Forced by his friend to cross dress and fucked
Entry 1: Kevin
I had a childhood friend named Kevin, and we were really close growing up, we went to the same day care since fifth grade, but it wasnt until 7th grade we started watching porn together. I could always tell that Kevin was a little Bi-curious at that age, and honestly so was I. I still am, however. Kevin and I had great imaginations and we were always playing little games with each other. They were mainly just shoot them up, and kill the bad guys with guns kind of games. Except when he played he always imagined a girlfriend that he was imagining. At the time, I had long hair so I guess it kind of worked out

There was this one time he wanted me to be his girlfriend, and I always looked up to kevin and wanted to be best friends with him so I said okay. Exicted on the inside. The game started off normal, execpt this time I didnt have a gun, I just followed him around his basement. It started off pretty typical, but eventually escalated to him grabbing my ass a couple times, I told him to stop but he kept telling me that I actually liked it and I did, I loved it. But I didnt want him to know that. Right after he was done shooting down the pretend bad guys he went behind me while I was crouched down and knocked me onto my face with made my ass go up in the air. I laid there, thinking about what was happening and a tiny bit confused when I felt him pull my gym shorts down, exposing my ass to him. I tried to get up but he pushed me back down, he was always stronger than me. He held me down and I felt his hand slide up, down and across my hairless bubble butt, I've always had a nice big ass, but sadly a smaller sized penis. I got really embarrassed but stayed quiet, when I felt his hand slip off of me, thinking it was over, I let out a little sigh of relief. Just as I relaxed I felt a huge slap on my ass, making it jiggle and bounce around a little bit, I let out a high pitched girly moan when I felt his hand hit my ass as I heard him say "damn, it looks like my girlfriend has a nice little ass, now doesnt she?" I started to realize how far i've gotten into this. But I didnt say a word.

He brings his hand back to my ass and starts to rub it and play with it, as he says "I said, it looks like my girlfriend has a hot ass for me, isnt that right?" he pulls his hand off and gives me another hard and forceful spank, leaving a red mark on my ass. I whine a little bit and let a whimper out as I say "yes..."

"Now thats good" Kevin says "Heres how its going to work, im going to go upstairs to my room I want you up there in five minutes, is that clear?" As my head is spinning, not knowing how to react to this situation, he gives me another slap and repeats in a stern voice. "is that clear, slut?" I let out a faint yes and he pulls my pants up and I fall onto my stomach.

"Good, I thought I was going to have to give my little girl another spanking" and walks up stairs. I cant believe what just happened. My best friend, that I grew up with just called me his little slut, fondled my ass and spanked me. I laid there for what felt like hours until I walked back up stairs, all the way up to his room, not knowing what I was going to walk into. As I opened the door to his room I saw him sitting on his bed, with his cock in his hand and he put in a dirty movie on his tv. I was amazed at what I saw, my cock was about 4inches at the time and his looked about to be close to 8 inches, it was twice as big as my dick. He looked at me and motioned me to come over.

"you know what girlfriends do to boyfriends right?" kevin said and laughed. I was able to let out a small "I dont think I want to play any more..." and he just smiled at me.

"I just want to see what its like, just touch it a little bit. Look, I'll watch the porn, I wont even look at you"
"kevin.. I dont really..."
"Alright" he said while he took a buck knife from behind him on the bed "I dont really think you have a choice now, so why dont you, walk on over here. And jerk me off until I tell you to stop"

Once I heard him say that, I knew I didnt have a choice, I got down in front of my naked friend who was sitting on his bed, with an almost erect cock. I took his cock in my hands, feeling it and touching it. "dont just look at it, jerk me off you little whore" he said while repositioning the knife in his hands. So I did exactly that, I jerked him off for about thirty seconds while he threw his head back and said "lick my balls" and drew the knife into my arm.

Reluctantly I did what my "boyfriend" told me too. I took one of his balls into my mouth and felt his pubic hair in my mouth, I didnt even have any pubic hair, but he had a good amount. After his ball popped out of my mouth I felt the knife slide up on my shoulder and I got scared. I kept my head close to his cock and licked him from his balls up to the tip as he moaned in pleasure and grabbed me by the back of the head and forced my mouth onto his dick.

I licked the tip and the head and he forced me down further on his cock and moaned. "oh yeah, suck my cock you slut. My saliva started to moisten his cock and i started to bob my head up and down, licking his cock at the same time. I couldnt believe it, I was on my knees with such a big cock in my mouth. Let alone, this was my best friend forcing me to suck his cock like a little whore. I didnt feel the knife on my skin anymore so i figured I was doing a good job, when he forced my head down and grunted "fucking swallow all of it" I didnt know when me ment when he started to moan and I felt his cock explode in my mouth.

I couldnt swallow the first two shots of cum because he was choking me with his cock. But he didnt seem to care. I swallowed what I could and then took my head off his dick and tried to catch my breath. He stopped cumming and looked down at his cock and panted. "clean me off, now"

So I did exactly what my "boyfriend" told me to do. I cleaned the rest of his cum off of his cock that I missed and then leaned back, realizing what I just did. I couldnt help but notice that I had a hard on, I actually liked sucking my friends cock and being treated like a whore, what was wrong with me. My thoughts where stopped when he suddenly laughed and pointed to a camera he set up, I didnt even notice it. My heart sank, I was on tape, sucking my friends cock. He exclaimed "Okay so now I have a video of you sucking my cock and eating my cum like a little whore. Unless you want me to show everyone what a slut you are, you now have to do everything I say" I didnt saw a word, but he knew I understood. He eventually got up and turned off the camera, while throwing a bag of clothes at me. I could still taste his cum in my mouth.

"I'm going to take a shower, if you dont have these put on by the time I get back, you're going to regret it" He walked out of the room and I looked in the bag and my heart dropped when I grabbed the first article of clothing out. Like clock work I pulled out, Used Panties, a bra, Bra stuffers, and nylons...

I heard him turn on the shower while I stared at what came out of this bag. Wait a second, he showed me these panties before. It was a pair of boy shorts and they were heavily used, I remember him showing me, they were his ex girlfriends, He's been using these dirty panties to cum into. I heard the shower turn off so I hurried on and put on my new clothes. I checked myself out in the mirror and I was surprised, I actually looked like a girl. A pretty sexy girl at that.

He walked back into his room and smiled when he saw me. "holy shit, you look fucking sexy" and I actually kind of smiled as I watched his cock start to stiffen up again. He walks over to me and rubs his cock on my face, smearing the cum I forgot to clean off my face, then sticking it back into my mouth. He started to get hard has he moved his hips in and out, sliding his cock into and out of my mouth until he couldnt go any deeper.

"Looks like my girl really knows how to suck cock" he says while drool starts to fall down unto my chest and bra. "Now, get up, I want to fuck you go on my bed and stick your ass in the air for daddy" Like a good little slut I did exactly what my daddy wanted me too, sticking my ass in the air, exposing myself to him, like a good little girl should. I felt his weight behind me on the bed and he started to touch my ass again, only this time I could feel his cock against my panties while he rubbed my bra, that were filled with the stuffers he gave me, I loved feeling the heat of his dick against my ass. I felt him go back to his original position as he pulled down my panties and I felt lubrication being spread over my virgin asshole. I prepared to take his cock when I felt two fingers slide into my ass, as far as he could get them in. He twisted and rammed them in and out of my ass while I laid there, whimpering like a little girl, loving every second of him being inside me.

He started to open up my ass with a third finger when i could tell he is getting impatient so I say in a girly voice "I want you to fuck me... daddy" And thats all that needed to be said. I felt him put the head of his cock against my ass and he started to push himself in. It hurt, bad. More than I thought it would. I tried to go forward to get him out as I screamed but he pushed himself onto me, I fell stomach first into his bed and I felt his hips touched mine. I screamed like a whore being raped into the pillow, he didnt move for a little bit, and gave me time to recover. I felt him whisper into my ear "Mmmm you're a tight little whore, I'm going to love this" as he started to slowly pump in and out of my ass, and sinking his teeth into my neck, like how a dog would.

He started to pick up the pace and started to slam me. all I could hear is the slapping of his balls against me and me moaning like a whore. The moans from the tv started to sound exactly what was happening in the room. There was a man fucking, and a screaming bitch. I was giving myself to him. No, thats not right. He was taking it from me, stripping me of my virginity and fucking me like a doll. There was no compassion, no romance, just him thrusting in and out of my ass, grabbing my hips, shoulders, choking me, grabbing me by the hair while I felt him slide in and out of me, I knew i couldnt hold it any longer and I was going to cum soon, I managed to let a "I'm going to cum" slip out of my mouth in between the moans.

So he rolled me on my back and got ontop of me, almost missionary style. "You're going to make me cum" I screamed as he rammed his cock straight back into my ass.

"cum for me baby, I want to make you cum" he growled at me and thats all I needed. I didnt even touch my cock when I started to soak my panties that were just rolled down under my ass, my cock was never freed. My ass muscles started to try and drain his cock and I emptied my load into my panties. he started to slow down, but he made his thrusts count. He slammed himself into my ass while i came.

at that point he ripped the panties, that were now soaked with my warm cum, his dried cum and the cum of his girlfriend off of my body, freeing me. He told me to get on my stomach which i did for him. I felt his body come down into mine and he shoved the panties soaked with so much cum into my mouth and continued to call me a little whore, a faggot, baby and I kept calling him daddy through the muffled panties. "Oh my god, im going to cum" he yelled.

I pulled the panties out of my mouth and started to moan louder. He abruptly stopped and smacked me. "I didnt fucking tell you to take the panties out of your mouth, did i whore?"

"... no... no" I whimpered

He spanked me again, "No what?"

"no you didnt tell me to take the panties out of my mouth..." I saw his hand come back up when I finished my statement "...daddy"

He shoved the panties back into my mouth, and almost choked me. He had me pinned down on his bed while he went back to ruthlessly fucking me, like I was his own personal whore. At this point I was, I was his personal whore he could fuck whenever he wanted. He started to slow down and whispered into my ear "Im going to cum in your fucking ass, that makes you my fucking whore. Whenever i call you, you have to come over and I'm going to fuck you again"

"Please cum in my ass, I need it" I moaned while grabbing onto his sheets.

he snarled at me and 5 seconds later i felt him slam down into my ass and i felt his cock erupt inside of me. He moaned, grabbed my hair spanked me while depositing his seed deep, deep inside of me. I could feel his dick empty, and convulse inside of me and finally he was done. he kept his cock inside of me and rolled me onto my side, slid my panties back on and I fell asleep in his arms, feeling the cum slide out of my ass.

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Holy crap so hot need more do you have a sequel you are a really good porn writer
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Holy crap so hot need more do you have a sequel you are a really good porn writer
Man this could make a pornography movie
God i love this so much im jacking off ohhh

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I am taking my dagehtur and my very pregnant can't fit into my wardrobe self to my favorite beach in my bikini, slathering on my spf oil that smells coconutty and wonderful and I am going to sit in the shallow water while my child plays joyfully and be thankful to be able to take it all in, the sound of surf, her yelping at each wave, the mixture of the air and oil, the sun warm on my back and for just a day forget about everything else that does not matter. Bliss

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