A father was looking at his young daughter's, but didn't plan on carrying out his thoughts. The girls had other plans though when he fell asleep. Constructive criticism please.
Warning: This story contains sex between a much older man and his two young daughter's, if that's not for you, you can read some of my other stories that don't contain young or incest. Thank you.

Adam is a 43 year old married man. He and his wife, Joanna, have been married for 18 years now and have three kids. A 16 year old son and twin 14 year old daughters. Adam stands 5'11", with short brown hair and brown eyes, weighing about 230 lbs.

Sophie, was almost a spitting image of her mother, standing 5'5" with mid-back length brown hair and blue eyes, weighing 110 lbs. soaking wet, and a firm B-cup chest. Kaitlyn stands 5'6" with shoulder length blond hair and brown eyes. She weighs about 125 lbs., with a C-cup chest

Collin, their son, and Joanna were gone for a week on a trip to Washington DC for school. They had left early in the morning, taking a two day bus ride to get there. Adam asked his wife why they had to ride a bus, and she said it was because the school couldn't afford plane tickets.

It was 5:30 on Friday evening when Adam came home from work. As he walked into the house he was greeted by his daughters. "Hey Dad," Sophie said from the front room. "Hey sweetheart, how was your day?" He asked, walking up behind the couch they were sitting on. They both looked up at him, "oh you know, it was school," Kaitlyn giggled.

Adam raised his head in understanding, "so do you have any plans for this weekend?" The girls look at each other, then up at their dad, "no not really,' Kaitlyn answered. Adam smiled at her as he said, "I thought you girls would have some big plans, since we have the house all to ourselves." Both of them shook their heads, "no, but maybe we could watch a movie later on?" Sophie smiled at him. Adam nodded in agreement, "sounds good, and go do some shopping tomorrow?" Both of their faces lit up with excitement, as they quickly nodded in agreement.

After dinner the girls were in their room, having showered and got dressed in their sleepwear. Adam had changed into more comfortable clothing, putting on a T-shirt and some loose fitting jean shorts. Adam hollered upstairs to the girls, "are you girls ready to watch a movie?" Sophie came skipping towards the stairs happily, she was wearing some green pajama pant and a matching tank top that clung tightly to her body. Adam had to swallow a knot in his throat as he watched his daughter's firm tits bounce, and her pert nipples poking at her top. Kaitlyn was almost right behind her, walking, wearing some pink boy shorts, that hugged to her tightly, and a loose T-shirt. As Adam watched his daughters trot down the stairs, he felt his 8" cock twinge inside of his shorts.

'What is wrong with you,' Adam thought to himself, 'they're your daughters.' He tried to shake the thought out of his head as he followed them into the the front room, watching Kaitlyn's hips sway with her steps. He sat down in the middle of the couch, as the girls looked through their DVD collection, trying to find a movie. They chose 'The Spy Next Door' and Sophie put it in the DVD player. Kaitlyn sat down next to her dad, and Sophie laid down on her stomach on the floor, as the movie started.

The three of them watched the movie intently, laughing at the funny scenes. Adam was able to get his mind off of the thoughts he had earlier. With about a half hour left of the movie he started to drift off to sleep, tired from his workday. As the movie ended, Sophie turned to look at her dad and sister on the couch, "Kaitlyn, dad fell asleep." Kaitlyn looked at Adam, his head was back and he was beginning to snore lightly. Kaitlyn giggled, "guess the movie was to boring for him."

Sophie got up and ejected the DVD and put it away. She turned towards Kaitlyn and asked, "should we wake him up?" Kaitlyn shrugged her shoulders as she stood up and turned to look at her sleeping father. Sophie walked up next to Kaitlyn as Kaitlyn said, "we probably should wake him up." Sophie laughed a little, "or we could take advantage of him, and give him some pleasure like we saw on the internet." Kaitlyn looked at her sister in shock, "Sophie, he's our dad, that would be wrong."

Sophie kept her eyes on her sleeping dad, "yeah why not. You have to admit you've wanted to try what we saw." Kaitlyn shook her head, "yeah, but not with dad." Sophie looked at Kaitlyn, "oh come on, what could it hurt?" Kaitlyn looked at her sister seriously, "it's just wrong, its incest." Sophie smiled, "that's what makes it even naughtier." Kaitlyn scoffed at that comment, "fine you can try it, but don't expect me to help you, I will just watch." Sophie tilted her head a bit at her sister, "fine then, be that way."

"First we need something to tie his hands and feet with," Sophie said, looking at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn shook her head quickly, "we can't do that, if he wakes up, we will be in big trouble." Sophie giggled, "we'll get in trouble even if we don't tie him up. But if we tie him up, he can't do anything about it at the time." Kaitlyn shrugged her shoulders, "I guess you're right, but remember this is all your idea." Sophie nodded excitedly, as the girls ran up the stairs to search.

About 10 minutes later they trounced back down the stairs, carrying some tights and some of their mom's nylons. Adam was still asleep on the couch, but had moved to his back, and was laying across the couch now. "Wow he made it easier for us now," Sophie laughed, as she dropped the materials on the floor. She grabbed a pair of nylons and moved up by Adam's head. She carefully tied her dad's wrists together with one leg of the nylons, slowly pulling his arms over his head.

As his arms brushed against his face, Adam stirred a bit, causing Sophie to pause and hold her breath. She watched as he rubbed his face against his bicep, but didn't wake. Sophie let out her breath in relief, as she pulled the nylons tight and tied the other end to the back leg of the couch.

Neither one of the girls had any idea of what they were doing. Sophie was doing what came naturally, and what her and Kaitlyn had seen on the internet. Since they had reached puberty, they have been looking at porn on the internet, and had watched a video of a woman playing and teasing a man's cock. The guy was tied to a table, and seemed to enjoy what the woman was doing to him.

Sophie didn't bother tying his legs down, since the guy in the video was able to move his. She knelt down next to the couch, right next to Adam's hips. She clumsily fumbled with his short's button and zipper, slowly opening his shorts, revealing his blue boxers. Kaitlyn stood behind her sister, watching intently, "Sophie, stop," she exclaimed nervously, as Sophie started tugging Adam's shorts and boxers down. Sophie paused, looking at Kaitlyn, "why?"

Kaitlyn shrugged her shoulders, "I'm having second thoughts, what if he wakes up?" Sophie smiled, "then maybe he'll enjoy himself, like that guy in the video, plus he'll be our slave then." Kaitlyn gasped, "I don't believe this, I can't believe you're going through with this." Sophie scoffed, "whatever, quit being a chicken and shut up."

Sophie turned back to what she was doing, tugging her dad's shorts and boxers down his legs. As his boxers uncovered his manhood, Sophie gasped at the sight of her father's limp dick. She pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees, not taking her eyes from her dad's dick. It was laying limply on his fat ball sack, surrounded by thick, black pubic hair.

His dick was about 5" long, and 1 1/2" diameter, at this state. Kaitlyn and Sophie both stared at the first cock they had ever seen up close, mesmerized by it. Sophie slowly put her finger against the middle of his shaft, and poked it. Adam's dick fell limply onto his thigh, as she poked it, causing her to giggle. Kaitlyn moved closer behind Sophie, watching.

Sophie made a ring with her thumb and forefinger around, just below the head, her dad's dick, picking it up. Sophie studied the dick as she held it in the air, carefully. Looking at the pink head and veiny shaft, turning the tip so his piss hole was looking at her. Kaitlyn nervously swayed behind her sister, as she studied it as well.

Sophie felt her body getting hotter, as stared at her dad's dick. She looked up at Kaitlyn and whispered, "it's so different seeing one in person." Kaitlyn nodded quickly in agreement, licking her lips, "but it's soft, not hard like that guy's in the video." Sophie shrugged her shoulders, turning her attention back to Adam's dick, giving it a light squeeze.

"Try moving your fingers up and down it, like that girl did to that guy," Kaitlyn whispered lustily, her own body getting hotter, like it did when watching the video. Sophie nodded as she slowly slid her fingers down his limp shaft, putting her palm against his abdomen as she reached the base. She slowly began to move back up his dick, cooing as it seemed to grow slightly.

Kaitlyn felt her pussy begin to tingle, her boy shorts beginning to become moist as she watched Sophie. Sophie slowly moved her fingers back down her dad's slowly growing cock, then back up without pausing. Sophie felt her panties getting wetter as she moved her fingers up and down his dick, in a slow and steady rhythm, watching it grow longer and thicker. She kept moving her fingers up and down, feeling it start to throb, and their dad groaning, but not waking up. "Oh my god, that thing is huge," Kaitlyn whispered, staring at the fully hard cock.

Sophie nodded in agreement as she moved her face over the dick. Kaitlyn knelt down next to Sophie, so she could watch her sister. Sophie opened her mouth as far as she could, her hair falling down and blocking Kaitlyn's view. Sophie stopped moving her fingers at the base of her dad's 8" cock, and lowered her head down, taking his 2 1/2" diameter cock into her mouth. As her mouth engulfed the head of his dick, Adam groaned, beginning to stir.

Sophie moaned on the head of his dick, as she felt it throb in her hand. "I can't see," Kaitlyn said, a little louder than she should of. Adam's legs moved, causing the girls to jump. Sophie lifted her head up and looked up at her dad.

Adam was looking at them, just staring, with a look of confusion. Sophie still held onto his dick, staring back at her dad. "Wh... what's going on?" Adam muttered, still half asleep. Sophie looked at Kaitlyn, then back at him and slowly said, "umm taking advantage of you." He looked more confused as he tried to lift his arms up, but they were tied tightly, "Sophie, why are my arms tied down?" He asked sternly.

Sophie giggled, "I just told you dad, I can't tease you and have my way with you if you're free." Adam lifted his head up, a little more awake now, he gasped at the sight of her hand wrapped around the base of his erect cock, "Sophie!" Both girls jumped at his exclamation, "what you're doing is wrong," he continued. Sophie held her head down, as if in shame, but a devilish grin on her face.

Adam continued trying to free himself, but it was no use, so he moved his hips around, trying get her hand off of his dick. Sophie giggled at her dad moving around, "if you keep it up, we'll just have to tie your legs down too." Adam groaned in anger, "Sophie untie me now." Sophie shook her head quickly, "not until we're finished." Kaitlyn leaned over his legs, "yeah dad just enjoy yourself."

Adam stared at his daughter's in awe. He realized he was looking at them earlier, getting a little excited, but he didn't want to act on it. Now his daughter's had his arms tied down, and Sophie was holding his dick. The same dick that conceived her and Kaitlyn. He knew this was wrong in so many ways, but he was powerless to stop it, and in a way it excited him. "Where did you girls learn about this?" He asked, looking Sophie in the eyes. Her eyes lit up as she answered, "we seen it on the internet."

Adam shook his head in disbelief, "you were looking at porn on the internet?" Sophie nodded vigorously, lying, "yeah, I was doing research for a report for biology, and clicked on the advertisement link." Again he shook his head, and said, "and you didn't close it when saw what it..." Kaitlyn cut him off, "enough talking, don't let him stall anymore." Sophie looked back at Kaitlyn in shock, not expecting that. Kaitlyn looked at her sister, "what?"

Sophie chuckled, "wow someone's in a hurry. And changed their mind in a hurry." Kaitlyn blushed a little, "sorry, but my body was feeling hot and tingling, but now that went away with all of this talking, and it was feeling good. I want that feeling back." Sophie nodded and looked at Adam, "well you heard her, no more talking."

Adam shook his head, not wanting this to go any further. Sophie looked back at his cock, that was somewhat soft now. She started stroking his dick again, trying to wake it back up, as she looked at Adam, "by the way daddy, you're our slave now, and have to do what we want." Adam shook his head vigorously, 'this can't be happening, its just a dream, and he would wake up soon,' he thought to himself, as his dick began to harden again.

Sophie squeezed the shaft of his dick, as hard as she could, with her tiny hand, "did you hear me daddy?" Adam winced in slight pain, it hurt, but not bad, "yes baby." Sophie squeezed harder, "don't call me that, its mistress." Adam was stunned by his daughter's request, but answered slowly, "yes mistress." Sophie smiled, relaxing her grip slightly, "that's a good boy, the same goes for mistress Kaitlyn here." Adam nodded in understanding, "ok mistresses," he said almost laughing.

"Does daddy like being our slave," Sophie lustily said, moving her hand faster on his hardened dick. Adam only groaned as he watched his daughter's hand move up and down his shaft. Kaitlyn moved her hand between his legs, cupping his plump ball sack, lightly fondling it with her fingers, as she rubbed her other hand against her covered slit. Sophie moved her head over his crotch again, and opened her mouth wide. Adam watched her slowly lower her head towards his cock, he gasped, wanting to yell out, as he felt her hot breath against his sensitive head. Sophie continued, wrapping her lips around the head of his dick, sucking on it lightly.

"Oh my fucking god," Adam groaned loudly. Sophie moaned as his dick throbbed in her mouth, sending vibrations through his dick. He lifted his hips up, trying to shove more into her mouth, but she moved her head back with him. He begged her to go further, "oh yes baby, take more of my cock in your mouth."

Sophie abruptly pulled her mouth off of his dick, "what did you say?" Adam looked at her in lust, "what?" Sophie squeezed his dick hard again, "its mistress, not baby," she angrily said. "I... I'm sorry mistress," he said, "please don't stop mistress." Adam knew his lust had taken over now, begging his own daughter to continue. His dick was begging for release now, raging hard and throbbing.

Sophie chuckled and looked at Kaitlyn, "mistress Kaitlyn, take off your panties and sit on his face, like we saw, so he can't talk." They had seen another video, where a woman was sitting on a guys face, grinding her pussy against his mouth.

Kaitlyn nodded excitedly as she stood up, putting her thumbs in the waistline of her boy shorts. Adam wanted to protest, "wait," watching as she quickly pushed her panties down. As she stood back up, his eyes fixed on his daughter's virgin slit. There was a small patch of blond pubic hair on her mound, her pussy lips were tightly together, but slightly swollen and glistening, showing her arousal. He didn't move his eyes from her crotch as she walked towards his head.

Adam couldn't say a word as Kaitlyn slowly climbed onto the couch, straddling his chest, her back facing Sophie. She moved up until her pussy hovered over his mouth, Adam could smell her arousal permeating from her snatch. Without warning she clumsily slammed her pussy against his face. Adam was taken by surprise by her actions, not having time to react. Her pussy smashed against his closed mouth, his nose brushing against her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body.

Adam could tell this was her first time doing this, as she clumsily and rapidly gyrated her hips forward and back against his face. Sophie urged her sister on, "yeah Kaitlyn, shut him up." Kaitlyn's pussy juices were covering Adam's chin, nose, and up his nostrils, as she got more excited, and moved her hips faster.

Adam opened his mouth, trying to breath, he stuck his tongue out and it dipped into Kaitlyn's tight hole. This caused her to freeze, as she felt his tongue enter her.

Sophie was slowly stroking her dad's dick again, watching her sister, when she saw Kaitlyn stop and her body tremble. "What's wrong Kaitlyn?" Sophie asked. Kaitlyn turned her head to look at Sophie, "I just felt something enter me, oh!" She gasped as her dad started moving his tongue around, inside of her pussy.

Adam was doing what came naturally to him now, the taste of her sweet, young pussy juices was driving him wild, causing him to want more, trying to get his tongue further into her. "What, what is it?" Sophie asked, letting go of his dick and moving up to Adam's head. "He's moving it around inside of me, oh wow," Kaitlyn moaned, her body beginning to tremble. "What does it feel like? Does it feel good?" Sophie asked curiously. "Uh huh," was all Kaitlyn could mutter, as she started moving her hips slowly against his face.

Sophie couldn't see what her dad was doing, but she figured Kaitlyn was enjoying it. Kaitlyn had her eyes closed, gyrating her hips faster and faster, moaning quietly, "uh huh, uh huh," over and over.

Adam moved his tongue in and out of his daughter's tight hole, noticing her getting wetter and wetter. As Kaitlyn moved her hips back he pulled his tongue out and bit down on her, now engorged, clit. This caused her to freeze again, and scream out, "oh my god." Her body trembled, as her very first orgasm raced through her body. Sophie watched in amazement as her sister's body jerked and shook. Kaitlyn's pussy juices flowing out of her pussy, running down his chin and neck. Her moans quickly faded, as her orgasm slowly faded and she fell forward across her dad's arms.

Sophie looked at Kaitlyn in awe, Kaitlyn looking back at her with a big smile on her face. "What was that?" Sophie asked her sister. Kaitlyn pushed herself back up, "I don't know, but it felt incredible." Sophie thought for a moment, as Kaitlyn got off of her dad, her pussy juice all over his face and neck. "Maybe it was an orgasm, like I've had before," Sophie said, "did it feel like a lot of pressure building up inside of you, then rapidly releasing?" Kaitlyn quickly nodded, as she looked at her juices covering her dad's chin and neck.

Adam looked at her and smiled, "how was your first orgasm?" Kaitlyn smiled, "it was amazing." He chuckled, "I bet, now can you untie me?" Sophie piped up, "did we say we were finished?" Adam looked at her, "no, I guess you didn't baby girl."

This infuriated Sophie, she quickly moved down and slapped the head of his dick hard, "its mistress." She yelled angrily. Adam jumped and winced in pain, that really hurt him, she had slapped the most sensitive part of his dick. "I... I'm sorry mistress Sophie," he muttered still in pain. "Oh I'm sorry, did I hurt our slave?" Sophie asked laughingly.

Adam had some tears welling up in his eyes, nodding slowly. Sophie laughed again, "well maybe you finally learned your lesson."

Kaitlyn just stood there, staring at Sophie, she could not believe how Sophie was acting. Her sister was really getting into this, being forceful with their dad, and talking like that woman did in the video. Sophie turned to Kaitlyn, "hey go get that lube from their end-table that we saw." Adam spoke up, "no Sophie, you can't." Sophie raised her hand and smacked his dick again, on the shaft this time, causing it smack against his abdomen. It didn't hurt as much as before, but was still painful, as he winced again. "I'm not fucking telling you again," Sophie yelled at him.

Kaitlyn jumped as her sister yelled and cursed. She quickly left the room and ran up the stairs, retrieving the tube they had seen when looking for nylons earlier. She hurried back downstairs, running back into the front room.

Sophie had taken off her pajama pants, standing there in her tank top and lace red thong. Adam was looking up at her, wondering what was going to happen next. Sophie asked him, "so does my slave like what he sees?" As Kaitlyn walked up next to her.

Adam knew that he wanted to tell, 'no, you're my daughter this is wrong.' But he didn't want her slapping his dick again, so he simply responded, "yes mistress Sophie." Sophie smiled, "that's a good boy. I guess I'll can give you a little reward you now."

At that moment, Kaitlyn knew Sophie had watched that video more than once, because she was quoting it, almost word for word. Sophie took the lube from her sister and climbed onto the couch, straddling her dad's legs, just above his knees.

Adam watched her as she opened the tube of KY warming gel and squeeze a good amount onto her palm. Sophie smiled at him, as she closed it and set it aside. She slowly rubbed her hands together, covering both of her hands with the lube. She moved her eyes to his cock as she reached out and slowly wrapped them around his thick shaft, one just above the other.

Adam groaned as her hands contacted his dick, the warming gel sending the warmth through his whole dick. Sophie cooed as his dick throbbed in her hands, as she slowly started moving her hands together, to the head of his cock. Adam wanted her to go faster, but Sophie very slowly ran her hands up and off of his sensitive head, causing his body to shudder, and him groan.

Sophie giggled as she watched his dick bounce in front of her, "what's the matter daddy?" Adam groaned louder, "please don't stop mistress." Sophie giggled more as she grabbed the base of his throbbing dick, "so somebody likes this," she moaned, slowly moving her hand up his shaft. Adam could only nod, as he closed his eyes in pleasure.

His wife had never done this to him, but he was more turned on now than ever before. He didn't know if it was because it was daughter doing this, or that it was the first time he had been dominated, either way his dick hasn't been this hard in a long time.

Sophie started moving her hand up and down his cock slowly , as she cupped his ball sack with her other hand, lightly fondling it. "Mmm your cock is so hard and your balls feel full of your hot cum," Sophie moaned, moving her hand a little faster. Kaitlyn was rubbing her tight slit, listening to her sister quote the video more. "Does this hard cock wanna cum for its mistresses, show us all of it's hot load?" Sophie moaned, squeezing his dick at the base, each time her hand went down.

Adam's groans grew louder, feeling his balls pulling closer to his body, "yes mistress, it wants to cum so bad, show you all of its hot and sticky load." Her hand was moving much to slow for him now, as he felt himself getting closer to cumming. He started lifting his hips up off of the couch, in time with her hand, trying to urge her to go faster. Suddenly Sophie moved her hands away from his cock and ball sack, leaving him on the verge of exploding. He opened his eyes, looking at her with a pleading look, "why did you stop?"

Sophie laughed, "ah did our slave wanna cum?" Adam nodded quickly, his dick still throbbing and bouncing, wanting it's release. At that moment Adam wished his hands were free, so he could finish himself off. He struggled trying to break free, but it was no use, he couldn't break free. Sophie tapped his, now ultra sensitive member and giggled, "we're not done teasing you yet. So you better not cum until we say its alright for you to cum."

Adam groaned in frustration, wanting his sexual release now. His dick slowly started to go soft, as the feeling of ejaculation slowly faded away. Sophie moved up his legs, straddling his hips as she pushed her hot, covered pussy against his semi-erect dick. Adam moaned, as he felt the heat of her pussy against his cock, "oh my fucking god." His dick beginning to harden again as she slowly started rocking her hips forward and back, grinding her covered snatch against his cock hard.

Sophie's body trembled each time her engorged clit rubbed against his dick. She pulled her tank top up and off of her, revealing her perky, young tits to her father. Adam stared at her tits, amazed by how firm they were. Sophie was grinding her snatch against his cock harder as she leaned forward and pushed her chest into his face. It took him by surprise at first, his face buried between her teen tits. She started twisting her body, so her nipples brushed across his lips, just as she had seen in a video.

Adam opened his mouth and stu k out his tongue, so her nipples would brush across it. Sophie felt his wet tongue on her nipples, causing her to moan, as she tried her best to continue grinding her snatch against his cock and twist her body. Finally she stopped twisting her body, with one of her nipples over his mouth. Adam lifted his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Sophie froze in place as she felt a jolt of excitement rush through her body, as her dad sucked on her nipple.

Sophie arched her back, forcing her chest into his face. She threw her head back, lost in ecstasy, "yes suck on my boobs daddy, oh my god that feels good." Kaitlyn froze, staring at her sister in shock. Adam switched to Sophie's other nipple and sucked it into his mouth, lightly biting at it. This sent even more new feelings through Sophie, her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she moved her hips again, grinding her covered pussy against his cock again.

"Ooohhhh daddy, I'm gonna cum, yes don't stop, make me cum daddy," Sophie yelled, her orgasm drawing near. Adam twirled his tongue around her nipple, as Sophie started pinching her other nipple, moving her hips faster on top of him. Then her orgasm started, "ooohhh I'm cumming daddy." Her whole body shaking and trembling as her orgasm coursed through her. Adam was groaning into her tit, as her felt her pussy juice soak her thong and warm his dick even more. Sophie bucked her hips hard as she came, moaning loudly, "yes daddy, yes daddy," over and over.

Kaitlyn was vigorously rubbing her own pussy, watching her sister cum. Sophie had masturbated before, but she had never cum like this. Her orgasm seeming to go on and on, her body shaking and trembling as her pussy spasmed on her dad's dick. Finally her orgasm started to subside, her body still jerking and trembling lightly as she fell onto Adam.

Adam was surprised he didn't cum when she did, he made his dick throb against her pussy, causing Sophie to shudder and moan. Sophie slowly pushed herself back up, looking down at her dad, "you didn't cum yet did you?" Adam shook his head at her, with a wide grin, "no not yet mistress." Sophie exhaled deeply, "that's a good slave, now I guess we should reward you for pleasuring us."

Adam wanted to breath a sigh of relief, his daughter's teasing and tasting Kaitlyn's pussy had drove him insane, but he didn't know what they had in store yet. He knew this was wrong, but at this point he didn't care, he just wanted his release now.

Sophie climbed off of the couch and stood next to it, she turned to Kaitlyn, "do you wanna cum again for him?" Kaitlyn quickly shook her head, looking at her dad's 8" cock, wondering what Sophie had planned. "Kaitlyn straddle him like I did, and move your pussy close to his cock," Sophie ordered her sister. Kaitlyn looked at Sophie in disbelief, not wanting to do that. Sophie giggled, "don't worry its not going inside of you."

Kaitlyn reluctantly started to climb onto the couch over her dad. Adam staring at her wet pussy, not sure of this, but Sophie had said there would be no penetration. He watched slowly move to her knees over his dick, that was leaking pre-cum profusely now.

Sophie held his dick steady as she watched Kaitlyn's pussy get closer. "Ok he will be just inside of you, but don't go all of the way down on him," Sophie quietly whispered to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn nodded slowly, still a little reluctant. Sophie held her dad's dick at the base as she guided the head towards her sister's slit. Kaitlyn froze when she felt the head of his dick bump against her virgin entrance. Sophie put her other hand on Kaitlyn's ass cheek, to help steady her. Sophie watched as her sister's slit was slowly split open by their dad's dick. Sophie pushed down on Kaitlyn's ass until just the head of his dick entered her.

Kaitlyn screeched as she felt her dad's dick inside of her, "no stop Sophie." Adam let out a long groan of pleasure when he felt her tight hole envelope him. Sophie moved her hand between from Kaitlyn's ass, when Kaitlyn quickly raised her hips back up. Adam looked at his daughter in lust, he didn't think he wanted that, but now that he had been teased with it, he wanted it more than ever.

Sophie allowed Kaitlyn to climb off, looking at her, "you're such a chicken-shit." Sophie quickly pushed her soaked thong down and kicked them aside, "watch this Kaitlyn." Sophie said as she straddled Adam's hips.

Adam stared at Sophie's tight snatch, it had a thin patch of black pubic hair covering her lips, so he couldn't see much of them, her pubic hair still showing the remnants of her orgasm. Sophie reached down and grabbed his cock, she started sliding the head of it up and down her virgin slit, feeling herself getting excited again. She slowly started pushing herself onto it, allowing just the head of it to slip into her, then pulling back off of it.

"Please mistress go further onto it," Adam pleaded with lust. Sophie was moaning as she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, "not today slave." Adam groaned in frustration, he wanted to reach down and grab her hips to pull her onto his dick so bad. Sophie moved down a little, still holding his dick. She moved her hand to the bottom side of his shaft, pushing it against her slit. Her pubic hair tickled the shaft of his dick, driving him crazy, as she moved her slit up and down his cock.

Adam's groans grew louder, as his breathing hastened. His dick grew bigger and harder against Sophie's hand and slit, as his balls tightened up again for their release. Before his cum could rush up his dick, Sophie suddenly moved her hand away and lifted her hips up off of him. Adam grunted and bucked his hips, trying to force his cum out. He looked at her in anger, 'that fucking bitch,' he thought to himself, he was so close to cumming and she had denied his orgasm again. "Why did you stop again mistress, I was so close to cumming," he pleaded.

Sophie giggled, "oh I'm sorry, but did I say it was alright for you to cum yet?" Adam's dick was hurting now, wanting to cum so bad. "Maybe we should wait until tomorrow to allow you to cum," Sophie laughingly said. "Please no mistress," Adam pleaded with her.

Kaitlyn was beside herself, she didn't know what to do, she figured they both would be in big trouble for this, and she didn't want it to be amplified by Sophie's actions. Sophie was still straddling her dad's legs, looking at his now softening member, "so you want to cum now slave." Adam slowly nodded his head and mouthed, 'yes please.'

Sophie grabbed his cock at the base and started swinging it around, since it wasn't as hard anymore, "well it looks like he doesn't want to cum yet." She giggled as the head of his dick slapped against his abdomen and the back of her hand. Adam tried to move his hips around, trying to urge Sophie to stroke it back to life. Sophie squeezed the base of his dick and slowly slid it up the shaft, cooing as she watched his precum ooze out of his piss hole. She kept squeezing his dick all of the way, watching more of his precum ooze out and run down the head of his dick. With her other hand she put her forefinger into the precum and slowly pull it away, watching his precum string from the head of his dick to her finger.

Kaitlyn watched what Sophie was doing intently, watching her father's precum stick to Sophie's finger and string out. Sophie was amazed at how sticky it was, as she touched her finger against the head of his dick again, "wow it's so sticky." Adam wanted to laugh at her innocence, but he was concentrating on cumming. Sophie moved her hand up and down his dick, as she looked up at him and slowly lowered her head towards his cock. She opened her mouth wide, her eyes fixed on his, as she engulfed the head of his dick.

Sophie moaned on his dick, as she tasted his salty precum, but yet it tasted a little sweet too. Adam groaned loudly, "yes mistress let me cum please, I want to cum for you." Sophie sucked on the head of his dick hard, as she quickly moved her hand up and down his dick quickly. She felt his dick grow bigger in her hand, as the head of his dick grew inside of her mouth. She moved her mouth off of his dick as she continued stroking him fast, "does daddy wanna cum for his little girls, huh does he wanna show us what helped make us?"

Adam was grunting, using his kegel muscles to try and push his cum out of him, "yes he does, he wants to show you all his hot and sticky load." Again before he could cum, Sophie stopped her hand at the base of his dick, squeezing it hard. "Cum for us daddy, show us that hot load," Sophie yelled at him.

Adam growled loudly, not sure if he could cum now. He used his kegel muscles as he felt his cum rush up his dick, he growled even louder as he watched his cum fly out of the head of his dick. His cum shot out so forcefully that it flew almost a foot in the air, then splashing down on his upper chest. The girls excitedly cooed as they watched his cum fly out. His dick throbbed hard again as more cum flew into the air, not as high as before, but still landed on the middle of his chest. Adam was grunting and groaning as his dick throbbed shot out his cum, until he had a large puddle on his stomach.

Sophie moved her hand up his dick, squeezing all of the way up it, to milk all of the cum out of him. Adam was amazed at how much he had cum, he had never had such an intense orgasm in his life, and figured he shot out almost a quart of cum. Adam's body continued to twitch in the aftermath of his orgasm, his dick still leaking his cum.

Sophie and Kaitlyn were staring at the puddle of his cum, "wow that's a lot," Sophie moaned as she touched it with her finger. Some of it stuck to her finger and she brought it to her mouth and cleaned it off, "mmm it tastes good Kaitlyn." Kaitlyn lightly chuckled as she hesitantly did as Sophie did, touching the puddle of cum and licking it off of her finger, "mmm you're right."

Adam watched as his daughter's took turns licking up his drying cum off of his stomach. He had never experienced anything so naughty like this before, since his wife wasn't into this kind of thing. His daughter's cleaned everything off of his stomach and chest, swallowing it all.

"Oh my god Sophie, you need to teach your mom how to do that," Adam said, out of breath. Sophie smacked his softening member hard, "its still mistress. We have a week with you as our slave daddy." Adam groaned in pain, not sure if he could handle a week of this. "But if you remember that you're our slave, we may play nicer with you," Sophie smiled, getting off of him and grabbed her pajama pants and tank top. "Goodnight dad," she said, turning and leaving the room, Kaitlyn following her. Leaving him tied down to the couch.

To be continued if I get good reviews. Constructive criticism please.

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VERY HOT indeed. Every daddy's fantasy EVEN if the won't admit it. What better way to have your daddy and his cum too.After all he didn't have a choice, so if you have blood in your veins and this doesn't over ride your moral ground. Than I'd get checked out. Hopefully the twins will teach mommy how to get the most out of her husband and family.
Isn't the power of puberty awesome.
Mc daddy

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