Sarah seems to have captured the attention of her mother's new boyfriend
When I was just a baby, my dad left us for another woman. At that age, I never really understood and just accepted that mom and I would be on our own for a while. We stayed in our house and for the most part, things were fairly normal. I grew up, went to school and managed to make a ton of friends.

Thankfully, I managed to get my mother’s looks as I matured into the young nineteen year old I am today. My mom and I both had beautiful chestnut-colored hair and piercing blue eyes. She was rather busty, which resulted in me carrying on that trait as well. Although her breasts were larger than mine, I loved my 34-C perky breasts. All of the boys in my grade seemed to like them as well.

In my senior year of high school, I met my boyfriend Jack. Jack was the captain of the lacrosse team and was absolutely gorgeous. It’s been almost a full year and we’re still together. Thankfully, we managed to go to the same college—so I get to see him even when I’m away at school.

Things started to get different at home when I came home for summer a month ago. My mother failed to tell me that she started dating again. Granted, for her, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a guy.

Anyway, mom came and helped me pack up all my things at school. She carried on like everything was normal. It took her a week after I returned home to tell me that she was dating this new man named Brad. I was a little hurt but I figured I’d be too busy with Jack to truly care about who my mother was seeing.

One day, Jack had to work so I stayed home and decided to go into the pool. I stripped down and put on one of my tiny black bikinis. The bottoms just barely covered my ass. But, really, who would see? Our backyard was fenced in and surrounded by trees. Plus, my mom wasn’t even home.

I walked down to the kitchen, wearing nothing but the tiny two-piece. After grabbing a bottle of water I walked out back to our patio, laying out the towel I had brought with me. As I bent over slightly to straighten out the towel, I felt like someone was watching me. Biting my lip, I glanced over to the sliding glass door from which I came from.

There was a man staring at me.

I suppose I did look a little frightened, which prompted the man to open up the door and take a step outside. He smiled and shook his blonde locks away from his face. He didn’t seem that old, but definitely wasn’t my age. My eyes skimmed down the rest of his body—noticing he was wearing a rather tight t-shirt and dark shorts. He seemed to have a nice body; he wasn’t large or too muscular either.

“Can I help you?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. His eyes darted directly to my breasts, noticing that as I did this, my cleavage was pressed even closer together.

“Hi, you must be Sarah,” he grinned. “I’m Brad…your mom’s boyfriend.” This was Brad? This was the guy she’s been seeing? He looked like he just graduated college! “I, erm, didn’t exactly expect to meet you this way. I’m sorry for intruding,”

“Oh, it’s fine,” I shook my head. “My mom never mentioned you’d be coming over…”

“I just decided to drop in—surprise her. Well…surprise, surprise, she’s not home,” he half-chuckled trying to eliminate any awkwardness between our greeting. I watched as Brad’s eyes continued to blatantly check out my body. Strangely, I didn’t feel freaked out. I always loved boys staring at me.

“Yeah, she shouldn’t be home late,” I said indifferently, pulling my arms away from my chest. “I was just going to go for a swim.”

“Right—don’t let me stop you,” he smirked. “I’ll just wait inside for her. It was nice meeting you!” Before he escaped back into the house, Brad sent a wink in my direction. A small smile crept onto my face before I strutted over to the pool. Even though Brad went inside, I knew he still had his eyes outside. I could just feel that someone was watching me.

So, as I dove under the water, I made sure to make my movements slow and worthwhile. I floated on my back—sticking out my chest above the water’s surface. I did a few handstands and then I even climbed out of the pool knowing that one of the triangles in my top was pushed over too far, almost exposing my hard nipple. I pretended to not notice as I reclined back on my chair—the water dripping off of me as I dried under the sun.

That was the first time I met Brad. He never came back out to say anything and when I returned to the house, he was gone. There have been a number of cases when he showed up to the house when my mother was at work. Most of the time he left, but today he decided to stay.

I had just come back from lunch with some friends, wearing a blue, strapless sundress. As I was just about to climb the stairs, the doorbell rang. I wasn’t really surprised when I opened it to find Brad standing on the patio. “You should just know that she’s at work at this time,” I giggled, opening the door a little wider to let him in from the heat.

He was dressed just as before—shorts and a t-shirt. “Yeah, well, I wanted to get an opinion from someone close to her.” He shuffled into the foyer, looking down at me. Now, I’m rather tall for being a girl—standing at 5’6. He still had four or five inches on me.

“Sure, what about?” I wondered.

“I wanted to get an idea of what something would look like on her…and well, I happened to notice that you two are quite similar in size and shape,” he explained, holding up a pink shopping bag. I could feel my heart racing a bit as I tried to decipher what he could possibly want my mother to wear for him.

“Well, she does have larger boobs,” I pointed out glancing down at my own chest. This invited Brad to do the same. “But, I suppose I can still help. What did you bring?”

I knew this was rocky territory, but I do want my mom to be happy—plus, I loved the attention Brad always gave me. Brad smiled warmly and suggested we go into my bedroom so I could change. I quickly accepted this offer and led us upstairs to my room.

“Here, well…I’ll let you get changed and I’ll wait outside until your done,” Brad said as he handed me the bag. I nodded and let him step outside, shutting my door behind him.

My mind began to race as I reached inside and pulled up a barely-there black, lace lingerie piece. I gasped, having never worn something like this before. The top fit like a tank top, the fabric over the breasts slightly darker than the sheer fabric covering the bottom of the top. There was a matching black lace thong with a slit along the crotch. Oh my God! These were crotch-less!

I had two options—call Brad a creep and kick him, keeping the lingerie for me to use with Jack. Or, I could try it on and see how I look in something this sexy.

Option two it was.

I stripped off my dress and quickly pulled on the lingerie. It fit perfectly—almost as if Brad took no consideration that my mother’s breasts were a full cup size larger than mine. As I shimmied the panties on, I heard a knock on the door. “Everything fit?” Brad called against the door.

“Yeah, come in!” I called back, staring at myself in my vanity mirror. I was like a whole other woman! I didn’t look like the teen who had just finished her first year of college…I looked like a smoldering temptress. “Well?” I asked as I turned around, fishing for any sort of compliment.

Brad’s jaw dropped as his eyes scanned my slim body. “Wow…that…that looks amazing!” he breathed, stepping forward to reach for my hand. “Why don’t you give me a little spin?” I obliged, blushing slightly as I spun around for his approval.

“I think she’ll look great in this,” I whispered, biting my lip. “Although, she’ll have to steal it from me first!”

“You can keep it,” Brad said a little softly as he held me in front of him. He then spun me around, my back facing him as he pointed us towards my mirror. I was suddenly aware of how close Brad was to me—holding onto my shoulders as we stared at my almost-bare body.

I relaxed slightly as Brad began to rub softly up and down my arms, ducking his head a little closer to just above my shoulder. “How old are you, anyway?” I heard myself ask as I carefully examined his young facial features.

“Thirty-one,” he shrugged, staring at me through the mirror. “Why? Does that bother you?” His voice was warm and velvety against my ear as I felt his lips press softly against my earlobe. My heart thumped in my chest as Brad’s hands slipped away from my arms and gently brushed against my hips, playing with the fabric of the teddy.

“N-no,” I decided. “What about my mom?” Brad had now dragged his fingers underneath the sheer fabric, sliding up to my ribs.

“What about her?” he whispered, tentatively sliding his hands around to just underneath my breasts. I made no real move to stop him. “What’s wrong with us getting to know each other a little better?” I nodded softly, beckoning him to continue. “You’re such a beautiful girl.” Brad kissed my neck now, his breath warm against my skin. “So, so beautiful…”

I inhaled sharply as I felt Brad’s hands suddenly move upwards, cupping my breasts underneath the lingerie. “Have you ever been with an older guy?” Brad wondered, gently squeezing my tits in his hands. I shook my head negatively. “Have you ever been with a guy?” he changed up his question.

“I have a boyfriend.” It was honestly the first time today that I had thought about Jack. Ever since Brad walked in the door, it’s like my body turned to putty in his hand.

“And what have you two done?” he casually wondered as I felt my nipples getting pinched slightly.

“Well…everything,” I answered honestly, thinking back to the other night when Jack and I snuck off from a party to get it on in a back bedroom. Brad hummed in my ear as he stepped forward. My body was now pressed against his front—and I could feel a noticeable hard-on against my barely covered ass.

“I bet your little boyfriend doesn’t know how to pleasure such a young pussy,” Brad cooed in my ear. At this point, I felt him buck his hips forward, making me fully aware of how hard he was. I licked my lips, unsure how to respond to such a come on. To say I was turned on would be an understatement. I’m fairly certain my pussy was dripping through that open slit in the panties.

“Well…are you offering to show me what I’m missing?” my voice was small and I swear I noticed a small smirk on Brad’s lips. I watched as his hands slowly parted from my chest and slowly moved towards my belly button. My skin had now erupted in goose bumps as Brad continued to kiss down my neck.

“So soft…” he breathed, his fingers dancing along the waistband of the thong. Watching his movements from the mirror was incredibly arousing. “And so eager,” Brad smirked as one of his hands slipped between my parted thighs. I felt one of his fingers slide along my wet slit with ease, stopping to circle around my clit for a second.

A soft moan escaped my lips as I felt my knees buckle slightly. One hand slid around my middle, holding my body up as Brad’s opposite hand continued stroking my pussy exposed from the thong. “You’re so wet, Sarah,” Brad breathed taking this opportunity to shove a finger into my tight hole. I gasped, backing up against his body—Brad tightened his grip around my waist. “Such a sweet, tight pussy,” he teased again, picking up his pace.

Brad pushed another finger inside of me, sucking on my neck. My head tilted back, knowing how wrong this was—but I was unable to stop him! I didn’t want to stop him!

I took a small step forward creating a space between my ass and Brad’s erection. My hand reached around, taking the time to press firmly against the crotch of his shorts. Brad groaned, pushing his hips forward to meet my palm. “Naughty girl,” he breathed.

From what I could feel—Brad was much larger than Jack. My pussy gushed just thinking about Brad’s huge cock rubbing against my pussy—making me quiver as Brad continued to finger fuck my pussy.

A few minutes passed before Brad retracted his fingers, leaving me to pout. “Aw, what a horny girl…wanting more?” Brad teased turning me around to face him. Unable to stop myself, I reached my hands up to cup his cheeks, pulling Brad’s face to mine.

Brad grinned as he kissed me back, opening his lips to trace his tongue along my bottom lip. His hands traveled around to my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks. As he pushed my body closer to his, I snuck a hand back down to his erection—tracing the outline of his cock. “Mmm, baby, want to take it out?” Brad whispered against my lips.

Without a response, I nodded, reaching for the zipper of his shorts. As I worked his pants down, Brad helped me to push both his shorts and boxers to the ground. Sure enough, Brad’s huge cock sprung out. “You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend,” I gasped, wrapping my fingers around the width of his penis. Brad jerked his body from my touch, gripping my ass even harder.

I began to stroke Brad’s cock, slowly at first as our lips met once again. His groan against my mouth was enough to keep me going—he was enjoying this! Wanting that huge member in my mouth, I began to kneel down in front of my mother’s boyfriend. Brad eagerly pushed my shoulders until my face was staring at his veiny, thick 7 inch dick.

My fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft as I leaned my head closer, taking my tongue and flicking it across the tip. Brad exhaled as my tongue swirled around a few times, licking up the tiny drop of pre-cum leaking out. Before taking him completely in my mouth, my tongue slid down to his balls.

“God, you’re so hot,” Brad moaned, reaching his hands down to yank the top of my lingerie down—my tits popping out. His hands instantly went back to groping and squeezing my nipples until my mouth opened wider to take his cock inside. My tongue swirled around as my head worked back and worth, trying to take as much as his cock as I could.

One of Brad’s hands grabbed the back of my head, guiding my head. I moaned as I felt his cock poke the back of my throat—having much practice with Jack, I was able to continue with ease. “Sarah!” Brad grunted, bucking his hips forward causing me to deepthroat his cock. My nose pressed against his stomach as I looked up at him, my throat wide.

After a few seconds, I pushed back Brad’s hips, gasping as his cock popped out of my mouth—saliva dripping out of the corner of my mouth. Fueled with arousal, I grabbed Brad’s cock again, furiously beginning to suck his erection. Brad continued to moan, running his fingers through my hair. As he grabbed a bunch of hair in his fist, he roughly pulled my face towards his body.

I gagged slightly as Brad fucked my face—allowing him to abuse my throat. I glanced up, noticing how completely captivated he seemed. When he finally released my head, I was quickly scooped up from the ground. Brad grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed.

My heart was racing as Brad climbed on top of me, his cock still wet from my mouth. I bucked my pussy forward, feeling his cock slip against my own wetness. Brad’s mouth went directly over one of my tits. His tongue swirled around a few times before I felt his teeth graze against my hard nipple. My back arched, burying his face in my breasts.

With his free hand, Brad began to push down my panties. I helped to kick them to the ground, spreading my legs eagerly as Brad nestled in between them. Now his cock was rubbing against me—causing me to moan loudly. “Oh, Brad…I need you to fuck me,” I gasped; surprised I had let this go this far. But it was too late to turn back—my pussy needed to get filled.

Without needing to beg even more, Brad wasted no time before slamming his cock into my wet pussy. I screamed out as I felt my pussy walls stretching wide to accommodate his thickness. I gripped tightly onto Brad’s arms as my legs lifted into the air. Brad grabbed onto my hip for leverage as his hips began to rock faster and faster.

His balls slapped against my ass as he continued to ravage me—his lips kissing all over my chest and neck. My moans turned to sharp screams as Brad slid all the way out of my pussy before slamming completely inside. “You’re so tight!” he panted. “Your pussy feels so good around my cock!”

“Mmm, don’t stop!” I gasped, reaching my hand down to Brad’s ass, squeezing gently. Brad suddenly pushed my leg over to my right, his cock never leaving my pussy. He continued to drill me as my knees were squeezed together, my pussy so tight around his cock.

His hand returned to my chest, pinching a nipple as he slowed his pace. “N-no…faster!” I moaned, shaking my head, bucking my hips to fuck him back. Brad shook his head, continuing on with his slow pace—slowly pulling his dick out before sliding back inside, getting deeper with each turn.

He pulled out suddenly, taking a hand to slide down my soaked pussy. He rubbed my pussy a few times before pushing me onto my stomach. Breathing heavily, I curled up my knees and situated myself on all fours in front of Brad. I heard him moan as he pushed my ass cheeks apart—spreading me. He leaned forward, his tongue lapping up my cunt juices. My hips pushed back, his nose burying in my pussy as he ate me out.

“So fucking sweet,” he gasped as he pulled his head back, wrapping his arm around my waist so he could rub my clit. Brad leaned forward as I turned my head—eager to kiss his lips and taste just how sweet I tasted. We moaned, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouth as my clit was stimulated like no other.

“Please! Just fuck me already!” I gasped, grinding my pussy against his hand—the urge to cum was so strong.

“I’d really love to cum in your ass,” Brad breathed against my lips. Jack never knew this, but I had played with my asshole before—with out him. I felt like such a nymph, knowing how much I enjoyed fingering my puckered hole. Jack was into vanilla sex…never wanting to deviate from the norm. So, asking him to fuck me there was out of the question.

But with Brad…

“O-okay…just be slow,” I panted, nodding my head.

“Jesus, that’s so fucking good,” Brad groaned as he now slid his hand up my slit to my asshole. Wet from my own juices, his finger circled around my ass. I leaned my head down against the bed, my ass sticking up in the air. Reaching around, I separated my ass cheeks for Brad, giving him easier access to play with this new hole. “I bet you’re so tight there,” he continued, pushing a finger inside slowly. I gasped, his fingers much larger than my own.

I relaxed as he worked just one finger in and out of my asshole. As he entered a second finger, I was already rocking my hips back and forth, fucking myself on his fingers. Brad worked his fingers faster, knuckles deep in my ass. I cried out in so much pleasure as Brad shoved a third finger inside—stretching my ass out so that his cock could fit.

“Y-yes…keep going! It feels so good!” I exclaimed, squeezing my eyes shut bracing myself for his cock to replace his fingers. Brad’s fucking increased, causing non-stop moans to escape my throat. “Please…please shove your cock in my ass!” I finally blurted out, unable to take the teasing.

Brad pulled away his fingers, slapping my ass. I could feel the wetness from my ass as his fingers collided with my soft ass cheek. His hands replaced mine as he positioned himself at my tight hole. I gripped my sheets as I felt the tip of his cock press against me. A low moan broke free from Brad’s lips as he pushed his hips forward, the tip of his cock now just inside my ass. It hurt, but I wanted more.

I bit my lip as he began to shove more inside of me—my tight ass constricting around his thickness. I whimpered, causing Brad to pull back slightly. Instead of letting him, I reached my hand around to his ass, holding him in place. “No, keep going!” I insisted, needing his cock to now fill my ass. I’ve been waiting for this!

Brad started to slowly fuck my ass, with just the tip of his cock inside. As I relaxed, it became easier for the rest of his cock to slide inside. Brad latched onto my hips, moving slightly to allow me to adjust to the feeling. “Ready baby?” he whispered, pulling most of his cock out.

With a nod of my head, Brad slammed his cock back inside my ass. I screamed as he continued to do this. My asshole felt like it was being ripped, but I didn’t stop him. I reached under my body to rub my clit, keeping my mind off of the pain for a second. Brad fucked me so hard then, the pain suddenly turning completely into ecstasy. “Your cock feels so good in my ass—keep going!” I moaned.

Brad groaned in response as his animal instinct kicked in—fucking me intensely. With my fingers rubbing my swollen clit, his balls slamming against my pussy, and his cock buried deep in my ass—I was well on my way to cumming all over the bed. “Mmm fuck my ass…keep going…I’m gonna cum!” I panted, feeling my pussy tightening as I bucked underneath Brad’s weight.

He continued to plow me as I screamed out loud—unable to contain my orgasm. He slowed just enough to allow my body to wiggle and shake. I was surprised as I felt liquid shooting out of my pussy and all over my hand and bedspread. Breathing heavily, I continued to stimulate my clit—my orgasm still jolting through my body. “D-did you just squirt?” Brad gasped, taking a hand to cup my sex and feel the cum dripping out of my pussy.

“I-I don’t know,” I breathed, having never felt such a strong climax before.

“Fuck, baby…that’s so…fucking…hot!” Brad grunted, slamming his cock back into my ass. As I laid there, completely spent, I felt Brad stiffen slightly—knowing he was so close to cumming.

“Come on, Brad…cum in this tight, young ass…fill me up!” I teased, looking back at him—egging him on. Brad bit his lip, his nails digging into my hips as I felt him finally tense. He slammed his cock so deep inside my ass as I felt his warm cum explode inside of me.

He groaned out loud, collapsing on top of me as his hips bucked randomly, continuing to spurt out his seed. “Christ, you are the naughtiest girl I’ve ever met,” he panted, placing a delicate kiss on my shoulder blade.

“Naughtier than my mother?” I challenged, feeling his cock starting to pull out of my ass—his cum now dripping out of my hole and down my pussy and leg. Brad fell to my side, grabbing my body and pulling me close to him again.

“Much,” he nodded, slipping a finger between my legs, playing with my wetness. “She would never have allowed me to fuck her ass.”

“I bet she would…you seem to be very persuasive,” I bit my lip, running my fingers down his chest. Brad chuckled and glanced down at my body. I was still wearing that top, but it was stretched well below my breasts. My ass was throbbing, but I’d get used to it—that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Jack would never be able to beat that. “Besides…you can always have your way with me when she’s not here.”

He didn’t seem surprised by my offer—almost as if he knew I’d be up for more time together. “We’ll have to be careful,” he whispered, kissing my cheek. “Wouldn’t want mommy to find her daughter fucking her man.”

“Excuse me?” a very familiar voice spoke from the doorway to my bedroom. Brad and I slowly turned to see my mother standing with her hands on her hips—her eyes were full of fury.

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