Back by popular demand this chapter takes off after the conclusion and delves into the story about what happened after the final battle.
Chapter Fourteen: A New Era Begins

The night was cold and unnervingly dark. Two young women dressed in thin frilly dresses crunched through the slippery snow as if they were unaware of just how cold it was around them. The alien world around them crackled with unnatural life and an unknown creature howled in the distance, as if calling for a moon to appear though there was none.

Everything in this odd place felt raw and powerful like some deep and powerful magic lingered. Every sound, every touch, every sight was sharpened in the purest contrast and with each breath the women took the resonating power filled them as they walked aimlessly around. Every once in a while they would stop to look at something that interested them, but they would quickly move on in search of something else. They never seemed to find exactly what they were looking for and the pained expressions on their faces betrayed their outward appearance.

A few of the outlandish creatures could swear the women had just appeared out of now where. A brilliant flash of gold and silver light and then suddenly the woman were there. The creatures weren’t intelligent enough to know that this was supposed to be physically impossible, but they knew what they saw. What was even stranger then their arrival was the fact that the creatures that inhabited the land felt strangely compelled to them, like two magnets drawn together. It wasn’t their blatant physical beauty that attracted them though, rather a deeply seeded power that washed off them in waves. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at them but these women could easily raze the world if they deemed it worthy of their time.

They seemed to have no interest in destroying what they saw though and the continued to walk in silence as their gold and silver eyes roamed over every leaf and stone. In fact they looked mildly impressed with what they saw. One lucky creature no bigger than a ferret was actually blessed enough to be petted by the woman with silver eyes and once she had moved on to touch a tree the creature rushed off to brag to his kind. It was a pretty big day for him. He probably should have watched where he was going though because he strayed towards a predator and became a tasty midnight snack.

The two women took no notice of the sudden disappearance of the little fella and promptly resumed their search/curious wander. They had been there a while, even though time seemed to move differently, and the fear that they weren’t going to find what they had come there for could be smelled by predators miles away. They had been searching for so long and still had nothing to show for it. They didn’t exactly need to sleep or eat but still, the search was wearing them down mentally. They felt like they would never catch a break.

‘They’re not here,’ the pretty woman with golden eyes and short red hair whispered. She had stopped to wait for her friend who had taken a moment to pick up a stone and weigh it in her hands.

‘The power is so strong though,’ the smaller one with silver eyes answered with a hint of desperation in her voice. She put the stone back in the exact place she had found it and then stood back up once again, looking at her friend with hopeful eyes.

‘I’ll admit this is the closest we have gotten Gabriella, but we still have no idea where they might have gone. What if they don’t want to be found?’

Gabriella cocked her head to the side and peered at her friend for a long moment. The small smattering of stars high above them twinkled and flashed like they were bursting for someone to notice their existence. ‘We must find them Anna; we have to find out what happened.’

‘We know what happened to us Gabby,’ Anna sighed, ‘so why must we keep looking?’

‘We think we know what we have become, but not how it happened.’

Anna nodded her head but her shoulders slouched just a little. She missed her family and all she wanted to do was go and see them. Let them know they had survived, maybe even have a nice home cooked meal and good company for a night. Sure she didn’t need to eat but comfort food was still comforting to her. She wasn’t asking Gabriella to call off the search all together, just to take a rest for a day. But if Gabby didn’t want to go then Anna sure as hell wasn’t going to leave on her own. She loved her too much to be apart for any more than a few Nano-seconds.

When Gabriella moved Anna moved. Without even thinking about it they were in sync, from the way they walked to the direction and speed their arms swung when they were walking. They continued to move through the sparse trees and wave to a few of the furry little creatures that got close enough to say hello. They didn’t really need to be on the surface of the world to do their search but this world was different for them. The power had been so powerful when they first arrived they had to see what was there up close.

‘We didn’t miss them by much,’ Gabriella suddenly said and she stopped walking, Anna freezing the instant her friend did. ‘This world was created a few hours ago at the most. It’s strange though.’

‘Of course it’s strange,’ Anna remarked, ‘If this place was only created a few hours ago then why are there so many life forms here? Every other place we have found took hundreds of years to develop the first single cell organism, and yet this place is teeming with life.’

‘That’s not what I meant. If this world is so young then why aren’t they still here? Why aren’t they watching to see how their creation develops?’

‘We should go,’ Anna said with a little more force in her voice this time, ‘I don’t like this at all. Let’s go home and talk to mom and dad. Maybe they can answer some of our questions.’

Gabriella stopped gazing at all the wonderful things surrounding them on the lush planet and turned her full attention to Anna who was staring her dead in the eyes. Gabriella could see the hint of golden tears hiding just behind the beautiful golden pupils and for a moment she almost lost her resolve. It was so hard for her not to just give in and listen to Anna but there were bigger things at play right now. She didn’t know what, or who was behind it, but something just felt off in her gut and she couldn’t bury it.

‘I don’t think they can help us,’ she answered softly, ‘this is something we must do on our own. I know how badly you want to see them again and I do as well, but we have to figure this out first or who knows what will happen.’

A small squirrel like creature with green hair and four eyes ran out of the bushes and jumped enthusiastically into Gabriella’s arms. Her short attention span snapped again and she took her eyes off her lover and stared in wonder at the small animal in her hands. This place was truly amazing and in all the time they had searched they had never found a place quite like it. This whole planet just felt alive.

As the creature began to chatter away with clicks and soft hisses Gabriella went to pet it. Before her hand could softly stroke the fine fur covering its entire body the creature suddenly burst into purple flames and in an instant was a soft pile of ash that was tossed about in the breeze.

In the same moment both Anna and Gabriella summoned two magnificent weapons into their hands, one silver and the other gold. They shimmered with pure power and the shapes shifted from one deadly weapon to another, the liquid like surface never resting. They both spun around on their heels at the same time, ready to kill whatever was trying to disturb this peaceful planet, but they were shocked so badly by what had confronted them that they lost their will to attack.

Hovering a foot off the ground and shrouded in a billowing golden robe was a woman with honey blonde hair and piercing golden eyes that burned with an intense power neither of them had ever felt before. The woman was unbelievably good looking with curves in all the right places and a face that looked like it was chiselled from marble, but with their heightened senses Anna and Gabriella could tell this woman was a mere shadow of what she must have been. There were small creases and wrinkles in her skin that were so fine you wouldn’t be able to see them without a microscope and the slightest hint of a shadow under her eyes told that she was tired.

‘What right do you have to set foot on this world?’ the woman demanded and her voice was so powerful the winds shifted and thick black clouds started to circle above, streaks of golden electricity arching overhead.

Neither of the girls answered as they were struck by sheer awe at the presence in front of them. In all their long searching they had wondered aloud what the gods would look like up close and personal but they hadn’t been prepared for this. The Dark One, the fallen god that had tried to destroy earth had been powerful in his own right but he truly paled in comparison to this woman. The very air around her shimmered and crackled under her power.

‘You can look upon me in my true form, you are no mere mortals!’ the woman decided and her demeanour shifted instantly as her hand started to glow with built up power. She shifted into a fighting stance and her golden robe hardened around her body and sparkled as it shifted into armour. ‘You have one second to tell me who and what you are before I destroy you!’

The radiant sun rose above the thick line of trees in Northern British Columbia and streamed through the open window of a two story white house on the edge of the woods. James lay on his back with Amy splayed across his chest with his arms around her, their naked bodies pressed together. Neither of them had slept, not that they needed to. Lying together during the night was a habit that they never wanted to break though.

James knew he should get up and get a pot of coffee made before it got too late but he was too content where he was right now to do it. Today of all days he didn’t want to leave the comfort of his bed or the warmth of his wife’s body, but he knew he had to. They both had responsibilities today, even if they didn’t want them. For the rest of the world this day was a universal holiday met with celebration and joy, but for them it was just another reminder of what they had lost.

‘It’s time,’ Amy said softly after a few minutes and James sighed sadly. With one last long hug that would have shattered a normal persons bones instantly, Amy lifted her body off him and before he could even get a glimpse of her perfect body tight black clothes covered her from head to foot.

‘You want me to wake her up or did you want to?’ James asked as she summoned his own set of clothes into existence and slid off the side of the bed. His muscles were relaxed and ready to fight but it had been a long time since he had needed them.

‘You can today,’ Amy answered and then added, ‘besides she says my coffee is better than yours.’

James tried not to smile but couldn’t help it. He had never really liked the taste of coffee and as such had never really had to make any until Janice had come to live with them. Both Janice and Amy were big coffee drinkers and they would always bug him about how he always managed to burn it even when he tried so hard not to.

James left the room and headed down the long upstairs hallway towards Janice’s room. Janice had been Gabriella’s best (mortal) friend. When Gabriella had disappeared it was Janice that helped get James and Amy out of their funk and back to being normal people; well as normal as you could get for being immortals.

She had been living with them for a few months now. When she graduated high school she was accepted to a very prestigious university in the United States but found that she couldn’t be away from her home town in the hopes that one day Gabriella would return. No matter how much her own parents or James and Amy told her it was better to move on with her life she refused to listen and almost rejected her chance at a great university. Only when James offered to use his powers to get her to and from school every day did she agree to go, but that wasn’t the end of it.

Janice still felt that James and Amy depended on her being around and figured her own parents were ready to live their lives as a married couple once more instead of just parents, so she moved in with James and Amy. James had never really agreed to it but found that once Amy said it was alright with her that he couldn`t fight it anymore. Besides it made getting her to and from school easy on everyone, and her parents were just a few blocks down the road.

At first things were a little awkward with her living there. With her being a mortal she needed sleep and food on a daily basis and with Gabriella no longer there James and Amy had all but forgotten about that. Janice didn`t complain for the first few weeks about the lack of food or the constant noise of two immortals talking all night, but the effects started to show soon enough. James finally got it into his head to do some grocery shopping and convince Amy to lay with him in bed every night so Janice could have a normal life. Things were going well now and it was like they had a new daughter living with them.

Waking her up early was the hard part though. James had never known a person to sleep so soundly before and once she finally did start to wake up she was the moodiest person in the world. On more than one occasion James had a pillow or something even heavier thrown at his head when he tried to wake her up. So he was more than surprised when he loudly knocked on her door that morning and was instantly greeted with a pleasant ‘come in’.

Opening the door he found Janice quickly making her bed, already fully dressed in a set of black tight fitting clothes that matched Amy’s almost perfectly. The soft sound of music was wafting from a small stereo on her desk and the clothes that usually littered the floor were neatly piled in the corner ready to be washed. The gravity of that day hadn’t escaped her it seemed.

‘Amy’s putting some coffee on,’ he said to her and she looked back towards him standing in the doorway and put on a brave smile.

‘I’ll be down in a minute,’ she answered, leaving out her usual jab at his coffee making skills.

With his job done James closed the door to Janice’s room and gathered a tiny amount of power around him. A second later he was deposited gracefully in the middle of the kitchen. Sure he could have just walked down the stairs but today he wasn’t really in the mood for observing the normal human activities. The day had just started and he already wanted it to be over.

‘That was quick,’ Amy said gently from the coffee pot by the window, ‘are you sure she was awake? Because sometimes when you go to wake her up you don’t make sure and then she’s late for class.’

‘She was already awake,’ he answered, ‘and it’s not like she has classes today anyways.’

Amy was measuring out a precise amount of coffee grounds and gently dumping them into the filter as she spoke, ‘No but she still has to be somewhere soon. We all have to be there.’

‘I really don’t want to go,’ James grumbled and sat down at the table, looking out through the window into their lush backyard. He hated leaving the house.

‘James!’ Amy said sternly and turned towards him, ‘You of all people have to be there! First of all you promised the UN that you would and secondly, as our leader it is your responsibility to give a speech to commemorate the day! This is not up for discussion.’

‘Alright, you win,’ he sighed and threw up his hands in mock surrender. Even though he didn’t want to go he wasn’t really that upset about it. Amy was finally back to her normal self. When Gabriella had been lost she had fallen into a deep depression that James feared she would never get out of, but lately she had started to come out of her protective shell and become the woman he had fallen in love with, twice. He would have to remember to thank Janice for that; because he was sure without her living with them Amy wouldn’t have had a reason to get better. He would have to get Janice something really big and expensive for her upcoming birthday in two months.

A few minutes later Janice descended the stairs and walked into the kitchen, tossing a small black purse onto the table and moving over to the coffee pot to see how the progress was going. Seeing she still had a few more minutes to wait she slunk over to a chair at the table and sat down across from James, her eyes sort of glazed over from waking up so early.

‘I thought the others would be here by now,’ she said gently and then yawned so big James could see her jaw pop slightly.

‘Michelle will be here in about ten seconds but the rest are going to meet us there. They have to be there early because they work with the UN directly.’ Amy explained.

James watched in amusement as Janice opened her mouth to question how Amy could possibly know that Michelle would appear in exactly ten seconds, but having lived there for a few months now she was slowly starting to get used to everyone just appearing out of thin air at will, and the telekinetic link they all shared. Sure enough at ten seconds on the dot a loud pop rang through the large kitchen and Michelle teleported right behind Janice, making the poor girl almost jump out of her chair. James had to hand it to her though because she was getting better. The first hundred times that happened Janice would jump up and start swearing at the top of her lungs, now it was nothing more than an annoyance.

‘I wish you wouldn’t do that before I’ve had my first cup of coffee,’ Janice growled and Michelle pouted.

‘You used to be so fun to scare! Why can’t you be jittery like you were when I first started doing that?’

Michelle was in high spirits that morning and James couldn’t help but feel a little envious of her for it. All the immortals had been hit hard by the events of last year but Michelle had been hit a little harder than the others, aside from Amy and James that was. When they had confronted Ares and his minions they had split into teams of two and Michelle had been paired with her close friend Henry. It had been Michelle and Henry that had gotten into a fight with Ares first and they were greatly outmatched. While Michelle was struggling to get back into the fight Ares had killed Henry and it had hit her hard. She was supposed to be the one to watch his back and make sure nothing happened to him and in her mind she had failed. She figured she had failed Henry, but worse of all she felt that she had failed herself. She had almost died a few moments later when Anna suddenly appeared and saved her.

Over the last year she had returned to school and was pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. For the first few months it was hard on her as the fame crushed down on her, but once the university calmed down a bit she excelled in her studies. Out of all the immortals she was by far the happiest now.

The two girls bickered playfully back and forth and for a moment James was reminded of the times when Anna would come over and bug Gabriella until it was time for the younger girl to go to bed. The happy memories soured in his mind as images of watching his beautiful daughter, with her silver irises vanish into the demon portal and was lost forever. She had sacrificed herself for the good of the entire planet and while they had no idea what had truly transpired, whatever she had done sealed the portals and destroyed every demon on the planet.

‘What’s wrong baby?’ Amy asked softly as she flitted to his side and gently placed her arm on his shoulder. When she saw the haunted look in his eyes she quickly realized where his mind was and her own eyes hardened. Amy quickly shook the thoughts out of her head and kissed James on the cheek before moving over to Janice and handing her a steaming cup of black coffee, just the way the young mortal liked it.

The girls continued to chatter away as Janice finished off her first cup of coffee. She got up to grab another but a quick glance at the clock she thought better of it, and instead put her mug in the sink and filled it with hot water. James looked over at the clock then too and saw that it was getting close to nine A.M. and they would have to leave quickly, if they wanted to make it to the UN building in Germany in time.

‘We should get going,’ Amy said as if reading his thoughts. James nodded and stood up from the table as Janice moved towards Amy and grabbed her hand. All at once they teleported away, the power of their immortal bodies propelling them across the globe in the blink of an eye and landing in an underground hallway of the United Nations building in the heart of Berlin, surrounded by the other immortals who had been waiting there patiently for them.

Not long ago the United Nations had been housed in one of the largest cities on the planet, New York City, but after the events of the last invasion it had been moved to a more appropriate location, the site of the first Demon portal in the middle of Berlin, Germany. People had often said that the UN had no teeth and nothing they did really seemed to matter in the long run, but that could no longer be said. Every country in the world was given a seat at the United Nations and a tribunal voted on by the members of the assembly regulated the world. Nothing big was ever done without the United Nations say so.

As soon as James appeared, a tall well-built man with a gentle smile and sparkling eyes behind a pair of glasses clasped his hand and slapped him on the shoulder. ‘I was afraid you weren’t going to show.’

‘You know me Francis,’ James said trying to smile back, ‘I like to cut it close.’

‘You guys are the last to arrive,’ Francis said and a beautiful woman with long ginger hair and big brown eyes moved closer.

‘I hope Francis has been remembering to come home at night,’ James said to Lucy and she smiled and slapped him gently on the arm.

‘Oh trust me I don’t care how important his work with the UN is, if he isn’t home by dark I will tear him apart.’

Before James could even think of a retort quick enough a tall balding man in a military uniform walked into the hallway and quickly saluted the group of immortals before him. After his salute he waded through the crowd of younger looking men and women and came to stand next to Francis, his beady black eyes dancing at the sight of all the power standing in one area.

‘They’re almost ready for you,’ the man said and James recognized his rank as a General. James preferred to deal with lower ranking officers more than the higher ups for the simple reason that they were usually more down to earth and not overly concerned about how the military could use the immortals as weapons.

‘Thank you General,’ Francis answered and then turned to James as the man started to walk away, his eyes never leaving the gathered group. ‘Look James there’s something I want to tell you about before we get out there. The UN commissioned a statue to sit out front of the building, looking out over the tombs of Erin, Anna, Michael, and Henry. I caught a glimpse of it earlier and I have to say it kind of shocked me, but in a good way.’

‘What is it?’ James asked warily.

‘You’ll have to see it yourself to believe it,’ Francis answered and his wife gave a quick nod to back him up, ‘but let’s just say it’s pretty impressive. I don’t really know how you will react to it but if you hate it, could you at least try to look honoured and pleased? We’re dealing with a lot of tension right now between the UN and our kind and I don’t think snubbing their gesture would be a good idea towards everlasting peace.’

James could tell by the desperate look in Francis’s eyes that he was really worried he wouldn’t like it. Being the eldest of the immortals and the most powerful, James could have easily reached into the younger man’s mind and look at what he had seen, but that was an invasion of his friend’s privacy. ‘I’ll smile even if it kills me.’

‘Thanks,’ Francis said and visibly relaxed, ‘Oh and I hope you got your speech prepared, you’re up right after the Chairwoman of the UN.’ James nodded and watched as Francis moved over to Amy to probably relay the same warning about this statue to her.

James moved around the group of immortals, greeting each one of them and catching up on how their lives were going. It had been a few months since they had all been gathered in one place and they had some catching up to do. Sadly before he could even say hello to a few of them, the large double doors at the end of the hall opened and a member of the UN motioned to them that it was time.

Up a long staircase and out the main hall that was made entirely of Greek Marble and had every national flag in the world hanging from the walls, they walked through a massive set of titanium doors and out into the waning sunlight of the day. For a reason James would never understand the International Holiday seemed to follow Eastern Standard Time and it was nine hours ahead in Berlin when the speeches would be given and the day officially kicked off.

The second the massive doors opened and the procession of UN members, Immortals, and various civilians privileged enough to be within the inner circle stepped out, a crowd of close to five hundred thousand people immediately fell into a hushed silence. People stretched out as far as the eye could see and James was instantly blinded by cameras with the flash on snapping millions of pictures. A massive stage fifteen feet off the ground had been erected just behind the Tombs of his brothers and sisters and at least a hundred different video cameras were trained on it, a few of them connected directly to massive screens on either side of the building for people to see if they weren’t close enough.

The Chairwoman of the United Nations and her immediate staff were the first ones to climb the stage, followed by the Immortals and Janice, and then the rest of the national representatives. While the UN members took seats along the stage the immortals stood behind the podium, their arms folded respectfully in front of them as all their eyes snapped to the golden tomb where the bodies of the people they loved were kept. One by one with James starting, each immortal shifted out of their civilian clothes and donned their golden armour that caught the last of the sun’s rays and shimmered.

During normal circumstances this sudden change would have garnered a plethora of sounds from the crowd gathered, but with their increased presence among the mortals and the date it was, not a single person made a sound. James could see every eye glued to them as they stood to one side of the podium and quietly paid their respects to their family members who were no longer with them.

Lydia Chang, the Chairwoman, moved towards the two dozen news microphones from all over the county and suddenly every eye was on her, but like a true politician she never flinched once at the sudden scrutiny. The cameras that had been sweeping over every on the stage and a few shots of the massive crowd quickly shifted their lenses to her as she began her speech.

James tried to focus on what the woman was saying, something about peace, unity, and the undying spirit of humanity but his eyes moved across the area and found what Francis had warned him about. Hidden under a massive white canvas sheet, overlooking the tombs of their fallen was a statue that had to be around thirty feet tall. A gentle breeze was making the canvas sheet dance on top of it and at the very base James could make out the golden base, but that was it.

His curiosity was getting the best of him and he desperately wanted to teleport under the canvas and look upon the memorial the UN had created for them, but with every eye in the world on him he wouldn’t be able to get away without being seen. James could feel Amy shifting nervously beside him and for a brief moment their thoughts touched and he realized she was struggling with the same desire as well.

‘It is imperative that we do not let this peace between the people of the world slide into shadow lest we tear ourselves apart again!’ Chairwoman Chang said loudly into the microphone bank in front of her. ‘We have a duty to our fellow man to hold the banner of unity high above our heads and leave a better world for our children! It took a devastating attack that nearly plunged our beautiful world into destruction for us to realize the error of our ways and we must never fall back into our old ways of thinking! On this day of Remembrance the nations of the world have gathered to not only pay our respect to those that gave their lives to protect us, but to make sure their sacrifice was not in vain!

‘We are united in our cause for a better world and with the help of our esteemed brethren, the ones known as the Immortals we will make what was once a dream for world peace a reality! We have lost many people in our struggles, men, women, and children. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, uncles and aunts, grandparents and grandchildren! But we came through our dark times as one united voice yelling into the abyss that we will not be silenced! We will not lie down and watch our world burn! We will stand strong and proud as one people and protect what we have created with our very lives!’

The chairwoman’s impressive speech about unity and peace moved even James as he stood there absorbing the words and looking out over the crowd of people that had gathered, he couldn’t see a dry eye in the entire bunch. James had met Lydia Chang a few times to discuss the immortals roll in the new world and among her chief staff on the UN and he had instantly liked her. While she was a politician she was still a good, kind hearted woman and deep down James knew she would get the job done. There was no doubt in his mind right now that she believed every word she was saying and the people of the world were feeding off it.

‘Before our world came crashing down around our feet a war was being fought in secret, far away from here. Before we even knew the real identity or purpose of our saviours, the immortals, one young woman stood next to her best friend against a terrible and powerful foe. While we were waiting on the edge of the unknown, she was standing in the wake of great devastation. Janice Wilkinson received a grievous wound trying to protect her friend and then came back to tell the leader of the immortals that our world would be coming under attack once again. She acted selflessly in the face of great fear and pain and without her actions we may never have stood a chance against the invasion. So it is with great pride today that I award Ms. Wilkinson with the first ever World Medal of Honour.’

Suddenly every eye and camera shifted across the stage, picking out the young brunette standing among the immortals in black. Even James hadn’t been expecting this and before he realized it he was walking towards her, his large soft hand held out towards her. Everything the chairwoman had said about Janice was true and James owed her more than he ever realized; she had tried to give her life to save his daughter.

Janice’s eyes were wide at the sudden turn of events and she gingerly took his outstretched hand and let herself be led along the stage towards the main podium. A deafening roar of applause and cheering had broken out among the crowd and it shook the foundations of the stage as they went.

When Janice was standing before Lydia Chang the crowd abruptly stopped clapping and cheering and allowed the chairwoman to speak, taking a rather large medal out of a velvet box and holding it above Janice’s head. ‘For your efforts and sacrifice, Janice Wilkinson, I proudly present you with this prestigious award. You were the first ambassador to the Immortals and through your actions our world is safer! You are the shining beacon of hope and love we all have to strive to emulate. Thank you for your service to humanity!’

The large golden medal was placed around the bewildered girl’s neck and the crowd began to cheer again, the immortals even joining in. This honour was nothing less than what she deserved and James was happy to see her efforts recognized.

‘Would you and your family do the honour of unveiling the new monument?’ Chairwoman Chang said into the microphones and Janice looked over at James and Amy questioningly. Her confusion was quickly erased a moment later though when her mother and father appeared at the edge of the stage and she caught sight of them.

James had no idea who brought them here but he was glad that they were there. This was a truly great time in her life and it was only fitting that her parents would be there to share it with her. Janice seemed to agree as she rushed across the stage, ignoring the hundreds of cameras tracking her progress, and jumped into her father’s arms as her mother hugged her at the exact moment. It was a priceless moment but it was a little lost on James as it brought thoughts of his daughter to his mind. He wished more than anything else that she could be there right now.

A few military personnel let the family have their moment for a few minutes before ushering them off the stage and towards the statue hidden beneath the canvas cloth. Janice, her father, and her mother grabbed hold of the canvas and all at once and with a lot of effort pulled down on it, freeing it from the monument as a collective gasp shook through the gathered crowd.

James felt his chest tighten and a tear threaten to spill over his cheek as he looked on in both agony and pride at what had been constructed. Standing nearly thirty feet tall and easily just as wide was a golden statue depicting the last time he had seen his daughter. The immortals, with their backs towards the crowd stood stoic in the depiction overlooking a scarred and ruined battlefield around one of the demon portals. James could pick himself out standing ahead of the rest of the group but his eyes were instantly drawn to the focal point of the memorial, a perfectly etched depiction of his daughter in her silver armour walking towards the portal, her unique weapon held in her hand and her head turned towards the crowd with a determined look on her face.

While James was stunned into silence he watched on as Janice, with the canvas still clutched tightly in her hands started to fall to her knees as the weight of the statue crashed down on her. Before her knees had even touched the soft grass around the monument Amy was next to her, her outstretched hands touching the base of the golden monument and a sickening sob cracking the cold silence in the air. It was heart breaking to watch and James wanted to teleport next to her but he found himself rooted on the spot, unable to move as everything else seemed to melt away around him. Thankfully Amy found arms to hold her in Janice, who quickly hugged her and together they sobbed into one another’s shoulders as cameras snapped hundreds of pictures at this scene.

‘This monument depicts a moment in history that is both filled with sorrow and hope,’ Chairwoman Chang said sadly to the crowd. ‘It was at this very moment that the fight for our survival truly began. The miracle child of the Immortals James and Amy walked bravely into the portal to save our planet, and through her sacrifice we saw victory! Gabriella Morrison’s staunch defiance gave hope to both humans and Immortals alike and together we fought back the invasion that threatened to destroy us! It is in her honour that we dedicate not only this monument but also this day! The world over will come together every year from now until the end of time and celebrate this day as Gabriella Day!’

Instead of cheering and clapping at this announcement the crowd instead pulled into a collective moment of silence, their heads looking towards the ground and their hands clasped respectively in front of them. James was truly moved by this gesture and found himself brushing away a rogue tear that had decided to finally fall as Francis put a soothing arm around him. When the moment of silence was over the Chairwoman motioned for James to make his way to the podium.

‘I would now like to turn the floor over to the leader of the Immortals, James Morrison.’

James reached the podium and quickly shook the woman’s hand and whispered his thanks into her ear before she stepped down and joined her peers on the lower level of the stage. James looked out among the crowd and gathered his thoughts together, his prepared speech suddenly dashed by the emotions of the day. He would speak from his heart instead; these people deserved no less than that.

‘I can honestly say that I have been moved today,’ he said steadily into the microphones in front of him, ‘You have shown so much love and compassion to my people and one day I hope we can be as amazing as all of you! I am not only standing before all of you today, but also the ones that were lost in those dark days who have been entombed on this very land as an inspiration for the generations to come. We fought and gave our lives so this world and the people who inhabit it could live in peace, and I am happy to see that sacrifice was not given for nothing. Human beings are such a complicated and yet wonderful species and you do us a great honour by being here today to show your respect to not only the ones we have lost, but also the brave men and women of your military services that fought alongside us in those terrible days.

‘This monument of my daughter, Gabriella walking solemnly into the depths of hell for our salvation is truly a moving work of art and I am truly thankful to everyone who had a hand in crafting it. What Gabriella did that day was nothing short of a miracle and it is because of her that we are all here today. We must never forget what we all lost that day. We must never let the loss of our loved ones go unremembered, for if we forget and move on then we are no better than the demons that took them from us.

‘I must admit that when my brothers and sisters came to me asking for permission to work alongside your governments to secure a better world, I was a little hesitant. I was worried that some people would try to take advantage of our power and use it for their own will, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Together, hand in hand with humanity we have accomplished great things in one short year and the horizon looks bright. We stand on the precipice of greatness, no longer divided by random lines on a map or our racial ambiguity. We are now one entity who is no longer bound by our internal problems and as such can achieve amazing acts that were once thought impossible or improbable! We are the masters of our own fate and we always have been! Your shining example of valour, honour, and sacrifice will mould future generations to come and this world will be a shining jewel in the endless cosmos! Be proud of what you as a species has accomplished, because many years from now your kin will look back on this as a time of great change and be proud of what you have done!’

As James finished his speech the crowd erupted into a thunderous applause and even the immortals gathered were beaming at him. Francis gave him a quick wink and thumbs up as James moved back down the line and took his original spot. His wife, Amy had returned and was holding onto Janice’s hand tightly as she was held by her sobbing parents who kept glancing proudly down at the medal around her neck.

A few more high ranking officials and world leaders moved to the podium and gave similar speeches about how proud everyone should be, until finally one more moment of silence was given as jets screamed high over their heads in perfect formation. All together everyone on the stage walked off and back into the bright UN building where champagne had been cracked open and passed around for a successful day.

Everyone seemed to be in high spirits but something was starting to bother James as he stood hand in hand with his wife, talking to a few friends he had made among the politicians. It seemed he wasn’t the only one feeling the disturbance rippling through the world as Francis quickly walked over to him with a serious look on his face. James quickly excused himself from the group and walked away with Francis so they could talk in private.

‘Something’s wrong,’ Francis said gently and his eyes darted from side to side nervously. ‘It feels like there is something powerful out there watching us!’

‘I feel it too my friend,’ James answered after someone had walked by them. ‘I’ve never felt anything like that before.’

Amy made her way over to him and James could read in her eyes that she was unsettled too. Before she could say anything the rest of their family quickly found them and it was plain that everyone was feeling it now. Whatever was out there watching them was more powerful than they had ever felt before and James couldn’t figure out if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

‘What’s going on?’ Lucy asked anxiously and her question was mirrored in every face in front of James.

‘I don’t know,’ he admitted under his breath and was glad when he felt Amy’s hand grab hold of his and give it a gentle squeeze. ‘It doesn’t feel malevolent though.’

‘Well what do you say we find out for sure?’ Samantha said with a small grin, ‘It’s been a while since I flexed my muscles properly.’

‘That’s quite the interesting story you have there,’ the goddess mused. Her golden armour was slowly shifting back to a billowing golden robe and the dark clouds that had been gathering above her head dissipated as she released the power she had been clutching onto. ‘Almost too unbelievable to be true.’

Gabriella stood before the magnificent goddess, their weapons off to the side as to show they were not a threat. They had just finished telling this goddess everything that had happened to not only them but the rest of the immortals as well and it had been a tiring process. There was so much to share and Gabriella had to admit, most of the story was so outrageous you would think it had to be a lie; but the sad truth was that it was nothing but the truth. So much pain, sorrow, and loss had happened and it left an indelible mark on the soul of everyone involved.

‘We did not track you down to lie to your face, your grace.’ Anna stated but her voice was soft and meek. In the presence of a being of supreme power she was fidgeting and averting her eyes from the majesty before her.

A small simple smile crossed the woman’s face for the briefest of seconds and in a flash she suddenly let her feet touch the ground and a soft, warm and calming wind ripped through the alien landscape. Each movement she made was perfect in every single way and Gabriella found herself mesmerized by even the slightest movements. The Immortals were graceful in their own right but had nothing on the way this woman held herself. It was almost as if she wasn’t moving at all, but the space around her shifting to fit her form.

‘I did not call you liars my child,’ she said in a strong and kind voice, ‘on the contrary actually. I can feel the power you two possess building deep within your being and I know you speak the truth. It is just hard to fathom, and I fear my brother and I have been gone for too long. Who did you say your parents were again my dear?’ she asked looking towards Gabby with those brilliant golden irises.

‘My mother is Amy and my father is James,’ she answered quickly and a ripple of confusion stretched across the gods face as she listened. ‘You may know my father better as Gabriel though.’

‘Gabriel…’ she spoke to herself and danced a few feet away as she was lost deep in her own thoughts. ‘Yes that name does sound familiar. My younger sister’s last contact with me was about some evil she predicted back on earth. Rhea had mentioned leaving one last protector, an immortal she lovingly called Gabriel.’

‘That’s my father,’ Gabby said and a small amount of excitement escaped through her words. This was better than she could have ever hoped for. She did know about her father and maybe she would have some insight as to what had happened to her and Anna.

‘When we had created the Immortals we had made sure they could not procreate. I doubt Rhea would change that with her Gabriel so what happened for a child to be born? Your existence should not be possible my dear.’

That stung Gabby a bit. Sure the words were true but Gabriel had never really looked at it that way before and it struck her hard to realize that she technically should never have been born in the first place. She knew she had been a miracle baby but she had never truly questioned it before. Not even the gods knew of her existence so what was she to them? She wasn’t one of their creations.

‘Gabriel wasn’t a full immortal when Gabby was conceived,’ Anna answered when Gabriella had been dragged into her mind.

‘Explain this,’ the goddess said gently but the curiosity of this powerful being had been invoked. There wasn’t much that was unknown to godly beings and when they encountered such an instance they were insatiable.

‘The way I understand it is that Gabriel had been cast out when he was caught having an affair with a mortal woman. Ares stripped him of his powers and thought he had done away with him, but he had been wrong. Gabriel lived and aged as a mortal but when he died he would be reborn again, all his memories and experiences intact. It was your sisters doing, Rhea. She was masquerading as one of the Immortals, Catherine, and it was through her manipulation that Gabriel met Amy, the reincarnation of his mortal love and together, while they were both mortals they conceived Gabriella. Amy was then made Immortal by Rhea before she died.’

‘Hmm,’ the goddess mused with a small smile pulling at the sides of her lips. She looked Gabriella directly in the eyes and the young girl was frozen on the spot while the god peered deep into her mind and soul. ‘My sister was quite the genius. She told us that our search for our fallen brother was in vain but we refused to listen. She always had a way with seeing time and it doesn’t surprise me that she would see how it would all end. I must admit that I am a little shocked by the full outcome though. You two children are proof of our arrogance, believing nothing could ever compare to our power.’

‘We are nowhere near you,’ Gabriella stated through a shaky voice and the goddess smiled at her, ‘your grace.’

‘I have a name my child. Call me Gaia. Now I’m sure you didn’t travel across all of creation just to tell me this amazing tale, so what is it you wish to know?’

This was the moment the two girls had been waiting for. They would finally be able to ask the question that plagued them since finding that they had not died when the Dark One had been killed by Gabriella’s hands. Their journey had been so long and perilous but it would all be worth it once they had their answer; then they could go back to their family and find comfort and rest once more.

‘We very much want to go back to our family,’ Gabriella started, ‘but we needed an answer to a question that only one of the gods could answer. What happened to us? Why did we not die on that forsaken planet with the Dark One?’

Gaia slowly crossed the distance between them and reached out a gentle and soothing hand, cupping Gabriella’s chin and lifting her eyes to look into her face directly. A sad smile appeared on her face and Gabby’s heart dropped, sensing that it wouldn’t be as simple as she had suspected. There was something behind those dazzling golden eyes that spoke of a bigger picture that the young girls weren’t seeing yet, one that they probably didn’t want to glimpse.

‘I can give you the answer you seek my child, but I’m afraid your family won’t be there to greet you when you go back to them.’

‘What? Why?’ Anna cried out and was suddenly next to Gabriella with her molten golden weapon in her hand, a smooth hard mask on her face.

‘My younger brother, Uranus sensed a change on your planet and set out to see what was transpiring. He will see that the protectors we had created to save earth are all dead, replaced by this new generation my sister has created. But he will not know that fact. He will see it as a betrayal and correct what had happened. He will kill all your loved ones believing they are abominations. Your family will not be able to stand against his power.’

Gabriella found herself sinking to her knees at this revelation. So much had been sacrificed to secure ever lasting peace but it was never meant to be. With Uranus bearing down on her mother, father, and brothers and sisters they would not survive. If his power was even a fraction of what Gaia’s was it would be a quick battle.

In an instant all the Immortals teleported into Ares’s old sanctum overlooking the beautiful jewel that was earth. Billions of stars twinkled both in the distance and up close as they found themselves standing in space above their planet. James had tracked the source of the unusual feeling they were all getting to this location and for a brief moment as they rocketed through space towards this plateau he feared Ares had returned; but that was utterly impossible. James had watched him die at the hands of his daughter, and this new power was so much stronger than anything Ares could have dreamt about.

The very second they dropped out of their vortex a sudden wave of pure power rolled over each and every one of them forcing them to their knees no matter how hard they fought against it. There was a brilliant golden light radiating from the center of the realm and even through closed eyes it burned at James’s mind and soul. He had felt this kind of power once before, when Catherine had saved him from dying during the first war but it had been different than this. Her light had been comforting and caring whereas this light was full of rage.

‘What is this?’ Francis cried out in pain and another wave of power washed over them and the immortals found themselves flat on their stomachs, their face pressed into the ground.

‘WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN?’ a strong voice roared through the air and James struggled to bring his hands up to protect his ears. There was so much authority in each word that James could feel it strike his brain like a ton of bricks and he could feel golden blood dribble out of both ears.

With all the power he possessed James struggled to his hands and knees, then with great effort into a standing position with his hand held over his eyes to block out as much of the blinding light as possible. He knew now who it was he had felt, but he could still hardly believe it. After so long the gods had returned, but why was this one so angry?

‘What is wrong my lord? We are your children!’ James announced. Suddenly the light swelled and blinded him completely a moment before something massive struck him in the chest, sending him crashing backwards to the edge of the realm they were in.

The attack had been so brutal James felt himself succumb to darkness for a moment before opening his eyes again, his head ringing and the feeling of broken ribs stinging with every breath. The light swelled once more but then folded in on itself to reveal a tall, powerful looking man with long brown hair and dazzling golden eyes that seethed with hatred. He was the most powerful being James had ever beheld before and he was holding him high in the air by the chest, his free hand glowing with golden power that continued to build in intensity.

‘LIES!’ the god bellowed and the very space around them trembled under his might. ‘Where is Ares or Baal? I left them in charge to safe guard this world and now that I return they are nowhere to be found! You demons have usurped their powers and taken their places! Tell me what you did with them!’

‘We did no such thing!’ Amy yelled out from behind the god and James saw his family getting back to their feet, their eyes wide in both awe and fear at what was happening.

‘Then where is Ares! Tell me now before I tear you limb from limb, insect!’

‘He betrayed us!’ Lucy answered and suddenly the god released James and rushed Lucy with such great speed that Francis had been too slow trying to get in front of her. In less time than it took for a human heart to beat Lucy was grabbed by the hair and held high in the air, her legs kicking as she struggled to find ground once more.

‘You dare sully Ares like that! He was the leader of my children and the strongest of them! He would never betray me or why he was created! What did you do to him and the rest?’

‘She speaks the truth,’ James yelled fiercely, hoping to direct attention back to him so this god would release Lucy. ‘His mind was twisted by the Dark God and he tried to destroy earth! He died a traitor!’

‘Your lies will not save you!’ the god roared, ‘I will kill each and every one of you for your crimes against my children!’

The angry god tossed Lucy aside like a sack of potatoes and turned on James like lightning, a shockwave of unleashed power erupting from deep within his body. James thought he had been prepared for the strike but the sheer fury behind it overwhelmed him instantly and he found himself sailing through the air once more, a ball of pure energy rushing towards his face.

‘NO!’ Amy cried out and tried to intervene but all her speed wasn’t fast enough; she would never reach James in time.

Then, as if suddenly appearing out of thin air two ghosts appeared in front of James and deflected the attack harmlessly to the side where it was lost in space a second later. Two women, one clad in silver armour and the other in golden were standing with their backs to James, liquid like weapons held in their hands and an aura of power surrounding them.

‘Gabby? Anna?’ James breathed but his words were lost in the moment.

‘Impressive,’ the god admired but the hungry look in his eyes only intensified at this new threat standing in his way.

‘My family speaks the truth Uranus!’ Gabriella said boldly and a certain power was carried in her words. ‘Stand down!’

‘You will not stop me from exacting justice!’ the god known as Uranus blasted but didn’t seem to get the response he had been hoping for. These two, fragile looking young women stood toe to toe with him, not backing down an inch under his mighty power. In fact, miraculously they seemed to be pushing his power back at him with their own combined force.

‘Fine, if you won’t give up on this fools mission then we will give you something more substantial to fight!’ Anna said defiantly and the entire area erupted in a sudden and violent display of power.

Everything was a blur of motion as James watched in horror at what was unfolding. Even with his enhanced vision he couldn’t make out a single person in the fray and he soon found that he had to dive to the ground as random balls of energy and bolts of pure power shot towards him at random. The power being displayed was so potent that James could feel every molecule in his body shake from it and it felt like he was being pummelled by Ares all over again.

As quickly as it had started the fight had ended, and all three combatants appeared directly in the middle of the realm. James was stunned to see Uranus on his knees with his head hung low as Anna and Gabriella stood over him with their weapons pointed towards his neck, golden blood dripping from the tips and a look of amazement on their faces.

‘What treachery is this? How can I be beaten so easily?’ Uranus pondered aloud.

‘You were always foolhardy my brother,’ a sweet feminine voice announced from thin air and suddenly a stunningly beautiful woman clad in a billowing golden robe appeared before the defeated god. ‘You do not see these women for what they truly are, do you?’

‘What is happening Gaia?’ Uranus asked and suddenly both Anna and Gabby moved their weapons away from his neck and took a step back.

‘Those before you brother are Rhea’s last gift to humanity,’ the woman announced. ‘They were created to replace the children that Ares killed and they are the ones that saved our world from our lost brother.’

Uranus looked up into his sister’s face but seemed to see no hint of deceit. He shook his head once and then got back to his feet, the cuts and scrapes on his golden skin healing instantly as a wave of power washed over him. ‘But what of these two? How are they so powerful?’

‘Young Gabriella here is the offspring of Gabriel and a once mortal woman known as Amy. Gabriel was created by Rhea and spent most of his life as a mortal man before recovering his powers that were taken by Ares. In a moment beyond destiny, they had a child who inherited powers far beyond what we gave to our children. Gabriella fought and killed Cronus, absorbing his power. It had an unexpected effect though and both her and this young girl Anna became like us.’

‘That’s impossible!’ Uranus cursed. Gaia placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and chuckled softly to herself at her brother’s disbelief.

‘I thought so at first too brother,’ she said softly, ‘but you yourself have seen their power in combat. I am sorry I set them upon you but it was the only way for you to believe the truth. Even so young they are immensely powerful. Now why don’t you run along and I will come see you soon, I wish to speak to these children alone for a moment.’

Uranus looked up at Gaia in disbelief but finally did as he was asked, bowing low to the goddess and saying ‘As you wish my sister.’ A moment later he disappeared with a crack of golden lightning, leaving his sister standing there in the middle of the room alone.

With the immediate threat gone Amy rushed over to both Gabriella and Anna and pulled them into a powerful hug, unimpeded sobs wracking her body as she cried in happiness. James wanted to rush over to his daughters as well but found himself standing there in front of Gaia instead, a sense of utter bewilderment rising in his heart as he went over what he had just heard in his mind. How was any of this possible? Were his daughters both gods now?

‘I can see why Rhea created you Gabriel,’ Gaia said with a pleasant smile on her gorgeous face, ‘I can see the destiny surrounding you like cloak. The legacy you have created in both your family and among the humans is nothing short of amazing. We couldn’t ask for anything more than that.’

‘Is this real?’ he heard himself asking in utter amazement.

‘Yes my child, it is. I cannot risk contaminating what you have created by remaining here for long, but I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my soul for what you have done for us. Which is why I want to give you, and your family a gift before I go.’

Gaia moved away from James that moment and walked towards Amy who was still holding her daughters tightly, sobbing into their plated chests as her emotions ripped into her body like a tidal wave. ‘Against all odds you both were gifted with an amazing daughter and I want to give that ability to all of you. The first immortals were created so they could not give birth or get a person pregnant, but now I see that might have been a bad idea on our part. If someone as special as Gabriella can be created through such a union then I want it to happen again, and again. I also understand that you are no longer bound to love who we say for you to love, so from now on you can also have children with mortal beings. If they are even half as amazing as this young child then I think this world will be in great hands.’

‘Really?’ Lucy cried out in joy and threw herself into Francis’s arms, kissing him fully on the mouth as if they were alone. Gaia looked back and chuckled at the sudden display but then her face smoothed and she looked back towards Anna and Gabriella.

‘Have you made your decision yet?’ Gaia asked and the girls looked at each other and quickly nodded as one. ‘What will it be?’

‘We wish to return to our normal lives,’ Anna announced without taking her eyes off of Gabriella and their hands were held together while Amy took an unsteady step back and James wrapped his arms around her waist.

‘Then you know what to do.’

Suddenly the girls embraced one another and a silver bubble of power erupted from Gabby’s chest and engulfed them both. Amy struggled to free herself from his arms but James held onto her tightly knowing that getting in the way was not a good thing right now. The silver bubble began to ripple and solidify around them as Gaia stepped forward and held out her hand. The moment her open hand touched the bubble a silver and golden light erupted from both girls and bathed over the entire room before subsiding, leaving them cowering on the ground together alone. Gaia had gone.

One year later:

‘Would you keep that kid quiet?’ Michelle sighed in frustration, hovering over her homework and adjusting her wax earplugs as she tried to concentrate.

‘He’s just hungry,’ Lucy said in a baby voice as she held her baby boy high above her head and bounced him gently while her husband Francis warmed up a bottle of milk in the microwave.

‘Yeah well it’s really making it hard to study!’ Michelle groaned in frustration.

‘No one told you to move in here Michelle!’

James had had enough and got up from his spot on the couch and walked into the kitchen where all the bickering was taking place. ‘Enough guys, be nice okay?’ he grumbled and both women quickly apologized to the other while Francis shrugged his shoulders and pulled the baby bottle out of the microwave and handed it to his wife.

James walked to the fridge and got a bottle of water out before retreating back to the safety of the couch and television. The past year had been a fairly eventful one for his family, but in a good way. Not only did he have his daughters back but Francis and Lucy had given birth to a beautiful baby boy who was so full of life he lit up the entire household. It did present one small problem though, as it appeared children born of immortal parents inherited their power directly at birth and Jeffrey had already smashed through three cradles and teleported to England before he had been released from the hospital.

That wasn’t even the biggest news either as both he and Amy were expecting their second child any day now. They had decided not to find out the sex of the child, wanting it to be a surprise but James new either way he was about to be a proud father once again. He could still hardly believe that they had been so blessed, even with his baby girl back at home with them.

Gabriella and Anna had given up their godly powers to return to life as normal girls, well as normal as you could get for being immortal and easily the most powerful immortals who lived. It seemed that not all the power they had possessed had been taken by Gaia, but thankfully there was no reason for them to use it anymore. Two years of perfect peace and unity on the planet was yet another blessing James had received.

Gabby and Anna could have gone and lived anywhere they wanted in the world but they chose to move back in with Amy and James, saying that they had been gone long enough that they never wanted to leave home again. This didn’t bother James one bit as he was proud to have a full house once again. On top of that Lucy and Francis were temporarily living with them now as well so James and Amy could help them out with their new child. Under the belief that they would never have a child they never really paid attention in school when such a topic was discussed, but now that they did have one of their own they felt safer being with people who had been through the process themselves.

Janice was also still living with them, going to school to get a degree. Michelle had convinced her to transfer schools to the one she was attending for her doctorate, so she could commute easier freeing up James to help out around the full house while Amy was pregnant, so she was now living with them as well. At first James wasn’t sure Michelle moving in was the best idea but being that she didn’t need sleep or rest she had become a real asset around the house so he was fine with it now.

‘What’s up dad?’ Gabriella said with a little giggle as she suddenly dropped out of the sky onto the seat next to him.

‘And where have you been young lady?’

‘Anna and I needed a little private time,’ she answered with a blush and looked away from him. ‘She’s upstairs with mom right now though.’

They sat in silence for a few minutes while James flipped through random channels looking for something hold his interest. In truth he was glad just to sit there with his daughter. Nothing made him happier than that in the world. Well almost nothing anyways. Seeing his pregnant wife would always trump being with his daughter, but he would never say that out loud.

‘Have you put any more thought into college or university?’ he asked offhand and Gabriella let out a sigh next to him.

‘I’ve got eternity to go to school, for now I think I just want to relax and enjoy life again,’ she answered and James couldn’t fault her for that. At some point he wanted her to get a better education though, but he understood that it could wait. For a little while longer anyways.

‘Going to travel Europe and check out the sights?’ he joked and they both laughed.

‘Did that yesterday,’ Gabby giggled and slapped him gently on the shoulder.

Before James could say anything in return to his daughters last statement there was a soft pop and Anna suddenly appeared in front of him, a wide smile on her face and a look of joy dancing in her eyes. ‘Guess what!’ she announced.

‘Is it time?’ Michelle called out from the kitchen and in the blink of an eye she rushed into the living room, a trail of loose papers drifting in her wake.

‘Yep!’ Anna exclaimed and James found himself jumping up from the couch, ‘Amy’s gone into labour!’

‘Did she go to the hospital already?’ Gabby asked excitedly and Anna quickly nodded her head.

‘Well what are you all standing around for? Let’s get this show on the road!’ James announced and built up his power around him, instantly crossing the distance between his house and the hospital where he would see his child come into the world.

A new era had dawned on both earth and far beyond and no one knew what the future held for them anymore. With immortal or half immortal children a possibility things could get very interesting from here on out, but James didn’t concern himself with that thought right now. He and his family would cross that bridge when they got to it.

Note: As per popular demand I gave Defiance a more conclusive ending that the readers asked for. At first I wasn't even going to do this as I believed it took away from what I had created, but when I got to the end of this chapter I realized I had begun to create something else entirely. With Gaia's final gift to the Immortals I have opened up a whole new aspect in which I could delve into and I might just do that, if the readers ask for it.
My writting is fueled by your comments and ideas so keep them coming. If you want to see more or have an suggestions don't hesitate to let me know about it, whether by comment or private message. The idea of immortal and half immortal children being born into a peaceful world could lend to some interesting stories and a futher conflict so let me know if you would be interested in seeing that.

I have had such a great time writting this story for all of you and it really helped me iron out the actual story I want to tell through publication. I'd like to take a moment to thank all of my faithful readers who stuck through this story to the end and wouldn't settle for the ending I presented you. The writers duty is not to tell the story he wants, but to tell the story the readers want to hear. So thank you all very much.

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