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Brad and I stared at my mother for quite some time before he made the motion to jump off of the bed and cover himself up. “Jill, it’s…it’s not what it looks like!” he stuttered, looking frantically between my mother and myself.

“Then explain to me what it fucking is?” she spat, crossing her arms over her chest. She wore a green blouse and a black skirt, hitting just above her knees. No doubt she had just returned from work. I gulped, having never seen my mother this angry before. Carefully, I pulled the covers over my body—trying to hide myself as best as possible.

“You weren’t home…and Sarah wanted to get to know me,” he explained, throwing me completely under the bus. My eyes widened as he piled the blame on me—wasn’t he the one who seduced me?

“What? I did not!” I exclaimed, holding the blanket tightly over myself. Mom’s head snapped over to me, as if she just realized I was still here. In one fluid motion she marched over to the bed, pulling the blanket away from me. Her eyes wandered down my body—noting the lingerie I was wearing.

“What the fuck are you wearing, young lady?” she demanded. “Why the hell would you try and fuck my boyfriend? You have your own!” she cried out. “Look at you! You look like a little whore!”

I was taken aback and slightly scared. Mom has never called me anything like that—she must have really liked Brad. Although, my fear caused me to miss my opportunity to even deny the fact that I was the seducer in this situation. “Babe…come on…let’s go and sort this out in the other room,” Brad tried to calm my mother down. She shook away his arm, now reaching down to grab my own.

“Ow! Mom! That hurts!” I cried out as her fingers dug into my skin. She dragged me off of the bed, pulling me into the hallway. “What the hell are you doing?” She didn’t respond as she dragged me behind her. Brad followed, smiling—not bothering to put on clothes.

I was yanked down the stairs and towards the basement—which was weird since it still wasn’t finished when I left for school. “Mom, where are we going?” I whined, trying to pull back away from her. She pulled my arm back, my body bumping into her as I stumbled forward.

“You want to be a little whore? Well…you’re going to be treated like a whore,” she spat, turning back around to yank me down the basement stairs. My heart started to race even faster as I took note of what was in the middle of the room. The floor was still cement—unfinished and cold as I was dragged across the basement.

In the center of the room was a metal table with cuffs on each of the four corners. Once Brad caught up to us, I was surprised that he didn’t seem put off by this room—it sure as hell was shocking to me!

Mom suddenly tossed me into Brad’s arms, ordering him to keep a hold on me. I didn’t try and struggle necessarily—curiosity got the best of me as I watched my mother walk over towards a cabinet along the side of the room. Brad’s cock was now starting to harden against my ass as he wrapped his arms tightly around my middle.

Inside the cabinet happened to be a riding crop, paddle, rope, and some other intimidating objects that I couldn’t exactly name. “Mom—seriously, what the fuck is this?” I cried out as she pulled out what seemed to be a ball-gag. She chuckled to herself as she brought it closer to me. Now, I started to panic—wiggling my body to try and get out of Brad’s arms.

“Stop moving you ungrateful slut,” mom shouted as she grabbed my chin tightly. She made me stare at her face before slapping me right across the cheek. I was stunned! With my mouth agape from surprise, she managed to push the red, rubber ball into my mouth—ignoring my groans and struggle. She secured the gag around my head, smiling as she leaned back to admire her work.

My breathing increased as I tried to breathe as efficiently as I could. “Sarah, if you really wanted to fuck Brad…you should have asked,” she shrugged her shoulders, once again stepping towards the cabinet. “It’s not nice to take what’s not yours.” I watched in horror as she grabbed the riding crop from the cabinet.

“Told you you were a naughty girl,” Brad whispered harshly in my ear. Was he aware of this side of my mother? Was this planned? Brad started to walk forward, pushing me towards the metal table. I was bent over the edge, my ass exposed. Brad worked to extend my arms along the length of the side, securing them in each of the cuffs already placed.

I couldn’t escape.

I tried calling out to my mother, but the gag made my plea for help sound more like a muffled moan. “Ever since Brad told me how sexy you were…I’ve been wanting to do this to you for quite some time,” I heard my mother explain. This was a premeditated plan. Quite the actor Brad was. “Since you’ve proven to be quite the little whore, you’re going to be punished.”

Smack! The riding crop slapped against my ass. I cried out, not expecting quite the sting it delivered. “Don’t you dare move that ass!” she ordered, sending another painful sting my way. My eyes squeezed shut as I tried to keep my ass as still as possible.

“I love seeing a young girl’s ass turn pink,” mom laughed to herself, smacking me once again. My body jumped as I yelped out again, the saliva dripping from my mouth and onto the table. I began to wonder just how many people my mother has had “fun” with down here while I was away.

I began to whimper as I felt the crop slide down to my pussy—lightly slapping it a few times. I didn’t want to admit it, but that felt almost good—until my mother harshly slapped my sore pussy lips. “Ahh! Please—stop!” I tried to say, my voice still muffled, tears stinging my eyes.

“Continue?” I could just sense the smile on my mother’s face as she said that, delivering yet another painful smack to my pussy. She stopped for a second and I tried to turn my head to see what was coming next—instead, I saw her inspecting the top of the crop. “Well, well…looks like you’re enjoying this,” she teased, now placing the top of the crop on my ass, spreading it around. I could feel the wetness from my pussy on my pink ass cheeks.

This was turning me on? How…?

Just as I had expected another smack from the crop, I felt hands groping my ass. They weren’t as large as Brads, so I could only assume my own mother was touching me. Turning around I spotted the top of her head as she squatted in front of my ass. “Spread these legs,” she demanded, slapping my right ass cheek with no remorse. I jumped, obeying as I moved my legs wider apart. “That’s a good girl…” mom cooed, caressing where she had just slapped.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment as I felt her tongue suddenly slide along my pussy and up to my asshole, swirling around in a circle. I bucked my hips slightly, not knowing if I truly wanted her to continue. “Stop moving!” I suddenly received another painful slap to the opposite cheek—probably leaving a handprint from the force. My cries were ignored yet again as I felt my mother’s tongue push through my asshole.

As uncomfortable and embarrassed as I was, I felt a slight spark in my pussy. I knew I was wet and I knew this would turn me on more—how humiliating! My mom continued to tongue fuck my ass, keeping my cheeks spread with her long fingers. She moaned, quickening her speed. Brad had now moved beside me, making me watch as he stroked his cock.

Just as a small moan escaped my gagged lips, she stopped and slapped me one more time. I turned my head to see her stand and head back towards the cabinet. “Brad—please uncuff the slut,” she ordered.

Brad listened, quickly hurrying to unlock the cuffs around my wrist. When the last wrist was freed, Brad made a b-line to lock my arms around my back, holding me hostage so to speak. My eyes widened as mom walked back towards me, holding rope. She placed the rope on the table and returned to me. “Honey, this sort of clothing just doesn’t suit you,” she chastised before running her soft hands down my chest. Her fingers snatched the fabric and in one swift motion, she ripped the lingerie off of my body—leaving me completely naked.

I tried to shy my body away from her, but another slap delivered to my right boob stopped me from trying. “You’re going to have to learn to hold still!” I looked at my mother in fear now as she reached for the rope.

Brad helped her as she effortlessly tied my arms behind my back, binding me in such a way that forced me to stick my chest out further. Brad picked my body up and set me on the large table—the coolness of the metal causing my nipples to instantly harden. I was placed on my stomach as Brad grabbed my ankles, taking the time to cuff each of them to a corner of the table so that my lower half was spread wide.

I watched as my mother, now completely naked, marched towards me. Her breasts, though larger than mine, were still supple and perky—her dark nipples hard already. I glanced down her toned body to see a patch of dark pubic hair just above her pussy.

She leaned forward, stroking my face before reaching behind my head to remove the gag. “Don’t make me regret taking this off,” she spat in my face as I was finally able to close my mouth again. I had no words as she climbed onto the table, sitting down with her pussy directly in front of my face. Unable to truly move, I was forced to stare at her cunt as she roughly grabbed my cheeks. “I’m going to put that dirty mouth to work—and you better make it good!” she demanded, scooting her ass forward.

My mouth was pressed against her wet lips, tasting her sweet juices already coating her pussy. I’ve never licked a pussy before and had no idea where to even start. Mom grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking my head up to look at her. “Well, you little slut? Are you going to lick this pussy or am I going to have bring out the whip?”

My eyes widened as she shoved my face back between her thighs. Finally I stuck my tongue out of my mouth, giving a tentative lick along her slit. She moaned softly, still keeping a hold of my hair as my tongue slid along faster. “Yes that’s eat…eat mommy’s pussy,” she breathed, bucking her hips against my face. As much as I didn’t want it to be—it was quite arousing feeling and tasting just how turned on I was making my mother.

Her pussy was just dripping as my tongue explored her folds. As she responded more positively, I sucked on her pussy even faster—my tongue starting to plunge inside her. “Does my little baby lick licking pussy?” she mocked, grinding her lower half in a circle on my face. My head nodded slightly as I wiggled my body to move forward and closer to her.

Mom suddenly forced my face straight up against her lips—my nose pressing up against her clit as my tongue was still inside. I glanced up at her, watching as she smothered me with her cunt. I tried to move back, trying to signal that I was losing my breath very quickly. Mom yanked my head back for a second, only letting me take one more breath before shoving my face between her legs a second time, urging me to tongue-fuck her pussy.

“You don’t need to breath,” she laughed as I struggled to move my tongue. Just when I thought I was going to pass out, she pulled my hair back and slapped my cheek. Once against my face was pressed up against her pussy—my tongue sliding all over. As she grinded herself against my face, I felt her pussy starting to quiver. Mom’s moans escalated and I soon found my mouth full of her exploding juice. I couldn’t breathe as I fought to slurp up all of her cum.

Finally, my head was released. My chin was covered in her pussy juice and I was just as shocked when mom bent over, licking my face clean from her mess. “Oh my little slut,” mom cooed, almost maternally. “Brad—get over here and occupy her face.”

Mom slid off of the table, Brad replacing her spot—sitting so that he could point his cock directly at my head. I tried to focus on what mom was doing, but Brad grabbed my hair and directed me to his hard cock. I was already exhausted, causing Brad to hold onto my face—doing all the work as he slid my mouth over his erection.

With my body still bound, Brad moved with no mercy—shoving his cock down my throat. I was too sidetracked to notice something rubbing against my own pussy—running the length of my slit. I jerked my body slightly only receiving a quick slap to my right ass cheek. “Stop moving bitch,” mom ordered, slapping me in the same spot again. “Now…what was it that you said earlier about me not trying anal?”

My heart dropped as soon as I felt a prodding against my puckered asshole. I tried to squirm, but mom pushed the rubber cock deeper inside. I moaned as loudly as I could with Brad’s cock still stuffed in my mouth. “Well, I’ll tell you why I don’t do it…” she began, sliding the cock in further. I sucked in my breath as my ass began to stretch around the toy. “Because only nasty, little fuck-pigs get fucked in the ass,” mom hissed before fully slamming the rest of the toy inside my ass. I felt her stomach on my ass, knowing she was fucking me with a strap-on!

I felt tears sting my eyes; so embarrassed. My own mother was fucking my ass! “So, you like it, don’t you?” she further teased, slamming back into me. I wanted to shake my head no, but Brad grabbed my head up and down to deepthroat his cock. “Good girl. Now, you better not cum!” Mom started to fuck me faster, the table rocking from the force of her thrusts.

Brad held onto my head, not caring that I was now gagging on his erection. The saliva began to drip from my mouth as I tried to pleasure him. Mom grabbed onto my tied arms for leverage as she bucked wildly behind me, moaning and crying out as the strap-on pressed against her own clit. “That’s a good girl,” she panted. “Choke on that cock. I know you did earlier, you whore!”

Mom suddenly pulled the cock out of my ass, wasting no time before shoving it into my pussy. She returned to her previous pace, the cock sliding in with ease from my own wetness and from the lubrication from my ass. “What a dirty girl you have, Jill,” Brad grunted. I glanced up at him, my makeup running down my cheek.

“I know—she’s dripping wet,” mom commented, slipping a hand underneath to my pussy, feeling for herself. Her fingers pressed roughly against my swollen clit, rubbing in fast circles as she continued to fuck me. My body jerked in response, my hips bucking against her fingers. “I knew she’d enjoy this.”

I couldn’t help but sense a bit of pride in mom’s voice. She continued to abuse my pussy as she reached her hands up my back. I felt her two fingers hook into my mouth, creating a wider hole for Brad to fuck. Holding my mouth wide made it much harder for me to swallow my own spit. Brad didn’t seem to mind the messy blowjob, already saying he was about to cum.

“Make her swallow it all like a dirty bitch!” mom ordered. She pulled my cheeks open wider as a load of Brad’s cum shot directly down my throat. Just as I was about to swallow, he shoved his cock back in my throat—begging for me to continue sucking him dry. His cock was stiff as I milked him dry.

As he pulled away, some of the cum was still leaking out of his cock, landing on my chin. “Bitch missed some,” Brad teased reaching down to spread the cum all over my face. Angry that I had “made a mess” mom replaced her strap-on back in my aching ass. I screamed out. Mom suddenly reached under my waist, picking up my ass from the table so I was bent in half with my cheek pressed firmly against the metal table. This was incredibly uncomfortable but allowed for Brad to reach around and play with my bouncing tits.

He pinched my nipples just as mom returned her fingers to my clit. “M-mom please can I cum?” I begged, the pleasure just becoming too much for me.

“No you may not!” she shouted, slapping my sore ass. “Bitch, you came enough today with Brad!”

“N-no,” I shook my head, trying to stop the build up. “Please…I can’t hold it in!” I gasped as she slammed deeper into my ass. From the intense fucking and the vigorous rubs against my clit, I couldn’t stop myself. I began to cry out—cumming all over her working fingers. My screams of pleasure echoed through the basement as I started to shake.

“Did you fucking cum?” mom spat, stopping her motion. She pushed me back down on the table—my body giving out completely as I tried to calm down. I could feel my own juices dripping out of my battered pussy and all over the table. I lay completely flat on the table, unable to move even after I felt the cuffs release from around my ankles. My arms were then untied as I felt my body get tugged down to the cold, cement floor.

“Since you disobeyed me again, I think you really like to get punished,” she spat, her face so close to mine. I glanced down, noticing the red strap-on still attached around her pelvis—the cock glistening with my own juice. “However…for your next punishment…you’re going to have to bring Jack along.”

My eyes widened as I watched her laugh. Mom pushed me back down on the floor, walking over towards Brad. She linked her arm with his and headed for the stairs. I was too exhausted and sore to even move to follow. She left me with my thoughts and worry about Jack finding out what had just happened.

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2014-11-25 07:20:18
the first part, was good, reading the second part, i cried,not what you'd expect from a sex story but i did, i have been raped before, and it scar'd me for life, it kind of reminded me of it, i have been in this type of situation before, i never got 'turned on' i was scared and frightened rape is not funny, nor the type of thing to get horny over. -.-

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2014-09-05 01:30:37
Have you ever been raped? I have twiced. The second time had me cumming. It turned me on and horrified me at the same time. I stopped cumming when it turned brutal. But the first part was amazing.

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2013-07-29 13:44:34
So wet ;) When is the 3rd part going to cum out?!?!

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2012-12-23 03:21:38
Great video, Brad and great mini intro to EFT & affirmations. The bokcgraund is so appropriate. You probably already realized this, but did you notice that God is reaching out through the frontal lobe of the brain (the red fabric bokcgraund has the shape of the brain), his legs extending into the subconscious mind/lower cerebellum/reptilian brain exactly what EFT helps us do.. clear our connection to our deeper mind. Search Creation of Adam' for a big image of this artwork.

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2012-09-29 10:38:40
it was ok but a drastic turn

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