Ryan and Sammy reach their climax
The final part of my SWMS series.

Hello readers. I’m going to keep the introduction short and simple. This is my final chapter in the SWMS series, mostly because I have taken Ryan and Sam along my planned route and I do not wish to see my story become redundant and lacking in content due to overuse of the series. For the record, since this is the closer for this series, I’ve tried to focus on the storyline slightly more than the sex, and I apologize is anyone does not like this, but I consider myself a storyteller, and I want this series to end right. As always, the brief warning is that this story is a narrative which portrays the sexual acts of a 16 year old boy and his 11 year old sister. This writing is one of pure fiction, no characters, places, or events are based on any of my personal experiences, nor those of anyone that I know or have known. Without further ado, I present the final chapter to my first erotic web series.


I am playing with fire. Not literally of course, but I feel that there is an odd imperfection to my household right now, as if everything in my life is TOO perfect, every person in my house is TOO happy, and as if each opportunity with Sam is becoming TOO frequent.
I suppose that doesn’t make much sense does it? If everything in my life is so good right now, then why do I have such unease at night when I attempt to sleep? I will recollect my thoughts starting from where I think is most important, and where the restlessness began.

One week ago I took my 11 year old sister’s virginity. I was amazingly happy, and on such a high I don’t think it possible to truly describe the sensation. To put it blunt, the moment was perfect. But it was also very reckless. I’ll do my best to reconstruct the scene as I remember it.
I awoke on Saturday morning, and was briefly startled by Sammy’s body occupying the space next to me. I had never had a girl spend the night, and morning was not really a good time for my brain to try to make sense of things. Then the blood started flowing in my head and I recalled the details of every night. I sat up and looked at my bedspread, stained and dirty from our actions last night.
“God damn it, fuck me,” I muttered, realizing I would have to wash my comforter as soon as possible. The curtains in my room always dimmed my room considerably, so I looked at the clock on my bedside table. “Son of a bitch” 11:37AM. I normally sleep in til about this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if mom had noticed Sammy’s absence. I shook Sam a little bit until she started stirring.
“Wha.. what’s going on?”
“We slept in way too much,” I was stepping into a pair of shorts and pulling them up while Sam drearily sat up. “Get dressed I’ll be right back and try not to make too much noise.”

She nodded her head in understanding and silently slid out of bed. I threw on a shirt that was on the floor next to my closet instead of hung up, and quickly exited my room trying not to make any noise. I could hear the TV on in the living room, and I went through the kitchen towards the sound. As I rounded the corner, I could see my mom snuggled up against Jeremy and they were both watching a college football game. I knew my mom didn’t care for sports so I found this surprising. I tried to turn around and sneak away but I guess my movement had caught her eye.
“Hey Ryan, have you seen your sister? I knocked on her door but didn’t get a response. It’s not like your sister to sleep this late. I didn’t wanna go in her room and intrude but I’m starting to get worried.” Shit. Of course my mom would notice. Trying to think on my toes and really hoping I wouldn’t get tripped up, I replied, “Oh yeah, Sammy came down to my room last night, and we played video games for a while, but she fell asleep. I didn’t really wanna move her; she looked pretty peaceful so I just slept on the floor.” My mom eyed me for a second, and I could swear my heart was pounding loud enough for both of them to hear.
“Since when does your sister play video games?”
“Well, since you started going out. I mean, what else do you think we’re doing while you’re gone on Saturdays?” The air was silent again, and I prayed for my mother to just swallow my lies. I don’t really like to lie but I think under the circumstances the alternative wasn’t really an option.
“Hmm, well alright, well if you don’t mind go wake her up. She’s got chores she needs to do and it’s not my fault she was up late playing games.” I exhaled in complete relief. “Yeah sure” and turned on my heels back to my room. “And tell her she better not make this a habit!” my mom yelled after me.

Opening the door, my sister was sitting up on the edge of my bed, worry written all over her face.
“We were playing video games last night, and you fell asleep.” She breathed happily and stepped forward into a warm hug. “Oh and you have chores to do.”
“Thanks again Ryan.” She said smiling slightly. “I better get on that before mom starts going berserk.” She kissed my cheek before making her way out of my room. I had gotten away with my lie, the first actual lie that I had ever had to tell my mom regarding Sammy and I. I felt a twinge of guilt mixed in with a nervous pressure. I wanted badly to believe that my mom was still as oblivious to the truth as she was last night, but it was unmistakable that the risks Sammy and I were taking would surely cause the threads of our lives to come undone.

Later that evening, mom was going through her normal “getting ready” routine. In my morning panic, I had almost completely forgotten it was Saturday. Sammy was being unusually secretive tonight, so I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen. My sister had become my drug, and I was really in need of a dose right now. Jeremy had left to go run some errands and then would be returning to his apartment to grab some items before picking up my mom. I silently cursed myself for not stealing another stretch from him last night. (When I had thought about it, I was actually disturbed by the fact he had condoms AND he was spending the night. Yeah. I can add two and two.) So I knew that traditional sex was not the way to go tonight.

The doorbell rang announcing my mom’s date had arrived. She struggled with her earring as she moved to go open it, and finally managed to clip in the two pieces.
“Alright sweetie, me and Jeremy are going out to dinner, and then dancing tonight, so same as always, take care of your sister and make sure you lock up the doors before you go to bed.”
“Yes ma’am” I gave my mom a “stern” salute and stood up straight as she walked by me.
“Alright well be good, I didn’t cook anything, but I left money on the counter so you can order a pizza. See ya later.” She opened the door and walked out, Jeremy gave a quick wave and then closed it.
As always I watched through the living room curtains as Jeremy started the car, adjusted his mirror (what was he doing EVERYDAY that required him to constantly adjust his mirror?) and then finally pull away from the curb.

Alone. As good a time as any to go get my dose of Sammy. I walked up the stairs towards my sisters room, and stopped outside her wall. I could hear her voice already talking. I knocked on her door and it became silent. I waited and could hear her bed creak slightly as she got off it and came to open the door.
“Hey Ryan” she stepped out into the hall and hugged me tight.
“Hey Sam. Mom and Jeremy just left.”
“Hmm well Ryan, I got a plan for tonight. Wait just like twenty minutes ok? I promise it will be worth it.” Instantly my need for her battled my curiosity over her words. But I decided that since we had many hours, I could stand to wait a while more.
“Sure thing sis. Should I go back downstairs?”
“Yes. Don’t worry, I’ll go get you when everything’s set up” she kissed my lips softly and then disappeared back in her room. I heard her begin talking again, and if I could have made out any of her words, I would have been more tempted to stay and eavesdrop.

I sat on the couch flipping through channels, not really focusing on the screen. The next thing I knew there was a pair of hands covering my eyes.
“Guess who?” a soft voice cooed in my ear. I smiled.
“Let’s see, there are two people in this house. One of them is me.”
“Smartass” Sammy came around and took my hand. I stood up and followed her curious to know what took twenty minutes for her to “set up”. We went right to her room, and when she opened the door, I could poked my head in to see what her surprise was.

Oddly enough, there was nothing different about the room. Everything looked the same as it did twenty minutes ago.
“Here we go, I don’t wanna ruin your surprise, so wear this” A blindfold was placed over my eyes and the world was dark again. It was tied tight and I couldn’t see a thing. “Now just lie down and relax.” I followed as she guided my body with hers and I laid down on her bed. Sam kept talking, I guess so this way I would have some idea of what she was going to do next.
“Don’t worry, this is just to make sure you don’t try to peek” I felt something soft wrap around my arm, and then the other one too. I assumed them to be scarves, and after a few seconds I felt them tense up as Sammy pulled them and then the tension stopped. I yanked it a tad bit, and knew my arms were tied up above my head. “Now just one last thing,” Sam started pulling off my shorts and boxers, and so my hands were tied (literally), my bottom half naked, and blind. Sammy giggled and touched my limp dick for a second. “Kay I’ll be right back with your surprise.” I heard Sammy exit the room.
“Wait Sam?” My answer was silence. I strained my ears to listen for anything, but there was nothing. Finally I heard footsteps climbing the stairs and the sound of Sam’s voice. The footsteps grew louder until they were just outside the door.

I heard Sam try to quietly try to enter the room. I jumped a little as I felt a warm hand wrap around my shaft and begin stroking up and down very soft. Someone leaned down and whispered right in my ear, “Guess who?” Her warm breath was familiar, the voice familiar, but what really gave it away was the faint scent of floral perfume.
The blindfold was removed and I was looking into a pair of blue eyes, with a gorgeous blonde stroking my dick. She was close enough that when she smiled I could see every perfectly straight tooth and the way she was leaning over provided an easy look at her chest down her loose fitting shirt.
“Mmm hi Kylie.” She continued rubbing me and my member was almost fully grown in the matter of seconds she had been stroking me.
“Hey there Ryan. I’ve been really disappointed. The last time I got to play with you, I didn’t get to try any of your tasty cum. And you’re sister tells me your birthday is coming up. I guess I couldn’t resist dropping by for an early visit.” My eyes sought out my sister and she smiled looking proud of the fact that she had arranged this.
“Now if you don’t mind, I have a candle that I’d like to blow,” and Kylie lowered her head and took my cock into her warm wet mouth. I’m pretty sure it was for my display, but Kylie moaned and groaned as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, sometimes bringing her lips almost all the way up to suck my head for a little before pushing the whole thing to the back of her throat.

My hands were still tied up so I couldn’t do much except try to crane my neck to get a look at Kylie doing her work. She pulled my dick out and licked my balls, all the way up my shaft and then swallowed my dick again. I lifted my hips slightly urging my dick in her more and she moved her head in circles brushing my tip all around the roof of her mouth.
Sam stepped up behind the young blonde and pulled down Kylie’s shorts, then her panties. Kylie popped my dick out of her mouth and climbed up on the bed, rubbing my dick the whole transition time. With my arms tied she easily placed her knees right above my shoulders by my head. She wasted no time in leaning down and taking me between her luscious lips again.

I began to focus my attention on her pussy, now in my face, and slowly began to lick up and down Kylie’s slit. I was rewarded with a moan on my dick which sent shivers up my spine. I couldn’t grab her hips, and Kylie lifted and lowered herself so my tongue would taste her sweet cunt for a second then be pulled away. The whole time her mouth never stopped working my cock, sometimes sucking intently and other times bobbing up and down. Finally she lowered herself enough for me to really push my tongue in and explore her wet insides.

She let out an audible noise and rotated her hips slightly as I continued servicing her cunt with my tongue. I didn’t see but I felt Sam come over and release my hands. I immediately latched them around Kylie’s thighs and brought her down on top of me. She let out a noise of pleasure and her hips shook as her instincts fought to get away from my probing mouth. I held her thighs tight and her hips struggled against my arms. She moved down and went up and down my dick with her lips tight and faster than before. Kylie’s noises became more and more sporadic and her fluids were already racing, I knew she wasn’t far, but I was still overwhelmed as she came hard on top of me. The scent was strong as her cum ran down my tongue into my awaiting mouth, and I reveled at the girls taste as I eagerly kept my tongue swiping her insides.

Her shivers were getting more uncontrollable I was surprised Kylie was able to keep her mouth working my dick, but it wasn’t long before I came. I gave a groan and lifted my hips up so my dick pushed more into Kylie’s awaiting mouth. Kylie took it all in her mouth, and her capacity was amazing. She got off my face, and I watched as Sam approached and could only stare in complete amazement as the two girls kissed passionately, and my semen was transferred from Kylie’s mouth to Sammy’s. Kylie licked her lips and turned back to me.
“Oh my that DOES taste good. Sam you’re lucky I gave that up,” Sammy smiled as she swallowed her treat and looked down at me. “Yes well now it’s my turn with his cock,” She removed her shorts and I could see a wet stain through her panties which clearly showed how turned on my sister was. The panties were off and she tossed them at me playfully. I held them to my nose and could smell the strong aroma of her pussy juices. She began removing her top and I sat up already excited.

Kylie put a finger to my chest and pushed me gently so I was lying down propped up only by my elbows and she nibbled my ear, “Just watch for a little bit, I promise this won’t take long.” Kylie walked over to my sister’s shelf and picked up the bottle of oil that was there. I guessed my sister had gotten it when she went to go let Kylie in.
Kylie poured some on her hand and began rubbing it on my sister’s chest, and her thighs and back. I watched, half envious as Kylie caressed Sam’s body spreading the oil more, and even when she cupped Sammy’s tit. Sam turned around so I had a good view and Kylie used her hands to squeeze my sister’s ass and cover it. Then my sister bent over, and my dick was direly awaiting as I saw Kylie slip two fingers inside my Sammy’s cute little ass and lubed it good. Sammy gave an appreciative moan and Kylie fingerfucked her ass, loosening it for me.

Sam came over to the bed, completely oiled and her skin looked sexy the way it made her shine. She stood up over me and bent down to meet me halfway for a kiss. I noted the way her slim body was angled and wished I could grab her ass, perfectly exposed and in the air. She broke the kiss, winked, and turned around, squatting down until my head was pushed up against her ass.
She sank slowly onto my shaft with a long sigh, and put her hands on either side of me for support. She opened her legs and began moving up and down, still slow since her ass was still clamped onto my dick, but her slick anus moved easy enough back and forth. My dick was still wet from my first orgasm and it helped as she started taking more and more in her back hole.

Kylie, not one to be left out, stepped forward and pushed two fingers into my sisters exposed cunt, causing a moan to escape her lips. Sam stopped moving, and Kylie, seeing an opportunity, leaned down and began her assault on my sister’s pussy, easily unguarded since her legs were wide open. Sammy moaned and was bouncing up and down slightly, but Kylie kept her mouth moving up and down as my sister did and relentlessly ate her out. With my dick firmly buried in Sammy’s ass there was no chance of escape and Sammy’s hips moved back and forth, her tight walls pulling my dick as she did so.

I reached forward to take a hold of Sammy’s waist, and once I had, I began lifting my hips up and down, essentially pummeling my sister’s ass. The combination of me and Kylie had Sammy moaning uncontrollably, and I felt her shake as her body built up to orgasm.
I began moving much faster and Kylie had no choice but to stop since Sammy was writing on my cock, but it wasn’t much longer before I felt my sister take a huge inhale and cum hard, her juices running down her open pussy and trickling onto my shaft. I didn’t slow my tempo and kept driving into Sammy, and finally with one big push I buried my cock into her and spurted my load deep inside her ass. Sammy squealed and groaned, her hands shaking as her orgasm had nearly zapped all the strength out of her. She managed to lift herself off my dick and sprawled on her stomach, where I could see her slightly gaped anus topped off with my sperm.

Kylie kneeled down and pried apart my sister’s ass. I watched in fascination as she began licking at my Sammy’s asshole a small amount of cum passed her lips and she swallowed with an exaggerated gulp. My sister laid with her head sideways, her eyes closed and a faint smile on her lips. Kylie looked up towards
“Mmm Ryan I love your cum. You’re going to have to give me some of it more often,” She stood up and winked at me, and I laughed and laid my head back down completely. Kylie came over to me and kissed my lips as I rested there.
“I don’t know why the two of you are laying around. You know how much I hate being dirty! I think a shower is in order.” Sammy lifted her head up and looked at me.
“How about it big brother?” I moved over and leaned down to kiss her forehead.
“Sure thing Sammy.” A thought suddenly struck me, and I sat up in her bed. “You go on without me, I’ll be there in a few minutes, just something I gotta do real quick.” Sammy got to her feet and wrapped her arms around me planting a huge kiss on me.
“Don’t take too long” The girls exited the room and I could hear the shower water turn on in the bathroom down the hall. I got up and removed Sammy’s bed sheets, and dragged those downstairs, retrieving my comforter as well. I went to the laundry room, shoving all of them in the washer, doubtful that it was ever meant to handle such a large amount of linen. Once I got it started, I climbed upstairs to where the two girls were waiting for me.

The three of us, now freshly cleaned, sat outside on the side porch in the chairs that came with our patio set. It was a clear night and the stars shone brightly in the night, looking like diamonds scattered among the atmosphere.

Sam sat on my lap, my arm wrapped around her lightly and Kylie in the chair next to us. The evening air was cool and it felt good to just unwind for a while in the company of the two girls who have made my life so very interesting.
“It’s pretty isn’t it?” Kylie said aloud suddenly, breaking the silence which had developed over the past few minutes. I nodded and gave a word of my agreement.
“Where are you supposed to be right now Kylie? Are you spending the night?” I asked suddenly wondering the obvious.
She chuckled a little bit. “Nah, I’m supposed to be at Vivian’s. She lives just a block away. I’m spending the night there but her parents don’t think I’m coming til pretty late. Vivian thinks I’m with my boyfriend.”
“You have a boyfriend?”
“No,” she smirked and we all laughed a little. It felt good to laugh. I think my nerves really needed it. I liked truly getting to know Kylie, she was a huge flirt, but outside, I would have never known her to be the sex hungry animal she is in the bedroom. Sammy spoke up.
“How much longer before you have to leave?”
“Bout 5 minutes ago. It’s alright. I don’t take much time to look around me once in a while. It’s nice to just slow down for a while and stop worrying about the next place I gotta be. My family is pretty “on protocol” about getting things done and getting them done fast. I guess it’s why I don’t like to be home much.”

Once again I was inspired by the fact that this girl could portray her mind so coherently, could be so thoughtful. But with a gut-wrenching realization, I noticed that I’d been living my last few months in this fantasy. This thought of just living for the moment, not worrying about how it would affect my future. The result was the moment I was currently in, my own sister on my lap, acting like boyfriend and girlfriend with no words spoken, no decisions made, and no plans for the future. In fact, the only contribution I had technically made even remotely concerning the future was “don’t knock up my sister.” I guess if there is a thought to be had about the future it’s as good a thought as any.
“Well I better take off. Glad I could give you an early birthday present Ryan, I’m not gonna be around in two weeks. Family vacation. Maybe my dad won’t be such an ass. Goodnight both of you.” Sammy and I gave a farewell and Kylie went down through the side gate, around the corner and was gone.
Sam and I sat, not speaking, for what was very well possibly another half hour. Time had no consistency, no substance, no control over the two of us.

The headlights were the first sign. We saw as they turned into our driveway. Mom and Jeremy were home early.
“Shit.” I muttered Sammy climbed off my lap.
“What’s wrong?” I opened the sliding glass door into the side of my house and made a beeline for the laundry room. Sam was following close behind me. I threw open the dryer door and yanked out her sheets, still half wet. “When did you do this?”
“It doesn’t matter. I’m trying to take every precaution right now. Take them up to your room and put em on your bed, just don’t lay on it yet obviously.” From the front I could hear keys fiddling at the door. Sammy took the sheets and hurried down the hall and I heard her footsteps thumping on the stairs. I drew out my comforter and it got stuck on the door. I grabbed lower and managed to drag my sheets out. I sped down the hall hoping to beat my mom before she opened the door.

I failed.

My mom swung the door open and there I was, frozen as if I had thought that by standing still she might not be able to see me.
“What’s going on? Why do you have your bedspread?” Son of a bitch I hated myself. Twice in the same day my mom had questioned me suspiciously. So for the second time, I lied, sort of.
“Just uhh, thought my sheets could use a good washing. It’s been quite a while you know.” I was really hoping I didn’t look like a liar, but I could feel the blood in my cheeks and knew my face was probably red.
“And since when did you get the resolve to wash your own sheets?” My mom’s always asking me to do my own laundry. Why the fuck didn’t I just listen? Now it looks like you’re up to something. Way to go dumbass.
“Well, you know, I’m getting older. I know I should start doing things for myself now. Is that so bad?” My mom eyed me and I can tell she didn’t trust me. For once, I was happy when Jeremy walked up.
“Hey there Ryan. How’s it going?”
“Good, just decided to wash my sheets. Nothing better to do.”
“Ah, well you should put them on your bed while they’re warm, I find it much easier, but then again that might just be me.”
“Yeah I’ll do that,” and I rushed off before my mom could ask me anymore questions. I remade the bed and collapsed on it not caring that it wasn’t fully dry. I stared up at the ceiling, half wondering if Sammy was looking down here thinking of me. I was being stupid, careless. My story might have worked if I had just left them in the dryer. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I had only exacerbated further my image in my mother’s eyes. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The next week, things got better. No close shaves with getting caught, as me and Sammy continued our nighttime visits. She always left my room, but it wasn’t always sex we were after. Sometimes she came and we just enjoyed each other’s company for a while. As I stated before, everything was perfect.

And yet more and more frequently I felt lonely as I lay alone at night, once again looking up at my ceiling. Jeremy didn’t stay over all the time, but when he did, I felt envious that he could so easily lie with a girl and there would be no one to tell him that it was wrong. I wanted to escape judgment, and forever live in the world I created with Sammy.

And now we are caught up, Saturday afternoon. Date night for mom and Jeremy, sex night for me and my sister. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the condoms I had stolen from Jeremy the previous night, examining them for no particular reason. I didn’t leave my room this time. I didn’t want my mom to think I was too eager for her to leave.


“Bye Ryan! I’m leaving so I’ll see you tomorrow!” Another late night for my mother. Perfect. As soon as I heard the car drive off, I left my room and went to the living room, where my sister was sitting and watching TV.
“Hey Ryan,” Sam happily beamed up on me from her position on the loveseat. I went right up to her and pulled her into a long kiss, which she returned as natural as it was to breathe.
“Mm is everything ok Ryan?” I held her hands and looked down at her. Everything was perfect. That sentence has been repeating in my mind so often. Why was their such unease? Everything was perfect.
“Just been missing you,” and I kissed her again, holding her close. Her body molded to mine, and before I knew it I had my hands at her jeans, unbuttoning them and letting the zipper fly down with a sizzle. She herself pulled them down, and I tore my shirt off pulling it over my head to get out of its constricting grip. She remained in her panties, and I led her to the couch, the starting point of our sex life. I lifted her legs up in the air and slid her panties off over her feet, after which she spread her legs and looked up at me with complete wanting.

I leaned down to kiss her neck and then slid my tongue across her chest then stomach. She ran her hands through my hair a little, and I finally lowered my tongue over her mound and made contact with her pussy. It was complete lust that drove me as I pushed my tongue in her, flicking tongue up and down her slit and then out again. I heard her whimper a little from the absence of my tongue. It was nice to have some control. For a second anyway.
Sammy took a hold of my short hair and pressed my mouth back down between her legs. Even so I moved my tongue slow, flicking it across her clit every once in a while. We were battling for control, but Sammy persistently rubbed her cunt across my nose, knowing that her mere scent could push me over. And it did. I buried my tongue inside her again, receiving shaky moans from my sister. I pushed open her thighs a bit, allowing access to her depths, and I massaged the inside of her thighs as I held them open.

I pushed my tongue forward until my nose was right up against her mound. She began bucking her hips, pelvis thrusting towards my face and I kept her thighs open as I could feel her instinctively begin to close up. Her lips parted to say my name with a lustful desire, and I kept going, wanting to make her cum, wanting her to be in my control.
Her whole body began shivering, her stomach muscles flexing as her pelvis continued its motions and driving up and down. I knew I was close as her breath came short, and with a high pitched cry she climaxed, I put my hands under her ass, and her legs wrapped themselves around my shoulders. My face was firmly buried in between my Sammy’s legs, her love juices less leaking from her fuck hole. I started scooping up my reward with my tongue and swallowed, then prying open her legs and using my fingers to get what remained in her cunt. Sam rested up on the couch with her eyes closed, a clear look of immeasurable satisfaction drawn across her face.

I stood up and pulled down my shorts, taking out the golden ticket that I had stolen which would allow me unrestricted access to my sister’s pussy. Once again I pushed apart Sammy’s legs, and I could not help but be a little excited to see her cunt was still soaking wet. I pushed myself in her well lubricated pussy, and the noise she made, one of such pleasure, caused me to start moving in and out with a nice rhythmic pace. Her legs wrapped around my waist and locked there, restricting my movements slightly but I was still able to get some leverage and move myself in and out of her.

She was still sensitive from her orgasm, and her moans came in bursts and her breath was infrequent. Still I saw the hungry look in her eyes, and she very quietly begged for more. She was writhing as if she was trying to get away, but with her legs clamped around me, I knew this was just an automatic reaction. Every one of my thrusts was met by her, and minutes later I knew I was getting ready for an orgasm.
“Let me taste your cum brother. I wanna taste you so bad,” I did as she requested, and pulled out, taking the condom off. With no hesitation she got on her knees, taking my dick past her lips and moving her head back and forth with great speed. I looked down at my sister, my beautiful and sexy sister giving me head, and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I came right in her mouth, and she gave a delighted purr as my seed was spilt into her waiting mouth and ran down her throat.
“Mm more Ryan I want more. I can’t get enough,” she stood up and kissed me deeply, and it was obvious the sexual desire was still alive in both of us. With the glove replaced, she wasted no time and pushed me into a sitting position on the couch. “I wanna ride you like Kylie did, I want everything from you, in every way possible.”
“Sammy, god Sammy I fucking want that too, I can’t get enough” She climbed on my lap and lowered her pussy straight down onto me. I entered her with ease, and she slowly started rocking her hips back and forth. I grabbed a hold of her ass and squeezed as she gyrated on top of me, her muscles comfortably tight on my shaft.

She began to suck on the side of my neck, and I tilted my head slightly. She continued dotting my neck with kisses, and eventually I started thrusting back as she moved on top of me. Our bodies in perfect rhythm, I felt her building up to another climax.
“Oh fuck me Ryan, fuck, fuck, fuck, I love you so goddamn much Ryan, oh fuuuck!” she came hard and once again her pussy muscles milked my dick, putting pressure on my head and sending me into ecstasy. Her loud moan cut short as she leaned forward and kissed my lips and I kissed back, hanging onto her for all I was worth. She slowed her hips to a stop and prematurely broke our kiss as she was out of breath, and managed to lift herself off me and fall to her knees, laying her head on my thigh and panting for breath. I stroked her hair pushing a small strand out of the way so I could look her in the eyes. “I love you too Sammy. I really do.” The lust disappeared for a few moments to break way to an expression of absolute adoration. It was hard to pinpoint the exact moment where it had happened, but I knew I was irrevocably in love with my sister.

She carefully pulled off the condom and then rubbed my dick with her hand. “Let’s get you off one more time big brother.” She lowered her mouth and began to work her mouth on my member, bobbing her head up and down, using her tongue to swirl around the tip and lick up and down my shaft to my base. After her tight pussy, I was already close to cumming. I warned her, and she put her mouth on the tip and took the first burst to her mouth. The second she opened her mouth and some spilled out onto her chin and right under her nose. She smiled up at me. “Oh brother, I love your cum…”


And that’s the one moment I chose to find out my mother was standing right in the doorway in complete disbelief. I turned only because I heard her keys drop to the floor with a clatter. Panic hit my heart in such a way where I stood glued to the spot, praying for anything that would make this situation unreal.

Clothes appeared on my body, I’m not sure how they got there. Mom called Jeremy and told him she wasn’t going to be able to go out tonight. He questioned it but she gave no response. Sammy and I sat at opposite ends of the living room, not speaking, and I cannot account for Sam, but my eyes saw nothing. There was nothing to grasp. I had slipped off the edge, and the abyss had swallowed me whole.

It turns out that my third mistake had been the fatal one. When I stole Jeremy’s condoms, I hadn’t bothered to put the wallet back in my mom’s purse. The result, they got more than halfway there, realized it was missing, and turned around. I can only imagine what my mom thought when she saw and heard the final moments of what occurred that night. She never spoke a word.

Everything was perfect.

No, it wasn’t. I was making mistakes the whole time. I should have followed my normal philosophy, the best way to solve a situation, is to avoid it altogether.

My mom never lectured us. At least not me. A near seventeen years of “unconditional love” from my mother died. She never questioned me about what happened that night, nor any of the preceding weeks that led up to that night. But I guess the image was enough.

And that’s how we became the family’s biggest, darkest secret. Or rather, a family secret so detached that only four people knew about it. Sammy, me, my mom, and Uncle George.

Oh yeah, Sammy was definitely not going to be around me anymore. She was sent to go live with him, just a few blocks away, but inaccessible to me. I think the only reason my mom kept me around was so she could neglect me. As far as she was concerned, I was the most twisted, evil person she had ever met. I was disowned in her eyes, that simple. My mom had called and talked to Sammy, but she must have not liked what my sister had to say, because nothing changed and I never again witnessed any attempt from my mother to reach out to her daughter.

Uncle George was told the basics, and that I wasn’t allowed near Sammy. It was easy to keep Sam on a leash, drive her to school, pick her up, and don’t allow her to leave the house. And me? I had free roam. I don’t think my mom really even cared if I came home at night.

My seventeenth birthday rolled around. I hadn’t had a party since I was fourteen, but there was absolutely no acknowledgement of my “special day” save the few cards and phone calls I got from relatives. They were hollow to me.

I walked by Uncle George’s castle, and sat across from the beautiful princess’s tower, hoping for a glimpse of my love. After waiting for an hour, I got my wish. She walked outside to throw out some trash, and turned towards me, and our eyes met. There were so many words in that moment that I wanted to say. So many feelings that I had not told her. Even from across the street I could see the pain in her eyes, devastation beyond anything I had ever seen before besides in movies. The dragon roared from inside, and my princess fled. It was probably the most horrible form of torture, being so close and not being able to make any contact whatsoever.
Over the next month, I went on back, madly desperate to see Sam, even just a few seconds to replenish my hope, but no, there was no sign. I held a vigil outside Sammy’s house on her birthday. And yes, I broke down. A girl’s twelfth birthday should be celebrated with a birthday and family and cake and… and happiness. It was denied. And I broke down and cried.
The haunting memory for me was that pained look in Sammy’s eyes. I never wanted to see such a look again, never wanted to imagine her crying, never wanted to imagine her missing me. I guess my mind will do whatever it takes to trick me, and I convinced myself that if I allowed myself to see her again, it would only make things worse.

I stayed away from Uncle George’s house, and I stayed out of my sister’s life.


My last year at high school passed me by with me barely noticing my surroundings. True to my word, I used the ROP program to gain a starting position at a local car dealership. My 18th Birthday Present: My mom (and Jeremy who had moved in) kicked me out of the house.
I had seen it coming though, and I actually moved into a small apartment with a friend from school. He was off to college, fully supported by family, and I was working my way up from the bottom.
I was thrown a lifeline though, and the dealership offered me a specialty training program, all expense paid, which would allow me to be an auto technician to their specific brand of car. I took the offer. By the time my twentieth birthday came around, my life was surprisingly stable.
Eventually my college grad buddy was ready to leave to transfer to a university out of state. I rented a smaller apartment on the opposite side of town from where I used to live. Cheap enough for me to afford solo as long as I gave up a few luxuries.
It was the loneliness that got to me. Basically everyone I knew had moved on with their lives, gone somewhere fantastic to start a bright future. I had a solid career, a decent life, but somehow I wanted more. I wanted someone to share it with.
I did try going out on dates with many women. And yes, I did develop a few personal bonds. But I could never bring myself to take them back to my apartment. I have a list of girl’s numbers, and probably an equal amount wondering why the fuck I never called them. I wish I could explain it, but I know I can’t.
My twenty-third birthday. A small get together from my co-workers, and a normal, standard night of TV and sleep.
Isolation soon became just a part of who I was.

Which is why I was bewildered to hear a knock on my door a month later. In the three years I’d lived in my apartment, the only people who knocked were usually trying to push some sort of new product on me.
I opened the door and was surprised to see a pretty brunette was standing there. And my heart skipped a beat. It was impossible, but I was seeing it with my own eyes.
Sammy stood there, probably mirroring the expression on my face. The tension hung in the air, and I didn’t dare move. I would live this moment forever if it was true. Finally she croaked out a single word.
“Ry.. Ryan?” I nodded my head just slightly, still not taking the chance of moving. She ran forward and threw herself around me, and I returned the embrace, holding on tight. I was sixteen again; I was living where nothing had changed, back in that illusion where everything had felt so perfect. If I was dreaming, it was the most realistic of my dreams and I would live it to the end.
I cannot remember any particular words that were exchanged, just what seemed to be a whole hour of disbelievingly clinging to each other. I don’t think either of us wanted to let go. And finally, without either of us having to say anything, our lips met and I had my first meaningful kiss in six years.

And after that one kiss, a passionate torrent erupted as we collapsed on the couch, lips locked and body heat pulsating. Clothes were ripped off and thrown askew, dropped wherever they may, and a mad desire for Sammy swept through my veins.

As we held each other on the sofa, I took note of every scent, every feel of her body, and the familiarity of it gravitated me towards her even more. No rubber obtained, but no regrets. Sammy climbed on top of me and my rod was stiff and eager. She pushed herself down on top of me, and her moan flowed into my ears like honey.
She rode me as well as I could have ever imagined. I held onto her hips as she rode on my lap, rocking back and forth fast. Our lips met again during the midst of this, and our breath became one as I filled her completely. Six years of lost time appeared to be trying to burst through with one unbelievable flurry, and I held on tight.
She bounced up and down, her pussy sliding up and down my shaft easy, and I reached around to grab her ass, now more toned and definitely more of a handful. Her body never stopped it’s incessant motion as I felt myself climb upward towards climax.
Sam’s body began the familiar quakes I had once been so receptive of, and our already rapid pace quickened. She gave a loud moan, a sound I had become so accustomed to, and came hard on my dick. I didn’t have a chance once her pussy clamped down on my cock. I poured my seed hard into my sister’s womb. And she collapsed on top of me, my dick still balls deep inside her, and there we rested gasping for breath. Finally I could take it no more. I leaned back and looked in her eyes.
“Is this real..?” I questioned her.
“I don’t know… Ryan I really hope it is… No more waking up without you there…” and I kissed her lips one more time to prove to myself she was really there.

And she is still here today. We moved to a decent house on the side of town still opposite where I assume my mom is fucking Jeremy right now. I don’t really care anymore.
Is this what you’d call “happily ever after?” I guess that’s what you may describe it as. But it’s nowhere near perfect. I still work at the car dealership, close to making a management position. Sammy stayed in school, she’s currently working to become a lawyer, which I find so ironic for numerous reasons.
If you’re wondering how she managed to find me, well it turns out Kylie’s dad’s a cop. Apparently Kylie knows how to access information and she pointed Sam in my direction. I will never be able to express the gratitude I have for her, but she has come over every once in a while to join in on the fun me and Sammy have.
I truly do love Sam. A life without her is unfathomable and having lived it once, I don’t plan on having to experience it again. I consider the only family I have to be in Sam and Kylie, since those are the only two people who have really made me feel loved as of late. As I move forward towards the future, I only hope that whatever issues Sammy and I come to (yes we do quarrel from time to time) we can overcome them, and always remain a family. So excuse me, but there is a very sexy woman waiting in my bed, and I have every intention of remaining in her life.


Thank you so much to everyone for reading, I apologize if this last one wasn’t as sex filled as the others, but once again, my main focus was wrapping up the story and making it believable. That is why to the many of you who asked for me to make Ryan have sex with his mother, it was simply not in her character to do so, but I may make a separate series on that particular subject should the mood strike me. As always, please rate/comment, and if you have questions or ideas you can send me a PM since I can’t comment on my own story for whatever reason. I hope all of you enjoyed reading this story just as much as I enjoyed writing it. And a last final thank you to all of you who took time to tell me how much you enjoyed my writing, which has inspired me to continue and make more stories. Thank you so much.


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