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Mom gets a wanted and unwanted surprise
The test came back negative, but that didn’t stop us fucking every day. “Don’t worry honey! It will happen.” I told him while I rode him on top. Grinding my pussy against his crotch I screamed “Fuckkkk meee!” I fell on top of Ryan and I laid there for a moment; then he spoke “After all that we couldn’t get pregnant. It just pisses me off a little.” He finished pushing me off him and laying me down next to him. He turned to face me. “Aren’t you the least bit upset over this?” he asked me. “Well yes I am, but we will just keep trying that’s all. I love you baby!” I finished with my eyes tearing up.

He pushed my hair behind my ears and wiped away a tear from my cheek. Even in this emotional time he could make my pussy so wet. “I know mom I’m not worried about it.” He said and gave me a kiss. “What would you like to do today?” I asked him. “I don’t know. I have to finish some last minute school stuff, but other than that I’m free.” He said lying on his back, and looking up at the ceiling. “Great we can take a shower and then you finish that, and I will get ready and we can go out for some fun.” I finished and gave him a wink. We took a shower together, but it took longer than expected; boy does Ryan love fucking mommy’s asshole.
We got out of the shower, and Ryan went to his room to finish his work. I decided I would surprise him with a new outfit I got it: a short plaid skirt, white lace bra, white lace thong panties, and a new school girls white shirt; all of which fit me perfectly; tight. I put the thongs one, and they were just tight enough to cover most of my black hairy mound, but you could see the hair coming out the sided. I knew when I bent over the sting from the thong would go into my pussy and open it up for him to see. I was getting so hot thinking about fucking him and getting pregnant I wanted to fuck more and more. I finished getting ready; put my hair in pigtails, and put on some black heels and long tube socks, now the outfit was complete. Along with my wet pussy.

I walked over to his room, and his door was slightly open. I didn’t bother knocking and opened the door a bit. I saw him typing away on his computer; he had his head phones on and didn’t hear me walk in. I tapped him on the shoulder and startled him. He looked at me up and down and smiled. I said in my most immature voice. “Excuse me could you help me with my homework. It’s really hard, and I think you could help me understand it better.” I said rubbing his crotch. “I think I could do that; why don’t pick up my book bag behind you there.” He said pointing over by his door. “Sure!” I said and bent over to grab his bag, and before I even touched it I felt him garb my ass cheeks and spread them a part. “Ohh” I moaned in pleasant surprise. I could feel his breath close to my ass, and then I felt his tongue touch the base of my pussy and travel upward across my asshole. “Mmmmm” is all I could come out with.

He kept on licking my pussy and asshole together, and then swirled his tongue around my brown eye. It made me so crazy my legs started to shake. “Oh fuck yeah baby! I love how you lick my asshole.” I yelled grabbing his door knob and nearly ripping off. The kept his tongue licking my asshole and pulled my panties to the side and plunged two fingers deep in my hairy snatch. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You finger almost as good as you fuck.” I said. He kept fingering me while he got up and grabbed my pigtails with the other hand, and pulled my head back and whispered in my ear. “I’m going to stick two fingers in your ass now okay? And you’re going to like it! You little slut!” He finished and pushed my head down. “Yes sir of course. Please be gentle it’s my first time.” I played along. He was true to his word, and slowly started to put his fingers in my asshole. “Shit, that feels good!” I said through clenched teeth. “I knew you’d like that you little whore. Now tell me what you want me to do to you!” He said finger fucking my asshole harder. “I want you to make me cum. Fuck me in the ass and pussy any time you want anywhere you want. Every hole in my body is yours to do what you want with.” I screamed; banging my hand on his door.

He then stopped fingering my ass and I could hear him unbuckling his pants, and then he pulled my skirt up more, and pulled my panties down my thighs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips. He was driving me crazy; I screamed “Fuck me now!” He drove his hard cock into my pussy grabbed my thighs and pulled me harder onto his cock. “Oh my God! Your pussy feels so fucking good baby! You’re so tight and warm.” He said through grunts. My ass was jiggling with every thrust and I could feel his balls hit my hairy mound. “Oh yeah, You really must have fucked real high school girls to be this good at fucking!” I continued after a few more thrusts. “How many girls have you fucked? And tell me how you fucked them.” “Before I do that I want you to ride my cock.” He told me he’s going to lay on his bed and I should straddle him.

I did what he asked, and he ripped open my shirt, thank god for push buttons, and ripped off my panties completely before he laid down. “Is this what you want?” I said reaching down and spreading my pussy for him to see. “Oh yeah! I want that hot hairy pussy on my hard cock.” He told me as he laid down with his hard on in his hand. I straddled him and lowered myself onto his hard cock. Instant pleasure ripped through my whole body. “Fucking shit! You are so hard.” I gasped. He thrusted his waist up and put his hard cock deeper into my pussy. I let out a scream. “Ahhh!” He kept pumping his cock into my hairy cunt as he told me about the four girls he had sex with before me. “Then there was Sara! We fucked just like this while you were at work last year. She had a hairy pussy just like you do mom.” He continued fucking me hard. “Lastly there was Amy she was from another school. I fucked her in the locker room after my football game, that was about 7 months ago right before we got together. She shaved her pussy, and even waxed her asshole she said.” He grunted a few times and continued. “Do you know why she told me that? Huh Mom do you want to know?” “Yes! Tell me please tell me why you know that.” I screamed. “Because I fucked her ass! Just like I’m about to do to you.”

No sooner did he say that did he whipped his cock out of my soaking wet pussy, and pushed me back down on himself; plunging his cock deep in my anal hole! “Fuckkkkkkkk” I yelled! Grabbing my tits and squeezing them together. Ryan reached up and started pinching and playing with my nipples. “Ouch!” I yelled. “Sorry mom was it too hard?” He asked and stopped fucking me. “I grabbed him by the back of his hair and whispered into his ear “No that’s fine, and unless I scream for you to stop; you don’t ever stop fucking you mother! Now fuck me!” I finished, and started pushing my ass back on his hard cock. It’s been years since I’ve had a cock in me before Ryan, but I don’t remember any cock I’ve ever had being as hard as he was. “I’m cumming!” I screamed grinding my pussy on his crotch. He slapped my ass hard, and kept pumping my asshole.

His cock now slick with my cum and sweat was sliding in and out of pussy more easily. “Suck on my cock Mom. Suck all your dirty juices off of it.” He demanded. “Yes son!” Is all I said as I got off his cock, which made a pop sound, and I liked his shaft up and down. “Oh yeah!” moaned in pleasure. I put my lips around just the tip of his cock, and heard him whimper in pleasure. I didn’t plan on deepthroating him until after a few more minutes, but I guess he couldn’t stand it and grabbed my pigtails and pulled my head down. It caused me to choke a little, but he didn’t stop; he kept pumping his hard cock and face fucking me. “Mhhmmhmm” Is all I could muster while I fingered myself to almost another orgasm. “I’m going to cum Mom. Lay down on my bed!” he said giving my head one final push causing his cock to go down my throat and gag me.” “Yes sir!” I obeyed him, and he laid me down spread my legs and pushed his cock in as far as my little pussy could take it. He came so much it started to seep out the sides while his cock was still in me. He hugged me and kissed me “I love you Mom that was great!” “I love you too baby, and it’s never been bad with you.” I told him.
Later that day after we showered again; I was making dinner when I heard a knock at the front door. Ryan was up in his room so I answered it. “Hello. How can I help you?” I asked as I opened the door and saw a little kid standing there with a back pack. “Umm high! My name is Peter, and I have something to ask you can I come in?” He asked not really looking up at me. “Not really Peter this is very rude of you to just ask me that. We are about to have dinner.” I told him and was about to close the door when he said. “You mean with your son Ryan right?” I opened the door more, and looked at the kid. “Yes with my son Ryan. Why do you ask?” I finished. “Well that why I wanted to talk to you.” He still only half looked at me. I didn’t know what this kid was up to, but I told him to come in and sit down in the living room.

“Peter, why are you hear; I’m very busy.” I told him “Well! Umm” he licked his lips looking down at his shoes. “I saw what you guys did today!” he said in a very long fast sentence. “What do you mean you saw us? Saw us do what?” I asked him, but I already knew. “Each other…You know having sex.” He said much slower, he seemed like he was scared. “My friend and I were up in our tree house and saw you through a window.” He finished and finally looked up at me. Well not at me but my tits. “I don’t know what you two saw, but that most definitely wasn’t us.” I said with as steady a voice as I could. “Umm we have a video of you two.” Peter continued. “My friend took it on his I-phone and saved it.” He finished looking at my face for the first time. “Umm can I see it?” I asked nicely. “Yeah sure, He sent it to me on my email. He told me to ask to do something for us or we’d send it to the police.” He finished almost sounding like he was going to cry. He handed me his phone the video was clear as day; he had me coming into Ryan’s room in a school girls outfit, and taped us until we were pretty much done. Both of our faces were perfectly clear. I thought to myself, “Fucking smart phones! Why didn’t we close to blinds.” I thought about what to do, and even though I could probably get that thrown out in court it would ruin our lives and give the partners enough leverage to kick me out, and I couldn’t risk that.

“What do you want?” I asked him. He looked up at me and smiled “You!” he went on, “See my friend and I haven’t had much luck with girls our age, and we just want to have some experience before school starts again. We know who your son is so we don’t want him knowing anything about this. He’s a popular kid in school, and I don’t want him bullying us if he finds out.” He finished. “What do you mean you want me? You want me to do what?” I asked angrily. “We want one night, one night only to do whatever we want to do to you. That’s all we are nerds were not greedy.” He finished. “You sick little bastard! How dare you try to blackmail me. How old are you anyway?” “I’m 15 and my friend is 14, and I would say you’re the sick one fucking your son.” He started breathing heavy. “That’s sick you guys are too young. Next thing you’ll try to get me on statutory rape, and endangering the welfare of a minor.” I finished standing up. He told me. “Like I said; we aren’t greedy just nerds we want one night alone with you. Let us do whatever we want, and you can personally delete the video; that’s all.” “This is totally fucked up I should tell your parents.” I said sitting back down, but I heard Ryan upstairs and got worried. “Fine! Ryan is going away to visit a college with a friend next week come by then, and I’ll tell you when we can actually do it. Got it?!” I said sternly. “That’s awesome!” he said with a big smile on his face. He got up and walked out the door. Just a moment later I heard Ryan’s bedroom door close.He came down stairs and kissed me. “Everything okay mom? You look a little sick.” He said rubbing my back. “I’m fine. Just got done cooking; dinners ready. Go to the kitchen I’ll be there soon.” I told him.

After dinner Ryan went back upstairs to finish the last of his school work so we could “play” with each other. All I kept thinking about was how I was going to get out of this. I felt so stuck; I didn’t want to do anything with 14 and 15 year olds. That’s sick they don’t know what they are doing, but I didn’t want to endanger our lives either. My only solution would be to just do it and hope they didn’t screw me over and ask for me. I thought to myself “Their just horny little kids trying to get some ass. They won’t last more than an hour.” I decided to just do it and go on with our lives, and maybe I’d move when Ryan started college.

The week went by really quickly; I found myself kissing Ryan goodbye as he left the house to go to visit a college with his friend Kyle. “Maybe those boys will forget about it?” I thought out loud, but I doubted it. Not an hour later when I was in the bathroom I heard a knock at the door, and my heart sank in my chest. I walked to the front door and opened it. “Hello, Mrs Reily. You told me to come by when your son left to see when would be a good night. Remember?” Peter asked. “Yes I remember, we can do it on Wednesday, but a few ground rules. Number one, only you and your friends. Second, no recording devices of any kind, and thirdly no kinky shit. I don’t eat anything that’s not supposed to be eaten or anything like that! Got it?” I asked. “Yup that sounds great what time?” He asked looking very happy. “Come over around 8pm you can’t stay over either. 12am you’re out of here and you go out the back yard.” I finished “That seems very fair to me. See you then Mrs. Reily.” He said as he walked down my walkway with a wink and a smile. To make matters worse I went back to the bathroom, and say the stip laying on sink. It showed the word “Pregnant” on it. “Shit!” just the right timing!

Find out what happens next week. Love you guys Becky.

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I have been using my mother's cunt hole for relief of my sex anwiety ever since I turned 13. Mother is single 39 yr. and has no man in her fit in just right. We are both a horny dick gets hard almost everyday...and mom's pussy is so soft and can you resist it..? I usually cum twice in her motherly hole on weekends...we don't go out is our pure entertainment.


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Lol random fact: my story contains characters named Ryan and Kylie lolol complete coincidence

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