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A newly divorced overly protective mother of two sexually overcharged teen-age daughters with ragging hormones goes on the prowl for a man..
( Gloria and her Daughters )
Helena and Charli

Another work of Fiction
… Barbusie …
April 15, 2012

A young newly divorced, desperately horny, and overly protective Jewish mother of two sexually overcharged teen-age daughters with raging hormones goes on the prowl for a man. One who is reasonably good looking, and has the equipment and stamina to not only keep her sexually satisfied and content, but would have to willing to consider helping her teach her little darlings about the wondrous and pleasurable world of sexual ecstasy. And who wouldn't have a problem keeping her and her daughters content and satisfied for the next few years till the girls either go to collage or move out on their own…..

Chapter 1

( Just trying to get by )

It was on a late smoldering hot midsummer Saturday evening and Keith Grayson was sitting on a stool at the High Side tavern sipping on his third frosted mug of the night, when in walked one gorgeous looking blonde babe in a denim mini-skirt and spaghetti stringed white cotton top with no bra.

Keith raised an eye brow and cocked his head to one like a curious dog as he watched the girl who looked to be about mid thirty slowly walked the length of the bar and sit down on a stool next to him. He had just got off work at 11:00pm from his second shift job as a girder welder and was trying to get the taste of welding soot out of his mouth.

He hadn't gone home first to shower and it had been damned hot in that factory that night. The fact that it was mid June and hadn't rained in two weeks might have had something to do with it. But he knew damned well he wasn't looking and smelling his best at that point in time. So he was kinda surprised and just smiled at her as she sat down while he kept sipping on that nice cold beer.

The woman looked around the room and didn't seem to be thrilled with her choices of men in the place. Keith sat there and thought. 'The only reason a single woman as smoking hot looking as her would be doing in a dank and smoky biker dive like 'The High Side Saloon,' was that she must be looking to get laid damned good and proper.

He then thought to himself, 'If he was a fine lookin blond on the hunt for a husband, he damned sure wouldn't start looking in joint like this. Unless he was looking for a patsy for some sort of diabolical plot to defraud an insurance company out of a million dollars worth of life insurance. Just because her newly wed 2nd, 3rd, or 4th husband was unfortunate enough to have himself a fatal accident two weeks before their 2nd anniversary. You see, this is how Keith's mind worked sometimes, especially after he finished knocking back his third or forth frosted mug.

Smoking hot wasn't strong enough to describe this hottie. When she walked down that bar toward him, Keith guessed her height to be about 5ft 4in, more or less. Her ass was nice and tight as it swayed seductively as she slowly strutted down the full length of the forty feet of bar in that tight assed mini-skirt. Her legs were smooth and well tanned. And she was wearing white sandals with well manicured and polished toes peeking out the front ends.

Keith's eyes went back up the hottie's body as she got closer and noticed that she had a pierced belly button on a nice flat stomach. She had light dishwater blonde hair that hung loose across her shoulders and stopped just below her shoulder blades. She had pale blue eyes set in a nice clear oval face, a pert upturned nose, with a pair of pouty lips that a guy could kiss and suck on all night long. Hell, even Robin the bar-maid and Keith's old high-school pal couldn't keep her eye's off this hottie. When the girl got about half way down the bar, Robin turned and looked at him and lipped a silent, 'wowww'. Keith grinned as Robin bent down to wash a mug and whispered. 'Your droolin, darling." Robin just rolled her eyes and went back up the bar. Keith knew that Robin was Bi and got just as turned on by a good lookin hottie as she did a smokin hot dude.

Now ol Keith wasn't no ragging faggot, and he hadn't had any decent pussy since the 50 year old cougar he was living with ran off about six months back with some dick-head that had a lot more money then he did. The fact that she'd caught the boy in bed with her teen-aged daughter didn't help much either.

You see. Ol Keith was a 24 year old horn dog biker, who was just trying to get by in this life without getting killed, or a really bad case of V.D. Keith had always been a horn dog, ever since he met and fell in 'LOVE' with a teen-aged high school 'Nympho' when he was just 16. He up and made the mistake of marrying that one. Then if that wasn't bad enough, he went and joined the Army to support both of them. At that time though, Keith was letting his 9 inch dick do most of the thinking. And it never even dawned on him that taking a 17 year old married Nymphomaniac to a U.S. Army basic training post, where some 10 to 20 thousand young swinging dicks rotate in and out about every six months just might be a problem, and a real bad idea. Shit, from what he told me, it was like taking a kid to a candy warehouse.

Keith said he had a hell of a lot of fun with her though. But, after a year or two he finally got tired of her having most of the fun, and arranged to get sent to Germany just to get away from her. But that is another story that I intend to write later.. Mean while back at the bar..

That little blond hottie sat down next to Keith. 'High, I'm Gloria." She smiled real big at him. Keith just looked at her grinned and said 'How you doin, I'm Keith." Robin the barmaid came down and Gloria ordered a glass of wine and Keith held up his mug and said, 'These are on me." 'Thank you kindly sir." Gloria said leaning toward him a little. 'You trying to pick me up?" She giggled. 'Why, you lookin to get picked up?" He grinned at her. Gloria looked him up and down with a hungry look in her eye and leaned in and whispered. 'Maybe." Keith took a long sip of his beer and thought about it. Robin returned with another round. 'So where did you come from." Keith asked. 'What, you gonna interview me first?" 'Just being friendly." Keith responded.

'Well, I'm a recently divorced mother of two teen girls with ragging hormones and being on my own for the first time since high school is really new to me." Gloria explained. 'Ya, I just broke up with a chic that had a 15 year old. They can be a hand full." Keith said. 'They sure can my youngest is about to turn 13 and she thinks she's all grown up already." Gloria replied rolling her eyes. 'The other ones 15 and can't wait to start driving." She added. 'I couldn't either when I was 15.' Sounds pretty normal to me." Keith said.

He grabbed a five off the bar from the drink change and yelled at Robin to come down the bar. 'Whatch you want." She asked when she got there. 'Change for the box." John said pointing toward the juke box. Robin brought the change back and he handed Gloria two bucks in quarters and said lets see what kind of music you like. I gotta go to the shitter and get rid of some of this beer. Keith got off the stool then Gloria nearly fell getting off of hers Keith had to catch her or she would have fell face first on the floor.

When he reached out to steady her, his right hand landed right smack dab on top of her right titty. He could feel the nipple getting rock hard as he held her for a moment. She leaned against him and whispered. 'Thought you had to pee." Keith turned her loose and then turned a little red. He just grinned and walked to the shitter. As he stood there pissin like a cow on a flat rock, he actually had to hold his pecker down to keep from pissing on the wall. 'Aahh shit,' he thought to himself. 'Here we go again.' He looked down at his now rock hard dick and said. 'Well, looks like your ready for this shit, huh pal."

When Keith came back out Gloria was doing a little dance in front of the box to the soulful beat of a good Bob Segar ballad. He walked over and took her in his arms and whispered in her ear. 'Care to dance, Gloria?" She smiled a big grin as wrapped her arms around the man and melted into him. Keith held her close and they began to sway to the music. Gloria put her right thigh between his legs and ground her crotch into his thigh.

It just happened to be the same thigh his hard cock was throbbing real good trying to break through the jeans he was wearing. Gloria just kept sliding her panty covered pussy up and down against Keith's denim covered hardon causing him to shudder a time or two he kissed her lightly on the neck and nibbled at her ear loab a little. He could feel her rock hard nipples against his t-shirt covered chest. Her right hand was gently squeezing the left cheek of his ass. He reached down with both hands and squeezed her ass good and firm.

'Would you like to get out of here and go to my place for a while." Keith whispered into Gloria's ear. She just reached up and kissed him good and full right on the lips and reached down and gave his ragging cock a good squeeze. She looked up with lust filled eyes and asked. 'You live close by?" 'About ten miles east, a little place called Leslie." He replied. She kissed him again and whispered. 'We haven't left yet?"

Keith didn't even go back to the bar to get the change he had left there. Robin ended up with nearly a twenty dollar tip. It was about 1am and the night air hadn't cooled much since the sun went down. With her arm in his, they swaggered out to the parking lot. Gloria leaned against her car while Keith stuck a key into his custom Harley Low-Rider and hit the button that brought the hog thundering out of a sound sleep. He goosed the throttle a couple of times to make sure the hog was going to stay awake.

Letting the hog idol to warm up he walked around the bike and up to Gloria leaning against her car. He kissed her good and deep using a little tongue while he was at it. They were in between the cars and it was fairly dark. Gloria slid down the side of her car and unzipped Keith's jeans. He tried to stop her. Wait damn it, I really need to take a shower before we go any farther." Gloria pouted a little, then grinned up at him and reached up and kissed him real good and real long as she reached down and began to rub and squeeze his rock hard cock through his jeans. In the warm slightly breezy night air, her eyes went wide and she grinned looking up at him. 'Oh ya, I'm gonna love this thing."

Keith kissed her again then opened her door for her. 'Thank you kindly sir." Gloria said with a little giggle as she slid behind the wheel. She started her car Keith leaned down to the window so she could hear him over the melodic rumble of the idling Harley. 'Do you need to stop anywhere before we head out of town?" He asked. She shook her head no. 'Follow me then." He said reaching in a pecking her on the cheek.

Keith lived at a small mobile home park about 10 miles out of town. He was renting an over sized two bed room single wide and it was more then big enough for him. They kissed and molested each other from the car to the front door. And then they walked in. Once inside Keith turned on some lights and began to take his boots and shirt off. Gloria walked around the living room and looked at the decor. Keith came into the living room and said. 'I do have to take a shower, I didn't take one yesterday and I'm getting kinda ripe. Make your self at home, it'll only take about 5 minutes more or less."

Keith went down the hall to the bathroom. Gloria turned on the stereo to a smooth jazz station and sat on the couch. Keith had left the door a little more than half open and from where Gloria was sitting she could see his well toned and ripped naked ass while he showered. She let her eyes slowly scan up his muscular legs.Then she lightly wet her lips as he turned in the shower pointing his tight smooth ass toward her and put a foot up on a ledge and bent over to wash his foot and lower leg. Then he raised up turned a bit and repeated the erotic process again on the other leg.

'He looks a whole lot better naked.' She thought. As her pussy was getting wetter and itchier watching him. She stood up and slid her panties down her legs and then off. She threw them onto the coffee table and sat back down on the end of the couch and leaned back against the arm of the couch facing the bathroom. She put her right leg up on the couch and kept her left leg on the floor.

She began to gently masturbate while watching this naked man running that wash rag all over his rock hard abs. and then on up to his well toned chest and shoulders. She had her eyes closed and was just about to cumm all over her hand when she heard the shower turn off. She was so fucking horny by now she could have easily taken on two or three guys at the same time. She giggled and thought that she just might try that some day soon.

Keith didn't put on any cloths, he just turned out the light and began to slowly walk naked up the hall toward the living room. He could see Gloria sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide stroking the fine blonde pubic hair between her legs. With each step his cock got a little harder. And by the time he entered the room his dick was standing tall, proud, throbbing, and leading the way like a divining rod.

He stood over her as she lay on the couch and asked. 'Would you like a little help with that." She grinned up at him as he moved closer and stood right in front of her. She leaned up and sat on the edge of the couch. She reached out and lightly caressed his thighs and just stared at the monster pulsing and swaying just inches from her nose. Her mouth began to water as she wrapped her fingers around it, and was pleasantly surprised that when she discovered she couldn't get her fingers all the way around it.

Then she measured the throbbing tube of meat with her fingers. And she found that she could wrap both hands around it, with her left hand at the base and her right hand above her left she still had a mouth full left for her to lick and suck on. She figured that this man had to be a good 8 to 9 inches long and at least one and a half inches in diameter. 'Oh ya, this will do just fine.' She thought to herself as she began to lick off the pre-cumm fluid that was oozing out the end of the head of his dick and onto her thumb. Gloria looked up and into Keith's eyes as she slowly and gently stroked, licked, and sucked on his rigidly engorged boner.

He just stood there and let her play for a while running his fingers through her hair and looking her pretty blue eyes while she had a suck fest on his raging man meat. After about a minute or two he leaned down gently taking her head and turning it up to him and kissed her, lightly at first his tongue playfully dueling with hers. Then he lightly kissed the upper lip, and then the lower lip. He then kissed her real good and real deep. Sinking about half of his tongue between her panting lips, pulling her to her feet as he did.

He began pulling her shirt up and she raised her arms letting him undress her. Keith stood back a little and smiled at the perfect set of 34bs sitting upturned and proud on her unblemished chest. Her nipples were perfect too. The areolas were the size of half dollars, kinda puffy with a cute little quarter inch bump right in the middle of each, that were getting harder and more pronounced the hornier she was getting. Then he unsnapped her skirt and slid it down and she kicked them off

Sinking to his knees. He grabbed her legs and rolled her back against the arm of the couch . He spread her legs wide apart and just looked at that puffy little pussy covered by a vary shear French cut pair of panties. He began lightly caressing her calves and inner thighs. Moving lightly back and forth. up and down, and around her smoldering undulating pussy along the panty lines. As his mouth and tongue was busy teasing her, his hand where busy puling her panties over fine little ass and down her thighs and then off. His mouth and tongue licked and nibbled around her lower torso and magnificent titties, he made it a point to stay away from her hot and sopping wet nearly bald pussy. Then he moved down her legs and to he feet. His lips and tongue were driving her insane as his licked and sucked on each and every toe, twice.

Then his tormenting lips moved slowly up her right leg starting at her foot licking and grazing his teeth across the sole of her foot, causing her to squirm, howl out loud, and giggle like a little girl. He made real sure to give both feet an equal amount of this special torment not knowing that Gloria's feet were just one of her many erogenous zones. He then slowly worked his way on down her right calf and then the other slowly bending her legs back as he did. Keith was at just the right angle and close enough now, that she could reach out and take hold of the trembling monster and began to lightly stroke up and down the shaft. Smearing the free flowing pre-cumm fluid over the head the monster and down as much of the shaft as she could and continued to stroke softly keeping it good and hard.

He looked up and grinned and said. 'I do love a natural blonde." He began to lick her thighs starting at the knee and working slowly toward her throbbing and now gushing pussy. Gloria hadn't had her pussy licked in a long, long time. The dick-head she was married to did it once in a while but he never really wanted to.

Ol Keith though, he was a pussy eating fool. Her never fucked any girl without getting his nose right up into that sweet little honey pot. He used to say that was the only way to tell if the girl your about to fuck has a clean pussy. Is If it smells good and tastes good then the fuckin's gonna be to good to. He also said he had the opportunity of being taught how to lick on a pussy by a couple of Lesbians one time just before he joined the Army. So the boy knew what to do when he got his tongue up in there.

He was about four months from turning 18 and living in San Diego with his mom at the time, waiting to join the Army on a delayed entry program. Well those gals thought the boy was the finest lookin guy since Brad Pitt. And they made him a deal he couldn't refuse. They wanted to have a baby they could raise together. The deal was they'd spend a long romantic week-end in Cabo San Lucas just the three of them. They would pay all the expenses, teach the guy everything he needed to know about women so he could be the most sensual lover since Casanova. The cherry on the whip cream was they would actually pay the boy $2500.00 for his contribution to the project.

Keith only needed about a grand to finish the scooter he was customizing. And he did have about a month before he had report to Ft. Ord. So he thought about it for about 10 to 30 seconds and thought, 'An all expenses paid, sex filled, three day week-end in Cabo with two of the hottest little fillies he's seen since he left Missouri a year ago. I didn't have to worry about knocking one of them up because they wanted the smaller girl to get knocked up. They were going to teach me how to be a fantastic lover, And; pay me 25 hundred to boot…. Well, your just gonna have to read, (Wild week-end in Cabo) to find out what happened next in that deal……Mean while, back at Keith's place..

He kept teasing and teasing her, moving his hands and lips up and down her inner thigh right below the panty line on both legs. Around and around her vulva slipping his index finger in and moving it around inside her, while his tongue and lips licking grazing and tickling every inch of her pelvic region except her straining clitoris which was swollen and standing tall, poking out from under it's hood like the head of a kitchen match. He replaced his one finger with two and resumed his digital assault on her A and G spots as he finally lowered his head and began lightly licking up and down her vulva's outer lips. He'd lick up one lip slightly graze over the hood of her clit and down the other lip. He repeated this process about a dozen times till.

She grabbed his head and shoved it down, mashing her pussy into his face. 'Eat meeee, God damn it." She huffed, holding his head firm against her pussy. He looked up and grinned and said. 'Yes mamm." Keith didn't disappoint her either. He began to pummel that swollen clit of hers and running a couple of fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt at a rapid pace while he sucked and licked on that rock hard clitoris. Ol Keith munched on that tasty nearly bald blonde pussy for nearly a half hour while Gloria had gritted her teeth, Squealed like a little girl, convulsed hard raisin her ass off the couch, and bucked her quivering hips hard through three real good , teeth grinding, toe curling, professionally applied, tongue induced, monster orgasms.

As Gloria lay back on the couch still trying to catch her breath and shuddering through a long series of after shocks for damned near a full minute with a shit eating grin plastered to her face. She opened her eyes and took a nice long deep breath. She smiled up at him and huskily said. 'I haven't had my pussy licked like that since high school, and I was a Varsity cheer leader, all four years. Keith sat back on his heels and just grinned. Pleased with himself that he hadn't lost his touch yet, he leaned over the heavy breathing blond bomb shell and whispered in her ear. 'Hope you don't have any plans for the next day or two little darlin, we're just getting started."

Gloria began giggling like little girl again. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her as she tongue kissed him good, long, and deep. Then she pushed him back till he was laying back on the couch. She grinned as she slowly began licking lightly up one thigh, then the other. When Gloria got to the top of that last thigh, she began to lightly lick and suck on Keith's sack, rubbing her face all over his dick and balls. She was damned determined to try her best to out do him in the fine art of oral gratification.

Keith's pecker was rock hard, pulsing up down with the beat of his heart, and standing rigid at a 45 degree angle off his stomach when Gloria lightly licked up and down his twitching shaft. While she was lickin on the thing, she was getting her mouth good and full of saliva. Then with out warning she took his raging cock in her hands and slowly slid every bit of Keith's big 9 incher all the way down her throat, till her nose was mashed against his pubic hair. Not expecting anything like that, Keith's eyes popped wide open.

He put a hand on both sides of her head while she still had her nose buried in his pubic hair. 'Oooohhhh, Goooddd Daaaammmmmnnn, girl." He cried out. Her eyes were watering some as she slowly slid back dragging her curled tongue along the underside of his cock till she got to the purple firm head, and twirled it around that a few times before pulling off. Looking up into his smiling face and quietly in a husky whispery voice said. ' Baby, I hope you don't have anything to do for awhile, because I'm just getting started." It was Keith's turn to giggle as he put a hand behind her head and moved her back into position.

Ol Gloria commenced to sucking, slurping, and stroking on that huge piece of U.S.D.A. prime she had in her mouth and hands. She had that pecker so slick with slobber and was working on it with such intense determination and skill, that she would have been the envy of the most seasoned and accomplished porn stars in the business. She was attacking that mans throbbing manhood with all the energy of Paola Rey working a high dollar contract. And if you ever seen that gal at work you'd know what I mean.

Gloria kept up that sort up pace on Keith's dick for about five minutes or so, till she had brought him right up to the edge. Then back off for a minute to let him idol awhile, then she'd get right back on that dick and do it again. Keith was about to loose his mother lovin mind not to mention coming damned closed to basting a wad big enough and hard enough to splatter her brains all over the wall and the back of that couch like a shot-gun. After about six times of this teasing shit, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her off him with his left hand and held his throbbing trembling cock in his right and began to groan loud enough to make his cat run down the hall and dive under his bed.

The second Keith pulled her off his dick she grabbed his hips with both hands to help steady the boy and closed her eyes. Two seconds later he had his feet firmly planted about 18 inches apart and was on the balls of his feet with his face in a real tight grimace. She licked tip and underside of the tip where it's really sensitive and he let out a loud low moaning growl. Quivering hard, his whole body tensed up and convulsed as he commenced to cumm and cumm and cumm. He erupted like Mt. St Helen, hosing her down with wad, after wad, after wad, of scalding hot, sticky joy jizzem.

The load had built up for so long and his dick erupted with so much pressure, that the first long sticky wad shot plumb over her head and splashed on the wall behind the couch. The second one spattered on her forehead, the next three bounced off the back of her throat through her wide open mouth, and the remaining shots coated her neck and titties with diminishing intensity. When he was done, she licked, lapped and sucked every last drop out of his deflating cock till it was reasonably clean.

Keith just kinda collapse back on the couch beside her as she sat looking at him grinning from ear to ear and feeling so proud that she hadn't lost her touch. It had been a few years since her dick-head ex- husband pushed her off his dick one night telling her she didn't know how to give a decent blow-job and probably never would. From that day on she wouldn't let that fool touch her again.

She reach over to the end table and got some tissues out of the box Keith had there and wiped the cumm off her face. Then she leaned over to Keith and gave him a real sweet kiss on the cheek and began to lick and nibble on his ear loab. They laid there for a while with her lickin and nibbling on his nipples. When he said. I don't know about you but I'm thirsty as hell, you want anything?" 'What do you got?" She responded, sitting up so he could sit up. 'I got, Pepsi, tea, a jug of milk, and a twelve pack." He said as is legs wobbled a bit as he stood up. 'Pepsi will do." As Keith staggered into the kitchen, Gloria watched his well sculpted ass undulate as he walked away. Remembering why she was there to begin with, she though to her self. 'Oh ya, he's gonna do just fine.'

In a few seconds Keith was back and handing her a glass of Pepsi with some ice in it. He sat down beside her took a nice long swiggy of that cold can of bud and said. 'We are going to continue this incredible little love scene in a little while, but it's gonna take a half hour or so to reload this man cannon of mine." Pepsi shot out her mouth and nose and all over the coffee table as she coughed, hacked, and gagged with her eyes watering real good trying to laugh and swallow at the same time.

Keith smiled and patted her on the back as she was trying to hack up the small bit of soda that managed to get down her wind pipe. When she had finally settled down a bit, Keith asked. 'You going to be alright?" 'Ya, but that was mean, and 'Man cannon? She rolled her eyes and started to take another sip. " Ya,, but the name on his birth certificate is Willy the one eyed Wonder Worm." The soda went flying plum over the table this time and nearly landing on the cat laying by the door, causing him to dash off to the bedroom again.

When she'd recovered from that last coughing fit she asked. 'Can I drink this now, please?" 'Sure baby, we can sit and just talk a while." They sat back on the couch and cuddled while talking. 'I didn't know you had a cat." she said. 'Ya I don't really, he's just kind of a room mate that walked in and just made him self at home one day about a year ago." 'Aahh that's so cute." She purred as she leaned her head against Keith's shoulder. 'Ya, he and I have an agreement, he keeps the place mice free and I feed the fury little dingle berry once in a while. 'He got a name?" she asked. 'Ya, Keith said as the cat walked slowly into the living room and sat by the door again. ' Harry, come on over here and say high to the girl I brought home. The cat just sat there then Keith added. 'She thinks your cute, pal." The cat walked over to the couch and jumped up in between Gloria and Keith.

'That's Dirty Harry." Keith said with a grin. 'Why Dirty Harry?" She asked. 'About two weeks after he made himself at home, I was outside tinkering on the scooter and he was laying in the yard a few feet away getting some sun. A coupled a half grown pit-bulls wandered into the yard and spotted him. He saw them dogs moving in closer and he went into combat mode. The dogs started galloping around him in a circle one distracting while the other one moved in. But ol Harry here was just too quick and batted them both petty good with his out stretched claws.

After about 30 seconds of that, Ol Harry had played enough with the young pups and jumped on top of one of them and latched on with his claws and began biting the shit out of their necks and ears causing inexperienced dog to start yelping. The other one didn't know what to do and just circled the hurting dog real close a few times. When Harry saw an opening he jumped over on top of the other one and did him the same way. In another few seconds both dogs were running off yelping like hell."

Keith looked up at the clock and told Harry. 'Ain't you supposed to be out huntin for some young kitty pussy pal?" Harry just meowed low. Keith got up to let the cat out. He opened the door and the cat just sat there. 'Good huntin pal, hope you score, see ya in the morning." The cat meowed as it dashed out the door. Keith sat back down next to a smiling Gloria and asked. 'So, you mentioned earlier that you had a couple of daughters?" 'Ya, I do. The older one is Helena she's 15 and will be 16 in October." "Aahh a Libra." Keith commented. 'Ya she's a really sweet kid when she's not having her cycle. Puberty came screaming into her life just after she turned 13 and once a month makes an appearance with a lot of screaming and door slamming. Ever since she's been boy crazy as hell. And it's been a real bitch trying to keep that filly in her stall.

The other one is my baby girl Charli, she's 12 about to turn 13 in August." 'A Libra and a Leo, all bet they get along real good don't they. He said, knowing they probably didn't. 'Actually, sometimes I think they get a along a little too good." 'Well isn't that better than them not getting along at all?" He said kissing her on the top of her head as they cuddled. She' just starting to go through puberty and thank god it's not nearly as loud as Helena's was. She's just having cramps really bad sometimes. But she's a really good kid. Smart in school and my little cutie. They're gonna like meeting you, if you'd like to." 'Sure kid, why not. but for now how about we take a shower and retire to the bedroom for the night." 'Don't tell me your getting tired already." She asked. 'Nope, that's where round two of this love fest is gonna take place." He got up and pulled her to her feet and went into the kitchen to discard the empty can and turn out some lights.

He caught up with her just as she about to go down the hall toward the bathroom. He played and squeezed that sweet naked ass of hers as she swayed down the hall. He stopped at the door and said. 'You get the water going and I'll be there in a minute." He then went in to his room and turned on a lamp on his night stand. He grabbed a Terry cloth robe out of the closet and draped it over the footboard and went back out. As he stood at the door he looked at the sensual naked form washing her self in his shower. It was his turn to marvel and get turned on by watching Gloria bending over at the waist with her well rounded ass pointing at him while she washed her lower legs.

She straitened up as he slid the glass door open and stepped in. His cock was out stretched again and about half hard again as she reached up put her arms behind his head and kissed him nice long and as passionately as knew how. Holding the tongue dueling lip lock her right hand slid slowly down his side and stopped briefly to rub and tickle his nipples and then on down till she found what she was looking for a nice rock hard pulsing 9 inch cock fully recharged and ready for another round of slap n tickle, and hopefully the kind of ugly bumpin hard sex she hadn't had in three years.

What she didn't know was that Keith had dropped a tab of Viagra while he was in his room and out of sight. It's supposed to be for the older guy's, but if a young guy wants to impress a girl during their first sexual encounter, it works pretty good to keep him nice and hard for a few hours and make the girl cumm more than she has ever done with any other guy. The only drawback is sometimes they will fall in love and then you can't get rid of them. So if you try this, be careful about just what you want before you get in too deep.. Mean while back in the tub.

Gloria wrapped her gentle fingers around his pulsing shaft and slowly stroked as she kept kissing and nibbling on his neck and ear loabs. He caressed her cheek with his left hand as his right slid down to her bouncy titties and playfully squeezed and teased her nipples. Her breathing became heavier and ragged, her whole body quivering as his soap slippery hand and fingers found their way to her pubic mound and slid in between her legs. Then he did some thing that she just had to giggle about. He began to get her all soapy and slick, then he wrapped his arms around her and clasp his hand together. He then slid down her whole torso with his arms wrapped around her, then he slid back up. He moved her back under the shower to get her a little wetter. Then he pulled her back out and began to slide up and down her whole body in a slow sensual rhythm. Every time he came up, he'd kiss her smack dab on the lips and sink in a little tongue, then he'd go back down again. When his head got even with her pussy he'd kiss that and give her distended clit a little flick of tongue. It was strangest feeling she ever felt in her life, and extremely arousing.

She could actually feel her pussy juice start to flow down both of her inner thighs. The more he did this the hotter and hornier she was getting. To that point she'd didn't think that was possible. He whispered in her ear 'This works really good both ways, wanna try it?" She grinned real big. 'What do I do?" She giggled. 'Start by getting me all soapy and slick." She began to soap the boy up and started to move to his ragging boner when he stopped her. 'If you think you might give ol 'One Eye' a good flick and suck on your down stroke, I wouldn't soap him up or the taste will kill the mood quick." 'Good thinking." She said. 'O.k. now what?" She asked. 'Now wrap you arms around me and lock you hands together. Then just slide up and down while your arms are lock around me." She began, at first she just slid up and down his torso.

When she'd gotten into a nice slow rhythm she started going a little lower with each down stroke till she was sliding passed his ass and to his middle thigh where she gave Willy a good face rub and little kisses, and then on back up till her lips once again locked on his. She'd hold it there a few seconds slipping her tongue in and out and then went on back down. She kept this up for about a minute till Keith grabbed her and shoved her under the shower head to rinse her off real good. Then he got under it and rinsed off. He slid open the door and said we're clean enough. He stepped out and grabbed a big fluffy towel off the rack and began to dry her off real good and proper. When he was done, she took the towel and dried him off paying a lot of attention to the rigid shaft jutting out and trying to look up at the ceiling.

Keith then grabbed her shrieking ass, and carried her to his bedroom and threw her onto the queen sized bed and stood there while she laid back in a sensually seductive manner with her open legs pointing right at him. He reached over took hold of her ankles and pulled her to him across the bed till her beautiful ass was at the edge. Standing flat footed on the floor, he picked up both legs and brought them to his face till her feet were on his shoulders and began to lick and nibble on her toes and soles of her feet again.

As before on the couch he went through a routine of paying a lot of attention to both legs and thighs till his mouth was grazing around and around the outer lips of her vulva again. Then he dove on that sopping wet pussy licking and lapping on the whole thing like a dehydrated big dog. Then he'd wrap his lips and tongue around her engorged and swollen clitoris and began sucking and licking at the same time. Slipping in two finger he began do some of the things the lezzyies taught him about how to open a woman up to get her ready to accept a large cock without a whole lot of discomfort.

For a good five minute he worked on that pussy getting it really slick and cock ready. While he was at it, he had made her climax about a dozen time her pussy getting wetter and juicier with each one. When he felt the time was right he stood up strait and looked down upon the hottest and horniest blond since he got caught fuck the cougar's 16 year old daughter a few months back. He grabbed hold of the ragging monster and slapped it on her up turned pussy a few times causing her pelvis to jump and quiver with every light smack. Then he ran the tip up through her slick wet lips to lubricate the head of the monster. Then he held it at the opening of her smoldering cunt and eased the head through the gate. Gloria tensed a bit in wide eyed anticipation.

He started to ease the monster on in. Her eyes getting wider and her lips were forming an oh as she began to moan out loud. 'Ooohh. Ooohh. Ooohh. Oooohhhh. With each stroke as Keith slowly sank it inch by agonizing inch till he and the monster were nestled in decent and deep. He could hardly believe she took every inch of Willy. He figured she could probably handle maybe little over half as small as she was. But there he was looking her in the eye, kissing deep and passionately as his pubic hair was mashed up against hers and ol Willy was just soaking inside her. As he let the monster marinate for awhile as he thought. 'It's been a pretty damned good day so far.'

He slowly eased the monster back and out till just two inches were left inside her then he'd slide it all the way back in till he bottomed out. Then he repeat this process of slow fucking her to the beat of a slow rock ballad that was playing on the stereo that he'd left on. He slow fucked her like this for a minute or two making her shudder and climax real good, twice. Then he stood up and picked up the pace and holding onto her thighs with her feet up on his shoulders along the sides his head, began to long stroke that gushing little pussy with long gently forceful strokes.

He knew that he had all night so he took his time watching every move on her face and listening to her hoots and ahhhs. Her heavy breathing grunts Her eyes closed, her head tossing groans and giggles. Her pelvis quivering moans. As if it were a sexually charged, sensuously erotic symphony of overwhelming unbridled pleasure. For the next ten minutes he fucked and stroked her through a half dozen really hard teeth gritting, face grimacing, toe curling, ass quivering hard off the bed full body convulsing, orgasms.

Picking up the pace till she was right up to the edge the slowing way down to let her idol shortly before picking up the pace again bringing her right up to the edge till he felt she couldn't take anymore. Then when he felt she could take no more, he finally let yet her go. He took her over the edge and just hung on tight as she exploded in a crescendo of whole body contorting, ass off the bed screaming, hips bucking hard, monster orgasms. That's right, plural. Every time she got that really goooooood mind numbing room spinning nut, there wasn't just one, but three or four at a time before she'd settle down enough to carry on. Then he'd make her do it again, and again, and again, over, and over, and over.

Keith cock stayed rock hard for the next four fucking hours and ol Gloria, well she had cumm more on this night than she had in her entire life up to this point, and was begging for a break in about one hour. He was gentleman enough to allow her a few breaks along the way though. Hell, he need one once in a while too, since he was doing most of the work. And when she had regained a little composure he'd start the process over again, only in a new position. They kept this up fro the next hour or so and sometime just before daylight they both went down for the count, called it a draw, and fell asleep naked in each others arms….

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the taking on bull dogs and keith learned how to eat pussy from a lesbian couple who paid him 2500 for his sperm , oh and the 9 inch dick , trying not adding shit to your story to fill in the gaps , makes it very unrealistic

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