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A Not So Simple Life
Chapter 2

We deploy to Iraq a week later. Three days in country I kill my first person during a routine patrol.
It was a young man, he was around his early twenties I guessed as I looked down on his lifeless body.
A whole list of emotions were running thru me as I stood there.

First is the Adrenaline high you receive during the fire fight. I’ve never used drugs but I’m told it’s
a better high then any drug can give you. I felt invincible I was on top of the world for a short

Second was my realization that I had taken another persons life, a life that could never be brought back.
Add to that the empty drained feeling you get when you come down from an adrenaline high and it’s
A very dark lonely place the first time you go there alone.

My mind brought me to the one place that hurt me most as I looked down at this man I had just killed.
I’m sure just like us he was just following orders, I knew it was him or I and my team mates but I
Could help but wonder if maybe he had his own Anna, Jasmin and Jamie at home waiting on him.

A single tear trickled down my face as the image of Anna and the babies came in my head and how she
would feel if I were killed.

The third phase wasn’t so much an emotions as it was how we coped with combat. My team mates
At least the ones with kills already knew what was going on in my head. Its not something that was
ever openly discussed instead they did as I would do later with my team mates.

They congratulated me, pumped me up on what a good kill it was and how proud everyone at home
would be of me, especially Anna and the girls. How I had saved their lives. We all new it was mostly
bullshit but its how we got thru it and after awhile you actually believed it and started telling the
stories yourself.

Most soldiers take one of three paths from their first kill. The first which is almost never taken is pacifism
a vowel to never take another life. The few that choose that path either get out or go into the clergy.

The second most common path is bury it deep inside yourself and do what you have to in order to survive.
Those soldiers where easily recognized by what is commonly called the “Thousand Yard Stare” I always
called it “Comfortably Numb” myself. (I was a pink Floyd fan what can I say)
Usually followed by heavy drinking later in life because things tend not to stay buried long.

The third path which I eventually end up on was to embrace it and live for it. After that first kill I didn’t
immediately follow the third path. I tried following the second, a few days after the first incident and we
were in another fire fight and my team got pinned down. I was their Lt and their leader so when one of
my team mate got wounded.

My feelings of failure as a leader to my men added with my adrenaline high pushed me to just charge
across the open space to the building where the sniper was and take him out. I received a silver star and
a promotion after it was over.

My Father and Uncle were both Colonels in the Army flew in country for the ceremony. My father was
prouder then I had ever seen him in my life. I recall what he said the day after I received my silver star
It was the first time in my life he told me he was proud of me and honored to have me as his son and I
actually seen my father and uncle both shed a tear of joy.

May path was chosen that day, I wanted that feeling back at any cost and the cost would eventually be
high, I find as life goes on. I volunteered for every dangerous mission after that day, never once
considering the consequences.

About a month into our tour Joe found out Susan was pregnant. He was on the same path I was at this
point, I’m not sure if its what he wanted or if I had drug him down it with me. Three months into my
tour I had 23 confirmed kills, and several awards and commendation, Joe was right there with me it
had reached the point of being a competition.

It had reached the point where we were pushing our luck more and more on each mission. It was great
for our career as officers, but 4 months in we were pinned down and both wounded. I took two rounds
to the chest.

Anna of course was happy I was home but not wounded. Me I was happy, proud I got a purple heart for
my wounds and my fathers pride. After recovering we are sent back. I continued my need for action, Joe
now a soon to be father is more cautious. Six months later I’m wounded for the second time another
purple heart and a bronze star for bravery in combat.

My father and uncle both attended the award ceremony and my promotion to captain. I’ve never seen him
so proud. The more awards and even when I got wounded only made my father prouder. Anna however
has noticed the change the war is making in me. Even if I couldn’t see it myself at the time.

I volunteer for a tour to Afghanistan. Anna wasn’t happy and begged me not to, I could see at the time what
she was talking about. Eventually she decided to just support me with all her love. Joe decides to stay
home with his new daughter Samantha.

With out Joe there to reign me in I was taking greater risks and more often. The army loves a good soldier
but now with 163 confirmed kills and many questions as to weather they were justified.

My last day in country I was on patrol in the local village and a young girl about 5 or 6 approached our
team carrying a Sub-munitions. We all knew from training that if she dropped it or moved wrong it could
go off.

She was about 50 feet away when we realized what she had. We all drew down on her and or translator
tried to get her to stop. She was too young to understand what was happening. She probably thought she
would get some candy or food for the munitions. I was a regular practice of the Army in the area to trade
Food for guns or ammo.

She was actually smiling when I looked thru the scope of my rifle. My mind was playing tricks because
I seen my daughters face on the young girls body smiling back at me as I squeezed the trigger. The tear
that trickled down my cheek burned like acid.

It was like slow motion as her head exploded the munitions still in her hands as her body fell over.
The munitions detonated as her body hit the ground. I never even moved I just stood there frozen.
It’s the one kill in my life that I’ll never be able to forget. If I close my eye it’s like a video playing
on TV in HD.

Although it was ruled a justified shooting the army decide to send me home for rest and evaluation
to make sure I was mentally stable.

The incident and being home with the Twins and Anna settled me down and me and Anna got back on
track. The twins were now two, life was good again and returning to normal.

While home a Delta Force recruiter contacted me and I decide to join. I talked to Joe and after a year at
home he’s ready for some action as well and joins with me. This was much better we go on missions then
return home so Anna’s happy that I was at least home regularly.

9 months later I’m wounded for a third time and receive a bronze star with “V”. I’m happy and proud,
Anna is just proud. I recovered quickly and returned to duty.

My life was about to change for ever, thus far I have only slipped a little way down from perfection. At
Least I thought I had.

Me and Joe were sent to Columbia, South America on a simple sniper mission. We spend three days
getting into position and waiting. Joe is spotting and I’m on the 50 cal barret sniper rifle. We’re nearly
a mile away from the camp up on a mountain ridge. We watched the camp and village for 2 days waiting
on our target to arrive.

The target a drug cartel leader, the village it seems protected him, worked his farms, and benefited from
his success. He arrived early in the morning and he stood greeting the villagers like he was a long lost
hero, I squeezed the trigger at a mile away it seem like the bullet was in slow motion. The gun kicked then
a long pause and his head explodes.

People in the village go into panic mode running all directions. Me and Joe quickly pack up and move out.
It’s a 7 mile hike thru thick jungle to the extraction point. We board the Helicopter an lift off all went well.
Then 3 minutes into the flight we begin receiving small arms fire from the ground, seconds later the
helicopter is struck by and RPG and is spiraling to the ground.

I was knocked out cold when we impacted. When I woke up I was hog tied an laying in the back of a pick
up truck. I watched as they drug the two pilots and Joe out, I hadn’t noticed when we boarded but one pilot
was a female. The male pilot was badly wounded as well as Joe.

I guess medical care was too much trouble and they executed them on the spot. The female pilot is hog
tied and put in the back with me. Joe was like a brother to me, actually I was closer to him than my own
brothers. This was the first time in my life I was faced with the death of someone so close, and having to
watch it as well hit me hard.

That was my first taste of lose in my life and I learned quickly to bury it with all the people I had killed.
We were driven back thru the village where the locals spit at and cursed as we drove by towards the camp.
They untied us and thru us in a small 6’ by 10’ cell together at the camp. The cell had one small bed along
the wall and toilet and sink in the corner.

“My names Mike what’s yours captain” I ask the pilot
“ I’m Joan Richards” she replies with a crackle in her voice obviously scared but holding up very well.
“What are they going to do with us” she says as she looks to me for answers.

“Well their part of drug cartel and this group is heavy into kidnapping for ransom. I assume they’ll hold
us for ransom or an exchange for people we have in prison.”
I tell her to trying to calm her down some.

“Now it is doubtful they will kill us, but beatings, rape and torture are likely so you need to prepare
yourself Joan.”
“Just remember we will get out of here” I say.

She doesn’t seem to happy when I mention rape but It was already in her mind before I mentioned it. We
were left it there alone for hours. We chatted some she was assigned to the same base as me and with
all my awards and commendations. She already knew who I was, I was well known around the base.

Joan was 24 years old, single, short blonde hair, nice c-cup breast, a very nice ass and firm body from what I could see thru her flight suit. It was dark out now and a man came in and dropped a single tray of
food on the floor and slid it into the cell with his foot.

He said nothing and left, I grabbed the tray of food and me an Joan shared what little they had. After we ate
Joan snuggle into my side and went to sleep, it wasn‘t a sexual snuggle but more like a daughter would do
when she‘s scared. I figure all the fear had exhausted her, she was asleep in a few minutes.

It looks like we’ll be left alone for the night so I lay Joan on her side and stretch out on the small bed. As we
lay there on our sides me holding Joan in close so we can both fit on the small bed I can’t help but notice
just how firm her body is.

I fall a sleep and wake later when I felt Joan move, I open my eyes and look at her
“I have to pee” she says

She’s wearing a flight suit so she’ll have to take it completely off to pee and the toilet is only inches from
the small bed. I Roll over and face the wall and pull the blanket over me to give her as much privacy as
possible in this small space.

I here her remove her suit very slowly then after a minute pee hitting the water and a flush. She’s still sitting
on the toilet must be air drying since there’s no toilet paper. About that time the hall door opens and you
can hear the guard heading our way. In a flash Joan has slipped under the covers between me and the
wall. She’s naked except her bra. She pulls my arm across her and holds it tight to her chest shaking.
The guard walks to the door looks in and leaves.

“It’s ok Joan he probably heard the toilet flush and was just checking, he’s gone now” I whisper in her ear.

As she calms down I can feel her soft flesh on my a hand as I slowly rub her to calm her down. I did not
realize it, but between the sound of her pissing and her now naked in my arms, My cock was rock hard
and your not going to hide 9 inches of hard cock on this small bed for long.

Just then I feel her ass slide back into me. No sooner she touch my cock with her butt she jumped back
away and I felt her body tense up.
“I’m sorry about that Joan. Let me get up” I whisper to her
As I go to pull my arm back she holds it tight to her chest.
“No your fine Mike it just startled me a little is all”
she whispers back as I feel her ass slide back against me pressing hard against my cock.

“ Just let me lie her for a minute then I’ll get dressed” she says.

After a few minutes she slips out the bed and dresses quickly then slides back in. In the morning we wake
to the guard kicking our breakfast across the floor to us. We eat and sit in the bed, same thing is repeated
at lunch an dinner. We chat and I explain to her that more than likely they are trying to get their ransom so
their not going to harm us at the moment trying to get the most for us.

This puts her a little at ease, she seems relaxed now. Its dark again and only a small light by the door at
the end of the hall.
“Lets lie down” she says
“Ok, but about last night I’m sorry, its not something I meant to happen and I can‘t promise it won‘t happen
I tell her as she lies down and I squeeze in behind her.

She giggles
“it not you fault, and to be honest it wasn’t that you were hard that startled me”

I thought about asking what it was but figured it best to stop there. I slip my arm over her and get
comfortable and slip off to sleep.
I wake to her slipping out the bed

“Got to pee”
She says, then before I can roll over to give her some privacy her suit hit’s the floor and her panties are
down and she’s squatting.

“Slow down girl give me a chance to roll over” I tell her.
She just smiles and says
“Why bother, looks like we’ll be here awhile, so no use being shy.”
“True but I would hate to startle you again”
I say with a laugh, she just smiles and starts to pee.

The room is dim but I can see well enough to tell that flight suit is hiding a stone cold fox. I just stare as
I hear her pee hitting the water, she has a little smile not bothered by me watching her.

“See something interesting” she says.
“ Yes actually, I’ve never watched a women pee before” I reply.

She just smiles, when she finishes I catch a quick view of her little pussy. Its shaved bald and her little
clit looks to be hard and sticking out. She must have realized in noticed cause she blushed.

I laugh and say
“I guess being watched has the same effect as watching.”

She slips her suit on and slips back into bed pushing her ass back into my hard cock
“Yes it does” she whispers back.

Day 3 brings the fun to an end, apparently they weren’t getting what they wanted ransom wise so the
beatings and torture started. It was the usual stuff electric shock, physical beatings and mind games sleep

Our clothes were taken away and being forced to be naked all the time made the tiny bed that much
smaller when we were allowed to rest. Many times her wet cunt pressed against by cock. We were naked
already So I tore up the pillow case and we bathed in the sink.

I knew she was embarrassed to take a shit in the toilet, especially being in such close corners so I broke
the ice.

“Joan I need to take a dump, and when I’m down you need to as well. If you don’t it will cause you
medical problems so think of it as a direct order captain”

I say and sit on the toilet and released my bowel. I had been nearly a week for me since my last bowel
movement and the fact that we were eating local created a pretty vile smell. To my surprise she never
said a word and watched me the whole time. When I was done I used one of the was clothes to clean

When I got up she sat down and stared at me as she went I don’t recall even the slightest hint that she
was embarrassed. When we laid together after I noticed her pussy was even wetter then normal.

After 5 days of this they went back to 3 meals a day and left us alone in our cell. We sleep pretty much the
whole first day trying to heal. When I woke the second day I must be recovering because as I held her
naked body my cock began to grow, slipping between her but cheeks I pressed against her asshole
before I realized what was happening.

She didn’t jump or move she just whispers in her sleep
“Wrong hole”.

I pull back best I can and wonder is she was really sleeping or not. Its apparent they have not raped her yet
just beatings and torture like me. We were left alone until morning before the process starts over again.
This time at the end of the five days a man comes to our cell. I recognize him as the man in charge always
giving the orders to the men torturing us.

He steps to the door and says
“Look you did me a favor when you took out my boss, now I control it all. I was going to just ransom
You but your country won’t negotiate for your release. Well they won’t pay I should say”
He says laughing.

“So here’s the situation I can’t release you and maintain the respect of my men, you did kill their leader
after all. Your country won’t pay the ransom so I’ve decided to let you live for now as my entertainment.
This jungle gets boring”
He says laughing harder this time.

“You have a choice to make”
We look at him puzzled

“Joan your choice is this you will be raped repeatedly by Mike and made to do degrading things while my
men watch. Anything your told to do you must do without question or hesitation. If you choose this option
you will not be touched by anyone but Mike and Me. With this option you will willingly sleep with me
when I want”

“Option 2 after I bore of raping you, I will turn you over for my men to beat and rape you. If you live long
enough for them to tire of you I’ll chain you to a bed in one of my whore houses. Charging $5 a round
until you die”

“Mike your choice is easier you will continue to be tortured and beat to keep you weak with
either option but option 1 if Joan agrees you will rape her hard and do as instructed to her body”

“Option 2 you will be forced to watch as me and my men rape and beat her till there’s nothing left.
I will give you until tomorrow evening to decide”
he says coldly.

The guard next to him opens the door and place a large box of food on the floor.

“Here is your food for a day. you will not be disturbed until tomorrow evening”
he states then leaves.

We both sit back on the bed thinking about this odd choice he gave us. Its not really a choice in my
opinion be raped by two guys or beat and raped by god knows how many. It’s really her decision not
mine, so I sit quietly waiting for her to speak. After about an hour she turns to me her naked body shaking.

“Mike, make love to me, slow, passionate, tender love to me” she whispers.

I just look at her that was not what I was expecting her to say, she sees the confusion on my face.

“Mike tomorrow night you will be raping me and doing what every else they want to me. Tonight and
tomorrow until he comes for my answer I want to make love to you so even while you rape me I can
look back on tonight and get me thru it” she says.

I understand what she’s trying to do now and even though I love my wife with all my heart I can’t
deny Joan this one thing that will help her deal with what is to come. I don’t answer her I just pull
her naked body into mine and kiss her passionately as I lay her on the small bed.

She returns my kiss, her tongue slipping into my open mouth exploring as deeply as she can go.
I break our kiss and begin nibbling and kissing her neck slowly working my way down to her soft
breasts. Her nipples are hard and sticking out, I begin to squeeze and caress her right breast with my
hand. I gently roll her nipple between my fingers as I kiss and lick my way to her left breast.

She arches her back up as I reach her left nipple. I guide my wet tongue in circles around her hard little
nipple, she begins to squirm and arch her back trying to get her nipple licked. I make a nice slow wet lick
across her nipple as my tongue leaves her nipple I suck it into my mouth.

She gasp then starts moaning softly as I hold her breast in my mouth slowly alternating between sucking
lightly, follow by my very wet tongue making circles around her nipple. Soft nibbles just enough to make
her jump, then I start over again.

After several minutes of this she is breathing heard and moaning louder. I move to her right breast and
it is even more sensitive and aroused by the time I suck it into my mouth her body tenses for a moment
as she cums with a loud moan.

The sweet musky order coming from her pussy now filling the air. My cock is rock hard and begins
throbbing. After finishing her right breast I kiss an lick my way down her belly, her body trembling
and the sweet aroma from her pussy grows stronger. I reach her sweet little pussy and lick little circles
around her clit teasing her.

Then I use my thumbs to pull her skin taunt causing her pussy lips to spread. Nice pink folds still wet
from her recent orgasm. With my fingers I pull her skin taunt by her clit causing it to be fully exposed,
she gasps as the cool air hits it.

I start at the very bottom and slowly lick and suck my way up thru her tender folds to her clit enjoying
the sweet taste of her pussy. When I reach her clit I stop just before I touch it then start over again at
the bottom moving even slower this time around.

Her hips are humping slowly and her hands are on her breast squeezing them and rolling her nipples
between her fingers. I stop just short of her clit the second time as well. This causes her to squirm and
moan. I make my way up the 3rd time, I know she’s ready to cum and I suck her clit into my mouth.
Sucking it hard as she moans and cums.

After her orgasm settles I enjoy the sweet taste of her fresh cum dripping from her pussy. I continue
eating her pussy until she has her 3rd and strongest orgasm. I lick up some of her fresh cum and go up
for a kiss, she is on fire when she tastes her own cum as we kiss.

We kiss passionately for several minutes before she breaks it and spins me over on my back.
“My turn” she whispers as she straddles me, reaching down to guide my cock.

I layback as she puts my cock in her wet pussy folds as she sits down. Kissing me hard as she rotates her
hips on my cock. She leans forward and begins kissing me again, while she slowly works her hips
causing my cock to slide back and fourth in her wet pussy lips. She kisses and nibbles on my neck,
while she rolls my nipples between her fingers.

I’m fixing to cum already, she must have sensed it cause she quick slides down and takes my cock in her
hand and opens her mouth, the head only ½ a inch from her mouth she begin to slowly stroke me until
I shot wave after wave of hot cum into her mouth.

She swallows it all, her mouth never touches my cock once. I don’t even get soft my cock is still hard as a
rock, the last drop of cum on the tip. She wipes it with her finger, then sticks it in her mouth. She returns to
straddling me my cock between her pussy lips.

She leans down and kisses me as she slowly slides my cock back and fourth between her wet pussy lips.
Her breathing becomes harder she breaks our kiss and whispers in my ear

“I’ve only given one blow job in my life and 1 was 16 then and it didn’t go well, I’ll do my best baby but
first I want to cover your cock in my pussy juice.”

“Trust me you’ll do just fine baby, just do what feels natural” I whisper back.

She’s humping hard and fast as her body shakes and tremble as she cums on my cock for several minutes
before she goes limp across my chest. I hold her in my arms tenderly caressing her body with my hands
as she catches her breathe.

After several minutes she raises her head and kisses me hard and long. Then moves to licking and
nibbling on as ears and neck. My cock had grown soft as we rested but this was quickly bringing it
back to life.

She moans as she feels of my cock growing and twitching between her pussy lips. By the time she
raised herself and kissed her way down to my chest, my cock was rock hard and precum was dripping
from it.

She slowly massaged my cock with one hand as she sucked and nibbled on my nipples. My cock was
ready to exploded by the time she licked her way down to it. She licked past it to my balls. I don’t like
The sweaty smell a bush gives a pussy so I like my pussy bald, its only fair I keep mine bald as well.

She begins teasing me licking and sucking my balls into her mouth. My cock was so hard at this point
it was throbbing and actually hurt . I wanted to cum so badly, I had never had my ass licked before but
when her tongue slide down across my ass and she pushed it into my ass.

I lost control my cock shot sperm hard and fast. She managed to quickly move and catch all but the first
two waves in her mouth. As she swallowed the rest she slowly licked up the mess on my chest cleaning
up what she had missed.

She slides back down and takes my cock into her hand and slides it into her wet mouth, Me cock is 9
inches and very thick for this small girl. She only gets s few inches in her mouth as she begins to slowly
work it in and out her tongue teasing me. I’m enjoying myself but want it deeper in her throat so I put
My hand on the back of her head and gently nudge her head to indicate for her to take me deeper.

She was doing well for her second blow job in her life and with the nudge she begin to work my cock
deeper into her throat. Controlling her gag reflex only having to stop a few times and before long I
could feel my cock sliding into her throat deeper and longer each time.

She couldn’t take it all but got close. She began fucking my cock with her mouth. She inserted two
fingers inside her wet pussy then I felt them on my ass hole using her juice to lube it up. She did this
several times rubbing and teasing my anus.

This was new to me an I loved it. I was ready to cum again. I instinctively put my hand on the back of her
head and held her head down my cock buried deep in her throat. When she felt my hands she knew what
was coming and made no attempt to come up, as she inserted her finger into my anus.

No sooner was her finger inside me I lost control. That was the hardest I had ever cum in my life to date.
My cock pumped load after load of hot cum down her throat into her belly. To my surprise she managed
to take it all.

After my body relaxed I released her head and she slide back taking in several gasps of air before going
back and milking my cock with her mouth for the last few drops. Satisfied she had it all and knowing
after 3 loads I wasn’t coming back up anytime soon. She slide back up my body straddling me again
making sure my cock was in her pussy folds so she could feel when it was ready.

She laid her head on my chest and sighed, exhausted.
“Was that good Mike” she whisper.
“No” I paused for a minute to let her mind wander
“It was amazing” I say and she let out a little moan upon hearing that.

We relax for awhile minutes before she begins to whisper to me
“Mike” she says with a nervous uneasy tone.
I squeeze her a little tighter to reassure her and say “What is it Joan.”

“I’m a little nervous, I’ve only been with 3 guys in my life and the last was over a year ago”
she pauses to swallow hard, and with a slight stutter she continues
“and the biggest one was only about half your size and it hurt me badly” she finally gets out.

“Its ok Joan, I’ll let you be on top so you can control it”
I tell her trying to reassure her.

This talk of sex and the thoughts of how tight her pussy must be. Her small body and over a year since
she’s been fucked. My cock begins to twitch as it starts to grow again. She moans softly then starts stroke
her hips to work my cock hard again.

Once my cock is hard again she slides up and locks her lips to mine kissing me hard. Her hand shaking
as it slips behind her grabbing my cock. She slides the head between her lips to lube it up. As she breaks
our kiss my cock is now in line with her wet pussy hole and she slowly eases back.

Her pussy is dripping wet but she still has to work to get the head inside her. Once inside she slide back
on me about two inches and holds her self there. Her pussy feels like a soft wet vise around my cock,
it reminds me of how tight my wife was the night I took her virginity.

I feel her pussy start to relax and accept me inside her. I give a nudge with my hips and she takes then hint
and slow begins working her hips. After several minutes she had worked about four inches inside her and
was going at a nice slow pace, her breathing hard I knew she would cum soon.

She increased her pace and breathing her pussy now easily accepting about half my cock. I could feel her
body tensing up for her orgasm as she pulled back till my cock was barely inside her then she drove back
hard and steady burying my cock inside her I felt the head of my cock hit her cervix and stop.

Without hesitation she pulled back about two inches then drove herself back down again. As she force
my cock past her cervix and into her womb she screamed her body tensed and shook. She was moaning
and Cumming, my cock now buried all the way inside her womb.

She was exhausted after her orgasm passed and she laid on my chest catching breathe. I began slowly
stoking my cock inside her. She laid there moaning softly her head on my chest. Eventually her tight
pussy relaxed enough and I was giving her long deep stokes.

She gasp each time my cock pushed past her cervix. She had recovered now from her orgasm and was
beginning to match my thrusts driving me deeper inside her. Our pace increasing slowly. I was ready to
cum again and began driving harder and faster into her.

This caused her to gasp each time I hit bottom. She felt my body begin to tense up and drove herself back
hard burying my cock in side her womb. As my cock began to pump hot cum into her womb her body
tensed up and she began to cum again.

Exhausted and spent we lay there for the longest time trying to catch our breathe. My cock still buried
inside her was slowly becoming soft. We lay there enjoying the feeling until my cock finally slipped
from her pussy followed by a stream of cum and pussy juice dripping out of her.

I began to talk but she stopped me
“Sssh, Hold that thought I have one more thing to do to make this the perfect dream” she says.

She picks up and slides down my body taking my cock into her mouth she licks and sucks me until
I’m clean. Then returns to laying on my chest
“I’ve always wanted to do that, but was scared the guy would think I was a slut if I did” she tell me.

I laugh a little “Well being a slut isn’t a bad thing all the time”

I tell her with that she giggles.
“And that ass thing god, I never knew that would have such an effect on me” I admit to her.

She giggles then admits that she had never done anything like that before and it took her a little
while to build the courage to lick my ass.
“I think I’m hooked now” she admits with and evil grin.
“Me too” I chuckle.
“Well was that love making what you wanted, did it meet your expectations”
I say more joking with her then asking a question.

“Oh god, yes” she says quickly
“you may not believe this but until today I didn’t even know sex could be this good”
she pauses
“if you weren’t married”
she lets slip out before she stops herself.

I think for a minute then decide not to push it. We hold each other quietly and slip off to sleep.
I wake a few hours later, Joan is still sleeping like a baby on my chest. Not wanting to disturb her I just
lay there relaxing.

My mind begins to wonder back to just a few hours ago making love to Joan was one of the most intense
I have experienced. I love my wife with all my heart but its been years since we made love with that much
passion. Then I begin to think of our current situation, I know I can handle what is to come in the following
days, but Joan I’m not to sure about.

Will this night of tenderness help her to bare the coming pain and cruelty I will be forced to inflict on her
or will it make it worse thinking I betrayed her. I think long and hard about how best to handle it and set a
plan in motion.

Joan begins to wake slowly and looks up and gives me a passionate kiss. She has a little tear in her eye
“what’s wrong Joan” I ask.
“Oh nothing just last night was so amazing and wonderful I think I’m in love with you” she pause
“and tonight I fear all those feeling will be destroyed” she says sadly.
“Yes I was just thinking about the same thing” I confess to her,
“ unfortunately I doubt there’s any way around it. The alternative I’m afraid is far worse so” I tell her.

This brings a few tears to her eyes realizing I’m right and after tomorrow she won’t be able to even look
at me probably.

“I do have a plan to help you survive though” I tell her.

She listens as I tell her. I have been extensively trained over the years to resist torture and been through
all the course. 1st I tell her she need to sexually excited herself when being raped. Allow her nasty slut
side to come out and enjoy the sex as much as possible.

I explain to her that this will allow her to get wet and stay wet causing less damage to her when being
raped. Having a hard cock shoved into a dry pussy is extremely painful and usually causes tearing. Second
remember your doing this to survive so go with it relax as best you can. Try and block out the humiliation
as best you can.
“Remember it’s not your choice and the chances are you’ll never have to look anyone in the eye that seen
what ever you are made to do.

Then I discuss a few sexual things we need to work on to help her avoid damage, deep throating and anal.
To my surprise she’s no anal virgin, She actually enjoys it. We get in a 69 position and I spend the rest of
the night eating her pussy, while she spends the remainder of the night practicing her deep throat
technique so she can do it easily.

Several loads/orgasms later she has it down pat and I have a smile. We eat then lay back down on our
sides her in front of me I slide my hard cock into her wet pussy and slowly stoke in and out of her as
we lay there. She looks over her shoulder and kisses me. A very soft long kiss her tongue just slowly
exploring my mouth.

“God, I love you Mike” she whispers with a tear in her eye.

We spend the remainder of the day eating and making love until the sun begin to go down, we both sit
awaiting his return.

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Why do so many guys seem to think you can jam a cock past a woman's cervex? you know this is completely impossible, right?

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