shaquila reached above Duquan’s head, dangling her breasts in his face. She grabbed a ceramic jar off the window sill and planted her butt back down on his pelvis as she rooted around in it, finally pulling out a condom. She placed the jar back on the sill, bopping him in the face again with her boobs and proceeded to open it with her teeth.

“Duquan? You wanna fuck my pussy?” She pressed her breasts together and pushed them in his face, he reveled in their softness. “Hmmmm? Duquan?” She cooed.

“Yeah.” He said as she pushed a nipple into his mouth.

“I couldn’t hear you Dook,” Maybe it’s all that titty! What you say?”

“Yeah, ‘Quilla. I wanna fuck your pussy.” He said this with more authority. He was gonna man up. Take some control.

“Okay baby, lemme put this rubber on you first.” She hopped off of him and grabbed his small dick, jerking it a couple times before slipping the rubber over it. The rubber was clearly too big and it looked kind of foolish but the idea of getting his sister pregnant terrified him.

She turned around on her hands and knees. “Do me doggie style, Dookie.” She waved her globe-like ass in his direction as he got up on his knees. She had to spread her knees really wide in order to get her ass low enough for him to enter her. From his perspective it was sexy as hell, guiding his small cock into her sloppy wet vagina. He placed his small hands on her large ass cheeks and pulled, sliding himself into her warm, wet tunnel. He groaned as her walls flexed and rippled and she clenched her pussy around him. The fact that she still had her dress up around her waist was even sexier.

“Yeah baby, grab my ass! Fuck me, Dook! Fuck that wet pussy!”

Quianta walked in, wet from the shower and naked, carefully patting her straightened hair dry where she had gotten a little water on it. “Mmmm, Shiiit, that look good!” She said smiling. Quianta tossed the towel over the top of the door. She stepped over Shaquila, placing one foot on either side of her hips and pulled Duquan’s face to her pussy. “Lemme get up in this.”

Duquan did his best to pound Shaquila’s pussy the way she liked while burying his face in Quianta’s clean smelling pussy but his rhythm started to go as he split his concentration between them. The clapping of his small pelvis against his sisters ass cheeks dissolved into irregular beats.

“Damn, Quee, step off! I’m tryin’a get my fuck on!”

“I know, I just wanna get my pussy ate.”

“You already had some today! Lemme get mine, shit!” Duquan did his best to recover the rhythm. Quianta stepped back and sat down on the edge of the futon, facing them and frigging her pussy. “Come here.” Shaquila said, rolling her eyes and pulling her sister toward her.

“What? You gonna eat my pussy?” Quianta asked incredulously.

“Shit, I don’t mind. Ain’t no thang. I ain’t gay or nothin but I don’t mind eating pussy. Come here.”

Quianta scooted up and pushed her crotch under her sister’s mouth and Duquan grasped his sisters ass hard, wrapping one hand in the fabric of her skirt. He’d never seen a girl eat another girl out before and it turned him on fiercely in a way he couldn’t understand. He drove his hard penis into her furiously, panting and groaning.

“You are taking autoshop at Laney.” Quianta commented.

“That don’t make me a dyke! I’m liking a dick right now, ain’t I?”

Quianta just grinned, knowing that she had needled her sister but soon began moaning as her sisters tongue got good to her. “Damn, girl,” she panted, “Where you get so good at this?”

“At the club.” She smeared her face around in Quianta’s juice, clearly enjoying it. She was nearly purring. “Cain’t be weird about it there, everybody suck pussy at the dance club. That’s what get the boys to buy you drinks.”

“Oh fuck! You done got goood at it!”

“That’s why you don’t wear no panties at the club, Quee.”

Duquan was feverish. His brain was melting. He grabbed his sister by her hips and stood stooped over her big ass, driving his cock in her as hard and fast as he could. He was so close he was getting dizzy, he tossed his head from side to side and the world whirled. He felt his balls tighten up.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck FUCK!” Shaquila panted. She reached between her legs and her fingers blurred over her clit. She reached back and massaged Duquan’s balls. She dove her face into Quianta’s pussy, tongue first and thrashed back and forth. Trying to do everything at once as she felt the orgasm approaching.

Shaquila was first with Duquan a second behind her and followed a couple seconds later by Quianta. The three writhed as one undulating unit, a snake in ecstasy, rolling and plunging. Duquan saw his vision blacken and he fell over sideways, face first into a mound of laundry. Quianta twitched backward violently pounding her head on the carpeted floor and Shaquila pressed her sodden cheek into the wet mess that was Quianta’s pussy, all three moaning and huffing like coyotes on peyote.

After a long spell of panting and wheezing the three began to pull themselves together. Shaquila wiping her sopping face with a pair of freshly clean panties. Her ass still twitched with the remembered pleasure.

Duquan sat bolt upright. The condom wasn’t on his flaccid penis. He whirled left and right and began searching around the bed and clothes looking for it. The other two caught wind of his panic and began furiously scavenging for it as well. They all got off the bed and pushed all the clothes off, checking every fold in the sheet, between the futon and the wall and under every piece of clothing.

“Fuck! Where is it?” Quianta asked.

“Is… Is it still in you?” Duquan asked.

Shaquila reached two fingers into her pussy and fished around. She then sat down and spread her legs, reaching deep inside and fished out the condom. They all looked at it. It was definitely filled with cum so Duquan had cum while the condom was still on but there was no way to tell if any had spilled out.

“Fuck.” Said Quianta, “This is SO bad!”

End chapter 2

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