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Pressing the flesh at trade shows is not just for business
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Rachel told the hotel manager bluntly.

Rachel and Carter had been sent to the tech trade show by themselves this year. It was an odd combination; Rachel was the company lawyer, and Carter was a lower-level tech-head with no sales experience. But that’s what the CEO and marketing director wanted—someone to represent the legal angle for partnerships and licensing conversations, and someone to talk geek with the countless throngs of nerds who never made decisions but always influenced them. So Rachel and Carter were the public face of Altec Industries that year, much to their mutual chagrin.

The trip started all right; the flight was full but the lanky Carter got them exit row. Rachel was a shorter, larger woman, and the extra legroom did her no good, but she appreciated the effort. They got their display and luggage from baggage claim and piled into a minivan taxi with another exhibitor and headed for the hotel.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. We don’t have your room reservation. We also do not have any available rooms.” The manager’s voice was reasoned and steady, clearly unfazed by the snafu.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Rachel sighed.

Carter felt terrible. They had his reservation. Where could hers have gone? Carter was young, but not stupid.

“We could share my room, Rachel.” Carter’s was only a double queen, but it might have to do.

Rachel looked at Carter with a mix of frustration, anger, and gratitude. So far, she had to admit, this was the best option. She’d tried her legal wit on the manager, to no effect. Slowly she nodded in resignation.

“Okay. Thanks, Carter. We’ll just share his room. Give me a key.” The manager quickly produced a freshly programmed keycard and handed it to Rachel with a rather lame frown approximating sympathy.

“I’m terribly sorry, miss. I don’t know what happened. I hope this isn’t any trouble for you.”

“Of course it’s fucking trouble,” Rachel rumbled angrily, snatching the proffered card from the manager’s hand. She saved the rest of her vitriol and followed Carter to the bank of elevators.

The first day of the expo went well. Carter and Rachel set up the booth quickly and easily, despite their misgivings about the assignment. Rachel the passionate legal aide, and Carter the quiet programmer, put on their best sales faces and started to work the throngs of event-goers.

The crowd came in globs; quiet as a graveyard for an hour, Disneyland the next. Rachel’s feet were hurting, and Carter was tired of standing. They absconded some stools from the other side of the exhibition hall and rested happily during one of the quiet periods. They laughed and joked and got along well enough.

Carter regarded Rachel as they talked. She was probably nearing 40, probably 5’4”, easily 250 lbs, with jet-black bobbed hair and a pale, cute, if rather chubby, face. He had hardly spoken with her prior to this trip, and he found he enjoyed her company. She had a sharp wit, and a tongue to match. He had never regarded her sexually before, but he took the opportunity to take in her proportions. She was clearly a larger gal, with an enormous round butt and, thankfully, reasonably large breasts to balance it out. She dressed sharply and well for her size and shape. He still didn’t think her terrible attractive, but she was finally a person to him, and he let go of his fears of being trapped with a cutthroat lawyer for four days.

For her part, Rachel enjoyed her traveling companion. Carter was a young man, probably right out of college, in the neighborhood of 24. He was tall, probably 6’2”, and slender but not skinny. He had a clean-cut crop of sandy hair atop his rectangular head, and his boyish good looks lent to his natural charm. He was surprisingly funny, and devilishly smart. She reminded herself to never again underestimate the intelligence of the company’s programming department.

By the end of the first day’s vendor exhibition time, Carter and Rachel were exhausted. They packed up their consumables into Carter’s roller suitcase: pens, brochures, keychains, highlighters, all the crap the Marketing had sent along as incentives, and wheeled it back up to the room. They didn’t linger, heading straight for the hotel bar with all due haste. It was packed with other exhibitors and attendees, but Rachel got feisty and scored them a small table near the window.

Rachel ordered a cosmopolitan, Carter a local microbrew. The two sipped their drinks in pleasant silence. Conversation came intermittently, usually at the expense of management personnel and their habits. Carter did a dead-on impersonation of the CEO, and Rachel snorted with laughter, asking him to repeat it frequently throughout the evening. Exhausted, they more or less forgot about dinner, and by 9pm they were getting sloshed from a third round of drinks on empty stomachs.

“Hey, Carter, listen. Thanks for letting me share your room. That was extremely cool of you. I’m sorry to deny you the privacy you deserve,” Rachel offered jovially.

“Ah, no problem. Besides, what else was I supposed to do?” Rachel nodded in agreement. “I guess being a hard-ass all the time can’t get you everything,” Carter joked, and Rachel laughed.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. It usually does. Lesson in humility, we’ll call it,” Rachel answered. Carter nodded.

He finished his third pint of heavy beer and set the glass down on the soggy cocktail napkin. “I’m fuckin’ drunk.”

Rachel almost choked on her cosmo. “Yeah, I think I’m right there with you. We probably should have eaten something.”

Carter shrugged. “What time do we start tomorrow?”

“Um, I think it’s 10:30, after the morning workshops.” Rachel produced a badly folded schedule from the pocket of her blazer, and tossed it at Carter.

He fumbled with it until he got it open, and verified the next day’s activities. He nodded and handed it back. She looked back at him with a questioning eye. Carter smiled, and waved for the waiter. Upon getting his attention, Carter signaled for another round. Rachel watched this and slapped his hand playfully.

“Are you trying to fucking kill me?” Rachel joked. “You’d better not snore when you’re drunk, mister.”

Carter laughed. The drinks arrived seconds later, and they resumed their occasional conversation.

Finally they’d had enough. Rachel paid the tab with the company credit card, and the two stumbled out of the noisy lobby bar. They made their way the room, and after a few failed attempts with Carter’s key, Rachel got the door open.

Carter collapsed onto his chosen bed. Rachel made for the bathroom. Carter was nearing sleep when he heard the toilet flush and the door opened a minute later.

“I’ll just change in the bathroom,” Rachel offered, burrowing into her suitcase in search of her nightie and toiletries.

Carter already had his arm over his eyes to keep out the light. “Don’t worry, I won’t look. Change wherever you like.”

Rachel ignored him and continued digging. She soon heard Carter snoring softly. When she’d finished washing her face and removing her contacts, she started to change into her nightie, but found the bathroom rather cramped. She emerged from the small hotel bathroom and listened to Carter breathe soundly. She slipped quietly out of her suit coat, blouse and skirt and slid the satin nightie over her head.

Carter still lay on the bed in his shirt, tie and slacks. Rachel went over to wake him so he could get undressed and get ready for bed. She poked his stomach and laughed as he bolted upright.

“Get ready for bed, you goof. You might be drunk now, but we need to be on the ball tomorrow.”

Carter got up and went to the bathroom. He emerged in his boxers and a tank top. Rachel watched his body move as he returned sleepily to bed, tossing his clothes in the corner before collapsing again onto the bed. Rachel turned off the light and they slipped quickly into a deep slumber.

The next day was a repeat of the previous. Waves of people, then near silence. Carter and Rachel had only slight hangovers, but were gratefully not tired, thanks to a full night of sleep and a late morning start to the day. They sipped at bottles of water provided by a nearby vendor and joked about the previous night’s exploits. The day wore on slowly, but both were beginning to enjoy pressing the flesh and making contacts and sales leads. Neither was an expert, but suddenly it wasn’t so intimidating a process for either of them.

By the end of the day, however, Rachel and Carter were again tired of being on their feet, and tired of being extroverts on command. They repeated the process, taking down “stealable” items and bringing them back to the room. This time, however, they hit the hotel restaurant for a quick dinner before invading the bar.

This night, Carter was drinking whiskey cokes, and Rachel had moved to fuzzy navels. The conversation became surprisingly flirtatious, and the topics shifted between past relationships, “don’t you hate it when” jokes about sex, and other related items. Carter was really enjoying Rachel and was paying repeated compliments to her, which made Rachel feel both self-conscious, but also rather sexy.

After innumerable drinks charged to the company card, Rachel and Carter again stumbled back to the room. This time, however, neither was combating exhaustion quite as badly as the night before, and they continued to joke and flirt all the way to the room.

They entered, and Carter immediately shed his coat and slacks, pulling on a pair of sleeping pants and trading his dress shirt for a t-shirt. Rachel watched him change, enjoying his oblivious display and finding herself decidedly aroused. Carter plopped onto the bed but remained upright. He began to fiddle with the clock radio, trying to find a music radio station to his liking. Rachel just laughed as she pulled out her satin nightie and headed for the bathroom.

At that moment, Carter finally found a station, playing classic Motown R&B, and he cranked the volume as loud as it would go. Rachel didn’t immediately recognize it, but she found it irresistibly sexy. She stopped midway to the bathroom, and started to dance. Carter smiled and stood to join her. They danced to Marvin Gaye’s “My Mistake”, flush with alcoholic energy and flirtatious enthusiasm. Carter refrained from touching her, but Rachel felt his body near her and was instantly emboldened.

Much to Carter’s surprise, and in fact to her own, Rachel found herself stripping. She cast aside her blazer. Carter backed off, not in disgust but to give her room and himself a better view. She next peeled off her skirt, and lastly her blouse. She tossed them onto the bed, standing only in her bra, panties and pantyhose.

Carter stared at her, but continued to dance. He was terrified but also quite curious and decidedly horny. He watched Rachel dance, taking in her round body and gentle curves. He’d never been attracted to larger women before, but the curves on this woman were suddenly sexier than anything he’d seen in any magazines or movies

Rachel watched Carter watching her, and the song switched to Leo Sayer’s “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”. Rachel felt a rush of lust wash over her, and she shook her sizable backside at Carter in a most brazen fashion.

Carter marveled at her pantyhose-encased behind. It was quite large, perfectly round, and surprisingly free of cheesy dimples. And it was pointed at him, shaking wildly. He couldn’t take his eyes from it. At that moment Carter realized that she wore only a thin thong panty underneath the hosiery. He felt his cock swell rapidly, and rubbed at it unconsciously.

Rachel watched Carter’s hand drop to his crotch and rub at his clearly enlarged penis. She felt her pussy flood with arousal. “Fuck the consequences,” Rachel decided mentally, and pulled her pantyhose to the floor, flinging them across the room with her toes. Carter laughed and clapped, then stared at her pale, enormous ass. Rachel felt self-conscious, but then her lust overpowered her self-doubt. Just then, “Brick House” by the Commodores came on. Rachel shook her ass like she was dancing at a club. Carter danced as well, but mostly he marveled at this woman before him, her fatty body suddenly a picture of feminine sexiness. His cock strained in his pajama pants, and he reached into his pants to massage it.

Rachel watched Carter fondling his cock, and her mind was racing. She pulled her bra off with utter haste and flung it at Carter. She then leapt at the armchair nearby and knelt on it. Rachel felt completely sexy, adorned only in a tight white thong and sexy strapped high heels that wound up her strong calves. She knelt on her right knee and brought her left foot up, raising her thigh and she did so.

Carter watched in complete amazement as Rachel exposed her amazing round ass. Only a tiny patch of white fabric covered her clearly plump crotch, and it was slightly stained with wetness. He had to have that ass in his hands. He pulled the discarded bra from his shoulder and stepped cautiously towards Rachel and her unbelievable huge ass.

Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” came on as Carter knelt in awe before Rachel’s enormous rear-end. Rachel felt his warm breath across her broad buttocks, and she closed her eyes, praying Carter would take a bite. He didn’t disappoint. Carter’s hands landed on her cheeks at the same time as he pressed his face into her fatty crevice somewhere between her pussy and her anus. It didn’t matter where to Rachel, and she moaned at the impact. Her pussy flushed with fluid, and she pushed herself back against Carter’s face.

“Oh God, Carter. Lick me,” she muttered.

Carter probed her deeply with his tongue, his head swimming at the thought of what he was doing. He cock was burning a hole in his pajamas, and he released his hands long enough to pull his pants down to his knees, freeing his aching pecker. He returned his hands to her ample bottom and continued licking her thong from one end to the other.

The feeling of his tongue across her anus drove Rachel mad with lust, much to her surprise. She’d never been much interested in anal anything, but this was different.

“Lick my ass, you fucker,” Rachel grunted with authority.

Carter didn’t argue. He went right to work, plying her great buttocks with his hands and burying his tongue into her soft bottom. She moaned loudly and pushed hard against him. She squeezed her right nipple with her right hand, and thrust her left hand into her panties. She rubbed at her sopping clit while Carter tickled her puckered brown hole with his hungry tongue.

“Shit,” she breathed. “Lick my ass. God!”

Carter was insane now, his sole purpose life was attacking Rachel’s sweet fatty bum. The smell of her aroused twat inches from his face made for a burning temptation for his oral efforts, but she’d made her demands known, and Carter was all too happy to obey. In this moment, he longed for nothing more than to please her. He felt the rapid movements of her fingers against her clit near his chin, but he continued to lap away at her tight anus. Finally he tentatively ventured a hand towards her pussy, finding her hand moving at hummingbird speed beneath the soaked white cotton fabric.

“Fuck!” Rachel spat. “Put your fingers in and fuck me!”

She pulled her own hand away, and Carter pressed his thumb to her sopping cunt. Her clit was enormous, he reckoned, clearly feeling its detail even from behind the fabric of her thong. He pushed the cotton aside, and pressed his thumb to her clit directly. Rachel groaned loudly. She was wetter than either of them could imagine. She put her hand on his, and pushed two of Carter’s fingers into her pussy. She cried out at the penetration, which combined with his tongue on her tender asshole, was pushing her to the edge of orgasm.

“I said fuck me!” Rachel hissed.

Carter anxiously began working his fingers in and out of her sopping hole. His mind was adrift in lust and passion. He finger-fucked her harder and faster, and even took nibbles and bites at her anus and butt cheeks. She bucked against him as she squeezed her own nipples and felt the fullness of her 42DD chest against the back of the armchair.

Finally Carter couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled down her thong panties to her knees, and dove into her wide, plump twat. Rachel squealed in shock and thrill, and immediately ground herself against Carter’s enthusiastic oral effort. He thrust his tongue into her warm spicy box, and was rewarded with her tangy flavor in dripping quantity. He found her clit and assaulted it hungrily. He also started to pull on his cock, feeling the pre-come oozing from the lurid purple tip.

Rachel’s head was swimming. She was actually feeling dizzy and lightheaded when her orgasm finally crashed into her, erupting from her clit and filling her stomach with shudders of pleasure that enveloped her entire body. She pushed her clit hard against Carter, who only lapped with even greater fervor.

“Unhh, stop licking my fucking clit!” Rachel stammered, her pussy now aglow with electric stimulation almost to the point of discomfort.

Carter dutifully switched back to her puckered anus. Rachel croaked in pleasure and leaned back against his tongue. The tip of his tongue pressed slightly into Rachel’s ass as the final wave of orgasm washed over her. She grunted in primal satisfaction, her ass and pussy tingling with pleasure.

Carter, meanwhile, had masturbated himself to the point of climax. He released his tongue-hold on Rachel’s ass as the first spurts of cum erupted from his long, hard pecker. Rachel collected herself and looked back over her shoulder to watch Carter’s lovely cock issuing forth load after load of semen, which landed unceremoniously on the carpet beneath the chair. She cooed softly to watch her new lover’s body become wracked with orgasm. Her pussy still throbbed with the afterglow of her own climax. She noticed irreverently that “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire was gracing the airwaves via the tinny clock radio across the room.

Carter fell backwards in exhaustion. His cum-coated cock slapped on his stomach as his spent legs gave out beneath him. Rachel heard him breathing loudly. She lifted herself from her perch atop the chair, noticing how tired her own knees were of propping her up in that otherwise convenient position.

Rachel stood and straddled Carter’s body. She hiked her white thong panties back up over her twat. She looked down over her ample breasts and saw Carter’s glistening face, soaked with sweat and her wetness.

“Did you like licking my ass and pussy, Carter?”

Carter nodded meekly. Rachel smiled, enjoying the authority of her newfound position, including the lack of cruelty that was clearly absent from this new relationship.

“Then I think the rest of this fucking trade show will go very well from here on out, don’t you?” Rachel smiled devilishly.

Carter smiled too, licking her taste from his lips and absentmindedly caressing his spent cock.


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Erin!! The blog looks amazing!! So gooegrus and so you!! I love it! Beautiful. I can't thank you enough for letting me in on this Sweet Sale secret mission!!! I am still so floored by your creativity, your vision, your amazing photog skills, ahhhh!!! The shots of Crew melt my heart, it's like I can feel and hear him in them, it's so incredible how you can capture a spirit. If ky's fake silly smiles and insane tongue obsession, haha, don't SCREAM out KYLIE! I don't know what ever will! You are the best and continue to amaze me. Can't wait to see the boys on Vday! LOVE!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! xoxo


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Man, you write a great story! Love the build up and like the others, I need to read parts 2,3,4 soon! I am a bit submissive myself and love being directed, even into a bi situation, if she "tells" me to.


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can't wait for your second part..............hurry! keep gettin hard :P


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Loved it!! That's right, big girls need luvvin' too.


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I finaly know what the author's name means. It a word from the hopi tribr of native americans. it is also a movie title. great choice of name>> it is 1 that sticks in yuor head+ the stories are good too

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