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My beautiful wife Patricia goes wild and becomes a hot slut!
My wife Patricia and I had gone to the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta to celebrate our 25th anniversary. She had hinted at some new explorations and sexual experimentation, but wow! We had met another couple, Tom and his hot black-haired, blue-eyed wife Diane. Patricia had been pleasured so powerfully by Diane that she pledged to become Diane's slut for the weekend. She vowed to obey her new mistress, and Diane had ordered her slut to shower with Diane's husband Tom- new territory!

Patricia looked at me for the okay, for now another man would place his mouth on her genitals. I nodded and smiled, getting the camera ready. The shower stall was a huge tiled one, so I posted myself in the dry corner to watch the cleaning of Diane’s beautiful slut. Patricia let the water cascade over her tits, washing away the spent seed of the young studs. Tom washed her breasts with the fragrant soap, then her slit and the cleft of her ass. When she was rinsed, Tom began using his tongue. He started with her ears and neck, causing my wife to moan with pleasure, then ran his tongue across her moist lips. She eagerly sucked his tongue into her mouth. They began kissing passionately as the water sprayed their naked bodies. Tom made his way to her navel, where he teased and sucked it, then moved below. When his tongue gently touched her lower lips, Patricia gasped. “Don’t stop Tom! Explore my cunt with your tongue! Do me, Baby! That’s it! Suck my clit! Yes, yes…yessss!” My wife’s body shook, then went limp while Tom held her up. He helped her out of the shower and dried her wet body. “Bring her over to this twin bed, Diane ordered. “This will be our fucking bed. The king bed will be for sleeping.” Tom lay my wife down on the smaller bed on her back, her thighs spread.

Diane sat on the side of the bed, poured some fragrant strawberry lotion on her palms, and began rubbing my wife’s naked tits. “Mmm… that feels good, Mistress. Have I pleased you? May I have more milk? I love your tits,” Patricia asked.

Diane bent down, and gave some of her mother’s milk to Patricia, who sucked those hanging globes greedily. “Now, slut, have you ever had anal sex?” Patricia looked surprised. “Why, no, we’ve never tried that. It looks painful.” “Oh, good! You’re a virgin then. So am I. Tommy, how much will you pay me to take my slut’s cherry? You see, slut, I’m taking your cherry and selling it to Tom. Then, as I promised, I’ll give you my cherry to sell to Stu. They will be getting a once in a lifetime gift from each of us. What your husband wanted, my husband will take; what my husband wanted, your husband will take. I promise my precious whore, to excite and prepare you to lose your virginity to my man, and I trust you will do the same for me,” Diane tenderly explained while she caressed Patricia’s tits. “Yes Mistress, I will let your husband take my virginity and ravage my ass. Enjoy the show. Now, Master of my body, tongue me and stretch me so I’ll be ready for that huge cock,” Patricia assented.

“Well, Lover, what will you give me to pop my slut’s cherry? You get what no man has ever had!” Diane offered. “Baby, I’ll give you $500 for your hot whore’s ass. I want it real bad, Honey,” Tom offered. “I accept, Babe,” said Diane, as she rolled Patricia over and started to sweep her tongue deep into my wife’s cleft. She spread Patricia’s cheeks apart, and began to circle her puckered hole with her tongue. As she increased pressure, Patricia began to moan,”Oh my Mistress, that feels heavenly. Please push your lovely tongue into my ass. It’s waiting for you, Baby!” “Open up, my gorgeous whore, and take my tongue!” Diane began pressing harder, then her tongue popped through. “Oh, God! You’re inside me! Go deeper, Mistress!” Patricia hungered. Diane kept her tongue inside, and then brought her index finger to the hole and slowly shoved past Patricia’s sphincter. She began wiggling it. “Ahh, that is so good! I can’t believe I’ve been missing this pleasure. Give me another finger in my ass, Mistress!” Patricia begged. “Mistress, will you spank me with your free hand while you fuck my ass?” Whack! Whack! Whack! “OH,yes, more Master, more! Three fingers, please!” Diane had removed her soft tongue and was now fucking my wife’s ass with three fingers, in and out. Patricia was up on all fours, pushing back onto those nimble fingers. She looked about ready to come. “You like that, don’t you slut? You’re my whore now, and I sold you for $500. So now, whore, take my husband’s cock and give it a good ass fucking!” Diane challenged. Diane took her husband’s cock, sucked well, then guided his member right to Patricia’s stretched asshole. Tom began slowly pressing his rod into my wife’s waiting hole, and she began to panic. “God, Tom! You’re so huge! Please go slow. Don’t worry, Master, I’m gonna take it all!”

Tom pushed, and popped past her ring, plunging his entire hard cock deep into her ass. “Yeah, that’s it! You’re deep in me! Now I’m being ass fucked for the first time ever! Go faster and deeper! Come on! Get your $500 worth! Ravage my ass!” Patricia cried out and bucked against his groin. “Yeah, you whore! You’ve got my cock in you! I’m gonna fill you up with my seed!” Diane joined in,” You slut! Take that huge cock. You like fucking new lovers, don’t you, whore. One husband isn’t enough for you is it?” Shove it up into her stomach, Tommy! Shoot your wad in her!” Diane moved over to face Patricia on the bed. She kissed her deeply, and they opened their mouths wide for tongue play. “Here, slut, have some of my milk. Suck my hot tits now, whore! Diane presented her cupped breast to my wife, who pulled the nipple into her mouth and sucked it greedily. I got several shots of Patricia, eyes closed in ecstasy as Tom pounded her ass from behind. She noticed the flash and stopped breastfeeding to look into my eyes with pure lust. “Stuart, Dearest, how do you like your whore wife being ass-fucked? Am I being wicked enough for you? Watch my new lover pound my ass! Watch his huge eight-inch cock plunge into the depths of my virgin anus! Do you like watching another guy take what you’ve never had?”

“Baby, I can’t tell you how hot this is making me! I’m not jealous; I’m enjoying watching you be used for your own pleasure. All three of the guys you’ve done today, including your new mistress Diane, wish they were the ones married to you. They have enjoyed fucking you, but I’m the one who gets to take you home. Besides, now we know what really gives you huge orgasms. Take that big cock, my lovely little whore wife!” I assured her. Tom picked up his pace,” Diane, Baby, thanks for giving me your virgin whore! Watch my dick ravage this hot slut’s ass! She’s so tight, Lover! You see how she likes my cock ramming her ass? This same cock that has given you three babies is now inside a $500 whore! Do you like watching your cock giving pleasure to another gorgeous woman? I love using your whore, Baby!” Diane pushed her huge boobs into Patricia’s face, my wife moaning in joy. Tom kept pounding her, then reached under her body and started playing with Patricia’s clit. She immediately reacted. “Yes, that’s it Lover! Caress my little clit while you use your cock on my ass. Take it all! Hurry, Baby, I’m gonna come, and I’ll collapse.” “That’s it whore! Squeeze my dick with your asshole! Yeah, slut! Here it comes! I’m gonna blast you! Aaah! Ahhh! Good whore! That was definitely a $500 fuck! Well, Stu, I stretched her out for you. Too bad for you that she’ll always remember my cock, the one that took her cherry. Here she goes!” Patricia groaned and shook. “Yes! Yes! Tommy, you did me. You made your little whore come!” She then collapsed, totally spent in pleasing her lover. Tom collapsed, still inside her, lying to the side of Patricia. “That was fantastic! I’ve never done that before! You are my favorite whore!” Tom kissed her on the cheek. Patricia propped herself up on her elbows and looked into Diane’s blue eyes. “Mistress, are you pleased with me? I’ve made you $683 tonight. You can use me some more if you want!” Diane’s eyes welled up with tears. “Patricia, my lovely whore, yes, you have pleased me, you have pleased my husband and given yourself completely to me. That’s something no one else has ever done for me.” She then leaned in and stuck her tongue into Patricia’s open mouth. “Mmmm… Mistress, your kisses thrill me! It’s nice that Tom’s huge cock is still inside me, filling me. I can feel his hot cum up there.” Diane got an idea,” My slut, are you sore? I’d like to try something crazy and hot!”

Patricia kissed her deeply, and offered,” My ass actually feels nice, since Tom is getting soft. Mistress, I want you to use me any way you want! My ass is yours. Tell me what to do. After all, I am your whore; do me, please.” “Tom, pull your dick out of my whore, slowly! Don’t let your cum spill out of her. I want to use my slut, now,” Diane commanded. Once Tom was off, Diane lifted Patricia up on all fours. She caressed her slut’s breasts, then fondled her cheeks. She slid her dainty hand into her beauty’s well-used cleft, and gently began to insert her fingers. Patricia encouraged,” I can feel you entering me, Mistress. Keep going, it’s nice! Use my ass, Baby.” Diane continued, slowly inserting more digits, until all four were inside her precious slut’s ass up to the first knuckle. “How does that feel, my slut? Your ass feels nice!” “ Yeah, I can feel you inside my ass. Keep going. Fuck me deeper, Mistress! Ohhh! I’m still tight at my hole. Go slowly, my lover. Stretch me. Make me bigger so I can take it all! Ahhh! It’s hurting me, but I want you to use my ass, Master,” offered Patricia. Diane continued pressing slowly, while her slut bit on her pillow and groaned. “Yes… Mistress, you’re almost in. Please keep going! I need to feel your whole hand inside me!” Finally, Diane’s hand disappeared into my lovely wife’s ass! She yelped. “Mistress, you’re deep inside me, deeper than Tom was! I feel so full, it’s unbelievable! My anus is on fire, but my pussy is tingling just thinking of having you so deep inside my ass. Go in a little deeper, please. Use your fingertips to stroke my insides, Mistress.”

Diane looked determined on her quest to give her slut the ultimate ass fuck. She slowly fed her arm into our whore’s sweet ass, all the way up to her elbow. “Damn, slut, I’m fucking you all the way to my elbow! I can feel Tommy’s hot semen all over my hand! He really shot his cum up inside you! You whore, you really must have excited him to get his cock to spray that far! How does that feel, Slut?” “Mistress, it feels so wonderful! You’re such a great fucker! Your arm in me feels like the long cock of a stallion! Now, start pumping me with your hand, and play with my clit! I need to cum, Baby! Fuck me good, Master!” As Diane started to gently pump her arm in and out, I was snapping pictures. Seeing my wife with her goddess-lover’s arm in her ass was so hot! Patricia’s face was contorting, her ass burning, her pussy tingling,” Yeah, Lover, ass fuck me good! Caress my clit, Mistress! Please, more! Fuck me harder! I’m cumming… Ahhhh!” She collapsed, and Diane gently and slowly pulled her arm and hand from Patricia’s distended asshole. Her whore groaned,” Yeah, Lover slowly, slowly. How was it Mistress? Did you enjoy fucking my whore ass? Did you like feeling my lover’s cum inside me?” Patricia’s ass finally released Diane’s arm, and our slut sighed with relief. “My God, Whore! Your asshole is stretched out big enough for a baseball to go through! Now I want you to feed me all of your lover’s cum that you’ve been saving in that fine ass of yours!” Diane lay down on her back her lovely mouth open. Whore, squat over my face and let that sweet come drip out of your gaping hole!” The little slut obeyed, and Tom’s cum began dripping creamy seed into her mouth. When she stopped dripping, Patricia lowered her ass directly onto her master’s open mouth, and Diane cleaned her with her hot tongue. When she finished, Patricia flopped over next to Diane, panting. Diane raised herself up and leaned over her whore’s face. Patricia opened her mouth, and Diane fed her slut Tom’s cum. “Mmmm… Thank you, Mistress. You are so good to me.” They then kissed and cumswapped for ten minutes. When they finished, Diane congratulated her whore,” My lovely whore, you have satisfied me, two strangers, and your new lover, my own husband. Well done, slut! Now, please, let’s take a break and I’ll wash you off, my hot lover!”

The adventure continues...

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2013-04-06 01:29:44
good thing this is ficticious cuz no ass cud take a whole arm up the ass let along a whole hand and what is it with these husbands allowing their wives fuck other guys........... ghiis really sick,,,,,,,, if either one of those pigs was my wife she would get the shit beat out of her, then I'd stick th basrrel of a .38 up her cunt and empty the fucking thing........ she'd never fuck another guy again that's for sure....... negative ratring

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2012-10-03 12:37:21
We like your stories, my wife and I. We enjoy sex alot like yourselves. We are a carbon copy of each other so we know what we each like, enjoy and our desires. It would be really nice to come across another couple like us like you did. We find that very exciting. Enjoy it all.

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