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After another make out session we were in the shower talking about random things, I remembered that Chris told me he had played with me the first night. “So Chris, what did you do with me the first night?” “Honestly I was just feeling around. I played with you for a little but you moved in your sleep and I thought you were going to wake up.” Chris said sitting next to me in the shower. “What did you think I was going to do if I woke up with your hand in my underwear?” I asked inquisitively. “I really don’t know, I was hoping you wouldn’t wake u though for sure.” Chris said. There was a silence between us for a couple of minutes. I honestly was thinking about Bryce and was going to ask him about what they do together until Chris started talking again. “Bryce has the same type of dick as you. He doesn’t have any skin like me.” That got me a little excited but it was good enough to break the ice about Bryce. “It’s called being circumcised. I learned it about it in health in lie 6th grade. Your dick isn’t circumcised.” I said. “Does it make a difference when you have sex?” Chris asked. “I think so because the head is always out.” I pointed at my dick and Chris went do and examined it a little more. I was still soft and Chris was too, I could tell he was curious. “What have you and Bryce done?” I finally asked. He got shy and smiled. “Well everything we have done. His thing is smaller than yours and less hair on the top.”

I was surprised to hear that Bryce even had hair. I know he was 13, or just turned it, but he was small for his age. I think he was about the same height and weight as Chris but he had dark brown hair. I have seen him around town quite a few times and we know each other’s names. But I never thought he was into this type of stuff. Chris said that the only thing they haven’t done was Chris fucking Bryce. Bryce wanted to do it the last time they met up last week but they ran out of time. That got me so horny. I wanted to play with Bryce first, just him and I before the three of us did stuff.

During the day Chris ran into one of his other friends. That was really good because the other friend wanted Chris to come over in the afternoon. I knew Bryce was on swim team and was finished by 4:00 and Chris wouldn’t get home until like 6 or 7. I dropped Chris off at his friend’s house and anxiously waited at the park by Bryce’s house at about 4:10 for him to walk by. After about 10 minutes I was worried that I missed him or he had other plans. But then I saw his small body walking on the sidewalk. I knew that if I was going to do this with him I would have to just go for it like I did with Chris. Though I didn’t want to, I could always threaten to tell on him about Chris if he didn’t want to.

I picked up my bike and rode over to him. “Hey Bryce.” “Hey Tyler” He said. “What are you doing?” Nothing just got done with swim practice and heading home.” “Do you have anything to do tonight?” “No I don’t think so, why what’s up?” Bryce asked interested. “I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a bit.” Bryce thought for a second, “Sure let me grab my bike first. Isn’t Chris staying over with you?” “Yeah he is but he’s over at a friends house and I was just killing time until then. We could play some video games if you want.” I said. “Sure!” He responded. We got to Bryce’s house and I was so anxious. He grabbed a quick snack and got his helmet and bike. We rode over to my house, which took like 3 minutes.

After getting inside the house we went to my room to pay video games. “What do you want to play?” Bryce asked. “Pick anything.” I replied. I was sitting on the floor looking at him when his back was turned. He liked to wear short shorts for some reason. They weren’t super short but it definitely fit his geeky personality. His legs were smooth and hairless. With his short shorts I could see up to his thigh and I wondered if he wore briefs like Chris did. It was definitely uncommon for older kids to wear ‘tighty-whities’ especially at his age, but I wouldn’t have been surprised. While he was picking a game I hiked up my shorts a little bit so more of legs and thighs were showing. He picked a game and sat down. Bryce sat down cross-legged and his shorts made it up to his upper thigh. For a split second I saw into his shorts and could see his white underwear.

Bryce took my bait almost immediately. He would glance over at my legs every 2-3 minutes. We talked about random stuff while we were playing. I was determined I was going to get in this kids’ pants that day. I was already super horny and holding back a boner. I knew that’s all I needed to do was to get him started and it would be go from there. While we were playing I would purposely move, like a little jump if I died or killed someone, until our knees were touching. When our knees touched he definitely noticed but didn’t do anything. I acted like I didn’t know what I was doing. When the game or level was over my knee was on his knee. I looked at him and he looked at me. I then pointed out about our knees touching and he said “No big deal.” That’s when I decided to start. “So you don’t care if I did this?” I briefly touched his thigh and let go. I was smiling to make it seem like I was playing a game. He looked surprised but he did the same thing back to me. “What about this!” He said laughing. His leg moved up on my leg in his reaching action. “Or this!” I reached higher making about 6 or 7 inches away from his crotch. Bryce laughed and I knew I had him. “How about this!” He said grabbing my thigh in same place. We both laughed and I glanced at his crotch and could see he had a boner. Then I said quietly as he was right next to me after all his movement “How about this?” I grabbed his hard dick with my hand and started rubbing it.

Bryce had a surprised look but not shocked. It was like he was expecting it. “Or this” he said reaching for my dick that was hard too and he started rubbing it. I leaned into his ear much like I did with Chris in the morning, “I know what you and Chris do.” “Really? How?” Bryce asked. “He played with me at night when he thought I was asleep. I just called him on it this morning and we played some more.” Bryce smiled and said, “I want to play with you.” “I know” I smiled back. I stood up and so did Bryce and we got on my bed. Bryce got on top of me and we started humping each other. Bryce was really put his back into it and grinding me with his hard dick. It felt like it was a descent size when I grabbed it. I thought that he may have been small but his dick was what would be a normal size.

I would grab both of his ass cheeks and help him with the thrusts. At that point I knew he was wearing briefs because I could feel the underwear line. I turned Bryce over onto his back and reached and pulled his mesh shorts off revealing his Hanes underwear and the outline of his hard dick. “I’ll do you,” he said smiling. I laid on my back again. He went for my pants button and was fixated on the outline of my hard dick. He unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off.

After all the playing Chris and I did I decided to wear my briefs I had for sports. They were Fruit of the Loom and gray. “It looks big,” Bryce said smiling just staring at it. I looked at his outline, “Yours is a good size too.” He took off his shirt and I did the same. His chest was so cute. He has one of those chests were his breast and nipple line was higher, kind of like his stomach was stretched. Bryce got right back on top of me and started humping again. It felt so good being underwear to underwear and skin to skin. “I’m going to take my underwear off,” Bryce said. “Me too,” I replied. Bryce didn’t seem shy at all, he took his underwear right off and so did I. He had a really nice dick, circumcised like Chris said with a little bit of hair above his dick and on his balls. It was a really good size too – not far away from my size like 4 ½ inches. “So you and Chris have done a lot?” Bryce said jacking off. I started too as well. “Yeah, I guess so.” I replied smiling. “Like this?” Bryce said and reached for my dick and started pumping my dick. “Oh yeah” I said. “Ok, what about this then?” He went down and started sucking my dick. He was actually really good. He was pumping my dick while he was sucking. After a couple of minutes he stopped and looked at me with a smile. “Definitely yes” I said. He smiled and went right back to it. The next thing that surprised me was that he started to deep throat me. That felt fucking awesome.

After a couple of minutes of him sucking my dick I grabbed his body and turned him so we could do a 69. I started sucking his dick, which was still hard. I know I can’t deep throat but thankfully his cock was just long enough to not hit my gag reflex. As I was sucking him I slowly made my way up to his ass hole and started rimming him. Surprisingly he had a dozen or so hairs back there too. I could tell he had been either fucked before or he played with himself because his asshole looked bigger like Chris’.

After a little but I started to finger him with one hand and one finger and jacked him off with the other hand. He was letting moans in between sucking my dick and he loved that. He stopped sucking my dick and said, “I want you to fuck me.” “OK” I responded. Bryce got off of me and I leaned over to my nightstand and opened the drawer to grab the Vaseline. “Here, I’ll do it.” Bryce said and he grabbed the Vaseline. I laid back and Bryce got some Vaseline on his fingers. “Have you done this before?” I asked. “No but I have been wanting to so bad.” He started to rub the Vaseline on my dick and it felt great. “I’ve seen this on pornos that I have watched.” “Gay or straight porn.” I asked in curiosity, as he was making sure my dick was lubed up for his ass. “Gay mostly” Bryce replied. He stopped rubbing my dick and got a little more Vaseline on his finger and put the cap on the Vaseline then put it aside. He got up and sat on top of me and started to rub his ass. He worked for a bit on it and he was probably fingering himself. “Can I help with anything?” I asked with a smile. “No, just another few seconds, I’m making sure there’s enough back there.” He said with a smile too. My dick was still rock hard and he a hard on too. He then repositioned himself on top of me and grabbed my dick. It took some adjusting on his and my part to zero in on his ass hole but we found it. My head was against his hole and pushed down. My dick went in easier than Chris’ ass and Bryce let out a moan. I put my hands on his upper thighs. It probably took about 5-10 seconds for him to work my dick was all the way in his ass.

He paused for a minute probably just getting used to my dick being in there but I assumed he had done this with his fingers, toys or something to take my dick all the way in for the first time. He started moving his body up and down on my dick and that felt better than Chris for some reason. But I couldn’t believe this was the second I was fucking that day. I was rubbing my hands on his thighs as he was going up and down. His dick was still hard so I started to jack him off. He let out a few moans because of that.

“We should fuck with Chris” Bryce said. “Definitely” I replied. “A threesome would be so hot” Bryce said while I started to pump to match his movement. “Especially with Chris” I said. “Do you cum a lot?” Asked Bryce. “I don’t know, I guess but I just fucked Chris this morning so maybe not after that.” “Did you cum in Chris’ ass?” He asked. “Yeah” I relied. “Cum in mine” Bryce said. “OK” I replied. “If you jack me off while you fuck me, I’ll cum and it feels really good for me.” Bryce said. “Really, how do you know?” I asked. “I’ve done it to myself at home. But I have never been fucked while someone is jacking me off. It is super fucking hard to do both and have it feel good.” Bryce said and I laughed. Bryce laughed too and while he did I could feel his clenching my dick. “Does it feel good now while I fuck you and jack you off?” I asked. “You have no idea Tyler,” He said intently.

So I really jacked him off while he was going up and down on my dick. I loved how he was moving his body and using his legs and back to let my dick really go in and out. I would do some thrusts matching his movements as well. Bryce would sometimes close his eyes, put his head back and take long gasps of air leaving his mouth open. We were doing this for about a good 10 minutes. I was surprised how long I was lasting but then again I just fucked Chris earlier so that was probably adding to my stamina. I wanted to make out with him but he looked pretty content with what we were doing as it was.

Bryce then put his hands on my forearms for what I am guessing support. “You doing OK Bryce?” I asked. “Yeah, this feels so good. Keep jacking me off so I can cum” Bryce responded. I realized that I stopped jacking him off for I don’t know how long as I was in ecstasy too putting my head back on the pillow. I kept jacking him off but I was going faster like when I would jack myself off. After another couple minutes he increased his pace of going up and down and I never slowed my pace of jacking him off. Bryce’s breathing increased and he kept his eyes closed and mouth open breathing hard. I then realized he was close to cumming with me fucking him. I was fascinated by this as I never knew that getting fucked and getting jacked off at the same time could be so stimulating. His heavy breathing went to light moans. “Oh Tyler, keep going.” Bryce moaned out. I matched his motion with my thrusts and jacking him off. He went faster, so did I. “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhh” Bryce let out. Then something amazing happened – I could feel his insides clench my dick, not squeeze but just clench and just then he cummed, a lot. A good 5 or 6 spurts of cum came out and landed on my chest. Just seeing that was so stimulating for me I was ready to cum. “I’m cumming Bryce” I let out still thrusting in his ass. Having each hand on each thigh I squeezed them as I came into his ass. This orgasm was completely different than with Chris. It was so much more involved and ‘a combined effort’. Like we both had a part in our individual orgasm – like it was meant to be.

I felt a good 5 or 6 spurts from my dick of sperm. I have no idea exactly how much I came but it was more than I thought. I opened my eyes and saw Bryce smiling at me. “That was so fucking awesome Bryce,” I said. “I know, it has never felt that good for me either.” Bryce sat up and my dick slid out of his ass half hard. He then back up off the bed and stood up.

“Do you cum a lot?” Bryce asked. “I don’t know. Do mean just now or in general?” I responded while reaching for Kleenex on the side of the bed. “I guess just now,” Bryce said walking to me to grab a Kleenex too. “Probably not that much since I just cummed this morning.” I handed Bryce a couple Kleenex tissues and I started wiping Bryce’s cum off my chest. “You probably cummed more than I did.” I laughed and Bryce laughed a little bit too while wiping his ass from the Vasoline and my cum. After he and I went through a couple of Kleenex’s cleaning ourselves up, Bryce sat next to me on my bed still naked. He put his arm around me and looked at me, into my eyes. We didn’t speak and I had a feeling what he was going to do. Then he did it, he moved his face to mine and his lips to my lips, we started kissing. His tongue entered my mouth and my tongue entered his mouth. Bryce stopped and looked at me, “I want you to fuck me whenever you want.” “Really? Whenever?” I responded. Bryce smiled and nodded his head and went back to kissing me. I pushed Bryce back and I got on top of him. Bryce instantly spread his legs apart and I fit right between them. Our dicks were soft but it probably wouldn’t take long for either of us to get hard again. “This is how Chris and I fucked this morning.” I said. “We should all play together.” Bryce said smiling. “How about tonight?” I asked and sat back still between Bryce’s legs. Bryce propped himself up with his elbows. “I can’t me and my family are going out in a little bit.” Bryce paused for second. “Actually I should probably get dressed and go.” Bryce said. “OK, let’s get dressed.” I said starting to move. “Wait, come here” Bryce said laying back down and used his finger to bring me down to him. I smiled and laid back down on him and started kissing him again. I stopped and looked at him. “I’m glad you were my first Tyler,” Bryce said smiling. “Fuck me like this tomorrow” He said again. I kissed him one more time, “OK” I said, smiled and got up.

I grabbed my underwear and started to put it back on. I had about a half boner and I looked over and Bryce had one too. Bryce put on his briefs and sat on the edge of my bed untangling his shorts. “Why do you still wear those.” I asked pointing to his Hanes briefs. “I tried wearing the other kind of underwear but it just didn’t feel comfortable. Plus if I wear them in these shorts, people can see the boxers too.” Bryce said getting his legs into his shorts. Bryce stopped and looked at me for a second, “you’re not going to tell anyone besides Chris are you?” he asked. “Hell no” I said quickly. I walked over and sat next to him. “This is our little fucking secret,” I said again smiling. Chris laughed and looked up at me. “No one even knows I cuss, I think you are the first person I have cussed around, not even my brother.”

I sat there and thought for a second. “You don’t do this with your brother, do you?” I asked seriously. “No! Hell no, that would be fucking disgusting!” Bryce said quickly. “Good, I mean I wouldn’t have cared but I would have thought of it as weird.” I said relieved. “So what got you started into wanting to do this? I mean I guess it was Chris and his late night adventures that got me into doing this…what about you?” I asked. Bryce shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, I started jacking off and experimenting from there then eventually to playing with my ass.” Bryce said. “What about you and Chris? How did that start?” I asked. “It took a while, not like today with you fucking me the first time,” Bryce smiled, “but I don’t know exactly. We would just play and then one day we would hump each other with clothes on then the next time we would do it without. It just went from there.” I nodded. “Are you fine with you and I doing this?” I asked intently. Bryce looked up to me and smiled with his usual smile. “As long as you are.” He said. “Of course I am. We can hang out too if you want before and after, well not today, but usually I don’t care. We just have to play it cool if we are outside together.” I said. “Yeah totally” Bryce said standing up with his shirt and put it on.

“What time should I come over tomorrow?” Bryce asked while I was getting my clothes on. “Whenever you want really” I said. “Well I got swimming at 2:30 until 4:00.” Bryce said. “Come before like late morning, Chris and I will be waiting.” I said. I got up and Bryce and I walked down the stairs. We got into the mudroom and Bryce was getting his shoes on. He bent over in front of me and I just looked at his ass. He stood back up and grabbed around him. I started kissing his neck and rubbing my dick on his ass crack just like Chris in the morning. Bryce put his head back and I moved up and kissed him. “Did it really feel good?” I asked. “Fuck yes” he said. “I was serious” Bryce said again. “Serious about what?” I was curious. “Fucking me everyday, I want to be your boyfriend and I want you to have sex with me.” Bryce said seriously. “As long as it’s our little secret” I responded. “And Chris?” “Chris too.” We made out again while I ground against his ass and my hand on his dick over his shorts. I stopped and opened the door. “See you in the morning” I said with a smile. Bryce was getting his helmet on and picked up his bike, “I’ll come over at like 10:00 and I’ll bring my swim stuff.” “Sounds good.”

I couldn’t believe I had these two boys all to myself. It was a dream come true. I kind of wished that it was just me and Bryce but I wouldn’t have Bryce without Chris anyway. I went back to my room and cleaned up a little bit more. I could tell my dick was sore from fucking Chris in the morning and Bruce less then 30 minutes ago. I was wondering what I would do if Chris wanted to play again later that night. But I remembered a few days where I would jack off 4-5 times and cum. Each time it would be less and less cum but I would still reach an orgasm. I could have probably jacked off again at that minute just thinking about fucking Bryce while he had his orgasm and cummed on my chest. I decided to wait and hold it until Chris got home.

About an hour later the front door opened and Chris came in and his friend’s Mom followed. I got up and walked over. She told me everything was great, they had fun and just giving me ‘the scoop’. She also asked how everything was going and if we needed anything to call her. She seemed amazed that both Chris’s and my parents would trust us alone. “My parents trust me and they know I am responsible.” I said. “I can tell you are,” she said. I noticed she was poking her head around looking at the house, probably expecting to see a mess but there wasn’t. “And the house is so clean!” She said. I just smiled and she said she was leaving. Again she said if we needed anything to call. She left and I closed the door. “Finally, I thought she’d never leave.” I said. Chris laughed and we went to the living room.

I went over to the couch and laid down with one leg on the couch and the other hanging off the cushion. Chris immediately got on top of me and started humping me. “I missed you today” Chris said. “Hang on, let’s talk for second.” I said. Chris looked worried. “Did you do anything with your friend today?” I asked. “Well yeah, we went outside, rode bikes…” “No, that’s not what I mean Chris” I said. “I mean like what we do” I said again. He kind of looked away, “Well, no, I thought about it but no.” Chris said. I think he knew what I was getting to. “We can do this stuff…” I grabbed his dick for a second and he laughed a bit, “only if you do it with Bryce or me and that’s it. I don’t want you doing this every kid you meet or know.” Chris nodded and he could see that I was being serious. “Because if you aren’t careful you can get caught and I can get in trouble too. Plus people will think that I started this with you.” I said. “But you didn’t, I kind of started it, you could’ve gotten me in trouble.” Chris said realizing the trouble he could be in. Chris’s eyes started to tear up. “But I’m not going to say anything and Bryce won’t say anything as long as us playing stays between the three of us. You can never tell anyone about what we do or do what we do with anyone else or we all can be in really big trouble.” I said. Chris nodded and I rubbed the tear of his cheek. “OK?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. I kissed him on the cheek. I pulled back and kissed him on the cheek again, “OK?” I kissed him again on the cheek. Chris nodded his head smiling. “OK?” I kissed him again and Chris laughed. He put his arms around me and I laid back. “Now where were we?” I asked. Chris started kissing me on the lips. Definitely nowhere near as good as it was with Bryce but good enough.


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I was jacking off before I was six years old and I started having sex with girls when I was a teen. I didn't have sex with a guy until I was twenty. I wish a boy had fucked me when I was that young. Girls would still be hot but, I haven't been with one since the first guy took my anal cherry.


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Mmmm, I remember good times like this when I was a teen. PM me if you would like to hear about it.

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Tyler should have told more about chris and their first encounter. but that was a great story any way. I think I will do that to my younger brother, when he get home

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Tyler should have told more about chris and their first encounter. but that was a great story any way. I think I will do that to my younger brother, when he get home

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